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Chicago Mayor Blames Fort Hood Massacre On Guns, But Some Disagree

November 23, 2009 by  

Chicago mayor blames Fort Hood massacre on guns, but some disagreeChicago Mayor Richard Daley attracted considerable criticism when he sought to blame the fatal shooting at Fort Hood on the popularity of guns in America.

Speaking as he toured a school project in Chicago on Nov. 9, Daley said that "unfortunately, America loves guns," and added that "we love guns to a point that we see the devastation on a daily basis," quoted by Fox News.

These comments created a firestorm among gun-rights advocates such as the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The organization’s chairman Alan Gottlieb accused Daley of trying to use the tragedy to "push his gun prohibition agenda," and "destroy" Second Amendment rights.

"America must ignore the ravings of anti-gun fanatics," he added, "who are so blinded by a hatred for individual liberty and personal protection that they cannot see how foolish and petty they have become."

Gottlieb also suggested that former President Bill Clinton may share part of the blame for the shooting since he instituted a ban on the carrying of firearms by military personnel on their bases.

On Nov. 5, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an army psychiatrist, allegedly opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center at the base, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others.

According to the Associated Press, at least one of the guns used in the killings, a 5.7-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, was legally purchased by the suspect at a Texas gun shop.

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  • s c

    Mayor Daley, like all ultraliberal progressives, suffers from the delusion that he knows what he’s talking about. If guns are ‘popular’ in the US, it’s because a) Americans have the Constitutional right to bear arms and b) the Second Amendment has a way of keeping a lid on the collective stupidity of America’s politicians.
    In effect, guns are more ‘popular’ than Daley – and for good reasons.

    • Ex-Chicagoan

      In all of my life, I have never once seen a handgun raise itself, aim and fire itself. People kill people, not an inanimate piece of metal. I grew up in King Richie’s town, what a joke his handgun ban is.

      • Luis

        “Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum, occidit, occidentis telum est” (‘A sword is never a killer; it’s a tool in the killer’s hands’)
        — M.A. Seneca

    • Larry Burke


      • Escopeta

        One As*clown mentioned “29,000 shooting deaths” in the U.S. vs 42 in the UK. From what source is your data? This is a common ploy of antigunners. Does the number include gang members that shoot each other? Wait a minute, my BS-O-Meter just went off!

    • Michael Alexander

      This mayor is just like all the other Dems, thay are putting their heads in the sand and hoping that thier God, Obama will save them. You are right about our guns. but guns did not kill those troops , a deranged man, bent on religious belief. that all non belivers should be killed. took the life of brave Americans. I pray to my god that he is protecting our nation and he will lead us in the right direction.

  • Bennie Gates

    This just in from the BBC man turns in shotgun he finds in field. He is now looking at 5 years in prison. Do we want and need this kind of gun control.

    • Douger

      Britain is The Original Idiocracy.A govt for the idiots,the idiots.
      The US of fallen Empire is turning into them. As in producing nothing, or producing junk,enslaving the people for the royaly…AKA Us congress and it’s band of cronies.
      All we need is a Queen….errrrr.We have Okrah Winfredd !

      Here’s gun control in Britain’s great success story.

      • Sandy

        Girl 8 home alone in Montana ranch house. A home invasion occurs. Girl is familiar with guns and has medals for skeet shooting. Runs across and gets gun from cabinet – shoots first burglar as he is coming up the stairs, shoots second burglar as he is running for her. The first one is dead the second one dies on the lawn outside the house. It was found that they were both armed, had already killed one person and were ILLEGAL. What would the outcome had been if 8 year old had not had access to a gun?

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Bennie G,

      LoL funny….I think. :-(

      Fed Up Gal

      • Luis

        Gal, the guy who found the gun was a British veteran, no less.

        That’s why Brits are “subjects”, and Americans are “citizens”.

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    I know it’s Christmas and I just want for once a great gift of gifts please Santa. Just this one wish, My wish is this. That Barney and the gang With Daily,Dodd,Polosi,Reid,Shummer,zars,Just a few more of the corrupt at the top of list would be dropped off at the Island of misfits.And Santa could not find them a home.

