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Chief Justice Roberts And The Final Lesson

July 3, 2012 by  

Chief Justice Roberts And The Final Lesson
A member of the Tea Party Patriots held a copy of the Constitution as he prayed in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as the court heard arguments on the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

Ask the right Republican (I’m looking at you, Erick Erickson) and he’ll tell you that, on Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t murder the Constitutional separation of powers that has kept this country from either falling into the sort of state that would welcome back King George III with open arms or devolving into open conflict. According to a number of self-described conservatives and Roberts apologists, he did the opposite. In declaring Obamacare a tax (as opposed to the penalty President Barack Obama proffered in lower Federal court proceedings), Roberts deftly handed the reins of authority back to Congress. By RINO logic, Roberts correctly surmised that since taxing power lies within the purview of the legislative branch rather than the executive, declaring Obamacare’s central tenet a “tax” ensured that Congress could choke off Obamacare like a Planned Parenthood butcher chokes off unborn children (and likely with similar glee).

Begging your pardon, my fine fair-weather friends, but that is a steaming load of the sort of stuff Al Sharpton smears on teenage girls. In order to save individual liberties and the fiscal future of the Republic, Roberts gave the contents of the National safe to the Stalinist thugs who broke through the door. Perhaps he thought that would spur the rest of us to rise up and collectively toss the Democratic home invaders back on the lawn. But as anyone who lives in a Democratic-majority city knows, once the bad guys get in the house, they’ll leave only with all of your belongings or a bellyful of lead. (I recommend .12 gauge buckshot for your home-defense needs.)

Presuming the RINOs are correct, we’re supposed to believe that one of our own “roofied” us and set us down amid a group of politicos which includes Bill Clinton — all in an effort to teach us a lesson about Constitutional dictates. Should that be the case, Roberts has accomplished his goal in an inappropriate manner, and he’s identified himself as the worst sort of turncoat. You don’t set your house on fire to teach the kids a lesson about playing with matches too close to the drapes.

And Roberts’ overly accommodating accomplices will have to pardon me: We don’t require the lesson. Judging by the unpopularity of Obamacare among the majority of Americans, most of us already understood that such bureaucratic behemoths threaten civil liberties the way the Internal Revenue Service is going to threaten taxpayers who defy the Imperial Presidency. (And won’t it be exciting when the first IRS strike team runs into citizens who employ their 2nd Amendment rights to defend the rest?) Those who support Obamacare vote for Democrats. So as long as those voters have no responsibilities, they’re more than happy to let an increasingly despotic government constrict their rights.

I suspect Roberts had no intention of instructing Americans on the dangers of leaving our civil liberties in plain sight of the Democratic pickpockets. Quite the opposite: He was punting. In granting his approval to Obamacare, Roberts said: “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” Combine the fact that most Americans wanted little to do with Obama’s reanimation of Hillarycare’s corpse with the Democrats’ deep unpopularity that began with the 2010 Congressional elections, and you’ll see that no one asked Roberts and the Supreme Court to do so. And we’re well on the way to correcting the political mistakes we made in 2008 on a more permanent level come November.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • MAP

    Since liberals/communists/socialists/leftists are a minority at less than half the conservative population, the only way they can implement their radical, extreme agenda is by force. Hence, all leftist regimes are totalitarian. Of course, in their delusional state they are incapable of recognizing this fact. In the dream world they live in they are smarter than the rest of us and know better than we do what is best. As one loon at this site declared, the people had finally won one in the healthcare debacle. This represents such disconnect from reality as to leave one astonished. After all, the overwhelming majority of the population is against the bill. Obviously in their diseased, delusional mind, forcing the healthcare bill on the majority was a just measure. Fortunately for the rest of us, these mentally insane loons only represent a minority. And pay back will come in November.


    • Bruce Christie

      I think you are missing the big point and the big picture here. They may well be loons and may well be in the minority, but they have the President and CEO of America on their side and his lackeys whom he is protecting by use of Executive Privilege. Smoke and Mirrors of any sort to keep the discussion away from the economy are being used and unless we tie Obamacare as just another unwarranted Tax Bill to the Economy, we will lose out using the Supreme Court’s decision as an extremely useful tool for us “non loons”. Pay back will not come in November unless we double our efforts and preach to the Obamites what he is really all about and ask the question to our African American friends, are you really going to vote for someone AGAIN just because of their colour?

      • Walt

        You said:
        “ask the question to our African American friends, are you really going to vote for someone AGAIN just because of their colour”?

        Of course they will! To them, it’s not about politics or economics,or what’s in the best interest of the country’s generations to come.

        It’s about race, it’s about keeping their “homie in da house”, giving them da freebies, punishing Whitey, issuing reparations through Executive Orders, teaching the “White Slave Massa” a lesson for all the centuries of exploitation.

        It’s about primitive tribalism and the ultimate supremacy of their black race over the European races in America; and if it takes collapsing the whole house to achieve their goals…so be it, they will be content to transform America into a North American version of Zimbabwe, as long as they call the shots and push whitey out.

    • Tom Cook

      Map, have we learned nothing about “conservatives?” No one would have believed Justice Roberts could have flamed out. Do we believe that we can trust Romney even if the greedy grasping “gimme something mister proles” don’t reinstate the usurper?

      • MAP

        Tom, you read too much into my comment. I do not think Romney is our savior. I believe he, just like Obama, is merely a puppet for the money powers, the real rulers. Consider, for instance, how much of our country is controlled by radical extremists on the left, a minority of the population. Could this be possible in a real democracy? It is an indication that things are not as we are told.

      • The GLB

        To Tom Cook @ 8:19 am: Roberts had to flame out when he realized that ole Mr. Reliable-Swing-Vote Kennedy was NOT going to take the decision in the direction that the PTB needed it to go.

        Perhaps that is the reason that Roberts ‘flamed’ out. The flaming out had nothing to do with ‘Constitutional’ Conservatism, or ‘Judicial’ Activism, or Reverting the taxing power back to the Legislative Branch. It all had to do with further collapsing the United States; destroying the Constitution (stick a fork in that sucker it is well past done); and strengthening the choke hold that the PTB (The Banking Elite, i.e. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, et al) have on the U.S. and the world to further facilitate the implementation of the NWO when the dollar collapses as the ‘World’s Reserve Currency’.

        Hold on to your hats folks, we are in for on heck of a ride, especially when one considers the the PTB behind the implementation of the NWO want to kill 93% of the world’s population (Use your search engine to learn about the Georgia Guidestones). And as I have written to my Neo-con friend (who does NOT recognize the FALSE Left/Right paradigm): Do you think that you will be a part of the 7% that is allowed to live?

      • http://YAHOO CLYDE

        Romery can not be worse than Obama he has cared America down since he clamed to be which he is not president of way he is not a American.

      • Deerinwater

        CLYDE says:
        July 3, 2012 at 12:45 pm
        Romery can not be worse than Obama he has cared America down since he clamed to be President.

        Torn? Scared? I’m looking for your intent. ~ while I get you jest.

        All I can say Clyde, maybe Romney has not got around to you yet, but it is documented that he has in his efforts to make millions, employing the Capitalist system and a team of Attorneys displace thousands of American families, robbing whole communities of employment , put them “outdoors” while retirement and pension funds magically disappears.

        Maybe you should look a little closer into Mitt Ronmey’s character and more so his history. I’m not saying that he is a bad man, for he is not. He’s a nice man with a lovely family.

        Now Clyde, I have deliberately excluded some of the more unflattering commentary and have attempt to expose a pattern of behavior that Mitt Romney thinks is fair play and just all right by him and all of his friends.

        Today is July 4th and offering three links, this will take a while to get posted, but I hope that it does and you look into it with an open mind and maybe realize you could well be next.

