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China, Russia: No Dollars Allowed

November 26, 2010 by  

China, Russia: No Dollars AllowedThe U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency, the standard currency used to pay off international debt and influence exchange rates, could be coming to an end. China and Russia announced Nov. 24 that they would cease using the dollar as their reserve currency and would instead use the ruble or yuan to settle bilateral debt.

In addition, BusinessWeek reported that the two countries “have called for the dollar’s role in the financial system to be diluted. Volatility in major currencies is putting the global recovery at risk, Zhang Ping, the head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, has said.” reported that the move by Russia and China could be a response to the U.S. debt, which continues to grow, stating, “Some fear that could be the result of the U.S.’s massive deficit, now 8.9 percent of GDP. And there is fear that the Fed’s latest plan to digitally ‘print’ $600 billion in money to stimulate the American economy will only accelerate that trend.”

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  • Al Sieber

    Wonder how many other countries will follow suit? and how soon they’ll start dumping our dollars? any thoughts on the Euro? we’re in a world of $hit.

    • Bob L

      The Euro is no better than the dollar, it too is a fiat currency – not worth the paper it’s printed on. With the new Congress being seated next January, Ron Paul has a very good chance of becoming chairman of the House Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology subcommittee. His Bill to audit the FED was gutted during the 111th Congress, but if he gets this post and with a GOP majority in the 112th Congress, look for some things to change and some waves to be made. Dr. Paul has long been an advocate for sound monetary policy.

      • Al Sieber

        I figured the Euro was no better off, I hope Ron Paul has more backers this time.

      • Cal

        There’s no currency in the world that ISN’T fiat.

        And realistically, gold is a de facto fiat currency too. Its current value far exceeds what would be expected from its rarity and usefulness. It’s worth over $1300 an ounce merely because people believe it’s worth that much.

        • Al Sieber

          Hey Cal, I’m in the Gold Mining business and know there is a gold shortage, gold is under priced compared to the Fed. Note (Dollar), it should be $2500 a oz. the dollar is worth less then 3- cents. read the coinage act of 1792. the Central Banks, IMF, etc, are buying up all the gold, wonder why? silvers next.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            You got that right what worries me is when it does go to 2500 they will be a coming for ya.Im up for a good fight so just give me a call!

          • Al Sieber

            Hey Dan, I know, if I have any problems my son knows where you work, if he isn’t chasing women around, no, if I have a problem you’ll know. and theres all kinds of people around looking for gold, it’s crazy, I ran into a man and his 3 children looking for gold at my front gate, I told him it’s hard to find and gave him $20 for food, this is 20 miles from no where, things are gonna get real bad.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            that was nice of ya.I just hope his family dosent start lining up at the fence every day.

          • Kyle

            If you want something based on rarity and usefulness, why don’t we switch to a palladium standard?

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, that was at my front gate, I live at one mine, and work at another 4 miles away, if anyone tries to come through my front gate they will have problems. the Desert and Mountains are gonna be full of all kinds of people looking for gold this winter, people are always armed, that family was, and you never know what they’ll do out of desperation, so I’m always careful.

      • Carole Howell

        Are you kidding us? Ron Paul would indeed change things if he could he is a good man. But did you even watch the debates when he was running for Pres. all the other Republicans treated him like he was a looney tune, the same way the Democrats treat Dennis Kucinich.

        The Republicans right down to the very last one are against Ron Paul and his ideas about the Fed. which frankly I believe Ron Paul is right on target. Let me add, Ron Paul is out there by himself, very few people,except the people who keep electing him, agree with him. Ron Paul is also the most popular Republican to the rank and file military people. But listen to him, he does not sound like the other Republicans out there. That is because he is honest.

        • Eric Bischoff

          I always thought that Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich would have made a great ticket.

          • Carole Howell

            That would have been a good one Eric.

    • Dee

      I just wish we had a president that would work for American instead of trying to screw everything up.

  • home boy

    looks like everyone must be out this morning shopping at target or walmart with the lack of replies. sleeping off the turkey. taking a breather from all the negativity hey. well life goes on boys and girls and china’s train is full steam ahead.