  • dell

    Let me get this straight. Because of guns this muslim extremist was able to kill people and because Bill Clinton banned guns being carried by military personnel it is now his fault that they could not defend themselves. Sounds like this mayor has a problem contradicting himself. I would like to suggest that maybe just maybe idiots like this mayor are actually the problem. Maybe if our constitutional rights were not being attacked by idiots like this mayor and every other dim wit public official, we would not have this problem. Any politician that tries to go against our constitution should be immediately expelled from office! Just my two cents.

  • philip

    what else can you exspect from mayor daily look how corupet his goverment of his city is. i under stand that the miltary are not allowed to have loaded rounds in their wepons maybe if one miltary personel would had aloaded wepon he or she would have taken this terrious down befor that many had ben killed my hart goes out to those of fort hood god bless you

    • Doc

      I STILL have a RIGHT to KEEP and Bear Arms, until Daly,Obama,Boxer and any other Leftist Traitor take it away and if they keep up their Agenda in DC a whole lot more than me will become very pissed off. Wolverines United Against Leftist Rule.

  • gene kelley

    i cant believe that someone could be dumb enough to say that the gun was to blame for the fort hood shooting that is like saying that i got bite by a dead snake or a dead bear attacked me a gun is helpless of itself it has to have someone to lift it up and to aim and to pull the trigger end of story

  • Bertam

    Mayor Daly may have a point. If there were no guns their would be no shootings. It’s disturbing that a US Army Major was allowed to purchase a gun. These people have no business carrying guns and in fact this incident shows that they cannot be trusted to have weapons on their person or in barracks. Time to run deep background checks on all service members who have access to weapons. This should not be a problem since only a small percentage of service members actually have anything to do with warfare or combat.

    We need to take a hard look at the US military, it takes $1 million a year to keep a soldier in trim in Afghanistan, that’s $100 billion for 100,000 troops. Where’s that money coming from? We’re borrowing it from China. Why don’t we just outsource Afghanistan to the Chinese? Then we could get rid of the welfare system known as the US military and stop talking about the kind of deranged lunatics and assorted losers who make up their officer corps and the various gang members, criminals, welfare recipients and pregnant teens they recruit into the ranks. Our military is a reflection of our nation. Do you like what you see?

  • Homer Sims

    Mr Bertam, have you ever done any time in the military? Probably not! If those soldiers on the base at Fort Hood had had their firearms there would have surely have been many more innocent soldiers alive today! Your error sir, is that you don’t realize that guns don’t kill people, people do. A gun will never just get up and indescriminatley kill another, IT has to be dirested and made to kill anyone. Also realize that had this country NOT gone to war with the British etc we would not be the nation we are/were. There is a TIME to go to WAR, and IF you read your (KJV) Bible in Eccle ch 3 you would see that there is a time for all things. Just for your edification the military does not recruit mothers who are unwed w/children, my daughter was not allowed to get in. Also the problem is NOT unwed mothers it is w/foreigners like this Muslim terrorist who are the problem. Muslims are NOT our friends they are the enemy and that is the problem. Lastly, consider your statememt on the the military as a reflection of our nation: when we have a strong military, we had a STRONG nation (i.e.WW 1/2) and when you have a weak military, yu have a weak nation. Consider joining the ranks of the Sailor/soldier Marine etc and then make a stupid statement you made above. You might change your attitude IF you served! Homer P.S. See the book “DEATH” by Gun Control by Richard W. Stevens and Aaron Zelman and read about gun control and find out what you do not know about Gun Control Interseting read: If you care to know the truth!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that I am so slow that I did not catch the satire of your posting. While there are some in the military that may fit your discription most are good hard working patriotic brave young people who are putting their lives on the line for you today and every day.

    It is they, not the 1st amendment that gives you the freedom to say those inane things. Remember the two who were willing to die for you, Christ for your soul and the American soldier for your freedom!

    I am not alone in feeling that we are victims of a war declared on us by the muslims! Until the imams and mullahs renounce the jihad, turn against the radical muslims and turn them over to the military for execution as non-uniformed terrorist mercenaries who are NOT covered by the Geneva Accords, then we are in a state of war with all of them also! As such, all of them should be treated as enemies of the state.

