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Children May Be Set To Receive Anthrax Shot

October 26, 2011 by  

Children May Be Set To Receive Anthrax Shot

The Federal government, citing the possible threat of an anthrax attack, is considering whether it should begin injecting healthy children with an anthrax vaccine, the possible side effects of which are unknown.

The National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB)— created by the Federal government in 2006 to “prevent, prepare for and respond to chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological health threats” — is set to meet Friday to vote on whether it will recommend testing the drug on children, according to The Washington Post.

The vaccine, which is made from a strain of anthrax, has been tested on adults and administered to about 2.6 million people in the military.

The government has long administered a series of vaccinations to children under the justification that the diseases for which they are presently vaccinated against actually exist. Opponents of testing anthrax vaccines on children say the risks of vaccinating against the possibility of an attack outweigh the benefits.

“With this, you’re putting children at risk for no clear scientific or medical benefit,” Meryl Nass, a doctor in Bangor, Maine, who is one of the most outspoken critics of testing the vaccine on children, told The Washington Post.

Though the vaccine has been administered to adults in the military, it has not been done so without adverse reactions. Military personnel inoculated with the drug have reported a variety of complications, including nervous system and autoimmune disorders.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Joyce from Loris

    Not just no, but HELL NO, no testing on these little kids!

  • David in MA

    What better way to population control than via mass vaccinations, and then blame it on the chinese (or whatever country of origin) and voice deep concern over the deaths and that it is so unfair that the manufacturers cannot be held responsible.
    THAT, my friends, is what I call an obozocare approach to a socilist/islamic America!

  • Ellen

    Scientists should be focusing on a treatment, not a vaccine. That way, if you are infected, you get treated. If you never get infected, you don’t have unneeded chemicals put in your body. Why hasn’t our medical community learned by now that our vaccines are causing far more harm than good? Our immune systems must regulate every disease we were ever exposed to. For the younger generation, they were exposed to many diseases thru vaccinations that they probably would never have been exposed to naturally. Acetylcholine is the brain chemical responsible for learning and attention. It is also responsible for managing the entire immune system. I find it interesting that the kids who’ve been over-vaccinated have an epidemic of ADD and Autism – 2 issues affected by acetylcholine. Perhaps their bodies have to use so much acetylcholine in an attempt to manage their over-burdened immune systems that the brain doesn’t get enough acetylcholine. This is the same concept as when your body shuts down blood flow to your extremities when you are freezing so it can preserve the major organs.

    • 45caliber


      The main reason for vaccines is to prevent the use of bio-weapons in war. If everyone is vaccinated against small pox, for instance, it won’t be used.

      Further, they don’t want to treat someone ill in wartime. They want them to function and save the medical resources for wounds.

      Take a look at the differences in medical care between civilian and military care sometime. For instance, in civilian first aid, you are NEVER to use a tourniquet since it kills the limb. The doctors want to save it. But in military you ALWAYS use it since they want to free up the soliders required to care for the wounded person until they can get him to a hospital to amputate. And amputation is quicker than treating a bad wound – even if it leaves crippled people.

    • DaveH

      For those who care to be informed before being injected with foreign bodies supposedly for our own benefit:

      And don’t let the “authorities” give you the line that you are endangering others by not getting vaccinated. If the vaccine does indeed work and those “others” choose to get vaccinated, there’s no danger to them.

    • DaveH
    • DaveH

      Here’s some reality:

      Whatever choice you make, please make it an informed choice for you and your children.

  • Mike Houst

    As a retired military Gulf War vet, a statistical analyst, a holder of a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and a direct observer of reactions of military members to the Anthrax vaccine during the Gulf War; I can tell you that any decision to prophylactically administer the vaccine to children is a proposal bordering on criminal.

    The risks of permanent disability to adults from the vaccine are almost too high even for the military. The risks of giving this to our children, who’s immune systems aren’t fully developed, and while they are still in the growing phase, is a magnitude higher than for healthy adults.

    Sorry, The National Biodefense Science Board is just plan wrong. The risk benefit ratio doesn’t support it.

    • 45caliber

      They are wanting to test it to see if it will work for kids IF someone tries to use it as a bio-weapon. So they are willing to accept the occasional death as part of the test data. Even if every one of the kids fell over, that is still part of the test data. After all, it is a TEST.

