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Citrus County Deputy Abuses Man For Legally Carrying A Weapon

February 6, 2013 by  

Three years after a Citrus County sheriff’s deputy threatened to shoot a compliant concealed carry license holder in the back for legally carrying a weapon, the deputy is now on administrative leave — which means a paid vacation — while his actions are reviewed. The review came only after a video of the arrest went viral on YouTube in January.



The incident happened after Joel Smith was pulled over for having an expired tag in 2009. Citrus County Deputy Alan Cox is an LEO, which stands for legally entitled to oppress. Cox caught a glimpse of Smith’s concealed weapon as he put his wallet back in his pocket and, obeying the officer’s commands, reached into his van for registration and proof of insurance.

Smith told Cox he had a permit, but Cox ordered him to the ground, handcuffed him and arrested him for “displaying his weapon.” The LEO’s dash-cam video clearly shows Smith was in no way threatening to Cox.

Florida courts have ruled that brief and inadvertent glimpses of concealed weapons are legal. But that didn’t matter to the LEO, who cursed Smith and told another deputy offscreen that Smith didn’t say he had a CCL and that by “displaying” the weapon Smith had violated his CCL.

Cox clearly demonstrated the tendencies of a cowardly badge-wielding thug and should be dismissed posthaste, lest he follow through with his threats and shoot in the back the next lawful gun carrier he comes across.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Harold Olsen

    This thug with a badge will most likely get away with it. They’ll decide that the video doesn’t really show the whole story and therefore can’t be used against the thug with a badge, or else they’ll decide that three years is too long a time to take action against him.

    • waynedoudney

      The Video showed enough to convince a jury that this IGMO should depart law enforcement of any kind.

      • Bruce

        in all 50 states he should lose his ability to wear a badge. He was not protecting and serving the public.
        Displays of power, lay on the ground. do what I tell you, I am your GOD!. I can kill you! I have the god badge, and my orders must be followed, even if I am wrong.
        Checks and balances on the power of the state OVER THE CITIZEN (WHERE ALL THE POWER OF THE STATE COMES FROM) seem to be missing,? NO?
        UNITE YOU UNWASHED MASSES, while you still can.
        Where are your papers? we must see your papers!!!
        O you got the right papers? too bad, lie on the ground or I kill you!.

      • rlsumpjr

        The officer should not only lose his job but be charged with communicating a death threat, false arrest and violation of the victims 2nd amendment rights. He should also be sued.
        Penalties for those who make or enforce laws should be doubled when they violate them. They should never be exempt under any circumstance.

      • Brian

        First off, I am a gun owner and I have a handgun carry permit and if I am outside my home I have a handgun on me all times. In my state you do not have to carry concealed. It is a carry permit not concealed carry. But only idiots “open carry.” If you open carry you are asking for problems from good guys and bad. I try to conceal as much as humanly possible. I don’t want anyone to know I have a gun.
        Now to the idiot in the video, and I’m not talking about the officer!
        1. He shouldn’t have gotten out of his car. Why get out?!
        2. This idiot WANTS people to see his gun. Carry in inside-the-waistband holster.
        3. Not sure what he said when the officer asked why he had a gun, but it was later he was saying “I have a permit.”
        4. If I was a law enforcement officer my #1 goal would be to go home to my family every night!!!!! Watch some of the videos where an officer walks up to a car on immediately gets fired on and killed or where someone suddenly jumps out of the car and begins firing or where someone is out of the car talking to the officer and then draws a gun and kills him. These guys have to be on alert all the time at every traffic stop. When they are not they get killed. You can’t be soft and be a police officer. They have a tough job!
        Neutralize the situation and then figure out whats going on. I don’t blame that cop for one second for doing what he did.
        I don’t think you should immediately tell an officer that you have a permit and a gun, but if I am asked to get out of my car I am going to tell him before I get out.

        Seriously watch some videos of officers getting killed at traffic stops and then out yourself in their position.
        Joel Smith is not a responsible permit holder or even a wise handgun carrier. He’s an idiot!

      • Robert Willis

        Brian says:
        February 6, 2013 at 9:39 pm……As a former Law Enforcement officer with over 16 years on the street I have to say that Brian is a complete pompous! You have no idea what the hell you are talking about! The video shows a cop who thinks he is god and over reacted! If I was his Chief, he would no longer have a job and I would do all I could to help the victim sue my former officer!

    • Les

      Threatening to shoot some one in the back if they move is reason enough to terminate this worthless individual. The sorry part is they will go into self preservation mode and swear that their internal investigation found not wrong doing.

      • Harold Childs

        That’s exactly right. in addition to the “stand by your man” attitude from his police buddy liar system, they will create evidence to exonerate their lying police buddy, just as they did to me when I caught a deputy having sex with my estranged wife in my home after she had me evicted from my home to make room for her lovers. He assisted her in completing a warrant, accusing me of “stalking” her. The term they like to use is “CYA”, or “cover your a__s”, you fill in the blank. They don’t have a concience about lying. It’s a part of their job credentials.

    • Anne

      Barney Fife is alive and well in Citrus County, FL. This deputy dog is a disgrace to the badge. What a shameful embarrassment to Florida’s law enforcement agencies.

      • Bruce

        This deputy dog is a disgrace to the badge. What a shameful embarrassment to Florida’s law enforcement agencies.
        Actually he is a disgrace to every American, the idea of freedom, and every government worker who carries a tool for personal protection. EPA got assault rifles for what?

      • charlie

        With my experience in Florida, this seems to be an exception.
        Let’s hope this one is relieved of his throne.

    • Ron

      I have a permit to carry and agree with everyone that the cop is an idiot and way out of line but in my state if you get stopped for whatever you must declare to the police that you have a firearm before any exchange of papers etc. If you don’t he can confiscate your weapon, and it could be a trip to the station to retrieve it. But most police are usually pretty good about it, because people forget especially if the firearm is in the console or just out of sight.

      • ibcamn

        Not all states say,in the law of permit holder,to declare he/she is carrying a weapon at a traffic stop.only if officer asks if they have any Wisconsin where i live,you have to only tell the officer you have a ccl,that’s it!you do not have to tell them you are carrying a gun,only if the officer asks you if you are carrying a gun on your person at this time,do you answer,yes i am officer,then it is up to the officer to decide if they wish to hold said gun during the stop(depends on reason they pulled you over for that step)for the most part,the police in my area know who i am and pretty much gave up on harrassing me anymore,i took the fight out of them on that!…but,now the new one is letting them know i know i can open carry legally in this state also,which most officers don’t know!and the same with knives!most police officers have no clue to those laws either!

