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Clinton Finally Testifies On Benghazi Today

January 23, 2013 by  

Clinton Finally Testifies On Benghazi Today
On Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended the inauguration with her husband. Today, she will testify before Congressmen about the Benghazi, Libya, terror attack.

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will deliver a long-awaited testimony on the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that occurred last year. Fireworks are expected, especially as the Secretary of State faces Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

As lawmakers grill Clinton today about how much information the Presidential Administration knew about the attacks, she is expected to answer specific questions including:

  • Did Clinton know about the messages sent to the State Department by Ambassador Chris Stevens expressing security concerns?
  • What were the State Department’s actions before, during and after the attacks?
  • Did Clinton know about reports of growing al-Qaida influence in the region?
  • Why did U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice claim to the public that the attack was the result of a film?
  • Why was only one suspect apprehended in relation to the attack and already released?

Paul surmised that the Barack Obama Administration’s cover-up of the Benghazi incident could be related to an “international Fast and Furious” situation during an interview on New York’s WABC Radio.

“There is also some concern about whether or not Libyan arms are being ferried through Turkey into Syrian rebels and whether or not that had something to do with the cover-up that came out of the Administration when the Administration was saying that, ‘Oh, this attack in Benghazi had something to do with a film,’” Paul said.

“Maybe that was to cover up that there was some kind of gun smuggling going on over there, some kind of international fast and furious was going on in Libya and that this was a cover-up,” Paul continued. “These are some of the questions that we are going to have for Hillary Clinton when she comes before our committee.

“I am very concerned about the President giving arms to Syrian rebels,” the Senator said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    I’m pretty sure “gun running” is probably covered in one of those “free trade” agreements. Otherwise, one may be breaking the “law”. And we know that didn’t happen, right?

    • eddie47d

      But wait dozens of you said she wouldn’t testify. That she faked her concussion and will run from her obligation! Wrong again!

      • ConcernedPatriot

        She was going to testify…she now has medical reason for inconsistencies in memory – plausible deniability. She will also have the sympathy of the general populace for this ‘unnecessary’ stress. And, enough time has passed to belittle the significance of the event without being disrespectful to the dead. All to protect her 2016 run for the presidency – can you say “Madam President.”

      • Kevin Wickham

        I predict this will go much along the lines of Reagan’s Iran/ Conra testimony. “I can’t recall…”

      • DockyWocky

        Hillary is all smiles going into the hearing room. That means she is confident she can bamboozle those idiots with some well-chosen lies. Once they put her under oath, they are all in for a show, and eventually they will find out that oaths mean nothing to her.

        But, she’ll walk out of there confident that her answers will snow the committee and they will be too chicken to charge her. After all, she used to be the co-president.

      • momo

        Remember, she used to be a senator, and the rest of them are loath to find fault with one of their own.

      • ranger09

        Well she did have several months for her people to teach her the proper answers, nothing new same o same o, And the people will except her answers, And Rand will follow the correct political game As all politicians do.
        And her replacement kerry will not be any different than she was
        But for news sake, I wonder why POWELL has come out of the closet. Seems like obama has a need for him, .

      • Rhonda Reichel

        The Russians are saying she was in a plane crash in Iran on a secret mission and that is how she really got hurt. Of course they can’t tell us that if it’s true

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie, she bought some time to make sure she has her lies in order, she is just like you a troll and nothing more.

      • Bill Johnson

        She has a great teacher for such occasions Billy lied under oath and got off scott free so will she.

      • mark

        You’re absolutely right, eddie. It is key to call out these serial liars when the facts constantly prove their mendacity. Like those non-existent FEMA death camps, senior citizen death panels, cancelation of the 2012 election, Obama takeover of the internet, Obama seizure of everyone’s guns, Obama imposition of Sharia Law. LIe after lie after lie. But for years now, they keep telling them. But then again what else do they have to do in life. Oh I forgot, teach their children to hate and lie.

      • eddie47d

        Mark: All the right wing posters claim amnesia about anything they have said in the past and try and cover up their misspeak each and every time. In 2008 they claimed that Obama would declare martial law before 2012 . They never backtrack or apologize but continue on with their nonsense!