    • msbets

      I’m sorry, but there way too many weak people grovelling for for hand outs, they do not work, nor do they deserve it, we are too broke to be socialized, in order for it to work requires fiscal discipline, it takes SAVINGS,,,,,,,,not MONEY but actual SAVING……..I get a kick out of these people that say Canada has socialized Medicine…….they fail to realize, Canada has 34 million people with approx 1 trillion in debt, WE have 313 million and a debt of 15 trillion soon to be 16 trillion, and I don’t care how you slice it Canada’s healthcare sucks, but comparing the two is like apples and oranges, the UK and Canada are rationing healthcare as we speak, and the waiting lists are months and months long, the UK is euthanizing, older weak people to free up BEDS…………..WE DO NOT HAVE A PRAY HERE UNLESS THE MESSIAH IS TOSSED TO THE LAWN.

      • dean

        and if you look at the western block of europe and ask anyone who lives in these countries(states now) they will say the same thing. In order to see a doctor for anything, ,you must have a second health insurance plan to stay alive!!

    • Steve Lohrstorfer

      What a load of crap. Typical tatic though, If I just kkep saying “the majority are against it it” it will become true. Some people are against because they have been led to believe Obama care will take their health insurance when in fact if you have health insurance it doesn’t even involve you. O.K. here it comes about how america will fall apart over this healthcare. Ever bit of good social change that ever took place started out the end all of everything. It can’t be worse than the total collapse of the entire economy that just took place, speaking of delusional braindead people

      • Vigilant

        “Some people are against because they have been led to believe Obama care will take their health insurance when in fact if you have health insurance it doesn’t even involve you.”

        If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

        The MAIN PURPOSE is to make employer insurance so expensive that the employer will drop the coverage, thereby forcing people into the Gov’t plan. You must have been born yesterday.

      • Smilee

        Vigilant says:
        July 4, 2012 at 10:00 am

        Where you getting your information from, the only government health care plans are Medicare and Medicaid and they have been in law since 1965, The changes in medicare that allow for private plans (Medicare C) enacted in 2004 increased the cost for medicare C over Medicare B to to the taxpayers by 14%, this new law says that Medicare B and C have to be paid the same saving the taxpayers appox 500 billion dollars in the next ten years, this correction and that is what it is, is called a cut in medicare services by conservative rhetoric and it is not, no one on Medicare has any reduced coverage in fact the law increases coverage’s a plus for seniors so it saves taxpayers and gives more coverage’s and has no negative effect on medicare recipents or taxpayers. This new law crates no new government plans all the insurance plans are private plans with new regulations but weather it is a employer plan or a private plan for all pre seniors, both fthe employer plans or exchange plans are not government plan both are private plans, SO QUIT TRYING TO CONVINCE US THIS IS A GOVERNMENT PLAN!! It’s simply not true.

    • Eric Jones

      if you think liberals are totalitarian it is you who is delusional. websters standard dictionary defines liberal as ” Generous; ample; not literal or strict, as a translation; tolerant broad minded, esp in religion or POLITICS; favoring progressand reforms; -n one who is tolerant, broad minded or in favor of progress and reforms. a member of a liberal political partey.” however it defines totalitarian as ” of or pertaning to a centralized form of gover ment in which those in control grant recognition nor tolerance toto parties of differing opinions -n an adherant of totalitarian princeaples ” which sounds closer to todays goverment to you personally i,d say the latter.

      • seanpatrick3000

        Have you ever heard the term, Orwellian double speek? They call themselves liberal and progressive but they are anything but, they are totalitarianists to the core. in the 1920′s before fascism got a bad name the big lefties in this country thought that was the way the US should go, in fact parts of FDR’s new deal came straight from Italies Fascists and Mousalini. Then we know where Fascism lead so they turned it into a right wing philosophy when it was anything but.

        • Eric Jones

          Orwellion double speack? i,m pretty sure thats a republican trademark.

  • 45caliber

    I’ve been wondering what sort of bargain Oblama and his friends promised Roberts if he voted that way.

    • Howard Roark

      I believe that Obummers goons got to roberts and threatened him physically or some other way to vote the way he did. also remember the private meeting he had with eight of the nine justices.(in total violation of law. Exparte communication)

      • Kate8

        Hi guys – I always thought CJ Roberts had a sneaky, unreadable look in his eyes.

        Bear in mind that this is not his first sellout. He dropped the eligibility case against Obama after being paid a “visit” the night before…by morning it had disappeared off the Court docket.

        He’s a traitor, plain and simple. Was probably planted on the Court for that reason… he could be manipulated. Maybe they have something on him (their favorite way to control politicians) or he was threatened. Happens every day.

        BTW, all this gibberish about why O’care is or isn’t Constitutional, and the political wrangling, the whining over the repurcussions… the fact is, the majority of Americans DON’T WANT IT. That is reason enough, even if it was Constitutional (which it isn’t).

        Congress is supposed to represent the voice of the people. They are supposed to work for us. Therefore, they aren’t given the authority to OVERRIDE us! WTH? Why don’t they stop with all of the petitions to the abusers citing reasons why they should, pretty please, stop with this particular abuse? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Has anyone noticed that we are being treated more and more like dogs every day?

        They have an agenda, and they want it now. THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO US, and they aren’t going to. It doesn’t matter whether Romney gets in, or Obama stays in. Unless the whole system is brought down, the NWO agenda moves forward. Those who think we can make changes (in our favor) within the R/L illusion is delusional.

        We need to stop playing their game. Stop buying things. Cut off the money which powers them… without money, they are toast. And refuse to comply.

      • MAP

        Kate, this thing is well beyond the healthcare bill. Healthcare, illegal immigration and queer marriage are all three ruling in defiance of overwhelming opposition. It is rapidly becoming a dictatorship. We just pay the taxes. Who needs our approval?

      • Kate8

        MAP – Exactly. They don’t care what we think about anything.

        Elections are a joke. Happens all over the world.

        That’s why I say we need to just start ignoring them. They know that the inane ‘laws’ they keep forcing down our throats, by legislators, rulings or edicts, are absurd and provocative. That is the whole point of it… to incite us to revolt. Of course, that will get most of us killed.

        But then, that is also the plan… to eliminate us. So we’re toast whether we do or whether we don’t.

        Might as well live freely while we still can. Who knows, maybe we’ll survive… Unless it’s to live free, I’d as soon not.

        You know the saying… Fake it ’til you make it.

      • msbets

        I absolutely believe that, they did threaten him, this was one asinine ruling, one is not suppose make laws from the bench and a stupid one at that, to me it was like a law student wrote it, I definitely do not believe he made a so called brilliant move, all he did make introduce a new law, toss it back to Congress and WE THE PEOPLE, but left the door wide open, so that …….thing, could make us purchase anything it chose, and what would the mrs do with power like that……………he must go and I pray to God, we all get out and vote, believe me it’s going to all of us, to over come….fraud, illegals, and intimidation at the polls, cause the new black panthers will be out in front of ALL polling stations……….cause this……… is a little uptight about this re-election and when an animal gets cornered, you know the results.

      • TooTrue

        Hahahaha! Then katie says : “Hi guys – I always thought CJ Roberts had a sneaky, unreadable look in his eyes.” Bet you didn’t know eyes could be ‘sneaky’ even when
        they were ‘unreadable.’ Never seen so many people so completely off their rocker.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with Howard. I think he was threatened!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Probably no one got to Roberts except his own fear of his own mortality and health situation and the strain the costs are putting on his family.

      • The GLB

        To Nadzieja Batki @ 11:46 am: You are obviously NOT aware that the three branches of ‘gubment’ have their own health care plan and they will NOT be subjected to the ACA; the law is for the ‘proles’, NOT the governing Elite.

        Even Ginsburg has nothing to fear from the ‘Death Panels’, although anybody else in her condition will.

        The three branches of the ‘gubment’ have nothing to lose by imposing this unlawful ‘Law’ on the American people, so why would they NOT give it the go-ahead?

