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Chicago Faces New Gun Rights Lawsuit

August 20, 2010 by  

Chicago faces new gun rights lawsuit In the latest gun rights-related lawsuit, three residents and a gun range designer, Action Target, have taken on the city of Chicago over the law banning shooting ranges within municipal boundaries.

Filed in the United States District Court in Chicago, the lawsuit — which is supported by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois Rifle Association — claims the ban violates the U.S. Constitution.

SAF executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb also pointed to the apparent contradiction of the ordinance, which prohibits public gun ranges inside the city but requires handgun owners to complete at least one hour of range training time.

"This is a ‘Catch-22′ scenario," Gottlieb emphasized, adding that it "seems deliberately designed to discourage Chicago residents from exercising their firearm civil rights barely two months after those rights were restored by the Supreme Court."

According to WLS 809 AM, which cited the lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs, Rhonda Ezell, is the victim of three attempted burglaries, applied for a firearms permit, but finds it hard to travel outside the city to practice due to ill health.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19926861-ADNFCR

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    I understood the Chicago law makes it illegal to have your firearm outside your home, even on the porch!! So even if they get the law barring firing ranges in the boundaries of the city reversed the little lady will still not be able to shoot in the city!!!

    • Jennie Walsh

      Please support and elect representatives who support the 2nd amendment. America’s worst enemies, organized criminals who are very well represented in governmental offices, must be taken out of office if America is to survive!

      • Matt Duvall

        I’m not attempting to argue. I agree that we need the 2nd ammendment backed by people in office. My disaggreement comes from “americas worst enemies”. Our worst enemies are the people that were elected to hold those offices. Organized criminals show more patriotism than most Americans, and almost all politicians. If you go back to World War II, it is documented that the Japanese High Command said that the only reason they didn’t attack main land America is because too many Americans have too many guns. In my oppinion, that is the 2nd ammendment at its truest form.

      • EddieW

        Thank God their days are getting shorter!!! Maybe we can keep our Freedoms, and get rid of the corrupt and evil scum!!! We truly need a housecleaning!! RINO Republicans too!! RNC as well!!!

      • Shawn M

        Unfortunately, they’re not REPRESENTED by those in office, they ARE in office!!

  • dan az

    With the crime in the city with house invasions there should be plenty of target practice every night.With out training there will be allot of holes in the doors when investigated.You would think they would at least reconsider their laws not only for the innocent but for there own safety as well.double tap and one to the head people training over!

    • DaveH

      Chicago is a mini-dictatorship. They are an example of where we’re headed if we continue to elect Democrats for our leadership. Their latest gun law passed by 45 to 0. When do 45 people agree on anything? When they are dealing with Chicago Politics is when.

      • Warrior

        What’s really amazing is, ILL Campaign for Liberty sent a survey to all Ill house and senate reps. Responses back were soft (no surprise) although one democratic respondent supported 2nd amendment but only outside of Chicago. These creatures never cease to amaze.

        • Tara

          To Warrior,
          The proper abbreviation for the State of Illinois is IL and if you speak, please remember the letter s at the end is silent.

          • GarwoodV6

            No, Tara, it’s ILL. Politicians are ILL, and make good citizens ILL with their ridiculous behavior…

          • sdfoy

            that’s the way Tara, do the corrections for us and don’t comment on the important issues. Oh and who gives a sh__t about how the s is silent
            its still the most liberal place in the USA.

      • JC

        Do you notice the correlation between it’s history of gun bans and its crime rate?
        Whereas the state of Florida with Conceal Carry has a crime rate about half that of the rest of the nation….simple math.

  • Gary

    How is it that all these Constitution hating wack jobs keep finding their way into positions of power and authority. They hate the America that so many of us love. They are minority. The rest of the freedom loving Americans need to get off our cans, take the country back, and tell them to shut the hell up. America…love it or leave it. Why in the hell would we want to change the greatest nation on earth into something else. If you don’t like it here get the hell out.

    • J.M.R.