      • charles

        You call that testifying! I call what she did an insult to the memory of the brave men that died that day in bengazi.When she wasnt haveing her ass kissed by a bunch of bafoons that call themselves our represinitives she was fakeing outrage at legitiment questions asked by a few of the republicans that can still look themselves in the mirror and still see a true american.Make no mistake this usurper and his cronnies are trying to destroy life as we know it.But guess what he and his mennions have made a grave mistake in the patriotism and resolve of the true patriots of our great nation.So all I can say to this muslem inpersonating our presidedent gather you minnions and come get ya some.And for all of you out there that want to do this in a diplomatic way like voteing them out wake up people we dont have enough time, our country our constitution our religion our freedom and our very way of life is being threatened by a dictator, and dont think I dont know when a lot of you read this you will be rolling your eyes and laughing well all i can say is he who laughs last laughs the hardest. Let me know how it works for ya.

    • jim

      (If true)…did not Gen Petraeus’s (girlfriend) allude to the possibility of combatants being held at that safe house? (If true), then would it be in direct violation of E.O. #2 Mr. Obama issued on the first day of his first term? Maybe looking incompetent is the best position to take?

    • john

      you are right. but, nothing will ever happen to the ELITE!! the clintons are known criminals, like obama, and will never, “in my lifetime”, face justice!! ABOVE THE LAW!!

      • ranger09

        Well just watch the politicians asking her questions, they all will praise her as all politicians do for ea other, nothing will come out of this, just a waste of time. Only thing will be covered is WE need more money.
        When it comes to added security all they had to do was send more marines or army at no extra costs, Now this would be a no brainer. Nut who ever said politicians had any brains.
        18-20 more units at high risk, great just send more marines or army, Make sure assets are in place for added support.

  • rendarsmith

    I wonder if these will one day be the guns they plan to take away from American citizens.

  • jeromeennis

    Our Congress and Supreme Court both are allowing this man to act as a Fascist Dictator in the guise of Executive Orders and Actions. He got by with it when he unilaterally ordered Air Strikes and other financial and military aid to the Al Quieda Terrorists who overthrew the Libyan Government and put into power, Muslim Terrorists. He did the same thing in Egypt and other nations, and congress has not yet been consulted, much less autorized. So, since the congress is not doing their job and holding this Megalomaniac responsible for following Constitutional Law, only means is that they do not want to or intend to and that means they are part of the plan to hand over power to a dictator and join the One World Communist/Islamic Order. Obama now takes orders from the UN and NATO and totally bypasses Congress. We are living in very perilous times.

    • Bill Johnson

      We the people are not repersented in this country any more and that means we are not a free country like we were for a lot of years.

  • Jim B

    There will be much frustration, as H. Clinton tries to grapple with what the meaning of ‘is’ is! Expect no answers and plenty of deflection to process and communication channel breakdowns. For most this will be sufficiently answered for who does not believe that Washington is so screwed up they could not find their way out of a paper bag. More incompetence, what else could or would be expected of them. And the punishment for all of this incompetence…. Nothing! You see, after spending millions on the congressional hearings, sequestering this person and that, drawn out questioning and showboating, tomfoolery at its finest, nothing of any substance will be done. Certainly more money, a lot more money will be spent, but nothing will be really accomplished, that is guaranteed! The government, our government, has become the Greatest Show on Earth and we are nothing more than spectators to their follies.

    • Warrior

      However, they do have to stay ahead of the “competition”, jersey shores, bachelor, survivor, etc.; etc.

    • Steve E

      I am watching the hearings now, and I have not heard any question about the youtube video yet.

    • Steve E

      Hillary admitted she did not read the cables, and Rand Paul is getting in her case right now.

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        Anyone with, at least, one brain cell has to know the she and king O sat up all last night discussing what her ‘sworn testimony’ would be. She even did a FAKE ‘tearing up’-becoming emotional about the deaths of the four Americans. When she was asked about seeing videos of the event in real time, she had to think and try to remember what the previous lie had been. I, also, got sick of hearing them all ‘kiss up’ to her by telling her what a great job she’s doing and how wonderful she is.

        There are people on this site who know a lot more about foreign lands + the occupants than I do, so, a theory that I have might not even be possible. It would depend on if members of the Islam Brotherhood are present (or want to be) in Benghazi. If they are, this could be the reason that O’hypocrite didn’t send help/protection to the Americans-he didn’t want to risk hurting or killing his Muslim bro.s. He’s just a damn puppet whose strings are being pulled/controlled by his Muslim bro.s. I may have just admitted my ignorance on this subject, but, I don’t know where that the Muslims are (besides the ones roaming about the White House). There is some reason, besides his general incompetence, that made him not save the Americans. His loyalty is to the ever widening Muslim forces.