    • Dan Christopher

      Just as LBJ was promised…reverse (JFK’s) EO 11110…we’ll permit you to live!

  • oldbill

    I have discovered that since turning 65 it is much easier to tend towards socialism. I’m also a veteran. I worked for the US for four years for sub-minimum wages while risking my life. My problem with the Supreme Court ruling on the Healthcare Law is that it should have been upheld or found unconstitutional in its entirety. When Reagan was President, he demanded a “line item veto”. Finally Mr. Clinton got Mr. Reagan’s wish, and shortly after using it, the Supreme Court found that the line item veto was unconstitutional because, it’s Congresses job to write the laws, not the President’s. It appears here that we now have the Supreme Court of unelected officials, rewriting laws rather than accepting or rejecting them using the Constitution as the standard. It isn’t the Supreme Court’s job “to try and make a law constitutional”. It’s Congresses job. If any part of the law is unconstitutional or in this case, misworded in a way that looks fraudlent, the whole law should be rejected so that Congress can do its job, and write a law that is Constitutional. The Healthcare Law is based on a mandate employing the power of Congress to “regulate commerce”. The law was never presented or contructed to be a “tax”.

    • MAP

      oldbill, what branch or soverign determines constitutionality is a flaw in the document. It has been a debate and question since ratification. The consolidationists wanted it to be the Supreme Court (though this power is not granted by the Constitution). Considering the record of the Supreme Court since its usurpation of the power, the states’ rights platform is well worthy of our attention.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      As long as we are alive we will always have “needs” of some kind, be them work, cars toasters, a shower stall, a bed, schools and food, clothing, and shelter. It is a matter of who we believe should provide us with these things from the mundane to the utopian.

      • Isaac Davis

        Maybe YOUR anser is standing in your shoes and staring back at you in the mirror…Plenty of us American Citizens have always known where our responsibility begins. This is a Constitutional Republic, well, it was until TOD last Thursday, and it guaranteed individuals equality of opportunity, and not the equality of outcomes. No one is responsible for anyone else unless YOU wish it to be so, and YOU do not have any such right to impose what you want on anyone else.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
  • Mike Thomas

    When It comes to second amendment rights, has anyone noticed how the government has shifted it’s target for gun control from hand guns and concealable weapons to the long gun/rifle. They know pistols are no match for rifles in a real fight. Hold on to your rifles with scopes. That is what they really fear. Yamamoto was right!!!

    • rb

      You are correct. Currently if you are convicted of a felony of any type for what ever reason, firearm related or not, you are not allowed to own any firearms of any type. I just met a guy who had a felony for property damage over whatever the amount it becomes a felony. He served his time, paid his fines and even paid restitution for the damages. After that the police confiscated his collection of rifles and shotguns handed down to him from his Grandfather.

  • Steve E

    Ben, you wrote ” And won’t it be exciting when the first IRS strike team runs into citizens who employ their 2nd Amendment rights to defend the rest?”. That will be the SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.

  • jopa

    Oh my goodness.This weeks Boogie man is the IRS.What happened last week, the ATF boogieman never did show up.More fear mongering and misleading info to keep you all dumbed down.Actually the last time I have heard of anyone losing some gun rights was in Mass. when ovoMitt Romney was the governor.He had assault rifles and pistols banned.

    • RivahMitch

      No change. They’re BOTH the intrusive Federal government and they’re BOTH the enemy. That you’re either naive or on their side doesn’t make it less so.

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      Man you and flashy must have had the same brand of cool aid …I will assure you you are wasting your time trying to spread your commie crap and make it stick.

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        meant for joppa

    • Sanders


      You need to do some more homework, then come back and talk intelligently, informed. Romney signed a bill into law a ban on assault rifles, a bill that the Demorat super majority in both houses of MA congress passed. They had already overcame many, many of Romney’s vetos and threathened they would do the same with this law. So why even waste the taxpayers money and prolong the inevitable. You’re such a blind Liberal.

  • http://Google Mike Haley

    The recent “Extreme Court” decision marks our departure from a Nation of Laws. The Constitution, already routinely eroded by the Executive and Legislative branches, can expect little protection from the Judicial. The only protection the 2nd Amendment offers is the willingness to use it as it’s authors originally intended.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      that is certainly right, when government becomes tyranny, it is the duty of the citizens to take over by using our 2nd admendment rights,( the very reason for the 2nd admendment)

  • cawmun cents

    I predict that next there will be same sex marriage being made Constitutionally ratified(with chief Roberts’ blessing),along with Affirmative Action.There will be a stronger push to be rid of the”creator”spoken of in this country’s founding document.Obama will be re-elected.
    This will result in freedom for the democracy that is spoken of as two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner.The blessings we used to have from said”creator”will no longer apply,and people will continue to blame Him for their own idiocy.Good luck with that one folks,but as someone has said before,”I have read the book,and it ends poorly…..(paraphrasing)”
    I sure hope I am wrong about these ones.

    • Bruce Christie

      The book everyone needs to read is The Amateur by Edward Klein.One has to accept that as a well worn author and Journalist he is pretty reliable in his reporting. It shook me to know it was B Clinton that gave the title to the book. Once you are done, start campaigning twice as hard and get Romney elected, the alternative you can read for yourself.

      • momo

        Gee, what a choice Obama or the white version of Obama, Romney. How is Romney going to get rid of Obamacare when it was modeled on Romneycare? The Republicans picked the worst candidate to run against Obama…two choices, one more than the old USSR…big deal.

        • Bruce Christie

          momo says:
          July 3, 2012 at 9:43 am
          Gee, what a choice Obama or the white version of Obama, Romney. How is Romney going to get rid of Obamacare when it was modeled on Romneycare? The Republicans picked the worst candidate to run against Obama…two choices, one more than the old USSR…big deal.

          There is no choice between Romney or Obama other than do you want to survive in anything like the world we now live in. If the answer is no, vote Obama. Do you want another 4 years of worsening conditions, vote Obama. If you want two non elected women running this country, vote Obama.
          Getting rid of Obamacare would be no problem, Romney would have a REP Senate and House who would take care of that. Jefferson had slaves, Carter had peanuts and Clinton had Monica. Obama will be a name in the past once he has been booted out. His legacy will be the worst four years in modern history. Anything else you need to know Momo?

    • MAP

      CC, I agree. With the help of the useful idiots, they will dismantle every shred of the people we were. By doing so, they believe they can build it back up into anything they want. This is the exact same experiment that took place in the Soviet Union. After the fall the USSR, they sought to bring back the Russian of old, but discovered there was nothing left from which to work. The Soviets had destroyed it all. Obama, his ilk, and the useful idots are the enemies of every American. Our main weapon is resistance.

  • roger gunderson

    Oldbill pretty much says what I’m thinking.When this bill came to the supreme court for constitutionality, what gives the justices the right to tinker with it.

  • Rennie

    The one and only duty of the SCOTUS (tempted to add a “R” and “M”) is to determine whether a law meets the constitutional requirements. Not to create new law, not to embrace international law, not to redefine terms, edit, rewrite or otherwise change that law handed them for review, what they do to teh constitution itself is obscene enough. Considering the pre-existing body of laws, there is now no need for Congress to exist at all if the SCOTUS can simply amend or transform the language to meet any need. Tax laws are supposed to start in the Congress/House, not in the senate, certainly not in the SCOTUS. This still fails the equal protection clause, and it still discriminates against people based on their religous views, an aspect no one dares touch with a ten foot pole? I should pay because of my choice of religion for a person who can still recieve benefits without paying as a member of Obama’s favorite religion, and if I complain I’m automatically labelled a “racist”? IF Romney and the GOP stood for individual rights and not just the wealthy, they would pick up on these issues. And the little matter of death panels, the life of a patient belongs to the patient not the budget office, this is MURDER, all that is left is to announce a mandate, I mean a “TAX”, that people will have their blood and organs harvested once no longer deemed worthy of living. The idea that implanted medical devices should have tracking methods (p. 1004?) begs the issue of where they think those parts will get off to without the person? Everyone denies they are thinking of microchipping people, yet it was none other than then Sen. Biden who brought up the issue in Roberts’ confirmation hearing, and if a “mandate” can become a “tax”, how do we know assurances otherwise on micro chipping aren’t just another lie? The GOP is always begging for money, I say give them a piece of mind instead and a vote if they are worthy. Word of mouth, not preaching to the choir, but convince the uncertain with facts, electing Romney is a “better-than” but not the solution, it will be long fight and ditching the RINOs is an important step.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      you are right, but we have to start somewhere, we need to identify and vote in people who will uphold the constitution.