      • press

        it doesnt wont like that

      • press

        it doesnt work like that

        • Ragin’Rebel

          It should work LIKE that, press. After we get our gun rights back we need to get GOD back. Return prayer to school and get rid of “same sex marriage”. And if “YOU” don’t like how “OUR” Country is being ran, GET THE HELL OUT. Remember “The Majority Rules”, except when it comes to Democrats, then the minority tells everybody how they should live.

          • March Hare

            Say Reb, not to disagree, but to correct. the USof A is a REpublic –goverened by Law, what the dems waht is something entirely different on that I agree. Now for your comment If we get gun rights secured throught our nation God will automatically follow

    • slickporsche

      To tell you the truth Gary, I think we may be the minority, and those that hate the American way, might just have grown to the Majority.That is truly scary. Our government has been very selective about who can immigrate here in large numbers, and they have mostly been liberal, and socialistic thinkers. Nothing will change unless we are willing to risk it all. Better to die trying, than to give up peacefully.

      • Bob

        “I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful servitude.”
        Thomas Jefferson

      • March Hare

        no the Dems have been supporting their goals and the rest of us (me included) have gone about our lives not paying attention to these special interest groups until they impenged on our rights and then we stand up and say how did this happen..It happened because we let them do it to us. Time to change that

    • s c

      Gary, millions of Americans have no defense against ‘Constitution-hating wack jobs’ because they have NO standards for the retards they elect. A system that specializes in limiting our choices to the “lesser of two evils” makes a bad situation worse. We CAN have what amounts to built-in term limits, but WE have to do it at the ballot box every time we vote.
      If we were in the habit of denying ALL politicians any “right” to have consecutive terms, we could make life very interesting (and miserable) for puppet masters and the unending list of back-stabbing retards they pick to be our “leaders.”

      • GarwoodV6

        exactly what i’ve been saying. Term Limitations appied at the Ballot box. We don’t need a Law to do this!

    • press

      you cant oppress the minority that is why the founding fathers made us a republic

    • John

      I keep hearing people belly-ache about what the governmental representative are doing to us at every level. My question is simply this, who voted for them? If you ask who, it’s never “Well, I did…” How does someone like Nancy, Harry, or that little twerp Barney keep getting re-elected? You want my answer? Well, here it is: The majority of people in this country that actually vote do not investigate the respective candidate. AND, too many people vote along the party line & what the union hall tells them to. It is a matter of “It’s good for me, & who cares about what is good for the country’, or some such crap. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the mess we are in. How the H*** does someone like the above & Barry get elected. Change, yeah, we got change. Thank you very much! We have a socialist White House, 82 socialist in the congress, a whole s***pot full of socialist czars. They are continuing to threaten the 2nd ammendment thanks to Hillary. Now, they are going after the 1st & 14th. People, Wake the H*** up!!!!

    • Bud Parker

      How do they get elected? Via box stuffing and a variety of other vile politics. I cannot remember the last election where I was confidant that the results were accurate. I have never met anyone that had first hand knowledge, beyond a doubt, that any modern election was legit. The process is so convoluted and needlessly complex that it is an easy target for corruption.

    • MIKE


    • Shawn M

      Obummer said it best during his campaign when he said “America is the greatest nation in the world!! Join me in changing that!!”
      (This may not be an exact quote, as I can no longer find it online, but
      is very close!!)

      And they STILL elected him!!

  • slickporsche

    Actually that statement is a cop-out. I used to use that statement myself, until I realized how totally dull it was. Furthermore America does not exist any more. What we have now, is some kind of horrible botch job.Do you know who is running the country? I fear that Obama is just a puppet. This country is in the worse mess than ever, and is doing the Titanic Death Dive. THe only thing that will really turn this thing around, is a revolution, and a military take over of Washington DC and the White House.

    • DaveH

      Violence rarely comes to any good, just replacing one tyrannical leader with another. You would be playing right into Obama’s hands. There are many envious countries that would love to side with Obama in an effort to take our country down.
      We must be smarter than the Liberals. Their ideas fail miserably when subjected to scrutiny. We need to educate ourselves thoroughly in the concepts of Freedom, so we can show others why it works better than the tyranny that Liberals promote. I can remember many of them from my college days (40 years ago) who actually postulated that we would be better off under tyranny. Unbelievable.
      Where the Liberals have mainly worked their magic is in the public schools where our children have been propagandized. We need to get off our butts and start becoming very active in the education of our children. Also we need to push for school choice, whether we are parents or not.
      “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately” – Ben Franklin

      • Bon, from the Land of Babble


        The schools AND the media have done tremendous damage to traditional American Culture and Western Civilization, the engines of prosperity–that combined with the massive importation of a new displacement slave class that will vote for tyranny in perpetuity spell the end of freedom in the US.