    • mark

      Yes, but Hillary Clinton is U.S. Secretary of State. She was a U.S. senator. She has done something with her life. She has made historical contributions. She may next be U.S. president. And in comparison, who are you Jim B – an insignificant, irrelevant, inconsequential on-line crank. All you need for that is access to a computer.

      • ranger09

        Well i guess thats why we are involved in more conflicts in the past 10 years than in our whole history. just look at all the problems in the past 4 years, yes the Pres and she has done a great Job.

      • Jim B

        Mark, your one sidedness has made you delusional, you see things that are not really there and your hatred is rotting you from the inside out. Liberate yourself from the regime that keeps you in serfdom, that place holds no future for you or anyone else.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There should be awards for the acting job that Hillary Clinton is doing.

  • DockyWocky

    Anyone who believes an iota of what Hillary is going to plaster onto the Benghazi fiasco needs to have their heads examined by competent shrinks. This is the individual who successfully bamboozled everyone on the Rose Law Firm, Cattle-gate, the demise of Vince Foster, lost White House papers…the list is endless, but always featuring lying of Olympic proportions. She should have been imprisoned years ago, but still manages to exist as a semi-big shot in the DC game.
    Where does she get this total immunity from prosecution? She’s got the Moslem Brotherhood’s finest Mata Hari handling national secrets as her assistant liar, and god only knows how many other islamic Fifth Columnists in her direct employ. She will probably reveal her conversion to Mohammedism somewhere, someday, in her prison memoirs, but please have someone on that committee apply thumbscrews and red hot pokers during her so-called “testimony.”
    It ought to be entertaining.

  • Tony

    I’m pretty sure most of Hillary’s answers will be I can’t remember!!!

    • eddie47d

      Hillary never ducks out on a good fight and probably much tougher than Tony!

      • OneGuess

        I was wondering where you were, eddie47d. Now you are here and we have our daily load of tripe, you may leave. The flushless one or nc will be along soon with the ipcac.

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie, she is a coward and a liar just like you, she hides behind her messiah obozo and wants to continue as a harlot for the left wing marxist like yourself.

      • eddie47d

        Benjamin Fox another shill proclaiming he is a Christian. More like the devils spawn!

  • Corkey

    Does her brain still hurt? Like you are going hear anything remotely truthful from her? Is she trying to change her image with those Kurt Rambis eye glasses?

    • momo

      It’s all for show anyway, they may give her a slap on the wrist, by 2016 all will be forgotten.

  • godhelpus

    Why is everyone here bashing Hilary!! She wasn’t the president that ignored all the e-mails and phone calls that they needed more sercurity. Put the blame where is should be on Obama’s head. He was more than happy to throw her under the bus, lets hope she does the same to our so call commander and chief or should I say King!!!

  • jopa

    All of this CIA stuff is on a need to know basis and you floks are not really on any need to know list.She should not testify.

  • Susan

    Watching it now and it looks like one big Hillary Admiration Society. Love fest.

    • DockyWocky

      Draculette has ‘em right where she wants them. They are eating up what she wants to tell them and nobody on the committee seems to want to push her

      So far, “not stepping on someone else’s toes,” is the most meaningful reply she’s come up with to explain the huge differences in what everyone saw happening in Benghazi and her more intimate version.

      Nothing of any substance – as expected.

      • Susan

        McCain’s trying. Lets see how that goes.

      • Steve E

        Rand Paul is questioning her now and he is being very firm on her.

    • ranger09

      Its called political put on, it will end as allways, no one is at fault. This my people is Our govt at work, screwing the public as always.

      • ranger09

        afterwards they will all be having drinks an a superb dinner and laughing about how well they worked the public, All on your taxpaying dollars.

  • Susan


  • James

    Hillary, Has had enough time to get her stories together. Does anybody remember wheen she was running against Obama for president? How she lied and said she had been shot at in some country(can’t recall the name)…….anyway she was caught up in a lie and had to retract herself and said she was mistaken. Well, I think one would remember if this would have happened. HILLARY LIES!

  • ibcamn

    she’s gonna lie through her ass as instructed to!because that’s what she doe’s best and she is power hungry as Obama and just as sick and twisted!they will continue to lie to all of us and will enslave all of you who follow!deep down you know it but don’t want to go against them(progressives and liberals)so you will all suffer at their hands.she will not tell us anything!cover-up,cover-up and more cover-up!they don’t want Obama to look bad at all!(nothing to see here move along,keep moving forward)……

  • James

    I don’t think Hillary will say she can’t remember because this may make her look unstable and she wants to run for president. She has concocted some lie.

