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Civil Rights Commission Holds Hearing On Voter Intimidation

May 10, 2010 by  

Civil rights commission holds hearing on voter intimidation The United States Civil Rights Commission held a public hearing on New Black Panther Party voter intimidation investigation.

The hearing focused on an incident on Election Day 2008 at a Philadelphia polling station where members of the New Black Panther Party allegedly tried to intimidate voters by standing in military-style garb outside.

The commission’s goal was to collect facts related to civil charges brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and examine the department’s actions that led it to dismissing most of the case last year, causing anger among many conservatives, according to media reports.

Former defendants Jerry Jackson and King Samir Shabazz were among the Black Panthers who attended the hearing, as were the Republican poll watchers who called the police.

Todd Gaziano, who serves as Senior Fellow in Legal Studies and the director of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation, said the DOJ should admit a mistake and reopen the investigation, as dismissing the case could encourage other hate groups to start their own voter intimidation campaigns, according to Main Justice, a public policy news website.

Gaziano and others also complained that during the hearing Shabazz took pictures of the commission, the witnesses and the audience, saying it was meant as an act of intimidation.

The New Black Panther Party has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its anti-white rhetoric.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19759991-ADNFCR

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  • Richard Keefe

    There is no legal definition for “hate group,” which is why even the FBI cannot and does not track “hate groups”.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center and other private fund-raising organizations use the meaningless term “hate group” because it allows them to denigrate their perceived opponents without accusing them of any actual crimes.

    The SPLC uses “hate group” as part of its fund-raising propaganda, that brings tens of millions of donor-dollars into their coffers each year. Currently, they now sit atop a $190 million donor-dollar “Endowment Fund.”

    Not bad for a “non-profit”.

    Professional journalists and legitimate news sites should not use the spurious and deliberately misleading term “hate group” in their reporting.

    • Pathfinder

      I am surprized that the SPLC would actually name a leftist organization as a “hate group.” Their normal mode of opperation is to warn of dangers from the right: groups like the tea party, returning veterans, and anyone who criticizes the Obama administration.

    • Judyann J

      Janet Napolitano seems to have no difficulty pointing a finger to “hate groups” who, per she, may incite violence and are “potential domestic terrorists.” Among them? returning war veterans, talk radio, tea party grandmas (see the video ),anti abortion groups, anti ILLEGAL immigration groups,in short, anybody who disagrees with the president’s policies. All are potential terrorists and “hate groups.”

      • s c

        Judyann J, Napolitano does seem to have her fair share of self-made problems – and then some. I could be wrong, but I have a strong feeling that the people of Arizona look at her the same way the people of Arkansas look at Bubba and Hillary [i. e., PHEW! GOOD RIDDANCE! THEY'RE GONE! Let someone else deal with them].
        Look on the brighter side, Judyann J. There’s always New York or California, if Napolitano doesn’t know where to go when she’s worn out her welcome in Washington and has no choice but to LEAVE.

    • David in Ma.

      If there is no legal defination of a hate group how can there be a hate crime law?

      If you call a queer a queer you can be charges with a hate crime, right? So, there must be a defination of what it is, somewhere.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    You can bet if the group that was standing outside the polls had identified themselves as part of the Tea Party movement, they would have had paddy wagons and handcuffs there in a heart beat.

  • Buddy

    Had the intimidaters (alleged of course) been arrested on the spot I’m sure the intimidated would have filed charges and the public would be safer by two….

  • George E

    Regardless who the group is or what we call them, we cannot allow anyone to intimidate voters away from the polls. That would obviously set a very bad precedent for our country and system of government. Let justice be done.