      • Jimmy the Greek

        In Texas we only need a permit if the gun is on our person , if we have a pistol in the car you do not have to tell them , and you should not because telling them would be almost the same as it being in plain sight witch is not legal it has to be somewhere that it can not be seen by looking in the windows of the car .

      • Steve E

        In Virginia you do not have to tell anyone you are carrying, concealed or not, unless the cops ask you if you have one.

  • Wayne

    This deputy was violating his own sacred oath! He should be jailed for TREASON and possibly hung. Least case he should lose his job and any pension accrued. Since he has committed the felony of Treason he should not be permitted to own a firearm. The simple solution is to apply the Constitution. It’s all in there. Read it!

    • Bob Burmeister

      The officer acted like a despotic, beatle-browed thug. He demonstrated gross unprofessionalism and a lack of training. If this is the amateur crappola our “Amateur” (NY Times best seller) POTUS wants us unarmed peons to depend upon for protection we’re all headed back to the crop fields sing’n spirituals under the lash. You could put badges on umemployed Hells angels and hire them as deputies and get better results. Way to go liberals!

    • mark

      Yeah, Wayne, but the cops have an old saying: “Better to be tried by twelve, than carried by six.” Their attitude is pretty simple, if anyone has a gun in their immediate vicinity, knock his ass down and cuff him – or even plug him before he gets the chance to take you out. These days with hundreds of cops shot dead every year at simple traffic stops, their attitude is simple: why take any chances? Screw the Constitution. My life, and my wife and kids mean a hell of a lot more to me than your bleepin’ Constitution.

      I know lots of cops. A couple of them are my relatives. And believe me, that’s their MO. Especially, especially if the guy they pull over is black or hispanic. Then, forget about it. They come on like gangbusters, Constitution be damned! And if you don’t think so, then you ain’t livin in the real world. Screw your Constitution, this is my life! And they’ll tell you that right to your face with the eyes bulging out of their sockets and the veins sticking out of their necks, ready to pop you in the jaw if you say otherwise.

      • Tony

        I work with a sheriff office & I assure you this deputy is an ass. Control freaks like this deserve to be booted off the force.

      • Bruce

        And they’ll tell you that right to your face with the eyes bulging out of their sockets and the veins sticking out of their necks, ready to pop you in the jaw if you say otherwise.

        now that sounds like how a PUBLIC SERVANT should act when he interacts with the general public. Good good now how can we get the rest of the PUBLIC SERVANTS to act the same way. O gonna love this…..

      • James Smith

        I agree that this man should have stayed in his vehicle untill ask to step out, actually he was pretty dumb but anyone that thinks this officer didn’t over react is a idot.

      • Robbie Borot

        Big deal you have friends that are in the force, I have relatives that are police officers, you express yourself as a left winged socialist thug when you say screw the constitution. The stupid power hungry cop abused his authority in several different ways,no one that has any integrity or half a brain support your comments.

  • RDS

    This is exactly why civilians should carry weapons.

    • http://google gary gerke

      The police do not care about the Constitution or the bill of rights, they believe they are the only ones that should carry a weapon. One day very soon, there will be police officers being shot for abusing the very people they took an oath to protect.

      • mark

        One day?! It’s already happening, hundred of cops are shot and killed every year at simple traffic stops most by criminals, a few by jumpy gunowners. This is why cops are so paranoid and trigger-happy. THEY KNOW how dangerous their joib is in the most heavily armed nation on earth.

  • Bruce

    disgusting!!!! arrested? its not my problem, disgusting! with a permit. this is just so wrong. this guy was in no way violent. this is wrong! we need to be able to quickly remove these people from their positions of POWER! power drunk people with badges, gota love America!!! Ac Tong let me see your papers!

    • Darryl OBrien

      To often this goes unchecked because of the Good buddy program .We can not defend these actions it will lead to worst actions he may take it a step further if he gets away with this Next time he may hurt or kill someone

      • Bruce

        this man is more dangerous than that idiot who walked into the school and killed those kids. Way more dangerous, he can kill and retain his ability to kill again, by lying (lying the mark of evil in you). And he can kill the free spirit in you, you know what America was formed for, the preservation of GOD given freedoms, the free spirit in you. Picking the gravel off of his face after getting up from the ground, do you think this guy feels FREE? or feels like he lives in WHAT WAS the FREEEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? This man the cop is part of the “force” that is taking your GOD given rights from all of us. IS THAT FORCE PART OF GOOD OR EVIL? ASK YOURSELF THIS OFTEN, and about other things. is this of good or evil?????.

      • mark

        Bruce, more dangerous than someone who walked in a school and massacred twenty-six little children and unarmed woman teachers?!! Because he wrongly arrested a gun owner?! Great logic at work there. You should write articles for this blog.

        • Bruce

          Bruce, more dangerous than someone who walked in a school and massacred twenty-six little children and unarmed woman teachers?!! Because he wrongly arrested a gun owner?! Great logic at work there. You should write articles for this blog.

          yes more dangerous. that killer is done, this cop is still spreading EVIL. he is not done doing the evil assigned to him. To continue to affect innocent citizens and change them for the worse. He is doing the opposite of spreading love. that is worse than an isolated incident. He is a avalanche of evil that steals the feeling of being free from people who have done no wrong!. He is the type of person who encourages others to buy and carry guns for their protection, BY HIS ACTIONS. YES HE IS MORE DANGEROUS.

          And that was 20 children supposedly, and 6 teachers and one very disturbed man,

          ALL of who God loved,

          and wanted to be close to.

          Think for yourself or someone will try to do it for you.

    • eddie47d

      Officer Cox overreacted in every way imaginable and was unstable. There was no aggressive behavior by Mr Smith at any time. To threatened to shot someone in the back should be an automatic firing or suspension without pay.

      • ibcamn

        Way to go Eddie,all those people were wrong,you do have a heart!you took the right side,your leaning man… your leaning… the right side…….ha ha ha ha(that’s my evil laugh)

      • James Smith

        This reminds me of a articie on yahoo a few months ago about a state trooper giving advice on how to lessen your chance of getting a ticket, #1 was be humble.

        • Bruce

          This reminds me of a articie on yahoo a few months ago about a state trooper giving advice on how to lessen your chance of getting a ticket, #1 was be humble.

          how wrong!
          always be humble.
          #1 should be, don’t break the law.
          Be humble to your God, not your cop!. Yikes!!!!
          If Humble becomes something you fake in front of a cop, then that humble is a lie.
          Be courteous, and expect the same.
          Lack of courtesy by the cop should be illegal, until you actually do something real to change that.

  • robert

    people wonder why americans want guns, duh .. to protect us from the communist government and law enforcement.