    You failed to mention that the Major was a radical muslim terrorist who had infiltrated our military!

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    Mr Bertram: The money for our people in Afganistan is a non issue. We have to go on and win there period. As far as guns go we need more of them here. Guns save lives more then kill here in the U.S.If more people would take up target shooting we would have less crimes of this type here.More guns less crimes is how it works. People who pray on us don’t seem to like being shot back at. Not just a theory, but fact.

  • Douger

    You cant outsource it to the Chinese.First off they’d win the war within 30 days and the US corporations would lose money not making weaponry for the advance of the Empire.. Second they’d shut down the opium production taking away the play money of the real terrorists, Al CIA duh, headquartered in D.C.
    Lets not forget pResident Hammed Chevron Karzai.s Uzbek pipeline.

    I like the part about the welfare military. Sadly true. A large breeding ground is the nations vast trailer parks and ghettos.
    Uniquely Amurkin !

  • bbstacker

    Bertram, you speak eloquently, yet spew absolute nonsense. You must be either living under a rock with wi-fi, or be playing devils’ advocate. I’d like to know just how far along in life you’d be if it were not for the strength and resolve of the United States Military when allowed to operate as both combat and peaceful Patriot. God, the Constitution of the United States and the men and women who have worn the uniform of America are your only reason for being here. You should seriously question that government-sponsored education you got.

  • Roger Arbogast

    do not forget the kool aid, it kill’s a lot of people, maybe you should drink some more

  • cr747

    BERTRAM, Mayor Daly is also a complete Idiotic Moron that needs to be Ousted from office. Then maybe Chicago Illinois would allow concealed carry where the CRIME rate would fall to an all time low.

  • Veteran Retired


    After thinking about your comments for some time, the only response I have to you is “You are an idiot and you should not be let out in public”. Your comments are not only illogical, they are counter-indicated. Suggesting we remove weapons from the army members is like suggesting we remove weapons from the police and sheriffs. Just let them throw rocks at the perpetrators who will definitely have guns. Look at Prohibition and how well that worked. Liquor was illegal but flourished underground everywhere. And a keg of liquor is much larger and harder to conceal than a handgun, but everyone who wanted to drink (politicians, law enforcement and civilian) knew exactly where to go and get drunk. Criminals will always have guns. Just look at Britain if you want to see how easy it is to get handguns in a country where it has been illegal to own them for a hundred years or more. You keep your cute little ideas about how to keep yourself and your family safe and I’ll keep mine. It is an absolute fact that the police never show up in time to stop an assault. They get there in time to do the investigation. Real helpful! Maybe your family will be next!!!

  • Larry Burke

    Sorry, but you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Riviere

    Bertman you should place suicide vex on yourself and head to Sanfrancisco

  • Luis

    As most of you know, SCOTUS is going to hear the case McDonald v. Chicago, this term. At issue is whether the Second Amendment is to be incorporated against the states and municipalities, via the 14th Amendment; under the privileges and immunities, or due process clauses. If SCOTUS does incorporate, kiss Chicago’s handgun ban goodbye. One legal observer gives Chicago’s handgun ban as much chance of survival as Sonny Corleone in the tollbooth.

    A decision is expected around June, 2010. You think people are buying guns now, wait’ll McDonald is decided.

  • Sandy

    WOW – it’ been FOREVER since I heard of a gun jumping up and shooting someone. Lets see – Switzerland has a gun or guns in every home and they have a probably the lowest crime rate in Eurpoe. Why would you think that is? Because when someone leaves the military they are required to take the weapons with them so the population is armed and well versed in the use of guns and criminals know it. Then we have England where they banned handguns and violent crime took over. You people that think guns kill are as stupid as Daly – PEOPLE KILL and if they don’t have guns they will use knives, hands, whatever. There are always nut cases and violet people and I for one HAVE A RIGHT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION to defend myself, my family and my property.