  • http://aol dnld

    I suspect members of this group of Black Panthers are registered Democrats. By association, this makes all Democrats suspect in much the same manner as a few radical right wing-nuts makes the Tea Party Movement radical. Where is the news media furor over Black repression, as they expressed such anger over white supression in the past? In an altogether new approach to news media, someone could actually write an intelligent article on the reasons for Tea Party disenchantment with the establishment and propose some resolutions. Tea Party goals have been quite widely propogated, and appear to be for the well being of the country. What are the goals of the Black Panthers? The goals of Farakhan, Wright, Jesse Jackson, and several other prominent black politicos are well known. These are all Democrats!!

  • s c

    It will be interesting to see which philosophy controls the trial [MLK's or saul alinsky's]. If MLK’s philosopy [NOT the SPLC's philosophy] controls the trial, America wins. If saul alinsky’s principles win, then The Obubba wins, and America loses.
    It must be galling to the ACLU crowd that the NBPP
    could be seen as a hate group. This is yet another opportunity for the ACLU mentality to stomp on the First Amendment, so no doubt Holder’s boys and girls will be told to do their worst to the Constitution (so many lives to ruin, and so little time to do it).

  • Budswisr1

    Not all Democrats are bad but all really bad hate groups seem to come out of the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party portrays themselve as the party of the people. The Democratic Party will and does lie, buy, threaten and even vote for dead people to get people in Democratic Party elected. This is a known fact and one has to only open thier eyes to see what I say is true. Why do the people of America continue to believe in this party? Only god knows why most americans continue to call themselves Democrats.

    • jill infidel

      like the KKK…. hmmmmmm.

    • jill infidel

      If you want to figure out the left, I suggest reading 2 books… they’re very short but will blow your mind… Rules for Radical by Alinsky and Confrontational Politics by Senator H L Richardson… Confrontational Politics explains why and how they can lie and do all those dirty dees without a twinge of guilt… it is amazing!

    • DaveH

      It’s easy to suspend rationality when they see easy money (OPM) in front of their eyes.

    • leofa

      People who vote democrat are looking for a free ride. They believe that they are entitled to pilfer the living (as lice would do.) They think it is ok because it is being done in the name of what they refer to as “social justice” (aka communism)

  • Judyann J

    Let’s just make a supposition here. Let’s picture white men dressed in combat fatigue, club like weapons in hand, trying to block access to vote from black citizens. What do you suppose would have been the outcome of this event? When this issue was put before Eric Holder, Holder, The Obama Regime, dismissed it. The three parties who were arrested, simply did not show up in court and, rather than persue the, the case was dropped. I guarantee, had this been a reverse situation, it would have been on every MSM broadcast and those involved would have been prosecuted to the fullest.
    In this manner, time and time again since he took office, Obama has served to be a devisive factor. Holder, who called Americans “cowards” when it comes to race relations, has demonstrated himself to be no coward. He is, in fact, showing himself to be racist and bigoted.

    • Victor L Barney

      It’s all about the “weathermen movement” started by two white guys in Chicago((talk about racist) & Charles Manson out in California even took off on them(remember him?)) in the 60′s for blacks to take over America and then the UN! Right now, after putting Obama in the White House (Oh, yes, Lucifer has a sense of humor!), these two white guys are in Africa trying to unite what is 70% of UN Nations into taking over the UN with America’s veto power that they have now put into Obama’s hands! Less than 12% of the world soon will control the UN with veto power. They will, but it’s not that easy because most of these 70% of UN nations hate each other even more than u.s.! But, Revelations two-witnesses are coming. Watch!

