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Children, Beware The Food Police

August 9, 2010 by  

Children, Beware The Food Police

Most every child has sought to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit by opening a sidewalk lemonade stand. It’s as American as hotdogs, apple pie and… lemonade.

And as 7-year-old Julie Murphy of Oregon made plans do the same thing millions of kids have done before her—during an art fair held the last Thursday of each month on the streets of Northeast Portland and conveniently called Last Thursday—she never dreamed she’d be violating a government regulation.

Well, little Julie has now had her first experience with our boot-on-the-throat authorities. The local food police shut her down.

Julie and her mom toted gallons of bottled water, packets of Kool-Aid, bags of ice and some plastic gloves to a spot on the sidewalk July 29 and Julie set about selling lemonade to the hot and sweaty patrons and vendors. Then a “woman with a clipboard” walked up and asked to see her $120 temporary restaurant license.

“What? No license?,” asked the lady in the clipboard, who turned out to be county health inspector. “Well pack up or we’ll fine you $500.”

Well Oregonians tend to be prickly lot, and as Julie and her mom began packing, up nearby vendors and patrons suggested they stay, telling them the regulation-happy clipboard lady had no right to run them off. They suggested Julie offer her lemonade for free and accept donations. And business picked up.

But it wasn’t long until clipboard lady came back with help. Julie started crying, and patrons and vendors confronted the government thugs, creating quite a scene, as Julie’s mom told the local paper.

Multnomah County Health Department Supervisor Jon Kawaguchi told The Oregonian that, “…we still need to put the public’s health first.”

But, Eric Pippert, the food-borne illness prevention manager of the state’s public health division got to the heart of the matter when he said that technically, any lemonade stand—even one on your front lawn—must be licensed under state law, but inspectors are unlikely to go after kids selling lemonade, unless you’re on Alberta Street during Last Thursday. In other words, if you stand to make real money.

And then he made this telling statement: “When you go to a public event and set up shop, you’re suddenly engaging in commerce.” And government bureaucrats were afraid it was commerce outside their control.

After a week’s worth of hue and cry from the Portland masses, Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen gave a reprieve to Julie and her fellow child-entrepreneurs. Cogan said he directed county health department workers to use “professional discretion” in doing their job.

“A lemonade stand is a classic, iconic American kid thing to do,” Cogen told The Oregonian. “I don’t want them to be in the business of shutting that down.” He also called Julie’s mom and apologized.

So, sanity is temporarily restored in Portland.  But not so in Los Angeles, where four armed food-police thugs raided a natural market with guns drawn last month, ordering store workers to drop their mashed coconut cream and step away from the nuts, as The Los Angeles Times reported. Original story and video here.

It seems those dastardly marketers at Rawesome Foods were selling raw cow and goat milk and blocks of unpasteurized goat cheese. Oh, the horrors.

“This is about control and profit, not our health,” Rawsome Foods co-founder Aajonus Vonderplanitz told The Times. “How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?”

Because that freedom was taken away by our fascist Big Government at the behest of Big Food corporations like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland who spend Big Bucks to elect politicians and write laws ensuring they maintain a monopoly on food production while keeping the populace as unhealthy as possible so Big Pharma can continue to drug us into a stupor.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Al Sieber

    I read that they’re doing this to the Amish farmers too. this is classic Gestapo style tactics, all they’re really after is more revenue to fill the Govt. coffers. they are looking at every possible way to squeeze every cent out of us because of lost revenue due to high unemployment. “Fascism” is Govt. by regulation, and we’re over regulated. they’ll be hiring thousands of more little punk ass bureau-rats. I would of taken that lady’s clip board and…..

    • http://goggle jimradford

      yes sir iam in total agreement with you on this matter,is there a law that says free interpriseis leagal, and who in there right mind would hurt a childs feelings by telling her not to sell her lemonade to any one who would want it,i mean this is a littel girl for christs sake grow up people and take your money hungry hands some were eles away from the child, and as for the clipboard iam not afraid to tell her were to stuff it and show her if she did not know how.

    • refuse2lose

      I’m surprised we haven’t heard of the “Yardsale Police”arresting old couples because they were selling illegal items. No worries,the year isn’t over yet. I agree with others here,this is being done because the government piggy banks have been cracked and are empty. The Fascists have now resorted to going after our children.