  • Terry

    Florida is not a ‘must advise’ state. Shows what happens when you hire a half-wit, hand him a badge and send him out to push people around. Luckily, this breed of moron is not too plentiful yet – though the Obama Admin is busy trying to create more.

  • Gary

    Create an instant thug and bully- give a coward a government pay check, a badge and a gun.

    • Bill

      You mean like the TSA

      • Bruce

        exactly like the TSA.
        Let me ask, this country was built on a system of checks and balances. Could someone explain to me how in this situation there is a system of checks and balances? if this video had NOT gone viral, where would the investigation of the gross wrong doings of this cop be right now? It’s been 3 years, what has internal affairs done in the last 3 years? my guess, NOTHING!. So we need to stop and video ANY police actions you see. From sleeping on duty to cracking the heads of non-violent citizens stopped for questioning. You should not be ordered “to the ground” unless certain things happen first, and one should be a clear show of violence from the citizen. If you are not violent drunk or combative you should never be “SENT TO THE GROUND”, ever!. But it is standard operating procedure, when it should be saved for the violent, drunk or non-cooperative. This man was cooperating, not yelling, not drunk, probably willing to help out in a emergency, not being aggressive, but was verbally defending himself. This should be an instant “time out” for the cop, and I am not talking about paid leave, i’m talking about time behind bars… If we don’t stop this now. You WILL find yourself face down in the mud with a boot on your neck, for J walking.

  • http://personallibertydigest Krizma99

    Sounds like the the mental disorder of “Rampant Liberalism Unhinged” is causing the gestapo to run Amok!

    Beware law-abiding citizens!

    • mark

      How do you know that this cop isn’t a conservative Republican? You can just tell by watchign the video. All the white males I know of in uniform are very conservative. They sure as hell aren’t minority-loving liberals. Not the white ones, anyway.

  • gumby


  • Jim

    Unbelievable! This officer has violated this mans rights and should not only be fired but prosecuted for his crimes. There is enough evidence here for the local states attorney to file charges. Our system is broken when actions like this are allowed to happen without consequence. At the very least I hope the victim here files a lawsuit.

    • Darryl OBrien

      I agree Law enforcement is there to protect our rights not abuse them

  • Darryl OBrien

    This is a abuse of the law he was not showing the weapon on purpose This officer has a anger management problem There was no reason to go over board He simply should have asked the driver if he had a licence to carry He should not be in the posion hes in with that angry of a attitude The officer is a danger to the public

    • Bruce

      He should not be in the posion hes in with that angry of a attitude The officer is a danger to the public
      actually he is a danger to the very fabric of America.
      We the public (where the power begins) should be able to have our own internal affairs agency run by Joe public a group the police will now have to answer to when they violate our constitutional rights. Not an arm of our existing government either. They look out for each other. Its time the public had a branch of government they actually control. This would be a good place to begin. Everyone is assigned a video recorder on your phone, see the police at work? stop and begin filming. They never do wrong so they will welcome the “coverage”. And they won’t be able to edit for TV either. ?Those throw them tot he ground and put a knee in their back COP shows, promote the wrong things. When they remove the guns from the gangs we will be a lot safer. But are they even trying to do this? no, they want to take them from people who follow the laws, and they release the violent ones because of over crowding because too many pot smokers were incarcerated and it broke the state. Costs a lot to TRY to moralize the people with laws.

  • LT

    Yes we have a few Law enforcement personnel that are as dangerous as some of the bad guys that are carrying a gun They are paranoid when they encounter any one that have a gun and you had better be on your guard at all time’s they will blow you away in heart beat !!!!!!! Try to Identify your self lay gun down Etc If you want to live !!!!!! use common sense they are trained to put you down and ask question’s later !!!!!!

    • Bruce

      you make the cops sound more dangerous than the criminals.
      Could it actually be true?
      Which group is more dangerous?
      Who in America still thinks for themselves?
      Who decided that it is the cops who are more dangerous to our freedoms?

  • http://personallibertydigest Takidez

    Never get out of the car when stopped by a LEO unless instructed to do so. Pull off the road, stop the engine, put the keys on the dash,turn on the inside lights,hands on the wheel,and wait for instructions. All of this would probably make no difference to a goon like this badge wielding thug, but it may save you some grief with a legitimate officer.

  • SSMcDonald

    Let’s watch to see if the Citrus County Sheriff makes the correct decision in this matter. If this Sheriff is just another politically correct hack in uniform, you need not hold your breath any longer for his decision.

  • Jim B

    A few days ago the POTUS was in Missouri (or somewhere like that) on a podium with police officers lined up behind him. This was too scary to watch, as it was to reminiscent of a scene out of Nazi Germany several decades ago. What is scary is to think that all of those officers of the law were in line with the POTUS in his crusade to demolish the US second amendment. To suggest that they would approve of or enforce any such distortion of our US constitution is a travesty. Every one of the officers should resign or be replaced for the being a part of such an attempt. After all, didn’t they pledge an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Have they taken sides against the US Constitution… this is what scares me, the site of it was horrific!

    • s mart pants

      That photo opp was in Minneapolis , Minnesota . The brown shirts didn’t look pleased to be there . Coincidentally this show of force comes soon after several sheriffs announced they will not enforce any of obama’s gun plans .

      • Jim B

        It would have been nice to see at least a few of them leave during the POTUS campaign speech!

  • Tom Cook

    Not only do criminals with badges like Cox murder innocent citizens, they are protected by fat stupid bureaucratic Sheriffs and district attorneys and judges. I can personally attest to this as I was a victim of a big fat stupid negro cop and a da and judge who used me to further their illicit career ambitions in the depraved little stinkhole chattanooga, tennessee.. I avoid police by sedulously observing the law. Copthugs are everywhere these days, just like the criminal thug democats in Congress and the criminal thug in our White House.

  • DP

    So rather complain from the sidelines, how many of you contacted the Citrus County Sheriff Department, the County Commissioners and the States Attorneys office? If they don’t hear enough complaints nothing will happen.

    • Bruce

      it will take more than that to fix this problem. This group of people (officers) are responsible for more deaths than all the mass killers combined. They should have their guns removed, in mass, then the citizens will feel more safe and won’t feel the need so bad to pack when they go out on the “mean streets”. The more automatic weapons, and military equipment the police get the more the criminals get. Time to disarm the police, stop this arms race, and to deputize every natural born citizen citizen who has never been a felon, to protect the constitution, and encourage them to carry and to protect and serve those around themselves, as their “CIVIC DUTY”, since the police have failed miserably to keep us feeling safe, by doing things like knocking down the wrong door during swat drug raids and shooting Grandma to DEATH and also VETS who served with a gun in their hands. And fear in their hearts.

