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Chicago Police Superintendent Predicts Officers Will Shoot Lawful Gun Owners

January 17, 2013 by  

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, responding to a recent Federal appeals court ruling striking down Illinois’ ban on concealed carry, predicted legal gun owners would be shot by Chicago police officers. As the city’s cops are already shooting dogs for no apparent reason,  I guess the leap to lawful gun owners isn’t such a stretch.

During an interview with WVON radio, McCarthy said:

You put more guns on the street expect more shootings. I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained… putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster. So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.

As reported, McCarthy would not say what specific training officers will undertake, if any. However, he did admit that in the past his department has made mistakes in shooting unarmed civilians. He believes the concealed carry law will increase those types of unfortunate incidents.

McCarthy’s words are a clear intention to intimidate. Of course, that’s his modus operandi, as reports of multiple instances of McCarthy abusing his authority (and other people). There are also reports that while McCarthy was a New York police officer, he and his State trooper brother spent a drunken St. Patrick’s Day evening shooting out street lights and shouting racial slurs at a mostly black crowd.

McCarthy’s rant on the radio was nonsensical. No one would expect a police officer being threatened with a gun not to protect himself. But McCarthy’s officers don’t need to worry about law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits “turn[ing] with a firearm in their hand.”

Illinois has the strictest gun laws in the Nation. Yet there were 2,364 shooting incidents in the city in 2012, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. Perhaps McCarthy should worry more about reigning in the criminal element in his city — and his abusive police officers who shoot unarmed citizens and dogs — and less about law-abiding citizens out to protect themselves.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • vicki

    From the article:
    “So I’ll train our officers that there is a concealed carry law, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire and we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

    Return fire? Don’t they have to be fired upon before they can “return fire”. I remind myself that XX policemen did NOT shoot dogs or unarmed civilians or I might be tempted to demand that the police turn in their guns. If it saves just one life……

    • Robert Smith

      “we’re going to have tragedies as a result of that. I’m telling you right up front.”

      Evolution in action.

      If folks want to remove themselves from the gene pool by drawing down on a cop I have zero sympathy for them.


      • freeisrael

        And if a cop is shot and killed in the premeditated attempt to kill a lawful gun owner, I won’t shed a tear for rogue policeman who are employed by the legal gun owner citizens of any city in the United States. Policemen should be required to carry only mace spray and any cop who carries a weapon is subject to imprisonment and capital punishment if he kills a legal gun carrying citizen of the United States.

      • http://TWN dickboz


      • Robert Smith

        “40 S&W HOLLOW POINT AMMO”

        Considering the latest run on guns and ammo at stores around America I’d say buying a large quantity of stuff was prudent.

        Further, 50,000 rounds isn’t much. That’s only 1,000 / state. If you have 10 folks shooting it that’s only 100 rounds each. Particularly in .22 I’ve shot twice that much in an afternoon plinking and didn’t think for a nanosecond.

        Once again the ammo purchase seems like another bit of radiation has escaped from the tin foil hats on the nut case conspiratorial con-o-sewers.


      • eddie47d

        That is one of the biggest problems with concealed carry. Someone is bound to notice you. Whether an old lady a teenager or someone out shopping and they could easily report a man with a gun is in such and such a store. When the cops show up they have to confront this man whether he is legal or not. Brazen gun owners can be as much a danger to themselves by flaunting their CC status whether intentional or not. The average person doesn’t know he is legal or simply casing the joint for a hit .

        • Frank Kahn

          First, eddie, how do you come to the conclusion that a concealed weapon is visible?

          Hint here, the definition of concealed is hidden, not visible, obstructed view.

          Second, in the unlikely event that someone did see this hidden gun, why would they freak out and assume the person is a criminal? It is just as likely that the person is an undercover or off duty cop, detective, private investigator or legal CC holder.

          Third, assuming that everyone reacts and responds in a calm and civilized manner, what makes the police questioning the holder of the concealed weapon dangerous? In a propper encounter there would be no hail of bullets, no physical confrontation(fighting) and no need for panic. The cops simply confront the man / woman and inquire as to the presence of a weapon. If it is a law abiding CC holder they respond with that information. Identification and the CC permit are examined and the problem is solved.

          The person has broken no law, so they are let go about their business. The only time that this scenario might be different is if the weapon was discovered because the person had brandished it (removed it from concealment). That is, in most cases, illegal unless there is justification for doing so.

          Your post, which appears to be making a case to eliminate CC, is based totally on unreasonable (unreasoning) fear and paranoia.

      • OJ Eastwood

        Last I seen was that not 50,000 rounds bought by government, but more like the population of America times three. Three bullets for every citizens of the USA!

      • http://google gary gerke

        Chicago has always been the most corrupt city in the USA, they think they can make up laws as they go. They hate open carry and licensed conseal carry. This latest threat by the police dept.,is threat of bodily harm to people exercising their constitutional rights. I believe that the civilian population will have enough of these Gestapo thugs and will fight back. These Obama storm troopers will regret the day they declared war on the Constitution and the Patriots that would uphold it! Good luck Chicago’s finest!!!!!!!

      • Jana

        Something interesting I ran across:

        A quote that has been attributed, yet not proved, to Adolph Hitler in 1933 is: “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” Whether he actually said the phrase or not, it embodies what the former German dictator believed. Barack Obama’s power grab is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler and his usurpation of Germany. His attempts to replace our republican form of government with communism, socialism, Marxism, and progressivism are blatant violations of Americans’ Constitutional rights, yet the masses and the mainstream media remain silent.

        In 1923, Hitler attempted to take control of the Bavarian government in Munich. The revolt was a failure and Hitler was convicted of treason and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. While in prison, his political manifesto, Mein Kampf, was ghostwritten by Rudolf Hess. Hitler knew that in order to obtain control of the masses, he had to embrace their religions in order to gain their trust.
        (Hmm sound like someone we know and don’t love?)

        The second president of the United States, President John Adams, is quoted as saying, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” America’s citizens have already been enslaved by debt.
        (And its getting worse every time Obama puts another CONTROL over us.)

        Thomas Jefferson knew that, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” So, how does disarming people protect people? Hello? It doesn’t.

      • Kate8

        Jana – Obama is and has been using the exact same playbook at Hitler did, because they both are puppets of THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE. The same bloodlines have been at this for centuries, and know what works. This time they are so much more savvy about how the human mind works, and they have technologies they could have only dreamed about in the past.

        Obama even uses IBM to compile census information and much more on every person alive in America…same corporation Hitler used. You could go right down the line, because history repeats.

        Now we have FEMA camps stocked with guillotines, traincars equipped with shackles, mass grave-pits already dug and waiting, and millions of plastic coffins stacked and ready. Outspoken people are being eliminated at an increasing rate, politicians are scared spitless to stand against him in any way, and he’s moving to criminalize conservatism, constitutionalists, Christians, veterans and anyone who disagrees with him… and especially gun owners.

        He is decimating the military, building his own private army of angry youth, especially those who hate whites… and has brought NATO and other foreign troops on US soil. He’s been nationalizing banks, industries and everything he can, while dismantling private enterprise. Oh, and funneling our money to elite banksters, while taking a nice share of it for himself.

        Law enforcement is being federalized everywhere, sheriffs have been fired and replaced with those loyal to the fed (NWO), he’s finishing the merger with Canada and Mexico, and all government (and even NGOs) are being well-armed for civil war. He spies on everyone in America and has massive dossiers on all of us.

        I could go on, but I’m sure everyone who cares knows these things, and those who don’t won’t believe them because they refuse to see it.

      • Bill

        Good posts, Jana and Kate8
        If we do not pay attention to history, it will repeat itself

        • Deerinwater

          Bill says, “Good posts, Jana and Kate8
          If we do not pay attention to history, it will repeat itself”

          LOL! Oh gee! okay ~ When did I walk into this movie? ~ was it before or after? It’s a bad movie ~ and I guess it doesn’t really matter, you could walk out at anytime and be none the better.

          history repeated it’s self ~ regardless what we do. ~ These is no way out ! We are not leaving alive ~ But good news! Life can be prolonged.

          I just don’t want to see anymore innocent babies killed by some abortion of a mothers’ half-wit child that should have been completed to begin with.

          This freak of nature destroyed many good lives including his own family. ~

          I see it everyday ~ someone that really should not exist ~ but who am I to say?

          We call it Conservatism. ~ Conservative what? Good judgement?

      • eddie47d

        Of coarse he could be an undercover cop but that may depend in how he is dressed and his actions. I’ve seen CC’s on persons before and I’m not even looking!

    • Gary

      I have had the idea for quite a while that to create a bully you gave a coward a gov’t pay check, a badge and a gun. It seems in Chicago all you are creating are cowards with badges and guns!

      • Bob Johnson

        I tell you what sport, pin a badge on your own chest, strap a gun on your hip and walk down a dark alley with me, we will see how much of a coward you are.

      • Average Joe

        Bob Johnson,
        You need a dark alley? You’ve now admitted that you are the coward in this conversation.

        Molon Labe


      • James Andrews

        Sounds about right-if they do ened up shooting a cc permit holder, then they obviously have not been trained well enough, and don’t deserve to wear the badge!

      • Kate8

        It’s becoming increasingly clear who the real dangerous ones are: the gun grabbers. The Leftists who supposedly abhor guns. They just shoot anyone who disagrees with them.

      • JeffH

        Let’s be very clear here. What McCarthy was saying is just what any other ignorant anti-gun red blooded progressive moron would have said. This is a cop from Chicago, the Chicago Police Superintendent where they believe only criminals have a right to have guns and law abiding citizens must not be allowed to protect themselves, at least with legal guns and legal permits to carry. McCarthy is one of Rahm’s boys.

        Never mind that the odds of a lawfull CC permit holder ever drawing down on a law officer is astronomical. Never mind that a CC permit holder would identify themselves if ever the long odds chance that they would be in that scenario in the first place.

        McCarthy’s comment is just ore of mthe typical “fear mongering” method the progressives have been using for years and many of us have come to expect from them…ala Alinsky!

        “This ain’t Dodge City. And you ain’t Bill Hickok.”

      • ranger09

        Bob, When did you ever get out of your car long enough to walk down any alley, i have walked down in some of the worst Cities in calif. La, Pico Rivera, Stockton And sacramento. when you pin on that badge or the Star that is what you were hired and Swore to do. Also chicago has and still is one of the most corrupt Police depts since it became a city Along with new york,And most of the early large cities in the north. And has been working to other large cities Every where. Anytime a Policeman worries about Honest Citizens carrying Firearms Then its time for him to get out of this kind of work. When i carried a star at times i was glad to receive help from armed citizens, Maybe that was because i was 50 miles from another policeman, have you ever been alone, i dont think so.. you seem like the typt of policeman, If you Are one, That needs two more policemem with you just to make a traffic Stop.

      • eddie47d

        Jeff H; If that was Dodge City then McCarthy would simply request that all gun owners leave their weapons at his station until its time for them to leave. Besides if a CC person is in a city that doesn’t allow weapons then he is at the mercy of being illegal carrying.

      • Jana

        This idiot Police Superintendent Predicts??? Excuse me, aren’t there already people out there with conceal carry permits and weapons? Are they having problems now or does he plan on making it a problem later?
        This actually sounds like a threat!

      • JeffH

        eddie, try as you may, you just don’t have anything relevant to say. As usual you made absolutley no sense with your circular logic.

      • eddie47d

        That’s a fact about Dodge City but we know how you are afraid of facts

      • Charles Johnson

        Bob I’ll do that. Did it without the handgun for twenty years so adding one won’t hurt. But giving a coward a badge and weapon just creates a coward with a weapon.