      • DaveH

        Yep, and every single individual child’s life is just as important as any other individual child’s life no matter how large the group is that the latter child belongs to. In other words, if one child wants to live, and his living means two other individual children must die, each of those two latter children have no moral right to demand the death of the former so they can live.

  • http://. Big Daddy


  • http://. Big Daddy


    • 45caliber


      I would bet that you would never find out they used this on your kids or grandkids. They will simply add it to one of the manditory vaccines the schools require and never tell anyone it is there. If your kids fall dead from anthrax, you may guess it but no one will tell you.

    • Malibu Kim

      Big Daddy – You can keep your family safe with MMS aka Miracle Mineral Solution — – and newly renamed Master Mineral Solution. This is a simple sodium mineral with chlorine properties (not to be confused with actual chlorine). This is the same mineral they used in high concentrations to clean the government offices of Anthrax. In very low doses – it clears our bodies of anaerobic pathogens – viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, mold and fungus – with no harm to our bodies or the beneficial bacteria that help us assimilate our nutrients. There is one fungus it will not overcome – but that particular fungus can be eliminated with bentonite clay. You can get further details at: I highly recommend getting Jim Humble’s latest book “The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium” which gives details on the various protocols to use for different illnesses.

  • Jan

    Lets give the politicians the shots first, it’s their bright idea.
    I don’t even take the flu shot, I’ll take my chances getting the flu.

    • Mike in MI

      Why not demand we see the politician’s kids (or grand-kids if appropriate) get the shots first. Their kids aren’t members of the House or Senate. So, do they also get prima donna care?
      If they don’t get the shots won’t they be as likely as anyone else to spread the anthrax around? Or are they going to get the more effective, less costly and more scientific natural immunity prevention treatment that makes you impervious to just about everything…which we’re not supposed to learn anything about?

      • DaveH

        As I pointed out in a previous comment, the vaccinated people are in no danger from those vaccine deniers. That is contingent of course on the vaccine really working.
        Read this:
        From the article:
        “We have to understand that live virus vaccines have a history of danger and disease, especially of the disease that is targeted. For example, the live polio flu vaccine virus that was used from 1979 – 2000 was pulled off the market because it itself was considered the major cause of polio and as such, Dr. Salk, the inventor of the vaccine, admitted this to be the case”

    • bluebird

      Yes, vaccinations for politicians first,especially Obama. They need ALL the vaccines: swine flu, anthrax, ebola virus, west nile, sars, MMR, bird flu, rabies, etc., etc. None for the public as they are weapons of mass destruction.

  • Pete0097

    Why don’t they start with manditory child testing of politians under 18 children and if they don’t have children, then grandchildren, neices, and nephews. Maybe that would both get everyone to back the vaccines or add in another level of testing. Their kids should be the guinea pigs.

    • Jay

      Good point Pete, they should lead by example!

    • 45caliber

      Pete! How can you say that! Their kids are SPECIAL! Everyone knows that! Just ask the nearest politician and he’ll tell you that himself.

      • 45caliber

        (Sometimes I wonder if that is one of the reasons they love welfare kids. There are so many of them available for tests like this…)

        • s c

          45caliber, it’s common knowledge that the government treats different people in different ways. As a result, we owe it to ourselves to demand that the government put its word where its mouth is and “volunteer” the prez, the vice prez and a host of extremely ‘valuable’ people in Congress for vaccines that must be given ‘in a hurry’ or because of a possible national threat.
          To that first group, add names like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros and the current bunch of czars. After 5 years or so, the rest of us can decide whether or not we should take those vaccines. Call it an experiment in democracy. What do you think, 45caliber?

    • DaveH

      That is great, Pete, and it would probably work, but what if it didn’t? What if the Sociopathic Politicians agreed? Most of them probably care more about their Power than they care about their own children.
      I still wouldn’t want them injecting my body with foreign substances.
      If we don’t have the Freedom to choose what substances go into our own bodies, then we don’t have Freedom!
      Can you imagine the hypocrisy of them insisting we accept the vaccinations against our wills, but on the other hand telling people they can’t freely choose what drugs to injest? And in the process of administering such Prohibition, killing many innocent people?
      Something everybody needs to think about with Politicians. What kind of people work so hard to get those Power Positions?