        The new displacement class understand nothing of limited government and will vote themselves services at the expense of the shrinking productive class, as in happening in California, which ‘enjoys’ a 19-billion dollar budget gap and is about to issue IOUs in lieu of paychecks to state workers–IOUs that major banks will not accept. As California goes, so does the rest of the nation.

        Make no mistake: This is being done on purpose–the hostile elites that control the government, media and academia know exactly and precisely what they are doing to the economy. Their goal is to implement a New Order, an authoritarian government with complete control over the people. The Old Soviet Bosses would be proud. Passage of the ‘Small Arms Act’ to disarm us, Hate Speech laws to silence any dissent and satanic taxes (needed to pay for National Health Care, services for those who pay no taxes (50%) and the endless, expanding, meat-grinder war in the Middle East) to impoverish are sealing our fate. This is where we are headed.

        63 million died in the USSR before the entire pack of lies collapsed in upon itself–the same lies that are perpetuated here by the government, academia, intelligentsia and media.

        I don’t have the opportunity to visit this board often but I’ve noticed it is full of lefty commenters who insist that the ‘government is on the right path!’ and that ‘the economy is improving!’ and that we Libertarians are ‘Looney-tarians’ (such as that idiot Hannity said of Harry Browne).

        Voices of sanity such as yours, (DaveH), Cato, Mises, the late Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party are becoming fewer and further between as fewer understand the concepts Free Markets and the notion of Liberty vs. Tyranny , and prefer a command/control economy, authoritarian ‘Big Brother’ government and follow the words of krugman and the NYT.

        It is as Celente predicted, to much scorn and disdain from the media elitists, down to the tent cities in Central Park.


        • John

          Well said!!

        • gene

          We need a term limit law as evil polititions will stay in office as long as they can and lie to the people to do it. We also need to pass a law stating that the welfare recipients and unemployed can not vote. Also the illegals must go!!!!! People watch the ads on TV and most of them are lies so no one investigates to get the truth as to who to vote for. only half of the people in this country work and the socialists think we should support the other half. It cant be done. It may take a violent revolution to fix our country. And dont think it cant be done, the left doesnt understand the American people and just as Japan did in the 40s underestimate the American spirit

        • March Hare

          let me give an example: I just spent some time working the phones for a local republican canidate. Often I would run into people who would say I dont know him or his opponent in some way, but for the last three elections we voted straight (fill in the blank) In my case for the last three congressional elections they unknowingly voted for a man who is #3 on the dems money grubbing list and they dont even know his name

    • William Gun Owner

      Calls for a military takeover are seriously misguided. I was a naval officer for 12 years and I will tell you that while service personnel are pretty much all committed to America as a concept, the idea of a government whose sole function is to protect the unalienable rights of the people (see the second para. Declaration of Independence)is foreign to them, especially at the higher ranks.
      My recollection is that some the strongest proponents of gun control, and for that matter most kinds of control where the senior officers, and it was certainly a 2 star+ who wrote that governments have an inherent right to defend themselves a the intro to an official document that I read (released for public distribution)discussing military operations in case of significant public disturbances/ disruptions.
      For those who have not read the constitution, there is something called a constitutional convention. The kind of revolution we need is a convention convention guided by folks very similar to the Tea Party folks. It would certainly give us a better chance of getting the government that the founders intended than a takeover by the military. As I get older, the wisdom of the founders becomes more and more sensible and their insistence that the military always be subordinate to the civil authority is a good example of that wisdom. One of the operational reasons they included the right to keep and bear arms as one of our unalienable rights was that it would be impossible for a tyrant to use a standing army to enforce the tyranny in a country where the citizenry was widely armed and acting to defend their rights. That was more or less explicitly the argument made by (Jay I think) in the section of the federalist papers defending the constitution’s provision allowing the governments to establish a standing army against those who argued that allowing a standing army was the first step towards a tyrany.

