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CIS studies show mixed picture of illegal immigration

August 4, 2009 by  

CIS studies show mixed picture of illegal immigrationAccording to new reports from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the illegal immigrant population is declining but the unauthorized border crossings that still take place in large numbers are having a profoundly negative environmental impact.

The analysis suggests the illegal population declined by 13.7 percent (1.7 million) from a peak of 12.5 million in the summer of 2007 to 10.8 million in the first quarter of 2009.

CIS estimates also suggest that because the legal immigrant population has not declined, the overall foreign-born population has held relatively steady.

At the same time, a CIS web video using exclusive hidden camera footage shows wildlife populations are increasingly threatened by illegal immigration and smugglers who are cutting paths through federally protected lands.

"Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border: Coyotes, Bears, and Trails," has found evidence of abandoned vehicles, drug drops, illegal groups trekking and camping, human waste and litter that are destroying Arizona’s ecosystems.

The document raises questions about the effectiveness of Obama’s immigration and environmental policies and suggests America’s borders are far from secure.


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  • Penny

    It’so unfair that we don’t deport these people and especialy when they have commited crimes in the US. It is also unfair to give them free Health Care and Americans have to flip the bill. I believe illegals will bankrupt the system if Health Care reform goes with a gov. run opt.

    Arizona’s ecosystem – I’m pretty sure illegal aliens are free to ruin any of our states ecosystem. Only the American people have no rights when up against goverment eviromental standards. Look at the craziness in California a fishes ecosystems was more important then familly farms.

    The bottom like is Democratic’s and some Republicans don’t have real solutions on dealing with the border. It’s not about what is good for America its about running for office and getting re-elected. I say we need to put limits on our politicans so politics are not career life choice.

    • Runninbear

      That’s hitting the nail on the head.He wants all illegals to be able to vote him in again in 2012.He plans to have Acorn in the census department which is Illegal and have all the illegals registered and made voters out of. That’s why he’s paying to play with “LaRaza”to get the support of the Latino’s,He is the puppet and you think he is messiah,working for everyone else but the people who gave him his job,who he constantly belittles us to communist,soicalistic dicators,and has alienated our oldestfriends who has been told to stop building on the “JEWISH” land that they have purchased from Fatah,who the Isrealis have a deed to? Who have the rights to do OUR president obama is trying to make Isreal give the land back to people who doesn’t want to keep the deal,but has spent the money want their land back?Im I the only one who thinks this is so WRONG!Obama is for the money just like Baalim in the bible he is for the money not the rights of peoples who he is now alienating,which took us years to get Isreal as a friend?Now We are just a back stabbing nation that refuse to keep the things that was promised to them by our President.but refuses to say any thing about the struggles in Iran that he stirred up and wouldn’t even show the smallest amount of support for them,Eric Holder call us cowards I hold them as cowards for stirring up rest in other countries and then stepping back and watch them die?

    • Patricia Henson

      Penny reply, You got it right. We need to keep writing our congressmen, and sentators, call them, E-mail them daily. It may seem right now like it isn’t making a difference but it is. We’ve slowed them down some. It’s going to take everybody and you can’t let them wear you down. It’s easy to get discouraged but keep at it anyway. It’s time for them to understand where the real power lays, and that is US! WE THE PEOPLE! Join your teaparties in your areas and learn what more you can even do. They are a nice bunch of people who care about all of the same things you do. Thank-you and God bless.

  • The Insurgent (formerly: FRW)

    Mass Arrest Spotlights Vast Zionist Criminal Network Centered in New Jersey(Jew Jersey?)

    Mantiq al-Tayr
    Back in 2005, poor Tad Rickman, writing for the Denver Daily News, made a typo for which he became infamous for a while. Here’s what he did.
    “The Denver Daily News would like to offer a sincere apology for a typo in Wednesday’s Town Talk regarding New Jersey’s proposal to ban smoking in automobiles. It was not the author’s intention to call New Jersey ‘Jew Jersey.’”
    I think now everyone owes Tad an apology.

    The fact that evil lawbreakers such as the folks pictured at right were nabbed in New Jersey should come as no surprise. The state is really not much more than an Israeli fort filled with all kinds of Israeli spies and criminals.
    First of all, let’s recall the 2004 case of former New Jersey governor, James McGreevey, who had a homosexual relationship with an Israeli named Golan Cipel. He even made Cipel the head of security for the state of New Jersey. Imagine that, putting a foreign national in charge of security of the state. Cipel must give good blow jobs or something. Anyway, McGreevey had to resign over the scandal. Cipel was no doubt a Mossad agent and had even served in the Israeli Consulate in New York.
    But there’s much, much more.
    First though, we have an announcement here at Mantiq al-Tayr. In doing some research for today’s post, the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr have discovered a great person – Laura Dawn Lewis – who is clearly a patriot and yes, like Katherine Albrecht, she is also a babe. Mish hayk?
    Ms. Lewis, whose bio is here, made a great post on her website during the Cipel Israeli homosexual spy scandal in New Jersey that all of you should read. Here it is. She notes more than a few interesting things about this nest of Israeli spies that we call New Jersey.
    First though, she points out how McGreevey met Cipel. It was on one of those junkets to Israel that almost ALL US Knesset members take – often they go more than once. Back in 2000 that’s how McGreevey met Cipel. Pretty cool, hugh. Has your governor, senator or congressman gotten a blow job from an Israeli? Please write to them and ask.

