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Civilians Have Assault Rifles, Potential Oppressors Get Personal Defense Weapons

January 29, 2013 by  

Civilians Have Assault Rifles, Potential Oppressors Get Personal Defense Weapons

The seventh commandment of the animals in Animal Farm, George Orwell’s critique of communism, reads as follows after the powerful pigs begin abusing the trust of the other creatures: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It seems the Federal government follows logic similar to that of Orwell’s pigs.

Many anti-gun politicians and members of the media have continuously asked why any American needs a semi-automatic assault rifle that is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. And people interested in protecting the 2nd Amendment have answered time and again that the guns offer American citizens valuable personal protection from threats to life, liberty and property.

The Department of Homeland Security, it seems, agrees that these rifles are valuable defense weapons. Last year, the Department issued a request for proposal for 7,000 5.56x45mm select-fire NATO “personal defense weapons” (PDW). The request states: “DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.”

The DHS “personal defense weapons” come with a full automatic function already unavailable to members of the general public who do not have Class 3 registration. But, beyond that, the 5.56x45mm select-fire NATO weapons designated for “personal defense” of government agents are an identical twin to the AR-15, .223-firing “assault rifle” that many Americans keep for home protection.

By a simple twist of words, “personal defense” in the hands of agents of the State becomes a potential manner of “assault” in the hands of the civilian.

It is no surprised that DHS is looking for 7,000 new assault rifles to arm border patrol and law enforcement officers, given the massive ammo buys it also made last year. It is estimated that the Department has 216,000 employees, 135,000 of whom carry firearms; and there are reports that the latter number could grow as more bureaucratic employees of the organization begin carrying weapons.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • charlie

Columbine High School
 Littleton, CO. 
15 fatalities
Virginia Tech
 Blacksburg, VA. 
33 fatalities;
Sandy Hook Elementary School
 Newtown, CT. 
28 fatalities;

    76 senseless killings in 14 years. 5/yr.
    Nearly 200,000 people a year die as a result of medical mistake, while only about 20% of that figure die in automobile accidents. 200,000/yr.
    The automobile death figure – 40,000/yr.

    No-one of sound mind can conclude that this government’s agenda is to save lives.

    It’s Control and Submission, Folks, Wake-up.

    • Bruce Bauer

      Hence the reason for the 2nd Amendment; personal protection from not just criminals, but also a corrupt and dictatorial government seeking to force the American citizens to the government’s will.


      • FreedomFighter

        Obama to Top Brass- “Will you fire on American Citizens”?

        Published on Jan 24, 2013
        The Obama administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership, and shaking up the top ranks of the military command structure — but is it also preparing to make war on the American population? According to a person identified as a former senior military official, the answer to that shocking question is yes.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Dad

      355,000 children killed in abortion clinics in 2012 alone… count is up to 55 million children since Roe v Wade.

  • Ted

    Look around yourselves everyone. Use one of your off days, as precious as they are, to become better informed. The perpetrators responsilble for our countries plite are all in DC where we put them. They have abandoned their campaign promisses and now they do the DC high step all over us. We know who and where they are….

    • Native Blood

      Ted Says (in Part)”The perpetrators responsilble for our countries plite are all in DC where we put them. They have abandoned their campaign promisses and now they do the DC high step all over us. We know who and where they are….”
      I seriously doubt that we actually put them there. They bought their way there with lobby and PAC money. That is how most everyone gets elected these days. The folks in charge are in the DC area OK but they reside on K street and their bosses control them.
      NEOCON/NEOLIB/Zionists, they appear (rarely visible) in may colors and at times have dual loyalties and citizenship. Most here know who they are but they have been fooled into thinking that they are god’s chosen people instead of the satanists they really are.

      • Ibn Insha

        Lobbyists and PAC did not vote for them, we did. Ted is absolutely right.

    • 45caliber

      What gets me is that these politicians are so certain that they are right in what they do that they simply can’t understand that the majority of the people don’t like it. They are certain that we all love them so much that we’d never ever do anything to harm them – although they plan to take away our guns to make sure. And they are certain that once we do without them (while they hide) that we will do anything to get them back to tell us what to do.

