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Chief Afghanistan Commander Resigns After Criticizing Obama Administration In An Interview

June 29, 2010 by  

Chief Afghanistan commander resigns after criticizing Obama administration in an interview General Stanley McChrystal was removed from his position as the commander of the United States armed forces in Afghanistan last Wednesday after he and his aides ridiculed several members of the Obama administration during a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Soon after accepting McChrystal’s resignation, President Obama told reporters that it was not the general’s policies or war strategy that led to his demise, but rather the disparaging remarks that he made toward Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Adviser James Jones and U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry.

"The conduct represented in the recently-published article does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general," said Obama. "It undermines the civilian control of the military that is at the core of our democratic system, and it erodes the trust that is necessary for our team to work together to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan."

In the interview, one of McChrystal’s aides said that Obama was unprepared for his first meeting with the general—an encounter that he described as a "10-minute photo-op."

"Obama clearly didn’t know anything about [McChrystal]," the staff member told the news source. "Here’s the guy who’s going to run his war, but he didn’t seem very engaged—the boss was pretty disappointed."

Just an hour after accepting McChrystal’s resignation, the president nominated former Iraq commander General David Petraeus to take his place.

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  • Jim H.

    The wrong person quit. If telling the TRUTH about this administration is making ” disparaging” remarks, maybe Obama is the one who needs to re-evaluate where he stands.

    • Al Douvier


      • Smilee

        What ever your opinion, He is still the man in charge and that renders your opinion impotent

        • TIME


          BarryO is not incharge of anything at all, he is nothing but a talking head with a big ego.
          Thats called a “Narcissus,” strange so to was Adolf Hitler!

          And did I note not really all that smart either? But if you think he is some one to look up to, goodie for you. Its obvious your not very bright, and as the old saying goes its always easy to fool someone with little gray matter.

          • Smilee


            Your opinion does not address my post and your opinion does nothing to change the facts I stated. So you don’t like the who is Commander and Chief, tough titie

          • TIME


            BITE ME!

          • heinz57american

            talking to a liberal with facts is pointless, try saying that Obama is making people feel bad so he should stop being so incompetent. Besides, who ever heard of a military commander knowing more about war than a community organizer, I mean, Obama had to talk, sometimes without his uh, uh, umm um teleprompter.(teehee) Anyway, TIME, you have it right about Obama, I agree that he appears to just be someone’s puppet, he sure can’t think or act for himself.
            by the way, am I the only one wonder when this ?!*## is gonna waive the Jones Act in the Gulf and accept help from the countries who offered their expertise in cleaning up oil spills? Off the point, but important.

          • Claire

            Seems like I remember awhile back a lot of people really liked Petraeus. I even remember a few said he should run for POTUS. What happened?
            Sorry folks, but I bet if we had a Republican president it would be o.k.

          • Smilee

            heinz57american says:
            June 29, 2010 at 3:07 pm

            You sure spout off by spitting out total garbage. But I will respond to your statements about waving the Jones Act which was reviewed in depth by which found the Jones Act does not apply in the gulf cleanup activities nor did George Bush wave it during Katrina as it did not apply there either , both lies are far right wing propaganda. in fact a lot of help has been accepted from foreign countries in the gulf, some where rejected for valid reasons some because they wanted some type of compensation for it and congress has not appropriated funds for that. You can check this out for yourself if the truth is of interest to you.

            The Jones act has to deal with commerce and the conservatives and talk radio have totally distorted this and continue to do even through the truth about it is known. Far right wing propaganda which is rarely the truth.

        • http://naver samurai

          Only till 2012, son! Only till 2012! Then we’ll vote in a president that can do the job better and can proove he’s/she’s an American citizen.

        • Ervin W Schrader

          I’m with you, but tell me how did Obama get elected? I still can’t believe it. Has the whole country gone crazy? Is it the end for the USA? I must be living in some other country.

    • Jana

      Jim H,
      I heard on the news the other day that McChrystal voted for Obama. If he di, he got what he voted for, nothing.

  • Ron

    The last time i checked,we Americans still have our Freedom of speech & criticizing the President & his staff for doing the ridiculous un-Constitutional job they are doing is not something to get fired over.Sometimes the truth really hurts doesn’t it Mr O

    • 45caliber

      The citizens have the right to state what we believe about Oblama although many liberals don’t seem to think so – even though they expressed their thoughts about Bush. But the military doesn’t. You must not as a soldier publically say bad things about your leaders. It is supposed to lower morale and influence the men around and under you to ignore their orders.