  • Zed

    I really think the SCOTUS missed something important here.
    When the government requires one private party (the individual citizen) to give their money to another private party (a health insurance company,) it is not called a tax, it is called slavery.

    • DavidL

      No. In this case, in this context, the Supreme Court just stopped free loaders from continuing to rip us off. I don’t give a darn if it’s called a tax, a penalty, an assessment, even a tax penalty. It ONLY applies to people who are freeloading off all of us and driving up our healthcare costs. What’s wrong with that?

      • Linda Parker

        Unfortunately David, this horrible law does not just apply to free loaders. It punishes all of us for the behavior of a few. Do some research and you will see that included in this law is a requirement that everybody eventually be enrolled in the Affordable Care Act. It takes away the freedom to choose what health care you will receive, how much you can receive and when you can receive it. It also gives the government the “right” to go into the bank accounts of all Americans “for elective funds transfer. (pg 58 of the bill). There is very little in the bill that has anything to do with health care. The whole bill has to do with elected officials having complete control over American Citizens. If you check into this bill you will find that all Americans (only exceptions are the idiots who wrote this abusive law) are affected by it. Read it. It will keep you up at night and make you think you have moved to Russia.

      • Sanders


        Where does one find a copy of this bill so we can spend the next year reading it? I would really enjoy reading this disgusting piece of crap so I can fully understand what has been loaded onto the backs of the Middle class. You know, the very class of citizens Obummer and the Demorats claim to be “representing”.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        This isn’t getting rid of the freeloaders. The plan is for the states to add millions more to Medicaid. The ones this hurts the most are the working poor, who are currently choosing food over insurance.

      • Smilee

        Sanders says:
        July 3, 2012 at 4:58 pm

        It should be on several government sites, it was when it was passed. You could download a pdf file of it. I did and I read it and most people’s comments I’ve heard on the law result from their not understanding it and believing all the misinformation so abundantly heard both on this site and many others. I suggest you do read it. You could be surprised.

      • DavidL

        Linda parker,
        I took your advice and researched the Act. Thank goodness you are absolutely wrong. Here is a relevant excerpt from Title I of the Law:

        “This Act puts individuals, families and small business owners in control of their health care. It reduces premium costs for millions of working families and small businesses by providing hundreds of billions of dollars in tax relief – the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history. It also reduces what families will have to pay for health care by capping out-of-pocket expenses and requiring preventive care to be fully covered without any out-of-pocket expense. For Americans with insurance coverage who like what they have, they can keep it. NOTHING IN THIS ACT OR ANYWHERE IN THE BILL FORCES ANYONE TO CHANGE THE INSURANCE THEY HAVE, PERIOD. [emphasis added]

        Americans without insurance coverage will be able to choose the insurance coverage that works best for them in a new open, competitive insurance market – the same insurance market that every member of Congress will be required to use for their insurance. The insurance exchange will pool buying power and give Americans new affordable choices of private insurance plans that have to compete for their business based on cost and quality. Small business owners will not only be able to choose insurance coverage through this exchange, but will receive a new tax credit to help offset the cost of covering their employees.

        It keeps insurance companies honest by setting clear rules that rein in the worst insurance industry abuses. And it bans insurance companies from denying insurance coverage because of a person’s pre-existing medical conditions while giving consumers new power to appeal insurance company decisions that deny doctor ordered treatments covered by insurance.

  • Jon

    To a point, I have to agree with Robert’s comment. It should not be the Supreme Court’s responsibility to protect Americans from their foolishness. As long as the majority of voters insist on sending idiots, thieves, and nazis to Washington, we deserve what we get. And God forgive us, we’re getting it.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      yes when we allow God to be removed from everything, we are saying go away and leave us alone. that is what He is doing, removing His hand of protection and blessing from our once great nation.

      • Karolyn

        Larry – No one that believes in God has told him to go away. That’s ridiculous! If this is, indeed, a Christian nation, then what the majority of people believe in should count for everything, and it shouldn’t matter if some words are or are not said in school, at meetings or wherever…or if the 10 Commandments is taken down from the walls. It is what is in peoples’ hearts that matters. Iv’e said it before, and i’ll say it again, “I am so glad I don’t believe in YOUR version of God.

      • TooTrue

        If there were a god it would be difficult to blame such an entity for removing from a country filled with bigots who profess to be christians. You want a theocracy, you should relocate to the mideast; there are a few countries there with great examples of what it is like to live under religious rule.

  • Donald Dunnam

    No one should have exoected different from Roberts. When he swore Obama into office he violated his oath by allowing a non natural born citizen to take office. Obama admitted in SB511 that it takes two US Citizen parents and Born on US soil to make a Natural Born Citizen. Roberts knew this but swore Obama in anyway.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      boy, did you hit that on the nail.

    • Walt

      Note: The purpose of this Senate resolution (not a Senate Bill) was to imbed the words “Whereas the term “natural born citizen, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;”

      This was meant solely to introduce doubt (“is not defined”)regarding the meaning of the term “natural born citizen”; thus paving the way for Obama to run for the Presidency, since they knew his father was not a U.S. citizen.

      Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.

      Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen’ of the United States;

      Whereas the term `natural born Citizen’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;

      Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country’s President;

      Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the `natural born Citizen’ clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress’s own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen’;

      Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;

      Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and

      Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

      Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

    • TooTrue

      There is no requirement for a person’s parents to have been U.S. citizens before they are eligible for the office of the Presidency. I’m sure you knew that and just had a confused moment when posting.

      • Meteorlady

        Easy – if you were born here you are a citizen and eligible to be President.

      • Nancy in Nebraska


      • Donald Dunnam

        The requirement is to be a Natural Born Citizen. As I’m sure you are aware of the following.
        House Report No. 784, dated June 22, 1874, stated, “The United States have not recognized a ‘double allegiance.’ By our law a citizen is bound to be ‘true and faithful’ alone to our government.” Obama had dual citizenship.

        Natural-Born Citizen Defined

        One universal point most all early publicists agreed on was natural-born citizen must mean one who is a citizen by no act of law. If a person owes their citizenship to some act of law (naturalization for example), they cannot be considered a natural-born citizen. This leads us to defining natural-born citizen under the laws of nature – laws the founders recognized and embraced.

        Rep. John A. Bingham commenting on Section 1992 said it means “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.” (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866)) Obams’s father was a British Subject.

        The constitutional requirement for the President of the United States to be a natural-born citizen had one purpose according to St. George Tucker:

        That provision in the constitution which requires that the president shall be a native-born citizen (unless he were a citizen of the United States when the constitution was adopted,) is a happy means of security against foreign influence, which, wherever it is capable of being exerted, is to he dreaded more than the plague. The admission of foreigners into our councils, consequently, cannot be too much guarded against; their total exclusion from a station to which foreign nations have been accustomed to, attach ideas of sovereign power, sacredness of character, and hereditary right, is a measure of the most consummate policy and wisdom. …The title of king, prince, emperor, or czar, without the smallest addition to his powers, would have rendered him a member of the fraternity of crowned heads: their common cause has more than once threatened the desolation of Europe. To have added a member to this sacred family in America, would have invited and perpetuated among us all the evils of Pandora’s Box.