      One of the One Worlders plans is to hide out while the rest of us starve or die of other causes and then come out to “rescue” the survivors by making us slaves to work for them. And they simply cannot recognize that 1) their own armed troops aren’t going to want to obey them and 2) the survivors will have survived because they have guns and have survived because they have learned how to use them – and they aren’t going to be willing to set them aside just because some rich politician comes to offer us a change to be a slave for him. They are certain that if they offer to pay their men a few dollars more than the rest of us, that these men will be perfectly loyal. After all, doesn’t money buy loyalty and love? They try it all the time with other countries today.

      The way I see it, if I was one of their “guards”, I’d shoot them and take over for myself. Why let them have all the wealth?

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Just a few quick notes: First off slective fire = a TRUE ASSAULT GUN,

    Where as a { Semi Auto } is ” NOT” an Assault gun.

    Now what about all these alledged ~~ ” Investigative Journalist” that can’t seem to get that straight?

    Is there Anyone who see’s a problem with the fact that these alledged “FREE PRESS” persons are in fact nothing more nor less than a { 5th Column } for the New World Order ~ and that they are by “Deliberate” as well “Pernicious” manor “Disseminating NWO Propaganda.”

    Thus they aid in the enslavment of the Whole worlds Population by Despotic as well totaly Malicious people?

    By the very nature of the Law even as it is now: their actions as well behavior patterns would make them ” Accomplices” to Felony { Pre meditated Murder}
    Under the “RECO Act” they are also guilty as noted.

    Thus in fact, all deaths that take place in the world are the Mass Medias FAULT.
    Thats the way the law reads folks, and if it were you ~ well you could kiss your Butt goodbye.

    Yet the mass media is allowed to not only bring about these deaths, they also seem to feel that in some way they are above the law’s that everyone else must follow,

    Anyone see a problem with that?

    Just some thoughts for the day.

    Peace and Love, Shalom

    • 45caliber


      The MSM does feel that they are above all law. Back during Desert Storm, two reporters drove over to the Iraqi side to interview Iraqi soldiers. They were promptly arrested as spies. The reporters were shocked – they were press and weren’t supposed to be held to the same standards as everyone else. It was pointed out by the Iraqis that they were reporting info about their own troops that was very important to the other side (such as numbers, locations, arms, ammo count, etc.) and that made them spies. I thought the reporters here were going to have cows since they were so upset about it.

      • Don.W

        Yes, I recall members of the press being shot in Nam because they were press. I also recall those who said they would never fire a weapon only to get caught in a ambush and then pick up a weapon!!!! There was also the TV journalists who said if they were aware of an attack on US troops they would say nothing, I don’t recall which TV station but some sed to work for 60 minutes.

  • Mikey

    Isn’t it interesting that the usual defenders of the liberal agenda (Flashy, eddie47, Robert Smith, Karolyn, nc) have no response to this? There is nothing that they CAN say, clearly this is proof that our government does NOT have our best interest at heart, and the leftist put these power-mongers into place!

    • BR549

      I’ll bet WTSHTF and the roving food thugs start coming around in droves, that they’ll all be wishing that their neighbor had a gun. Either that or these people have secretly already gone to the gun shop and procured a weapon, but don’t want their fellow lily-livered liberals to find out they’d jumped ship.

      That’s the thing about the caliber of the so-called progressive liberals. They bitch and moan to get their own way, and have no respect for YOUR rights; it’s just so they can have THEIR WAY. These people are passive-aggressives in denial and can only respond with knee-jerk responses to ANYTHING. If they employed any logic to their behavior on this issue, you’d be able to discuss the Federalist Papers or any of the multitude of Constitution precursors that predated our current document. But instead, they always get their panties wet before they’ve done any actual research other than what the lying excuse for a government run media has intentionally force fed them with.

      I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but Jeez, these people are brain dead.

      • 45caliber

        BR: they want everyone to LOVE them! If they give enough money away, refuse to protect themselves or their families, etc. then surely they will be loved and everyone will want to do what they say! They are certain that if a crowd of attacker show up all they have to do is walk outside to meet them and identify themselves to be safe. The attackers will be more than happy to leave them alone since they have done so much to help the attackers.

        Most of the towns in my area are setting up neighborhood PROTECTION groups – not neighborhood WATCH groups. I belong to one myself. The idea is that all of us will be armed, set aside food, etc. for our families and help defend each other if one of us is attacked. You may wish to check around your own area.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe we have better things to do than respond to this daily round of insanity but nice of you to care Mikey. I’ll even challange that figure of 135,000 DHS having weapons since the majority work at airports . Those at checkpoints don’t carry any weapons. Those working at seaports where container ships come in are armed yet there are fewer of them so maybe one you intelligent folks around here can find out more information on that instead of accepting everything as fact. Hey that could be your next assignment General BR549!