      • Brian H

        The thing is, it wasn’t “publicly”. It was off-the-record. But McCrystal, an avowed lib who won’t watch FoxNews for fear of being contaminated, was suckered into trusting a hyper-lib journalist not to abuse his trust.

        Bad move.

  • Norm

    The military is not a democratic organization. Orders flow from the top down.
    Obama is the commander in chief period. McChrystal knew very well what he did could not be tolerated, and he paid the price. It’s not new, Lincoln, Truman, and others have canned over zealous insubordinate generals in the past.
    The best part is that McChrystal’s replacement his a better general and a better man.

    • Kinetic1

      Exactly, Norm,
      The military code of conduct makes it very clear what will and will not be accepted. There is a long held belief that allowing any sort of open insubordination will open the flood gates and erode the discipline that makes our military what it is in the face of battle. What General McChrystal said (as well as what he allowed his men to say) may not seem like much, and you may even agree with him, but it is not acceptable in the eyes of our military.

      I can’t say I’m happy to see this man step down. I don’t agree with the way this war has been played out over the last decade. I know that many would have us drop the bomb and finish it off. The original goal of capturing Bin Laden has long ago faded into a memory where even then President Bush announced that he didn’t care about Bin Laden anymore. Under these conditions it’s hard to imagine how our military leaders could not be frustrated. We’ve lost thousands of fine young men and women, and for what?!

      The Afghan people, as well as others in the Middle East have resented the West since the days of the Crusades and are not likely to be anymore receptive to our current show of force. Many experts agree that our fighting there has had the effect of slowing the natural move of Iran towards accepting a more Western mind set. Those among the younger generation have shown less interest in the old ways of the religious leaders and wish to be a part of the modern world. That is until we begin to threaten their sovereignty, encouraging all the nations citizens, as the 9/11 attacks did our to unite behind the government, despite our differences. We have driven support for groups like the Taliban up, not down. This is no longer a battle for our military to fight. Our goal is not the overthrow of a government, but the end of an ideology and this will never come about through force. We should and will defend ourselves against our enemies, but we need to be more clear on who and where they are.

      • 45caliber

        Actually, instead of hanging around trying to make friends by buying their friendship (which never works anyway) I think we should bomb them back to the days of the Crusades and walk away after telling them, “Do it again and we’ll really get mad.” It is better to be feared than loved because you can always make people afraid of you. You can never buy love.

    • Ervin W Schrader

      Yes. The liberals got what they wanted and now all of us will suffer.

  • James

    I still have yet to read what General McChrystal actually said. Does anyone have a source for that info? Was what he said recorded? One source said he was simply agreeing with what some of his subordinates said?

    • Jana

      It was in the Rolling Stones Magazine.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    McChrystal is one brave man. He knew what the consequences of his interview with Rolling Stone would be. He was blasting a warning to all America in the best way he could have. Will we heed this warning? I admire him for how he conducted and orchestrated the end of his career. He did it on his terms and tried to reach as many people as he could. He is old school and I wish there were more like him!

    • libertytrain

      Robin – perhaps you are right – I hadn’t thought of it that way – he is old-school and would have known what would happen if he commented or agreed with his staff on comments that perhaps were not in agreement with the current administration’s handling of things —-

    • Jana

      I am not so sure about McChrystal.
      After learning that he voted for Obama I think he got what he voted for. Plus, what was it with those medals given for restraint? Not firing even when fired upon if there were civilians around?
      When in these countries, they don’t have uniforms, how do you know who is a ‘civilian’ and who is complicit with the Taliban?
      Sounds more like this is a medal for cowardice. What are we over there for, to play games? When we send our sons and daughters and husbands and fathers over there, its not to play games.
      McChrystal finally realized that Obama is not any type of Commander in Chief. He was frustrated and rightly so, but this may be for the best after all.

      • 45caliber

        To the Liberals (and unfortunately many Republicans) it is all a game. It doesn’t matter how many people are killed on either side as long as your party can claim a few more points. It is called a “political game” for a good reason. War is just another way to play when diplomacy fails.

      • Claire

        Jana– I agree with you. I always liked Petraeus, at least so far. Somehow I never thought MacChrystal had the gumption.

