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Clinton Makes Major Financial Pledge At Climate Summit, Calls Out China

December 22, 2009 by  

Clinton makes major financial pledge at climate summit, calls out ChinaOn the eve of President Barack Obama’s arrival at the global climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. would help raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to help developing nations combat climate change, provided that other affluent nations live up to the "transparency" demanded by the U.S.

The declaration was a clear attempt to re-energize the pursuit of a global agreement after nearly two weeks of contentious debate that has produced minimal results.

Clinton referred directly to China when she indicated that there are strings attached to the U.S.’s pledge.

"I have often quoted a Chinese proverb which says that when you are in a common boat, you have to cross the river peacefully together," she said. "Well, we are in a common boat. All of the major economies have an obligation to commit to meaningful mitigation actions and stand behind them in a transparent way."

It is still unclear whether China plans on participating in the proposed agreement or if they will even remain at the summit, Fox News reports.

Meanwhile, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) said last week that the Senate would pass its own version of climate change legislation in the spring of 2010.

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) responded, "there are maybe 25 votes in the Senate for cap and trade. You need 60. John Kerry misled the people. He said something binding would happen by April 22. That is not going to happen. Wait and see if I am right or John Kerry."

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  • BillRT

    What ever happened to “No Taxation WITHOUT Representation”? This Communist is at it again. She was recently documented to having admitted to the Afganistanis that “ America we tax everything…” Apparently this higher being know just how much we need to be spared from the fruits of our labor. Time for the torches and pitch forks!

    • s c

      BillRT, it was just a matter of time until it was obvious (and easy to PROVE) that our ELECTED SCUMBAGS don’t read. The Constitution means NOTHING to them. So far, they have been able to appear above the law (the same LAWS they “love”).
      Hillary, the proressive icon, is naturally clueless. How the &^)) does ANYONE “COMBAT” ‘climate change’ with MONEY? Does she suffer from the same debilitating condition that gore has?
      Do you think Hillary won’t make any MONEY from that global warming HOAX? These two-legged vermin gladly point fingers at whoever is an easy target, when they do the SAME THINGS and get away with it!
      They are not fit to hold office or be appointed to positions of power. They are SCUM, and we will suffer if we do not put them in their place and get rid of them – ALL OF THEM.

      • Joe H.

        s c,
        where does this dingbat think this 100 billion is going to come from? I guess the Chinese have mighty deep pockets!!! We have double digit unemployment, the new plans for refinancing houses are failing as well, and we now have more outgo than income so to borrow more is the height of insanity!!!!

  • Kenneth

    Clinton is wrong again ! wrong about her husband, wrong about her politics. Her lies that she told when she was running for President caught up to her and this will be another to add to the list.

    • DaveH

      The fact that she turned a Blind Eye to her husband’s rampant infidelity to avoid derailing her pursuit of power speaks volumes about that woman.

  • http://InternetExplorer lester

    Hillary Clinton should be placed in a corner, out of the way, then given a hundred billion marbles to count–and not allowed to leave till she counts them All. She may learn what amounts to figures she uses in her jargon speel. just maybe]

  • Victor L Barney

    Announcing that the “New World order” under Lucifer is here, as “the one coming in his own name” that will be believed!

  • Victor L Barney

    Don’t worry Hillary, China has all ready accepted Marxism; It’s just Lucifer that they yet back away from it appears!

  • diane

    Her husband did nothing good for our country and she is even worse. Her socialism/fascism is being reenacted by the clown we now have as a president. Stop all of them from their tossing our tax payer dollars into their own pockets and to other worthless projects. Impeach all of them as traitors to the constitution which they have not upheld. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the democrats are prime samples of that! Repeal all their worthless junk since the beginning of the year…it only harms we the people~

    • DaveH

      We need to get back to the freedom that our forefathers tried to establish. The only Party I know that stands for that kind of freedom (Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government)is the Libertarian Party:

      • Victor L Barney

        Talk to me again in December of 2010 after there has been no election!
        Marxist don’t allow elections!