  • Mick

    Al Sieber says:
    November 26, 2010 at 7:39 am
    Wonder how many other countries will follow suit? and how soon they’ll start dumping our dollars? any thoughts on the Euro? we’re in a world of $hit.

    Good morning Al………
    As of today 1 Euro stands at 1.33 dollars….

    • Al Sieber

      Mick, thanks for the info., gold is $1353.90, well off to work Mick it’s cold here this AM and I work outside.

      • Al Sieber

        Mick, usually in times like this they start a major war, look what’s on the Horizon. later.

      • Mick

        Al Sieber says:
        November 26, 2010 at 8:32 am
        Mick, thanks for the info., gold is $1353.90, well off to work Mick it’s cold here this AM and I work outside.
        We’re pretty cold ourselves, as of 6;15 am the temp dropped to 15 dhrees,,,,Cover up…later


        • Al Sieber

          Damn Mick, I’m saying it’s 38* at night, 55 in the day, tomorrow 63*. anything below 60* I need a camp fire.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            Its got down to 5 degrease here last night and didnt get over 40 all day

          • Al Sieber

            Five degrees Dan? what the hell am I complaining about then.

  • Ali

    Well this means war people, imminent war! mark this comment.

    • castaway

      WHat war? You mean the one that will save our republic from certain doom. The one people are too yellow to fight? People are totally dumbed down and still believe in the TOOTH FAIRY, which is the one they always vote for.
      I think within the next 6years we will have lost most of anything that resembles the real American and be under total government control. Because of a lack of people with foresight and raw courage, it will come to us like a theif in the night.

  • Al

    Chinese yuan is the way to go but you cannot buy yuan outside of China.
    Either way yuan will go up and maintain.
    Major Hong Kong banks will convert dollar to yuan and even have gold account available. They used to report US citizens activities to IRS when Hong Kong was still under British rule; but not since returning to China in 1997. However, I think an international treaty require them to report US citizens investment accounts still.

  • Ted Crawford

    Well it looks as if obama has added more to his “historic” presidency! He will be the president, along with the help of his progressive socialist party that spent us into third world status!
    I wish I had purchased far more Gold and Silver! The comming inflation will surly help with our over population problem!!

    • Al Sieber

      Don’t worry about the gold and silver, even though silver could reach $50+. worry about food. as long as I have my rifle and ammo, and there’s plenty of wild game I’ll make it.

    • Cal

      What inflation?

      At the rate we’re going, by 2012 inflation will be at 0%, if it hasn’t gone all the way into deflation.

      • Leon

        Cal you can not be real. What planet could you possibly be from? Do you really think this president will get thing in control? His goal is to destroy this country and he is on schedule with help from people with there brain out of gear like you!

        • Carole Howell

          Yeah! Leon, check it out, he is following Bush’s plan and even retained his same people. We are indeed in trouble. But war is not the answer.

          Check out that old cold warrior Chalmers Johnson, his latest best seller ‘NEMESIS’ great read. He says this book is doing much better than the others, but not because he is a better writer, he says it is because so many Americans realize that this country is headed over a cliff and are scared to death, they want to know how and why this is happening. He lays it out, and he feels it is already too late for us.

          • castaway

            Remember, that book is only his opinions, and not necessarily fact.Do not be like most people and believe in Media too much. Use it mostly for entertainment and the rest of the time use your brain. That is why God gave us the power or reason.

          • Eric Bischoff

            Chalmers Johnson tried to warn us before he passed away just this November 20th. “21st century America was ‘on the cusp of losing our democracy for the sake of keeping our empire.’ This great American will be missed.

            Some of his books were:
            Dismantling the American Empire: America’s last great hope
            Nemesis: The last days of the American Republic
            Blowback: The costs and consequences of Amrican Empire
            The Soorows of Empire: Militarism, secrecy, and the end of the Republic
            Japan: Who governs? The Rise if the departmental state
            Peasant Nationalism and communist power: The emergence of revolutionary CXhina

            Some of his essays

          • Al Sieber

            Eric, we’re not a Democracy, we were a Republic.