      • Mixture V ranks

        I don’t believe that removing guns from the police, as you are suggesting here, will help anything. However, removing jerks like Alan Cox is imperative. It is not a question of stopping someone on the road at random, someone who is, naturally, an unknown quantity. It is rather a question here of stopping someone who is otherwise perfectly legal in every way except in this case an expired registration. Hardly a violation suitable for handcuffs. If the man who was stopped had a CCL and was responding to the officer in a normal way, Cox had no real reason to handcuff the man on the ground or anything of that kind. He was not threatened and no threat was made against him and the police video shows all of this. So call Cox a disgrace to law enforcement and muster him out immediately before another innocent citizen is victimized by this jerkface.

        • Bruce

          So call Cox a disgrace to law enforcement and muster him out immediately before another innocent citizen is victimized by this jerkface.

          like an ordinary citizen can muster him out immediately. A officer, OR ANY PUBLIC SERVANT, should be serving the public like they were hired to do. Now if there was a way citizens could remove unfit public workers we might have a solution. So we need a way citizens unconnected to government in any other way can have bad public employees removed. Fix that and you have actually made the US a better place. To ACTUALLY be able to remove your public servants (DMV for example) would put the power back in the hands of the people where it belongs in this country. WE THE PEOPLE needs to mean a lot more than it does today….. Public servants who will not serve need to be subject to a public review of their actions. Then they would act differently towards those who employ them. And then the US would be a better place.

      • ibcamn

        do you think maybe a reason for their actions may be frustration?maybe they know they are starting to lose control over us(more people are reading the law) and they are clinging onto any thread of dignity they have left and are failing at that?…

        • Bruce

          how much dignity is there in a cop who is going thru your ash tray, and on your floor, looking for a roach or a seed so he can lock you in a concrete and iron punishment chamber, for violating a moral law of the dominate religion? THINK?

  • Eric Smith

    If I were a fellow police officer I would want him off the force. The police that I know are not like this, they welcome citizens having guns because in a high conceal and carry permit area the crime is always lower. I don’t know what this officer was thinking, pitiful. I’m embarrassed for him.

  • TEX

    Guess the cop got upset that Smiths gun was bigger than his, what an A–!!!!!

  • Corkey

    Fire him…… then sue him so the taxpayers don’t have to pay to defend him.


    I want to know why it took so long for this to be addressed? I think the investigation should go even higher . we have a direct evidence to protect the officer only. He is there to enforce the laws which includes himself. This action is putting the law enforcement above the law. The people making the judgement should be held accountable as well. Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, an officers job is hard. Because it is hard we have rules for both sides of a situation. If ether violates them they must pay the penalty. We should have an independent jury look at these situations just like a grand jury this would make the decisions impartial. If an officer has this type of repeated behavior, how could his testimony hold up in court? His actions would prove him untrustworthy and the state could loose a criminal case because of it. delayed justice is justice denied.
    God bless America

  • Fedup

    The deputy is a $#*@#&^% prick!

  • FreedomFighter

    I have been in similar situation, the cops never acted this stupid, in fact they complimented the piece after checking CC. They were very nice and never acted like this guy.

  • Bilbo

    I like the comments about Barney Fife and Deputy Dog. The reason those were funny (and stuck in our collective minds) is that they have a ring of truth. Each of us, at some time or another, have had a run-in with a “Bully-with-a-Badge”. Unfortunately, when that happens it is usually not too funny. This loser (and lots of others – a few in my community) should be released to do some other job that doesn’t have the weight of authority behind it.

  • tom

    so sad the cops work for us but they treat us like criminals,go to the proicuters office,file a complaint,i did they even droped the ticket for expired plates,i had to pay the tow bill which next time its coming out of the cops paycheck.

  • bobo

    In South Carolina (whose CWP is honored in Florida) you are required to tell the LEO that you have a weapon and a permit as soon as you can after being detained. As a retired LEO, I can see where the Deputy might have felt threatened if the individual did not indicate that he had a weapon and a permit. Putting someone on the ground is not normal procedure and is usually reserved for probable cause arrests with prior cause. There are two sides to this issue…try stopping an unknown for a violation on the open road and see how it feels.

    • Roger Case

      I am a retired LEO as well and you sir are part of the problem. There are not tow sides of this issue. This is a cowardly unstable individual and should not carry a badge. Anywhere.

      • Mije Stroup

        Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. A stupid coward with a gun and a badge is still just a stupid coward. Didn’t that officer take a sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution? Guess that must have slipped his mind.

  • T. Jefferson

    He would have gotten away with it if the video had not been released.

  • Thaddeus Toad

    Indeed a frightening display of the power we have vested in those who have sworn to protect and serve…. When you step back and examine the event…,while the officers actions were rough and not called for ….. The gentlemen should have remained in the vehicle with hands in plain sight and advised the officer he was armed and had a valid carry permit… If he had done that things would have turned out differently…. In addition there was a passenger that was also an unknown faction….Road stops are the highest risk of life and limb for an officer…. And BTW I do not drive with expired tags …If the gentlemen had followed the rules there would not have even been a stop…

    • Brian

      Great comments. I agree. But these officers have to forceful sometimes. The officer only got more forceful as Mr. Smith wasn’t seeming to comply very promptly.

  • Rich Buckley

    Good training video for persons holding permit to carry concealed weapons. Regardless of the letter of the law, if I ever find myself in this carrier’s situation I think I’d exit the vehicle as instructed with my carry permit, displayed to the officer, in some non-threatening manner.

  • BillT

    Started reading the comments, then went to the video. This individual IS NOT A COP. He’s nothing but a punk

  • RJ

    Not fit to have a crosswalk guard badge.

  • Jill

    The moral of the story is don’t let your tags expire.

    • ibcamn

      yes true,do not give them a reason is right!headlights being out is a big cop magnet too!and don’t ever let your tail light lens have dirt on it,they will say it doesn’t work!any reason,last week it was snow over my plate,they said it makes them think i’m hiding something from them!??!!that’s what i’m told!lol…

      • Bruce

        dirty license plates are a way to get around the probable cause for a search clause. So the police can be used to MORALIZE the public, using drug laws. You know smoking pot is immoral, but we have a separation of church and state so the church can not make a law saying it is immoral to smoke pot so the gov can make a law that mimics the moral laws of a religion, saying it is illegal to have pot. The ones trying to moralize the population with laws, must know it is beyond impossible to do so. So they must be using these laws for a different purpose. What is that purpose? To be able to break into your home at any moment day or night, and do as they want to you and your possessions. That does not, to me, sound like the way a free country operates.
        Why not just declare this a Christian Country with tolerance for all peaceful religions (and non-religious persons) not bent on world domination? The state could enact moral standards, NOT LAWS, and if you violated a moral standard, no one (except God, and natural consequences) could punish you for doing so. Then the cops would have no reason to stop you for dirty plates or even expired tags, and then turn that into a full vehicle search. And the cops would not be acting like Iran’s moral police.
        The actions of lawmakers have had many many unintended negative consequences, are they fixable?. Or were too many lawyers involved to be able to fix this mess? RE-boot.