      • George

        I like a lot of the concepts of the Libertian Party, but taken to its extreme it starts looking a lot like anarchy to me, and I can’t abide by that. The stark reality seems to be that if you want your vote to count in this country, you have to stick with either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. However, if we do, then we’ve got to get much more aggressive about taking control of them. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that conservatives can get control of the Democratic Party given the big money progressives that are aligned with them. So, for me that really leaves only one option…..the Republican Party.

  • J C

    You know the system is totally corrupt when people who are that unstable, that mentally ill, that callous can reach positions of power.

  • DaveH

    It is a fact of life that the most dysfunctional people are the most avid controllers of other peoples’ lives.

    For anybody who is in doubt about the Global Warming scam, this book is a must read. Buy a copy, or borrow a copy from the Library and find out how we the citizens are being worked by the political class – The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming by Patrick Horner:

    • s c

      DaveH, for the benefit of our mind-numbed, ultraliberal progressive ‘friends’ who don’t like to read or face facts, the polite word you’re looking for is anal retentive(s). It takes an utterly contemptuous lack of character to want to control everyone else.
      It should be noted that such people never find fault with what they do. Just trying to treat politicians could keep psychiatrists busy 24/7. If it required long-term medication, I’m sure Big Pharma wouldn’t complain.
      I’d be happy to see the clintons, gore, soros, the prez and most of congress pay for global warming out of THEIR OWN POCKETS, but that won’t happen. They’re too busy trying to “save” us by CONTROLLING us. A pox is too good for them.

      • Joe H.

        s c,
        A pox is a small start in the right direction!!!!

  • Sam

    The Demonic-RATS want to take this country down one pledge at a time. They have wasted too much money giving to other countries constantly while looking for more ways to tax us. If all of the money that has been wasted abroad had been spent in America we might have been more able to handle the current Demonic-RATS recession they have laid on us.

  • Warrior

    It’s called international entitlement. Dems just love to give away everyone elses money.

    • DaveH

      Yep, their hearts bleed with other peoples’ money.
      There was a Liberal commentator on FoxNews the other day who was whining about one of her causes. The host asked if she contributed money to that cause. She said she did “through her taxes”. Typical.

    • George

      And, all the while not paying their own income taxes. Have you seen the amounts owed by our representatives in Congress and in the Administration? It’s astounding. Why aren’t they in jail instead of inventing more ways to spend our money?

      Also, if I’ve got the numbers right, these guys (all of them together) have already run up a tab (government debt) for each of us to eventually pay that amounts to about $40,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country. I don’t recall getting an opportunity to vote for that either.

      I just retired on much less than I had planned, and now I have a bill that amounts to about $80,000 for me and my wife (our portion of the national debt) that Congress accrued in my honor and without my approval, and now wants me to pay off through higher taxes. We’ve got plenty of debt that we accrued on our own and still have to take care of without having this added burden cast upon us.

      Of course, if you listen to our brilliant representatives, all we need to do is let them spend more money and run up the debt even higher…..or else the world will come to an end, and someone won’t get another digital color TV for Christmas, or be able to afford an electric powered car that will save the planet…………Can you say “Holy crap, I’ve had enough!”

      • s c

        George, ‘he who makes the rules cotrols the game.’ It DOES NOT justify it, but that’s the way it is with SLIME in Washington. They like to pass laws, BUT they DON’T like to LIVE by them, and they try their worst not to have to ENFORCE those laws (especially when some elected weasel “pals” are busy hosing America. some CZARS come to mind).
        Too bad we don’t have an INDEPENDENT agency that would round up those scuzzy pond scummers, and throw their posteriors into the nearest PRISON.
        Most people know that if you can’t make Washington barf bags nervous, you might as well assume they are ABOVE the law(s). Taxation without representation is the root problem. You KNOW what the cure is.

      • Joe H.