      • Al Sieber

        Cal, where the HELL did you grow up? in Cuba? or are you just a Troll?

    • Biresh

      Why blame Obama alone. He has been there for only a year. President Ronald Reagan’s reckless military spending, followed by Bush(Sr) to Bush (Jr) are all responsible for the downfall which is staring at USA’s face.

  • Rex

    Welcome to the New World Order! For years the elite has tried to destroy this country, now it looks like it’s nearing the end. It won’t be long now that China and Russia no longer want the US green back. A One World Currency has been the goal and objective of the elite for many years, now it looks as though it’s on the horizon. Perhaps the New World Order money and financial system will come first, then it will be the political order followed by everything else.

    • Aussie 22

      Read David Jeremiah’s Book The coming Economic Armageddon you will find out about the One world Bank and the currency, there is a picture of the possible new currency in the book

    • Carole Howell

      Well, Rex, you may be right, but when the world goes down, they will go down with the rest of us. There is after all more of us than there is of them.

      I saw a bumper sticker a while back. ‘HUNGRY??? EAT THE RICH’ That could happen.

    • castaway

      One world currency cannot and will not work even if tried, it will fail miserably.

  • http://none OJD

    I’m shocked it took this long..
    China & Russia have concerns ..well so does many of us conservatives.
    We have an out of control government , still spending with the
    printing presses blazing.
    Other larger economies are certain to follow.

    I love my country , however my consider another for retirement.
    Especially if conservative poitics do not overpower those with no concern for our future , next election.

    • Carole Howell

      OJD, sorry honey, this is not a right/left or a conservative/liberal problem. We (not most of the politicians) all care what happens to this country.

      But the problem is, almost every single one of our politicians are bought and paid for, you know that right? So until this changes we will continue to go downward steadily and quickly.

      You know one of the problems is the MSM tries and succeeds in dividing us all in so many different ways, and these divisions are so very distracting that we do not pay attention to the facts, it matters not who is in office now. It just doesn’t.

      Please stop and take the time to look up the meanings of the terms conservative and liberal. They are not dirty words and we are all a little of both. Only crazy people are all one way. But they are terms now used to divide us.

      Unions have been made into bad words, even though it was the Unions that built the huge middle class which notice is now shrinking as the Unions shrink. Now ask yourself, who profits most if the people do not have the right to collective bargaining?? Who???

      Socialism has been turned into a bad word. But many here do not understand the true meaning of the word. They also don’t know that most countries, same as our own are made up with both Capitalist and Socialist systems, they sort of balance themselves out, when they are in balance, that is.

      Now look up the term Socialism, look at all the socialist systems we have, Schools, Hospitals, fire departments, police departments, hiway departments, our library system, social security, veterans admin, water purifying systems and on and on it goes. Then ask yourself, who would benefit if all these systems were privatized. Who??? Go ahead ask yourself that question.

      Anyone who has received bills from a publicly owned power plant and then moved to an area where the power plant was privately owned has experienced much larger bills. Who profited when that other power plant went private? Who?

      It is not hard to think for yourself, when you learn to question all you hear. I can tell by reading here, many of you do not think for yourselves. That is because you are too busy listening the the people who are trying to divide us as a nation, they want to distract you, and it works. Who profits by us being so distracted? Who?

      • Eric Bischoff

        Well said Carole.

    • castaway

      Well it all depends on how much money you have as to where you retire. However,I do not believe that your money is safe in America, and it will be so expensive to live here in the next 6 years you will need to find a country you can afford anyway. WE have a government that wants every cent they can get from us, and will eventually have it all and take care of us like pets.

  • George

    What would happen to Chinese yuan if we slowly stop buying all that is made in China? I know, all that is made there is cheep. Let us assume that if we don’t there no hope for us. What encouragement do we need to respond in some meaningful way? I mean everyone of us as from now.

    • Al Sieber

      George, that wouldn’t hurt the Chinese at all, their products are over priced junk anyways. China made a big trade deal with Indonesia earlier this year, they don’t need us. they just made a back door deal with Afghanistan for their mineral resources which could be interesting. being we’re fighting over there.