      • JeffH

        eddie, you are such an expert…on nothing.

        Monkey see, Monkey do!

      • JeffH

        DHS “Fusion centers”…There are a number of documented criticisms of fusion centers, including relative ineffectiveness at counterterrorism activities, the potential to be used for secondary purposes unrelated to counterterrorism, and their links to violations of civil liberties of American citizens and others.[59]

        David Rittgers of the Cato Institute has noted a long line of fusion center and DHS reports labeling broad swaths of the public as a threat to national security. The North Texas Fusion System labeled Muslim lobbyists as a potential threat; a DHS analyst in Wisconsin thought both pro- and anti-abortion activists were worrisome; a Pennsylvania homeland security contractor watched environmental activists, Tea Party groups, and a Second Amendment rally; the Maryland State Police put anti-death penalty and anti-war activists in a federal terrorism database; a fusion center in Missouri thought that all third-party voters and Ron Paul supporters were a threat….”

        2009 Virginia terrorism threat assessment: In early April 2009, the Virginia Fusion Center came under criticism for publishing a terrorism threat assessment which stated that certain universities are potential hubs for terror related activity. The report targeted historically black colleges and identified hacktivism as a form of terrorism.

        The Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) made news in 2009 for targeting[vague] supporters of third party candidates (such as Ron Paul), pro-life activists, and conspiracy theorists as potential militia members.[61] Anti-war activists and Islamic lobby groups were targeted in Texas, drawing criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union.[62]

        According to the Department of Homeland Security:
        The Privacy Office has identified a number of risks to privacy presented by the fusion center program:

        1.Justification for fusion centers
        2.Ambiguous Lines of Authority, Rules, and Oversight
        3.Participation of the Military and the Private Sector
        4.Data Mining
        5.Excessive Secrecy
        6.Inaccurate or Incomplete Information
        7.Mission Creep

      • TML

        Eddie47d says, “Maybe we have better things to do than respond to this daily round of insanity but nice of you to care Mikey. I’ll even challange that figure of 135,000 DHS having weapons since the majority work at airports.”

        I believe Mikey was wondering where the daily dose of insanity was on the gun issue by calling you out…
        I do find it funny that is the best argument you can come up with on this article. ;)

        Btw, that 135,000 figure comes from Matthew Chandler, a spokesman for Homeland Security. Besides, it’s not too unbelievable that a little more than 50 percent carry guns since the DHS is comprised of about 22 agencies, including the Secret Service, Coast Guard, and U.S. Customs border protection.

  • palman

    not just DHS, or FBI,CIA, but we could easily understand these but then their are other agencies who are more pen pushers, like IRS and others that you would say why do they need to buy assault weapons for these agencies. it is a waste of their funds. We know that the gov. is buying up massive amounts of weapons and not for the army. They are trying to make it lokk not so much by split it between all their departments of government even those who would never use these weapons. What is the gov. getting ready for by buying all these guns?

    • Adolf Schmidt

      You right! Did you know , a lot of those bullets the government bought was for the U.S. Postal Service. Must be getting pretty dangerous to deliver mail! Maybe that’s why the postal service is going broke. Millions of rounds, yet you never see a Postal employee carrying a gun. Sounds like the gov. is going to arm all their employees! I wonder Why?

  • Allen Boyles

    Why did we fight all the wars against the enslavement and tyranny of others, only to capitulate to the same from our elected officials? If not now, when? If not me(you), who?
    Shall we save ourselves, or not? Washington needs a makeover. Re-elect no one.
    Are we waiting for the flag to drop? Are we waiting for illegal search and seizure? Or will we turn the other cheek again, for the umpteenth time?
    What we are seeing in USA, is 54 years of a welfare state. Paying our enemies to have more babies, so they can destroy us with our own kindness.
    I wait for action to begin, because then we will say “Yes, I see”. Please wake-up, America.

