Christians Irked By Museum’s Christ Video


NEW YORK, Nov. 10 (UPI) — Christian groups in New York are asking the Brooklyn Museum to nix an art exhibit featuring video of ants crawling over a crucified Jesus.

The 10-second Jesus footage is part of “A Fire in My Belly,” a 4-minute cut of an unfinished film by the late David Wojnarowicz that is due to be shown Nov. 18 through Feb. 12 as part of the museum’s HIDE/SEEK exhibit, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn sent a letter to the museum asking for the video to be removed from the exhibit.

“Ants were crawling on the image of the crucified Christ,” said Kieran Harrington, a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. “Certainly we don’t think this would be tolerated if this was the image of the Prophet Mohammed or any other religious symbol.”

Pastor A.R. Bernard, who leads Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center, agreed he would like to see the video removed.

“What is the point?” he said. “I think this is the piece in the HIDE/SEEK collection they really need to hide.”

Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold Lehman said there are no plans to alter the exhibit.

“For a city that prides itself on diversity and creativity, there couldn’t be a better exhibition,” Lehman said.

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