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CNN And Politico Admit Ron Paul Media Conspiracy !

August 29, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    “The Media doesn’t believe that Ron Paul has a good in hell chance of winning”?
    “He’s unelectable”.
    Give me a break. Translation:
    The Media is scared to death of a Ron Paul win.
    The Media wants the voters to believe that Ron Paul is “unelectable”.

    • Bruce

      Dave, Also it translates into the media being good little lap dogs and doing just what their masters who own the media told them to do.
      Its up to the American people to break the back of the NWO’s hold on them now and forever, or not.
      This is the last chance, if the American people screw this one up you may as well just shoot yourself and get it over with and from your post Dave you know just what I am saying.

      • People’s Rights

        Just another tactic from the Left to promote a loosing candidate for the Republican Party.

        As you can see Liberal News Corps are promoting Ron Paul:

        MSM said “Ron Paul can win.”
        CNN repeatedly said “Ron Paul can beat Obama.”
        Ron even has liberal Alex Jones promoting him.
        Ron even has a Jon Stewart video on his website.


        • People’s Rights

          As I’ve explained before PAUL CAN NOT WIN and he knows it. You will see the mainstream media and trolls will use more tactics to gain people’s sympathy.

          That’s how to judge a candidate.

          People’s Rights says: August 23, 2011 at 1:32 am

          Progressives are using all different kinds of tactics and propaganda, which are based on PSYCHOLOGICAL GAMES and SCAMS to promote their candidates. No one would waste time to screw him, because PAUL IS NOT A SOLID CANDIDATE & LOST EVERY ELECTION HE WAS IN. If people want to donate to Ron Paul they can go to his website, and at different time or dates. The story about that someone hacked Paul’s website doesn’t sound logical, because there is no benefits for them to do so.


          That’s why the mainstream media and progressives want him to be the GOP nominee for the 2012 election, so obama can beat him easily.
          Ron ran lost more presidential elections than anyone in history.
          Ron has more Liberals promoting him than conservatives – very weird!
          Ron had less than 3% of the votes and less than 1% of the Electoral votes.

          Donald Trump and many have said “Ron will never win.”
          Democrats will vote for Obama or Hillary.
          Conservatives will not vote for any candidate who is AGAINST their principals.

          “RON PAUL & USEFUL IDIOTS are advocating illegal drugs and Prostitution which have the SAME platforms as GEORGE SOROS and are very dangerous.”

          • Dan az

            This is just what I thought that there is sooooo many people out there that are just as stupid as you are.Welcome to the NWO.Its people that think like you that will give this election back to the two headed coin and have know idea what your talking about.Typical!I really don’t care anymore, you all deserve what you are going to get!Why don’t you all just do us all a favor and just vote back in the illegal and lets just get it over with.Your stupid remarks just confirms that you think he has done a good job and I agree,he has stolen all of your rights and shredded the constitution and has but in place the final nail in the coffin and you think a republican or another dimwit would make the difference.Ya now that’s intelligent.Why on earth would you vote for someone that is for all of your rights and to get rid of the corruption that has taken over DC.If you weren’t so ignorant it would be funny.

    • Pathfinder

      DaveH : Exactly correct. The media has decided to make Ron Paul “unelectable” BY ignoring him. A sort of self fulfilling prophecy. If the media treated Ron Paul the way they treated Barry Soetoro back in 2008; then Ron Paul would not only be “electable”, he would be unstoppable.

  • Michael J.

    A Ron Paul victory would signal a defeat to the political-media complex. Expect a distortion of facts and of vote tallies on every level possible in order to prevent a Paul win. Perry is their man and they have the tools to make it so.

    You know what you want for your offspring and theirs, counting on voting to change things is at this point naive.

    • DaveH

      Look, I have no doubt that there is election fraud. But I do doubt that it’s a major factor. I have enough misguided acquaintances, and have seen enough polls to know that voters are just that misguided. We get what the voters think they want.

      • Michael J.

        Agreed, misguided voters. But misguided by what, their own accord? Or are they being misled? Dumbed down from decades of public education/indoctrination and media propaganda, or just numbed by the repetitive mumbo-jumbo?

        Misguided voters is but one symptom of the pestilence that ails us.

        The NWO has an agenda. That agenda is to keep in power moldable politicians that are knowingly or unknowingly sympathetic to their cause of world domination. To acheive their agenda they have an ever evolving plethora of contengencies all aimed at their ultimate goal, control of the planet.

        Along with misinformed apethetic voters there is also the exploits of Acorn like agencies enlisting fictitional voters, SEIU manipulation of vote tallies, Soros nation wide push to elect sympathetic Secretary of State officials, Intimidation at the polls by Black Panthers, Supression of overseas US servicemen’s vote, Consessions to illegals to garner votes, ever increasing entitlement handouts to gain votes, A tsnunami of government jobs with higher wages to encourage votes, talk of making Puerto Rico the 51st state for a windfall of new Democrats, and the list goes on and on.

        So after observing this so-called democratic system of electing representatives to serve the public, I would have to say that it makes me sick, and only the naive could continue to have faith in voting as a means of repairing the damage.

  • mickey

    Gosh, and I thought it was the people who decided who could be elected. Silly me.

    • Bruce

      mickey, Sure and on all tree’s 100 dollar bills grow. So what else do you what to hear a story about how about the little train that could will that help you feel better?
      How about a Free 50,000 sqft house by the sea with a full staff to care for it and a bank account in your name with unlimited funds?
      Do you believe all that to?

  • Free Mind

    Mickey, it was suppose to be the people, but the people are led by the media. Americans will do what they are told because #1. they have been trained that way. #2. won’t think for themselves #3. Have misdirected priorities.