      • Woody

        Sorry folks…but it is NOT about the money. It is ALL about the CONTROL! If the govt. doesn’t control it, they want to. If they can’t, then they want to eliminate it. The FDA is a prime example of this sort of tactic and that is why we will see the end of non-FDA approved vitamin supplements in the near future! Might as well get used to it. It matters not who (or what) is in the White House, either!

    • Fred Townes



      I hope over the next four years Americians clean house on both parties and get some people in with comon sence that are not living in some dream world.


      • 45caliber

        OUR GOVERNMENT IS BROKE … and they just passed another spending bill.

    • AZ Rifleman

      …And so as Obama Says, Sort of, “According to this law, you take your kid down to the local deli to get an icecream and” the next thing you know, the Food Police are throwing you up against the wall, takin’ your dessert and asking for ID?”…

  • s c

    Vonderplanitz missed his calling. He should be in politics. As for Oregon, apparently, it’s still a dues-paying member of the pc police.
    Call me a pessimist, but I’ll bet some Washington bureaucrats are grinding their teeth over a missed opportunity to properly tax little Julie Murphy. After all, Herr Obummer is el supremo when it comes to new jobs, and he probably wouldn’t want any of his jock strap supporters thinking that a little girl a long way from DC can do anything without his pc, pre-approved ‘blessing.’ Besides, she might be budding ‘conservative.’ I’m sure Washington will at least send out a special team to see if Julie Murphy was indoctrinated at her school (some
    people are resistant to being dumbed-down).

  • dan az

    A true conservative at her age.I’m suprised they didnt arrest the parents for teaching little julie how not to be a liberal and suck off the teat of the government.they may be back with a warrant watch out.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    Now this is just going too too far? I don’t think that this child’s dream should have been crushed by the STATE regulations? This type of thing has been going on for years & eons actually, I have never heard of such a thing happening. This is really & totally uncalled for. OREGON State should be ashamed of themselves for this????

  • Frank E. Merrill

    When Indiana adopted a state sales tax about fifty years ago, one of the unexpected “oopsies” that legislators did not foresee was that thousands of young entrepreneurs across the state were violating the new law by not collecting and remitting sales tax on the newspapers they delivered on foot or bicycle. The issue was highly publicized when the Indiana Department of Revenue threatened to levy several hundred dollars in fines against a young lad for not having remitted sales tax that he was to have remitted over the previous several months, which tax would have totaled less than three dollars. As a result since then, home-delivered newspapers have been specifically exempted from Indiana sales tax.

    • B.L. Dynes

      An interesting aside from the comment about taxing paper delivery.

      Many years ago, the IRS saw that people who participate in local stock car racing were winning money if they won. The audited one of the car owner/drivers claiming car racing being a business. They went back five years. His accountant said that if it was a business, then all the cost of racing is a deduction. Bottom line was the IRS owed him a large refund as the winnings didn’t even come close to the cost of the car and entry fees. Score one for the little guy.

      • http://goggle jimradford

        that was great to hear about, i olny wish there was more people from the goverment to loose out in there attempt to try and make money by trying toinforce laws that was never there in the first place, thanks bud nice work.

      • 45caliber

        They now insist that winnings are taxable – but what you lose doesn’t come off the books without a LOT of paperwork. They changed the laws to make it MUCH harder to get a refund.

  • Ed

    It’s all about power! Government & Individual Power – figure it out

  • Joyce from Loris

    This all sounds so silly, doesn’t it? But this is just an example of how far we have allowed the government to go. It’s time to reel them in, and lay the ground rules for what WE THE PEOPLE will allow them to do, and what we won’t allow them to do. We have to take back our power from these idiots that call themselves lawmakers. Notice, congress is made up of lawyers and they make these stupid laws so OTHER LAWYERS can sue the air from you lungs, and live like kings. Take back your power. If that had been my child, I would have took that woman’s clipboard away from her and popped her beside the head. Let her pick on ME, not my little seven year old girl!!

    • http://goggle jimradford

      u sir are what all americans are suppose to be like me incloudedit would of been hard to explain to the police how in the world she tryed to eat the clipboard, thanks.