  • ibcamn

    Like you said,it’s all about how you say it!If you say it that way enough times over and over,the haters say it that way,and that’s what they want,make it sound evil and mean!we ourselves have to say semi-auto over and over,make it sound right!remember people,they are not saying nothing about the fact that almost all the agents or police and senaters and so forth,own these very same weapons they wish to ban!and you know THEY will NOT give theirs up at all!don’t they already have a list of their own people that have these weapons at home?just again,another shooting(Monday),do you think they will say a thing about that?and the gov’ts stockpile of ammo just topped 1.5 billion,of hollow points!!which gov’t agents can’t use because of the lethality of the rounds.they say it’s for target practice but yet the nasty little buggers are way more costly(even in bulk)than target rounds!don’t let them blow sunshine up your skirt on this!they have been desensitizing the police for years to go after us(ilegally)so they will do it at a snap of the finger!vets returning home have heard of Obama wanting his soldiers to do nasty things against the public and many are torn and will not obey orders they have problems with,lots of guard units had done some nasty things to civilians in the south(after hurricane) and they had problems with carrying out those orders(which made no sense to them)but the police had no problem with it!it’s us the progressives are after,kill us off if we are against what they believe in(and want)and are old and non productive to society(a drain),look it up in the Marxist hand book,get to know your enemy.why do you think the progressives banned certain books(anarchist cook book,how to make a home made this and that and survival notes of american capitalism,etc…)books like these are what they fear!these weapons are just on the list of things they have been going after for years!1st,2nd,4th amendment-and more to come!

    • ibcamn

      Sorry guys,i should have said,”all the progressives are trying to rewrite history(and history books in our schools)by deleting parts of history from the books,editing every book they get their hands on,and telling America that our kids don’t need to know that much about history or know this or that,and forcing us to tell our children what they want us to and then brainwash colledge students even more,and try to ban books that can help US citizens survive without the gov’t help at all.they say they know whats right for us,they don’t know history!maybe they need to read some of the real history books and see how things turn out for tyrannicle leaders!”okay i’m kinda done with my rant for now……….when you mess with our private lives,or rights and mess with our history, that’s when we know your up to nothing good!………..okay,now i’m done……..

    • 45caliber


      It is definately how you say it! The Texas State Board of Education reviewed some history test books last year. The Demos on the committee wanted to eliminate study of the Constitution by reducing the history info on it to one page and eliminate Thomas Jefferson from the history books in favor of adding people like the inventor of the fireman’s hat (since he was a minority) for the kids to learn about. The conservatives, who outnumbered them, refused. So the Demos insisted that the conservatives were trying to change the history books by refusing to change them to “show the really important things.” The MSM picked up on that and insisted the same thing abou the conservatives without ever telling what was to be changed.

  • Adolf Schmidt

    I was taught the government was by the people, for the people. Seems that that government has taken on a life of its own using its citizens to feed its insatiable hunger for power and wealth. Have you noticed how much easier it is now for the government to bend or fracture the rights our country was founded upon! Obama calls it change, others call it being progress. I will never trust a government that has brought itself to the point of destruction! Democracy should not be about force, and that is about where we are now! When democracy becomes forced, there are two outcomes! One outcome is a transition to socialism, the other is rebellion! Take a close look at the history books and notice the fall of most democracies are a blueprint of what is happening here in The United States now!

    • ibcamn

      Yes you are right,think about what the jap’s said after they attacked Pearl Harbor,they wanted to invade the US,but Yamamoto said,”if we do that we will run into a gun behind every blade of grass!”he was smart enough to know not to mess with us,WTF is the progressives thinking of?that’s why they are grabbing our guns,they are scared of us,so they have to brainwash(control) the people to do their biding,anyway possible!and attack the constitution and us!

      • ranger09

        Its easy for the govt to control a large city, Its harder for the Govt to control rural areas. The govt has been grouping people into large city areas for many years, They can be controlled better, All you have to do is contain.In a contained area people will be fighting ea other more than they would be fighting the controllers. In rural areas it takes more men and equip And the control in these rural areas could never be accomplished, The govt trying to relocate people have been going on since the 50s and they have been doing a very good job at it. If you look at gun control you will see that it is pushed to its max in the large cities.
        Also the Military and the Police have been brain washed for many many years, Only conforming people are selected and have high paying jobs and perks, And people these Military and police will fire upon their own people, History has shown this to be true, And it has never been worst than the past 15-20 yrs. The Military and police will not change sides unless the people have a 47 percent chance of winning, And with the military power i dought if the people would have a chance

  • Eddie G.