      • John

        I agree to some degree with your comment. I don’t think the military of this country would bend in totality one way or the other, and I don’t wish to see a 2nd war between Americans. What I fear most right know is the vote in november. It would not suprise me to see Barry & his cohorts attempt to nullify our vote. If that happens, it means war. I pray he has sense enough to see that.

      • March Hare

        Sir, Yes Sir

    • http://goggle jimradford

      in responce to your comment, my hands are not cold dead dieing hands yet, so i agree with the take over you have stated, only lets make plansa for affterwards to make shure id dont happen again.

  • George

    When the folks in Chicago decide to get rid of the Daley crime machine in Chicago, the overall feeling of the city will be different, and people will be able to use the rights afforded by the 2nd admendment.

  • Jim H.

    After the Supreme Court rule on McDonald versus Chicago, Daley said that he would make stringent rules for anyone owning a hand gun and he has. He still believes his will is above the Bill of Rights and he is getting away with it. The voters in that city deserve everything they get. They gripe about the corrupt leadership there and keep voting the same people in over and over. The Chicago voter seems to never learn.

    • Luis

      Jim H,,

      I understand what you’re saying, but, many people in Chicago would rather keep sending Daley to City Hall, than someone like Jesse Jackson, or a Jackson puppet. They figure they’ll take their chances with Daley.

      • Jim H.

        Hi Louis, It just isn’t Hizonor, Da Mayor, It’s the same state & fed representitives, state senators and crooked aldermen. They can’t get out of the rut.

      • John

        Jesse Jackson, Jr. is on the list of socialists. I was suprised to see his name there. I am 800 miles from Chicago, so I don’t pay much attention to their politics.

  • Daley is a criminal

    Daley Has been ignoring the laws of the land for a lon as I can remember.

    Some of you may recall Meggs field on Lake Michigan. It is no longer thanks to Daley and his henchmen. Just a few years ago in the dead of hingt he took bulldozers and ripped up the runways on a federaly financed and maintained airfield. I only wish someone would have attempted to land and been injured. The plaintiffs would still be filing law suites.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the problem with that is that even if Daley goes to jail, the taxpayers will pay the lawsuits!!! they will pay in loss of services and loss of revenue!!!

  • Jerry Moore


    • independant thinker

      I would think the issuance of the permits to the councilmen was automatic as long as they agreed with Daily. Take the oath of office and you are handed the permit if you want one.

  • viktor leben

    The Supreme Court invalidates one anti-gun law and the politicians craft another anti-gun law. Where are the Federal Judges who uphold the Constitution ? We see one FEderal Judge invalidating Arizona’s new Immigration Law — but where are the “good” judges that will invalidate these new gun laws ?

    Your best bet is to learn how to build your own weapons. You got to understand that the products put out by the gun manufacturers are based on cost. Those weapons are mass produced in a generic fashion. You could build a bigger and better rifle from raw materials and a few machines because you aren’t worried about cost as much as the manufacturers ….

    Who would know ? Tell people you are a antique auto collector and you like fabricating old parts, or something like that. You could have a hell of a good time fabricating your own infernal weapons ….

    • viktor leben

      … and then selling them in the underground economy…

    • John

      That is a little off the wall, don’t you think? Hell, I can’t even afford the reloading system I want.

      • March Hare

        is it want or need you can get inexpensive reloading systems like LEE very cheaply you can carry the entire process in your backpack

  • Bob Wire

    Well we live inside a system that allows for “Redress”

    Sadly ~the fight for our “rights” is unending.

    I’ve accept that ~ haven’t you?

    Our “rights” are under constant attack from all sides.

  • http://gmail i41

    If mob and the terrorist muslims can carry guns out side their shacks , they will have to pray to Allah and his goat humper professor in the WH mosque, to allow for a special despension, for crimminals and all marxist democrats. Especially blacks and minorities since there is a genic procivity for the smell of gun powder burning in the air as a natural oder.


