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Chief Justice Roberts Calls State Of The Union ‘a Political Pep Rally’

March 15, 2010 by  

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said last week that President Obama’s actions during his first State of the Union address were "very troubling," noting that the atmosphere surrounding the annual event has "degenerated to a political pep rally," according to media reports.

During his speech, Obama openly criticized the high court for its decision regarding campaign finance regulations, an act that visibly seemed to bother Roberts and other Supreme Court justices attending the address.

While speaking to a crowd of law students from the University of Alabama, Roberts questioned whether justices should even attend the increasingly political televised speech.

"The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up, literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court—according the requirements of protocol—has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling," he said. "I’m not sure why we are there."

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs quickly responded, stating that the only thing troubling the administration was the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that will allow corporations to spend unlimited resources while advocating on behalf of candidates in elections, according to Fox News.

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  • Joe

    If the CJ wants to participate in politics, he should resign his position on the court, and run for office.

    Until then, he should return to his office and close the door behind him.

    • William Nealey

      Joe the CJ was 100% correct. it was another one of obamas pep rallys and nothing more. he should be more respectfull to the supreme court justic’s and to the american people,

      • Norm

        William Nealey
        Read the constitution. We have seperation of powers in this country. Obama and Roberts were both wrong to be critical of eachother.

        • William Nealey

          nor you are right, but the CJ has every right to rebut unjust criticism from anyone, and the prez was 100% wrong in his attack on the CJ,regardless of what you obamaites think, and f y i I have read the constitution many times in my 74 years on this earth,

        • derVenerschnitzel

          The major difference is in the truth… Barry lied and Roberts stated the obvious. Rah, rah, rah

        • James

          Norm, It’s being critical of each other that discloses wrongdoings. State of the Union addresses are supposed to be honest assessments of our nations’s condition, not a pitch for more socialist programs. It is the Supreme Court’s role to, when called upon, determine whether a given peace of federal legislation is constitutional or not.

        • Meteorlady

          So because he is a SJ he can’t speak the truth and make comments? He is after all a citizen of this country first. I agree – why are they forced to attend and be lectured to boot.

    • Americanadian

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      According the requirements of protocol, Supreme Court Justices have to hold their appointment and position in the highest regard. As a Justice, it is it highly inappropriate and disrespectful to the office to display an emotional reaction in the manner which Chief Justice Roberts did, no matter what the comment regards the Supreme Court’s campaign funding decision.

      That being said, the campaign funding decision to allow as much capitol as an entity desires to donate to a campaign sets a very bad precedents. It will now REALLY be all about the money! How sad!

      • denniso

        Hi ‘Canadian’…Roberts is pretty thin skinned if he can’t listen to legitimate criticism of a Court decision. The Court is not supposed to be political,is appointed for life and is the ultimate power in our society,controlling the lives of 300 million people. Obama and Congress are political,by definition,and have the perfect right and even political obligation to comment on the Court.
        You’re correct that the decision is tantamount to opening the flood gates of $$ in our already $$ saturated electoral system. The conservative Court majority is nothing but lap dogs for our corporate elite and we can only be thankful that we don’t have a Repub prez in office to appoint more ‘conservatives’(corporate lackeys)to the court. If for no other reason,that’s why we have to keep Obama in for two terms.

        • California70

          Denniso, I noticed you use the term (controlling our lives) when referring to the Supreme Court. They are not there to “control our lives”, but to interpret the law. Nobody in our form of government is supposed to “control our lives”. We are supposed to live within the laws we set-forth, that originally came from the Judeo-Christian ethic. Obviously, we don’t seem to have much of that ethic left, but should still strive for it.

          • Earlw

            Interpret the law???

            Their job is to ensure that the matters before the SC pass CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER!!!! Nothing more. For too long we have seen legislating from the bench by activist judges. Court-packing by presidents for many decades has reduced them to this state…Perhaps CJ Roberts saw something outrageous he couldn’t contain himself?

          • denniso

            Cal…you don’t think that laws,constitutional or not,’control our lives’?? Laws,like the constitution, are written by people,intended to give order and justice to society..part of the result of laws is that our freedom is reduced from absolute to a hopefully reasonable level. All laws by definition do restrict freedom and control what we can do. The balancing act is between order/justice/fairness and freedom. Why would we have laws at all if we didn’t want to restrict human actions??

          • Joe H.

            Actually if you don’t break one of our laws they never touch your life!!!! now you may not like these laws, but if you stay within them you don’t have to be inconvenienced by them!!! I have lived almost 60 years and by using common sense I have gotton by quite well!!! I don’t agree with some of those laws and I try to get my reps to get them changed but I don’t break them as if i’m in prison, my voice then is very controlled indeed!!!

          • denniso

            Joe H…Pretty good for a ‘patriot’. ‘If you follow our laws you can live freely’?? Don’t you know that is exactly what every dictatorial regime says? No matter what the laws say or how just they are,that is always true, just follow the law…the leaders of Iran say that,so do the Taliban. It’s not a measure of the wisdom of a law or the degree of freedom in a society. Why, for instance,do you ‘patriots’ slamming Obama for imagined offenses, not rally against the dumbest laws we have?? The seatbelt law was pushed in by the insurance corporations to save them $$’s vey hard to enforce and if adults are dumb enough to drive at 80 mph unbelted they should have the ‘right’ to.
            Where is the outrage over the biggest ‘witch hunt’ in history,the dumbass drug war…almost totally ineffective, wasting trillions of $$,locking away kids for marijuana use and making the drug problem worse. All the tea party fools’ energy and $$ might actually have an impact on issues like those,but no, they and you just want to destroy the first black prez ever elected,after centuries of racism in our country. Leave the white elitist Repubs alone and go after Obama…pretty mindless.

          • Joe H.

            Try reading the whole post not just what you Think you might be able to make a point on!!! I also mentioned that I try to get my reps to change what laws I think are bad!! With what I have seen you post here in the past, you are a perfect posterboy for the increase in the drug war!!!

          • denniso

            Joe H…I did read your whole comment. That doesn’t mean I have to respond to the whole,does it? Anyway,most of you posts are not worth reading in their entirety…you basically spout the same anti gov’t and anti Obama stuff over and over…

        • independant thinker

          While I am not comfortable with the decision the state of the union address is not the place nor time to be critical of it. Bringing it up then was purely a political ploy to get a dig in on the Supreme Court justices. The proper way for O-ham-a to criticise the decision would be thru press releases and or press conferances from the white house.

          • Joe H.

            that’s what happens when Obummer is in constant campaign mode!!!!

      • J G




        Why not keep it open?


        • Joe H.

          J G,
          they seem to forget a little Chinese political favor buyer that Lady Clintoon took contributions from then “returned” them when she got caught!!! just wonder how many she kept that weren’t on paper!!!! Different when it’s one of their own isn’t it???

      • James

        Americanadian, Yes but isn’t limiting the amount one may donate, also unconstitutional? Isn’t that infringing on our freedoms? It’s true, unfortunately, that the candidate with the most money stands a better chance of winning, but if Americans would research a candidate’s background, instead of just listening to what he says, wouldn’t that negate, or neutralize the money advantage he has?

      • Meteorlady

        The supreme court is tasked with interpreting the law as is applies to the Constitution. They did not make a political decision they based their decision on their best interpretation of the laws as they existed at the time. If you disagree with that decision then you need to change the law or pass campaign financing for real. As for lack of respect – Obama showed contempt for them in his statement and that was totally wrong. If he didn’t agree then he should have stated that somewhere else. This was supposed to be an “assessment” of where we are as a nation and what problems we need to solve. It was not supposed to be a political rally for more socialism.