  • 45caliber

    I saw another article in this morning on this. The government wants to test the vaccine on children – to see if they will catch anthrax if it is used as a bio-weapon.

    So what they REALLY want to do is give the vaccine to children and then expose them to anthrax to see if it protects them.

    Care to volunteer your children as test subjects? I doubt if they will pay you anything for it though …

  • Bluff Rat

    Don’t forget the money the drug companies will get out of such a vacination program.

  • 45caliber

    One thing I’ve always wondered … why do they need to test these things on the military?

    • Mike in MI

      Military enlistees can’t say no and neither can they sue after they become harmed. The military medical system isn’t so concerned about throwing lives away if they can get a newer, better jet or tank or ship. Hell, the top oficers don’t even complain when the Democrat overlords say the troops must march around in enemy territory with rifles empty. The politicians write “rules of engagement” and the soldiers must wait for an act of Congress before they can lock and load. That makes it a “fairer fight”. You know how democruds like things to be “Fair”. It also says a shipload about their sense of reality.

  • Awakened

    Not MY child! NEVER!!

  • wife of combat vet.

    Beware of the Anthrax vaccine.
    I fully agree with Mike Houst.
    My husband is Gulf war vet and has all the symtoms of Gulfwarsyndrom on top of his injuries he suffered in an Attack in Desert Storm.

    It is not only the danger of dying, sure this is the worst possibility.
    The danger of side effects and a slowly break down of the immune system and life long suffering is also possible. So the big pharma will be the winner again to supply drugs for livelong suffering.

    Gulf war vets suffering from cronic jointpain, RA, cronic fatique and so on.
    For what I understand mainly caused from the byproduct of the shots “squalene”, which was by the way , as far as my knowledge goes , in the europan Swine flue shots.

    There is a very good book available from the medical journalist Gary Matsumoto. The titel of the book from 2004 is “Vaccine A – the Covert
    Government Experiment that’s killing our soldiers and why GI’s are only the first victims”
    If these title was a predicton of what is right now ahead of us with our children. Boy was he right. Sadly.

    Don’t let your children be used as testobjects for new vaccines.
    It is bad enough that the Gulf war soldiers had to enture this.

    Sorry if I made some mistakes with my writing, but English is not my first language.

    • eddie47d

      Good comments to consider. Anthrax vaccines should be available to the public but strictly on a volunteer basis and by an informed doctor.

      • 45caliber


        They are still in the testing phase so they can’t be available to the public. They might get sued. That’s why they want to test them – to insure they won’t get tested after they get FDA approval.

        • Rick

          45, supposedly it’s been in the testing for over a decade now and it still has not received FDA approval. See my long-winded essay on this topic below. I’ve had 3 of 6 injections and I can tell you from my standpoint that I’ve never had any health issues until I got shot up with this crap as well as many others. Don’t trust this vaccine one iota!!!

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    We need more exact science regarding this vaccine than we have currently before making it mandatory, if mandatory is even necessary or wise as to do so even with good science behind such a vaccine exists we all should consider the civil liberties of individuals vs the common good.

    • DaveH

      There is absolutely no justification for Mandatory.
      The commonly used justification that you would be endangering others is illogical propaganda. You can’t be a danger to others unless they also refuse the vaccine. Or unless the vaccination doesn’t work in the first place, but I don’t think I need to explain that scenario.

  • William L Collins

    hell no if the governmet want’s to vaccenat thereselfes there kid’s grandkid’s that goes fore every person in the fedrale government let them and there familys be the ginepigs already every man and women in the service are tes subjucts agasnst there will know it’s nouthing but our government useing as teast objects and that goes for ever one in wallstreet all stock trader and there kid’s and famly take the shots to see what the out come is befor they accnate our kid’s i’ll bet you they will refuse it real quick you are not going to use us as teast objucts

  • Kimberly

    Not only have they lost their minds but they are so evil. Don’t take any kind of vaccine, no flu shots and nothing for children. We don’t need any of them.