  • eddy james

    Bertam, I just know your post has to be a joke right? I would rather see every American carrying a gun than have one more politician like Daley in office anywhere. People like Daley and that Bloomberg from new york would fit in better in Kenya with our own Dear Leader. You know someplace where the people are used to being told what they should do and think instead of being sorta free like us, The RIGHT to have a gun is what keeps people like Daley, Bloomberg, Obama, Pelosie some what under control. Can you even imagine what they would do to our freedoms and liberty if we didn’t have guns.

  • J L

    Where will the ignorance stop. Mayor Daly is just like every other left-wing liberal. He wants to confiscate citizens guns so he and others like him can have total control over the population of America. Is a gun the only way a person can take another persons life? How many people have been killed by a drunken driver? Being a retired Emergency Para-medic, I have seen people killed by ball bats, screw-drivers, hammers, rocks, knives, phone cords, bare hands, etc. If my memory serves me correctly, and it does-Samson of the Bible slew 1000 Philistines with the jaw bone of an ass. I submit that if you could find a democratic cemetary and retrieve the jaw bones that are there, you would be able to kill the entire population of the United States. NO! Guns do not kill people! PEOPLE kill people!

  • Homer Sims

    Having grown up in the shadow of the “Daley” chicago MOB machine I would say that Mayor daley is nothing more than a product of that same machine. He is TOLD what to think and has NO idea what to say or do except what the MOB tells him to do. So IF you or anyone has to be told that GUNs kill people, then you probably will enjoy slavery and govt control! When the nations of any country gets your guns, they get YOU! When Obama, and Reid and Pelosi and the liberals get our health care as they have gotten the car industry and the banking industry etc then they will go after the guns and they WILL get US! If people are so ignorant and so lax in daily life so as to let the govt take control they will! They are doing so by “STEALTH” and people refuse to see it and that is just the way a Thief likes it! Then it’s to late! Wake and fight America or be enslaved!!! Homer

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    Mayor Daily has not a clue to reasons of mass shootings. Our problem is with political correctness. If our people were able to have there own guns on there persons ,then we could have stopped the shootings from happening in the first place. The gun free zones ,as they are called ,are the major targets for these nutcakes. And we are to blame, for them not being able to defend themselves.How would you like not to be able to defend yourself in your home if some thugs were to break into your home with your family screaming for your help, And you not being able to do anything but watch helplessly while your family is subjected to horendous crimes and or death. Think about what could have been the outcome at Virgina Tech if people were armed and could have stopped that nutcake before he killed 30 plus inocents or maybe he would have choose not to shoot if he felt he could not do his dirty deed before be killed himself. More guns protect people then hurt them here in the good old U.S.A. but you never here about those storys because of the unfair news reports. You see death from nutcakes is bigger news than a good person defending him or her self ,family member, ect.. form harm. Save your self and maybe someone else by learning to operate a gun safely and be part of the freedoms we are so proud of.

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    Lets recount the last vote for Daily, I’m sure it was fraud because the mafia wants him in there so as to mold him into a stooge. He has done enough damage in his position don’t you think ? The corruptness of his policys speak for themselves. And all others who are in or from there as well.The corruptness smell reeks thoughout the whole state on into D.C.We need a house cleaning bad. VOTE VOTE VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

  • bbstacker

    that was GREAT! Kill everyone with the jawbones of asses! Moonbats, looney lefty’s, the Cumbaya crowd think that we will give up our Second Amendment Rights with some ink on a sliver of paper…when pigs fly.

  • Larry Burke

    Right on!

  • skip

    if chicago mayor daley is so against guns, maybe he should make sure that none of his security/protection team carries them… hahahaha… that’ll be the day…

  • eddy james

    Guns do keep people from killing other people!

  • ACL

    this is the same old argument by the same old misguided people who has absolutely no idea what their talking about. they just don’t get it—GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE ONLY THE IDIOT BEHIND THE GUN KILLS. You can put any gun on any table and watch it till hell freezes over and it will do nothing but lay there. Get real please!!!