        Charles Pinckney in 1800 said the presidential eligibility clause was designed “to insure … attachment to the country.” President Washington warned a “passionate attachment of one nation for another, produces a variety of evils,” and goes on to say:

        Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest, in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter, without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation, of privileges denied to others, which is apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained; and by exciting jealousy, ill- will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld.

        And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens, (who devote themselves to the favorite nation,) facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearance of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.


        Extending citizenship to non-citizens through birth based solely upon locality is nothing more than mere municipal law that has no extra-territorial effect as proven from the English practice of it. On the other hand, citizenship by descent through the father is natural law and is recognized by all nations (what nation doesn’t recognize citizenship of children born wherever to their own citizens?). Thus, a natural-born citizen is one whose citizenship is recognized by law of nations rather than mere local recognition.

        Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, James F. Wilson of Iowa, confirmed this in 1866: “We must depend on the general law relating to subjects and citizens recognized by all nations for a definition, and that must lead us to the conclusion that every person born in the United States is a natural-born citizen of such States, except that of children born on our soil to temporary sojourners or representatives of foreign Governments.”*

        When a child inherits the citizenship of their father, they become a natural-born citizen of the nation their father belongs regardless of where they might be born. It should be pointed out that citizenship through descent of the father was recognized by U.S. Naturalization law whereby children became citizens themselves as soon as their father had become a naturalized citizen, or were born in another country to a citizen father.

        Yes, birth is prima facie evidence of citizenship, but only the citizenship of the nation the father is a member.

        * Temporary sojourners like transient aliens were a description applied to aliens other than resident aliens. The difference being temporary aliens were here for temporary purposes, such as work, travel, visitation or school, who had no desire to become citizens or was prevented from becoming citizens by law. Resident aliens were those who desired to become citizens and had renounced their prior allegiances and had taken the legal steps to become citizens or reside within some state per state law.

        UPDATE: In regards to questions about the citizenship of the mother: Mothers citizenship rarely ever influenced the citizenship of their children except in certain situations such as the father dying before the child was born or when the identity of the father was unknown.

      • Smilee

        Donald Dunnam says:
        July 4, 2012 at 9:49 am

        You present a lot of theory but until the supreme court rules on it Obama must be considered a natural born citizen and to date no one has convinced the court to do so. That is fact you are just full of theories they carry no weight what so ever.

    • Meteorlady

      Again – if you were born in this country – YOU ARE A CITIZEN of this country. Doesn’t matter where you parents are from.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You are a citizen. You are NOT a “natural born” citizen!!! You MUST be a “natural born” citizen to be president!!! Of course, our government no longer follows The Constitution of the United States of America!!! So, what the he//. Anything goes these days.

  • Michael Papich

    Get rid of this term RINO. It implies that true Republicans are Conservatives. This has been a big government party since it origins in the 1850s. Some of the biggest Progressives has been Republicans. People that use the term RINO either don’t know or ignore the history of the GOP. In any event Roberts is no Conservative, he is a Federalist, i.e big government.

  • Craig V Wettstein

    I have a question for you Democrats”

    I’m looking to register as a Democrat, how does this work,….. Do I get a Republican, Independent, or Libertarian of my own that takes care of me, or do we just draw our resources from a central pool of productive people? O___O

    • Deerinwater

      In your case , wanting such things, ~ you might consider the GOP, ~ they will take your vote anyway they can get it, offering you anything you wish to hear.

      PS. try to get it in writing.

      To side with people that opposed being required to invest in medical care coverage, you are siding with Big Pharm and Insurance Companies, Interest that are married at the hip to GOP.

      You would be in more “like minded” company there Craig.

    • TooTrue

      Bless your little heart! You’re not only too lazy to do the research but also too dumb to understand the obvious.

      • Craig V Wettstein

        Oh PLEASE, tell this “lazy, dumb” peon, just what the “Obvious”,is.

    • TooTrue

      Can’t. You didn’t say the magic word or even show the ‘sign.’ But keep trying, you might get lucky and you are entertaining.

  • Thomas Gunn

    Bend Over Folks. America is FINISHED. We will all soon be working for the Soylent Green Biscuit Company.

  • SJJolly

    Perhaps Ben Crystal would care to write about what sort of country the USA would be if every household followed his icon of independent kingdoms, heavily armed, and beligerently on defense against “tresspassers.”?

    • Meteorlady

      Perhaps you might want to join us when the crap hits the fan. How long do you think it will be before the people of this country figure out that the congress CANNOT BALANCE THE BUDGET because they don’t know how without riots like Greece. Without a balanced budget, we will continue to accrue debt. By 2021 we will be paying $1.4 TRILLION a year on just interest to service the DEBT.

      When that happens there will be riots, and full scale looting. I’m happy I have my guns, stores of food and can exist by living off the land. Sorry for all you people that depend on the grocery stores and government for your existence.

  • Linda Parker

    I believe that once we have elected a new President in November, we should move to impeach John Roberts from the Supreme Court. He obviously either doesn’t know what his job is (upholding the Constitution) or he doesn’t have the fortitude to do it. In either case, he has disqualified himself to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    • Meteorlady

      Read his decision – it was not nearly so bad and he is probably extremely intelligent to have written the decision that he did. We now have a strengthened commerce clause and the use of “enumerated powers” is more defined and limited in scope. He also handed it back to the congress and since they have the capacity to vote on taxes without a 60 majority, they only need 51 votes to repeal the law.

      • Smilee

        For those who understand the constitution, he is not only intelligent but this was one of the most brilliant and correct decisions I have ever read. Most conservative say they do not want laws enacted from the bench but the truth is this is what they always seek as most have a distorted understanding of the Constitution which deprives them of the truth.

  • Mary A

    Ben what I hear you saying is that Chief Justice Roberts went against the American people because he s a traitor and doesn’t care about America. I don’t believe that. We need to pray for our country’s conversion and for God’s Wisdom on how to go forward (quoting St. Paul ) ‘in Christ’ to turn our country around.

  • Chris Andrus

    For a different take on this issue read this: This article rings truer than Ben Crystal’s. Conservatives are just as prone as Liberals to fall into the trap of idealism or to simply to want to impose their “solutions” on everyone.

  • Bruce Christie

    Walt says:
    July 3, 2012 at 10:47 am
    You said:
    “ask the question to our African American friends, are you really going to vote for someone AGAIN just because of their colour”?

    Of course they will! To them, it’s not about politics or economics,or what’s in the best interest of the country’s generations to come.

    It’s about race, it’s about keeping their “homie in da house”, giving them da freebies, punishing Whitey, issuing reparations through Executive Orders, teaching the “White Slave Massa” a lesson for all the centuries of exploitation.

    It’s about primitive tribalism and the ultimate supremacy of their black race over the European races in America; and if it takes collapsing the whole house to achieve their goals…so be it, they will be content to transform America into a North American version of Zimbabwe, as long as they call the shots and push whitey out.

    To Walt with my sympathy……
    Well I have spoken to about a hundred African Americans that I have friendship with or know and over 60% of them say they will NOT vote for BHO this time around. While they did not say they will vote for Romney, one vote less for Obama will still suffice.
    You are a really sick person writing in this way and it is not the way to get a positive result. If I was black and you talked to me like this, I would be hard pressed to be logical in reaching my decision. I’ll bet you dare not publish your age and you have no idea why anybody would want to know.

    • Walt

      Sick person? Listen Bruce, before you dismiss my assessment of how most Blacks view their position and condition in America, I would suggest you do some research on how well things have fared for the Afrikaners in South Africa, after the majority of Black South Africans elected their first Black President. There’s a lot is similarities.