    • manuel rosa

      Its not that simple cause every shooting is different. Of course if a cop is being shot at he should certainly shoot back. But, Mc Carthy says some unarmed civilians have been shot by the officers of his dept. That sounds to much like trigger happy murder to call anything else.

      • manuel rosa

        now in Atlanta GA two city police shot a stupid kid for waving a knife. what a trigger happy cowards, that was plain murder, and they got away with it.

      • Kate8

        How often does a law-abiding, legal gun owner draw on a cop?

        I’d love to hear of any instances where this has happened, unless the cop was the aggressor and the citizen feared for his safety.

        I HAVE heard many cases of violent abuse of UNARMED citizens by officers. There have been completely unjustified cases of people beaten (even in their own homes) by law enforcement who were just drunk on authority and testosterone. These people were not armed and no threat, but WERE confused about why the cops were there.

        These instances demonstrate all the more reason why we need to be as heavily armed as possible, in order to defend ourselves from encroaching government aggression.

      • Bob w

        Manuel, cops in my town shot and killed a man waving a knife…..they got away with it….here is the kicker, the man was a paraplegic in a wheelchair !!

      • Jana

        Exactly. This Police Superintendent is making it sound like no one is out there carrying a concealed permitted weapon at this time, so in the future when it is allowed, just don’t blame him when these innocent people start getting shot.
        Sounds like he needs to be replaced. FAST!

      • nabiru

        @Kate8.In the early 80′s there was a young man who had the fancy to draw on cops with a deadly result. He walked up to the police officer and exposed a single action Colt in it’s holster and called the cop to draw. Every time it was fatal to the officer. His reason was that how the cop is being paid to protect the public when he can’t protect himslf. He was riding around on a bike. Eventually he was shot by SWAT with a high powered rifle.

      • Charles Johnson

        Interesting scene, uniformed officer enters alley, sees man in street clothes with a gun , shoots him, in collecting evidence the find the other officers badge. Many cops in street clothes folks. So if you shoot a CCP holder you aren’t being a good cop.

    • Gordon Cole


      • Kate8

        Gordon – People are already not trusting police.

        I have told my kids NEVER to call the police for help unless it is the absolute last option. I have told them than police are no longer our friends, and that we cannot depend on them to protect us. I have also told them that, should they encounter police, to NEVER answer any questions.

        If we are smart we will view any law enforcement with suspicion. If they are going to see us as the enemy, then we have no choice but to view them the same way, and to respond accordingly.

      • Bill

        Good points, Gordon
        We need to support law enforcement, we cannot live in an unlawful society. This police chief is playing politics for his masters in a very unlawful town

        I live in a pro-business, opperating in the black city where the cops go to live. It is amazing how good economics and less crime go hand in hand

      • ranger09

        The people need to return to there Rights, when the Police we hire are not able to handle crime Then the people need to go to the county Sheriff and demand that the citizens be sworn in as deputies to protect their own communaties. Thats the peoples right. And its done legally.

    • Jana

      They are putting their citizins on notice. All this is is a warning right up front to let them know they intend to shoot first and ask questions later.
      the police in Chicago have now become like the Mafia.
      They love their criminals up there. Obama is a great example.

    • Rodney Roberts

      Chicago has a reputation of being one of the most corrupt cities in the USA. Even before Capone, Chicago was corrupt; it’s little wonder why they have the new mayor, Rahm Emanuel and the political machine that sponsored the corrupt president we now have. All from Chicago; one of the few states to ever have more chief executives in prison than any other state. What a claim to fame.
      In a reply to Rob Who said and I quote:
      “Considering the latest run on guns and ammo at stores around America I’d say buying a large quantity of stuff was prudent.

      Further, 50,000 rounds isn’t much. That’s only 1,000 / state. If you have 10 folks shooting it that’s only 100 rounds each. Particularly in .22 I’ve shot twice that much in an afternoon plinking and didn’t think for a nanosecond.”

      Their 50,000 round purchase was in addition to some astounding ammo purchases in recent history. check this site:

      I do believe you will find that DHS has purchases more than the 50,000 you mention. They have put in orders for millions, no Billions of rounds of .40 cal, .223, and .308. In fact the total is over 1.4 Billion rounds in the year of 2012 alone. I’m pretty certain Chicago law enforcement has gotten its share.

    • nabiru

      Breaking news: The citizens of Illinois put an ad in the local newspapers. “From this morning we are shooting back.NO jokes.”

    • Bob

      Cops are so out of control a bunch of moron [expletive deleted] Shoot first think later I feel sorry for those innocent dogs not to mention totally innocent people. Police need to be prosecuted and sued in civil court when they act so irresponsibly.

  • Harold Olsen

    I don’t know how others are interpreting what McCarthy said, but this sounds to me like a shoot to kill on sight order anyone who is carrying a gun, legally or not. He is sanctioning murder by cops. And I blame Obama for this. He is, in effect, giving cops the right to murder people, the same as Hitler condoned murder by his Gestapo and SS.

    • Robert Smith

      Let’s see Harold, what did you miss… It’s coming to me… hold on a moment…

      There it is! From the article: “, but when somebody turns with a firearm in their hand the officer does not have an obligation to wait to get shot to return fire…

      There, now that you see that are you sure you want to continue your current line of “argument?”


      • johnny

        He said return fire,as if he was fired on/Carry people know and are trained to put down their guns when police arrive.This cop can’t protect you and can’t stand you protecting yourself.It’s like a fireman not wanting you to have a fire extinguisher.How elite they have become.

      • Gary L

        You are right Robert. It is in the article. But a person having a gun in thier hand doesn’t give a cop the right to shoot him.
        I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this cops comments. This is Chicago you know.

      • Average Joe

        I don’t know how they are going to do things in Chicago, but here in Florida, if you have a concealed carry permit and are questioned by police, you must notify the officer asap that you have a CC and that you have a weapon on you. Once you’ve informed the officer, the officer will then ask you whether it is loaded or not and where it is consealed. The officer will then retreive the weapon from your person. You as the CC permit not touch the weapon at any time unless directed to do so by the officer…doing anything other than what the officer tells you…will most likely get you shot. Common sense people…just a little common sense ( yes, I know, a difficult task for most).


      • Frank Kahn

        There are insufficient details about the situation. As stated it is a bad directive which could result in the death of an innocent person. “turning with a gun in their hand” implies that this is somehow an imminent threat. If it is a law abiding citizen who has drawn his legal weapon to assist in protection of a fellow citizen, and he lowers the aim of the weapon before turning, there is no reason to perceive a threat. To sanction the killing of the person just because he had a gun is wrong.

        There are too many instances of police committing murder under the guise of self defense or acting in official capacity to allow such a statement to fly without qualifiers.

        When I lived in Tucson, there was a case where a man was fleeing from the police. During the chase, he hit a police car that tried to run him off the road. Later in the chase he lost control and slammed into a tree. The man was unconscious, but since he had ASSAULTED AN OFFICER OF THE LAW, when he hit the cruiser, he was a threat and was executed by a bullet to the head while out cold in the front seat of his car.

        Same city, A rookie cop is responding to a pursuit call. He runs a red light at a major intersection in excess of 80 MPH. He T-Bones a citizens car killing the driver and young passenger. The officer is found to be in the clear because he was running with lights and siren and the Woman failed to yield right of way.

        Again, same city: Report of trespasser, police respond (two police from different directions), Cop 1 spots Cop 2, does not recognize as fellow officer but sees gun in hand so opens fire. Cop 2 is killed. Trespasser is found and is intoxicated. He is arrested and charged with capital murder because Cop 1 KILLED Cop 2 during the commission of his crime.

        I have heard other stories about DEATH by COP, that are patently WRONG. I am only giving 3 examples from a place that I lived in and know to be factual. Until the police are held to the exact same standards of engagement that regular citizens are, there will be no justice. If you would charge a regular citizen with either MURDER or MANSLAUGHTER then you must charge a POLICEMAN with the same thing. COP (Citizen On Patrol), they are supposed to be PEACE OFFICERS not PUBLIC CONTROL OFFICERS.

        Because of what COP stands for, a member of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is a COP. They have the same authority as a police officer, they can question, detain and even arrest a suspect. Would you allow a member of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH to Kill a suspect for no good reason?

        YES, the police are given special allowances in their behavior. They get away with murder, just because they are POLICEMEN / POLICEWOMEN on duty. They can, and do, abuse their power, they think they are above the law. Not all police are this way, but if the leaders of the force will back a police officer in a wrongful death situation, they will all feel safe from prosecution for wreckless behavior.

        This is not fear or paranoia, it is a concern based on reality. We need to have better accountability of the actions of COPS.

      • Robert Smith

        Gary says: “But a person having a gun in thier hand doesn’t give a cop the right to shoot him.”

        If someone you don’t know is standing in front of you with a gun in their hand what are you going to do, particularly if you feel threatened? Will you use a “stand your ground” defense?


      • eddie47d

        I would be very suspicious of anyone with a gun in their hand whether in front of their house or in a mall. Anyone waving a gun around in a normal situation such as on a city street is up to something. He would never be considered a responsible gun owner.

      • dan

        I’m very suspicious of anyone, including a cop with a gun in their hand…if you draw …I see intent and will defend myself …I don’t care what gang you belong to
        nice post Frank…molon labe

      • Carl D. Long Jr.

        OK, plain and simple. I am a CC citizen. I do not ever, EVER take my weapon out unless I have reason to do this. I surmise my surrounding constantly. If Law enforcement is working a situation then they are working it. My CC is thre to protect me and my Loved ones. I would render aid to a citizen, but not to arbitrarilly attack Police. The Police are not wrong because they are Police!

    • Apollo Morelos

      I am with you. He should be fire for this kind of comment. It’s a threat.

    • Warrior

      Just like in the “war on women”, in all “just” wars, I guess there will be “innocent” victims. Thanks for the “warning” chief!

    • flipped54

      Let’s see…if someone draws a gun and points it at a police officer how does the officer know if the gunman is a legal carry or not? And if the gunman intends to shoot or not how does the officer know? Hmmm, maybe the gunman should not draw a gun and point it at a police officer. Does that make sense to anyone? Actually the shooter at Sandy Hook was legally carrying his mother’s legally purchased guns too. So would it have been Obama’s “fault” if someone shot the shooter before he could kill 26 innocent victims? Your hate filled irrational thinking crashes and burns every time it takes flight.. Let go of the heavy burden of hate and you may feel better.

      • flipped54

        At the same time I do not condone bad police officers either….which in this case may be a possibility.

      • Gary L

        The officers quote did not say anything about pointing the gun. It simply said “having a firearm in thier hand”.

      • harvey

        Correct me if I’m wrong but when the shooter ( unless he was a police officer) set foot on school ground he was no longer carrying a legal firearm(s)

      • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

        flipped54 you really have flipped or you do not know how to read. The idiot liberal KILLED his mother and then STOLE her guns. how was he legally carring stolen guns?

      • Gary L

        When the shooter walked onto the school grounds with the guns, he was breaking the law.He was not legally carrying at that point.

      • ibcamn

        wow are you off on all that,the gun man was legally carrying a fire arm?HE WAS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY!!and he took(stole)them without permission!!and if as law abiding person had a legal ccl,they would not point it at a police officer,only a criminal will(and at that point a legal or non legal ccl is irrelavent)point or draw on a officer!!and why on gods green earth would you stand around and wait for anybody to be killed and not protect them!??again only criminals do all this!!the HATRED is on you and only you….you have my pity flip.

      • dan

        ok so it goes like cop sees a person ,that person turn then bang bang bang bang bang ,ect then drop the gun ! bang bang . ? and this is ok what if it turns out to be a stailness coffee cup”?or even a phone ? i see the cop pulling a spare from the ancle holster putting it in the dead persons hand and fireing it just to cover his ass . all the dead guys falt because he had something in his hand in the presence of a cop . great

      • Citizen

        But the kid at sandy hook wasn’t carrying legally. The gun was just purchased by his mother legally, so…
        It seems to me that an awful tragidy is being used to mask the ugly monster of propaganda.