  • allen johnson

    Are we all supposed to carry guns to protect ourselves? Is our country that far down the line to chaos? Anger will no longer be expressed by shouting or giving someone the finger – we’ll just shoot each other when we get upset, our girlfriends upsets us, our parents deny us the use of the car, or co-workers at the post office somehow disrespect us. Afghanistan has no second amendment rights and doesn’t need them – you just carry your weapon and let anyone have it if you don’t agree with them. And fo that matter, they have no taxes or premiums to pay for health care, education, roads, and airports. No public option there, by golly. No concern about pre-existing conditions, and the like. Now there is a political system we could emulate. By the way, they have no income taxes or payroll taxes or social security taxes, which are of course a communist/socialist concoction. You just pay your local militia for the right to stay alive, more or less like the Mafia here, who do a first class job of keeping their friends and families in line, and keep health care consts in check by preventing people from getting older and consuming health care dollars.

  • John Bates Thayer

    If Mayor Daley really believes that guns are the problem then he needs to receive clinical treatment for his advanced hoplophobia disorder.

  • bobinpa.

    BERTAM- I don’t know what a Progressive Left wing piece of Human Garbage like you is doing living in this country, But I DO wish scumlike you would come out and say the things you have in public instead of hiding behind a Computer Screen and keyboard. But it is nice to know that we do have Dirtbag LICE like you living in this Great Nation.

  • Ken

    The commie libs do not want the people to have access to guns for a good reason. They want no resistance as they end the USA as we knew it. Guess what mayor Daley? The army has guns, tanks, grenades and all sorts of ways to kill people that oppose us. At least in Iraq or Afghanistan, the soldiers were prepared to fight back. But they are disarmed in their own base so a jihadist could massacre them. Now the army is so PC it ignores the public statements of a jihadist all in the name of diversity. Let’s be really diverse and have rapists work in girls schools and pedophiles work in day care centers.

  • http://gopusa outspoken

    Guns kill people as much as a SPOON MAKES YOU FAT !!!

  • A.Z. Reed

    Mayor Daley of Chicago which is one of the most violent cities with a history of the Valentine Day’s gun massacre, and home of the mafiosa now comes forward with a warning to other Americans to put down their guns and do what he has never been able to do. Bizarre.
    First, the jihadist in Fort Hood was not a “gun-nut”, he was yelling, “Allah is great!” as he slaughtered 13 people. He didn’t love his gun, he loved his religion. A comment to Mayor Daley, you need to keep your moral advice in amoral Chicago. It stinks like rotten fish.

  • robynsalmon

    totally agree with His Honor on this one: guns are so available.
    in many european countries, they are unavailable and shootings are not possible.

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    Would’nt it be great if all people respected eachother and lived with smiles, and gave to charitys, and played well with others. Thats never going to happen. So you need to live in reality and learn how to protect yourself.Join the N.R.A. And be a part of the American freedoms. The secnd Amendment is so dear to the American people for a reason. It saves lives,Not just a sport.Be safe in your home. Sleep better at night knowing that you can defend yourself. And vote.

  • http://personellibertydigest Pablo Florida

    Question: Does Mr Daily have a gun or a bodyguard?? I’m sure I know the answer is a BIG YES. So why is it that these guys can protect themselves and they want us to give ours up?? Answer is power, if they get our guns, then we are sheep being tended by the wolves. Then they don’t need to even vote when they tax us or take our libertys away.If we don’t wake up now we will be sheep.


    Another sign of a politician who uses a reverse argument to make a bigger mess, Daley could easily be replaced if those who listen to him had any brains. Military bases were declared “gun free zones” by Clinton in “93″ and this is the result of of a fallacious argument that inspires the criminal to look at you as though you were coraled sheep and ready for slaughter at their leisure.

    Imagine what might have been the circumstance if these men and women had, had access to their weapons, I seriously doubt the damage Hasan inflicted would have occurred and I would be betting that he would have given a lot more thought about staging that terrorist attack in the midst of those who would defend themselves. The facts are to obvious criminals and terrorist stay away from places where there is going to be no chance of a criminal act succeeding and these facts are out there for all to see. Daley’s kind are the ones who will get good people killed, all in the name of poor thinking.