    • JeffH

      Robin from Arcadia and Jana…I believe both of you are pretty close in your obsevations. I don’t think McChrystal is even close to being a hero, but I do believe he has a sense of decency by “allowing” the comments of his staff to be published. After listening to some high ranking retired middle east veterans, thay are in agreement with the firing of McChrystal, BUT, that said…have their own opinions about Obama and the whole war in the moddle east, particularly fighting with one hand tied behind their back…ie…rules of engagement…another political war from our side and rules of engagement laid out by the NATO forces that interfere with the end game…defeat and victory of the terrorists. Because of these “rules” the US forces get no respect. The Afghanis might not like the Americans because they respect strength and the weak hand we are dealt, along with the total corruption in the Afghanistan government, shows anything but American strength…This I heard from a former troop commander Lt. Colonel Wilson the day McChrystal was to resign.

      The middle east war is a complete political loser and the only

      • JeffH

        …is to get out and bring our troops home!

        • Claire

          JeffH–Yes, bring them home.

          • libertytrain

            Claire and Jeff – nothing I’d like more at this point.

    • Smilee

      Robin from Arcadia, IN says:
      June 29, 2010 at 7:25 am

      The last thing he wanted was for rolling stones to print this story and his subordinates are making it quite clear these statements where off the record and rolling stones printed it any way but there is no evidence of any kind suggesting he engineered the end of his career in this manner. You sure have quite the imagination or is it wishful thinking on your part??

    • eddie47d

      Or maybe he is a reckless General? He officially slandered HIS commander and not a casual comment amoungst associates.Slandering anyone is seldom an act of bravery and more often an act of stupidity.We all want a transparent war but Generals shouldn’t openly undermine their OWN efforts in winning a war.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, perhaps ypu can tell us what McChrystal said that slandered his CIC?

      • http://naver samurai

        If Obama bin Laden lets the generals and soldiers do what they are paid to do, then we could win it. How can they when the man at the top is so ignorant and unqualified for the job? It is now been proven that he has had secret talks with Hamas, a know terrorist group. I’m just waiting for “Osama” to say that Israel and our troops there are on their own. I wouldn’t surprise me a bit! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Smilee

          Well Bush let them do as the generals wanted and they did not get the war won!!!!!!!!!!

  • s c

    It takes two to ‘communicate.’ When a general is naive enough to trust people who CAN’T be trusted to know the difference between ‘on the record’ and ‘off the record,’ that’s when you have incompetent media types looking for a hot story and the result is predictable. I’d like to see Herr Obummer working for the general in a combat zone, as the results would be most interesting.
    Herr Obummer would be scrambling to do a Gore-like or a Kerry-like exit from that hostile environment.
    It’s not like Herr Obummer doesn’t have his chance right now, defending America’s southern border from invading hordes. But then, Herr Obummer’s posterior doesn’t belong to the American people. He’s on the invader’s side, and his presence here is an insult to every man, woman and child who loves liberty.

    • eddie47d

      You always come up with crock! You need to learn a new dance.

      • JeffH

        …and as usual fast eddie comes up with nothing…again and again…get on board before you’re left behind…

        • eddie47d

          You need to learn a new line too! Grumpy

          • http://naver samurai

            He’s not being grumpy, just showing some common sense. You libs are on the attack more and more because you know that you’ll lose big this year and in 2012 and you can’t stand it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Jeep

    There is more to this story than many of you will know. The frustration that my former boss was having to endure while trying to prosecute a difficult war and deal with an inept administration was intolerable. The former commander was more than capable, but even a four star general needs guidance support from the top. Of which, he got neither. The clown in the white house didn’t even meet with Mc for almost six months after taking office. I guess that shows how much the leader of the free world cares for troops in harms way.

    BTW, Norm, I dare you to tell Stan to his face (all 6’4″ of him) that he was inadequate. I’m just saying that it’s easy for you arm chair quarterbacks to second guess every move.

  • http://kdawson Kathleen Liljegren

    Did he read the article as I did. The only thing McChrystal said in a Paris hotel room was about how he hated attending a dinner. His chief of staff said “The dinner comes with the position sir.” McChrystal said “Hey Charlie does this come with the position?” and gave his chief of staff the finger. End of story and the whiner in the white house who lied about oil experts and stopped drilling to destry La. against their advice and has communist china ships installing his wind turbines in Delaware had waived the Jones Act for communists while not obeying a judge, his group whose signatures were forged, and now has had Move on .org remove “General Betray Us” from its website. He needs to be impeached and so does Sotomayor, the wise latino woman born in US in Bronx, NY who lied under oath and then reversed her decision regarding recent ruling on guns, but lost anyway. Justice is supposed to be blind and the Constitution does not change unless amendments are put into it. It the the law of this land and if these liberal morons do not know that, then they ought to go make themselves kings and queens in Africa. Get out of our way so we can fix the mess Nobama has made and Clinton, Frank and Dodd. They have totally forgotten that they work for us. Make them all remember in November when we boot the losers in federal and states out. Amendment l0 of the Constitution clearly states that if federal government does not do something then it is up to the states or the people therein, but the whiner takes all the parkland from Arizona and has taken billions of acres of coastal land which he cannot do. Why is he not stopped? Why be afraid of sissywhinymiddleagedmoron?