    I have a friend who is a property owner. However, she does not want to hear ‘that political stuff’. Owns property, but wants someone else to decide what happens to it. Unbelievable, sure..tragic sure, but that is how most of the Herd is.

    • DaveH

      That’s for sure. From my observations of peoples’ avoidance of Politics, I can’t help but wonder if we didn’t evolve from Ostriches.

  • Art

    The liberal media, and the Republican establishment, fears Ron Paul. What better reason is there to vote for Dr. Paul?

    • Pathfinder

      Art : An even better reason to vote for Ron Paul is that he actually DOES take the constitution seriously. BTW The reason, which you gave, is also a good one.

  • Harry

    One thing I noticed, as time goes by, these media slime balls, can’t really call them anything else, don’t protect their journalistic integrity. They don’t report “just” the news, they spin, demonize, and sensationalize. Not one was willing to put their job on the line saying, if Ron Paul wins, I’ll quit my news career. These people aren’t journalists, they’re mouth pieces for the bunch that has delivered too many recessions, depressions, wars, and around the world, famines. If you call that a successful bunch of politicians, I got some swamp land to sell you. Haven’t verified, but I heard one candidate had some concert ticket deal going that garnered many votes. If this is so, there you have it. Even one touting Christian principles can cast doubt upon oneself. Ron Paul may not be perfect, but one thing he is not, is a spin artist. American’s need to wake from their coma’s. This isn’t Kansas anymore. Tickling ears is not going to save this country, cold hard facts and action will be needed. When I looked at that group on stage, the only voice of reason, of knowledge of the issues and sound idea’s was Ron Paul. No matter what CNN hacks have to say.

  • Janet

    When you see the reaction by the media or contemporaries, or whatever, you know that he/WE must be doing something right. Jefferson’s comments quoted so many times, ring notes of the truth. From the beginning of time, there has always been opposition. It is a good thing. Apathy, lazy thinking, disaffection, all can be traced back to taking patriotism out of the schools – those sacred houses of training our young people who they are and where they came from and WHY they are here living under the Flag of Freedom, the Land of Liberty, the symbolism of the red, white, and blue. As a parent I took courses on Constitutional Government so that I could teach my own children what they could not get in the public school sector. WE must teach what we learned, or have it all lost. No one is perfect. But when you look at how long it took to take us to this point, you know someone knew that someone did it right. Benjamin Franklin made an under the breathe comment, “If you can keep it.” Every generation has had to pay a price to keep it. We are no different. The advesary is the same, we just need to step up to our own defense as he steps up his assault. In God, WE must always trust and depend on his promises. Never take Him for granted or out of the equation, or He will not help us. Our lack of trust and faith and keeping His Law (the Law in the Constitution) we have no promise. I still ask Him, please, God Bless America, to remain the Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave. Get out from under the national debt by making it illegal again for anything that is not American Made, especially our monetary system. Bring it all home again, where it belongs. Companies that want to be in a foreign land, can give up their citizenship and live abroad. All anti-American activities need to stop including selling and building up the enemy and his people. Are we too late? Well, I guess time will tell.

    • s c

      Janet, if you want your kids to get a better education, homeschool them. If you don’t care about their education, let them stay in a public school.
      As for CNN and Politico, even though they admitted that a conspiracy against a political candidate can happen and did happen, don’t expect them to change their ways. Their arses are owned by someone else, they’re too comfy with their chains and they’re too damned dumb to want to live in the real world.
      People who respect CNN and Politico have no self-respect – and CNN and Politico know it.

  • http://none D Walker

    need to get ride of all the free loaders in d c put all goverment workers on ss all elected official on ss not there private inc and retirement. take all illigals of welfare-ss-food stamps and that would be a good start.

  • Stan Smith

    Hell! Even Savage warned about the What Media?? some years ago!
    Savage nails it as usual! Hey even Savage Let Ron Paul have his say, Savage agreed about ron pauls prediction about the next bubble burst, The dollar is going to pop like a zit.
    The Demtards are afraid to talk to savage on the air, and most of the Repubes are afraid to talk to savage on the air! I love it Savage & Doyle & Rick Roberts goes after Dems & Reps! Do the Libtards media goes after Democraps?? NO! Just Repubes! Do FOX goes after Repubes?? NO! Just Demtards! Libtard media is a cheerleaders for Democrap party & FOX is a cheerleaders for Repubic party!

  • Bob

    The ‘status quo’ group and ‘establishment GOP’ are scared to death of Ron Paul. They finally realize he is the real mental heavyweight in the ring. He has a triple A rating with the being 1)Articulate 2)Accurate and 3)Able to lead this nation in the dire straits it finds itself in. Ron Paul 2012.

  • 4-just_us

    Ron Paul is the only “real” candidate I’ve in my 70 years.
    Our American political system has gotten do far out of control,
    corrupt, inept, that we need a person like Ron Paul to put the
    “WE THE PEOPLE” to run our country instead of the rich elites
    who own the printing presses, air waves and more.

  • Dean C

    I truly believe God is beginning to exact judgement upon our nation for largely turning our backs on him , how else does Bush end up winning two corrupt elections and then Obama follows and continues to destroy this country at an even greater pace than Bush,then Ron Paul comes along , One man who can’t be bought and sold ,one man with a sane moral and economic agenda,one man who will try to stand for the right though the heavens may fall ,..and he is being pushed aside ,like a hand being placed over his mouth and pushed behind a wall and we get bombarded with perry this perry that romney this romney that,???? what the sam hell is going on here? wake up america,some unknown force along with the media is choosing whom THEY want you to vote for to keep the destruction going, Mark my words if anyone besides Ron Paul is elected we are done for ,it will be the last presidency before America’s complete and final downfall into oblivion and chaos like we have never known,It will be sadness as you have never seen before.,but it will be TOO LATE!!!!! Now is the time for decision.


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