      • eddie47d

        Gary L; Why would anybody have a weapon in their hands on a city street to begin with? I do believe most people would call the police if such a person was seen. If he had a CC permit it would be in his holster not his hand. What exactly would you do if you were walking down that street with your wife and you saw a guy with a gun in his hand? I bet even you would be a little nervous.

        • Frank Kahn

          That would depend on the type of gun and what the person was doing with it. A rifle carried over the shoulder or down by your side is non threatening, or should be to any sane reasonable person. If it is being aimed at people then there is cause for concern. But, as you say, that is not responsible handling of a firearm.

      • dan

        (other brother from a different mother) dan says:
        January 17, 2013 at 9:21 am

        that would be referred to as a drop piece…and I’ve yet to meet a LEO without one ….

    • TIME

      Dear Harold,

      Its a form of “mind control” ~ as well the breaking of the natural Human sprit, or our nature of survival.
      Obama is only following the plan of destroying all real ~ “ALPHAS” ~ Obama is just one more drip in a long line of drips, he is no differant than Johnson, or GWB, in fact he is really far more Dangerous than GWB, as he is packaged far better so real idiots will follow for all the wrong reasons, as its all based on the “lowest common denominator.”
      As in VERY LOW IQ levels thinking they are ~ Rock Star’s for following his mindless hollow rhetoric.

      If the Sprit of what made America strong is broken, as in ~ Independent thinking ~ Free Will, ~ Freedom ~ or staning up for the Under dog, then we all become like puddy in the hands of the molders of this tragic play.

      The thinking that Peace is War and War is Peace ~ has been well rooted, saddly we can see the obvious effects of this mindset daily as it unfolds.

      PS: This is not about local police units, its about a LONG RANGE PLAN to destroy this nation. Thus It all starts at the seat of the leader. Divide and Conquer.

      Peace and Love, Shalom

      • Kate8

        TIME – Well said, as usual.

        It is obvious that most people still buy the mind-control media feeds (sandy)hook, line and sinker. That they would use such incidents to call for more gun control is lapped right up. I feel so sorry for Adam and his mom (if they were even for real) because it is plain that they were used as patsys. There is more than enough evidence that all of these “events” were staged.

        There has only ever been ONE REASON for people to be disarmed by the government, and it is NOT about OUR safety. We have been seeing patriots fighting for our rights being murdered now on a daily basis… take out those who make a difference so that the rest of us will be afraid to stand up. It is also a strong message to anyone in government who might get any ideas about doing what’s right.

        BTW, I listened to David Wynn Miller last night, and am aghast at the contrived mechanations people will go to in order to justify raping the public trust.

        A-mer-i-ca: no-mercy-for-the-sheep.

      • Kate8

        It seems that the Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza thing just keeps on getting stranger. It had multiple purposes:

        Come on, people. How long until we all get that we can’t trust ANYTHING reported to us by the media.

      • Bill

        Good comments, Time
        Free thinking, free will and free enterprise is what made America great.

      • Robert Smith

        Kate8 says: “Come on, people. ”

        Nope, I ain’t nowhere in that direction.

        Having met a reporter who was there, saw the bodies at the site and the funeral homes, talked with the parents, and attended some of the grave side efforts there is no doubt it was real.

        I find it very sad that anyone would try to make more out of Sandy Hook than the horror it actually is: A nut case went off.

        It’s that simple.

        For some common sense please look at:


      • eddie47d

        So Vatic Project is claiming that Jared Loughner’s “good side ” wasn’t shown in picture form so that means the media is manipulating the event. What a crock. Please go back to basket weaving Kate 8.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        If I told you that most of what I have been learning I came to all the same rays of light that David Wynn Miller did, how strange is that?

        It just takes TIME to do all this digging, oddly I was writting a book on Vampires – and thats how I started uncovering all of what I have.

        Let me explain, I was doing a book that would have had you question if your neighbor was a vampire, so I was using Real Science facts, Real DNA information, and last but not least I needed a ROLE model, as in a family of incredible wealth, I found that family with ease, the Rothschilds, the rest is now all Proven FACT and TRUTH, of what is indeed stranger than “Science Fiction.”

        Peace and Love, Shalom

        PS look into the IRON MOUNTAIN, there is a youtube video noted by its name, as I recall its ~ Iron Mountain blueprint for tyarnnary but I may be off by a tad. google it and see what comes up.

        As to the sandy Hook gig, odd how that just a few miles away alledgely the DHS was running a school shooting, oddly off the same road that SH FD is on?

        Did you notice that not one single neighbor has had anything to say about the alledged children that were alledged to have been killed?

        Or – That the DHS gig was from 9AM to 4 PM, oddly thats the very time structure from Sandy Hook too!
        Or that in late November 2010 DHS was looking for “Event Actors” for an event slated for December 14th 2012, where was the BOO. Base of operations / a BOO
        “Sandy Hook Fire dept.” How strange.

        Look over all the alledged media film, { how much grain is in it, OMG its like Corn Flakes,} my cell phone films better than these alledged multi thousands of dollar mass media camera’s.. Whats wrong with that picture?

        The really big question is the alledged gun found in the trunk of the car, review the film footage, {note how the gun is being handled,} Also note the police have NO GLOVES on! Think they could put a few more finger prints / palm prints, etc. on that gun?

        Yet ~ the FRAUD just keeps on rolling on.

        Or the question as to how was it that CBS news was calling people who have children in SH at 8:40 AM? Yet the alledged shooting took place at 9 AM?

        • Frank Kahn

          You might want to take a closer look at the gun they are removing. I am not an expert, so I cant identify the exact make and model but I can be certain that it is a shotgun not a bushmaster AR-15. The right side of the weapon is smooth, there is no magazine insertion box and there is no rear sight raised bridge. No pistol grip or ejection port cover. The stock is solid wood standard stock as well as the front portion of the stock. THAT IS NOT A BUSHMASTER.

      • TIME

        Oh Dear bent little Mr. Smith,

        Oh how you try, day after day with your babble, as feckless as it is, its just like what my dogs leave behind.

        There you go with your ray of light: “Snopes” WOW Mr. Smith, a sight that if it were on paper could be used for something positve , { to wipe your bottom after a movment.}

        { No one saw any bodys, NO reporters ~ NO one,} so thanks for your very special BS report but no thanks. Now go back under your rock and muddle all about ~ BTW your new name is Uncle Ernie.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Time, check out: “The idea that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked is not only absurd, but also an insult to the victims of the tragedy. The victims are really, provably gone; they are not safely hidden away somewhere until the Sandy Hook shooting has served its ultimate goal of taking away America’s guns. The bullet holes are there. The children and adults are dead. Toxic conspiracies, however, will live on.”

        That’s from:

        You don’t have to rely upon Snoops (BTW, you didn’t prove them to be wrong, you just called them names).


        • Deerinwater

          Man ~ That’s sick!

      • Kate8

        RobertSmith – You have proven yourself (beyond a shadow of a doubt) to be a paid shill and a liar, not to mention a traitor to your country.

        I wouldn’t believe anything you said if I saw it with my own eyes. You have zero credibility, and you will say anything to refute those with common sense enough to look for the truth.

        Give it up, troll. We know who you are.

      • Robert Smith

        So Kate8, have you refuted any of my points?

        Or, are you just spouting off because you don’t really have anything? Sounds like you don’t have anything to me.


      • TIME

        Dear Uncle Ernie, or RS

        I didn’t call “SNOPES” names, yet again you’re displaying that special blend of lacking Comprehension skills you so enjoy displaying.

        { What I said was that “SNOPES” value was at best as TP, if it were on paper.}

        Snopes value to anyone who works toward “REAL ~ RESEARCH,” Is a hollow pointless info sight run by two complete ignorat ~ illiterates.

        Now you step forth with yet another “OPINION” based piece, so do you have any solid proof ~ or is it just more feckless ~ ineffective ~ pointless, pompass willfully illiterate opinions?

      • nabiru

        @Kate8. I personally don’t think that this president will serve his term because of the endless scandals what will surround him.

      • JeffH

        Frank Kahn, you are absolutley correct. Not an AR or a Bushmaster.

    • manuel rosa

      Harold, we will all be accountable for our deeds. The Lord of Hosts said, those who saw the wind shall reap the wirlwind. That includes Obama, Mc Carthy and everyone else for the Lord of Hosts is no respedtor of persons.

    • Winston Smith

      When Obama swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic AND plans to eviscerate the second amendent, who will deny that he violated his oath of office? Who will start impeachment proceedings?

      • http://google gary gerke

        These are the times that will make or break our Constitution, the Nazi Communist regime that America has become will force the American patriots to resist government tyranny and out right assault on our Constitutional rights. Our government can’t beat a rag tag army in Afghanistan, how will they deal with 90-Million gun owners that say……UP YOURS!

  • http://Facebook Robert Simmons

    Communisum comes more and more to AMERICA day by day!

    • manuel rosa

      Communism is and has been here for a long time. You sure you live in the USA?

    • Jana

      We have a Presient that espouses Communistic views and has been drawn to this philosophy since he was a child and surrounds himself with like minded people according to his own book. Valerie Jarrett who meets with him twice a day as one of his top advisors has stated one of her best “go to philosophers” is Marx. He murdered over 60 million of his own people.
      Obama has many in his positions as Czars who are Communists and Socialists, so yes, we are seeing a great change in our country.
      Communism has been in this country for years and years, and even been in the ruling class for years and years, but now, it is making itself publicly known that it is in the ruling sector of our society.

      • Bill

        Hi Jana
        And the teachers are teaching it and our youth have fallen for it hook, line and sinker

      • Jana

        Yes, and sadly the parents don’t have time to check to find out what they are learning let alone learn the facts for themselves. Most of our young families are too busy making a living and raising a family to get involved in politics or what is going on in the world, let alone find out what lies their children are being taught at school.
        Our most important resource are our children, and they are greatly being neglected. It just takes two incomes any more. In our home we have decided to sacrifice and make do with one income, but that means I cook from scratch, not from a box. We seldom go out to eat or to a movie, but we have a great family life.

  • Robert Vinton

    I am 80years old and paid my taxs to fire this head COP now

    • ibcamn

      I’m with you bob,lets fire the police officers that are too unwilling(at least he sounded that way)or lazy to (re)train anyone!

  • ussurvivor

    Same applies, how do you know a bad cop from a good cop. Someone going to get hurt.

    • teddy maher

      You Don’t …. Until such time as character becomes a demanding requisite and that will start with keeping his or her oath to protect and serve we the people and the constitution that guarantees our liberty…. What ever happened to “Protect and Serve”…..The term “Law Enforcement” is ominous…

      • ibcamn

        Teddy,most precincts are crooked as hell and do like i do,think of all of them as bad until they prove they are not!it’s way easier than the other way around!(trust me,i know what i’m talking about)

      • manuel rosa

        They still protect and serve! they protect their partners and serve traffic tickets.

        • http://Yahoo Charlie Helms


      • Jana

        That was funny.

      • Jana

        I have a girl friend who both she and her husband are police officers. He worked in family violence. They finally had to rotate him out of that division as he got to the point where he claimed 95% of all men were wife beaters.
        95% of all the men he dealt with were, but not 95% of the public has men as wife beaters. So it really does go to the mindset of the cop. Some show real anger and they should NOT be wearing a badge or even carrying a weapon.