    • Andy

      That’s exactly what he says he wants to do, Joe. Stop going to political pep rallies because justice is not supposed to be political.

      Neither is the state of the Union address, but the Honorable Mr. Roberts can behave himself, Mr. Obama can’t.

    • eyeswideopen

      Joe, what do you think about Justice Thomas’s wife starting her own tea party? Conflict of interest? Maybe we will be lucky and he might recuse himself from hearing any political issues. But I doubt it, as the conservatives will use anything they can to re-write history or change the laws to conform to their religious beliefs.

      • Joe H.

        She has every right to be as political as she wants! That is her constitutional right!! I know you liberal progressives don’t like it and want to change it, but that’s only till it affects one of your own!!! Perhaps we will work to control YOUR vote because of your parents voting record. Or maybe your uncle or brother if you have one that claims you!!!

      • Meteorlady

        Oh gads – Eye shut. So if my husband has a different view than I do I can’t be classified as a citizen of this country with other views? Your “control” mentality is starting to get really tiresome. As a citizen of this country she has every right I do. Conflict of interest? Where? Do you actually know for a fact that her husband listens to every word she says and takes it as gospel.

        The Supreme Court rules on the validity of a law. It has nothing to do with their political views although some are more liberal or conservative minded when reviewing a law, most will interpret the validity of the law in a fair and equitable manner. The fact that his wife has a political view has nothing to do with an actual ruling on a law and I believe there are other justices balancing this process.

        • Meteorlady

          I also forgot. The fact that Obama thinks that the Supreme court make political decisions is really terrifying to me.

  • Rob

    Joe – if BO wants to weigh in on what is constitutional, then he should resign his presidency and seek a position on the court. Otherwise, he should return to his office and look for real solutions instead of politicizing correct decisions made by the Supreme Court.

    • J C

      Exactly right. Our justice system isn’t supposed to be a political football.

      • Radio UpNorth

        If the Court decisions are not in strong part political, why do we have judges elected at state court levels and lawyer firms and corporate international socialist contributing to their campaign funds?

        If the Fed judgeships aren’t political, why are only certainly flavor of judges nominated by particular party administrations during each vacancy?

        If the Supreme Court nominations are not political, why do judges have to be regarded as “activists” or “constitutional fundamentalists” of acceptable flavor by the advise and consent Senators?

        I listend to one of the cable channels that carried the Roberts law school speech. He was asked repeatedly about the United Citizens vs. SEC and he declined to answer rationalizing some nebulous need to refrain under judicial decorum.

        He said the decision should be read to determine how questions like overturning law developed over some 100 years that corporations were only a “legal entity” that were not entitled to the same level of rights as a person such as immunitie from a gramd jury investigation. But, with the Roberts Supreme Court judicial activist for corporate international socialists, the rewrite of fundemental constitutional concepts such as the Bill Of Rights applying only to “persons” will soon include the corporate international socialists.

        Although, that may soon change. Roberts did not look very well.

        Roberts spoke about the process of appeal to the S. Court. He spoke about the “thinking” that would go on within each justices offece. Roberts addressed the need to pick a legal clerk after interviewing them to see how their minds worked. It is a political decision as much as an ability to determine how they are able to intelligently discuss case law and apply it to different situations. And that whole process of picking clerks to discuss actual cases and write opinions for the justices after “thinking” on which case law to cite in making a decision very much takes into account the experiences, bias filters and general personality of those who form the opinions.

        It is very much a political decision, just dressed in the earings and lipstick of judicial robes and mythology that decisions are pretty much locked in by precedents.

        Judicial decorum should also require a judge to not then join the political pep rally in any other way, shape or form. For Roberts to say the State Of The Union speech was “a political pep rally” and that the Obama Administration actions were “very disturbing” shows the “very disturbing” sign that the S. Court intends on entering fully into the partisanship hollering and unwillingness to do what is best for the U.S.

        Very Disturbing!

        • Joe H.

          Is that like our latest additions swerve when asked how she stood on illegal immigrants??? seems to me she kept saying she couldn’t answer that as it wouldn’t be right!!!

    • m fleming

      If people loves this so called persident and the way he is trying to change this country,then they should go to a country that is run like Cheves and then they will be happy. But for me i want my freedom and i fought for it.

      • William Nealey

        the people who love the chosen one are the same ones who thought they were never going to have to pay for their gas nor buy grocires again because he was gone take care of them, in other words a bunch of deadbeat wellfare bums too sorry to work for a living,

      • Radio UpNorth

        Actually, it was Bush II who was the “so-called president”.

        The voting machines made and programmed by the corporate international socialists together with an “activist” Republican loaded S. Court just took democracy out of our hands.

        • California70

          Hey Radio-Up-North…You finally got something right!

          Borth Bush and Obama are Progressives. So was Bill Clinton, and Senior Bush.

          Maybe that’s why all those administrations look alike! No matter which side you vote for, you always get the same thing.

          Do you think maybe that just might be why the American Public is getting tired of this game? They are starting to wise-up!

        • Joe H.

          Gee, then why didn’t they do it again with McCain???? I think that up north radio listening has frozen what few brain cells you have!!!!

      • Earlw

        What’s a persident? Who is cheves?

        Do you mean president? Chavez? Either slow down and type carefully or proofread before ya hit the send key!
        I’m assuming you can spell…Never know with today’s schools. That’s why Johnny can’t read!

    • Carleen

      Bravo, Rob!

      The constitutional scholar in the White House frequently seems more enamored of European constitutional law. As an American, I say it’s our constitution or the highway unless a majority of the American people, not the White House decides otherwise. Right now, the president speaks for a minority and a tyrannical one at that.

      • Radio UpNorth

        It truly is a tyranny of the minority with the corporate international socialists running everything just like any good banana republic country.

        • Warrior

          Which corporations and who are their leaders? Is General Electric one of them?

          • eyeswideopen

            NO, it is the Koch Industries, 2nd richest private company in US. They founded the John Birch Society, CAto Institute, Heritage foundation. Americans for Prosperity, and most of the Libertarian think tanks. But don’t tell anyone, as the Libs want everyone to think that their hands are clean and they are non-biased….lol

          • Joe H.

            Well you did get one part of your post right, the part where you said the libs want to make people think their hands are squeaky clean, but then we all know better the liberal hands are dirty as hell!!!!

          • Meteorlady

            Hey Eyes – do you consider George Soros one of your friends? Do you think he has your best interests at heart? If so, then you might ask him to donate all his money to the people you so vehemently defends as “needing” something from the government. I don’t see those elite socialist and new world order advocates contributing anything to anyone except to liberal politicians campaign chests. Harp all you want on Kock – you do it all the time and it seems to be your only argument, but they made their money by hard work and enterprise and if that makes you mad so be it.

          • Meteorlady

            Koch Industries did not create the John Birch Society. One of the people that own the company did. So he is entitled to his opinion in a free country. Same as Soros is entitled to his.

      • California70

        May I please be so bold as to remind everyone that the Constitutional Lawyer in the White House, was only an “associate professor” at Harvard not a full-fledged Constitutional Lawyer/Professor. He has lied at every turn. That is why he has spent over one-million dollars to keep these things secret from the American Public. My question is….WHY???? The only time we want to keep something secret, is because we usually have something to hide. Isn’t that correct??