  • Frosty

    Local law enforcement in this area is basicly the same in most of the incidents that receive any publicty. One of our locals is currently under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for killing an unarmed male he was attempting to arrest on a non-existant warrant. No weapon could be found on or near the victim. The officer involved has a history of numerous civilian complaints over a six year period with minamal displinary actions. Has anyone checked (freedom of information act) on complaints involving this officer? Does he have a history of such incidents? If he isn’t stopped, it’s only a matter of time before the force there has a mess just like ours on their time. I had eight years experience as a supervisor in law enforcement and unfortunately bullies like this are not uncommon. That’s all they truely are, bullies and they have to be terminated when they’re found out.

  • barney rubble

    The citrus county sheriffs department covered this up for 3 years and is only now addressing it after the video leaked. The charges were dropped by the state and the department would have been notified by the state of the reason for not moving forward with a case. An investigation should have been conducted into this piece of crap deputy. The tax payers of citrus county need to demand answers.

  • Douglas

    The city or county that employs him are the ones that should be sued! My place of employment truly does have a “zero tolerance” for even the slightest verbal threat. Why? Because they understand that not only are they liable financially if something were to become of it, and they had knowingly not acted to prevent it, but also as a very effective deterrent……everyone that works here knows where the lines are drawn, and no-one dares cross them for fear of losing their job. If cities, counties, and States, across this country took the same “zero tolerance” stance, these bullies would be rooted out of law enforcement and put back into the real workforce where they belong. Not to mention the untold millions of dollars they would save in litigation, penalties, jury awards, etc. (oh….and paid administrative leaves) All municipalities…..GET RID OF YOUR THUGS WHEN YOU FIND THEM!

  • Lucky3511

    Twenty years ago english police did not carry guns, but they got more respect from the people than do american police. I do not know if things have changed over the last twenty years, It looks like they may have got worse, but I do not think they are officially allowed to carry even now.

    • independant thinker

      It is my understanding that at least some police in the UK now carry routinely. I am not sure if all do or just those covering the higher crime areas.

  • Rich Buckley

    The video serves as a good training video for both parties. The cop can learn to reach for respectful language even when afraid by always inserting the word “Sir” in each comment even when repeating it several times. If I were the driver, I would learn two things (1) exit my vehicle as instructed with carry permit in hand offered smartly in a non-threatening manner and (2) always insert “Sir” in every comment.

    These signals subconsciously reduce fear levels and elevate mutual respect even if the parties do not trust each other.

    • ibcamn

      true,if you do not know the rank of the police officer,just call him/her,officer,it will get you a long just shows the police you have respect for the uniform!(that way they at least know your trying to get along with them)if you don’t know the ranking system,officer is best bet,when you start saying sir this and sir that,it will grind on them.if you have a power hungry cop at your stop,saying officer will make him feel above you and things will also go on liberal cops when they know you have a ccl too!the word officer or the proper rank works best!

      • Bruce

        Should we bow and grovel when an officer shows up too?
        It would show they are in a class above us would it not?
        Should we lay on our back on the ground like a submissive dog when an officer shows up too?
        Then the officer would not be afraid.
        Should we salute them too?
        Sir sir sir master master master, I be good slave don’t beat me and lock me away in your cages of punishment.
        That would show them they truly are a class or 2 above us, US is all class systems, right? Just like India, and we are the untouchables, the unwashed, the useless idiots.
        Stand at attention and empty or pockets, put or ID in mouth and stand still with our hands stretched out to our sides, and our eyes clamped tightly shut??
        or should we just put our hands on the wall?
        What is the CORRECT way to respond to an officer stopping you for nothing or suspicion?
        Here take my DNA?
        Should you speak? or be quiet so to not implement yourself in something you did not do?
        Why not teach in High School how to respond to a cop.
        Take off all your clothes and lay on the ground ready for your cavity search?.
        If we could teach our children to do that would they be SAFER from the Police?

      • Rich Buckley

        I sense ibcamn makes a very important observation. The idea of being “humble” draws on the spiritual quaities of our higher self and is quite far emotionally from the concept of “grovel.” Projecting universal love through demonstration of respect to the officer is or can be a sutble body language of smartly complying with the officer’s instructions.

        The officer too also has a lot to learn in working through his reasonable basis of heightened fear in improving himself in communicating without defaulting into unprofessional conduct further exacerbating controlling the situation.

        Words, procedures and body language is everything in situations like this and both the driver as well as the officer rate a grade of a “D-” as I see it.

        Many men give up carrying concealed, because (1) they come to understand that their average daily circumstances does not place them into harms way, but also more vital to the enjoyment of true liberation of ones soul perhaps is (2) they reach a point where they feel spiritually blocked. Their concealed weapon augments both their attitude and their actions in ways they see as counter to their spiritual growth and inner sense of closeness with the Christ within.

        All things have to be taken into consideration. National Geogrphic ran a story about a small framed man who walked from Canada down deep into South America. I was impressed with this man’s wisdom. All he had was a little push cart, hat, and walking stick. The trip took many months. The man understood his greatest ally was his small size. He did not represent a physical threat to any male of the hundreds he encountered along his journey. National Georaphic reported that is the reason he was allowed unhampered passage. There is a lessen in the wisdom of that little man and his great achievement. Be fearless, be humble, be loving, seek truth.

  • Tony Ruiz

    Get rid of that f—-n’ fake cop…NOW!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    If that was me i would let things cool down then i would hunt down the cop and get even from the bushes .

  • ibcamn

    let me tell you about police videos going missing,in most cops gone bad moments,the video goes blank or missing!in the case of my friend,in a town outside Madison Wis.,the local police knew he had no bike license,end saw him at a bar,they sat and waited(according to police videos)when he came out they advised each other, when he started his bike they were all ready to pull him over when he left(by law,just starting the bike[or key in ignition]gives them reason to pull in to question this person)but instead of following procedure,they waited till he rev’ed up his bike and took all the police that had arrived to wait for him all started to follow him with lights a rolling,them it all went to hell fast,he sped up and the police went nuts on his ass and next thing you know,my friend id laying 90ft off the road,dead!the videos(on all 8 squad cars)were either non functioning or gone!but the follow police car video was working till it arrived at the scene,then it was re-positioned as to point away from the scene!?!the entire police force of this town has had nothing but complaints against it for years,and all the same officers were involved in the very well known shooting of a man in the camaro video on the web,that happened the day after my friend was killed by them for loud pipes on his bike!and several other videos and incodents,and yet they all have their jobs yet!!it’s corruption on a nation wide level and iv’e said it before,cops are the biggest gang in America!…..i have lost dozens of friends to police corruption and have many friends and brothers in prison due to police corruption and fraud!but yet we are suppose to see them as the good guys!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Looks like you boys need to learn how to get even , like the way it’s done in the middle east ,

  • RL

    This pig should be fired. Any cop that gets that excited seeing someone else with a gun, besides another cop, is a danger and threat to any citizen. He is obviously power hungary. We as citizens should demand all authoritative figures have mental evaluations before they are hired. We should demand that they know the laws before trying to enforce the laws. It’s only a matter of time before this cop shoots someone.