  • jomama

    This may sting a little:
    Look everywhere. Everywhere there is somebody who hates something or another. What has this world become?? What – it’s NOT true?? Everyone is a hater of something or someone. Everyone. Period.
    Some just speak louder than others.
    How could it be that it comes to THIS?? Isn’t this the land of the free (i.e. free country, free speech, etc. etc.)?? Free speech for the lawbreakers who cry foul – that’s who. When they don’t get their way.
    Who says that we have to even listen to the Southern Poverty Law Center??
    They cannot suppress how I think, what I say or how I say it.
    Are they even official??
    Who are they to tell us what we can say, like, hate, love or care about??
    Are they going to condemn me because of these statements??
    So – let me get this straight – the Southern Poverty Law Center has the “power” to say that if (hypothetically) there was a church JUST for white people – how long do you think that would last??? Not very long.
    BUT – there are churches JUST for black people & it’s okay with the Southern Poverty Law Center?? Foul of haters??
    There are churches JUST for Koreans & it’s okay with the Southern Poverty Law Center?? Foul or haters??
    There are mosques JUST for the Muslims – mind you, these people want to kill us & it’s okay with the Southern Poverty Law Center?? Foul or haters?? Think about it. The American government is turning all of us into a bunch of p*ssies!!!
    Soon it will NOT be safe to even say the word ‘hate’ anymore if we keep letting the thugs & corrupt thieves run our beautiful country.
    I believe that the word ‘hate’ has taken on a whole NEW meaning nowadays. People/government use the word ‘hate’ way too often. I think that there are some that use the word ‘hate’/’hate group’ when there are no other way to get what they want.
    Yes. There are haters & always will be haters. That’s too bad. You can change all the laws you want – but you cannot change somebody’s way to think. Not me anyway. I will NOT conform!!!

    • Time

      Your post has a lot of truths to it, I enjoyed reading it.

      As most of you know the word Hate and the word Love are both 4 letters, as well they both hold the twin edged swords blade as the cutting factor to both sides.

      In plain words, You can’t love something or someone, unless you hate them as well. These are the (positive and negitive,) the {ying & Yang,} the They are a unit of one.

      Thus as we may try and think that we are all above such words as Hate if we Love, we must Hate as they are just one side of the same circle.

      What we can try and do is to understand each other, its not easy many times as we face a person that fails to grasp the most basic form of common sense, this may make us angry or confused how they can miss the most blantay and obvious points.

      But who expolites this to their benifit? Politicians, yes its true they play on your fears and benifit in all ways by doing such.

      The SLPC is nothing more or less than a way to make Political division
      thats its job to divide the alledged POOR, from the alledged RICH.
      That divide then allows them to gather troops from the ranks of the POOR that are in most cases paid in Government funds monthly for all their needs.
      These people are used to be the aggressors for the cause – Thus the SLPC is using these people as their TOOLS – so the lawyers don’t get their hands dirty.

      Then we have the DOJ, this government run unit is something that should have been disbanded years ago.
      Why – its never worked for the benifit of the American people.
      Thus its value is zero, its a TOOL for a Political Agenda, what agenda MARXIST agenda.

      The ACLU, again other than the name American it has nothing to do with the United States of America.
      Its value to the people of the United States is nul and Void.
      It is nothing more or less than a TOOL of a Political agenda, that agenda is MARXISM, its that simple.

      Its up to all of us to know what you do is the best you cab do and TREAT everyone like YOU wish to be treated.
      Don’t blow God smoke, Don’t blow political Rhetoric smoke, Don’t hate others due to skin color or race or religion.

      If we all could follow these simple rules, we could find common ground. As we are all MUTTS. Its that simple.

      But until these divides are removed as in we all understand that the Political agendas by both partys are to enhance only the 500 plus persons that make up the congress, senate and WH & staff, now even the SC.
      As well when we all learn that the standard MEDIA is nothing more than a TOOL used by all the above to keep you in the dark until needed to further thier agendas, We are doomed to live the circle of stupidity.