    • Larry K.

      it’s the judges and those who make up the courts that turn good cops into bad cops, they put their lives on the line everytime they pin on their badges. they arrest the bad guys and all they get is a slap on the wrist and set free again to go out and do more of their dirty work. bad cops, is it any wonder?

      • Jana

        You are so right. We see evidence of this every single day.
        Instead now of following the law we even have what is called precedence.
        If some idiot judge let someone off on a stupid technicality it has now become precedence to be used again and again till the laws become so watered down they become useless.

      • eddie47d

        Kind of like all those gun laws that have been watered down in the past and have become useless in stopping these mass killers.

    • ranger09

      Well now it will give the Cops, The bad Ones a good excuse to kill honest folks and they will not even have to supply the weapon, they can just say he went for his GUN. Today every cop thinks every citizen is a threat to them. When i carried a star two thirds of the people i was around Carried a pistol or had a pistol or rifle in their car or truck. And you know it did not bother me at all. you know if i would have asked the citizen if he had weapons on him or in his vehicle, and if he did would he hand them to me before i wrote him a ticket, They would have called the sheriff and said i was out of line The sheriff and the whole Community would have laughted me out of town. But today seems like all the Policemen are a little on the Paranoid side.

      • eddie47d

        Same theory that Floridians use with the Stand Your Ground Law. You can claim self defense whether their is proof or not. Like I said a few months ago out of 93 cases in that state 60 couldn’t be proven even if it looked like cold blooded murder. All they had to do is claim that self defense was the reason. They are now in the process of rewriting that law.

      • Rick

        Eddie,the only reason they are looking at the stand your ground law is because the lying idiots like Jesse Jackson and AL not so Sharpton and the NBBP hiding the facts. Thjere is nothing wrong with the Stand your ground It shouold be nation wide. If you are committing a crime and are shot in the process it’s your fault. You give up your rights when you commit a crime. It’s time the legal system stand for the victims not the criminals. how is there a technicality they are guilty or innocent. If guilty you are punished as harshlyas possible if innocent you go home.If you assault someon in the process then you deserve what you get. And If someone is trying to rob me and I pull my legal firearm and hold them until the police arreive then I would have my gun in hand legitamately. So why wouold the police shot me? Liike the song goes Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Thisissensless

    There are also reports that while McCarthy was a New York police officer, he and his State trooper brother spent a drunken St. Patrick’s Day evening shooting out street lights and shouting racial slurs at a mostly black crowd.
    How is someone like this allowed a position of Police Superintendent?

    • ussurvivor

      That’s how it works in Chicago land of thugs. Especially when the ring leader is our beloved pres.

    • charlie

      How is someone like this allowed a position of Police Superintendent?

      How is someone this reckless allowed to POSSESS a firearm, let alone a police chief? And his brother is still working? Good ole Chi-town!

      And these nuts wonder why the citizens think they need protection.

    • manuel rosa

      by the same reasoning Obama was reelected!

    • eddie47d

      I wonder why alot of folks are allowed to possess a weapon. The 2nd Amendment excuse gets old in allowing them to do so.

  • Katana

    Lawful law abiding gun owners are not going to be aiming towards the cops – end of story and if they (the cops) start just shooting anyone with a gun in their hand, then perhaps it is the “professional” police who are the ones who need more “training”

  • teddy maher

    And just think folks …. This is what we have charged with the authority to take away our freedom… This lardass is a bully and a legend in his own mind …. Oh! I almost forgot we are going to have to pay him for the rest of his life because he choose public service as a career …. there is something fundamentally wrong here..

  • Jean Werner

    When the police are able to protect me and my family from intruders or to arrive on the scene before we are all dead, I will personally hand them my guns.

    • Sid

      Amen! When I needed the Police to protect my family from a woman who tried to run over my son with her vehicle, it took over 2 hours for an officer to arrive. I went out with BB gun in hand and she took off. Had I not done so my son would now probably be dead. Kudos to all gun owners who take matters in thier own hands.

    • eddie47d

      That right will still be intact next year and the next and you’ll be able to have in your possession more than a BB gun.

      • Frank Kahn


      • JeffH

        eddie, in California there wss a new law passed that puts restictions on BB guns.

        Senate Bill 1315, introduced by anti-gun extremist state Senator Kevin de León (D-22), is just a stepping stone to completely destroying California’s firearm preemption law.

        SB 1315 allows the County of Los Angeles and any city within that county, to regulate and ban the sale of any BB “device,” toy gun, replica of a firearm, or other device that meets both of the following requirements: the “device” is so substantially similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm and expels a projectile that is no more than 16 millimeters in diameter.

      • eddie47d

        Kids have been killed by police pointing a BB gun at them so think a little deeper Jeff H.

  • Soundbiteme

    OBAMA’S GOING FOR THE ALL TIME DICTATORSHIP, DON’T MESS! HAHAHAHA GOOD GRIEF THIS WILL BE ONE HECK OF A BATTLE IN OUR COUNTRY!!! remem ber “fast n furious” holder and obama ARMED only the criminals! Biggest gunrunners in the world is Obama Regime!~!!

    • ussurvivor

      Up for salesman of the year award too

  • teddy maher

    HIGHLY TRAINED ???? Two incidences in NYC where the perp was shot and so were innocent civilians in a hale of bullets numbering close to a hundred….Remember Amado Diallo… 46 rounds fired 3 gunshot wounds …. Any body with military time served is just as qualified as any COP..

  • czman75

    Sounds like one of those people that needs a mental health evaluation…BEFORE they are allowed to be around guns!

    • ranger09

      NO one ever said that Policemen could handle their weapons properly, It just takes a LOT of them to fire a LOT of rounds to hit the target, Thats the way they are trained today.

  • peter

    Banning guns is an idiotic idea. The suppliers will go underground and trade will be brisk. There will be a lot of very rich people out there – hoods as well as those in power ( collecting their bit you know ). There will be a lot of dead people out there as well. Ever hear of prohibition? Did that stop folks from drinking? Telling anyone he may not own a gun is exactly the same as telling him that he may not murder anyone and we all know how folks obey that law. In most cases a gun is not required to kill someone so far as the records show.

    • Jean Werner

      It is disconcerting to realize that there are so few of us who realize the problem is not with
      the guns, it is so clearly with the mental health situation. These people are sick and in need
      of help just; as if they had a physical problem. I know you have noticed the people doing the
      shooting in these situations are mentally ill, do not own a gun but have stolen one. Do you
      think that they are going to stop stealing them if we ban them. DUH And at the same time
      the mental illness will go on and on if we do not address the problem. Let’s see those in
      charge put all of their efforts behind the mental health problem and see what happens. We
      would actually be improving our way of life in our country. In my home town there are several breaking and entering situations happening every day. I know if these people had
      guns they could have avoided dying or getting raped but do we ever hear an outrage about
      these poor people? No one cares about them so isn’t each individual life as important as
      when two or more get killed at one time. It is to me. We need leaders who have a clearer
      vision, who can recognize a problem and take action. What our president and his cronies
      have done now is cause a major cover-up because no one in their right mind is going to
      ever say they are depressed or reveal any personal information about their family or themselves because they know their doctor is going to “tattle” to Big Daddy. This attitude
      will not help our problem. We must help the mentally ill. It will almost solve our problem.
      I realize it will not help the robberies due to unemployment but perhaps if the people in
      charge in Washington would concentrate on unemployment and mental health we could
      so greatly improve our country. Who is going to tackle that job?

      • manuel rosa

        Jean, your right and furthermore, no gun ever did or will shoot anyone unless someone first lads the chamber and then aims at a person and squeezes the trigger.

    • Bill

      Hi Peter
      Using the same logic as the gun grabbers, we should ban all psychiatric drugs, ALL of them. It does not matter that the majority of those drugs help people with mental problems. What mattters is that they cause people to go crazy with guns. So, therefore, all of them should be banned

      • peter

        Hi Bill,

        Drugs and alcohol open up a whole new scenario. My thoughts are simply that guns do not kill people, people kill people and that problem will never be solved by any legislation whatsoever. People always find a way to screw up and some are simply beyond repair.

    • eddie47d

      Mental health coverage has also been watered down because of lack of funding. Has been authorized since 1968 but no money to keep it relevant. Also remember the NRA said mental illness is the main cause and ignored the problem of guns being used. I wasn’t sure if you were for or against mental health funding but are you Jean willing to pay for it if so?

      • Frank Kahn

        No, Eddie, they do not ignore that having insane people with guns is a problem. They RIGHTFULLY believe that you have to address THE REAL PROBLEM. The real problem is NOT THE GUNS, it is the PEOPLE who are unstable.

        And, from a reasonable perspective, it is just as difficult, and more expensive to attempt to remove the guns, than it is to address the mental health issues.

      • Mike in MI

        Now, everybody do a deep breathing exercise and remember – - it’s
        eddie47d -
        he never saw a socialist/obama sponsored idea he didn’t like.
        he seldom thinks deeper than his hairline,
        his drugs act deeper than his hairline,
        psychiatrists provide the visits which give him the access to drugs,
        psychiatrists take his insurance which pays for his drugs,
        psychiatrists don’t deal with health, they provide drugs,
        Obamacare is insurance which pays for drugs which keeps eddie happy,
        psychiatrists and obama never saw someone happy like eddie they didn’t like,
        It should be perfectly clear how soon we can expect to see the “gun problem” dealt with as a “health issue”.

      • eddie47d

        So Frank are all owners of guns unstable? Are you this sites doctor or analysts and you can determine that how .

      • eddie47d

        Mike: I don’t do drugs except for one prescription so are you are crack again?

  • Dave

    Everybody do your self a favor and move out of Illinois, save yourselves. With a Moron like that in charge of the local police, I would not want to move there. We would help the police in our state, or have there back in a tight situation. That place scares me, isn’t that were our current president came from. No desire to even visit a place were I could not defend myself and rely on the local stupidity!

    • roger

      Kenya. By way of Chicongo……….

  • bill

    Seems to me the cops ought to be more worried about the people who have been on long term prescription antidepressants. If there is one common thread in most of this insane mass murder violence it is that very thing and the man, John Noveske, who put the pieces of that puzzle together is now dead. How coincidental. You think he may have threatened a multi-billion dollar industry?

    As far as Chicago cops, they work in a city that is synonymous with cronyism, corruption and mob violence. The man they sent to the Whitehouse represents their city well.

    • Chester

      Bill, you are partially correct, in that you say “Had been on” anti-depressants. Most of those who go off like that are no longer TAKING their meds, consequently are not as well balanced as they should be. I have not heard of anti-depressants sending someone out to shoot up the whole world. More often they will lead to the party using them, especially young people, to committing suicide.

    • Bill

      Hi Bill,
      Don’t try to reason with Chester, he is a progressive and it is not worth your energy to respond to such brainwashed people

      There are three “Bills” that post on this site. And all of us think similar. We can have some fun

  • ibcamn

    sounds like a LAZY police officer to me!walking around moapping,going,aahhh,i have to train my officers not to shoot people,oh lordy lordy…..this is why police don’t know the law 50% of the time!!(what a douche bag)

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      looks like a prescription for more dead cops…

  • Tom Dorman

    Well all I can say is that if he is so concerned about a law abounding citizen being shot them explan to his officers that they will be held accountable for their actions and proscuted to the full extent of the law for their actions that will stop the most of the unnessiseary shootings in Chicago and there are federal laws about shooting domestic Anamials just because you want to

    • ranger09

      Tom,, Sorry but Cops protect cops, thats their code.And in most cases the courts also protect them. Where does a citizen take his evidence to when it pertains to a bad policeman.,,The Police of course.

      • Deerinwater

        Exactly ~ there no way out and no place to go ~ so be smart from the beginning ~ a gun is a last resort , when you are all out of options.

      • Jana

        A gun is ALWAYS the last resort, and no one has suggested anything different.