  • s c

    People in Chicago need to learn what happens when insanity trumps reality. I propose that for six months NO ONE [NO ONE] be allowed to have weapons in Chicago. The people of Chicago would learn overnight what happens when freedom-hating politicians get their way. Life in Chicago would be more “interesting” than any Hollywood movie.
    Criminals would automatically control Chicago, and law enforcement would not be able to protect ANY citizen (elected or otherwise, let alone themselves). Certain people in America have to learn that the Second Amendment is a reality issue. Gun control is an anti-common sense, slavery issue. Those who support gun control have no common sense.
    Let us see who prevails when guns are outlawed, and the Constitution becomes both a memory and a true, “living” document.

    • Jim H.

      Hi sc, Criminals already control Chicago, and the sheeple keep re-electing them. Over and over, again.

      • Bud Parker

        @ Jim H,

        What makes you think the elections (anywhere) are legitimate? Nothing else political is above reproach. Believe me, the politicos figured out long ago how to rig elections and who to pay off to accomplish the task. Does ACORN ring a bell to anyone? Who is in prison after that fiasco?

        Look at politicians that do not pay their taxes. Obama says, “Let them retire with dignity.” With dignity? We live in a corrupt, unbelievably gullible country. We should all, by the tens of millions, simply go as a tourist and visit Washington, DC. All on the same day. Stop by to say hello to your Senators and Congressman. You would be one of thousands trying to get into the office simply to say, “Hello.”

        That would be a loud, nonviolent, statement to the so-called leadership. Straighten up; we won’t always be this nice. It would make Glenn Beck’s event pale in comparison. But since there would be no signs, no protests, no meetings, the Politicos could not do anything to break it up. Just pack DC streets with smiling faces and hand shakes. They’ll get the hint.

  • removed

    (Offensive comment removed)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      PEEEEWWWW!!! that smelled!!!

      • Lwout

        Lol im always late i must of missed a good one.

    • dan az

      what the hell was that!

      • libertytrain

        probably a random poster who likes to prove his lack of intelligence over and over again -

  • Harold Olsen

    This law should be struck down. It says you can’t take youir gun out of your house. That means you can’t own it because you have to be certified first and to get certified you have to take your gun out of your house. In addition, by this law, you could be arrested at the gun store as soon as you buy it because you would have it outside of your house. Boss Daly, like Obama, isn’t going to let anyone tell him what he can or can not do, not even the courts.

  • James

    The area under suppression is Chicago and its suburbs, the rest of the State is freer. The Illinois Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 22, reads: “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” My guess is that most commenters, here, are unaware of that. The “police power” refers to Illinois State and city police forces who will arrest citizens there for criminal use of a firearm. All States have such constitutions and 44 have such right to bear arms clauses.
    If you are waiting for the federal government to defend your right within your state, hell will freeze over first. The Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, applies to the federal government not the States. In our entire history, no State law has ever been held violative of the Second Amendment. Our “unalienable” right to bear arms, means it is not dependent on any constitution for its existence. The Supreme Court has so-held, repeatedly.

  • James

    The area under suppression is Chicago and its suburbs, the rest of the State is freer. The Illinois Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 22, reads: “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” My guess is that most commenters, here, are unaware of that. The “police power” refers to Illinois State and city police forces who will arrest citizens there for criminal use of a firearm. All States have such constitutions and 44 have such right to bear arms clauses.
    If you are waiting for the federal government to defend your right within your state, hell will freeze over first. The Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, applies to the federal government not the States. In our entire history, no State law has ever been held violative of the Second Amendment. Our “unalienable” right to bear arms, means it is not dependent on any constitution for its existence. The Supreme Court has so-held, repeatedly. The bad guys here have violated their state constitution, not the federal.

    • Lwout

      People also might not know the meaning of the (right to bear arms)
      i would suggest visiting you can look up laws in each State.
      Here in Michigan you can Open carry a firearm in most places without a CCW/CPL as long as you are the legal owner of that firearm but the weapon must be in plain view.