  • Susan

    Yep! You don’t get to be SOS with any level of honesty, especially in the OBama admin. Hillary is fully qualified.

  • US Army (retired)

    “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”

  • Daveh234

    She’s sharp on all fronts or can’t you understand the language?
    McCain is mostly acting his normal role, a real jerk. Who can understand anything that comes from his mouth as trying to let everyone know that he, and only he, knows best about anything as far as international affairs and relations. He would have us in even more wars just because…..
    Now Rand Paul is predicting dangers in the war zones in the world. Wow, he really is confident that those areas are dangerous…I didn’t know!

  • Susan

    Empty answers. She can’t hold a candle to OBama’s talent for pretty, empty words.

  • Bill

    The bottom line is that someone did not give support to our embasy and 4 people died.

    Clinton is just like all of the others invovled that are pointing their fingers at someone else. Expect to see a low level fall guy be crucified.

    This would not have happened under Reagan

  • Carmen Fovozzo

    Not a fan of hers…But I give her a lot of credit for her hair do….

  • dm

    how is it that I watched Hillary and Mr O watching the libya attack on closed circut tv and nobody seems to have seen it. No one seems to be asking who turned down the request for more security? I think the ambasitor was going to blow the whisle on the mr o’s gun running to the rebles. This guy in the white is capable of murder. Why doesn’t the general public notice that this guy can not tell the truth.

  • http://google David

    Turned the hearing off. McCain & Johnson turn on the heat but the remaining simmered on low to no heat.

  • tim

    It already came out that obama was sending arms and the ambassador knew it. Obama let him die to cover up more of his lies!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to file papers for impeachment!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuckb

    this crowd in dc aren’t worried about any consequences pertaining to benghazi, they know now, with this many people voting him back into office, they are home free, a very weak congress and a bolshevik senate, what do they have to worry.about. why did clinton stall the hearings until after the inauguration?
    hillary is an expert liar, she and bill know every angle to escape the law. i can’t see the weak kneed congress causing her any problems, boehnor may shed some tears, no other risk.

  • Phil

    All i can say is the truth is that obummer had Stevens there to make sure the guns were going to the syrian rebels, and it was an inside job to let the guns get in the wrong hands. obummer knew it for days and did not do a thing about.another Fast & Furoius gone bad . Inpeach obummer and all those that were watching it in live by 2 drones films,
    or just give them a one way ticket to Banghazi, and let them find the guns and weapons they lost there.

  • Benjamin Fox

    eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie, where are you? You on the pot draining more of what you have left that you call a brain?

    • eddie47d

      Still pretending to be a Christian while masquerading as the devils spawn there Benjamin?

  • Terry Bateman

    A simple question I would ask:

    Secretary Clinton: Why did you not see that an adequate U.S. military presence was
    stationed at the American consulate in Libya to protect American lives and property
    according to international law?

    • jopa

      Terry B;The answer is, she did ask for extra security however the Republicans turned down the funding for security in this particular case .

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        The socialist/communist hag , never answered a single question. She waved her hands and showed what a lying b–tch all democrats are anf will take responsible for their snafus. Any body with a d by their name, are congential liars and the greasy haired hag blaming funging, one golfing trip of Onumnuts, would have provided funding, there was plenty of funding to scramble jets to remove a load of these pedophile loving perverts! Of course the muslim marxist leader wouldn’t want some of hisinbred cousins. Every see or hear a dumborat tell the truth, even if the answers are know facts. Since omoron, hillary and the rest of the administration perves will tell where or what they were doing, mention any Clinton ,or Obama, and the missing hours, must have been a late 70′s Mazolla party, since both swing off of any type of organisms. Check their proven history.

      • gunner

        Not true. High level State Department officials including Charlene Lamb clearly stated that funding was not an issue. State Department spent $3 million on a program for clowns in India so don’t tell us that the Republicans put stringent financial constraints on them. It’s a dog that won’t hunt!

    • ranger09

      Well the whole picture about the Consulate and what the purpose was for being there and what under the table things was going on.


    HillBilly should of been reminded she was there to answer questions and not get smart assed. This ol puke head is a BuBBA trainee so she jumped first and the folks wimped out

  • Miatyank

    Could anyone ask her exactly who gave the “stay down order” which was given to troops who were on alert to rescue the ambassador?