    Anyway, among the food for though she provides is:
    - The dancing Israelis arrested on 911 were based in New Jersey.
    - the anthrax letters in the wake of 911 were mailed from New Jersey
    - Two Israelis were caught in Tennessee in 2002 with classified submarine fuel were based in New Jersey.
    - She notes that Israel’s two biggest ways to get money (when not stealing from the US Treasury) is through arms smuggling and drug dealing. New Jersey is a major state Defense Department wise – really an ideal place to get a hold of toys and sell them to others. A great place for Cipel to be in charge of security.
    And much, much more. One of the best exposes of Israel we’ve seen on the web.

    Anyway, back to the latest case of Israeli infiltration of New Jersey. Oh wait, remember Edward Mosberg? He’s the “holocau$t survivor” from, well, New Jersey, who was allowed to travel to Israel to see the Pope when Benedick went there earlier this year in a obvious and quite successful attempt to humiliate Catholics all over the globe. The mere fact that Mosberg was under indictment for fraud was no obstacle to his being allowed to hold hands with the Pope and to stay in Israel for days afterward. Did he ever return to the United States?

    Anyway, back to the most recent scandle. By the way, so far unidicted New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, has chosen a Jewish woman as his running mate. She is state Senator (and so far unindicted) Loretta Weinberg and she is not, as far as we know, a “holocau$t survivor”. However, she claims her life savings were wiped out by Bernie Madoff. Clearly, if you need to get back lots of cash, the best way is to become as deeply involved in New Jersey poltics as possible, and we here at Mantiq al-Tayr are quite certain that Ms. Weinberg will be able to recover her losses.

    Anyway, back once again to the sordid collection of perverted misfits arrested Thursday in New Jersey.
    Wait, I almost forgot. Remember Ben-Ami Kadish? He spied on the US for Israel for years and was recently arrested in, you’ll never believe it, New Jersey. Oh, and when he did his spying, guess where he was working. Surprise surprise, he was in a military base in New Jersey. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr thank Shadai that Kadish basically was told that spying for Israel is okay.
    So, you want to read about the latest and greatest scandal. Go here, the Newark Star-Ledger is all over it. Here’s a list of those arrested. Go to the “money laundering” part of the list and look at what these guys are charged with. Note that lots of it has to do with so-called “charitable” organizations. It used to be, and probably still is the case, that if you wanted to get to know the FBI really really really well, all you had to do was open up an Islamic charity. You’d also get lots of attention from the various and sundry traitorous pundits who make up the proganda campaign for the Israeli lobby. We’ve always felt here at Mantiq al-Tayr that Islamic charities were getting so viciously attacked by the Lobby and Feds because the Lobby specializes in attacking others for doing exactly what the Lobby does everyday. I guess they just can’t conceive that someone could set up a charitable organization that isn’t a scam.

    And as for the scumbag of a scumbags, that creepy Rosenbaum –just whose organs is he selling? And what’s all this about him pulling guns on people. It turns out that authorities have known what he has been doing for years. Could you imagine if he’d been a Arab and was getting Jewish donors at gun-point?
    Let’s see how the press handles this. Here’s a prediction.
    By the end of the weekend no one in the mainstream press will be covering it.
    The Rabbis will get mostly get off scot free. Maher Khalil, the one Arabic guy caught up in this will go to jail and the many non-Jewish politicians caught up in this will for the most part be punished, but only one or two will become the major scapegoats.
    The people of New Jersey should demand that all of their politicians step down, that all Jewish charities be shut down in their state and that ALL of the guilty parties are brought to justice.

  • Delaware Bob

    I can’t say the ILLEGAL ALIENS are completely to blame for the shape of our economy, but they are a BIG part of the problem. The ILLEGAL ALIENS send BILLIONS upon BILLIONS out of this Country every year, money we will NEVER see again. Does this help our economy?

    How about the BILLIONS the American taxpayers fork out for the ILLEGAL ALIEN BABIES, the schooling of them, the medical care and the list goes on, and on, and on.

    How about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS paid to jail ILLEGAL ALIENS for the crimes, then the cost to deport them. Does this help our economy?

    Then you have these activist groups, the Catholic Church and the ACLU that want AMNESTY for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It would be absolute suicide for this Country if AMNESTY were granted to the 20 million or so ILLEGAL ALIENS. We have more and more people out of work everyday and they want to add another 20 million to this Country? I say, “NO”!

    If AMNESTY were ever granted to these 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS, you can bet big money that 3 years from now, there would be ANOTHER 3-5 million ILLEGAL ALIENS demonstrating on our soil for AMNESTY, not to mention chain migration.