  • ibcamn

    So whats going to happen with the police officers that drink on the job?if this should happen to them(god forbid)will the union finally fire these pension sucking leeches for a change? is he just trying to set up his officers(policemen everywhere is more like it)for a way out when they screw up again?

  • Claude

    Interesting enough to be a lawful ordinance and I might add one that infringes on constitutional rights Obamadog must also disarm the police and take away their automatic weapons as well. That will leave police with nothing but lever action rifles and revolvers a crimianls dream but something that a communist like obama relishes.

  • Howard C

    We are seeing the DEATH of our republic happen before our very eyes. These tyrants are becoming more and more bold. Our rights are being stripped slowly by those we have ‘elected’. Hide your guns now while you still can. They will come for them eventuallly.

    MOLON LABE – King Leonidas

    • manuel rosa

      let them come Howard, I think I’ll have a surprize ready for them.

  • clyde

    Its hard to see and believe human beings can be so cruel to each other. I wonder how
    long it will take for all of to self destruct.

  • http://Yahoo Charlie Helms

    United we stand, divided we will fall. Dictator Obama is doing a great job of dividing our country


    I do believe there has been a misunderstanding of what the police officer said and perhaps the way he said it but then I did not hear what or how he said it.. However, i could conclude that he is also expressing an opinion about any new changes in the laws on guns and how his officers will need to react to protect their own lives because after all police do not have any opportunity to work out whether a gun in anyones hand is that of a nice guy or a hood.

    His opinion is to shoot first and ask questions later and innocent people will be collateral damage and too bad in his opinion to protect his officers….so anyone could understand that surely?.

    • Bill

      And here we have comments from someone who supports the gun confisgation in Australia

      Blah Blah Blah, guns are bad….Yawn

      • eddie47d

        Okay Billabong Bill! What would you do as a police officer or a private citizen if someone points a weapon at you?

  • Rev_Mike

    Cops in cities, and sheriffs in counties, and state patrolmen in all the other 49 states do not have this problem. Why are cops in Chicago the only ones that are this ignorant or stupid?

    • Jana

      Great point. Is it becasue they want to?

    • Bill

      Hi Rev Mike,
      Chigago is a great example of “Liberalism Gone Wild”. That is the future of all America if we continue down the progressive path.

      In most cities, cops are respected and in many cases considered heroes. The good cops in Chigago will get tired working there and move to cities where law enforcment is appreciated.

      Then there will not be much difference between the cops and crooks in Chigago

    • eddie47d

      Oh please cops can be like that almost everywhere. Years ago and maybe still today there were rouge cops in the South bullying its citizens and demanding loyalty to them. We have a few onerous cops in Denver too! We do have a citizens committee which can force them to be accountable for their actions. So far its about 40-60 in getting them fired so there is still work to do.

      • Bill

        So, I see you watched the movie, Eddie, “Liberalism gone wild”. And if you are a radical tree hugger, you probably watched the movie “Sprinklers gone wild”

      • eddie47d

        You never answered my last question Bill so why are you playing stupid now!

  • Herbert

    The Police Superintendent shud be Fired for that Statment !!!!

  • LoB

    This Obama executive order is one more way of Obama skirting around the seriousness of the real problems, just like BengaziGate, and McCarthy with his comments is a sign he is politically in his pocket. Guns are not the problem, the increasing criminal element and the warped minds of shooters like the Newtown killer are. They can get a blackmarket gun at any time! We the law-abiding schmucks will pay for this 2nd Amendment travesty!

  • Chad

    Maybe “McCarthy” will be slow on the draw if that does happen. He’s just another corrupt Leftist from Chicago.

  • Doris XCarman

    I am only guessing here but he (cop) probably means that in a situation where a bad guy is confronted by a concealed carry person, the CC person better drop that gun when the cops arrive or he may get shot instead of the bad guy.No one in their right mind legally carrying or not would face a cop with a gun in hand and not expect to be shot.This cop however should be fired.

  • Mark

    It’s amazing . . the number of ranting responses to these issues. If a cop shows up and there is somebody with a gun at the scene, the cop is going to feel potentially threatened. The officer doesn’t want to die, so they are going to want that gun out of play. If the holder doesn’t drop it, what would your response be? Cops are human, and I bet they see a lot of events that shake their faith in other people. People, it’s not about you . . .

  • Ajfrench

    Then he should be fired as he is promoting violence against citizens. He’s psychotic; narcissistic. He needs to find another less lethal profession and take all his guns because his type would retaliate.

  • Dennis Nelson

    To the Chicago Police Departments: I know your job is hard and my prayers are with you. Your job has now gotten more complex after this statment. To the Mayor of Chicago: I think your police Superintendent mised his last Mental Health Exam.

    • manuel rosa

      Dennes he probably just failed the exam.

  • JCfromDC

    Police, anywhere, have been proven time and again to be worse marksmen than the average “civilian” firearms owner (there we go with the “us” [cops] against “them” [citizens] mentality… again!). Do they WANT to provoke a bloodbath to prove a point? The point being? That an armed civll populace is better equipped, and better able to confront lawlessness than the “we’ll be there in 10 minutes” police?

  • Average Joe

    For those who haven’t figured it out yet:
    The police are not there to uphold the law (onstitution) they are ther to ENFORCE (key word: force) public policy …which has nothing to do with law and a lot to do with conditioning and control. The police do not carry guns to protect you…they carry guns to protect…themselves…got it?


  • Jeff

    So the chief is calling his people trigger happy idiots or dismissing concealed carry permit holders as irresponsible cowboys, or both?

    It is reasonable to expect an officer to fire in defense when threatened. The problem is that it sounds like he is giving a green light to shooting people who threaten his officers’ position as the sole possessor of deadly force.

    Concealed carry permit holders can be a powerful ally to the police but the chief has already tagged them as the enemy.

    Thank god I don’t live in Chicago.
    I don’t even want to visit.

  • Az Ranger

    That a__h_l_ should bring his Communist butt to AZ, and we can show his pansies how real law enforcement works hand in hand with the people’ rights to carry a firearm for self-defense. We don’t have the issue he talked about here, because the police understand that they do not have a free reign to kil citizens because they feel like it!
    He doesn’t understand that an armed society is a polite society!
    I mean, who reaaly cares what a douchebag like him says anyway. After all his city spawned our Communist-In-Chief, and has one of the highest gun-related crime statistics in the country. However, Phoeni which is virtuall the same size, has a much smaller gun problem than they do! Could there be any connection??? Hmmmm!

    • Bill

      Hi Ranger,
      You are right, we need more Joe Arpaio’s

  • http://aol steve poe

    2,364 shootings in a city that has a gun ban. That is more that 3 times more than New York per capita.
    Sorry chief but my bet is the shooting crimes along with all other violent crimes will now go down due to law abiding citizens no longer being victims.
    I would suggest that your officers stop shooting dogs and they better never shoot an UN-armed citizen.


    On his recent trip to Central America, President Barack Obama did more than cozy up to Marxist dictators; he also signed onto an international treaty that could, in effect, be used as backdoor gun control. It appears that Obama wants to use international treaties to do what congressional legislation is not able to do: further restrict the right of the American people to keep and bear arms.

    Obama is using the oft-disproved contention that “90% of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States” as the stated basis of his support for the international treaty he is promoting. The treaty is formally known as the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials (CIFTA) treaty. The Bill Clinton administration signed the treaty back in 1997, but the U.S. Senate has never ratified the treaty. Obama intends to change that.

    To date, 33 nations in the western hemisphere have signed the treaty. The U.S. is one of four nations that have yet to ratify it. According to one senior Obama administration official, passing the treaty is a “high priority” for the President.

    If ratified, the treaty would require the United States to adopt “strict licensing requirements, mark firearms when they are made and imported to make them easier to trace, and establish a process for sharing information between national law enforcement agencies investigating [gun] smuggling.”

    Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee promises to “work for its [the CIFTA treaty's] approval by the Senate.”

    Should the Senate ratify CIFTA, Americans who reload ammunition would be required to get a license from the government, and factory guns and ammunition would be priced almost out of existence due to governmental requirements to “mark” each one manufactured. Even the simple act of adding an after-market piece of equipment to a firearm, such as a scope or bipod, or reassembling a gun after cleaning it could fall into the category of “illicit manufacturing” of firearms and require government license and oversight.

    In addition, CIFTA would authorize the U.S. federal government (and open the door to international entities) to supervise and regulate virtually the entire American firearms industry. Making matters worse is the fact that, as a treaty, this Act does not have to be passed by both houses of Congress, nor is it subject to judicial oversight. All Obama needs to do in order to enact this unconstitutional and egregious form of gun control is convince a Democratic-controlled Senate to pass it.

    Obviously, the United Nations, from its very inception, has been one of the world’s most ardent gun control proponents. As anyone who has ever driven by the U.N. building in New York City knows, a huge statue of an American-made revolver with its barrel twisted in the shape of a pretzel greets every visitor. The CIFTA treaty is one of the U.N.’s pet projects in order to achieve this long-held ambition.

    Of course, Obama is a longtime liberal radical when it comes to the Second Amendment. As a senator, he voted against the Second Amendment at every opportunity. He has never seen a piece of gun control legislation that he did not support. And as I have said
    before in this column, gun control is high on the list of priorities for the newly elected President Barack Obama.

    Full article:

    • manuel rosa

      So, Jay, let me see if I got this straight. Obama is surprized with the 90% of the Guns in Mexico tha came from America ahun. Well let me tell you something, He shouldn’t be surprized cause, he was the one in charge of the shipment. “FAST AND FURIOUS”
      Does that ring a bell??

      • manuel rosa

        We should not be waisting time on these comments. We should be impeaching the SOB in the crap he has pulled there is grounds for impeachment 10 times over.

      • Wellarmed

        A special prosecutor should be immediately be named to investigate Operation Fast And Furious. As I have said before in other posts, the president can no longer hide behind executive privilege than could Richard Nixon. Executive Privilege cannot be invoked to hide criminal activity. The second he claimed so his administration was clearly admitting that this Operation went way beyond the scope of the Justice Department.

        It is a constitutional crisis! But I believe the reason the Republicans have not forced the issue is because it will open old wounds from GW outing a CIA operative which may also have gotten agents killed in the field. GW should have been impeached for his actions and put on trial for treason to his country. We will never know if CIA operatives were killed as a result of Valerie Plame’s outing. It was a criminal act, and cannot be differentiated from Operation Fast And Furious.

        With this being said I feel PFC Manning had an obligation to release information as a citizen of A country which wishes to remains free if that information contained action of our government committing human rights violations. IE Torture and Murder in violation of the Geneva Convention. The mere fact that PFC Manning himself has been subjected to torture is a clear indication of why we should ALL be alarmed. We will be next, most likely including myself! One cannot let fear of torture affect their ability to exercise their first amendment rights or we are letting the enemies of freedom prevail!

      • eddie47d

        Manuel Rosa; Out of all the guns recovered in Mexico F & F only constituted 2,000 out of 40,000 of those weapons. As bad as F & F was there were still plenty coming from other sources within the US.

      • Jana

        And all just because eddie says so, but as usual never gives any proof to back up his stories, I mean allegations.

      • eddie47d

        Are you the dummy or the ventriloquist Jana?

    • Jana

      I have heard about this and forgot about it. This is actually of great concern because it is aligning us up with the United Nations. Talking about taxation without representation. This is a One World Government.
      Obama has already given most of our off shore drilling rights away to other countries probably due to the United Nations Treaties one way or another too.
      We have to have our eyes and ears open to so many fronts of attacks any more and be aware.

  • WesTexan

    As Chicago goes, so goes Chicago—can hardly tell the cops from the union thugs.