        • Dennis

          100% correct,
          The man is a liar. A non American or better put he was not born an American NO WAY. Just listen to him he said in one of his books something about standing with the Muslims ? hmmmmmmmm

  • angel-wanna-be

    Right now it is one sided__all Dems!

    • angel-wanna-be

      Our Framers were brilliant men, but I’m sure they never planned on a super_idealogic-majority_I hope the latter part of 2010 isn’t too late to undo the damage being done to our Country, it Makes me sick!

      • William Nealey

        it wont be if all sensible people will go to the polls and vote the scumbags out and get some new blood in. and in the future go to the polls and vote out the bad ones again,

        • angel-wanna-be

          At’s what I’m sayin!

      • Joe H.

        Actually when you compare their education to that of Obummer they were uneducated!!! but with the little education they had they learned one thing Obummer didn’t common sense!!! Oh yeah, one other too HUMILITY!!!

  • s c

    What Obummer did is belittle the character of the Supreme Court. Obummer finally showed his absolute lack of character when he dared to put the Supreme Court under a public miscroscope.
    Obummer may be the nation’s #1 useful idiot, but in doing what he did, he turned a state of the union speech into a fraternity-style circle jerk. It may have felt great to show America how stupid he can be, but all he did was insure that when America turns its back on him and his administration, it will be ‘one for the books.’
    Some people are compelled to act like a horse’s asset because they weren’t born that way. In Obummer’s case, he’s obviously a ‘gifted,’ natural born horse’s asset.

    • Raggs

      Amen to that!

      • Joe H.

        i wonder if he didn’t shoot himself in the foot. all it takes is enough people to support his being tried for a crime and he might need those SCJs to pull his assets out of the fire!!!!

    • William Nealey

      you are so right S C

      • Oscar Gray

        I think lot people are missing the point, the CJ was telling the
        President he was wrong in what he was saying.
        Read and listen what the case was all about

        • Radio UpNorth

          Bottom line, 501(c)(3) organizations get an open hand in influencing elections.

          Corporations have the most money to spend, as shown by lobbyists in D.C., so they will have open checkbooks to buy elections.

          And with their ownership of all the rant radio station yelling and screaming invectives for anyone or idea that is not to the most extreme right, what you get is what they want.

          So much for informed decisions by the voters in this democracy.

          • California70

            Hey Radio…..
            You won’t have to worry. George Soros is the richest man in the land. And guess what? He is the financial backer of Obama! Hooray for you. Your guy will have more $$$ behind him than anyone else. That means your side will always win…doesn’t it?

          • JeffH
    • Louise

      S c
      Do you feel better now than you have insulted the president and relieved you stress?

      • Dennis

        I do.

      • Earlw

        Oh boo-hoo-hoo!

      • momof4

        Me too!!!!

        • Joe H.

          I feel so satisfied after that insult that I need a cigarette!!!!

    • Radio UpNorth

      Little Roberta on the S(hit) Court is the most unuseful idiot we’ve got in this country.

      He would do better just shutting up before everyone knows he’s really an idiot, below a moron like Allito and Scalia.

      • JeffH

        Ah ha, you little corrupt international socialist. You might be employed with the Center for American Progress. They employ full-time bloggers.

        • Joe H.

          you sure of that???

  • lou

    m flemings well said

  • Bob Wire

    It was an awful decision of the courts and 44 weighted in on it. He’s permitted. ~ and far as the chief justice having to “just sit there” and control himself while it not being his “time” to speak.

    You’d think “any person” that has reached the lofty position of Supreme Court Justice has seen the practice of people controlling their thoughts and urges to react to “unpleasant news” for many many years.

    Why would Chief Justice Roberts ever think that he was “above” such emotions? ~ Is the robe emotion proof or something, maybe some kind of protecting shield?

    • William Nealey

      bob that robe commands the same respect the office of the president does, maybe you didn’t notice but the CJ sat there and listened to the idiotic drivel your cnc put out and kept his cool. more than I could or would have, I realise there are those of you who think obummer is the greatest thing since sliced bread. when in reality he’s just another over educated IDIOT,

      • Radio UpNorth

        Better than being an undereducated idiot.

        The robe is only to be respected if it inspires respect for the law and the legal profession.

        In this case, with his outburst, Roberts does not deserve respect. Can he earn it back? I doubt it among those who appreciate the law and legal process when it avoids drama queen moments.

      • California70

        Mr. Wm. Neeley,

        If the truth were known he is NOT as educated as you all think. The records are sealed for a reason are they?

  • Ray Perry

    For the first time in many years we have a SCOTUS that will, if given the chance and not reloaded with communists (democrats), move us back to the right. Yes, the right is the correct direction. Since the ’30′s we have been afflicted with a mostly communist (democrat) SCOTUS, thanks to the revered FDR.

    Are you aware that FDR tried to get the Court expanded to 15 members so he could immediately appoint 6 communists (democrats) and make it a communist (democrat) court overnight? Only a corrupt communist (democrat) like FDR would try something so sleazy. He was prevented from doing that so he had to do it the long way. It took him a long time but he accomplished his goal anyway and WE have paid for it and are still paying for it.

    ‘Getting behind’ islamobama will get us more movement in the wrong direction. Their new (resurrected old) favorite LIE, ‘progressive’, is misleading because movement in the wrong direction is NOT progress.

    I won’t be behind him. I’ll be out front opposing and exposing him all day every day.

    The court decision was correct. It released supporters of conservative candidates to do what supporters of communist (democrat) candidates were never restricted from doing. In other words it equalized supporters, taking back the advantage that was given to the communists (democrats) by that unConstitutional law.

    Are you pretending to be unaware that osamabama received hundreds of millions of illegal contributions from foreign sources, mostly from his muslim home lands? THAT is the problem that may by now have been equalized and he and his cronies don’t like it that their advantage has been removed.

    • William Nealey

      BRAVO Ray. they are too STUPID to even check back on the history of this great country and the corrupted education system is not teaching them,

    • Radio UpNorth

      A TEA Party wizard of oz.

      Come out from behind your curtain and show us your claims based on the facts, the real facts and not some history rewrite by some other wizard of oz pretending intelligence.

      Have you had your vacinations for rabies, yet? I’m a little concerned about that white froth around your mouth and your wet pants.

      • independant thinker

        radio go back and put facts to all your rants.

        • Joe H.

          IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!

      • California70

        Hey Radio….
        You seem to have a tendency to get pretty nasty with your words. How about a little respect for your fellow man and opinions that don’t agree with yours?

        You may not like the opinions here, but last time I looked, we still have the right to say them in a respectful way. This is still America – ya know!

        If opinions that don’t agree with yours upset you so much, you may want to consider living in another country.

        • JeffH

          California70, you haven’theard anything from Radio yet. Wait ’til he starts his “corrupt international socialists” rants. Reminds me of the 60′s.

      • J C

        Now that’s a whack job! I’m reminded of the old guys in the balcony…on Sesame Street. Jeering idiots.

      • Ray Perry

        Mr. phony-name radio up yours I am not behind any curtain. My real name is right there for anyone to see. As for history rewrite, I believe that if you will do what you said I should do that it is YOU who will be enlightened.