  • Mark

    Chicago politics. The politicians simply fear for their life. They shouldn’t be so crooked. Chicago is full of pussies and communists socialist A-holes. Gangsters simply attempting to preserver their illegal lives as politicians. All people should be able to carry and protect themselves. When I took the oath, it was against enemies, foriegn and domestic. PERIOD. Chicago is full of political criminals as well as street thugs, one is not better than the other. Law abiding people in Chicago should be allowed to carry and practice whenever they wish.

  • Lwout

    I just wanted to say best of luck to the fine people of Chicago in dealing with these corrupt politicians who need to be voted/impeached out of office.Here in Michigan just across the pond our rights to protect ourselfs are fully enabled and the crime rates have droped in a major way.
    I truley believe that any political leader,Judge, anyone in a position of power who dose anything that violates the Constitution or bill of rights should lose thier jobs on the spot no questions asked.

    The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

    Patrick Henry

    Its pretty obvious WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be in controle not those we hired to represent us.

  • The Kiwi

    My thoughts are “bring back dueling and I’ll show you term limits!” We need to sell T-shirts that read…The only good politician is a dead politician, one that dies of natural causes, the sooner the better!


    Does anyone really know way the push is on to disarm America? It’s very simple. If the guy down the street has something you want, lets say his house. Now this house has a lot to offer, but he not about to give it up. You can’t just go in and take it, cause this guy is armed to the teeth. So through the back door you get a law to take his weapons away from him. Now all you have to do is walk in and take it. You the only one who has a weapon now,along with all the dishonest people.
    This is what is happening to America. Their after our nation and if we are not careful their going to take it. The united nations already, more or less, controls our military, our so called commander in chief is trying to bankrupt our nation, what do we, as a free people, really have to defend ourselves with. If you have a gun, are thinking of getting a gun, if you love our 2nd amendment, like being free, then join the National Rifle Association NOW! why there still is time. After they take our guns it will be to late. And yes I’m a member, Life Patron Member and am Proud of it. Thank You!

  • Pathos

    The only way my beloved USA is going to get back on track is to get back to solid core beliefs of GOD. Its starts with every one of you. Only GOD can save us and get us out of this mess! If you are on GOD s side, who can be against you?


      Your 1000% right my friend, God, The Lord Jesus Christ, must be put first in all things. However, He has given us the tools to use in our fight, just as He did with the Israelites. God answers prayer, but we must put our legs to them and do our part. If we need a job we pray and ask our Lord to give us one, He expects us to go out and keep looking, then He can open the door where He wants us. It’s the same in everything Jesus#1, then the things He gives to help us do our part, then when everything is finish we must give Him the glory, no matter what happens. Remember Christ Jesus is still in control, nothing happens without His OK, no matter what the liberals think.
      THANK YOU.

  • Ellet

    The whole country is in the same trouble as Chicago. Here in California Freedom just took another hit with the re-election of Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and Lois Capps. It took another hit with the election of Gavin Newsom, “Mister Santuary City”. The state of California is controlled by about 6 cities and the rest of the state is screwed.

  • Ellet

    PS They are all fanatical anti-”gun” also.

  • Ellet

    Guns have two enemies, politicians and rust.

  • Ben-USMC

    Islamist Obama and the rest of the socialist/marxist/liberal/progressive/democrats have a vision of a
    new world order which will trash our constition. These people have
    been educated/brainwashed to believe that our constitution is outdated and no longer applies to the world as they want it to
    be. They will continue to scrape at the constitution until it
    no longer exists. These communists are dangerous and if we
    want to preserve America and Our Constition, we are in for one
    hell of a fight.. From my cold dead hands!!!

  • Dale Weaver

    What is an Ordinance, It is something that Government can’t Constitutionally make law so they try to skirt the Constitution by making an ordinance which also infringes on peoples constitutional rights this is nothing more than government trying to take total control of the citizens and dictate every aspect of their life but they have to take our guns in order to prevent a REVOLUTION. The only to stop them is for the citizens to ban together and them to do the job that they pay them to do and that does not include controling the private lives of the Citizens and their Constitutional rights of choice

  • Time for Change

    It is funny how all the people that are for gun control want armed body guards for themselves.

  • Old Duffer

    When are you going to understand. One of the planks of the Communist Party is the removal of guns from the citizens. Kruschev told us he would take us from within and it is happening.


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