  • Sherry Hauner

    I had the city come around to make sure I had a $17 dollar permit for having a yard sale over the weekend. Luckily I had it, or I could have been fined $150. But my grandaughter and her stepsister were selling lemonade and cookies at the end of my driveway. The man was nice in telling me that someone else could have fined me a bunch for that, because they didn’t have a permit, but as far as he was concerned he didn’t see anything. They were 7 and 9. For God’s sake, it teaches children how to count money, interact with people, and teaches responsibility. And for that, they have to pay??? It is so stupid and so irrational, I’d like to slap somebody hard and bang their head on a wall. Greed at every turn! Not to mention the stupidity of charging people for a permit to have a yard sale, unless they actually do it like a business.

    • http://goggle jimradford

      to, sherry, the world needs to have more people to teach there kids how to learn how to count there money for when they get older, and have a chance to earn there first dollar by there self, so thanks for showing the kid how to learn.

  • libertytrain

    It certainly seems to be more about control than common sense. I’d rather have some kid’s lemonade than something bottled in China – like the apple juice I bought last year with a local food chain’s label on it. Being in apple country, I figured it was made in the region. No, it was made in China — now I read labels very carefully – don’t know what the Chinese put in their products do we -yet that’s acceptable -

    • 45caliber

      I read an article this morning that was talking about female babies in China developing breasts due to the massive harmones given their cows there to increase milk production. And I know that the girls in the US now are developing breasts as much as a year earlier than previous generations for the same reason. It is also the reason so many girls now have Triple D bras when so few had them when I was a kid.

  • B.L. Dynes

    It that appears the child chose a spot at an event where there were food vendors that payed health department fees and I am guessing a fee to be there. She unknowingly started competing with those vendors. The mother in this case should have checked to see if what she was doing was within code. A service club I belong to has a food booth at a local event that is put on and a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce. We have a food license and are inspected and booth space rental. For the safety of the public, the food license and inspection makes sense. If the child had chosen to do this in front of her house where most children put up their stands, I doubt there would have been any issues. While I think the inspector maybe was a little over zealous, the law is the law. These laws usually come from health related issues from the past.

    The above also would apply to someone selling raw milk. There is a reason for pasteurization. Now, if someone wants to have cows and goats and drink the milk themselves, no problem.

    Probably not what everyone wants to hear. Being a conservative, I realize that some of the rules and regulations are in place for a reason other than to control our freedoms.

    To quote Dennis Miller “This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.”

    • jlwilliamson

      remember the teens in california who were cleaning out horse stables and selling the manure to neighbors as mulch for the roses? This is typical west//east coast stupid

    • Bob

      Just because you have a license doesn’t mean your food is safe.

    • http://goggle jimradford

      you sir are so wrong in so many ways it is to many to count in my opion, are just the same as the people that made the laws in the first place, and are just as money hungrey as any one eles, is right to go against selling raw milk, but the littel girl was not,and as far as selling food to make a liveing, so me were she is at fault, and incase you have forgotten ther is the right to free interprise for any one, i will quit now as iam seeing red at this moment.

    • Big Ugly

      Spoken like a good little clone – when’s the last time you were sheared?


      You are wrong on so many counts. I agree with the people who are saying that the gov is attempting to keep us clones and don’t want our children to learn to “be on their own without the Government tit”. As for raw milk, humans have been drinking it for thousands of years and people didn’t die. Pasteurization was done to make it last longer, not because people were dying or getting sick. Now it is another way to control the food process. I have more to say but my son has finished his test and it is time to continue teaching. I home school because I don’t want my child to be “dumbed down” and made a clone. He is also learning how to be an entrepreneur.

      • http://none sean moor

        Way to go BSHARING!!! keep home schooling your child.teach them to question everything.but be careful.dont the devil know what you are doing.I believe one needs to be discrete.otherwise,one cant accomplish what they need to do.But bless the ones who stand their ground.I wished i had that courage.Thanks again for being smart and doing what your doing.DAMM THE “ONE” FOR NOT CARING AND BRINGING THIS PAINFUL WORLD APON US!!!!

      • s c

        BSHARING, GOOD for you and your son! Many people will understand too late that by taking your sons and daughters AWAY from Uncle Scam, America will get talented people who can THINK on their own and then go to the voting booth and keep sleazoid progressives and subhuman vermin OUT of Washington and every state capital.

      • mickey

        Yes, I think they are trying to get rid of all the raw milk. I hear more and more that these types of places are getting raided. This is ridiculous

        • 45caliber

          Basically, like many food products, a few companies have a monopoly on milk. And they want to keep it so are willing to give lots of money to the various officials to insure they get it.