    • 45caliber

      Frank and friends can’t wait to get the cap and trade bill passed. They intend to “sell” the carbon credits of the housing market to make millions of dollars. The fact that these carbon credits should officially belong to the home owners seems to have missed them. Not only that but Frank “owns” the patent for coming up with this stupid idea so he gets paid regardless of who does it.

  • WarriorH

    “Bite Me” was the best part of this story.

  • chuck b

    mcchrystal is nothing more than another wesley clark, he is vey liberal and voted for obama and agreed to the rules of engagement that has resulted in the increase of casualties. any commander who would embed a reporter from the rolling stones couldn’t be too smart. so barry probably did the right thing, the only one i can think of at this time.

  • Fast Freddy

    McChrystal, an American hero, Obama an American impostor, seems to me that the wrong man lost their position. Obama and his administration, [that is made up almost entirely of nerdy left-wing radicals], don’t deserve any respect from our military or anyone else. Wars ought to be run by our professional soldiers, could be that the wimpy civilian politicians that made the decisions on how to wage war in Korea and Viet Nam are the reason that we failed in those places to win. Obama as commander-in-chief is sheer lunacy, he should take a back seat to real men like McChrystal. A change in how to conduct conflicts may well be a good thing for America, politicians have proven to be inept at setting goals, policies and strategies.

    • eddie47d

      F.F.; “run by professionals”? You mean blackwater and Haliburton as Iraq was ?? No Thanks

      • JeffH

        …fast eddie you dimwit! He said “run by our professional soldiers”..SOLDIERS…get it “Professional Soldiers”! The dimwit shows us why once again…why he is such a, a, a dimwit! YEAH!

        • eddie47d

          Iraq was run by contracted “soldiers” as I stated so he’d better look a little harder for professional soldiers. I seen that in Vietnam although not nearly as wide spread as in Iraq. If you can answer with only name calling then maybe you are the dimwit!

          • JeffH

            fast dimwit eddie fool! Show me where you said “contracted”? You didn’t and thus once again you are proven to be a liar! You’ve forgotten your bouts of name calling…short memory huh?

  • Deborah

    The only thing O’bama is good at is blaming someone else for his incompetence. O’bama should resign–but that take’s honor–O’bama has no honor.

  • http://Yahoo Larry Gentry

    At least this way Obama can’t say he did not hear about it but he has never been in a conflict or for that matter he is no more than a draft dodger so he is unable to tell someone how to run a war. He should go back and stick his head in the sand like he has sense he has been in office

    • Smilee

      Wow such hatred!! There was no draft for him to dodge that was before his time. He has as much war experience as President Lincoln had when he was Commander and Chief in the civil war but in retrospect most think he did a great job, while at the time statements and cartoon against Lincoln were very similar in tone to those we see and hear about Obama today, you may have to eat your words after all is said and done

      • http://naver samurai

        OMG frownlee. You sure stepped in it this time! If you read your history, Lincoln was a captain with the Illinois Militia and fought the Blackhawk Indian War across west and northern Illinois. Lincoln actually got his hands dirty and lead troops into battle, unlike your fool in chief! He never served in the military here or in his homeland of Indonesia or Kenya. No experience means just that! NONE! Get off of the kool aid before it fries your brain! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • eddie47d

      Gentry; That would make the majority of Americans draft dodgers.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, you’re comment is as brilliant as Gentry’s was…

        • eddie47d

          Why thank you Grumpy!

          • Smilee

            Grumpy, I love it, Its so fitting for jeffie

          • http://naver samurai

            Your former hero was a draft dodger and pot smoker (Bill Clinton), so what’s your point?


    There is little doubt that McChrystal is a fine warrior, he has the record and the stones to prove that point. Here’s what bothers me about the man.