  • http://google D J

    How long has this been going on in Chicago? 4ever !!! It will change when the wonderful people of that city stand up and do the right thing, which will be never. If you look at the cities in the U.S. that have the most crime and poverty you will see that they are run by Jackasses like Daley. Look at our Washington? The ones in power now are from the Chicago political machine. It has to end or this nation will end as we know it. Look for the best prepare for the worst !!!!!

  • Doc

    Mayor Daly is just like his Left-Wing NUT jobs afraid of guns OMG a gun might go off if you lay it on a table. What does your security guards wears sling shots, DH. Mr Clinton way to go taking the weapons away from soldiers on base(PHSS they still have them in their cars and trucks). Way to go Mr Clinton for cutting all of the Military in half under your rule, nice job, DA. Might have a better time on deployment if you didn’t have to go back 5-6 times in an enlistment.

  • Robin from Indiana

    The guilty party who decided to shoot innocent people at Fort Hood wouldn’t have had the guts to do it if they were all armed… He is a coward and a poor excuse for a human being… Major Daly is an idiot. Chicago has the worse crime and is almost as corrupt as Washington. People in the United States have a right to bear arms. It is guaranteed to them by the Constitution. Of course Washington ignores the constitution, much the same way Daly does.

  • Larry Hodge

    It is really very simple and hard to argue with: Britain had 42 gun related deaths last year, we had 29,569. Nuff Said.

  • Geronimo Washington State

    I am a Montana boy born and raised. We are an open carry state. When out in the woods I always carried my piece because you never know when you might run into rattlesnakes or rabid coyotes or bears. It seems that the modern city is just as dangerous but the vermin you encounter are of the two legged kind. It simply made sense to be armed. It seems that there is a new species of dangerous animal out there, the religiosly motivated fanatic. Different times-different dangers than in the old west. All the Boys,Cowboy and otherwise had weapons and knew how to use them. I was considered a little strange because my personal packing piece was an old German Luger. At a match I showed them what I could do with that old Luger of mine and the reaction was-”Ooo this big Indian is GOOD. We don’t think we’ll hassel him.” The reaction was-”Geronimo-anyone who can shoot THAT good is one of us.” Sure, we still have crime in Montana, but it is a much different and safer place than in the modern megalopolis,

  • Maria Glenn

    I am a USAF veteran medic and civilian paramedic. I’ve seen people injured and killed by cars, knives, box cutters and airplanes (remember 9/11), fists, feet, bricks, bats, glass, medications, limbs, electricity, hammers, screwdrivers, cables on barges, forks, and many other objects. Are we going to regulate and forks or CARS? Fists or feet? I know it has been said time and time again, NONE of these things kill or injure people, people and ONLY people are responsible for their actions.

  • Bill

    Well if guns kill,we also need to ban airplanes, cars and politicians.All contribute to many deaths.Also drug companys, food companys and government agencys who claim food and vaccines safe but make u sign a hold harmless release. This soldier could get a military weapon under the pretense of going to target range , anytime u have officer of day or guard duty u will have a weapon, any soldier can tell u that. Its the idiot who pulls the trigger, drives the car, flys the plane, makes political decisions who put the public in harms way.


    Is Mayor Richard Daily stuck on stuped, I have not ever heard of a gun killing anyone, it has always been fired by a person,defending or a muderer..but the gun has no power on its own..another ploy to have gun control, in order to have control of the people. the likes of those in washington’s left is to rule by force and before long they will whip all Americans into submission..AS I READ ABOUT POLOSI AND AND HER GANG OF THUGS..THEY WONT BE HAPPY UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE BECOME ..BURDENED BY TAXATION ,STARVATION, SICKNESS, AND A SUBSERVIANT PEOPLE. they want to RULE like the thug in VENENZULA.
    The chicago machine at work, as always on the side of ,left and wrong..THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM,OUR PROSPERITY, OUR VOICE,AND WHITE FACES..