        • dan az

          Mikey its the only milk that I drink it taste like the milk we use to get when we where kids. This crap that they sell us know is so full of hormones that I guess just eating the meat isn’t enough to contaminate us so they force this crap milk on us. Just look at the kids today fat like the cows that they are beefing up.puberty at earlier ages kind of sounds like soilent green dosent it?

      • 45caliber

        Are you keeping an eye on Germany and Sweden in school news? Germany insists it is wrong to homeschool since the kids aren’t getting the necessary “government is god” knowledge. And Sweden recently took a boy away from a couple because they were moving to India (where the mother is from) so they could homeschool. Recently a German family was given assylm here because the German government wanted to take their kids for the same reason.

        Expect it here within the next ten years or so. It’s coming.

        • dan az

          hey 45
          have you read any of the new history books its all bs there brain washing our kids to be politicaly correct. this sh-t has to stop now!

  • m2o

    To mess with a mother & child is really stupid, but they have tried that for years now, stealing kids away from their parents, any way they can think of. Then they lock those kids up in boytown, so the
    senators can have them flown in to molest them, sometimes in rituals
    even murdered. Its time to wake up to these vicious, deadly bureau-rats. American ingenuity is being undermined for the last 50 years
    steadfastly & replaced with mindless obeying workers for the government jobs to choke the populace. We are just mind controlled
    cattle to them. They feed upon us till the last drop of blood.
    Where were all the other mothers, why did they not start hundreds of
    lemonade stands immediatly to give them paper pushers the run around?
    You all got cell phones nowadays, so call on each other for help.
    United we stand, devided we fall.

    • http://goggle jimradford

      iam with you on this matter,and would like to say that if more people like you said had gotten togather there might have been me there pushing them off my block no one i repete no one has the right to hurt a child in any way at all, that is why mr. john walsh is an angel to me and allways will be just like the people who will not stand by and see our children hurt, so thank you ever so much.

  • m2o

    Kool-aid is the worst poison. What happened to real lemons, for heaven’s sake, wake up, people, think for yourself.

    • Bob

      When we were kids we drank Koolaid all summer long. Nothing bad happened. Better then the GMO crap people buy in the supermarkets.

    • http://goggle jimradford

      hey bud she is a kid for heavens sake, give her a break, her mom might not of had lemmons at the house, and besides it is called a learning experance.

  • Bear

    Wow! A lot of good words from thinking people. This is good……..people using their noggins to think, not just hold a hat, and this is what the government does NOT want………..people who have the ability to think and evaluate and see the government’s greed for our money and control of our very lives. There are “little Julies” all over the country and these regulations not only stifle individual drive to develop what made America great, Capitalism, but sucks the very spirit to make something of themselves right out of them. Wonder haw many of those displaced, poor Katrina survivors thought of opening a lemonade stand in New Orleans. NONE! There sure was a lot of looting though. That’s what you get with entitlements though. A bunch of “no good, non-thinking, non-productive” people who will not do anything that even remotely looks like work or anything remotely related to being responsible. This is what “lawyer” turned “politician” breeds. Anytime you allow people who interpret the law to become the law makers, you have taken the road to destruction…….for those are the people who will build their house on top of yours.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. The government considers it simply WRONG for a person to think for themselves. After all, one of the things you might think about is whether we need a government at all.

  • m2o

    Google = secret covenant.
    3 Million people have googled it & know what is up.

    • mickey

      I just looked at this. It certainly has a lot underlying truth in it. A look at Argentina and what happened there (YouTube) is worth looking at too.

  • Sherry Hauner

    B.L., my granddaughter and her stepsister were in front of my house on our property. They were 7 & 9, & it was lemonade, not koolaid. It was a one time deal, not a business. It didn’t sound like to me the other vendors thought it was a bad thing for that little girl to have her stand. I applaud them.

    • libertytrain

      I’ll applaud with you -

  • jim

    Once again the abomination of over regulation (facism) is not reported by the mainstream (stupid) media. Why not? Anyone with me to start a new national news media? Those of us who are still in the ‘I want my freedom’ camp must unite like never before in our lives to stave off all incumbents and all democrats this November…and all seated judges. All must go and then we must hold to the feet of those who become our elected representatives, the heat of hell if they mistrepresent us EVER. Take back this country while we still can!