    First of all he is a selfconfessed lib, he supported Barry the phony, this means he will delude himself and proved it to be so by allowing a commie reporter from Der Speigel to tag along with his command and then report what was discussed in the publication, he trusted the little crud. He may or may not have been back stabbed but it was his call. Now this is where I want to become ill, I cannot disagree with the Phony, even though I know he is not a real POTUS he is still representing the Oval office, (geeezus I just want to gag) and had no choice but to ask for and accept McChrystals resignation due to disrespect shown to the office.

    “Hippies still suck, commies always lie and a terrorist will kill anyone, anytime, anywhere just because.”…..Axiom that applies.

    Can this be anymore bizzare or surreal?

  • Tea Party Tim

    General McChrystal knew exactly what he was doing with the Rolling Stone.

    The troop deployment that was needed was reduced by 25% by Obama without a strategy to accomplish the mission without them.
    The rules of engagement instituted by Obama had hampered the military to the point that it had become impossible to protect the troops.

    General McChrystal could have resigned without much fanfare and there would have been little or no media attention to the event. It would have simply been seen as a stress casualty of the war. Instead, he chose to expose the incompetence of the Commander in Chief.

    Also, to put to rest the comments that open cricism is the equivalent of insubordanation, military personal take an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution, not the ideological beliefs of politics or politicians.

    • Claire

      Reporters can get stuff out of anybody–look what they did to Sarah.

  • chuck b

    tea party tim

    mccrystal didn’t expose the incomptence of barry, the journalist in his quest to hurt the military did the job, he didn’t disclose anything about barry we didn’t know.
    we will never know what mccrystal had in mind by embedding the rolling stone reporter. it’s hard to psychoanalyze the liberal mind.
    even tho, we salute gen. mccrystal.

    • Smilee

      chuck b

      we will never know what mccrystal had in mind by embedding the rolling
      stone reporter.


      One thing we do know is that the length of time of the embedding and the statements made in the reporters presence was not a very smart thing to do and it is probably best we will not know.

    • TIME

      My guess is to get out while the getting is good.
      Ask yourslef this question; Would you really follow orders from a 100% inconpetent group of fools?

      I can tell you for one I would not. Get our Troops HOME NOW!

      Its like being in the 1500′s but with cars and trucks.
      AKA a Hell Hole!

      • chuck b


        i have stated this before and here it is again. the people of this country should demand that our troops are withdrawn from afghanistan.
        this president has no desire to win this war and has restrictions on our troops that is detrimental to their health.
        barry soetoro couldn’t lead a boy scout troop, his muslim belief restricts him from taking decisive action against his brothers when he hates america more than he does the taliban. it will be interesting to see what changes in the rules of engagement gen, petraeus will be allowd to make. BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!

    • Tea Party Tim

      Of course if General McChrystal had not allowed the reporters to conduct a month long interview, would anyone be talking about any of this now.
      Maybe, but probably not to the extent that it was brought to the forefront. General McChrystal is an extremely regimented individual, things don’t happen by accident with him or he just become comfortable with a reporter and start spilling his guts after a beer or two.

  • 45caliber

    The Liberals believe that any CIC MUST be obeyed by the military, regardless of what orders he might give or how stupid they are. The European officers are similar. If they tell you to jump off a cliff, you should obey instantly.

    That’s why they keep losing all their wars. The people on the front, who know what is going on, are ignored.

    The US Army has always relied on the individual soldier to make decisions in the field to fulfill the mission. They don’t micromanage them. But Congress and the Liberals do try to do it because they don’t trust the military.

    The military is drawn from our own children and children of our neighbors. 90% or more of the military would not shoot at our own citizens if ordered – but the Liberals don’t believe that. They MUST obey the CIC – who is their leader now. So if the citizens object to how the CIC is leading then the military can be called out to put down any revolt we might be planning.

    And they simply cannot see how they are wrong.

  • Viktor Leben

    Yo ! General McChrystal ! What the hell happen ? Some persons are hypersensitive…..

    It can really ruin your life. Taking comments out of context, being hypersensitive… I know first hand (but this isn’t a confessional)… Usually guys grow out of it, especially before they are 40 ……

    Seriously, How mature is President Obama and VP Biden ? What a bunch of girly men ……..

    Hey General McChrystal, I would have tried to kick your ass ! HA HA ! “Tried” is the key word, just don’t hit the face ……

  • bobinpa.