  • T

    I agree the officers response and behavior are deplorable, especially the threatening tone and abusive language he used. However, had the individual stayed in his vehicle the entire event would not have happened. Why do people not understand that when you are pulled over STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE! The officer should be fired and possible prosecuted, but the individual needs to be fined for being a dumbass. If he’s too stupid to stay in his vehicle when pulled over I question his ability to be trusted with a CCP and a handgun!

    • Bruce

      Why do people not understand that when you are pulled over STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE!

      do we lose all of our rights if we are being pulled over?
      If we speak out of turn is that reason to be pepper sprayed, tazed, or knocked to the ground for resisting? That is not resisting.
      Having respect will usually work better in a stop, but, is a lack of respect A reason for a cop to become the first one violent? It is not ILLEGAL to have a lack of respect for the cop, and it should not affect the outcome of the stop. BUT IT DOES!. How right is that? IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR A COP TO BE THE ONE TO TURN THINGS VIOLENT. It would suck to have to take the abuse given to cops, but to the large part they have earned their abuse, and reputation, one act at a time.
      When cops were encouraged to lie to get a conviction the SOUL and respect of ALL cops were sold or lost. And I personally lost a lot lot lot lot lot of respect for the badge. Can we go back to the point where it was illegal for a cop to lie to us? PLEASE?????
      I would like to respect them, but I can not respect liers!.

  • James Camargo

    The American spirit is still alive and well, praise GOD. You officer Cox, are the 10% ‘er that will always reveal themselves in time. It’s unfortunate that many people will get hurt, or killed before that happens. I blame your higher ups equally for your anti- American actions. GOD says we are to obey civil laws, and or, we will be held to an account. GOD also warns that law enforcers obey all laws, for they too have a GOD that observes their conduct and will hold them to an account. Do accordingly , or suffer the consequences.

  • http://yahoo Pegleg McGurk

    The comment about Wisconsin is correct, I got stopped one night and the cop asked me if I had ant weapons and I said yes, there is .32 in my glove box and a knife in my left bsck pocket. He collected my knife and went to ck out my glove box, he bame back and said that the knife and gun were in my glove box and would still be ther when I got my car out of impound. Boih weapons were still in my car as well as my leather overcoat when I picked my car up. I got stopped in the stats of Illinois one night with a piece in my trunk in a case and unloaded, as per the 1968 gun control act. The nazi thug searched my car without a warrent and then told me that since I did not have a state of Illinois FOID card that I was under arrest under a UUW charge{unlawful use of a weapon}, never mind the fact that I was not a resident of the state of Illinois. The Hitler Youth then pulled me from my car and threw me to the ground with his knee in my back and cuffed and stuffed me, all the while his WOLFPACK buddies were tekking him that the but was not his because he pulled me over on a bordering towns side of the street. My encounter with the Hitler Youth cost me 90days in Cook County Jail and left me a convicted felon who can no longer own a gun leaglely, and a $3000.00 impound fee on my car as well as homeless, since my landlady thought that I took off owing her money se sold my stuff and took my pets to a shelter. Now I’m no angel, and it was a good thing that Iam a tuff guy so I could survive in Cook County Jail. Todays PIGS are as nad as thew were in the late 60s, something needs to be done to reel them in and restrain the little boys who are pissed because people like me used to take their candy when they were little boys, and now they have BADGES and GUNS and the power to abuse people.

  • Wiley

    Police are the enforcers for their masters, the politicians in Washington, District of Corruption. Together they’ve become nothing more than a highly organized street gang establishing and protecting their turf and violently quelling any possible perceived threat to their supremacy. They exist through extortion and intimidation, and their attempts at further gun control, which they claim are for public safety, are simply a transparent attempt to eliminate any possible resistance to their domination. Welcome to the police state, to slavery in the Twenty First Century, and to the death of the idea of a free people that was the USA.

    • mark

      Right, this whole case was Obama’s fault. I bet he personnally ordered this traffic stop. Yeah, sure, Wiley….

  • ? Kerry Good

    Patriots arise no more gun laws as a matter of fact delete them all! If the foreign head of state can be in office illegally and bend the constitution everyday then it past time to hang the lot of politicians and a firing squad for the pretender in chief!

  • LPM

    This cop is the exact reason for the 2nd amendment. To make sure Government of any kind cannot become tyrannical and oppressive. That man was not threatening in any manner and to tell him he would get shot in the back is a crime unto itself. Disgusting display of power corrupting.

  • Roger

    Okay, so this happened 3.5 to 4 years ago. I understand the video just went viral in January. What has happened with this case since 2009. If you are going to post something lke this, and so much time has passed, one would think some additional info and research would have been done. Heck for all we know the Deputy in question may be dead at some perps hand, and the innocent looking citizen in the video may have slayed his wife and 2 or 3 kids by now. If I didn’t know better I might think I was watching the sensational no news main stream media. So, what has happened in the last 3.5 to 4 years? Was he found guilty or innocent? Was the Deputy fired or demoted or anything?

  • trp878

    If he did what they say then he should be terminated and charged for abuse of power and barred from ever being a Law Enforcement officer again. “Badge Heavy” Cops are a disgrace to the profession.


    The P.O.L.I.C.E. (People Of Limited Intelligence Controlling Everybody) are an organization acting as a tool for the government dedicated to fighting criminals and Travelers for the good of all mankind and all upstanding citizens. They also beat you up for absolutely nothing, especially if you aren’t white or gay. If you smoke crack cocaine, you’re in for it! Also, the police are not actually men in the same way that Alan Partridge is NOT A MAN!

    The police are the professional enforcers employed by the government to harass anybody who isn’t a white evangelical. The lowest ranking of police are those fags that ride on the bikes and highest ranking are security guards. Most cops arrest you for absolutely nothing and like beating the hell out of someone for underage drinking.