    • Willie D

      Jim, I am in agreement with your statement. There are so many little things, which really are very BIG things, wrong with our government. I am afraid that it may be too late to overthrow the warped thinking, being taught in schools and universities all over our country.
      We must start today, and vote them all out. WE MUST make it mandatory that no politician can hold more than 2 terms in ANY office Local, State, or Federal. That should assist us in stopping a lot of the corruption, BUT the main thing is we need to get out of the U.N., the big banking cartels, and away from fiat money! If the money we print is not backed by real currency, gold/silver, then it is worthless.
      Look out world, this lemonade stand fiasco is just a foretaste of what Obastards policies and debt will bring to us, THE REAL GOVERNMENT! Let’s take it back this election and again in the vote for a pretendadent!

      • 45caliber

        But the government is ALWAYS RIGHT! Just ask them, they will tell you so themselves.

      • Steven Morrison

        Take back what? You want an America without the 14th amendment, without the right to vote for women, take us back to the days of the KKK??? You guys and that ultra nut job Bob Livingston are clueless.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor, IL

    Bear, I like and agree with all you say. There is a little sign in front of an independent insurance agent in the small town where work, he’s always got a little anecdotal phrase on it. Lately it reads, teach your kids how to think, not what to think.

    • 45caliber

      But NO one should think for themselves! That’s why the government is there, to think for you. Take a look at Germany or Sweden where the CPS takes your kids if you try to teach them things yourself. “The government knows what is best for you.”

  • Bunny

    Next they’ll keep us from having our own vegetable gardens. Remember the “Big Brother” syndrome? Government is watching!

    • mickey

      I think this is happening now. I don’t know if it is under “taxing hobbies” or what but people aren’t supposed to have any hobby that they don’t pay taxes for if they sell anything. This takes care of, I guess, the wood workers who make toys for children, rummage sales, hand crafts or anything else that might just compensate one for the materials used. The tax man doeth want taxes from these while denying a”business” that would have the advantages of cost write offs.

      • 45caliber

        Reminds me of the tax man on the old movie “Popeye”.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor, IL

    Jim I would love to see another news agency, look at Fox, both sides watch, for different reasons, but they both watch. If not for Fox, I would still be a bleeding heart lib and feeling sorry for Dan Rather.
    I like to think I have a little better handle on what’s going on, but not the depth of most of you. My Pollyanna side can’t take it.

  • Raggs

    I told you people months ago when the wealth-care was being pushed by the dicatator that as soon as it pushed through you can look foward to the government telling you what to eat and drink, Not to mention if you use any type of drug ie. illegal or presription, booze or anyother type you can look forward to a knock on your door. Just give it about another month or so and anyone that is over weight will also be catagorized and controlled.

    Had enough yet?????

    • Robert Norwood

      I think fat people should be controlled. They’re so big they’re in your way in the supermarket isles, they have to ride golf carts just to shop, they demand bigger seats on the airlines and in theatres and then, when they get so freakin’ fat their head is in danger of sinking between the shoulders they need to be cut out of their homes and carted away for fee healthcare and bypass surgery. The money the system wastes on fat people is outrageous not mention they’re mostly all on disability or social security. “I can’t work, I’m too fat to move around”. I’ll tell ya’ I’m seeing some big ones out there.

      • mickey

        That all depends on what the government calls “fat”. I can weigh 30 lbs over their charts, which they would consider border line obese. My sister, however, cannot and would be regulated to skin and bones. Our bone structures are entirely different, mine doesn’t show the weight whereas hers does. And be careful, all those GM foods have problems, not the least of which will make a person fat. It’s an oxymoron that the government wants to regulate an individual’s body and at the same time promote the pharms that are producing foods that make a person over weight.

        Raw milk isn’t the only thing that they are targeting. However, maybe one should look at the way eggs are produced by over crowding and the way they are “washed” for market. One has no idea just what the government is declaring “healthful” while putting chemicals in the food supply.

        Wasn’t it Ted Turner that said about 4 billion of us need to go?

        And wasn’t a study done on the GM foods that found the third generation of mice were nearly all sterile?