    Mc Chrystal is a full fledged LIBERAL. The fact that he voted for this Kenyan Muslim Communist alone is enough to make his dismissal good news. He also went along and encouraged the “Sorry
    rules of Engagement Policy’ The Kenyan Muslim Marxist put in effect which put our troops at a higher RISK, and PROTECTED Obamas Islamic friends. McChrystal evidently not only went along with it, but encouraged it. But the fact that McChrysstal is a Lib, I feel a lot better about his dismissal.

    • eddie47d

      We certainly aren’t winning in Afghanistan anymore than we were 9 years ago.I dispise the Taliban and their disgusting treatment of women,but unless Karzai performs a miracle and ends the corruption within then we are doomed in winning this war. That fact has little to do with Obama or Bush. If we can’t control Karzais bad decisions then it’s time to get out.

  • Sadie Palein

    Obama is so much better a leader than junior ever was.

    • Tea Party Tim

      I don’t know whether to ROFL or BARF.

      • Claire

        Tea Party Tim–Now remember–freedom of speech. lol

        • Smilee

          Ah,let him go a head and barf so he can get it out of his system!!

    • chuck b

      sadie palein

      if you are talking about sheep, i’ll have to agree

    • http://naver samurai

      I’m tempted to ask, “What is that stuff you have been smoking?” 2010, the year we start taking America back from this liar in the White House. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • mehoward

    Wasn’t he hand picked by Obama to take command of the forces in Afghanistan? This episode should tell you that even a libral general
    can get disgusted with the commander in chief if that commander in chief is incompetent. I don’t feel sorry for MacChyrstal he’s probably just glad to be out of the hot seat. I think Obama was very lucky that Petraeus loves this country and is willing to keep us from being the laughing stock of the world. I say Obama I think you ought to bow down to Petraeus for saving your face. Hillary do you need a little water to swallow your words about Petraeus, (betray us) I hope it takes you a long time to swallow those words then maybe you won’t think it’s so cute to make a play on words. mehpensacola Obama get out of the way and let the experts clean up our gulf.mehpensacola,fl

    • meteorlady

      Actually McChrystal has said he voted for Obama and yes he was hand picked.

  • chuck b


    good one, i forgot about hillary saying that. wouldn’t you like to be there when he and hillary meet face to face.

    • Allan

      The derision toward Petraeus when he reported to Congress was unbelievable to me. Obama knows Petraeus could be the guy he has to run against. Petraeus realizes Obama may scapegoat him between now and 2012. As for McChrystal, I can understand when a commander reaches a point that he feels his mission and soldiers are compromised by his superior.

  • meteorlady

    Hack job by Rolling Stone Mag. Not nice and not at all accurate, unbiased reporting. They should have at least respected “off the record” remarks. Sad – will no longer read that rag.

  • Brian H

    This would have been a good time for a military coup.

  • Anthony

    Everyone want to see (and hear) the real reason why we are in Afghanistan?

    Also – with the news of more sanctions against IRAN – look at this JPG for where our Military-Industrial Complex has placed themselves….

    His Handlers want that GAS and they WANT a Central Bank in IRAN

    PS: I’ve known abuot the Pipeline for some time – it was outed on several years ago.

  • http://mog7@cox.net06042CT Muriel P. Goyette

    Don’t say anyone who voted for obama voted for “nothing”. That vote was for DIASTER AND WE GOT IT. Absolutely nothing in that man’s background qualified him to be president. The very basic quality that no man should be voted into office without was lacking: A regard and a love for this country. NONE EXISTED. It is a tough struggle to keep
    America above water. Midterm elections are just one step and this also
    will be a struggle because there is so much deception it may be difficult to identify those that have no business holding any office in the American Government. This is not a trivial pursuit. It took at least decades to get to this level. It is only UNITED that America will stand. All of you above are for America. No silly banter, but do
    email all important information you receive such as information about what constitutes in-sourcing etc. These are the actions that will rot the heart of America. Knowledge is power. Love this grand country. FLY THAT FLAG ON THE FOURTH. TOGETHER WE WILL TAKE BACK AMERICA.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    In twenty years, if America is still America, we’ll look back on the 2000-2012 years as the dark years of lies and decseption and the attempted distruction of Amercia by the unhappy “Kings of Europe” who are still angry at the upstart Colonies for having the gall to break away from the British Empire. Perhaps they will suceed and America will fall and just become simply Region 2 of the One World Government
    with it’s 50 million slaves. That’s if America falls. On the other hand if we resist the New World Order madmen and learn how to say “no” to the Elite who wold enslave us we might just have a future like the first American’s dreamed about.. If America is still here in 2030.


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