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China Bests United States In Several Industries

January 31, 2012 by  

China Bests United States In Several Industries

A new report by 24/7 Wall St. details a number of industries in which the United States once led world production that are now dominated by China.

China’s gross domestic product is measured at about $6.5 trillion and America’s GDP is more than $15.2 trillion, according to the International Monetary Fund. Last year, China’s economy expanded at more than 9 percent. America’s GDP grew only 2 percent. Most economists expect China’s economy to surpass the United States’ in the next decade or two.

The eight industries in which China has already outperformed the United States are:

1. Steel
China production: 627 million metric tons in 2010
U.S. production: 80 million metric tons in 2010
U.S. position: Third

2. Cotton
China production: 7.3 million metric tons in 2011
U.S. production: 3.4 million metric tons in 2011
U.S. position: Third

3. Initial Public Offerings
China production: $73 billion raised in 2011
U.S. production: $30.7 billion raised in 2011
U.S. position: Second

4. Tobacco
China production: 3 million metric tons in 2010
U.S. production: 0.33 million metric tons in 2010
U.S. position: Fourth

5. Autos
China production: 18.3 million autos in 2010
U.S. production: 7.8 million autos in 2010
U.S. position: Third

6. Beer Production
China production: 443.8 million hectoliters in 2010
U.S. production: 227.8 million hectoliters in 2010
U.S. position: Second

7. High-Technology Exports
China production: $348 billion in 2009
U.S. production: $142 billion in 2009
U.S. position: Second

8. Coal Production
China production: 3.24 billion short tons produced in 2010
U.S. production: 985 million tons produced in 2010
U.S. position: Second

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Mike

    They have also come at a cost. They have poloted the county water and air. So let them lead,who cares.

    • Robert Smith

      Maybe I’m mistaken… I didn’t think the right wing liked the EPA.


      • simian pete

        This scientifically proves that Marxism with a little bit of capitalism beats American style crony capitalism…..

        Who would have known ?

  • Toby

    Our export of technology for 10 cents per page (cost of a copy) begins in the US Patent Office and to assure that our technogy is developed in foreign countries we have universities that are not teaching Americans, but foreigners.

    We don’t collect tarrifs on goods, so the international corporations can fully exploit the wage difference, buying low in China and selling high in the US.

    The monetary system enriches a few which seems to be dependant upon wars of some kind or another.

    One presidential candidate is bringing these issues to light…Ron Paul. Why are the issues like this article illuminates not being curtailed…because we are acting like helpless sheep, unwilling to take our medicine of changing the monetary system. Instead we continue down the path of endless FED debt in a runaway fiat money system where THEY collect interest. We pay Rorthchilds and Rockerfellers interest on every dollar ever made since 1913.

    It is time for a change that takes the funding of (limited) government off of the for-profit, FED debt, credit and IRS tax machine.

    Establish a US Treasury Equity Dollar for funding government, equal to a FED Reserve Note, by law as a Constitutional ammendment. And do it before the US pulic lands and assets are mortgaged to China. PLEASE!

    • RV

      Well said…!

  • s c

    This isn’t exactly news, Sam. What matters is the FACT that China was GIVEN the keys to the earth’s economic kingdom WITHOUT HAVING TO EARN IT. The world’s puppet masters who OWN the world’s politicians told them to let China be the world’s new economic dynamo – or else.
    The methodology is in the idea that thinking GLOBAL [a perverted form of utopianism] is the ONLY way to go. It is a form of Lenin’s Planned Economy. It is engineered pig slop.
    By the way, for the mentally-challenged who send in third-rate utopian feedback, maybe you forgot that while China is getting RICH, they have NO need for an agency like the farking EPA. OK, now you can spew your “everyone needs the EPA EXCEPT countries like China” routine. “THAT”S DIFFERENT,” you will claim.
    It’s NOT ‘different,’ comrades. You’ve been without common sense for so long that you’re allergic to it. So is Henry Waxman still promoting the many joys of Chinese TOBACCO? You pathetic cow muffins really should check into Waxman’s crimnal past. It’s there for all to see – assuming that you low-life sons and daughters of _______ really CARE about your kids and/or America.

    • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

      The reason china is EPA free is its purist attitudes .. China has been under communist rule for so many years , They were told how to do every thing down to taking a dump. And with a good communist doing every thing he is told he automaticly becomes trained in perfection ,Now we have those that oppose the Obummer, and his commie ideas that will skrew up a perfect solution to utopia. Get in step..

  • http://liberyalearts john p.

    don’t put the blame on china .put the blame on your self .
    you keep voting the same people in office .our politicians
    are the blame for everything .they are the terrorist with in
    the united states .they would do anything for money they sold
    us out to china .it’s not china’s fault .so the next time you vote
    always vote someone new . i vote both ways democrat or republican
    i split my vote for one or the other .two terms only no third term.

    • HKaufman

      Ding , ding, ding,,,, someone who has a clue put it correct.

  • eddie47d

    China has become better Capitalist than us but at a price. They are like our old Robber Barron’s who exploited our country to make it wealthy. They will eventually suffer the same consequences of their rapid changes. I’ll take the USA today over the environmental damages China is doing to itself. Most Americans don’t have to walk around with masks over their faces because of pollution or drink tainted water or worry about lead as they do. They may be making advances but someday they will have to be more realistic in how they treat their workers,property rights,environmental degradation,censorship and so forth. Are we becoming more like them or are they becoming more like us?