      • s c

        RN, WHAT is your problem? Your words are SO pc that you would do well to get some serious counseling. Since you went out of your way to say that overweight people need to be “CONTROLLED,” that means you are a budding progressive, or you’re thinking about becoming one.
        RN, STUPID people concern me more than those who are overweight. STUPID people are responsible for the vast majority of the problems we’re enduring now. STUPID people who elect other STUPID people are the ones who need to be persuaded or shunned.
        At the top of the STUPID list you’ll find the pathetic, dumb bastards and bastardettes who rely on people like YOU to keep them in office. Look in the mirror, dude. YOU have some serious PROBLEMS!
        Also, this topic is about a little girl in Oregon.
        Stick to the topic – progressive.

        • Raggs

          Yeah freak’s like him seem to stick together… a good example is the white house freaks.

      • Claire

        My husband has been in both hospitals so many times here in town and one thing I have always noticed–the majority of the nurses are heavy. Some look like they weigh 300 lbs. My Mother was big–230 lbs at one time. I have maintained my weight– five foot five and 126 lbs. But one thing I would like to point out, it doesn’t matter what size a person is, they can still have diabetes and heart trouble and be thin. So go figure. Excess weight doesn’t do a person any favors but being extra thin isn’t good either. Like everything in life–a happy medium must be reached.

  • http://goggle jimradford

    iam shure that all of you people are tired of hearing from me, but tough luck, when it comes to the kids of today if they are inacent and young, then leave there spirit alone and let them grow up and learn, even if its the hard way, i dont want for them, i lost two children in my life and dont want to see any harm come to the littel ones, so thanks for reading my comments.

    • Raggs

      Ok so I can see your concern,,,, however do you really want the government to control every aspect of you life?… If you do than I suggest you move to China!

      • mickey

        CA is closer.

    • Earl

      Just to put this argument to bed, Since the one individual made his rant about fat people being an inconvenient burden……It doesn’t always fit the stereotype……I am 350 Lbs 5-10 66 Y/O and have NO ailments of any sort, normal B.P. No medication of any kind,No diabetes, A good attitude towards life. I am retired but still active. Now here comes the shocker……I eat red meat, bacon,all those BAD things, and I drink RAW milk…….Never felt better!! So much for that argument. ( Yeah, I get a physical once a year). More than your bugaboos to life and I’ve found that staying out of the doctor’s office and away from pharmaceutical drugs is the best secret to a long life……

  • http://Comcast Arleine J. Demien

    Can’t believe what a country we have become.








    Mom Demien

    • Raggs

      I can answer your question in one word… TAXES.

      Everything is illegal unless big-o-obama has his hands in it!
      The government wanted to tax the little girl 4 cents for every nickle she made….

    • William Barry


      I heartily agree!

      “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi (Sir Alec Guiness), STAR WARS EPISIODE IV: A NEW HOPE

  • Robert Norwood

    This is just another example of “adversarial government” where government isn’t there to serve you, it’s the other way around. Essentially, adversarial government is about taking away as many simple freedoms as possible and replacing them with codes, statutes, regulations and even laws that essentially turn the average good citizen into a violator of something and naturally there are punishments involved, usually in the way of fines or short jail terms; the government doesn’t have enough criminals so they go out and make some. Certainly, we need to have laws and regulations to prevent harm to others and control activities of a criminal nature. However, this system has turned into a free for all that takes away choice and public approval while handing authority to any board or government office to enact any policies and attach punishments.

    $120 dollars for a vendors license? Depending on the size of an operation and whether vending is conducted as a business these licenses should be free or certainly no more than, say, $5.00. The casual lemonade or crafts seller should left alone.

    We’ve gone beyond government “By the People” to government against the the people disguised as for the good of the people. “Good” is decided by boards, activist-advocacy groups, corporations, myopic politicans and the occasional knee jerk reaction. And the process for reversing such decisions? Yes, you’ve had that experience somewhere along the line – it is out of all proportion to the ease by which they were put in place.

    • libertytrain

      Robert – as an aside – I am glad you pointed that out re licenses – I don’t think people who attend these craft fairs in cities realize how many hundreds and even thousands of dollars the vendors – food and/or craft vendors have to pay each time they do a local show. The food vendors in particular are hit hardest with having to frequently acquire extra insurance to do a particular show – as a craft vendor, some towns even require they have a parking permit for their car creating even more fees for each vendor – many or most people are under the allusion or delusion that the town provides the tents (as well) and just lets the crafter’s sell.

      • Claire

        libertytrain-Good comments. I am a member of the obedience and confirmation (show) clubs here in town, when we have our obedience trials and our dogs shows, we tried to charge the vendors a pretty penny. Some vendors would not come so we had to lower the fees. Consequently more vendors came back. There is such a thing as being too “greedy.”