  • Rick

    This HAS TO BE NIPPED IN THE BUTT IMMEDIATELY!!! I don’t trust that vaccine any further than I could move a bldg with just my body strength. I’ve had three injections (out of a 6-shot series) back in 2001 against my will and have been suffering ever since. Prior to the first injection I never had any health issues. Within one week of the first injection I developed an ear infection that keeps recurring – at first once or twice a month but now once every few months. I had NEVER had any ear problems in my life up to that point and I was 40 when I got the first injection. After the second injection (a few weeks later) I started to experience aches and pains throughout all of my joints and muscles to the point I couldn’t run. Then I got the third injection about 3 months after the first. Two weeks later I could hardly walk because my right knee was killing me anytime I put any weight on it. Plus I started to develop allergies which I never had before. Now those allergies include: cats/dogs, pollens, hayfever, ragweeds, avocadoes and milk products and it seems every year I’m finding something else I’m allergic to. Went to the doctor (AF flunkie) who took X-rays and said nothing was wrong with my knee and accused me of “lingering” (that’s a UCMJ term) even though I’d only been to the doctor maybe a total of 5 times in my career up to that point. I kept complaining about all the ear infections, aches, pains, and knee to her and told her I never had these problems until after I was subjected to the anthrax vaccine. She just did as all medical personnel in the military were ordered to do and blew smoke up my *** while insisting there is nothing wrong with the vaccine. Finally, after 6 months of weekly visits and complaints, she sent me to every specialist she could think of…dietician, neurologist, psyche, uroligist, etc. until she finally sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered an MRI. She grumbled “all right, we’ll waste $10,000 of the Air Forces money and do an MRI just to prove that there’s nothing wrong with your knee.” Well the MRI was done and it came back as showing a badly torn medial meniscus that had progressed all the way around to the back of my leg and cartilage had separated from the bone. I asked the surgeon if an x-ray should have picked it up and he said no…”the only way to detect the damage was with an MRI and I can’t believe your doctor didn’t order one right away after the x-ray didn’t show anything. An MRI should have been done 6 months ago and now, after all this time, the damage is much more severe than it could’ve been.” I was sched for surgery for a few days later. Since then I still continue to have severe joint pain, muscle aches, allergies, the occasional ear infection, and most recently suffered a severed ACL two years ago just from a bump to the outside of my left leg.

    After I retired in 2006 (which the only reason I retired after only 20 yrs is so they couldn’t shoot me up with more of the crap) I got a civilian doctor. I sustained an injury to my shoulder in later part of 2006 and went to see my doctor and mentioned “you know? I never had any problems like this before I went to Saudi and got shot up 3 times with that Anthrax vaccine.” She all of a sudden sat upright, raised her eyebrows and said “oh REALLY…”. Then let me know she didn’t trust that vaccine one bit and relayed to me something she found out about it when she did some research on it a few years earlier. Turned out the ingredient BioPort uses as a preservative was a chemical she recognized from her uncle’s line of work and asked him “don’t you use this in your work?” and he said “yeah” to which she begged the question “for what?” and he answered her by saying “we use it to dissolve concrete”. He was a private contractor who worked extensively in the concrete business. And this is the stuff BioPort uses as a preservative. No wonder so many people who have gotten these injections start to complain joint pain shortly afterwards.

    I should also mention that, in the two years prior to the shoulder injury, I had fractured my right elbow and then a few months later I actually broke a part of it. The Air Force and the Dept. of Defense still refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem with the vaccine. Despite Congressional hearings and a subsequent 1 year moratorium on the program back around 2004 and that was the result of several testimonies by other military members who had a wide variety of problems cropping up since receiving the vaccine to include some strange bone cancers not previously seen.

    Just some history on the program. BioPort, based in Michigan, is the “ONLY” producer of the Anthrax vaccine which has never received FDA approval even to this date. Admiral Crowe, former Joint Chiefs of Staff, gained controlling stock in the company about 6 months after he retired from the Navy. Within a year of that, the company got the contract with the Dept. of Defense to provide the vaccine to all of the military because of the threat of Anthrax being used as a biological weapon in the middle east. Here’s the kicker…other major partners/investors in the company are former President George H.W. Bush and the Bin Laden family. In the course of BioPort’s existence there has been a very questionable history on the trading of stocks and accounting issues dealing with the company.