    We’ve been carrying in Texas for a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a citizen with a CCL or CHL ever drawing down on a cop. Law-abiding citizens do not threaten the police with guns. Criminals threaten police, but it usually doesn’t work out well for them.

    And criminals who break into houses and find the homeowner at home and armed do not fare well either. Most often, the criminal runs away with a bullet in his gut or is carried out by EMTs.

    We have had an occasion or two where a licensed carrying civilians have saved the life of a cop. I do remember reading about a Texas DPS officer who pulled over a speeder and was looking at a nut job with a gun pointed at him. A hunter happened to see what was going on and took out the criminal-with-the-gun with a semiautomatic Browning (a so-called “assault” rifle) at about 100 yards.

    This moron cop has lived in the Obama/union thug world for so long that he probably cannot imagine citizens legally and successfully defending themselves from criminals. He’s just another Obama lackey. If he guns down a citizen for simply carrying legally—as he suggested, he’ll get to spend some face time with his fellow criminals.

  • Don.W

    Some years ago I was at O’Hare Airport on my way back to Israel and was buying a cup of coffee. Two Police Officers drinking coffee, on hearing my English accent asked if I was a tourist. I said no, I was here on business and asked if I could ask them a question on guns. I asked what they thought about civilians having weapons in the US. The response was at private citizens they were 100% in favour because they could never get to a call out in time to save lives, as Police Officers they were ordered by their Chief to say they were against.

    In fact they were concerned that I might cause them harm by making comments to people in the US about them. When I identified myself as a part time Police Officer and my daughter as a sworn Police Officer everything cooled down. In fact I spent about forty minutes talking with them about a number of aspects about law enforcement and they even bought me a cup of coffee! I have never forgotten those two officers, it was a privilege to meet and talk with them

    I can only hope that Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy represents a very small section of the Chicago Law Enforcement, in fact the sooner his badge is removed the better the Police Force will be in my opinion.

  • http://personallibertydigest deb

    This sherif is a fool
    I HOPE the legal gun owners prove him wrong.

    • Deerinwater

      No Debbie, your are the fool , and he is the sheriff responsible for the public peace and his men.

      More guns in the hands of people that that are not in law enforcement and use a weapon as a part of their daily activities will result in more mishaps.

      As being an ex peace officer myself, ~ today I have greater concern of being shot by policemen than criminals if they even see me with a gun in hand.

      Sad, perhaps ~ but that is just the way it is. ~

      Most people when excited find it impossible to control their arms and legs, ~ they move about, waving and gesturing ~ police officers can and do perceive this behavior as “threatening” ~ and they will fire on you and ask question later.

      You holster or store your weapon, if you have no plans to use it ~ if you have it out and exposed ~ that means to a peace officer you have intentions.

      It’s not really complicated but made so by foolish undisciplined behavior by Joe Q Public.

      • Dennis Nelson

        At this point, let’s keep it simple, It’s not about the police or the criminals, it’s about who is going to be carried by the six.

  • Ken Sparrow

    The Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarth thinks that law abiding citizen who goes through the process of getting a CC permit and and the strict process in Chicago to get a gun will automatically just turn and draw his gun on a police officer. What is the IQ of this man?

    It is not the police officer that will be in danger from a CC permit holder it the the law abiding citizen with the CC permit who is in danger. It sounds like McCarthy is preparing the public and telling his officers that if they see a person walking down the street with a gun and you call out at him and he turns around to see what you want shoot the person. No matter if he had a legal CC permit are if he even came close to his gun. Shoot first and then we will lay his gun on the street and say he had it in his hands.

    All of these threats from a man gets drunk and shoots out street lights. Keep is mind that Chicago is the murder capital of America and one of the most corrupt. With that in mind you can understand how a person like McCarthy with an IQ of a wood tick and a possible drinking problem can become police superintendent of Chicago.I guess he fits into the overall corruption that prevail in Chicago. .

  • oldpatriot46

    This police chief doesn’t have enough headaches with the street gangs. Now he wants to take on the law abiding CCW folks. He obviously needs a mental health break.


    This eloquent, profound letter was originally written by Marko Kloos on March 23, 2007. Marcos originally posted this on his MunchkinWrangler blog.

    Wouldn’t it be an absolute shame if the honorable, virtuous and ever so ravishing Senator from the People’s Republic of California, Mrs. Dianne Feinstein, received a few hundred thousand emails that included this brilliant essay? Or we released a million modern-day carrier pigeons via that cute little Twitter bird flying in her direction? Just saying.

    The Gun Is Civilization
    Written March 23, 2007 by Marko Kloos

    Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument or forcing me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

    In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.

    When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force.
    The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing witha19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a car load of drunken guys with baseball bats.

    The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.

    There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force equations. These are the people who think that we’d be more civilized if all guns were removed from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a[armed] mugger to do his job. That, of course, is only true if the mugger’s potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative fiat–it has no validity when most of a mugger’s potential marks are armed.

    People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.

    Then there’s the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that otherwise would only result in injury. This argument is fallacious in several ways. Without guns involved, confrontations are won by the physically superior party inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser.

    People who think that fists, bats, sticks, or stones don’t constitute lethal force, watch too much TV, where people take beatings and come out of it with a bloody lip at worst. The fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works solely in favor of the weaker defender, not the stronger attacker. If both are armed, the field is level.

    The gun is the only weapon that’s as lethal in the hands of an octogenarian as it is in the hands of a weight lifter. It simply wouldn’t work as well as a force equalizer if it wasn’t both lethal and easily employable.

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I can not be forced, only persuaded.

    I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force. It removes force from the equation… and that’s why carrying a gun is a civilized act.

  • deerinwater

    The accounting for dog kills would be gang members pit bull dogs would be my hunch. ~ I’d do the same thing ~ There no reasoning or talking down a pit bull dog that has been trained to attack, leaving a policeman with two options, run and get bite in the a$$ and mauled or shoot the dog. I know what my first choice would be,

  • JimH

    How many crimes are commited by a concealed carry permit holder?
    How many concealed carry holder’s have been convicted for a crime? (not the same question)
    People WITH a permit aren’t the ones McCarthy needs to worry about.
    He should already be familier with the ones he sould concentrate on.

    • eddie47d

      A gun in some one’s hand speaks for itself. Obviously a CC holder will have his in the holster and shouldn’t worry. Now what would you do if someone had a gun in his hand and was coming towards you?

      • JimH

        Hi eddie, What would I do if someone was comeing towards me with a gun in their hand?
        Are you speaking as if I’m a police officer or a cc holder?
        If I’m police I would cover them with my gun and indentify myself as a police officer and warn them to drop it. If they drop it and show me a cc permit we all leave happy.
        If they continue to advance and threaten me, I shoot.
        If it’s just me(civilian), Since I live in Illinios where we can’t carry, I guess if I can’t get away or find cover I’ll get shot.
        I answered your question, how about answering the ones I presented.

      • Jana

        eddie doesn’t answer questions, he is trained not to.

      • JimH

        Hi Jana, I noticed he didn’t really even address what my comment was about.
        I would like him to answer because I would like to exchange ideas with him.
        Past experience says I won’t hear from him.

      • Kate8

        JimH – As Jana was saying, eddie isn’t here to exchange ideas. Believe me, we’ve all made that attempt over and over for a very long time.

        Eddie is a paid, trained, professional shill. He’s here to refute everything we conservatives have to say, ridicule and name-call. He’s here to make stupid and outrageous claims that get us riled up. He throws out the same garbage day after day, no matter how much you try to reason with him. He never even acknowledges our views, let alone respond to them.

        He makes statements as if he was the final authority on everything, yet backs up nothing. The best thing we can do with eddie and the rest of the shills here is to stop responding to them, because they delight in pushing our buttons.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, this we will always disagree on…eddie’s not bright enough to use his stupidity for pay. I’m saying he does it all on his own…the shill part is 100% true, just not a paid shill.

    • eddie47d

      You are correct Jim H although your question wasn’t addressed to me . Yet I shouldn’t have posted a question of my own without addressing yours. I’ll answer just about anything so don’t listen to the other lying trolls.

  • Randy Ricard

    What a crock! The Chief speaks with all the eloquence and wisdom of a true liberal. I was a cop for 27 years in a state that had open carry and concealed carry. Per capita we had the same violent crime rate as Detroit MI. Neither myself or any of the other L E O’s ever shot a man carrying openly or concealed as he says will happen by his officers. This ding bat with all the gold on his hat is an empty suit and is just spewing out the liberal gruel for the lame stream media’s insatiable appetite for garbage.

  • Bill

    Chicago is a good example of why we need to right to protect ourselves with the biggest gun we can find.

    They have the strictest gun laws and the highest crime and murder rate. This police chief is not a public servant. He is a power hungry third world beaurecrat.

    Chicago is done and on it’s way to collapse.

    • eddie47d

      Wrong! The states of Louisiana and Mississippi have a higher homicide rate than Chicago and that includes all of Illinois. Nice try Bill and besides millions love living in Chicago and like most big cities they have there bad parts of town.

      • Bill

        Great, Eddie
        Why don’t you move there? Be sure to turn in any guns (I doubt it) that you have

      • eddie47d

        Both my brothers kids live there so get a life Bill you damn jerk!


    Politicians know all too well that where the citizenry operates in the rights given to them without government interference, namely the right to bear arms, crime diminishes. And with mud on their face, they know when they interfere with the right to bear arms, crime skyrockets.

    What we see is that some of today’s politicians are magnifying the crimes they are placed in office to prevent. They allow crime to be promoted through entertainment and when the crime is committed, they are there in hopes to grab the guns away. This is exactly how criminals in government operate. They demonize the gun, not the criminal.

    Friends, this mentality is like blaming spoons for people being overweight, as if to say the act is apart from the actor. Since criminal politicians refuse to look at history, which can be at the present our greatest teacher, it is very clear that gun banners know exactly what they are attempting to do -– put the Second Amendment in the crosshairs.

    Looking back, who has committed murder in the largest degree? Dictators Adolf Hilter, Mao Tze Tung, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, etc.

    Time and time again it has been a corrupt government who is responsible for the mass murder of their own people under the deceptive guise of “gun control,” all of which the said dictators implemented. Keep in mind these people promised their citizens protection and freedom upon the forfeiture of their guns. How many times, I ask, does history need to repeat itself?

    Mass murderer Adolf Hitler at a dinner talk on April 11, 1942 said:

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.”

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    Josef Stalin, the sole leader of the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1953, said:

    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Mao Tze Tung, communist dictator of China said:

    “War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.”

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Read more:

  • Drifter

    This is just the kind of criminal threat you would expect from an official in the Chicago Crime Syndicate…

  • james

    No, legal gun owner will have a gun in his hand with a police officer. He will have it in a holster and secured.

  • Chester

    Randy, he isn’t even dumping what MOST liberals believe, just what a bunch of RADICALS would like us to believe. When people like you start saying you KNOW what people like me think, then you are setting yourself up for a fall. Don’t like main stream media, go with Mr. Rupert’s line of BS and see where he takes you, as for sure it won’t be where the truth lies.

  • Robert

    I have idea, this is for sample… Let say, we all banned guns and any other dangerouse weapon from law-by-citizens and at the same time, police should not have guns. Any criminal committed a crime a weapon, should be in jail in hard labor and no more vacation in prison. If they hurt someone with weapons, should be hard labor and plus, kill someone, automatic dead penalty without appeal.

    • 45caliber

      It woud never fly. Hard labor? The liberal judges would rush to make that illegal. It would be mistreating the poor prisoners! And an automatic death penalty? That would take away the power of the judge to help out his brother-in-law.