        For example do you know that the original work entitled the ‘wizard of oz’ was a book written by an imminent economist, that it was not a fairy tale and that it was about monetary policy? It was about the merits of a gold and silver based money system versus a paper-money phony-money funny-money system such as we have today, causing needless inflation, artificially created busts and booms based on whether or not presidents are good stooges for private bankers? Listen and learn by taking your own advice to me.

      • Ray Perry

        And if you are interested in my bodily functions as much as your comments indicate, let me tell you, they are none of your business. Tend to your own properly if you can.

    • Dick Gazinia


      What planet do you live on?

      To assume that every Democrat is a communist is as absolutely absurd as saying that every Republican is a nazi.

      How about all the Dems that fought and died for this country. They were as patriotic as any right wing Republican. There are many ways to love this country and yours is NOT the only way.

      You come across as narrow minded and intractable.

      • Ray Perry

        The democrat party IS the communist party in this country. That’s not what I say, although I certainly do see the great reality of it. It is what LEADING AVOWED ADMITTED COMMUNISTS NOT TRYING TO PRETEND say. The CPUSA announced some time back that they would stop running candidates for office because the ‘democrat party has adopted our (their) platform’.

        Be stupid and deny that if you wish. Evidence of your stupidity is bountiful and I know that, in the words of the bumper sticker, ‘you can’t fix stupid’.

        You probably also think that islamaobama is a Christian, just because he occasionally says he is, even though his actions in the world and his words in his book plainly say he is a muslim, that corrupt satanic belief system pretending to be a religion, a ‘peaceful’ one at that.

        You probably also think Pionocchiobama tells the truth any time he opens his corrupt lying communist islamic mouth. You can’t fix stupid and stupid is what anyone is who can’t see this excuse of a man’s obvious corruption. It’s as prominent as a proboscis on a pachyderm. Get out the dictionary if you know what one is, to decipher those complicated words.

        • Bob Wire

          and no, we’re not starting over for scratch, Sorry Charlie.

          It’s a simple up or down vote, the majority rules. ya know , kinda like it’s always been and suppose to be.

          I’ll give the GOP their due, they made the last 5 minutes of the games last for days and days it seem.

          The DNC plans to run one down the middle, the clock is running seconds for game time left. ~ Stop them if you can.

          But don’t cry about it ~ I’m so sorry ~ but special interest and all their money,bought off politicians, minions, hatchet men and angry mobs they’ve rustled up can’t stop the clock or the play.

          That a justice wants a piece of the action, is no surprise, no doubt several of them have a vested interest in the outcome. I have little doubt they been approached. Money don’t talk, it’s screams and the smell of money always bring the jackals in first.

          Enough talk, time to suit up.

  • Sylvia Keppy-Dow

    I totally support the position of Chief Justice Roberts. The Supreme Court of the USA is not a political football and the President should have apologized for his curt and demeaning comment.

    President Obama has no respect for any of US unless we walk in lock step to his liberal political agenda.

    We are in serious trouble in America, not only financially, but the President has lost one of the most important requirement of his service to our country “RESPECT OF ONE ANOTHER”.

    • William Nealey

      Sylvia you are dead on, we dont have a president anymore,

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Sylvia Keppy-Dow…
      Your post was exactly right! Barry is disrespectful. He really can’t expect people to respect him when he treats the Supreme Court justices so badly in public. It was uncalled for. He is so narcissistic and believes that he is God’s gift to the United States, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Radio UpNorth

      Yeah, right! Like the right wing goonies have respect for anyone who disagrees with their lock step opinions. It’s really just a matter of who can get to the front of the pack of these lemmings to determine what the lock step is going to be and which direction is the shortest to get to the cliff.

      Obama cited Ryan, I think it was, in submitted Republican debate about some of the budget issues.

      Ryan has been ostracized by his cohort Republicans for that effort.

      So, how do you explain have to march in lock step to Obama when the only plan you have is no plan accept to vote “No” on everything that isn’t extremely right of center politically?

      • Joe H.

        Obviously you don't have the ability to research anything on the internet as I gave you one example of a plan that the repubs came up with and it was even co-sponsored by a dem!!! I'll try again, look up HR 956!!!! check it out or don't repeat your crap filled rhetoric again!!!

      • Joe H.

        I see you have no skills to research anything on the internet. If you did you would have looked up the example I gave you of a plan for health care that a repub came up with and it was even co-sponsored by a dem. I’ll try once more, Look up HR956 and read it. If not, don’t repeat your puss filled rhetoric here again!!!

    • California70

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • California70

        That was for Sylvia.

  • cerebus23

    It is hardly shocking that leftists think that only leftists should be allowed to speak and have an opinion.

    For decades liberals have invaded the newspapers, television, education systems, and been happy to toe the line for liberals and liberal thinking more and more as time has gone on. Dunno why people like beck and hannity are such a shocking insult to the left, god forbid a handful of independent or right voices be heard and actually be successful, showing that there is a thirst for something other than the liberal press viewpoint.

    Fox news itself is one of the most balanced news channels out there period, every independent news audit shows it. Yet if obama and his chronies say fox bad, the left lapdogs insist fox is bad and evil and must be stopped. But god forbid facts and commons sense interrupt your liberal take on what is fair and right.

    Justice roberts had every right to be angry about the stunt the president pulled. Your invited to the state of the union, and told to sit and be stoic so as not to show bias. Then the president proceeds to call you a bunch of idiots and you have to sit there and act like statues. The justices are human they made a decision that they thought was in keeping with the constitution, just because obama and mccain are upset that their buddys in the sorros groups can’t underhandely funnel tons of money into elections anymore and opened the playing field for all, that is fair.

    I know many of us would like to see less money in elections, but the mccain feinfgold bill was a farce. All it did was allow people that knew how to work the system to spend as much as they like thru shell groups. Which the left exceled at but the right was getting better at. It was a dishonest and ridicilous system and the courts struck it down period.

    • .45CaliberCure

      I agree cerebus. The current White House bench-warmer does not foster or instill respect for the executive branch in my opinion. Therefore, you can expect less than favorable comments from me regarding his bearing, behavior and actions when I observe that they are inconsistent with the position he has attained. A penchant for picking and choosing when and to whom rules apply or do not apply is a well-documented trait of liberals and children. I welcome considered criticism of any agent of government, as that is any American’s right, but do not deign to deny another the same right simply because you disagree with them. It is ironic and telling that the original issue at hand here, the interpretation of the 1st Amendment, is something that many apparently believe should be squelched when it crosses their grain. There is not a single person in our government who is immune to critical review. And rightly so. We left that behind with the monarchy.


  • Bob Wire

    Well whatever it might take to get your respect ~ I’ve little interest in.

    The President his the right to voice his disappointment. Regardless how you feel about it.

    The judge can like it or hate it ~ he has that right as well. ~ so there you are.

    And if the Supreme Court is immune to politics ~ I’ve got some ocean front property I’d like to discuss with you.

    If Judge C Thomas wife is planing to be active in the TP movement, the genie is out of the bottle as far as I’m concerned.

    Much like JFK said , “The absence of war does not constitute a peace”

    So roll up your sleeves ~ the fight is on with the court justice.

    We seen it coming 43′s second term.

    It’s funny how some can call names, assign labels and voice disenchantment but fail to be able to articulate exactly why. ~ They are just ~ unhappy, sad and point.

    “He’s not my president” ~ well? I suppose your not an American.

    “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

    Too long government officials have been permitted to “NOT” say what they mean and mean what they say. I find the change refreshing.