    • http://midcontent RRidge runner

      The democrap media sue didn’t the news of a armered troop carrier that just got back in for security reasons!

    • Deerinwater


      I say, How so? ~ I was disappointed with Rand Paul’s show of naive immaturity on several points.

      First, Rand Paul seems to believe that the Secretary of State has the time to read all correspondence that flow thu the office.

      Second, That he was ask questions that could not be answered in a public hearing for National Security reason in Show Boating fashion.

      He showed all Americans that he is a Junior twice removed and not yet ready for the big league.

      I will admit Jay ~ that he attempted to rip Hillary a new one, ~ but it did not turn on all that well for him.

      Now you and are known to see things differently and this is no exception ~ but I am correct more often then you are with my predictions of current political events.

      Leaving me to say this ~ What Rand Paul did was highlight the absurdity of the opposition and made Hillary appear larger then life in the eye’s of many American that watched and listen to this hearing unfold.

      The One Hundred Twelfth United States Congress was the meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, from January 3, 2011 until January 3, 2013.
      In the 2010 midterm elections, the Republican Party won the majority in the House of Representatives. While the Democrats kept their Senate majority,

      ““Since gaining the majority in 2011, House Republicans have voted to reduce embassy security funding by approximately half a billion dollars below the amounts requested by the Obama Administration,” the memo reads. “Although the Senate has been able to restore a small portion of these funds, the final appropriations enacted by Congress in the previous two Fiscal Years have been far below the amounts requested by the Administration for embassy security, and far below the levels enacted in Fiscal Year 2010, the last year Democrats controlled the House.”

      Read more:

      The GOP defense? ~ Well? ~ some Democrat’s helped by voting for these cuts as well! So there you have it! ~ A few democrats sided with some Republican ~ to make it happen ~ and the GOP is not all to blame!

      Isn’t that just wonderful! ~ when you are leading or just following ~ the democrats are the ones to blame!

      500 million could by a few more men don’t you think? ~ and like wise 500 million would be missed by the absence of these men.

  • chuckb

    just imagine what would be taking place in this country if barry was a white republican president. the impeachment would have taken place before the election.

    • http://midcontent RRidge runner

      The democrap media would be howling like monkeys at the zoo for the truth, which Democrats never tell. Remember Plugs and the muslim marxist said they would never take take away any guns, and had respect for the 2nd amendment. Of course congental liying dems never can tell the truth!

  • chuckb

    the republicans are making sure they lose the house in 2014. they are a bunch of rinos and wimps.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      It would be great if the rinos went to the socialist/communist democrats, mentioning wimps, the muslim marxist and his frumpy hag never have said where they were for the 7 hours that killed 4 of buds. Wyth chicken dung friends like them, I sure would not trust the pukes. It woould have cost a damn dime to scramble a few jets, bet the muslim marxist and all demoocrats need class room time out to ruminate a plan, which it have been done every month for reveiw. just more indecieiveness and stupidity Another classic another muslim s–t house, Mogadesha, 2 of my children were loaded and waiting on the run way to go there. All because another s–t bird wimpy drft dodger wanted to play boss and refused to use armored choppers, because it might frighten these muslim pervs At least everyi one can hope this worthless book traned fraid will be gone to clollect his $500,000 a years till he is worm food and put the loving touch on his pedophile worshipping perv bros.

  • Jimbo

    I saw an exerpt of her interview on the news. I can’t recall her exact words, but she said something to the effect that “it doesn’t matter whether the killings were the result of a protest over a video, or a some guys who got together at random”. Amazing. Months after the attack, she STILL doesn’t admit it was a terrorist attack.

    • chuckb

      jimbo, the problem is, half the country doesn’t really give a damn. barry can do whatever he wants and that’s fine with them. the republicans on the other hand don’t have the political courage to do their job. hillary and barry are both liars, always have been.
      so nothing is going to happen with benghazi or fast and furious, either one should have barry impeached along with hillary clinton and his muslim buddy holder.


      Look, Benghazi was/is a dangerous place. People roaming around the streets with weapons from the uprising against Gadhafi. I still wonder why your Ambassador was driving around such a city many hundreds of miles from the capital city in dead of night. In any case a video comes out that starts riots and demonstrations in Egypt, Lybia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Some folks with weapons at the ready decided this would be a good excuse to attack the consulate and they did so. Call it whatever you like. If you’re not happy with the phrase demonstration or riot you can call it an attack. Fact is it was violent and people got killed. What’s the freakin’ difference?


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