    An end MUST come to this illegal immigration. The perfect tool we have so far is E-Verify. It MUST be used by ALL businesses and Government Social Services. EVERY employee must be checked! If they are illegal, they are to be dismissed!

    I believe it is time for all 50 States to pass a State law, like Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and a few others. It is time for these ILLEGAL ALIENS to go back to their home Country and get out of this Country. The problems they are causing will not go away until the ILLEGAL ALIENS are out of this Country. I think that is plain to see.

    It’s time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It’s time for them to get back to their own country where they belong.

    • Dave

      I agree 100%; but theres a problem. Republicans want ILLEGAL ALIENS because of the ultra cheap labor. Democrats want ILLEGAL ALIENS because of the potential millions of votes being cast for the Democratic party. BOTH parties pay lip service to the problem; putting self interest above national interest. And all the while; this once great Republic continues to go down the proverbial toilet.
      God help and save this country. Please.

  • Ratbstard

    How is it the Illegal Aliens can afford to send so much of their earnings back ‘home’? American Taxpayers are being forced to subsidize them, that’s how. So any gov’t agency that fails to verify the citizenship of an applicant for social service monies is in effect ALSO FORCING the American Taxpayer to support the poor of other nations!

  • Katfish

    There is a way to get them to leave of their own accord but no one in this country
    has the guts to do it.

  • Eric g

    We may need our mexican friends . In mexico if you want welfare the government gives you a small patch of land and a cow . its up to you to live and take care of yourself . Mexicans on welfare are very good workers . If somehow the United States should loose electricity or the ability to print money ,we might have to revert to the mexican welfare program , seems to me we would be better off in a more stable climate around some people that had some idea on how to feed themselves . Modern Society is just hanging by a few weak strings , If one small thing completly fails the whole mess will rapidly collaps and fail . We could concieviabley find ourselves in the stoneage in one week . Most of us havent been trained for living in the stoneage .

  • Angela

    Uh-oh! Now what will the libs do? Do they care more about the environment or the Mexicans? If it were Americans destroying the eco system the libs would rally together to put an end to illegal border crossings, but since it’s the poor Mexicans destroying the eco system they must have a real dilemma on their hands!

  • stan

    What???? Less than 11 million aliens in the US? These figures seem not just low, but way, way low. There were probably more than 11 million illegal aliens at the time of the 2000 census. The 8 years of lax enforcement and non enforcement by the bush administration greatly swelled these numbers and the Obama administration has no interest in stopping illegal immigration. I recall a “TIME” magazine study of a few years back that concluded there were over 30 million illegal aliens in the US.
    After reading the article, I concluded that the Center for Immigration Studies must be a pro mass- immigration group that supports the illegal immigration invasion. Although we are unable to count how many illegal aliens are entering the country they have meaningful figures on how many are leaving.
    I would guess that CIS is a propaganda arm of La Raza.
    No amnesty! Secure the borders!


      First things first. First we have to get rid of the pro meskin anti-white organizations like La Raza Unita and the L.U.L.A.C.’S. They all seek the power to overthrow the white people and take everything they can any way they can. The crat rats do not want the illegals out of this country because they are making too much money off of them plus it is keeping them elected to office. ACORN is to blame for that with the shell game they are playing with the “true” American public. The crat rats say the meskins are doing all of the jobs that the white people refuse to do. That is the BIGGEST LIE that has ever been told. There are many many white people that would be glad just to have one of those jobs, especially these days. If it isn’t the blacks or the meskins that are trying to ruin the white man, its his own white females. White men have no where to turn and no one to turn to, not even his own women. Now, society dictates, if you are white and have a male organ between your legs, you are “WRONG” no matter which way you look at it. When are the “GUTLESS” white men going to stand up for themselves and tell the rest of the world to go screw themselves and start doing what they have to do to bring this country back onto an even keel? Civil war??? Who knows what is going to be next? The survival of the strongest. The weak will perish. The white race is too divided to survive, unless ……

  • Jose Aleio

    It is too late. Mexicans represent the majority of residents along our border. Here in El Paso Tx. the gringos are being forced out. I abeing forced to retire because I am not Mexican. This is all comming your way, so be prepared. These Mexicans are seeking the advancement of the Mexican race, language, and culture by any means necessary. Sound familiar?

  • Marty

    I have always felt that tax payers have been treated like chumps when services have been provided to illegals.

    I am doing research into what rules are applied to the southern boarder of Mexico. My guess is I will find that they do not allow half the BS we do as it applies to illegal immigration.

  • JimBob

    It’s time we round up the illegals and their families and send their useless asses back from where they came. Cut off all service but emergency medical services [sorry a snotty nose kid with a cold is not an emergency] and then only if it was a life threatening situation.

    Stop educating the 3rd world in our schools, stop educating illegals. If we cut off the freebies, and stopped all social services we would save Billions of dollars that could be spent on legal immigrants and American citizens. If they did this today, the illegals would beat feet out of here in a flash to another place where they can get freebies.

  • cr747



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