    OK, so H.S. bought up a boatload of ammo and it was reported to be .40 caliber. Now they acquire a boatload of AR’s. What good is the .40 caliber ammo if they bought rifles chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO round? Where did the funding become authorized if the country is $16+ Trillion in the hole? Hmm? This is what happens when an out of control government is without a budget for 4+ years. Agency bureaucrats just do as they please with no one reigning them in. To solve the funding problem congress soaks the working stiff for more taxes to pay for all this debacle. Dirty Harry Reid as senate majority leader has no intention of putting a budget up for vote so it’s going to be up to us folks to pull the plug on congress comes the mid terms. They can’t get here fast enough. Feinstein is committing treason in trashing the second amendment and Dirty Harry needs to be swept from his pedestal once and for all. They don’t have the protection Obama had via fraud to get re-elected via Soros owned SCTYL to tally the votes.

    • 45caliber

      They also bought a boat-load of .223 bullets.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        That’s the reason there are none to be had for those that were not smart enough to stock up years ago . ammo can last 100 + years if stored the right way .

    • ibcamn

      Geeze Eddie,the majority was 5.56 and the rest was a mix of .40,7.62,and even some 9mm!not just one caliber!their was even a over the top amount of UN vehicles purchased(at tax payer expense)and just parked at shut down Air Force air fields!(at the king’s request)i mean 100′s of thousands!just like the amount of weapons!google earth,see for yourself!it’s at dozens of AFB’s around the US!this is called a build up,some people call it a stockpile,at percise points to deploy for quick response to any situation that may arise!don’t be blind and play dumb Eddie,you can see it but your afraid to say it,the truth!……………………………(azmatic breathing)come over to the right side eddie!!

  • 45caliber

    Question. Why does administrators need guns for personal protection while everyone else doesn’t? A couple of years ago, government auditors visited a local business – and every one of them was carrying. Accountants need guns? It appears that every government employee can get a free government gun – many times fully automatic – for protection but a citizen doesn’t need one.

    I saw an article awhile ago about Bloomberg – a reporter asked him if he was going to give up his body guards if guns were banned. The guards ran him off when Bloomy refused to answer.

    It seems that the secret of many anti-gun politicians is: “You must give up your guns but I need mine for protection.”

  • AJ

    What is an assult rifle? A rifle that picks itself up and assults someone??????

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      .45, you are right about government agency pukes are usually walking around thinking they are Matt Dillon, when they are as brave as a week old horse apple. I hauled a load of fats into a packing plant and the 4 inspectors were only there to check the permits if they were dated properly dated, and left, but all were carring. What were thet worried about, mental morons from the State’s nut hut? Democrats have their armed apes for protection and yet beleive American law abiding citizens, are to stop robberies, beatings, and rapes by showing understanding, whenn a lead or steel pellet save lives and tax payers money employing leech lawyers..

  • RR

    I am soconcerned aboit the Govt. That I am afraid to post anything on here about what I really think.

    • FreedomFighter

      Fear keeps you alive – but do you really want to live a slave, commit the next generation to be slaves? To be a slave is a painfull death many times over.

      Its an all or nothing game, thats not a game at all.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Dave67
  • Dave67

    Here is some questions that should be asked of that idiot Wayne LaPierre:

    1) A recent poll showed that nine in 10 Americans, and even eight in 10 NRA members, support universal background checks. Other polls have contained similar findings. Given that your organization spends huge amounts of member dues lobbying against regulations such as this, how can you credibly claim to represent your rank and file membership? Doesn’t this prove that the NRA is little more than a lobbying arm for the multi-billion-dollar gun industry?

    2) Under current law, would-be buyers of guns are widely subjected to background checks. Is it your view that these current checks are unconstitutional? If so, then how? If not, then how exactly would expanding the current background check system infringe on the rights of the law abiding?

    3) Your organization repeatedly claims that the push to expand background checks would create a national federal gun registry, with the aim of confiscating guns. But current law actually prohibits the creation of such a list, and mandates that information collected in the process of green-lighting legal transfers be destroyed. And the current proposal to expand the system doesn’t change this. So isn’t your claim simply a lie?

    4) Many law enforcement groups support the proposed assault weapons ban, the ban on high capacity magazines, and expanded background checks. Why should we take the word of the NRA over that of our brave and hard working law enforcement professionals when it comes to how best to ensure the safety of police officers on the front lines and of the American public?

    5) You recently said: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Are you willing to support any new laws of any kind to prevent the “bad guy” from getting a gun in the first place?

    I wish this scumbag would answer these questions

  • Joey

    Yeah, except that the DHS doesn’t even let the border patrol do their jobs and stymies them from defending themselves!


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