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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!

December 20, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • crystals10

    Thank you Bob, what a beautiful video! I wish people would sing this at all the malls during Christmas. It brought me to tears of joy. Blessed be our Emmanuel for ever and ever.

    • Mr. Mott

      Yup, that was good! With everything going on in this world, I’ll bet Satan and his bunch were grimacing, whiny-pineys and were as startled as some of the passersby while the Lord, the angels and the entire heavenly bodies were proud and thrilled with every single vocalist. Praise God, and happy holidays to you all.

    • http://naver sook young

      Thank you for showing this Bob. My husband and I not only think Jesus is the reason for the season, but also the reason for our founding. God and Jesus help us to be founded a nation. Thank you.

      Sook Young and Samurai

  • TIME


  • Don Barshick

    God bless those wonderful people. Brought tears to my eyes.
    Blessed be God forever.

    • Vicki

      Me too :) tears and all.

    • Brian

      So it wasn’t just me with tears! Great video! God must be smiling!

      • Uncle Buck

        That is four of us that had tears in our eyes! :)

  • JC

    Happened in Windsor Ontario Canada.
    Surprised someone didn’t call the Religion Police.
    Bless them for their faith and their bravery.
    Merry Christmas to all….

  • lee conrad

    Thank You.
    GOD Bless America!!

  • russell weadjr

    this is excellent work of faith and labor of love yo our precious lord jesus christ god bless you people this couldnt have happened here in communist united nations america the us isa god hating bible hating country

  • Jolehm

    Rev. 11:15

  • mamabear

    It has been a tough year and the tears are streaming down my face from the joy of hearing such praise sung, in public, to our Lord! This was a wonderful gift that has brightened my spirit and reminded me of what this season is all about, thank you for posting this video.

  • Edith

    I loved this!! I have seen it on many different websites and I-too-have shed many tears of joy every time I hear it! I have even danced before the Lord(in the privacy of my home)in pure joy and jubilation! May our God reign in America!!

  • http://BeliefNet Joey D

    Its great when Americans come together and support American tradition.

    • JC

      Yes it is good…but this was in Canada.
      At the Welland Seaway Mall in Welland Ontario, Canada.

      • Maggie

        Thanks for the location, JC. There have been a number of these artistic group “ambushes” in the past year in public places–malls, train stations, etc.–per videos on YouTube of choral (one of this same Chorus) and dance groups. It’s quite a phenomenon. People are always delighted. I think we all need more sharing of these positive experiences–so much else in the world is negative right now. Thank God for these generous and spirited artists.

      • AndyA

        Sorry JC, I though it was America,
        God bless the Canadians,
        maybe it will catch on in America?

        • JC

          No need for sorrow my friend. Merry Christmas and God Bless. :)

  • Marc Gibbs

    I cried, and was so stirred thank you how can I send this to my friends for Christmas?

  • matt

    i don’t see what this has anything to do with food nnutrition, and @ joey what american tradition? making other countries have miserable christmases?

    • Maggie

      Matt: Who’s making whom miserable?? The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel is universally enjoyed by all people who identify with the Western civilization. If you don’t believe that Jesus was the messiah, you can appreciate the joy of people praising God, and if that isn’t your belief either (i.e., you are atheist), you then appreciate human joy in the belief of redemption, benevolence, and love. I find it sad that someone living in the this country — founded on the principle of endowment by a Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — can’t appreciate the universally human JOY in this work of art , no matter what your religious beliefs or philosophy. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist — every single one of these belief systems allows for sympathy with human joy. Wake up!! Start living as a member of the human family!

      • Amy K

        Hey Im an atheist, I read the decoded series, but this is about human emotion and that emotion is love. Love is a human condition and music in any form to lift this emotion is beautiful. Remember this time of the year was initiated by the heathen, the church claimed this time as Jesus. This video expresses humanity coming together and yes Jesus is praised but Jesus is only a franchise of the moment. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the sounds of music and love.

        • Maggie

          Hey Amy, my sentiments exactly! That’s what I thought I was saying — sorry if it came across differently. The joy of music and love is available to all, in any expression one chooses — art, prayer, song — and whoever wants to limit it to one group and deny it to others has missed the point entirely! I think it’s great, that these people shared what is probably an unusual experience for many younger people now, i.e., hearing heartfelt, uplifting music, in public no less!