        I’m going to write a check for my and my wife’s portion tomorrow!!!! Yeah wright!!!! BTW, everybody needs to start a mail, e-mail, phone campaign to stop HR 4321 which is a new amnesty bill!!! It will also raise the number of legal immigrants to the states!!! We have unemployment in the double digits and the jobs that there ARE they want to give to people that aren’t even citizens!!!!

  • Victor L Barney

    Soon, we’ll see the SEIU become a world-wide union that will make the mafia seem small potatoes!

  • bargal

    I am really confused because I distinctly remember this loser was trounced during the presidential race 2008 and was reduced to Sec of State. why don’t she go home and not have sex with her husband in name only and stand up and resign and hide like the failure she is.

  • Harold

    Just remember this the insane are running the asylum. We have a socialist as president?, you have Reid and Peeelousy in charge of congress and senate, both of them are not bound by the constitution (by their actions). You have an American hater sitting in the white house. We have unconstitutional tsars that are answering to the president? and no one else. We have a senate and a congress that are acting outside of their constitutional rights. Health care by the feds is just one thing. We have a takeover of private business, cars, banks etc. Anyone ever hear of Adoplh Hitler of the 1930′s. This is the very thing he did and the Germans did nothing except lose millions of their people as the rest of the world did also. 50 to 60 million people in WW2. By the way where is the real birth certificate B.H.O.? If you had one you would show it instead of spending 100′s of thousands to keep it from being shown. When will the business and working people wake up in America?

    • Joe H.

      Try millions to hide his records!!!!!

  • DaveH

    Clinton can’t pledge our money to anybody. Congress passes the spending Bills. I know the executive branch has been working for decades to ignore the Constitution, but we need to let Congress know that it is their jobs at stake if they let the executive branch get away with ignoring the Constitution.

  • Bob Miller

    If anyone DOUBTS that the UNITED STATES will be FUNDING a large portion of this RELIEF/BRIBES to the have not’s of the would, all you have to do is look at the HEALTH CARE BILL.

    As long as the Obama MONSTER is in the White House and THE SCUMBAGS that are Demonocrats on the Hill are MAJORITY.. we will be PAYING this money so that the corrupt leaders in the have not’s countries will get richer.

    We need to DECLARE WAR on the SOB’s in Washington.

    WE need to vote out ALL THAT VOTED for the TARP, Stimulus, and health care OUT of office in 2010, 2012, 2014. We need to remove all REPUBLICANS that have over three terms in office as well. The CBC members are out because they BLACKMAILED the HOUSE to fund increase employment for INDIVIDUALS based in RACE. They abused their power… to promote black jobs over that of whites in America.

    These individuals may be guilty of HIGH CRIMES AND TREASON AGAINST
    the Constitution and the American people. (shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.)

    We need to take back or FREEDOM and insure that those giving and accepting bribes.. are removed immediately… INCLUDING OBAMA.. for advocating this bribery.

  • James Corbin

    Yes, Bob Miller you are so right!! Somebody has got to do something!!!

  • Rod

    Your right too James Corbin. These people are TRAITORS. We need to remove them from office!

  • Sandy

    Let see – these countries get all our jobs, plants and manufacturing and we get to give them money. How can that be? Since Bill was the one that allowed Free Trade with China, we should thank Hillary for steering him in that direction- after all she was on the Board of Walmart for some time and they have benefited greatly by Bill’s decision. She is scum as is her husband – they have cheated, lied and played politics for their own benefit since he was governor in Arkansas. He took bribes from Tyson, had numerous affairs and even had the state police bring women to him. Nice people these Clintons.

  • cheryl

    No..No…No…Why is it we insist on giving more and more money to other causes and nations. When our on country is going down the tubes financially. Our people our unemployed, people are losing their homes, there are more and more homeless, there are numerous people without medical care, people are having to choose between medicine and food, there are food banks that are running out of food. Our military is in need. During the second World War, our country rationed. Our ancestors did without to help our country. We Won that war because of the help of the American People. Our priorities should be “OUR” People, Our Country. Then, we can help others.


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