      Your response is sickening to me. It suggests that you live in a fantasy world, oblivious to the reality of what social and political motivations drive Blacks in this country. Just look at who they elect. Tell me Rangle, Waters, Jackson Jr., and dozens of other members of their race, who proudly claim membership in the Democratic Socialist of America, are the shining examples of patriotic Americans.

      If more Black people in this country voted for patriots like Col. Allen West, we would have a much more stronger country and less social upheaval than we presently do. It’s not about color sir…it’s about behaviour, specifically the entitlement mentality that is so pervasive in the Black community.

      So don’t give me your brain-washed, bleeding-heart sympathy crap…you need to get real, before the whole country goes over the cliff, and drags you along with it.

      P.S. I happen to be 65 and have seen the sad transition of my beloved country from a strong productive nation to a weak nation, bankrupt financially and morally.

      For every

      • TooTrue

        Folks like you have already taken us over the cliff. There are a few of us trying to save what is left; though I do sometimes question why we consider your ilk worth savingl.

      • Bruce Christie

        I meant the words you use are sickening and inflammatory. There are no similarities with South Africa and USA. I am not going to waste time with your jingoistic remarks since at your age you should know better.

      • Meteorlady

        To True – You are insulting. Folks like him have given this country the greatest run of economic prosperity this country has seen. More was invented during his lifetime than you will certainly see in yours. The state of this country makes it so that innovation and hard work are a thing of the past. Most believe that they can sit around and live off the money I pay to the federal government.

        Your generation that is trying to save something voted for Clinton and then Bush. Both were scum and both severely hurt this country. Clinton probaby did the most economically than any president since Carter and I get you voted for him. You probably still even believe that he was a good president. Clinton gave you Fair Housing – which caused the housing collapse. He signed for the repeal of Glass-Steagall which let Wall Street and the bankers run wild. He appointed to scumbags to run Fannie and Freddie into the ground causing a government take-over and subsequent bailouts. He signed various one sided free trade agreements which have cause lost jobs. Bush, gave us wars but at least the congress got to vote whether to get involved. Obama didn’t deem it necessary to ask congress if he could spend our money in Libya supporting a known terrorist group called the Islamic Fighting Group get into power.

        I am a business owner. I work hard, am innovative and have problems finding people that are like minded anymore. College graduates come to me for work and ask for a salary more than I make. the ones I do hire have no imagination and don’t work as hard as my older employees. I usually end up firing them.

        So tell me again how your generation is going to save us from all this? We have massive debt and after the elections you are going to see tax increases as well as double digit inflation and interest rates. Our dollar will loose it’s reserve currency status and thus will be devalued severely. We have a DEBT that we cannot even begin to pay back and yet they keep spending. How does that work for you? Go study Argentina and Venezuela for a look into our future with your generation running things.

  • daniel

    Sorry but I have to side with Eric on this issue.
    Roberts did give us a second chance to handle Obamacare which was not allowed the first time around. He also did put limits on how far the federal government can tromple over states rights on the Medicaid ruling. In some ways it would have been easier for the whole thing to be struck down then everyone here except for flashy would be celebrating. It is not that way.
    Before this ruling politicians could hide behind the skirts of SCOTUS not any more and that is what Roberts said i his opinion. Second and just as important is that SCOTUS ruled abortions as being a right and therefore legal. That law is still with us in spite of majority opposition. I fear the same concerning this law. We now have an opportunity to straighten out this mess and to put healthcare pointing in the direction it should go. We just have to get off out collective behinds.

    • Meteorlady

      He also strengthened the commerce provision AND by ruling it a tax he allows the Senate to repeal the law with only 51 votes. The required 60 are not needed.

      • Smilee

        They can repeal the tax but not the law with 51% and if they do that they approach it that way they will cause a beg mess on their hands that they will want to be blamed for, mark my word if the republicans have both the president and the congress they will not do this, they will come up with a different approach. This law will remain regardless and they know it but will never admit it before the elections,

  • kid


    • Steve Lohrstorfer


      • Meteorlady

        Please explain to me why Christians are hypocrites? Where I live they do a lot of free charity work and give a lot of money and time to make our community better. It’s the liberals that never show up and pitch in here – I’d say they are the hypocrites because they pretend to care about others, yet they take from hard working Americans to give to people that don’t deserve what I work for.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Yes indeed,you are just another pacified do nothing! The time is nearing when you either stand up for america or you hide in your closet and let other Patriot americans do all the work! And believe me Steve Lohrstorfer,your kind will not be appreciated! It is going to happen!

      • Smilee

        Christians are not hippocrates but a lot of people who say they are Christians are.

    • TooTrue

      Please take your meds!

    • tlgeer

      From what you wrote, you need psychiatric help. Intense, long term psychiatric help. You are so far out in schitzophrenic-land I’m amazed that you seem to be somewhat coherent.

      There are no facts to back up any of your allegations. No facts. So, why have you chosen to believe that they are real?

  • Karolyn

    “like a Planned Parenthood butcher chokes off unborn children (and likely with similar glee)”

    Can you get more pathetic, Ben? The more outrageous your statements, the better your audience likes them, right? You know just how to grab them don’t you!

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      Karolyn,you are either just plain ignorant or you are a plant!

  • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

    I continually read how our constitution is continually being destroyed. I’ve got news for you people–WE HAVE NO CONSTITUTION. When I was in school, we were taught to believe in our judicial system. Let me say this. I fought the state of CT–DOT for 15 yrs on the 4th and 15th amendments of our constitution. I am now 76. It started when I was in my 40′s. I was arrested twice on my own property for stopping the DOT from coming on to my property digging up my property year after year reversing a tremendous water flow, causing great damage, then finally installing pipes on my property, without ever filing for Eminent Domain. When they installed pipes on my property,I was first arrested for trying to stop them. I was brought approx 30 miles away. supposedly to be arraigned in court. I was dropped off in Willimantic, (by a trooper at troop D in Danielson), on a very cold day and told to find my way home.That arrest was never in the paper. The federal court ignored a supeona for the original map as did a state court court, which was to show how the state erased lines on a map to make it look as though drainage was to my side instead of the opposite side as the map originally showed. I had 3 engineers who signed affidavits which was ignored. I could show more fraud and deceit on the part of the state, which was unbelievable. I went broke on attorneys who would back down after awhile. I was told by a professor at Harvard Law School, Quote “Unless you have a great deal of money to hire a high prices attorney, you won’t win against government.” I learned a very bitter lesson on “supposedly having Constitutional Rights”. And I do have the paper work and witnesses to all I’ve stated. One more comment—CT should never be called The Constitution State–Ct is a disgrace to the Constitution and the attorney General’s office who at that time was Blumenthal.

    • rkz777

      Do you remember that man by the name of George who crossed that Icy river in the middle of that freezing cold and dark night, with a bunch of good friends, and when they got to the other side of the river kicked some ass and saved our FREEDOM? Well the descendants of those men are still around. Get my drift.

  • Bimbam

    People have to realize that when your leaders violate the oath of office they NEED NOT BE OBEYED!

    After redress and rebuke (Publius Huldah) and they still will not listen their laws will be considered by the informed populace NULL AND VOID!!!

    If they do not obey the civil laws, why should we then obey their UNcivil laws??? And be complicit in their crimes???

  • Michael Lewis

    The Federal Government’s taxing authority should only be used to fund the legitimate, enumerated powers of same. It should never be used to modify behavior.

    Are there any other taxes levied for not doing something? Ridiculous!

    The excerpt from the following story illustrates the dangers of what Roberts has done:

    With the Supreme Court ruling on President Obama’s health care law, everyone is wondering what’s next for big government. Here are some ideas for federal policymakers to consider:

    Federal Broccoli Act of 2013: Eat your broccoli, else pay the IRS $1,000.

    • tlgeer

      This Broccoli argument is so ludicrous that I am not able to take the people who use it seriously. What kind of lunk head would believe it?