        • http://naver samurai

          Jesus only a franchise? Where have you been burying your head? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • libertytrain

      good grief – Scrooge lives

    • JC

      Gee Matt, did you get tired of beating children? Kicking Puppies and whatever it is people as miserable as you do?

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • IVAN O.


  • Joseph

    Thank you Bob, that was a pure delight to experience.

  • Maggie

    PS: Thanks, Bob! I’m neither a Christian nor a Conservative but truly appreciate the spirit of this season, its generosity, hope, and love. It certainly IS a part of the American tradition, as I hope my reply to Matt implies.

    I, too would like to forward this clip to others — am not very computer-proficient with network stuff. Can anyone advise, please?

    Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and blessings to all.

    • libertytrain

      just copy the link and paste it on your emails, etc.

  • FannieAnnie

    Thank God, there are still Christians in this nation. I cried unabashedly over this beauty Mr Livingston has brought us. I AM a “Born Again- Spirit Filled- Christian” and would like more of this, now only in malls, but on TV, etc., etc. The reason this nation is in such turmoil and trouble is that we are forgetting the premises on which this nation was founded – by God. Newt Gingrich tells it like it is. “The Light And The Glory” by Marshall/Manuel researched God’s founding of this nation as “…one nation under God, with liberty and justice for ALL”. May we all get back to our foundations.

  • george

    You racist biggots!! How dare you show White People singing a religious song in a mall at holiday time No blacks,no muslim men with their burka costumed, neutered women, no indication of gays, no one protesting Christmas THIS RENDITION IS NOW UN-AMERICAN YOU KNOW THE RIGHTS OF THE MAJORITY HAVE BEEN NULL AND VOID SINCE 1965 THANKS TO THE CIVIL RIGHTS LAW OF 1965 get with the program !!! HOPEFULLY my Sarcasm will make a point of what has and is happening in America MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Alan

    Fabulous! Brought back such memories, grandeur and what a rebirth of closeness in a spontaneous way within this small gathering. You could see the content and happiness throughout the group. Right to my heart. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Angel Wannabe

    Thanks be to God, Merry Christmas!

  • Angel Wannabe
  • AndyA

    There are still some real Christians in America willing to stand up for Jesus!I am truly touched in my heart.

  • Johnny Blessing

    This awesome I was surprised not to see the police rushing in under orders to shut it down. It shows the Best of The Best in people and that we as Christians still have a voice to praise our Lord. Merry Christmas to all

  • Josie

    My only wish is that I could have been there to witness this in person. I cried when I saw this. All I could see was the childlike hope in the eyes of the people sitting at the tables. It is great to be reminded in the midst of the chaos, that we are loved by GOD, and in him, lies hope, and joy. Clearly, this is what was shared amongst the people in that food court. What a blessing!

  • Bill Binter

    At 88 haven’t cried in decades so moving– in that setting ! Not since WW2 in Burma have the stoic gates been removed, thank you !

  • Bill Binter

    As an old WW2 vet I was moved to wet eyes ! That setting-and the young people- that, I,m sure, have never heard real music, was so moving. Thank you.

    • libertytrain

      Yes it sure is moving and a good spirit booster –

  • paul burkes

    Bob-God Bless You for this video. the scripture says all nations that forget God shall face sudden destruction! that’s why this country is headed toward a currency collapse because the leaders don’t seek the wisdom of God to run this country. merry christmas everyone, be sober-minded, watch and pray because judgement is coming to the usa. prepare!

