Citizens protest Chicago Islamic Conference


A group of concerned Americans exercised their First Amendment Rights yesterday in Chicago, Illinois to protest an Islamic conference in the Oak Lawn region of the city.

Media sources report that the meeting was organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, who some consider to be an extremist Islamic organization that reportedly promotes anti-Western sentiment.

Furthermore, the Islamic institution is also apparently linked with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who confessed to participating in the 9/11 plot, FOX News reveals.

The group wants to bring Muslim nations together around the world under just one single leader and reportedly has no connections to terrorism.
Mohammad Malkawi spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times on behalf of the group and claimed that "We have never aligned ourselves with militant groups. The accusations are baseless and without merit," but the 75 protestors who gathered seemed to think otherwise.

According to United Press International one protestor who expressed she was a "suburban SUV-driving sports mom" told the news provider that the Islamic group "will hurt us" and that they "are not hiding their intentions."

The conference brought around 800 attendees to the area.

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