        • libertytrain

          Claire – a formula I had read is that a vendor should expect to make no less 10x the amount of the fee. If fee was $100 – vendor should make $1000. Doesn’t usually work because organizations are frequently “too greedy” and don’t think about how many people need to show up for a vendor to even break even.

    • 45caliber

      They NEED ways to make the average person a criminal about some law. Then if you cause them trouble (by talking too loud about what they are doing or trying to stop one of their picked people from getting elected) they can lock you up to get you out of the way.

      • William Barry

        Indeed, what can be said in favor of a government whose laws turn the citizens it was supposed to protect into potential criminals?

    • mickey

      lol It is better known as “California”. I had never seen a place so all rights and no responsibility. I left it for the midwest but all the stupid law suits brought it here too. This is just the beginning and we know how well that turned out for CA and Greece.

  • Average Joe

    The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
    Robert A. Heinlein

    It is time for us to get rid of the former in politics and elect those of the latter. It is time for less government and more humanity.
    It has become apparent to me that politics makes a person stupid…common sense has been thrown out the door in favor of…profit.

  • Otto

    Discretion is 9 points of the law. This clipboard lady must be fired and charges brought against her on violating human rights.

  • Marilyn

    Watch for police checking to make sure you have a vendor license to have yard sale in OHIO. Ohio wants your tax money on those sales, too. If food is provided for sale, not only will the State want tax money from that but health department will be breathing down your neck.

  • Bill

    Go ahead and put lawyers into elected office, you’ll pay sooner or later, I’m betting on sooner.

    • 45caliber

      Most already are lawyers – and they are working hard to make sure only lawyers get in. In fact there is a bill in Washington now that would make it illegal for a doctor to run for office. The doctors don’t follow the party lines as well and lawyers do … and they are taking the place of some “deserving” lawyer.

      • William Barry

        The first president in office who didn’t possess a law degree was Woodrow Wilson… and he had a Ph.D.!

        That certainly didn’t stop him from bringing this country within arm’s reach of becoming a dictatorship via his harsh and repressive domestic policies regarding the First Amendment during the First World War.

        Is it any wonder then that Warren G. Harding ran his campaign for the Presidency under the slogan “A Return To Normalcy?”

  • Gramps

    I was appalled when I read about these overzealous twerps flexing there mussels on kids selling lemonade and on the same hand I shake my head when reading all the post condemning it. You can write post and complain till hell fezzes over and it won’t change a thing. People of America you have the power to change the crap that is going on. Get involved, run for office, go door to door get people to vote the vermin out. I’ve done this and believe me it works!

  • 45caliber

    Why the guns???

    It seems that every department and agency of the government insists that they have the right to carry and use guns at any spur of the moment thing.

    Yet food police were waving guns when they invaded the LA place. Why did they even have them? Why SHOULD they even have them?

    With the police, etc. who have the need to carry guns, if you draw a gun it is called “threat by deadly force” … and they have to write up all kinds of paperwork about it to insure it was justified. I would be willing to bet that these “food police” didn’t have that requirement.

    • mickey

      45claibur It’s called the UN, you know, where Hillary went to discuss disarming the American public? It is coming to a city near you. On the other hand, CA has its own mentality. It’s just like the movies, there isn’t one cop car on the scene, it is in mass. there are reasons, of course, but we don’t find all that necessary here. I wonder why?

  • Time

    I have learned and know the cons of the government at an early age, thanks to my father that was chemoed to death from cancer.
    I know it is all about the money. Just follow the money trail.
    Basically the gov wants our sovereignty and will stomp, yes stomp on anyone who gets in there way, to get it. period.

  • Time

    Remember Germany before the great holicost? Guns were outlawed. You had to have a license. Then they could come and take them.
    Also, the one world gov is coming and we can’t stop it. We can only prepare not to recieve what they want you to have so you could live in that system. Wake up America. Our politicians want us to stay stupid.

  • DonJ

    If the lemonade stand needs a license it should be free. If they bring in more than $100 a day they can be charged a sales tax what ever that is. Does that make good sense?