    You have to be arrogant, annoying and be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on donuts. Being a plumber or garbageman will usually grant one some privileges to enroll a local police department more easily. However, high school dropouts usually have the highest record of making it into the business.

    Every year trillions of citizens are trained and recruited into national law enforcement organizations. They are taught how to loaf, waste time, complain about the paperwork they have to do, and be generally useless. Also, every single one of these potential police has to memorize and recite by heart ‘The Police Oath’. Upon doing this a citizen is transmogrified into a asz-kicking, donut-eating cop.

    They are then given their first badge and collection of large precision firearms, batons, tear gas, and tasers. Though occasionally they may fight crimes that don’t involve a black person being the criminal, they spend most of the time at Dunkin’ Donuts eating donuts and crying to General Hospital.

    The police (pronounced “please-men”) were invented in the 1950′s by white people. F the POPO.

    The original police were genetically engineered donuts, and although they resembled donuts, they actually had a slightly higher intelligence and took a lot of steroids to be stronger than black people. The police’s purpose was to stop the Civil Rights Movement by harassing, abusing, and arresting black people. They were armed with hoses. The purpose of the hoses was to poison black people, due to the dangers of water.

    They also had something called dogs, which were robots created in laboratories that were programmed to urinate on fire hydrants. These dogs, contrary to what most people think, were not racist, and they hated being forced to hurt black people, and became suicidal.
    Therefore, the dogs would try to eat black people, thinking they were made of chocolate.

    Anyhoo, the police have since evolved and been reprogrammed several times. In the late 60′s, the police were reprogrammed to attack druggies.

    After the 70′s, when all the druggies had been exterminated or become Democrats, police evolved to target all minorities. Their favorite prey became rich black men, because they still had natural hate for black people from when they were first invented, but since then have evolved to hate rich people out of jealousy.

    Because of this, they often frame rich black men for crimes they did commit, as everyone knows that Michael Jackson is in fact a pedophile rapist, and is ridiculously dysfunctional, and it that O.J did do it. Currently, police also like to prey on skateboarders and the homeless when bored. -Uncyclopedia

    • Roger

      What makes you think Whites who strongly believe in God are exempt from bully cops? Why do YOU have to try to make this a purely Racial thing? There are bully cops of all ilk. Just like their are non cops of all ilk. Grow up. In case you didn’t get the ilk bit, I meant their are cops, male and female, maybe even transgender, black, white, yellow, brown, olive, and many mixed shades, heterosexual, gay, and bisexual, rich, poor, and middle class, of many varied faiths, and some with no belief in god.

      • mark

        Because in survey after survey, in investigation after investigation, in city after city, the vast majority of police brutality cases are against people of color. What planet are you living on? Of course cops can be brutal to majority whites, but most U.S. citizens who suffer under and file police brutality cases, even though they are themselves a minority of the population, are black, hispanic, and Amerindian males. And guess what? Most of the perpertrators, those charged with the brutality cases are white male cops. Gee, what a surprise! That data must all be a coincidence.

    • Gordon in Texas


      Time to get back on your meds.

  • Gordon in Texas

    This trigger-happy LEO should hit the street; and not in a good way. Morons like him give LEOs a bad name. And there seem to be more and more like him every day. Maybe it’s just that we have a better technology to record their actions today. Maybe it’s because psychological screening of applicants is lacking. Maybe it’s because local law enforcement seems to have more power and leeway today than it did in the past. What ever the reason, this behavior is unacceptable and those who abuse their authority should be terminated.

    The majority of LEOs are good guys, who understand the law and are able to work with people. I’ve been stopped on the road by LEOs and my CHL is presented to the LEO with my driver’s license. That eliminates a lot of potential issues. I also explain to the LEO where the gun is located. The check on my license will tell the LEO that I have a CHL anyway. Why not be up front? I also DO NOT get out of the vehicle unless asked to do so. The law varies from state to state but it’s best to stay in the vehicle and have your paperwork ready when the officer comes to the window. That eliminates reaching and opening areas that could conceal a weapon. I can’t imagine stopping a vehicle and having someone I’ve never met approach me after being stopped for a legal issue.

    The LEO was definitely out of line here but the driver could have avoided a scene by using common sense. This was all about proper procedure during a traffic stop.

    • Robbie Borot

      the cop should of asked him do you have any weapons

  • http://NA NO1LOCATOR

    Been there done that , officer did away with stop video , all that took place on site was gone , DA did get my gun back but officer lied about all that took place , he is still on the force 6 years later, I for one never drive through that town to this day, its my home town from the 60′s , number of lies where off the charts, No concealed gun , no loaded weapon, no reason for the stop, told i would not get gun back due to he liked it(phone day after arrested) , he never admitted to that one to any one, spent night in jail due to him logging that weapon was stolen (that charge never showed up in court) , DA corrected charges but he could not take the one off that my cc permit was expired (even with gun not concealed could not prove it wasn’t(again cops word) , the gun was in plain sight on seat(cop lied on that one also) , the cop said it was hidden and loaded , that cop will be sorry some day, when he gets caught in his lies with some one that is recording him, as back then it was not as available as it is today ,i was shocked as to the lies told and know the system very well being on fire dept for 24 years , to this day i still treat all cops as enforcers with respect , one bad cop does not change my thinking, even though i have see a trend in going to extra mile to collect money from public on stop’s with lies , also notice that the ones that steal , rob,comment crimes, with extensive records are out on the streets with in days of being arrested , due to system has to pay to take care of them, they can never recover cost of jail === we the people need to correct this problem == but not sure we can with all that is above them now==need a good cleaning from top all the way down !!! Good Luck Finding Justice Today with system that is in place ! This is public blog and even worry about that one from time to time as truths never seem to be OK with the system ….I just thank the DA for his honest approach to looking at all and even correcting the cop as to his actions …

  • Public Citizen

    This bad seed needs to be made a very public example for the education of the rest of the law enforcement community.
    Take the guys badge, terminate all future benefits including pension and deny him unemployment. In addition he needs to be blacklisted in all 50 states from working in any job that is law enforcement or security related.


    These are the future Obama thuggs we are seeing, can you imagine a hunter being shot for carrying a gun to kill game, well the left can and they believe whole heartedly, “Them that gots the gunz rules.”

    I believe that the right to self defense is prolife…

    • mark

      Right, President Obama was right there. Can’t you see him in the video. He ordered this. Even when sheriffs, cops , and deputies did this all time before January 20 2009, it was still Obama’s fault. In fact everything unjust in this world is Obama’s fault. He orchestrated the Sandy Hook massacre, we all know that.

      Yeah, right….