    This common practice is now coming under attack. This was Obama’s shot across the bow. I read an article about Obama needs to take care with the Supreme Court Justices and not do as Roosevelt and piss them off ~ If I remember he died is office on his second or third term ~ I failed to concur with the commentary.

    Unlike the the presidents we’ve become use too over the years ~ Obama has little fear of being a one term president. He’s refusing to be held ransom by it. ~~ Can that thought possibly soak into people’s thinking process.

    It’s not that I think President Obama is so great but his opposition is so far “wrong”, stepping on their tongue every time they open their mouth with contradictions.

    I use to bet against Cassious Clay “Mohammad Ali” ~ I can’t tell you how much money I lost over my bias for this man. I finally learned to not allow “feelings” to interfere with good judgment. That’s my story, maybe you’ve got one.

    • Joe H.

      so if your wife or dad or mother becomes a SCJ then you don’t have the constitutional right to become active in politics???? You believe that because of her husbands standing that she looses her most cherished right? that to be able to help determine who becomes the president or any office holder at all?? Are you that nuts????

    • Ray Perry

      Roosevelt (FDR) died in his FOURTH term. He angered the SCOTUS of the early ’30′s by doing all that communist stuff which the court saw through and opposed. He did fight them and tried to get the court expanded to 15 members so he could immediately convert it to all communist. Didn’t work though, but over time he got it shifted left anyway, one judge at a time. The court had nothing to do with his dying in office though.

      Wackobama has no fear of not being elected to a second term for the same reason Hitler had no fear of election losses. He plans at some point to seize total power. I hope I’m wrong but I have been watching the signs a long time and that’s what they are telling me.

      • denniso

        Roosevelt saved capitalism and won WW 2…after the war we had the greatest economic boom in history…not bad for a ‘communist’ president and a ‘communist’ country…
        You, Ray, are paranoid and misinformed.

        • Ray Perry

          Denniso you are moronic and misinformed. FDR did not end WWII, end the depression, cause a great economic boom or any other good thing that has been attributed to him. The economic boom occurred after he was DEAD. How can any DEAD man cause an economic boom? It was Harry Truman who was in office but he did not cause any economic boom either. He was given a good economy as a reward because he helped create the UN. Like Bill Clinton and a few others, Truman was given a good economy as a reward for being a good stooge for the bankers.

          But that doesn’t matter anyway. Economic booms and busts are controlled by whoever controls the money system. Who controls our money system? The unfederal reserveless bank, that’s who. Do you doubt that?

          They caused the great depression by tightening the money supply and they caused the economic boom you refer to by easing the money supply. You know. Just like they do now, easing and tightening, raising and lowering interest rates, all to foster their own agenda of owning and controlling the country and the world. You know, like the founders of our country said would happen if we let private bankers have control. Read Jefferson’s words and maybe you will learn something.

          As Jefferson said, the economy can go from good to bad and back again overnight when the bankers want it to. Any president ’causes’ it by doing or not doing what they want done or not done.

          Let me reword that; when the economy is good it is because the president is being a good az$-sucking stooge for the bankers, like Bill Clinton. When the economy is bad it is because the president is NOT being a good az$-sucking stooge for the bankers, like George Bush the Younger.

          You did know that the unfederal reserveless bank was NOT a government institution and NOT subject to any government control didn’t you? In fact the opposite is true. The bankers practically own and do control the government by control of the money supply and interest rates and their stooges like FDR, HST, LBJ, WJC and BHO. Communists each and every one. And there are plenty more which I shall not bother to try to name now.

          As for WWII, FDR made no secret of his love for Stalin. They almost swapped spit at Yalta. Maybe they actually did when not in front of witnesses. It was because FDR was also a communist at heart. If FDR had not propped Russia up in the early days, Hitler would have beaten Russia, killed Stalin and communism, thus preventing massive volumes of the problems we have seen in the world since then. Hitler wanted Russia more than he wanted the West and would have worn himself out trying to hold Russia. The British and intrepid French could have eventually taken back the rest of Europe without our help and in spite of their military geniuses like Montgomery and DeGaulle. Don’t forget Hitler barely survived a few of many assassination plots. The plotting against him by intelligent Germans never ceased. That’s why he had literally thousands of bodyguards. Watch the History Channel instead of Rachel Maddog and Doberman Olberman and you could learn.

          One would have eventually succeeded and history would have been all different. Except for FDR propping Stalin up.

          But as always the wrong people get put in charge of controlling what history is taught so if you went through the corrupt communist-controlled government schools of the last 40+ years you would not have been taught many important truths, but falsehoods instead.

          Study history, I mean REALLY study REAL history, not that diet of garbage in your 6th grade textbooks that says the democrats are for the people and the republicans are for the rich. LIES ALL, as per the communist (democrat) way. And don’t watch Doberman or Madcow except for reference. You can tell what’s good by watching what they say is bad. It will be the same.

          • denniso

            Except for on this site,have I ever read such pure drivel…you couldn’t possibly have gotten any higher education. Are you a nascar and cage fighting fan as well as being a paranoid wacko w/ no actual knowledge of anything credible? Bigfoot,space aliens,crop circles,all part of your study of history??

  • john

    nancy polozi is not only ugly she scares me more than anyone else. thats all i have to say

    • denniso

      john…I wonder what you look like? I wonder if you have a list of great looking Repub women over the age of 60?? I wonder if you are just a misogynist(woman hater) or only a fool??

  • Bob Wire

    why would ugly or pretty have anything to do with anything? Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows House rules , her job and who she’s working for. That she keeps order, focus and maintains decorum. I find her most attractive on many levels.

    You would think she more attractive if she allowed the GOP to run the show and have their way?

    Yes, it’s been a hard fight, yes she’s had deal with conflict, embarrassing moments, fellow party members evil ways, she has allowed it to play out and run it’s course in due fashion, allowing the system to “work”. I think she’d done a hell of a job.

    You can’t hold such a position and be endeared by everyone and be seen as “Pretty”,

    I thinks she’s simply beautiful. Now it’s Palin more pleasing to the eye, but you wouldn’t be pleased with the results.

    • Joe H.

      she keeps in mind who she works for!?!?!?!?!? Who/Obummer?? That’s the only one she listens to!!! She works for the PEOPLE!!!! She just doesn’t care about what they want or she would listen to the 68% that Are against the health care Bill. Or the 75% that want them to start OVER FROM SCRATCH!!!!

  • Wil Burns


    “The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up, literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court – according the requirements of protocol
    – has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling. I’m not sure why we are there.”
    — John Roberts

    John, you are there because you were appointed by the most crooked president in history.

    • denniso

      Who cares if the Court shows up or not…stay home and watch the speech on tv. Roberts must be some kind of wimp if he can’t take a little criticism for a huge decision on our electoral system.

      • Ray Perry

        It’s not ‘criticism’ that Justice Roberts objects to. It’s LIES. Pinocchiobama LIED about what was done, and all the communists (democrats) in the building hooted, cheered and jeered in support of his medacity. While expecting the SCOTUS to sit still and just take it? I’m with Justice Alito. He simply said to himself ‘that’s not true’ in simple response to being LIED about before the entire assembly.

        I think it would have been good for a Joe Wilson to chime in about that time. ‘YOU LIE!’

        There’s a ‘shot across the bow’ that would look good to anyone who is sick of the corrupt lying communists (democrats).