  • J.Michael

    How ironic,I seem to remember helping your kid set-up a lemonaide stand was some quality and lesson time and was recently promoted as such. Now someone goes to do it and “BAM” your “BUSTED”. Paper-routes, lemonaide stands, next: side of the road fruit and vegetable stands. The corporations buy the politicians/lawyers/lobbiests and guess who gets left out. The People! Where is the common sense? Why don’t Mr’s. Livingston and Wood run for office? Then, there is that gerrymandering thing. In DC, you can hear them laughing all the way to their off-shore bank accounts.

  • Old Ranger

    Why is everyone surprised? The “skunk” in the White house has more “Czars” than the total history of Russia! You had to believe we would have a “Child Enforcement Czar!” Well folks, it is either this, or Sharia Law if America doesn’t wake up REAL FAST!! I recall exactly the date and time when Obama made the comment; “In five days, we are going to fundamentally change America as you know it!” Well, you’re now seeing what he meant!

  • Denismad

    If it were my kid that clipboard toting a*#wipe would not have returned, I would have introduced her to Louisville Slugger!

  • bobbie

    yep, we the people are not allowed to eat, drink, or do what we can to get a little spending money. It just never stops. Any big wig in government and politics can do anything they want and people look the other way. but let some poor slob(or little kid) do something and here comes the big bad people to control us. That IS what its all about. why do you think farms are shutting down? because big business runs em out. a sad sad country this has becme

  • Rod

    The really BIG thing to remember is VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! and get your friends and neighbors to VOTE, even if you have to drive them to the polls! We have to bring SANITY BACK INTO OUR GOVERNMENT!

  • Old Ranger

    Rod is absolutely right! This Congress and this current administration is a complete abomination! I never thought I would ever say this, but with maybe a “few” exceptions, the Congress and the Senate needs to be “TOTALLY REPLACED” and if Alfred E. Newman is a conservative, I’ll damn right vote for him!

  • Claire

    Two little girls had a lemonade stand this past weekend about 5 blocks from me. They sold lemonade with ice all afternoon. No one said or did anything about it and they made almost $25.00. Apparently they sold quite a bit of lemonade. One of the little girl’s mother was there. I was walking one of my dogs and I bought a glass. Thankfully I had been to Farmers Market and I had some change in my pocket. They were selling it for a quarter a glass. They were cute.

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    Watch out. Those butt holes will start taxing yard sales and Estate Sales.

    • Steven Morrison

      I believe we should tax YOUR yard sale and your estate sale. Watch out. Cities are turning off the lights and cutting back on essential services because of you idiots who vote down needed tax increases.

  • Steven Morrison

    Obviously there is much ultra nut job Bob Livingston is omitting from this story. Public health must always come first.

    • JC

      Bite me Pinhead.

    • CHUCK

      with the same mind set all gays should be quarantined. they are at a high risk of contracting adds and spreading it to 9yr olds. these are the same that promote sex in public. gays offer sex regularly to married men. no risk there….should i go on or have i done enough to expose your futile attempts to discredit ultra conservatives… how about risk there…do ya think…

  • JohnnyLuv

    The plot thickens! Sherrod and Obama have hand in orchestrating multi-million scam on the US government! READ THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE!

  • dan az

    Johnny that was a great article that the entire nation should read!
    with rangles dangle he is small potatoes compared to this one may the impeachment proceedings start now!

  • Jimmy

    the reason for food police isn’t to help kids, it’s because 25% of American children are to fat to get drafted into the military.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

    Why, Didn’t she just tell the nice man with the badge or whatever he showed her to “Get lost, I’m told by my mother to never talk to strange men on the street, and you certainly fall into that catagory, So Go away or I’ll have my mother call the Police”

  • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

    Why, Didn’t she just tell the nice LADY with the badge or whatever SHE showed her to “Get lost, I’m told by my mother to never talk to strange PEOPLE on the street, and you certainly fall into that catagory, So Go away or I’ll have my mother call the Police”

    The correction may even be funnier.

  • Arleine Demien

    Glad to see the rest of the U.S. is finally realizing this president is an “outsider” who wants to completely destroy our wonderful country7. The party which he represents (Democratic – where at?) has become everything but that. They are a first-class Socialist/Communist entity who wants to DESTROY AMERICA.

    WHEN is Congress & the Supreme Court (or whatever they cALL THEMSELVES TODAY {don’t seem to represent the U. S. of America}) going to do their jobs – like their Oath of Office states? Seems we have a bunch of kooks who do more for law-breaers thana anyone else.


    A. J. DEMIEN


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