  • Gron

    good people of this couny should bring pressure to bear to get cox fired. And if they make his life hell in the process he deserves it

  • Phil long

    The office needs to be fired there was no treat from the law bidding man it’s our wrights to hold a gun permit

  • J J

    This is exactly why we have the 2nd Amendment and the right to possess and carry guns. This law enforcement officer is what we need to protect ourselves against. Some law enforcement officers have a God complex, a mightier than thou complex that is dangerous. This law enforcement officer is using the law to harass a private citizen who has done nothing wrong. This law enforcement officer is telling lies about the incident – did he forget that this is being recorded??? And we are talking about taking guns away from law abiding citizens – what about law enforcement officers like this??? He is paranoid and too quick to draw conclusions, doesn’t ask the right questions or listen to the responses. Guys like this give law enforcement a bad name and are very scary. We are supposed to trust guys like this to protect us???

    • mark

      This guy who got arrested and hand-cuffed for nothing in Florida should just thank God he’s white. Because if he was a black male in Florida carrying a gun, he would be dead already. If he was a black male in Texas, they’d have shot him dead before he even got out of the car and showed his ID. They would have killed him for Being Black and Driving with a Gun. That’s a capital offense in Texas. This guy shouldn’t complain one bit. He got off easy. Imagine what would have happened to him if he was black? Well most of the posters on this site would have agreed with that kind of treatment meted out to a black guy, anyway. He probably voted for Obama, so hey, open season on him. Give the cop who shoots him a medal.

    • Bruce

      time for cams on passenger cars. Ones cops won’t notice. 360 deg constant record with audio. A many hour recorder in the trunk and a link to upload the video to a place where the cop can not destroy the evidence against him and his bad deeds. Then an attitude from the courts that it is time to end the reign of abusive lying police. Very specific about who is being targeted, abuse lying police. There are good ones out there, met some good ones, but also met a lot of BULLY’S. I got out of High school to learn the school bully had joined the force, time to leave that town. Mental tests every year to re-certify that the bully’s can still carry a gun and lie like a demon.

  • jackwiley

    still playing the race card I see. I think and agree he should be fired and not be allowed to work anywhere for displaying murderous tendencies. “I will shoot you in the back”

    I agree 50 years ago ma-bey black vs white , mexican versus illegal and those speaking on this blog will continue to shout that mantra until the day they die because that’s what there parents spewed and in many cases they were right.

    Its amazing to me at my old age the things I hear the world old fart witch is the class I am in and I should receive reparations from teenagers.

    We are the victims as we are easy marks not only for the police but for the young teenagers as well? We worry about the people who are supposed to protect us and the people who are supposed to respect us and this is an every day thing.

    Worst yet the ones shouting it are the very ones who are creating the havoc, and committing the crimes. Take a look at the students. I would never have spoken to my mother or my father in that fashion I would have received the old fashioned button whip pen. Many of the police are legitimate afraid of these people today and that fear translates to all off us but shooting someone in the back is beyond belief. We were afraid of our parents. These kids are afraid of nothing.

  • alex

    I am a big supporter of law enforcement officers, but this officer over-reacted… acted improperly.

  • Hank

    Look folks, the first thing out of a permit holder’s mouth as the cop approaches is “Officer I have a concealed firearms permit, the handgun is located in (blank), what do you want me to do.” That is what my TX CHL instructor DRILLED into our brains in class. It seems like the driver did not advise the cop of his permit until after the cop noticed it. Cops get shot all the time by sneaky gun carrying criminals, it is understandable that he freaked out a bit although his verbal expressions were a bit exaggerated.

  • Brian

    First off, I am a gun owner and I have a handgun carry permit and if I am outside my home I have a handgun on me all times. In my state you do not have to carry concealed. It is a carry permit not concealed carry. But only idiots “open carry.” If you open carry you are asking for problems from good guys and bad. I try to conceal as much as humanly possible. I don’t want anyone to know I have a gun.
    Now to the idiot in the video, and I’m not talking about the officer!
    1. He shouldn’t have gotten out of his car. Why get out?!
    2. This idiot WANTS people to see his gun. Carry in inside-the-waistband holster.
    3. Not sure what he said when the officer asked why he had a gun, but it was later he was saying “I have a permit.”
    4. If I was a law enforcement officer my #1 goal would be to go home to my family every night!!!!! Watch some of the videos where an officer walks up to a car on immediately gets fired on and killed or where someone suddenly jumps out of the car and begins firing or where someone is out of the car talking to the officer and then draws a gun and kills him. These guys have to be on alert all the time at every traffic stop. When they are not they get killed. You can’t be soft and be a police officer. They have a tough job!
    Neutralize the situation and then figure out whats going on. I don’t blame that cop for one second for doing what he did.
    I don’t think you should immediately tell an officer that you have a permit and a gun, but if I am asked to get out of my car I am going to tell him before I get out.

    Seriously watch some videos of officers getting killed at traffic stops and then out yourself in their position.
    Joel Smith is not a responsible permit holder or even a wise handgun carrier. He’s an idiot!

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Sincethe new plan that made Rachel Maddox suck air AND HAVE A FIT, WHEN THE JUG EARED ONE SAID,” HE PUTTING TOGETHER A PANEL TO DECIDE IF SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT,IT OFFICALS, OR EMPLOYEE. tHIS PANEL HAS THE RIGHT TO ARREST ANY ONE AND indarcinate the person, indefinitely. To get a liberial,socialist split tail, to have an issue, notice it was not mentioned in any news reports. The muslim marxist is following his heroes, Karl Marx, Joey Stalin, Hitler, and every other dictator, living and dead. As too mark’s love in with minorities and black BS of getting along , what a bunch of crap. As a retired police officer, traveling thru Denverr, St. Louis and LA, the so called black and latino officer and public pukes were more than happy to try and toss me and my son around for stopping the supposed prrotecters for ditections, so mark get out of your racist bs fog, pull up your victomology diaper and move on. It didn’t make a damn bit of difference of making a complaint, except being told to stay out of certain areas. Your concerns should be more focused on the marxist muslim and his facist/communist dumbocrap scrot hanging democrap party. What SOB’s are promoting confiscation of guns, multipuleregistrations of everyone, the governments monitioring of any speach and in any form anywhere. Beleives every will work under the worthless book trainedoverpaid fos in the beltway, who will decide what the government thinks you need. The is right from the Hag Hillary’s speaches, Of course the drug users and sellers of the democrap party, think it will be ok, because this kind BS is taught from preschool – thru life. Like onumnutts the hardesy thing these pukes have ever done is get up a dream about who they can screw, in any fashion or any method.

  • mike

    This officer should have to pay back all the money he has been paid since this happened. He used no common since.

  • dk

    This is officer has lied on many arrest. All of his arrest should be be reiewed. Citrus county is known to be corrupt from the officers to the judges.


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