  • Noahman

    Hey atheist Amy K,
    Perhaps you use the term ‘atheist’ loosely. Most use the term while
    actually meaning agnostic. A-gnostic means ‘without-knowledge’(of)and
    so describes someone who does not KNOW, for sure beyond any doubt that there is a God.
    In order to be an ‘atheist’ one must KNOW absolutely everything about everything from the beginning of time and eternity before that,
    everything about everything that is happening now and of course every
    thing about everything that will happen until the end of time and eternity thereafter.
    Then after searching everywhere throughout all that has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist, and having found that there
    is no god one could declare,”I am an atheist” based on knowledge.
    This raises an insurmountable problem for logic. For in order to
    KNOW all of the above one would have to BE God. One would then be
    faced with proving that ones self IS God while declaring that there
    is NO god.
    One could perhaps try to wiggle away with,”well that might be your
    truth, but it isn’t mine”. But something cannot be Truth and untrue
    at the same time; A is not B.
    One could perhaps say “there is no truth”; but then someone could
    ask,”is that true?” If one answers yes,then there is truth.If one
    answers no, then their statement that “there is no truth” is not true.
    So again there is truth. One cannot escape the fact that there is truth.
    The video is not about emotion, for emotions can be manipulated,
    fleeting,or based on false impressions even false information. But we
    can also have emotion based on truth.That emotion based on truth is
    not manipulated,fleeting or based on false information.
    The video is about truth and shows people having emotions about
    Truth. Love is not an emotion; it is truth. For love is permanent and
    unchangeable because it is true. We have already realized that something is not true and untrue, making it unchangeable. Some emotion
    that has changed was never based on Love to begin with.
    Some of the people in the video may be singing with joy because
    they believe the truth of the songs message. Some may just enjoy singing very very much. Probably most listeners who were moved to tears were having their deep emotions based on truth. The message of the song is true whether we have emotion about it or not. I was crying
    but it is true even if I were not.
    You are correct the church did claim the time of year to celebrate
    actual Truth and replaced the heathens celebration of falsity. Jesus
    birth was actually in April according to the recorded facts. We are
    celebrating His birth, and not a day. We are celebrating the fact
    that He is true and chose to bless us on one of the (now 365 and a
    quarter)days of the year.(Original Jewish calendar 360 days, before
    the Earth developed its current wobbly spin and elliptical orbit after The Flood) It would be fine with me if we celebrated in April,
    I am celebrating Him, not a day.
    The “simple cell that eventually became human”(and therefor you)
    never existed. The most “simple” cell ever investigated by our now
    ‘amazing’ scientists in Molecular Biology have found that cell to be
    millions of times more complicated then our most sophisticated computers. Literally trillions of operations are going on at the same time every second in that ‘simplest’ of cells. If even one of the operations is not performed perfectly along with all the others at the same time the cell dies.( For example if the ‘O’ molecule
    [oxygen] part of the H2-O molecule [water] cannot get into and be released inside the cell the cell becomes cancerous and eventually
    kills the host and thereby itself.)
    THEREFORE a cell waiting eons to develop (evolve) the ability to perform the trillions of operations needed to live just a little while would have died long before it could reproduce. ALL of the operations need to be working simultaneously in order to be capable of reproduction (the most complicated operation). ALL the operations need to be functioning to reproduce another cell that can live, and reproduce in the same way. Evolution cannot produce life.
    Random chaos destroys; design is created by a Designer. A few minutes without oxygen and all of our cells die, it is the fuel for all those trillions if simultaneous operations. And powerful is that fuel; 90% hydrogen peroxide is used as rocket fuel.35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide diluted down to a very few drops per 8oz of water is fuel for our cells. We are born with H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) in our systems. There is H2-O2 in breast milk and even more of it in the colostrum before the milk. It gives up its extra molecule of oxygen
    readily to fuel the beautiful array of different cells and especially
    our protective immune system white cells.(One of the reasons breast fed children have stronger immune systems) Cancer cells cannot live
    with a normal amount of oxygen; they are anaerobic living with VERY low oxygen. So they steal other nutrients from other cells starving and weakening them to become cancer cells and are very toxic. A normal cell deprived into low oxygen becomes cancerous. Supplying
    extra oxygen via therapeutic applications of H2O2 builds an environment in which cancer cells can not survive.
    All this to say our Creator says “we are fearfully and wonderfully
    made”. Fearfully because it is beyond our ability to be astonished.
    We know so little and are astonished as much as we can be.
    How is it that such a designer could be relegated to a
    “franchise of the moment”??? He says “I knew you before you were knit
    together in your mothers womb.” There would not be any such thing as
    a moment if He had not created time. Time was created for us so that we have a medium in which to realize His love for us. We have made a
    mess of most of our time. And so He came to be the remedy for our
    faulty choices; for we must chose to receive His gift, love is not
    As for being “entitled”(to enjoy the sounds of music and love)
    God Himself instructs us to praise him with music, and He is the One
    who has the right to instruct us. In order to praise Him one must believe that He is. He is. Love exists; love is a state of being,in a state of doing,in a state of giving. Thus His name,”I AM.”
    The title needed to enjoy the sounds of His praise and love is
    “Child of The King”. He already has done all to prove His love for you so He will let you chose to accept Truth or not. His highest honor
    given to us is to let us choose.
    Truth exists, Love exists, His offer exists.
    He says ” I AM,the Way,the Truth and the Life.” “Chose life.”
    And you will KNOW; not guess, not think, not hope, not wish.
    You will KNOW that “I AM.”
    Loving you, Noahman

  • aprilinflorida

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for sharing this video. The last year and half of mine and my family’s life has been really trying. This Christmas season hasn’t had much in the way of joy for us. The joy that rose up from my heart spilled out of my eyes and down my cheeks. This was the first time I felt the joy of Christmas in two years. I realized that I had been missing the music.