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        Thats the only reason were even there is for the trillions in minerals.Im still waiting for the mining equipment to be shipped over there just like they did in Nam.

        • S.C.Murf

          China is already there mining. There own base surrounding the mine area. But are they doing any fighting? Hell no,the UN says its up to the US and that coalition. Yet China is reaping the rewards now. And now obama has given the UN the right to call the shots as far as the US military leaving or staying and for how long.

  • Frederick H

    Ah, our greed, decadence and gross lack of concern for the poor masses (e.g. the so-called illegals) is finally paying off. What happened to all the ancient superpowers (Macedon, Rome, The Spanish Empire, the British empire) has now reached America, at last. Sorry guys and gals, cultures do have a life cycle, just as we wretched humans. It has nothing to do with Obama or whichever figure we put on the throne here. The universal law of decline and fall of empires does apply to our precious America just as well. There’s nothing you can do about it. So, get over it!!!

    • Dale on the left coast

      I has everything to do with the Bamster and the out of control congress . . . 5 Trillion in spending since 07, bankrupt states (mostly Dimmicrap) . . . the US is becoming Greece/Ireland.
      And the illegal issue has to be dealt with . . . amnesty is not an option!!!

    • castaway

      It must be kinda hot down there with your head in the burning sand.

    • Al Sieber

      Frederick H, so we just give up?

      • Dan az

        Freddy kinda sounds like flash dosent he?Now theres one that shows his intellect.

  • boyd

    well i thank if people will turn back to the way of the bible thing will change for the better for we have left GOD out to long it time to get back to the basic of LIFE

    • Aussie 22

      If you read David Jeremiah’s book The Coming Economic Armageddon you will find out what will happen

  • http://google guyleggett

    Just how far have we gone? When communist countries begin to advise and critize us about something we already know. Any type of leadership would have started correcting this problem a long time ago.

    • castaway

      You are using your brain and that is unique in this modern time. Things would not have gotten this bad, if we would have had a real leader, and not a wolf in sheeps clothing. There are actually 3 of them that have come to dinner, to feed on YOU. Obreidelosi.

  • Randy G

    Has anyone thought about saying ” Sorry but We only pay out in US Dollars and accept same.” ???

    • Vigilant

      And all China would have to say is, “OK, we’re holding hundreds of billions of dollars in IOUs from you, pay up!” And that would be the end of the USA.

  • J Jones

    Why should they use Dollars?

  • tired

    We have suppressed the economies of the developing nations for the past 200 years. and on their own they have finally become savvy enough to stand up to our rule over the world finances and we don’t like it. our currency has become as unstable as the economies we suppressed for decades. grin and live with a world that no longer let their currency be regulated or controled by the usa.

  • Leon

    Tired What suppression are you talking about. That that you call suppression is called development. Free enterprise is always better than socialism. If you feel that way about America you either don’t live here or shouldn’t.


    China needs the U.S.A to buy their goods. If we stop buying there goods, they will be the ones who fail, not us. The people of this country can hold the economic growth of all countries by the throat if we want. If we would just BUY AMERICAN!!! Then this crap will stop.

    • castaway

      Steve are you a treasure hunter? lol

  • Art

    Steve, you are mostly correct. However, we would need to somehow get those companies that left America, for far horizons, to come back to America. Then, we could continue manufacturing our own goods and be getting back to where we should already be. Then we could just BUY AMERICAN, it would be a better product, and “this crap” would stop.

    • castaway

      We would need to throw out our entire government, like we have a right to do. Then restart with a constitutional government. That is totally controlled by the people. In reality it is probably not so much the government as it is we the people. We have let this happen over a very long time, because most of us have no interest in the workings of government,and let them steer the ship.

  • Al Sieber

    Don’t we borrow 5 billion from China a day, or week? that funds S. Security? what happens next?

  • castaway

    It is nearly too late to get our true America back, unless we start shooting and take it back the only way that will work. Voting is no longer an option, because we have only crooks to vote for. They do not want the same for us as we do, and never will. The career politician is our biggest enemy, next to us.