  • http://yahoo D.Darlow

    I don’t think the police in Il. are as stupid as their elected officials. This just B.S. by the crooks in charge…………………………………………

  • Rhonda Reichel

    From statistics being a policeman isn’t such a dangerous job. In fact I would think that talk like that would incite more people to kill police…just as shooting unarmed citizens does. The police need to clean those kinds out of their ranks…not make them captain.

  • EyeH8Commies

    Someone that actually gets a conceal license isnt going to draw on a cop. They would be law abiding citizens by getting the conceal license.

    • Dennis Nelson

      Most CCW’s would back up the police if asked, if the officer is down the CCW could protect him. After what was said by the Police Superintendent, I don’t know if it would be safe to come to a policer’s aid in Chicago. This is the only time that I would have the wepon in my hand with other police officers comming up on me. Don’t want to get shot for helpping.

      • Robert

        If I am going to get a shot for CCW or helping police officer, I just keep on going and just call 911. Sorry follow officers, I wish I could help you but you are on your own. My health is more important that Chicago supervisor’s idea.

  • Terry Bateman

    I do not think that the gun control laws now on the books have any correlation to murder
    rates. Chicago has strict gun control laws and a comparatively high murder rate.
    New York City has strict gun control laws and a comparatively low murder rate.
    Washington D.C. has long had strict gun control laws, and has had high comparative
    murder rates in the past but low comparative murder rates in the last decade.

    Since we are unable to have armed police officers everywhere in a free society, I
    would prefer that every household that wants rifles and/or handguns have them
    and be able to keep them loaded in their homes and easily accessible to the
    trained adults and trained children that live there.

    If you ask if that will not recreate the wild west, I ask what do you think mass murders at schools and places of business is?

    If I actually believed that it was possible to get rid of all the handguns presently in the
    country and ban the manufacture, sales, and possession of handguns permanently,
    I might not feel this way. But it is not, and I need not.

  • Greg

    McCarthy is a perfect representative of that violent and corrupt city. He doesn’t sound like a police superintendant-he sounds like an ignorant, bullying thug. Jerk doesn’t begin to describe this clumsy loud mouth.

  • 45caliber

    Considering that his cops in Chicago are shooting unarmed citizens and dogs, the cops may be in danger. After all, if a cop starts shooting at me then I’m likely to want to shoot back.

  • Fedup

    This guy is obviously as unfit for his job as the [expletive deleted] in the Whitehouse is for his!

  • Tony Ruiz

    Poor bastards who live in or near Chi town. And they can take that mayor of their and stick him where the sun never shines. Phony city, politicians especially their mayor and no redeeming value. Bulldoze the whole damn place; it’s absolutely worthless. But then the cockroaches would just scatter to other places


    In answer to Frank Kahns definition of what COP means. It does NOT mean citizen on patrol, it means Constable on Patrol. I don’t know where you got your definition Frank, but now that you know the real definition of C.O.P. you need to change your explaination too. Neighborhood Watch member are definetly NOT Cops, and do not have the authority to act as one, and are not authorized by law enforcement to carry a weapon. If they have a CC permit that’s one thing, but to use it as you suggested is totally wrong.

    • Frank Kahn

      Actually you are just as wrong as I am for claiming it as an acronym. It is from old English meaning to catch. It was traditionally used as COPPER, meaning someone who catches (as in criminal). It was then shortened to just COP, NOT C.O.P.. So if we take the original usage of COP, we are all COPS if we catch a criminal.

      As to the rest of my post, which you incorrectly responded.

      I did not mention guns being authorized by the police for neighborhood watch members. Actually, the POLICE have no AUTHORITY to either AUTHORIZE or DENY a citizens RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Assuming that there is no UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDINANCE BANNING the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS in a city, then EVERY CITIZEN has the RIGHT to carry a GUN. And what does concealed carry have to do with carrying a gun? That is just authorizing you to hide the gun you are carrying.

      And, you might want to check the rights of the people to act as protectors of the community. We do have the right to confront suspects when we encounter them. We can question them about their activities if they are doing something suspicious. And, most of all, we can ARREST THEM. It is called a CITIZENS ARREST, it is our right, we have that authority and it does not come from the POLICE. WE CAN ARREST A POLICE OFFICER IF HE COMMITS A CRIME IN OUR PRESENCE.

      Now, one might question the sanity of attempting to do these things if the other person is armed, but it does not remove the right to do so.

      So, USAF VET (I am one also), where did you get the idea that we cannot act in the manner I have mentioned?

  • jopa

    When they start the list for nut jobs with guns the first place to get a basic information base going is to start with a membership list from organizations like the NRA.I just hope that most on this site are members because many do demonstrate the lack of a lot of mental function.Please be sure to contact your NRA rep today for your friends to sign up also.You know, birds of a feather may have flown over the cuckoo’s nest together.

    • JimH

      Hi jopa, As a member of the NRA along with almost 5million other members I resent being called a “nutjob with a gun.”
      My gun is like a firstaid kit or fire extigusher. If I never need to use it I will be thankful. If I need it it is there.(for now)
      Tell me, how many of the kooks involved in any mass shooting is or was a member of the NRA.
      I would dare anyone to look up and see how many people involved in ANY gun crime is a member of the NRA.
      Just because we don’t want to be penalized by having existing rights, freedoms or liberty’s that we have now taken from us because of what a very small handful of people have done, doesn’t make use a “nutjob with a gun”.
      Go after the nutjobs, not the law abiding people.

      • jopa

        JimH;I would be willing to bet out of five million members 99% are not nut jobs but the guv will probably put many on a watch list.The leadership at the NRA with their response is really making themselves look bad with their recent ad placing the Obama children in the spotlight in a pro gun ad.They are doing a terrible job with public relations, the nut jobs love it and the gun industry, however they are an embarrassment to the true sportsman.

      • JimH

        Hi jopa, I would say more like 99.99999999%.
        I agree they are heading in a different direction than I would have.
        I would have put more emphasis on law abiding people being penalized and losing their freedoms, rights and liberty’s that we presently enjoy because af a very small handful of people who abused those rights.
        Go after the kooks and don’t penalize the law abider.
        This new plan won’t work anyway.
        Why should we give up rights because someone else is a criminal?

  • Frank

    I recently saw a situation where two men were walking around with AR-47 over their shoulders and armed pistols on their sides. They were doing it to promote gun rights. Their theory was that you can look at someone carrying a gun and tell if he is law abiding or if he is planning on creating trouble. What happed in that town was that 911 was flooded with phone calls about the two guys walking around with guns Many people are going to be more concerned if they know someone is carrying a gun. Is it realy so far out of reality to assume that some nut out there will over react and decide the person is up to no good. Carrying a gunmay give you protection but it does not deal with how other people around you might react to you carrying a gun. I personally will just go out of my way to avoid them or leave the establishment where they are. Who knows how others will react.

    • JimH

      Wow you have to look out for those AR-47′s.
      Are they more scary than an AR-15 or AK-47?
      Or is it some new kind of cross breed?

      • Frank Kahn

        I am sure he meant an AK-47, and not sure if it is the real AK or the fake semi-auto AK. However, his post shows the paranoid hysteria gripping the nation about “assault weapons”. To me, seeing someone carrying a gun in public is a non event. If they start pointing and shooting then it is time for action. Dont think it would be prudent to call 911 while standing in the hail of bullets though, might head for cover and pull my gun to return fire.

      • JimH

        Hi Frank, When I was in Alaska, in bear country, when the salmon were running, I was comforted by the sight of someone with a gun.

  • ireAmerica

    Superintendent McCarthy:

    Evidently you have let that uniform go to your head, got some mixed-up idea that you are an “Authority” and have forgotten that your purpose is to “Protect and Serve” – the People.

    We the People ARE the government by agreement to enforce Our Constitution.

    All of our representatives are constrained by and oath-bound before God to protect and defend the Constitution. That includes you Officer McCarthy. By these simple arrangements, the freedoms of the people cannot be abridged.

    So smarten up Garry and STOP threatening the People you serve, of GET OUT of public service and see if the private sector will pay you to bully folks.

  • Jan

    Typical Chicago gang type thuggery. Most Sheriffs are saying they will not abide by edicts against the constitution….which is protecting the rights of “we the people” . Chicago, like Obama/Davis…thinks they rule the world. Disgusting. They need Jodi Weiss back as top cop. He was a hell of a lot better than this transplant.


    Warning and Disclaimer


    1. The gun can anger a totalitarian regime in which you live, causing the regime to imprison or kill you.

    2. If you even make the smallest mistake during your assembly, the laws of physics may maim or kill you.

    Ted Kaczynski’s Homemade Gun


    The main objective of a gun is to fire ammunition effectively and safely towards a target. In order to learn how to make a gun, it is necessary to first understand ammunition.

    Modern day ammunition is composed of four main components:

    1. A piece of lead or other type of soft metal which is referred to as a bullet.

    2. A small amount of smokeless gunpowder, which creates an exorbitant quantity of gas as it burns. The gas in turn projects the bullet through the barrel of the gun and towards the target.

    3. A very small amount of pressure sensitive explosive which ignites the smokeless gunpowder on fire. This is referred to as the primer.

    4. A steel or brass casing which holds the bullet, the powder, and the primer.

    All of these pieces together are called the cartridge.

    The bullet will be positioned in one end of the casing and the primer will be positioned on the other end. .22 caliber ammunition is rim-fire ammo. This means that the primer is stored in the rim of the cartridge. Most other calibers, however are center-fire, meaning that the primer in this ammunition is stored in the center of the end of the cartridge.

    Gun Barrel

    Every gun must have a barrel. A pistol or handgun may have a barrel of roughly a few inches, and a shotgun or rifle may have a barrel 16 inches or longer.

    Within production quality firearms, pistol and rifle barrels have tiny grooves cut inside of them. The grooves do not run straight, however are curved slowly throughout the length of the barrel. This technique is called rifling. Rifling causes the bullet to spin as it passes through the barrel. The spinning assists in stabilizing the bullet and making the gun more accurate.

    Most hand made guns lack rifled barrels, because the rifling process is difficult to create in a situation where improvisation is necessary.

    Improvised guns commonly use water pipe or steel pipe for barrels. Steel pipe will make a very effective shotgun barrel, and the steel pipe will serve as a short barrel very well. For a rifle barrel, steel pipe is not very effective.

    An important choice concerns what type of caliber your improvised firearm will utilize, however that should be determined by whatever ammunition you have readily accessible. .357 ammunition. 3/4″ pipe will hold 12 gauge shotgun ammunition and 1/4″ pipe will hold .380, 9mm, .38.

    The Firing Pin

    Careful with this step because the primer is extremely pressure sensitive. Therefore, when you strike the primer hard, it explodes. The word primer is derived from “primary explosive”, meaning this substance is the explosive that detonates first and is solely responsible for detonating the secondary (larger) charge.

    Smokeless gunpowder on the other hand, is a very safe material. This gunpowder can be safely stored, transported and burned. Smokeless gunpowder is only useful (and dangerous) when it is ignited in a confined space, ie: when it is ignited inside the ammunition cartridge.

    The primer however is protected behind a thin metal wall. The primary job of the firing pin is to strike that thin metal wall fast and hard. The primer is pressure sensitive. When it is struck by the firing pin, the primer will detonate, which will create a flame, igniting the smokeless gun powder.

    The Breech Block

    Once the smokeless powder is ignited, the powder will create an exceptional amount of gas. This gas will push the bullet out of the front of the gun. You must ensure that the gas does not push the cartridge casing out the rear of the firearm, because this could be deadly for the person firing the weapon.

    The rear of the firearm is referred to as the breech. In order to prevent the cartridge casing from exiting through the breech, the breach must be blocked somehow. The function used to to this is called the breech block.

