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Class Warfare

August 30, 2012 by  

The political class loves to pit one class against another. It does it in rhetoric to win elections. It does it in policy to win campaign donations from and provide favors to special interest groups.

Because of it, rather than a Nation united, we are a Nation divided.

Benjamin Franklin warned against it in Emblematical Representations in 1774. He wrote: “The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Once again, words for thought. I appreciate your insights Bob, and this short article reminds me of the fact that our founding fathers had understanding of the needs and desires in the hearts of people. I also am reminded of two famous quotes by Thomas Jonathan Jackson ( Stonewall), when he was Commandant of Virginia Military Institute in the late 1850′s prior to the Civil War. In the condensed autobiography titled ” The Wrath of God ” It is noted from archives that one famous quote he spoke was that his experience in life proved to him that ” A man is nothing more than the sum of his beliefs “, and in 1859 it is recorded that as the political situation was violently deteriorating, during a question and answer gathering, one of the cadets ask him what should they do if civil dissolution and war were to break out, and he replied that should Americans be pitted against one another, ” draw your sword and throw the scabbard away “. I personaly hope for our leaders to return to faithful, honest, and true Constitutional adherence and monetary policy before the forces of mistrust , disappointment, and cynicism crystallize into national calamity such as happened in 1861- 1865. I do pray that wisdom and respect for their fellow citizens returns to Congress and whoever occupies the White House. Regadrless of how dark things may seem at times, I try to look at the good that is still all around me and hope for the good in others to come forth. Thanks Bob for keeping alive a vestage of a free press.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Really appreciate what you said there, Raymond.

      I also share ALL the same beliefs. I have solice in knowing that there are indeed, other people of honor out there. My cup is always half full as well Brother.

      May God Bless you and all your family.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Yes we are…a Nation divided.

    How does that go again? Oh yeah…DIVIDE & CONQUER!!!


    History tells us that They were scared the brightest minds on Earth would naturally gravitate to America because her people were free, independant and prosperous. So to help keep us under control, They helped institute the Democratic party to drive a wedge into the Nation politically.

    Are They not brilliant?

    It’s up to us to change these wrongs & address them because for now we VASTLY out number Them and this truely makes a difference. (Interesting how the Georgia Guidestones echo what I’m implying here…) People have to learn the truth and accept the reality of what Their Agenda is & see how it is entangled within the ancient pagan religions.

    What we really need to do is get the Government out of everything possible. It’s time to reign them in People! All these camera’s going in is just Big Brother setting up the police state. I would rather be free and face danger myself than to rely on Big Brother to protect me. A normal check & balance state exists within a society that regulates itself. A well armed & aware public is the very essence of what America is SUPPOSED to be. All governed by a benevolent heart that stands in the Light of God. This is what America is to me.

    Also, the first Fact you all must accept is that there IS a connected group of humans who are pursuing an Agenda & that these people are interwoven into various countries. Though they are natives of the country, they have sworn loyalty formost to their cult brotherhood over the country they reside in. These people have through time and money, managed to wiggle into important positions within the society they inhabit. They now control and shape the politics, the money supply, the legal system, the entertainment, and the news media.

    Now…think on all that as you awaken and begin to feel Their hand upon you.

    God Bless.

  • http://na Mike in NE

    BrotherPatriot, well said my friend. I’ve been feeling Their hand upon me for a years now.

  • roger gunderson

    America will never, ever be united until we are are one race. Light brown. And probably one religion.

    • Jon

      I disagree. America can be united (or reasonably so) by following a common goal and a belief in the Constitution. Unhappily almost all politicians of both parties continuously try to divide and split Americans for their personal gain and to divert attention from the real problems. America is in deep trouble right now, and it’s pointless to place blame or credit on others because of their race, sex, religion, etc. To borrow a phrase, what I see is everyone on the Titanic fighting over the best chairs. If we don’t collectively get our act together, there will be no America tomorrow.