  • castaway

    Our great nation was formed by people that were not afraid to fight and die for what they believed in. They had to fight a war with England to win what they wanted.

    History is repeating itself now. We will now need to fight and die for what we believe in and the country we love, or lose it as we are rapidly doing. The real enemy is now within our borders.

    • Eric Bischoff

      The real enemy is between your two ears.

  • http://com i41

    USA could get out from under the Chinese debt damn quick. Since oil has been found close to Bear Butte in SD, which is part of the Baaken-Williston Basin, at a dept of 850′. To ship, it will be able to tie into the TranCanada pipeline which is going to the gulf. That is if the airy fairy green engery smucks, and the marxist muslim moron and pavemnet hugging liberals, quit blocking the pipeline. It was supposed to start up in Jan. but was stopped in Set 14 by the EPA, it starts out of Baker Mt. The National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party members who, buy in to the windmills and battery powered matchbox cars, are the jackasses. These who think everyone drives in cities and on paved streets. Will these pinheads ever travel out here in the area from Missoui River west in the winter time. Batteries and windmills are a f–king joke for another 3=5 decades, before it even be efficient with out massive substidies, the life line of socialist NMCDUP smucks, green energy.

    • Eric Bischoff

      I am thinking that you may have missed or fogotten one insult there i41.

      Yes the American know how that one magic pill will save us and in this instance it’s another oil well.

  • Dave M

    I think most people are missing the point in the article that says the Russians and Chinese are using their dollars in bilateral trade ie between each other. I would assume that would be mostly the purchasing of oil anyway so the countries it would hurt the most are the Arab oil producers and have almost no impact on the US dollar.

    The US is China’s biggest customer, without trade to the US China will quickly slip back into a third world backwater.

    • Al Sieber

      Dave M, what if China/Russia start dumping the dollar?

      • Dave M

        By printing up so much money the Federal Reserve is “dumping” the dollar allready. Anything China does to deflate the dollar only hurts China more. The US has them over a barrel

        • Dan az

          Dave M
          I found this intresting.
          At the G20 meeting in South Korea earlier this month, China denounced the Federal Reserve’s plan to pump $600 billion into the U.S. economy in the next eight months through buying Treasury bonds, in a plan known generally as “Quantitative Easing 2,” the Guardian in London reported.

          Despite grumbling about how the Fed is debasing the dollar, China, the biggest holder of U.S. Treasury securities, boosted its holdings in September, for the third straight month, according to the Associated Press.

          China’s holdings of Treasury debt rose to $883.5 billion in September, a 1.7 percent increase from August.

          On Oct. 14, 2010, Andrew Batson and Aaron Back reported in the Wall Street Journal that China’s foreign-exchange reserves topped $2.648 trillion at the end of September, “in a record surge” that makes China’s foreign-exchange reserves the largest amount ever accumulated by any nation.

          China’s reserves increased by $194 billion in the third quarter 2010, marking their biggest-ever quarterly gain.

          Tensions with the Obama administration continue over China’s refusal to allow the yuan to freely float on currency-exchange markets.

          The yuan has risen only about 2.3 percent against the dollar since June, and many U.S. politicians still view China’s currency as being kept intentionally undervalued as part of China’s policy to boost exports.

          China has repeatedly insisted its central bank will make only “gradual changes” in the exchange rate.

          China cut its holdings of long-term Treasuries by $21.2 billion in June, reducing total Chinese holdings of Treasury debt to $839.7 billion, Bloomberg reported.

          China has been diversifying its foreign-exchange reserves away from the dollar, in favor of the euro and gold, since June 2009, when China’s holdings of U.S. Treasury debt peaked at a

          • Dan az

            Sorry the last half got cut off.
            (China’s holdings of U.S. Treasury debt peaked at around $950 trillion.)

  • ace

    Russians are not intelligent to trade in Renminbi.

    Chinese People’s Bank has incurred debt over 3 trillion Renminbi and printed over 1 trillion Renminbi since 2000. That is more than twice annual GDP of China.