    May God Continue to Bless You and Yours.

  • TIME

    You know whats really strange, as it was noted this took place in Ontario, so as I watched it the first time I saw a person in the corwd and I said to myself, WOW ~ I know that twinkie.

    Well ~ Yea thats him after a double look on this, the guy in the black leather jacket and gray short hair with glass’s. Thats what a 100% total worthless eater looks like.

    Otherwise this was a really Great thing to watch. Man oh man now talk about the six steps of separation.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bronice Caskey

    I praise those ppl. Thank God they are not afraid to sing our Saviors praises. In a world so politcally correct, it is not accepted. As an American I say “In God I trust” Hallelujah. Amen

  • roy martinez

    that was really cool. i believe in GOD, i believe in CHRIST. i know i came into this world by the grace of GOD and i am here of a definite reason. i have and will continue to live my life as GOD wants me to.i know that the time i have on this earth is up to GOD and when he calls me away, i just hope i have done with my life as he would approve of. HIS WILL BE DONE.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND THANK YOU GOD for all you have given me. CARRY ON !!!!!! from MAN OF THE WEST HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL !!!!! ROY ONE.

  • http://AOL Escalonz

    Cried like a baby as this was indeed a beautiful tribute to our heavenly Father. Put little ten year old singing sensation Jackie Evancho in with this wonderful group and it would have been indescribably ecstatic.

  • Flip one over

    I want to hear that another 100 times.

  • Buck

    That was very good, I love the organization, and it was a great song, very moving. Makes people think, and feel good. Just a caution for you all, Feeling good, is great and all, but it will not save your life. Feeling good, does not save your life. And heres a little truth for all the feel good people. Praise God.

    Once I accept Jesus into my life, and I am saved, can I be “unsaved” ?

    YES, you can be cut off, and still go to Hell even if you said the prayer and accepted Christ as your savior.
    The Truth; is this shocking to you? Don’t believe it? This is in Gods Word. I’ll post it in a couple days, meanwhile see if you can find it, accepting Christ as your savior is just the beginning, you must continue, and live your life apart from sin, follow the ten commandments, stay in God’s word. The Holy Bible clearly states this. I will post it in a couple days. Your life may be at stake here, if you are Christian, it would benefit you greatly to be sure of your faith. Parts of the Holy Bible have been omitted from sermons because they don’t fall inline with man’s beliefs, because they make us uncomfortable, because they hold us accountable, one problem man should live according to God’s beliefs not his own, we are in a world of sin how are we going to be comfortable?, God will hold us accountable, believe it, read God’s word.

    Just a thought for today. :)

    Here is a couple verses we will look at, to show the enormity of the statements above.

    James 5:19
    Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him;

    This verse is adressing the Brethren; who are the Brethren could they be unsaved people? NO the brethren as dipicted in James 5:19 are people who know the truth and are living by it. Because you can’t Err from the truth (turn away from) unless you have been saved and are living in the Truth. Ask yourself, can you agree with this, as it is written in the Holy Bible. Yes? Now lets look at the next verse in James 5. ( Oh, and one convert him, means one who didn’t err from the truth, maybe a christian friend of yours whose noticed you have turned away and are not living by God’s Commandments, (Which will be tomorrows subject.) will be the one to give you reproof, and teach you, and give you instruction, which is what All of God’s word is good for.)

    James 5:20

    Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

    This verse shows the enormity of turning away, By turning away your sould would have met death, and you would have been covered by a multitude of sins. But by assembling with the church and living with christians as the bible instructs, the christians will see when you have been turned away, and they will be able to, reprove you, instruct you, and convert you back to the truth. living amongst unsaved people or people who do not no the truth you would ultimately lost your life, even though you have prayed the prayer, and have been saved, your sould may still be lost to death.

    Thats all for today,
    I Know the Truth ask me I will tell you.

  • Lou



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