    • nikkomo


  • david hinson

    This is not an indictment against any political or socio-economic group as much as it is an observation of the results due to the loss of values that had made America great. Work ethics and industriousness and// morals and ethics in business. I hear a lot of complaints about too much given away as in handouts / welfare and rightly so, as this growing phenomenon extends to all races and ages of work able people. but i think i am watching them sellout…or maybe people are giving up. And they are getting it honestly- meaning by example. The faith and trust of a great many Americans has been severely violated, and this is how:
    Capitalism is the great machine that drives our freedom; most of us are, after all, slaves to the economy. But as I get up to go to work everyday over the last 45+ years…I have watched our leading businessmen, our top capitalist sell out America, and with it Americans. I have witnessed much, from the S & L scandal, to junk bonds, – from frack drilling to freddy mac, fanny mae …from the great theft of America by wall street all the way down to corporate raiders [capital investment firms] swallowing up businesses, dropping employees to rebuild in china. All of this happened with the help and blessings of politicians from both sides. Just how long the world banks have been manipulating data to control the interests rates?; we may never know. All those top money men hire Harvard educated financial engineers to construct the next scam to be perpetrated upon investors, consumers, taxpayers…Americans. I am waiting to see what industries will be deregulated next, I can pretty much guess after that. Having wealth, prestige and power doesn’t seem to be enough for those using unethical and immoral, if not illegal business practices. And so we get to confidence lost, along with jobs and faith.
    The need for America to compete in a world market has been the biggest lie of all. This idea has been instilled for one purpose, so the very wealthy, can get super exceedingly wealthy. How much is enough? By moving factories out of country, the many ideas, innovation and technology, the results of our greatest power, American Inventions- the keys to the kingdom so to speak, has been given away to 3rd world countries. American workers have always been great consumers and customers and clients, as long as we feel secure and treated well in our jobs we will spend our money. The prices may be higher, due to higher wages, but the products lasted. For example: Curtis Mathis, and Schwinn slowly went out of business as inferior, cheaper parts replaced American parts; but I know a TV that still has great color, and a bicycle still being ridden even if they are antiques now. I am by no means an isolationist, but the backbone of America has been broken. Moreover, the deceit of businessmen and politicians is not limited to the U.S. they are in every country, obviously doing there what ours do here, until finally the tragic economic situation is worldwide. When all those castles built out of all those trillions of cards come crashing down, I promise you, it will get very ugly.
    I remember a very strong sentiment across this nation that was saved for draft dodgers. “AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT”. The bumper stickers, hats and T-shirts were everywhere. Personally, I would love to witness a re-birth of those feelings. But instead of protesters of an un-necessary war, we direct them toward anyone taking jobs, businesses and resources away from America. This is as much a part of “homeland security” as the takedown of a terrorist cell. I would dare say all the culprits of those dastardly deeds that has stolen much of our futures be considered ECOMONIC TERRORISTS. After all, those things have ultimately done much more damage than any 2 planes could do to the twin towers. Their intent was to destroy America’s economy, but it was those who were entrusted with it’s success.
    How can things be cured? I don’t know, when anyone can tell me how to rebuild faith and trust in the same people that has lied to and stolen from my old mom and dad, failed the country and their job, but didn’t get fired…and do it so it makes sense.

    • Don

      david, i was at wal-mart the other day. i stopped by the bicycles. some of them are neat.most have made in china on them. gotten to be a habit looking at where things are made.seems everything is made somewhere else mostly in poor, low paying countries. big money for big business here. back to biked, i saw the schwinn bikes on the rack. checked em out. one the one thing that really stood out was the made in china at the bottom of the tube the seat mounts into. you said schwinn was out of business. they are doing what everyone else is doing and hauling in monsterous profits. bet its better now than when schwinn was a bicycle shop item and was one of the best.

  • Chris

    Companies leave this country because their products can be made cheaper overseas. If Americans will just pay a little extra to keep companies here by supporting them by purchasing their products, then maybe the greed would not be as high and companies would stay here………..they cannot compete with the cheaper prices of their competitors who have gone overseas. So it is up to Americans to as least “try” to avoid buying products from companies who have gone overseas and support those who are still here…….I see no other way to fight back and keep jobs here than to boycott overseas companies whenever we can. Those companies who have deserted the U.S. and left so many jobless here will feel the pain if we make them.


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