    The true value of Renminbi is much lower than official exchange rate.

  • chuckb

    our dollar circles around oil and we have become to involved in the world market. we could open our oil fields and stop the draining of our money. the commodities market runs our economy and guess where oil is.
    i don’t think most people have any idea what a drain on our economy the high price of energy is. the oil companies and the financial markets could care less what misery they cause the people, they fund the environmentalist lobby that keeps the energy scare up and pretending that windmills and solar panels are the answer, this has to be the biggest charade of the century and of course the environmental sheep follow the judas goat “big oil”. the oil companies and the envirols don’t want nuclear power, this would give us cheap affordable power and they don’t want that.

    • Al Sieber

      chuckb, the dollar is no longer tied to oil, it’s not the petro-dollar anymore.

  • chuckb

    al, i’ll bet if you see crude drop to $20.00 a bbl, there would be a great upswing in the economy, however, i’ll grant you the deficit in world trade is a considerable detriment. if barry keeps printing counterfit money it won’t make any difference.

    • Al Sieber

      chuck, they’ll keep printing it up, also we have hardly any manufacturing left, and where are the jobs coming from?

  • Linda Lou

    If you have money now, spend it on something that is going to matter in your longterm everyday lives; something that will help you become more self sufficient.
    Spend it that way BEFORE it’s totally worthless and it will be worthless very shortly.
    Buy heirloom seeds NOW; plant, eat and save some of the seeds for the next year. They’ll be worth MORE than gold. People everywhere, especially in the concrete jungles will be hungry. The more people who plant, preserve and home can their foods the better off we all are. It will be dangerous for only a few to have food. So, tell all of your friends and neighbors to ‘get to WORK’; STOP DEPENDING on the NANNY STATE, for pete’s sake!!!!! Entitlement…lazy, gimme, gimme, gimme…argh!!!!!
    Buy survival books, first aid supplies, dried and powdered foods, MRE’s, water supplies, solar cookers, solar anything.
    Buy cotton and wool clothing NOW. It’s skyrocketing already.
    Buy larger sizes for kids to grow into NOW.
    Gonna have a baby? I feel for you…they’ll need so much and you may not be able to buy it.
    Make everything you buy be quality and american made for sure, if you can find it.
    Make sure you have alternate lighting and heat.
    Buy whatever you can now before the store shelves go empty; things that will keep long term.
    Buy 10 years’ worth of honey. It’s a food that never spoils even if it gets sugary.
    Those who are prepared are also armed and ready to be robbed and etc….so, don’t even consider risking your lives trying to take what someone else has.
    Who’s listening? Not very many.

  • David Critenden

    They are being so arrogant. They act like they never had monetary issues of their own. American’s are going to turn things around In Jan 2011 when policies will influence the U.S. economic outlook. This just seems like propaganda. On a percentage basis the U.S. has dealt with higher debt than this before after WWII before the great depression. The difference between then and now is there is no dust bowl or food shortages. Stocks are likely to continue to recover and a spike in consumer prices would be temporary since there is plenty of healthy competition. They really think they are the new standard. Yea, like, we’ll see.

  • David Critenden

    If we invest in our military idustrial complex on an extreme basis as they are, would our economy improve? If we did anything like they do they would sccuse us of subsidizing. What a hack. China govt. bank owns all their industry. buildint F22s and B1 bombers wouldn’t be considered subsidizing yet that is the industry our goverment directly funds. We just sold a very large quatity of F15s and F16s to the Saudis and other pro western countries and the Russies and Chinese don’t say nothing because it would be extremely hippocritical for them to do so. though is really displeases them. This is why we need to put anti ballistic missile defense on the fastrack. This and the latest laser ABM technology would be a boon to the U.S. economy and World security by rendering Intercontinental Ballistic nuclear missiles obsolete as Reagan and others have predicted.

  • Al

    America’s problem begins with the general public, or majority of them.
    If you need them to vote in order to have your life saving surgery… you’ll be dead!

    Here’s a quote from Edward Bernays:


    If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?

    THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.

    Edward Bernays


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