    All I can say is start now to stop any program to force these vaccinations on anyone else. Even though the government will never admit there are serious side effects to the vaccine, there are plenty of instances where the coincidences are just too much. I see this program ending up being another “Agent Orange” fiasco 20 or 30 years down the road from now. This program was institued under Clinton’s watch while Bill Cohen was the Secretary of Defense. I personally got a hunch this program is more of an attempt to try and reduce the population starting with the military. By injecting the military with some substance that slowly kills off the body’s immune system and attacks it’s main systems like the skeletal and muscle systems they could reasonably believe (I think “hope” is a better word here) that those who have had the vaccine would die off within 5, 10, or 15 years. Think of the monies that would save the gov’t when it comes to retirees and those who are medically discharged for other, unrelated (at least so far) health issues…you get a 38 yr old who retires with a pension for life at, say, $1500-1800 per month and then dies from some unattributable cancer or sudden renal failure 10 years after retirement (and the normal life expectancy these days is over 70 yrs); do the math using 70 yrs and $1500/month. 12 times $1500 times (32 minus 10)and then do that for even 50% percent of the retirees and it adds up big time.

    Like I said, I don’t trust the AVIP anymore than I could roll a car over on my own and I think something seriously smells rotten in the whole thing. And I also strongly oppose any similar program like Rick Perry’s that was brought up by Michele Bachman during one of the first debates. This is America where we all have individual rights and freedoms and nobody, in my opinion, has the authority (legal or otherwise) to mandate to someone else that they get injections with anything whether that person consents to it or not. Now if the government wants to make available said programs and vaccines and give each person the right to “opt in” or “opt out” then I have no problem. But to force someone to have some foreign material put into their body without their consent is wrong, I believe illegal, and most definitely immoral and unethical. They say that when a person volunteers to join the military, they give up all rights and freedoms are officially Government Property. Boy! Is that ever true yet it is absolutely wrong on so many different levels at the same time.

    • wife of combat vet.

      Thanks,for telling how it is

    • DaveH

      Thank you for sharing those very personal experiences, Rick.

    • coal miner


      May 31, 2011 … Some people should not get anthrax vaccine. Anyone who has had … Some children should not get DTaP vaccine or should wait. Children with …

  • hitthedeck

    I am up in age but I do remember when the Polio vaccine came out and thousands of kids came down with Polio on the first untested vaccine that was later improved in the sugar cube form. This is the times when something comes along that the Government should monitor very closely and make sure before giving it to our children. I didn’t care for the Washington Post wording that (it will be tested on Children)

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Teddy

    Good comments. I believe the thing to do is to try and see the whole picture of what has, is, and going to happen in our country and world. I have been studying this for over 25 years, so my information is not all from the internet. Instead of trying to state my opinion, it would be easier to say that if you would read the book, “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr, that would completely spell out exactly what happened in the past, now, and future. We, of course, are the pawns. It will explain planned riots, just as recently as what happened at the Wisconsin State Fair. You cannot tell me this was not planned. They are already talking about requiring some sort of control for next year just in case. This is what they do, you must remember that. They create the problem, so they can come up with the solution for their agenda. Another one is the “Iron Mountain tapes”. Also, research Agenda 21. Last, but not least is the Georgia Guidestones, which is the American stonehedge. This is completely evil in nature, thought and deeds. Of course, any of what I have mentioned is. Please inform yourself with this information, and of course others, and then you will understand what is behind it. Many things we hear in the news to emotionally upset all of us, may or may not ever happen. Their trick is to keep us in constant fear, without hope, and the feeling of helplessness.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Teddy

    I thought I would correct something in case someone does read my comment. I mentioned in my last comment one of the sources to look into. I said one was the Iron Mountain tapes. It should be The Report from Iron Mountain. Just in case anyway might have been interested. Thank you.

    • Maureen Worhach

      NO WAY…

  • Jeri

    Watch all on YouTube (Write these down, share this information with everyone you know) – Bill Gates EXPOSED! Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines & Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert!!! – Bill Gates Admits To His Population Control Programs – Government ADMITS secretlly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! – Senator Rockefeller: Let’s Depopulate!!! Kill the Elders and Poison the children – Depopulation plans exposed! Hal Lindsey – FEMA camps, coffins, cemetaries. – HAARP in action – Operation Paperclip, MK ULTRA, CIA Mind Control

  • Erwin Alber

    As far as I am concerned, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. In my opinon, the entire vaccine-industry needs to be shut down for good and the psychopaths who run this despicable racket thrown in jail.


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