        I think if I were Justice Roberts I would have stood up and had my say, then walked out. In fact I would have loved it if all 5 who correctly voted on the matter had stood and walked.

    • Joe H.

      Wil Burns,
      He was in there long before Obummer!!!!!

    • JeffH

      dennisso came in late and really changed some minds with her 9 year old logic. Say it ain’t true!

      • Joe H.

        drnniso? change minds? That’s a good one!!!!!

  • http://(n/a) Marv

    Next time , the Supreme Court should give this Circus its PROPER recognition : they should send a LAW CLERK to take NOTES ! Then, the COURT can offer this admin their JUST REWARDS next time they come forward to argue a case of FASCISM against the American People, for yet another stab at the heart of the US Constitution ! Then these self-centered Congressional IDIOTS can enjoy each others company , both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the nearest closet !///MRB

  • http://Nil Frank Verrall

    Again we find typical nitpicking where our president is concerned . I feel that it would be better if we, the public tried pulling in the same direction to help clear the mess we are in

  • Joe

    I’m with you!

  • J C

    Maybe we could all get a grip on the rug His Hopiness is standing on and …PULL!

  • Carleen

    Not willing to pull in the wrong direction. The minority has rights but is not always right and the majority of this country see it headed down the wrong path under this minority of tyranny.

  • George E

    Nitpicking! This administration is trying to bankrupt this country through Keynesian/socialist economic policies, and you think we’re nitpicking? I think of nitpicking as something akin to aggravation, not something critical like we’re facing now.

  • Ron Landon

    Mr. Obama is trying to undermine the system set up by our founding fathers. First the Congressional leaders are not supposed to be at subsurvent to the President but equal. The Supreme Court should be appladed for standing up to the newly elected dictator, at least in his mind. He refuses to listen to what the American people want and will pay dearly for it at the mid term elections.

  • c clems

    I really dread the upcoming elections in our state. With the recent ruling by the Republican Supreme Court we will be bombarded by the Republican Corporations – as if we did not have enogh of a one sided media already. What I do not understand is why the Fox news group is quote so “respected news network” when anyone with any sense of what os going on can see right through them. Like Abraham Lincoln once said – once a lie or mistruth is said it takes 10 Angles in Heaven to turn it around. It is unsetling that our Supreme Court is so one political party slanted. My respect to the president to have the courage to acknowledge such an outright one sided approach to our political process.

  • Carleen

    You might want to reconsider where the lies are coming from. Pick up a history book, one with a copyright that precedes Progressive revisionism and develop a better understanding of the responsibilities of the three branches of government. All three have exceeded their authority.

  • Carleen

    You only think it’s slanted because they’re not on your side, but for the most part, this court rules based on the Constitution not their feelings and sensibilities. That’s how this country progressed and prospered, which it has no matter what the Left tries to feed us through the media.

    By the Way, Fox is one outlet. Change the channel or actually listen–you might learn something. The others aren’t into instructive reporting, but manipulation. Stay down and dumb or watch and listen to another perspective once in a while. There is a right to free speech after all.

    We used to have the right to be wrong in this country but now we don’t even have the right to be right.

  • Carleen

    P.S. I love that you’re quoting a Republican.

  • William Nealey

    well c clems it’s obviouse you’r not smart enough to even read let alone under stand what you see or hear on the news. but then you probaly never watch or listen to Fox news. you should try it. you just might learn something. maybe!!

  • California70

    I take it, from your comments, you don’t mind if the Supreme Court is slanted left, but it’s just not alright to be slanted right? In other words socialism is okay?

    Do you really know the difference between democracy, socialism, fascism, and communism? Or did you just learn in school that “left, or Progressive” is the correct way to be? If so, I’m here to educate you that Progressive is nothing more than another code word for Communist. Read your history – Get educated.

  • momof4

    You have got to be kidding.

  • Meteorlady

    Hellooooooooo – it’s very easy to see who has contributed to a campaign. Just read – oh wait, liberals just shout they don’t really read history or study the economic consequences of their actions do they?

  • David Wheeler

    The Supreme Court decision had nothing to do with a political party.
    It had every thing to do with the Constitution of the United States.
    The First Amendment reads as follows.
    Congress shall make no law respecting an
    establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free
    exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
    or of the press; or the right of the people
    peacseably to assemble, and to petition the
    Government for a redress of grievances.
    Trust that no still means no!!

  • William Nealey

    Marv. you are so right. especialy about those IDIOTS which as we all know washington is full of any more,

  • Americanadian

    When you said Fascism, is this what you meant?

    [Fascism is] a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-liberal, and in the last analysis, anti-conservative nationalism. As such it is an ideology deeply bound up with modernization and modernity, one which has assumed a considerable variety of external forms to adapt itself to the particular historical and national context in which it appears, and has drawn a wide range of cultural and intellectual currents, both left and right, anti-modern and pro-modern, to articulate itself as a body of ideas, slogans, and doctrine. In the inter-war period it manifested itself primarily in the form of an elite-led “armed party” which attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to generate a populist mass movement through a liturgical style of politics and a programme of radical policies which promised to overcome a threat posed by international socialism, to end the degeneration affecting the nation under liberalism, and to bring about a radical renewal of its social, political and cultural life as part of what was widely imagined to be the new era being inaugurated in Western civilization. The core mobilizing myth of fascism which conditions its ideology, propaganda, style of politics and actions is the vision of the nation’s imminent rebirth from decadence.

  • Radio UpNorth

    I’m not sure about your meaning here, Marv.

    Are you saying the Obama administration is Fascist?

    It’s the other way around. The Corporate International Socialists who control this country economically and politically that are the FASCISTS.

    And are they worried about any of our rights? Or are we just “peasants” to be used as so much resource and discared when worn out or just not needed anymore?

  • William Nealey

    I’m with you J C.

  • Radio UpNorth

    I’d just think your types should just go slap your monkeys for intellectual amusement.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Judy

    Well said Ray Perry!

  • Radio UpNorth

    The minority of tyranny = corporate international socialists = Fascists.

  • Radio UpNorth

    The tyranny of right wing hooters and hollerer’s are what is causing this country to become politically decadent. It starts with rant radio controled by the corporate international socialists.

    While they are trying so hard to overturn the country so marshall law and a coup d’etat can be hoped for, it will be real hard for that view to succeed.

    Anybody join up with the Coffee Pary yet?

  • Radio UpNorth

    Spoken like a true libertarian with a very selective reading list.

    Are you really convinced you will be better off with no government and just paying your dues to some local gang leader, tribal chief or warlord?

    And, who will have the nukes? I’m going to want to join that warlord.

  • Radio UpNorth

    The right to be right is the only flavor on right wing rant radio.

    But, tear the country to pieces if the really right political view is not agreed to be everyone at center or left.

    One heck of a political theory about having a democracy.

    But, just what the corporate international socialists have plotted and planned for to consolidate absolute control of the politics and institutions in our country. It’s a practiced process with all the banana republics under their control.

  • Joe

    And with this lastest SC decision, you are entitled to all the speech you can afford. This makes it clear that corporations and the extremely rich have free speech while ‘We The People” have none.

  • Radio UpNorth

    That Beck or Hannity believe in assassinating Obama?

  • Radio UpNorth

    Does “no” to everything really come out as an intelligent choice for everything?

    Shouldn’t the United Citizens v. FEC giving freedom of speech rights to corporate international socialists best have been a “no”?

  • angel-wanna-be

    Thats a bit over the top?