  • marvin

    i will simply say that when my goverment said it is a hate crime if one or two or more white people attack a minority but if one or two or more minority attack a white person is simple assault one can get you life in jail the other a fine,is obama a racist just look at the beer summit and when the illegal in arizona started demanding rights they don,t have and defacing goverment property and saying phoenix will burn he had no comment but the voters of arizona are missguided, obama set in the front pew and never heard rev wright in 20 years say one bad thing about this country he kind of reminds me of jimmie carter in that aspect don,t let the fact get in the way if a group of mostly whites made threats at lending institutes or done half the things like acorn, la raza has, just look at ruby ridge and waco[just to make a point], and the tea party,vets,unempoyed, or anyone that disagrees with obama,s left wing agenda there is a differance in disagreeing with something or someone because of what they are doing or saying then not liking or hating that person


    Hard to believe that the SPLC who claims to have seen the birth certificate of Barry Sotero but like him will not produce it, would actually stoop to calling the blackest panthers a hate group. These folks at the SPLC do not live in reality and like the SEIU/ACORN are at the beck and call of the elite Deemers when needed to rile, stir up and advocate demonstrations for public sympathy for those unworthy of such support. This is what public organizers do…Barry was a public organizer.

    Personally if the SPLC supported this notion then I would put it to the test and have them make it more than public that they can not condone those who act in a illegal mannner or support violence. This would really put the Deemers in a hard spot.

  • http://n/a 2WarAbnVst

    Could dismissal of the Black Panther case mean that Eric Holder is (wait for it – -) “racist”?

    • C Lee

      racist-predjuced- communist- socialist-radicall possibly an udercover black panther-obammas puppet or just stuped, take your choice

    • J. Patrick Wills

      BIG time!!!

  • jim

    I never understood the term “hate crime”. If it is a crime is it less wrong to do it against someone the same race, gender, sexual oriantation,and religion as you? I’ll bet the victim wouldn’t think so. people don’t commit a crime to show there love for someone, so I think it would all involve some kind of hate. It just seems to be redundant. About people having to intimidate voters, if your canidate is so good, why would you have to scare people away from the polls?

  • Stephen Russell

    How about hearings on Civil Rights IE
    Carry Guns for defense
    intimidation by Union bosses on members.
    Race Hate groups deny Civil Rights.
    Muslim terrorist groups deny OUR Civil Rights.
    IRS denies our Rights &
    on & on we can GO.
    OR ones right to be Au Natural in Hawaii beaches, jungles etc & NOT offending anyone or other venues in the US Parks system IE wilderness parks only.

    Dont I & we have Rights TOO.

    Enough already

    • Cynthia


      “Don’t I & we have rights too.?

      No Stephen you and we do not!
      God bless you and America

  • http://gmail i41

    jim, it is the democrat way, give everyone a tag, seperate them, build in multal plans so they all feel good, demonize white people and the ones paying the freight on lazy assed government welffare rats. Our appointment for Supreme Court beleives there are individuals, that are invisiable.

  • rwnut

    Simply goes to show you that black racism and hate for whitie is alive and well in the White House.Louie Farakan and the black panthers have openly preached on t.v.that whitie must be killed.Hussien Obama is setting the stage to proclaim himself dictator.It’s only a matter of time till he unleashes his private,well funded citizen police force.It came straight from his own mouth.You had better pray to God that the military will refuse to back him!

    • rwnut

      Oh, I might add that La Raza preaches the same thing.Be well armed and vigilant!

  • John

    It’s a good thing that didn’t happen in S. Florida. We would have escorted them off the premises using at least batons and if need be, bullets!!! We don’t put up with that crud, especially from them.

  • sean murrey

    what about the black who got beaten up by seinu when had a dont tread on me flag?What are going to do about it Holder?

  • rwnut

    It’s all part of the dictatorship that’s being set up.

  • rwnut

    SeanMurray…They (Louie Farakan,black panthers,SEIU,and who knows who else)are part of this citizen police force he is setting up. He said it on t.v. to get the people conditioned to it.And the people will go along just like they did with Hitler.HE HOPES!

  • leofa

    People who vote democrat are looking for a free ride. They believe that they are entitled to pilfer the living (as fleas or lice would do, even though they are more synonomous to maggots as far as I’m concerned.) They think it is ok because it is being done in the name of what they refer to as “social justice” (aka communism)


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