      That is part of why so many of you are not, and should not be, taken seriously. The phrases and beliefs are so out of this world that they are simply not believable.

  • 2bvictorius

    The federal government has always been THE ENEMY of the people and has been hard at work to strip away every individual right and freedom of the people, whether enumerated in the constitution and the founding documents or implied as being “God given” or rights of nature, before the ink on the constitution had dried and the signers had returned home home following the 1787 Philadelphia convention adopting the constitution Tyranny has been pervasive throughout the entire history of the federal government regardless of the political party in power or the ideological mockup of the congress, the executive branch or the judiciary. There has never been equal justice for all of the people of this country and anyone or all who doubt me, but care to research the history of our system of justice, and do so without a pre-determined bias as to their finding, they will discover that I am correct.

    To paraphrase Founding Father Benjamin Rush at the 1787 signing of the constitution stated “The American war is over, but this is far from being the case with the American revolution. On the contrary, nothing but the first act of the great drama is closed.” Benjamin Rush knew of what he spoke, as did Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and all of the other founders, that the people would most probably not be good stewards of what they had been presented by way of the generosity, the blood, the hardship and sacrificeof all those required to make it the impossible, become reality.
    Until and unless the American people rise up and slay the beast with their own hands, they will be devoured by the beast they have allowed to live among them since 1787.

    • Steve Lohrstorfer

      TRHE GOVERNMENT is us,not some entity we can be seperate from. Americans are their own worst enemy,just read the post by some of these people who claime to be american and attack and tear down their own country, american only by birth.

      • Meteorlady

        If you believe that I have some property in Goldfield, NV that’s for sale. It’s the next booming Vegas. With that said, we don’t have a government for the people in this country any longer. Both parties have sold out to special interests, lobbyist, corporations and most of all the bankers.

        Sorry, but when was the last time you got to vote for all candidates running for an office. Primaries are a tool to weed them out, but they are also a tool to force their candidates into power. Add caucuses to that and you have a good old boy network.

        Do you honestly believe that most people in this country want Obama OR Romney? Romney was handpicked in 2008 when he let McCain run and stepped aside. We didn’t even get media coverage equally for all candidates that were running. There is bias in the news and you can’t believe many things you read anymore without checking multiple sources.

        You do know that Ron Paul is still in the race right? Have you heard anything about him – nothing? One single piece lately?

        I short – the elections are rigged and the people that don’t have a stake in this country – you know those welfare pigs at the trough – will vote for anyone that promises them something for nothing.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        what do you suggest Steve??/ Bend over and take it forever??? Get some balls crybaby!

      • Smilee

        bob peters says:
        July 4, 2012 at 9:01 am

        You clearly do not believe in “We the People” your childish statement should be totally ignored

  • s c

    Actually, there are at least three scenarios that would properly describe what happened at the S C last week. When it comes to politics, you’re safer when you act like a pessimist. To quote someone who disgusts me [FDR], in politics, NOTHING happens by accident.’ In other words, if that old _____ knew what he was talking about then Roberts will be very unpopular for the rest of his life.
    I don’t give a ____ how “intelligent” he is. TV and radio interviews and MANY books will never give us what we need to know about the travesty that just occurred. Frankly, I’d rather grill every elected utopian who sees no problem with Kagan REFUSING to recuse herself. If she’s not a modern-era ’30 pieces of silver’ fan, it’s one ____ of an imitation folks. I wouldn’t trust her to render an objective opinion on a traffic ticket. A utopian is a utopian is a utopian, and fairness and common sense and objectivity are not to be found in them. Period.

    • Meteorlady

      Kagan was dishonest to sit on this case. The Court should have forced her to stay out. That is the sad part.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Kagan is a low life Communist!

  • jimbo

    This past Sunday the liberal propagandists on Face the Nation bemoaned what they said would have been a huge disaster, had Obamacare been shut down. Among other things, that “the presidency would have been irreparably harmed”. Since when is that a worry? They’ve given Obama a crown, and apparently think he should be protected from the consequences of his own folly.

    The idiots on Face the Nation also said that Justice Robert voted the way he did to prevent the court from appearing partisan (conservative), as it did, “when it put Bush into office”. Yeah right… Since when is it more important for the court to avoid an appearance of partisanship, than rule correctly on Constitutional issues? And why is it always the Conservative view that must suffer? If the court wanted to avoid looking partisan, why didn’t one of the liberals come out against Obamacare, instead of blindly following Der Furher?

    And on the subject of Bush’s election.. I lived in Florida for years and found those pin punched voting cards easy to use. If some people failed to push the pin hard enough to remove the “chad”, why would the machine reader bias the results to Republicans? It is just as likely a Republican voters card would be misread as that of a Democrat voter. I’m a lifelong conservative and registered Republican and I never liked Bush. But Bush won that election. All the court did is interject some sanity in the proceedings.

  • JimLane
    • Smilee

      Meteorlady says:
      July 3, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      Roberts did not put any limits on the regulating under the commerce clause it still has the same powers as before, he merely said that forcing someone to buy a product under the clause was not regulating commerce so congress was not empowered to do it that way but were empowered under the their powers of taxation to levy and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare. The solicitor general in his arguments before the court also said he believed congress also had the power under their taxation powers but he felt that they were also empowered by the commerce clause. Roberts agreed with him on the taxation powers but not the commerce clause. The republicans will not kill the bill by starving it to death by passing a repeal of this tax as they will then be blamed for all the mess that will cause as they cannot repeal the whole bill this way and are subject to a filibuster on all the other parts of the law, They also will not tell you this before the election. Much if not all of this law will remain regardless whom comes to power.

  • http://BobLivingston Ivan Pistov

    I have wondered for many years why it is that blacks, as a group, and supposedly monolithic, feel they MUST vote democrat no matter what. The democrats have never really delivered, they throw a few bones now and then, but take the blacks for granted.
    I have also wondered for many years why it is that hispanics, as a group, and supposedly monolithic, feel they MUST vote democrat no matter what. The democrats have never really delivered, thy throw a few bones now and then, but take the hispanics for granted.
    You may wonder why I repeated myself with only the substitutions of black and hispanics. It is because we hear constantly about all the pandering, and blacks and hispanics are treated as some hard rock groups that cannot think for themselves, would NEVER vote for any candidate NOT a democrat, and that they individually and as a group NEED special attention. This situation has gotten worse over the years, has not transmogrified into a “colorless” society, or a real “melting pot”. The democrats in particular WANT these two groups to be separate from the rest of us and from each other. They think they can manage them that way. Eventually these groups may wake up and realize they have been played and taken advantage of, but I’m not holding my breath. And unfortunately a lot of people who don’t belong to either group have taken the bait. But it seems the blacks and the hispanics, as groups, feel they will get something for nothing and worst of all that WE OWE THEM. Pardon me but we don’t owe anybody anything.

  • Meteorlady

    So here’s my take… for whatever it’s worth. Having read the decision I have decided that Edwards did a pretty neat end-around the liberals. The court’s decision would have been 5-4 either way, but if it had gone the conservative way, we would be hearing cries of outrage and it could have polarized the liberals because of the backlash against conservatives.

    Robers ruled that the provision that forced the purchase of a product was unconstitutional but in fact was a tax. So what he did was put the ball back into congresse’s court. That means it’s more important now to get a Republican majority in the Senate and keep the Republican majority in the House.

    Robers stated that Obamacare was unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause stating that you cannot make a person buy a product. He stated that it is unconstitutional under the “necessary and proper” clause which applies to “enumerated powers” in our Constitution. Obama’s entire defense of the bill claimed it was constitutional so the he lost there as the entire court voted against him in classifying it as a tax.

    Now Obama has to admit that this is indeed a tax on the poor and middle class. This makes the issue a budgetary issue and it means the senate may vote on it by a mere majority vote.