  • independant thinker

    Actualy Beck wants to throw the whole bunch out and start over with hopefuly people who will listen to what the citizens of this country want not toe the various party lines like both sides do now.

  • J C

    You’re a professional lunatic aren’t you?

  • Warrior

    The big O shouldn’t have stopped with just admonishing the Supreme Court. He should of also used the opportunity to go after Charlie Rangel, Massa, and the rest of the corrupted elected officials. Or maybe the state of the union should just become the presidents forum for scolding everyone that doesn’t agree with him. It appears he was listing to Rev Wright all those years after all.

  • California70

    The correct definition of a Fascist is:

    A political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition. (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)

  • independant thinker

    At least Carleen can read. She never said she wanted no government she said all three branches have been allowed to overstep their boundries and grab more power than they sre supposed to have under the constitution.

  • J C

    Libertarianism isn’t about “no government” its about Limited Constitutional Government.

  • California70

    Radio-Up-North…have you ever “bought-the-farm”.
    Some corporations are socialist like George Soros for instance. He’s a socialist in this Country making billions of dollars running a hedge fund that buys up gold, Euros, and others things in countries like Greece for one, then sells short to screw-up their economy, and cause them to fail or at least almost fail. This is manipulation at the highest order. This guy is who backs Obama, and then trys to dump our Country the same way he helped dump the Soviet Union. This is all in his best interest. He wants America to become socialist.

    If you’re truely interested in socialist corporations and hate them so much, it would behoove you to research this guy and all the organizations he backs with his money including the Daily KOZ, and Obama!

    Get educated!

  • chuck b

    how true this comment!

    Great quote. Too bad we don’t know who wrote it….
    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” — Author Unknown

  • California70

    Chuck b,

    Well said!!! And unfortunately and sadly true.

  • J C

    You seem very confused.

  • JeffH

    Gee whiz, and to think it might be the leftist democrats, liberals and progressives pushing for a “One World Order” or maybe the rightwing paranoia promoted by ranting rightwing radio stations paid in full by “corrupt industrial socialists” would be unfathomable.
    I have my suspicions.

  • Ray Perry

    Anyone who thinks we may have ‘marshall’ law needs to become acquainted with a dictionary before he starts lecturing others on their reading or anything else.

  • Meteorlady

    No coffee party for me. You are just too crazy to be believable.

  • mike

    oscar hits the nail on the head, the president was wrong in what he said. while i beleive his staff should be smart enough to have the facts correct in every case, especially when the president is including it in his state of the union address. but of course, he should have known this as well being the lawyer that he is. nothing like being hung out to dry on national t.v.. as far as the justices are concerned, it would be in their best interest to not attend the address. i do not know the reason to attend, be silent and be expressionless. of course it is not about them though, it is out of respect for the office to attend. but, if they were to be called out on their decision, it should have been in private where they could have responded, not on national t.v. where their hands are tied and is not the correct venue anyway. then you get the congress to stand and clap right over their bodies, what an insult and show of disrespect. but in the same token both sides of the aisle do this with their parties president. it is an address to the nation, all of them should stay seated and shut up, maybe it would not take as long and cast less sneers at each other. the justices are who they are and did not get there being dummies, and also have to vote on what is on the docket so it is not only one justice making the decision. it was roberts that made the statement in question, because he is the cj. one more note as well, this country is basing most all decisions or arguements on case law, duh, the courts let this get away from them, we should be deciding on yes, so easy——— constitutinal law —–

  • Dennis

    I think i just found a new friend. Amen Brother very well put.

  • JeffH

    California70, Soros is far worse than you can imagine. He is very likely America’s most influential hater. This guy has spent hundreds of millions to form socialist political activist non profits to break down America from within. He very well could be Obamas puppet master.

  • Meteorlady

    California – thanks – you hit the nail on the head. There are even more people out there like Soros. They make their money off human misery and then try to soothe their consciences by advocating socialism. Socialism to them is manipulation of the financial markets to their benefit. It’s getting the puppets (candidates) elected so they can pull the strings to their benefit.

    Eye keeps harping on Koch Corporation so lets talk about them. They were started in 1936. They are privately owned and provide jobs for 650 people and 140 dealers servicing 18 states.

    They were recently awarded a letter of commendation for the “superior workmanship and management” by the Department of Defense. They completed the work three month before the contract date and were under budget even though the Navey added things to the contract.

    Here’s what Charles G. Koch – a lifelong student of history who likes to learn from the past – advocates:

    “History clearly shows that societies have benefitted from the encouragement of certain principles. Those principles include personal accountability, political freedom, the rule of law, sound money, open markets and respect for property rights.

    To the extent that nations have embraced these freedoms and disciplines, their citizens have benefitted in every measurable way, including longer lives. ”

    He recommends studying Argentina and Venezuela. Both prosperous and thriving nations with growth rates even greater than Germany. In 1960 the GSP for Venezuela was equal to that of Canada, Australia and Switzerland. Argentina was one of the 10 riches nations in the world. Peron’s government nationalized entire industries, censored media, promoted runaway budget deficits and multiplied government programs which increased taxes. It demonized successful businesses and the wealthy.

    This is the person and company that Eyes loves to demonize and hate. I’d say she has been sufficiently brainwashed by the media wouldn’t you?

  • JC

    “NO” To everything communist is a most intelligent choice.

  • JC

    Our types? Presumptuous moron aren’t you?

  • Joe H.

    I would, but I don’t know your location!!!! you are the only Monkey I know!!!

  • Meteorlady

    I can almost bet you are from Seattle or somewhere in Western Washington, maybe even Oregon. If so, why is your state is so much trouble. They had a deficit when Chris took over and she ran and said no tax increases, then all of a sudden you have budget problems. Seems all the solid fiscally conservative states are doing pretty good, the socialist/liberal states are not. How do you account for that? As for the name calling and condescending remarks, they are childish and do nothing to prove a point. Once you start down that road you are doomed to lock step with the government whether they are right or wrong.

  • git it right

    Sounds like what the conservatives are pushing for. One religion, one national party, everybody believing in just the conservative ideas. No other thoughts allowed.

  • Meteorlady

    “Sounds like that’s what conservatives are pushing for”? Where have you been – I am religious, but not radically so and don’t attend a church. I do charity work about 8 to 15 hours a week. I have worked hard, paid my taxes, never collected one cent of government assistance, save for my retirement and medical and just want to be left alone to live my life out. I am NEVER rewarded for being responsible, I’m always the one that gets the tax increase or has to be told I need to support people that are able to work but don’t want to, or deal drugs, or drink themselves to death, or people that are unhealthy/overweight/smoke, or people that didn’t take advantage of their educational benefits. If that makes me a fascist, them so be it. The rest of you that so firmly believe that I owe you something need to let me know that that would be and why I owe you anything. Please, someone just answer that one question. Is is enough that I pay my taxes and give to charities? I guess not, now I owe everyone free health care because I was responsible enough to save for mine. Who will you tap for money when I run out?

  • Earlw

    OH,WHY DON’T WE JUST HAVE A CIVIL WAR, SINCE WE’RE SO DIVIDED??? Don’t you see that this is the old ideal of divide and conquer? Meanwhile the chain-jerkers stab you both in the back…and steal your wallet!

  • JeffH

    “corporate international socialists” Polly want a cracker?