    In constructing your improvised firearm, the breech block is the most difficult part and can be highly varied. These piece can be inputted from whatever looks sturdy and is available. It is a very complicated piece because it must block the breech while allowing the firing pin access to the primer.

    One common example and good form of a breech block is a basic pipe cap with a hole drilled into it for the firing pin.

    The Trigger

    It is necessary for the firing pin to strike the primer fast and hard. The best way to accomplish this task is to make the firing pin rest naturally against the primer and use some force to pull the trigger away from the primer.

    This force usually is made up of a set of strong elastic or rubber bands or a set of metal springs. These items are attracted to the firing pin and the firing pin is pulled back. When the firing pin is released, the pin strikes the primer and causes the gun to fire.

    Within production quality firearms, a block is usually placed within the front of the firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if the firing pin is struck or if the weapon is dropped. Very few improvised weapons will have such a device. Please be careful!

    • http://personallibertydigest deb

      Wow and thank you, I really had no idea. Thank you for the information, I have stored it. I was not thinking of making one, I was thinking any criminal could, I guess not. Anyway, they are more apt to steal than to purchase.

      • deerinwater

        exactly Deb ~ Gun owners that are incapable of secure their weapons are one step removed from criminals.

        I don’t need guns ~ as long as you have got them! ~ I’ll take yours if I need one or 50. !

        and this is why I say ~ Gun Owners must be held accountable for securing their guns, ~~ It’s not complicated. If you want the right to own them, ~ secure them.

        John Brown , the famous abolitionist , was caught at Harper Ferry. ~ What was John Brown doing? ~ He was planning a raiding on a federal armory.

        If I wanted guns that is what I”d done too ~ why think so small? ~ If I wanted guns to commit crimes~ do you really believe I would buy them? Guns come by the train load and not by the individual rapper.

    • shade

      MAN! Your a dangerous “Good Guy” glad your on our side! I don’t live in Chicago but from what I read and here, The Chicago Cops aren’t doing their jobs taking care of the “bad guy” Drug Dealers, gang bangers and Felons. Mainly because it tis easier to target the 2nd Amendment “Good Guys”! These folks aren’t out there looking for trouble,

  • rick

    I feel a civil war is coming

    • shade

      YUP! And the interesting thing is? The Blue and Grey jackets will be fighting as one against the Obamanationals!

  • Arthur Colburn

    That is funny, I live in New Mexico an open carry state. To date I have yet to hear of a police officer killing any legal fire arm owners.

    • shade

      That’s because New Mexico has “REAL” Cops who know how to do their jobs! [expletive deleted] Cops come from a Cracker Jacks box! Please people, before you go off on me, I mean the Obamanation Cops of Chicago!

  • Kate8

    And here we have yet another murder of a patriot, lied about and covered up by police and the media.

    Fortunately, this patriot was smart enough to call someone and have the incident recorded. Too bad he may never live to be vindicated.

    More and more assinations happening every day.

  • C

    Well if what the Chicago Police Superintendent says starts to happen then he and the officers that did it need to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Because it sounds like they are planning for it not just warning people of it. I hope this is wrong for the sake of the victims that would be hurt or killed by this kind of action.

    • shade

      Since their planning for it in advance, it is called “Pre-meditated 1st Degree Murder!” I can see the “I’ll take 30%” Lawyers lining up now, under the FIOA, they will be calling Legal CCW gun owners making appointment for the Family! I think Chicago’s Budget just went “Deficit”!

  • Adrian Vance

    Water destroys the mind. Every stupid city we have is near a large body of water.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      A sure fact, it must be the black mold that needs to be removed any where it is , wheather in builgings,under ground, too much moisture, heat, and lack of light and air. Something like jungle rot betwixt the skull cap!

    • Deerinwater

      Adrian Vance says , “Water destroys the mind. Every stupid city we have is near a large body of water.”

      I got news for you “in-lander” , the edges is where all life comes from. ~ You will find, the deer, the fish and man on the boundaries, it has always been so.

      “Now let’s take a closer look at the importance of water in our own bodies. As babies we are approximately 75 to 80% water and as we grow older this percentage decreases until the percentage is reduced to approximately 60 to 65% for men and 50 to 60% for women. The human brain is about 85% water and our bones are between 10 to 15% water. The chemical structure of water H2O and both the hydrogen and oxygen have great importance as life giving properties and a preserving force to our systems. Women have a higher percentage of adipose tissue than men, giving them a lower percentage of water.”

      What separates earth from other planetary bodies? Water!

      What is the most precious resource on earth ? Water !

      There will come a day ~ water will be more precious then gold and silver by weight.

    • shade

      I grew up in the “lead paint” and “Galvanized” water pipe era! I being of sound mind, OH WAIT! I can’t be of sound mind! I believe in the U.S. Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments, the Oath I took (same as President and Congress took) when I joined the Military to uphold the Constitution, and I believe Mickey Mouse was a cartoon character, and that the Road Runner works in Congress! Really Judge, I never ate the paint!

  • Bimbam

    Forget about the ZOMBIES, the real danger is LIBERALS.

    Just listen to them from Pelosi’s “automatic magazines” to this looney police chief’s rant.

    • deerinwater

      We are going to get’cha ~ watch out! You will be assimilated! we.gonna whip ya and beat ch’a and make you write hot checks! Resistance is futile!

      • WTS/JAY

        The problem is not civil-disobidience, deer, rather, the problem is “civil-obidience”! The leadership in Washington is sycophantic., desperately wicked and corrupt; and drunk with power. They do not represent the people. On the contrary, they despise the people they claim to serve, and rather then serve the people, they serve their psychopathic and deranged money-masters who would love nothing more then exterminate 2/3 of the population of the planet. These deranged ghouls must, be resisted and driven back into the pile of dung from whence they emerged! Peace and love!

    • WTS/JAY

      The real danger is “Progressives”, Bimam, not Liberals! These deranged-ghouls(Progressives) use the cover of “Liberals” but they are far from Liberals. In fact, Liberals hate these sons-o-bitch*s even more then they hate Conservatives! That should tell you something? No, these people, “Progressives”, are like a Cancer on the land. Everything they touch turns to sh*t. They leave behind them a trail of misery, corruption and destruction. They are soulless, brainless, devoid of any semblance of humanity; they have no pity, remorse, or anything that even resembles a conscience. They are the walking-dead, full of maggots and puss! This progressive-vermin that walks the planet should not be referred to as “Liberals”, as that would be a great-insult to “Liberals”!!!!

      • Bimbam

        I have always said liberals or progressives, as you say, only bring human misery and destruction!

        • Deerinwater

          Your boast of being familiar with human misery and destruction says more about you then it does anyone else my friend.

          I don’t doubt for one minute misery lives at your house.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Any surprise, it always has been a cess pooll of crime, murder involve the eleit democrats. Close ties for decades between party bosses and the mob!

  • Rickey

    He’s too stupid to be a cop. Wow that’s pretty much like an oxymoron lol. To be intelligent enough to be the head cop you would think he should know that the constitution is what he swore to uphold. That sake constitution says second amendment shall not be infringed and those are God given rights. Those aren’t rights available for a change they not changeable. Those of you who want to change then like so called Obama are not Americans your going against the rules if America. I think all if you should be removed from office and country go to Australia or somewhere where they love loosing their guns lol. The crime rates have went ballistic in all those places but they will be manipulated if not already. Y’all can go to hell I’m going to texas

  • nickkin

    McCarthy should live up to his name…..Charlie McCarthy and his dummy….take away his gun and put the dummy in it to mimmick. Is he connected to the gangs in Chi-town? The police in that city are as bad as the Gangster gangs….a new kind of al-kaida right in our state of illfednoise. Where is homeland security ?

  • Robert Augeri

    This police chief is a jerk. That means he has a lot of trigger happy cops.

  • davidG

    I’m glad he said that. Because now when it happens (they shoot a lawful citizen) it is open season to sue the cheif and the city. Since he said it openly, it is now premeditated murder. They will have no defense, they won’t be able to hide be hind the “shield”, and say it was in the line of duty, because they have already told us that they are planning to shoot people. Not only the city, but the chief himself can now be sued personally and take his personal property. I hope the suit is big enough to bankrupt the city. Maybe they won’t have to die, just be in prison, then the city will have to pay all the costs to sue itself. Poetic Justice I think.

    • http://google gary gerke

      If the police start shooting citizens because of CC permits, there will be open season on those police.

  • eric

    Well at least the victims will now be able to shoot back at thugs and rogue police officers that maybe trying to harm the innocent citizens

  • shade

    Don’t “Plain-Clothed Under Cover Cops” go CCW? You mean to tell me if one Cop in in one Precinct sees another Cop from a different Precinct who doesn’t recognize as a Cop, is going to shot first and ask questions later? Well that’s one way to get rid of Obamacops! To bad though, some of them are really understanding 2nd Amendment Good Guys!

  • shade

    Khrushchev must be laughing his dead ass off, didn’t he say “they would burry us from within”? Al-Qaida is really pissed now, cause the “Sewer Side” bombers are out of a job, and the Un-employment office has no record of their employment so therefore cannot pay them benefits!

  • Chris

    Yes, there are good cops and bad cops and the system needs to remove the bad ones. But I need to add here that years ago, I never heard of cops being shot left and right like I do today. The taypayers pay the salaries of cops to protect them, so if a person aims a gun at a cop or comes at them with a weapon to do bodily harm to a cop, then that person should be shot DEAD and the cop should ENSURE THEY ARE DEAD no matter how many bullets it takes because this is the scum of the earth we need to get rid of and NOT “support” in prison with our hard-earned tax dollars!

  • nickkin

    McCarthy is a target in his own way… a gun battle, he would be worried about geting his lilly white-hat and shirt dirty, especially in a dark alley in chi-town. He would have to watch his back……he might think that he has a back-up with his own police force…..they had some big-mouths in detroit that thought they had a back-up. Of course that is a black and white issue ?

  • jopa

    The police in Alabama just shot another lawful gun owner after he tried to kidnap several children at gunpoint from a school bus, shot and killed the driver and held one child hostage.Neighbors say he was a die hard Conservative Teabagger whack job that listened to fox news, Beck and all the other nuts claiming someone under their bed was going to take their guns.Funny how a big story like this was omitted from this site, oh now I remember that was bad news for the tin foil hat crowd to have one of their brothers in the negative side of a news cycle.

  • J R

    As always there were great replies,view points and suggestions.I’m not afraid to admit that I’m scared about everything that is going on around us in this country.One thing that bothers me is the thinking of people like this McCarthy and how easily it can spread and we have proof that it has.
    I live in WI. and we now have CC,which was a long time in coming.Recently the sheriff of Milwaukee Co.suggested that people get proper training to handle a firearm and defend themselves.They are trying to crucify him for his common sense observation of the rampant crime and violence in Milwaukee.It’s nothing but a smaller version of Chicago.
    I live 2 1/2 hrs north of Milwaukee in a quiet town of 1300 people,where we know each other.I live in the country and own my own land and many guns,lately when I look outside I wonder how long will it be before there are cars pulling up to my house to take my guns.
    We as Americans need to stand up and together and stop the invasion of Tyranny.As like so many others I repeated the words of defending this country when I enlisted in the Army
    Some people laugh that history repeats itself,but if you REALLY read history you will see that the repeating process started years ago.The comment about civil war and the blue and gray standing together is happening now and it needs to continue.No matter color,creed or religious belief,we have to stand as one or will will become slaves.

    • Dennis Nelson

      Power is we will
      Control is You will
      Greed is we will profit
      Rome Fell from Within, I hope that this is not going to happen to America but it is not looking to good for us. We as a People need to look at what we are doing, and see if we can get back what is inportant the people”s right to live. P.S. If you want to know how it is to live in Tyranny, ask any Native American, They will tell you how it is living under Goverment control.


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