    The court also voted to strike down the punitive rules where the federal government blackmails the states into expanding Medicaid. That is good for the states and most have said they are not going to institute that portion because it they cannot afford it once what the federal government pays goes down and down over the years.

    Roberts ended up strengthening the limitations of the “commerce clause” and the “necessary and proper clause” and has forced Obama to raise our taxes in order to institute the program. So basically all we need is 51 votes in the Senate and it could be repealed. I believe also that Romney got a huge amount of money donated right after the decision.

    It’s already announced today that the House will vote 7/11/12 on funding and repeal, so all and all I think it was not nearly as bad…..

    • GregS

      Meteorlady, I agree with just about everything you said, except that I think that a Pandora’s box has been opened, as a result of this decision: By penalizing anyone who does not purchase insurance, with a tax, it paves the way for the government to tax anyone for doing anything that is not approved by the government (e.g. turning one’s thermostat too high).

      This is what I fear will happen in the future, even if ObamaTAXCare is fully repealed.

    • Smilee

      Meteorlady says: July 3, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      Roberts did not put any limits on regulating under the commerce clause it still has the same powers as before, he merely said that forcing someone to buy a product under the clause was not regulating commerce so congress was not empowered to do it that way but were empowered under the their powers of taxation to levy and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare. The solicitor general in his arguments before the court also said he believed congress also had the power under their taxation powers but he felt that they were also empowered by the commerce clause. Roberts agreed with him on the taxation powers but not the commerce clause. The republicans will not kill the bill by starving it to death by passing a repeal of this tax as they will then be blamed for all the mess that will cause as they cannot repeal the whole bill this way and are subject to a filibuster on all the other parts of the law, They also will not tell you this before the election. Much if not all of this law will remain regardless whom comes to power.

  • Dufas Magnet

    Had that peckerhead Romney given a hint of how he would have created a health policy that would benefit us all instead of choking up and telling the masses that he would take care of all that AFTER he became POTUS then carry on about how corrupt Obama and the socialist commie democrats are is evading the issues.. What the hell is that? Was he telling us that he had the answer but would not reveal it unless every body trusted him and vote him into office? How can you believe the ramblings of a politician under circumstances like that? Spewing detrements toward Obama that most everbody has heard bfore (but like the pubs, if you say it long enough someone will eventually believe it). Well, we believed in Bush, voted him in twice and what did it get us? We believed Obama when he rallied for change.. Where did that get us? Now we’re ready to follow the ‘promises’ of yet another career politician who tells us not what we want to hear but what we are to expect once he becomes the big top barker, no affirmation, just more promises of change that he and his GOP masters know he can’t fulfill. Not being upfront and totally honest is what’s putting a sour taste in the middle of the roaders.. Their not necessarily for Obama but they don’t want to be disappointed again for four more years so they do as most have decided to do.. Choose the lesser of two evils and why is Obama considered the lesser? Because Mittens wants to keep his policies a secret.. His tax returns a secret, in fact everything a secret until he’s in office THEN….. he may deal with it..

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      Obama kept his school records top secret along with his non-existing real birth certificate..His 150 year old social security card number…He didn’t hide his association with communists,radicals and gangsters at all..but the blind ignorants that voted for him refused to look at the real picture…Romney may well be not much better,but a tiny scrap better gives us a little time to stop Obamas assault ..

      • Smilee

        Why do you keep beating a dead horse????????

  • rkz777

    Roberts was placed on the Supreme Court by Bush. Now if anyone knows the true Bush, you know what is going on. Bush is part of the new world order, and knowing that the next president (obama) would be carrying the nwo agenda further down the road, he (Bush) would need to set up the court for battles such as health care, which has been on the agenda list for these socialist thugs for years. Along with the female socialist obama placed on the court, the court would be primed for the socialist agenda. For those that don’t believe that, well all I can say is hope you like it at the fema camp. bush,jr. and his father as was his grandfather are part of the nwo, bush also signing into law the patriot act, then obama with the military authorization act. Does anyone know what those two laws do with your Constitutional rights! Wake up, and if there are any Americans left that believe in the U.S. Constitution, then make yourselves ready. These socialist thugs create a situation so as to incite your Americanism, so that you will go along with any and all restraints to control “Terrorist and such”, then use those same restraints against you as you stand up for the Constitution and your FREEDOM, which they say is all in the name of Country and the American Cause. They turn the guns on the real Americans. That’s how these leftist-socialist-communist-democrats work. There is no aisle dividing the republicans and democrats my friends, and the term republican or democrat doesn’t mean that you are a U.S.Constitution and FREEDOM believing American.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      You nailed it right on the head! Why cant people see that?? I knew who the Bushes,Carters,Clintons ,and now Obama were long ago..they said it themselves right to the american peoples non listening faces over and over…Communist koolaid must really taste good! The masses must wake up and take the country back!

  • DavidL

    To Linda Parker:
    Here is some of what Justice Roberts just guaranteed us all:

    • Being a woman is no longer a “pre-existing condition.” Yes, women were denied coverage for just being women before the Affordable Care Act was law.

    • Insurance companies can’t charge you more for being a woman either. Before the Affordable Care Act was law, women were sometimes charged up to 150% more than men of the same age.

    • Breast cancer screenings, cervical cancer screenings, domestic violence counseling and screenings and a whole bunch of other preventive care measures must be covered by insurance companies.

    • Birth control is now covered by health insurance.

    • Children can stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26 years old. And if you want to have kids, the law will help you get pre-natal care and counseling and help with breast feeding and supplies

    • Insurance companies can’t take away your coverage if you become too sick.

    • You cannot be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

    • • Seniors receive a 50 percent discount on prescription drugs when they hit the “donut hole.”

    • Small businesses get tax credits to purchase insurance.

    • There are no more lifetime limits on your coverage.

    • 15 million more people will receive coverage because of expanded access to Medicaid.

    • Millions of Americans are going to receive tax credits to help them get insurance–people who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

    • 12 million seniors are currently receiving free preventative care through Medicare.

    And, the individual mandate stops the responsible people who have insurance from being ripped off by the irresponsible freeloader and adding huge costs to our premiums.

    What’s wrong with this?

  • tlgeer

    So, because you did not agree with the decision, you have decided that Roberts voted to murder our Constitution? Are you really so arrogant that you believe that only your interpretation of the Constitution is valid? Our FF would be appalled at your stance. These are the same people that imposed a health tax on all ship owners that used our ports, US or not. Are you saying that they were wrong to do so? That they misinterpreted the Constitution that they wrote and ratified?

    One of the things that the majority of you who post on this site do not seem to grasp is that there is more than one correct way to do things. That your opinion does not mean that it is the right way to do something. That only the people who believe as you do are patriotic, and/or worthy of being US citizens.

    My humble opinion is that you need to get your heads out of your collective butts and start realizing that you are only a small fraction of the people in this country, and that just because you believe that something should be done one way does not mean that it can’t be done another. And that BOTH ways will work.

    Have a happy 4th.

  • Donald Dunnam

    Smilee says:
    July 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Donald Dunnam says:
    July 4, 2012 at 9:49 am

    You present a lot of theory but until the supreme court rules on it Obama must be considered a natural born citizen and to date no one has convinced the court to do so. That is fact you are just full of theories they carry no weight what so ever.

    So as long as the right people ignore the facts, illegal activity is OK, right?

    • tlgeer

      In order to compel a court to look at the case, proof/evidence has to be supplied that it is a valid problem. There has been no court that believes it is a valid problem. Obama’s BC is valid. The only thing that would change the courts minds is if there is documented, certified proof that he is not a US citizen. Since it is not true (just wishful thinking by so many of you), there is no proof to bring to court.

      • Donald Dunnam

        In SB511 Obama admits that it takes two US Citizen parents to be a Natural Born Citizen. He by his own claim does not have two US Citizen Parents, only one. Admission of the fact is evidence. Just because those in power refuse to uphold the law does not make lawlessness ok.

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