  • JeffH

    Would you expect anything else. In the liberal world dictionary, “to take back our government” means to promote violence with use of force, ie, guns, and “to run the politicians out of office” must mean assasination? You go figure where they get the ideas?
    I sure wouldn’t wish to have Biden or Pelosi as my president, that would be even worse.

  • Joe H.

    lkie Obummers good buddy sorass!!!

  • momof4

    Or is it soreass. Sorry I just couldn’t help it.

  • momof4

    My you have got to be kidding comment was for Clems

  • Joe H.

    don’t appologize for telling the truth!!!!

  • Ray Perry

    Pinocchiobama and other communists (democrats) said that the SCOTUS decision overturned a century of law. LIE! The law overturned was fairly recent. And they did not strike down the whole thing.

    I believe the rhinoceros John McCain was in on the making of that law. McCain-Feingold Campaign finance ‘reform’ or something like that. That little word ‘reform’ is probably the second most abused word in the English language after ‘choice’. If you don’t like something you speak about ‘reform’. It is assumed by most listeners that anything undergoing ‘reform’ will emerge better isn’t it? Why then does it have to be overturned? Maybe it was not better. Just like ‘choice’. Doesn’t the average female have several choices that no one would ever deny her before she gets pregnant with a child she does not want? There’s where the ‘choice’ abuse comes in.

    As for ‘politicizing’ the SCOTUS, go back to FDR’s days to see when it started. FDR and the communists (democrats) did it, and now that there is FINALLY an awakening among people who want to STOP politicizing it, those who did it start having multiple orgasms about someone else ‘politicizing’ it. Actually what happened is an attempt to reverse the politicizing of the last 75 years. Typical of communist (democrat) corruption and twisting, to claim that reversal of their politicizing is ‘politicizing’.

  • denniso

    Ray, if Dems were actually communists,how in hell are so many involved in corporate america and making millions/yr after they leave office? Isn’t that capitalism? I don’t guess you actually know what a communist is,so like the other no nothings,you toss the word around at your political enemies because it resonates w/ other fools…you’re a joke.

  • Ray Perry

    denniso, Except for on this site,have I ever read such pure drivel…you couldn’t possibly have gotten any higher education. Are you a nascar and cage fighting fan as well as being a paranoid wacko w/ no actual knowledge of anything credible? Bigfoot,space aliens,crop circles,all part of your study of history??

    No doubt you HAVE been indoctrinated in the corrupt communist-controlled government schools, but indoctrination is not the same as education. You certainly are living proof that ‘you can’t fix stupid’. Not even with indoctrination.

  • Ray Perry

    Ray, if Dems were actually communists,how in hell are so many involved in corporate america and making millions/yr after they leave office? Isn’t that capitalism? I don’t guess you actually know what a communist is,so like the other no nothings,you toss the word around at your political enemies because it resonates w/ other fools…you’re a joke.

    I am not the main one saying that democrats are communists. It’s the admitted avowed communists that say it. Apparently your comprehension skills are deficient or you would plainly see that, and that I have already pointed it out.

    It’s the schools, that have broken our culture down and made all greed-motivated practices prevalent. Who controls the schools and what is taught in them? The communists (democrats). It’s no accident that people like you are so prevalent now.

  • Bob Wire

    still making wild claim and calling names I see. ~

    tell me , is it working for ya?

    you know I’ve heard that it’s a form of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different results.

    It’s true that our educational institutions are dominated by progressive thinkers, reason being ~ a close mind has never been much for absorbing information much less the discipline to process it. You can’t fault them for that anymore then you can separate a horse barn from the smell.

    But to suggest our institutions of higher learning are communist-controlled is well over the top. ~ Schools don’t teach what to think ~ but how to think. For Christ sakes where did you attend school?

    And stupid can be corrected ~ but first it must be identified and isolated. ~ My personal experience is everyone is bright about something, the problems we have is when some reach a point of success in one area and think they are bright in all things, becoming Legions in their own mind. We see this a lot. 43 was such a person and yet he had failed at just about everything he’d ever attempted to do prior to his run for governor. ~ Think maybe he did well on the varsity “pep squad” ~ no doubt it was a demanding effort on his part. Coupled with a mother’s unwavering love that must have been enough success to fake until he made it.

  • denniso

    So, it’s ‘the admitted,avowed,communists’ who are calling the Dems communists??? Who the hell are the admitted,avowed,communists?

    And, the ‘schools have broken our culture down’?? How do they do that? By trying to teach math,science,reading? You are out to lunch and off the wall Ray P…you’ve been listening to/reading too much rightwing extremist propoganda for your own good. You’re spouting pure nonsense.
    And, I don’t guess you’ve studied any real economics in your own education…capitalism itself promotes greed and puts money before absolutely everything..that’s how it sort of works. You really need to read and study actual facts,history,economics,political philosophy,etc…try it and get off of sites like this that are only making your lack of knowledge worse.

  • Meteorlady

    Capitalism does promote greed. If I didn’t get something for working I would not work. Call it greed or whatever you want but it’s a reward for good behavior and I love to be greedy and make a decent living! There is a good book you should read – it’s by Ayn Rand and it’s called The Virtue of Selfishness. Maybe you can get some insight into why we are “greedy”. We need money to live so we work and make money. If the job doesn’t pay enough or my business isn’t getting me enough to live on, I move on and look for something else. The rest of you socialist just sit around demanding that the government take my money and pass it out to others “less fortunate” who can work, but won’t. Do you think it’s nice to keep entire generations dependent on the government for handouts? Has your government actually won “The War on Proverty”? Do you think it’s fair to the children of those people to grow up in a system of not having to work and just collecting? Do you think it’s fair that we all have to pay for that miscarriage of government fraud? There is an entire voting block out there that is TOTALLY dependent on the government and the government today likes it that way. It’s all about control.

  • Meteorlady

    Another “blame Bush” person. As for failing, Bush left Texas as one of the biggest producers of power in the US so he couldn’t have been all that bad as governor of the state. He also did a few other things that were good. I’m not a hugh fan of him as President, but he didn’t make the laws, congress did; he didn’t go to war without congressional approval; he tried to talk to the Senate Finance Committee about the coming banking crises and got nowhere. In fact, they told him Fannie and Freddie were well run institutions. My point here is that there is something good everywhere, but we dwell on the past and past mistakes and tend to isolate one person for all the problems. Bush never passed a law when President so put blame where blame lies – on the congress.

  • Bob Wire

    I just said Bush was a great cheer leader and failed at everything else he’s ever done. If you can find an unfiltered Bio, read it! ~ YOu want to blame BUSH for Texas having crude and natural gas reserves? That really doesn’t make sense now does it. Ann Richard had the house in order when Bush took over. I admit he didn’t destroy Texas if that pleases anyone. Sure can’t say he helped us. Unless your knowable about pre- Bush Texas politics, you really don’t want to go there with me.

    History offers us a long list of facts holding the Bush administration responsible for many things, most of them bad.

    You can blame congress for trusting the administration to keep them informed with good intel, Colin Power is still holding his head low for his part in the charades. Senior military staff has retied early rather then be connected with the administration. It’s a 8 year grab fest and war profiteering, I don’t blame Bush ,I blame the people that put him in the position and the people that offered him council.

    So yes, please, place the blame where it belongs ~ people that put the man in power. So ~ there plenty of people to share the shame. I would hope it’s sensitive issue with many people that consider themselves ~ bright.

    That he appointed three (3) supreme court justices should be cause for concern for anyone that wears shoes.


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