  • Winona Wacker

    I was beginning to think I would never get to add my two cent! All of you commenters with the exception of Little Bertie are right on! I am all for six-gun justice, and when all citizens start packing, the crime rate will go down. As for Mayor Daly, he is a hood from the old school. His dad was a mobster, elected by mobsters, and fawned over by stupid politicians. I did feel for the man during the 1968 Democratic Convention because of all the troubles brought on by anti-war protesters, fake cops, and stupid politicians who had no clue as to what the mayor was facing outside. His efforts to protect the politicians and the people of Chicago were outstanding! But, that was then and this is now. His son is also a mobster, and should be dragged out of office, and summarily shot! All of these people who are so seet against the Second Amendment would also grovel at the feet of the Muslims as the ragheads prepared to behead them! We shall see as we will be invaded in the not too distant future.

  • Melissa

    The problem is our government’s political correctness and many politicians including our president who want to cater to Muslim or Islamic extremists in this country. I would like to throw the people out that have allegiance to Islam and killing Americans through treason charges. The people that ignored the warning signs at Fort Hood should be disciplined even if it means loss of rank.

  • JeffH

    Robin from Indiana, I disagree with your first sentance. Hasan is a terrorist and would have killed one person or 14 people. Terrorizing the Americans, and their allies is the only goal of these terrorists.
    Mayor Daley is just another liberal leftist anti-gun nutcase that refuses to confront the real issue of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack, the government dropped the ball, ie FBI and military that had enough intel and information on HASAN to stop him cold. The FBI was probably hoping to catch a bigger fish. This tragedy is just another FBI bungle as was Ruby Ridge and Waco. Both of those incidents could have been avoided had the FBI exercised restraint rather than aggression. Both Weaver and Koresch could have been picked up multiple times outside of their homes on variuos occasions but the FBI, through force, turned them into bloodbaths.

  • http://personallibertydigest robert chescavage

    Mayor daley is pretty ignorant to the fact our government brought this lunatic to our country and trained him for his job free of charge,something they would not do for americans. Then they took away the soldiers rights to effectively defend themselves by not letting them carry loaded firearms on military bases.Which by the way they want to do to the general public. If the police is all we need then why didn’t they stop this nut case before he killed & wounded so many. Because your police cannot be everywhere at once. So it’s up to the people to protect themselves and they have this legal right. And ,he should also understand that guns were not used on 9/11. He better stop planes and cars too. He is really an ignorant person or a total idiot. Or both. I say GOD BLESS AMERICA,LAND OF THE FREE & HOME OF THE BRAVE Tell him to watch the movie the PATRIOT,he might understand our country better. Or he could move to another country. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. But don’t try to take away it’s goodness & values.

  • Shoppy

    How did the idiots ever get to run our goverment I would love to live in a place where you could leave the doors unlocked at night and say please to theives and they would go away but it dont work that way
    Murder rape and robbery was never an big issue till the Anti gun nuts got a seat. This is probably the same people who think 911 would never happen or we will never see a foriegn army on our soil. Wake up and pull your head out of your *****

  • Shoppy

    How many rapes and robberys?

  • c. lee

    So Larry let us know how you like Britian when you get there.

  • Roy

    You have to be wrong. How could there have been ANY gun deaths in England since they outlawed guns? Since everbody turned their’s in no one could possibly have shot anyone. Well exsept possibly the politician’s armed bodyguards, but they are all good guys, right? I mean they wouldn’t chase down an unarmed student and shoot him in the head would they? Since all Brits are so calm and nice and well taken care of from cradel to grave by their government no one would ever break into someone’s home for mere money and stuff and put another person in fear for their life or well being. Not like here in the US where people expect you to Work and stuff if you want nice things. We have way too many heartless selfish people who expect too much. Why should they be able to protect themselves and their stuff? Shouldn’t they have to share with anybody who wants their stuff.

  • Michael Alexander

    nuff said, how many were killed with knives, hammers, cars, oh yea , car bombs. look at britin,It is a nation of no gun, so how did the 42 get killed. if no gus are allowed only the criminals will have guns. and smart American who chose to protect themselves and our nation.

  • c. lee

    pablo your hitten on the money with every statement. I agree with everything youve said so far. I guess the best way to clear this up is to simply say. An armed american is a citizen. An unarmed american is a subject. Which would you rather be.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    Great response…with one omission. I think Douger should also question the same government education he obviously received.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    Very perceptive comment.

    Fed Up Gal

  • Rebecca

    Right on … A.Z.