  • Bob Marshall

    how long before the United States of America become United States Socialist Republic. USSR. We are already moving toward a European type of Socialism in thias country. China is not the problem. The over expanded government and the elected officials are the problem.The only things that change in our government is the names from time to time. Major corporations control our government and many in congress after leaving office become lobbyist for the very corporations who funded their campaign.The Washington based think-tanks and the AIPAC determine our foreign policies.Henry Kissinger who said. ” Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Hillary Clinton who told the UN Assembly that the main goals of the US was population and gun control. Bill Clinton, why listen to him? A women like Nancy Pelosi who said, we have to pass this bill to see what is in it. We need a new governmental body who have a grasp of what the Constitution is about.Congressmen and women who at least have taken Economic 101.How many time to they vote of a bill that effects all of us , yet have no idea what it is about?”If we expect to be free and ignorant in a state of civilization, we expect what never was and never wil be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. China prospers because Americans have become accustomed to cheap Chinese good and products.When Ronald Reagan said, Government can’t fix the problem.They are the problem. He should have included citizens who choose to be ignorant as part of the problem.I have always been amazed that the same people who seem to create a crisis are the same people who are called on to solve them.

  • HKaufman

    This situation been going since 1984, what have they,them, plan to do.. They them cant even agree to agree on any matter concerning USA, welcome to federation of china, / the national song will be “three blind mice, three blind mice see how the run see how they hide, they throw are jobs to the wolves all right, they move in shadows and avoid the Fight, three blind mice…

  • Ebenezum

    Everyone complains about China this and that. Isn’t our passion for buying cheap and consuming lots the main cause of this.

    If the individual made a decision to buy local products prices would go up and the Walmarts of North America (Canada, US and Mexico) would go out of business and the problem would be solved.

  • hitthedeck

    You might say America is a large ship with a Chinese hole in the bottom and it is steadily filling with Chinese merchandise causing us to sink. Our factories are empty and our unemployment lines are long. Our government is spending more money on failed policy than we were spending when the economy was booming. We have a Caption on board the ship who is willing to go down with the ship. He had the opportunity to change course but the owners of the shipping company gave him his orders and he will carry them out in spite of the passengers crying out for help. The Caption gave all the life preservers and life boats to his friends and they alone jumped ship and made it to shore. I am afraid the only way the ship can be saved would be munity on board with a new Caption appointed to take the wheel. The first thing the new caption would have to do is to switch the ship back on conventional energy to give the ship power to reverse its course. The next thing would to make the old crew walk the plank.

  • 45caliber

    A couple of notes;

    One reason China is doing better in production of steel than the US is because the US passed laws mandating polution equipment that shut down nearly two thirds of the plants here back in the 70s. Incidently, China will not allow Chinese steel to be used to produce pressure vessels used there.

    And take a look at all the companies building the plants in China. Most are US plants being run out of the US due to government regulations.

  • Buck

    IF, I were fluent in a Chinese dialect and China adopted the right to keep and bear arms I would move there in a flash . As they are gaining more and more freedom , the United States is offsetting it with less and less freedom .

    • eddie47d

      You don’t have a clue of how the Chinese are oppressed. They may now comprehend Capitalism but know little of Freedom. Enjoy your transfer but you’ll be back.

  • Lothele Davis

    If the Walmart turd ownders weren’t so greedy and would stop buying goods from China, China would sink into the west like the sun!

    • Stan Smith

      errr! Walmart is not the only one sells junk from china! Target, Sears and other big retail sells junk from china! Even Mon & Pop stores sells junk from china! So stop blaming Walmart! Blame US govt & Unions They are the cause for manufactures to move overseas! Your Comment {AND, hopefully the newly found dollor stores in our wonderful country will soon put Walmart on the downroll if our citizens will go into those stores and shop for the things they can buy that can beat Walmart prices. I do!} Reality Check! All dollar stores Sell more junk from China!

  • Lothele Davis

    AND, hopefully the newly found dollor stores in our wonderful country will soon put Walmart on the downroll if our citizens will go into those stores and shop for the things they can buy that can beat Walmart prices. I do!

  • simian pete

    China needs the steel, they are building massive cities. The American voter – in one ear and out the other ! We don’t have any brains in between, just sawdust ! HA HA HA !!!

    We could be the top STEEL producer !! All the ore, coal etc could be shipped to US steel mills via high speed rail. But the American voter killed the steel industry.

    Tsingtao kind of taste like a cross between Heineken and Coors. Good beer ! HA HA !

    We are number two – and you know what that smells like ! don’t blame Obama – blame the American People who voted him in.

    A stupid nation (the United States of America) does not deserve to be #1 . If you can’t accept that … then TOUGH !!!

    • eddie47d

      American Capitalism didn’t know it had it so good until they decided they had to have more. They wanted the world to be like us instead we are becoming like them. Free Enterprise and Capitalism is out of the bag and the world beckons us with cheaper prices and goods. It’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle so accept the good,the bad and the ugly of Capitalism.

  • Jake Goode

    I moved to China two months ago, and even though I’d paid attention to news reports etc. about Asia, I had no idea how much they’d built up their country. If you think this place is about cheap exports for Wal-Mart, think again. They’ve surpassed the US in high-tech EXPORTS. Now it’s about heavy machinery and industry, high-technology, with of course plenty of cheap stuff as the base. The cities here are going up at a shocking rate – we’re talking about 40 25-35+ story buildings being built now, in my small town (800,000) alone! Trains that go more than 200 mph. Mega-highways. And something we’ve totally lost in the US – a feeling of GOING SOMEWHERE. Say what you want about the pollution, politics and the real estate bubble, all of the infrastructure will still be here! We are so screwed, I am in mourning for my country at how far it’s fallen, hopeful only in the fact that maybe we’ll realize it and start kicking ourselves in the rear to get back to being great!

  • l0WdR@g

    we and by we i mean (the true Americans that genuinely care about this country) and not their little bubble world that absolutely must not be rocked or they have no clue where to go or what to do!


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