  • Roy

    Gary you are projecting your own self control issues a bit too strongly. If you can’t control your anger then it would probably be best for you if you didn’t own or carry a gun, someone might decide that you loosing it over a parking space and waving you gun around was an actual threat and stop it rather permanently.

    Turning our Police Departments into select militias, granting them blanket immunity for their actions, arming them like combat troops and using them to keep the peasants in line and the powerful in power is a realtively new development in the US though it has been common in communist/socialist/kleptocratic countries for centuries. We are seeing more and more of it here, it’s not a good sign when even a small percentage of the population thinks they are incompotent our that their own lives are not worth defending.

  • CB

    How many deaths by knife or blunt instrument?

  • Joe H.

    Hey Larry,
    Yeah it’s great in Britain, even the cops don’t carry so they just have to watch as an armed crook does anything he dam well pleases!!!! Stupid laws do stupid things!!!

  • s c

    This may seem a bit off-topic, cr747, but I’d like to know [if Daley is ethical and cares about good government] what he is doing to see to it that NO politician ever gets ‘assistance’ from dead voters.
    This seems to be a Chicago specialty. Since Daley is Chicago’s Mayor, this should be a very important topic there.
    Unless or until he prevents dead voters from ‘tipping’ the results of elections, I don’t understand why he’d waste his time or ours trying to make us believe that weapons are bad.
    We can handle the gun issue on our own. Can or will Mayor Daley do anything about dead voters?

  • s c

    JBT, that’s a good one. Chalk up another word that a progressive ultralib will never look up. It made me cringe when al ‘your money blongs to ME’ gore (and our prostitute media) used to harp on the word gravitas. Gore probably doesn’t know how to ‘read’ a dictionary. I doubt if gore ever knew what
    gravitas means.
    Until or unless progressives dare to look up the meaning of a word, we might as well throw hoplophobia at them. And ethics, hope, change, leadership, criminal, hypocrisy, schizophrenic and treason (the list gets bigger each day).

  • Joe H.

    I’m 58 and when I was a kid my father NEVER locked his door at night!!! We never had anything stolen from leaving it unlocked either!! The only time we locked up was when we left overnite!!!

  • Joe H.

    s c,
    the biggest one missing from their vocab is HONOR!!!!!

  • Luis

    Bill, you forgot to mention physicians. Around 90,000 Americans die each year from medical mistakes. That’s over 3 times the number from firearms.

  • Luis

    Winona, I understand how you feel about the Daleys. However, if Daley the Younger were to be “dragged from office”, Jesse Jackson would be waiting to announce his candidacy for mayor in a heartbeat. Many Chicagoans despise Daley, true; but they’d rather see him in office than Jesse Jackson.

    As far as Daley the Elder using the cops to bust heads during the Democratic Convention in 1968 – that was an arrogant exercise in power.

  • Joe S.

    Why in the world does anyone care what comes out of Daley’s mouth? Who can understand what he says anyway?

    The entire world has known for years that this slime ball is a semi-literate buffoon. So the real question is “why can’t the feds put this clown’s ass in jail.” jms

  • Jim in Houston

    Let’s see…in Britain, they banned handguns.

    Result: “Gun crime” goes up slightly, overall violent crime explodes.

    Great outcome, eh?

  • Rebecca

    I say we give Mayor Daly over at the point of a gun to the sword swinging jihadists to lop off his head … then his mouth can’t spew all that idiotic communist, marxist, domestic enemies of true American patriots nonsense!

  • Rebecca

    Actually, when someone speaks out against our Constitution … they should be tried for treason, especially politicians.

  • Michael Alexander

    Yes it may be a breading ground, but it is a shame they are the only ones brave enouf to protect our freedom. What about all those prep boys and girls that are out parting and drinking thier lives away. And all they care about is thier meager little selfish lives

  • Michael Alexander

    that is the Chicargo way, that is how the Dems stay in office.

  • Michael Alexander

    Yes the Veteran does, I am a retired Police officer , and thier is a estimated 1.5 officer for ever 1000 persons. so if you are thinking a police officer is going to potect you. dont hold your breath.


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