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Cheney: Obama Getting Tougher On Terrorists, But Still A One-Term President

January 20, 2011 by  

Cheney: Obama getting tougher on terrorists, but still a one-term presidentFormer Vice President Dick Cheney recently stated that President Barack Obama has appropriately toughened his stance on counterterrorism policies, but said that Obama's overall performance will prevent him from being re-elected in 2012.

In an interview with NBC News, which is scheduled to air on Jan. 18, Cheney said that Obama "has learned" about the value of strict anti-terrorism measures, such as Predator drone strikes and the Guantanamo Bay detainee camp. Although the commander-in-chief has pledged to shut down the facility, Cheney said that Obama has discovered the benefits of George W. Bush-era counterterrorism strategies.

"I think he's learned that what we did was far more appropriate than he ever gave us credit for while he was a candidate," Cheney told the news provider. "So I think he's learned from experience. And part of that experience was the Democrats having a terrible showing last election."

However, Cheney said that he still believes Obama is a one-term president. The former VP, who underwent heart surgery last July, said that the President's approach to expanding the size of the Federal government while increasing the national deficit has curtailed job creation. Cheney added that Obama has shown little confidence in the private sector by granting more power and authority to the government. 

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  • Nellie

    Obama has tried too shove a health plan down the throats of the Ameican people, still bringing in immigrants when there is no jobs for the American people. Demanding the States pay for the unemployment when the states are broke, playing God with the Chinese!
    Not making any effort too get jobs back too the U.S.A. He is so full of ##$%#%#%@# it isn’t funny any more. he sides with the illegals and not sending them back too home country. He wants to bring terrors here for the courts too deal with. He covered up the Hood shooting! He hasn’t proved he is a Citizen! God Bless Our Country
    I guess we will not be sole out too Chinese.

    • gary wilcox

      Our elected officals wont go after obama because we have not thretend to go after them.I beleve once we do only then will they do what the American people want.Wake up Americe.We must oust obama.He and his cronies are taking this contry in the wrong direction.All of congress knows and will do nothing,kick them out as well.This is not racism,this is as a whole what must be done.Use his birth certificate and remove him now.I would vote for Condalesa Rice in N.Y second.

  • James

    I’m surprised the Cheney didn’t thank President Obama for keeping us safe from terrorist attack for the last two years. Bush/Cheney told us how safe we were and how we should thank them for that–where is Obama’s thank you?

    • Vigilant

      And what would you call the Ft. Hood massacre?

      • who cares

        Just as 9-11 does not count for Bush, The houston shooting should not count on Obama. How do you’ll like those apples??

  • TIME

    When will you all PLEASE wake up and grasp that “YOU” are the Terrorists, the sheep on the road to the camp the elietes have set up for you.
    The only question is will you be in a camp for “Re Education,” or will (your body aid in the growth of crops.) A World Population of less than 500 Million! Can it be anymore clear.
    Do you need to have a boot on your throat before you see the light?

    The PC bridge of hate is being build as you sit there, Soon you will not even be able to say Hello to someone with out that being an insult to them. HELLO out there, wake up!

    Your all being turned on each other, there is but ONE question, Do you want Freedom or do you want to be a slave or dead.

    Its not a case of DemO v RebO, Nor even the event of the moment that made up to keep your eye trained on that rhetoric.
    All the while the other hand is placing a YOKE and Chains on YOU.

    EWE’S Awake…………

    • Vigilant

      And what is your solution?

  • mickey

    Yep, the old slight of hand bit. Take advantage of every situation to by-pass the Constitution. The ones throwing the biggest stones, bring down freedom of speech, gun control, search and seizure, threats against the US citizens with jail over HC, and food control. Placing czars in place of Congress, swelling the population, over burdening resources. Vaccines and more vaccines.

    I agree, it doesn’t have a right or left political tone any more as long as it is taking place.

  • Howard Roark

    There is still an excellent chance that Obama will not be a president at all (listen to the interview site below) the left is now admitting that there is a problem with Obama’s eligilibility. You have all probably seen even Chris Matthew asking why Obama will not just simply show his long form birth cert. If Obama is shown to be ineligible he will be removed from office. no impeachment needed as the impeachment process is reserved for legitimate presidents. also under the rule of law for fraud everything Obama has signed will be null and void.

    • Neil Dixon

      I love the “user name” Howard Roark. I am an architect so the name certainly has some impact.
      To the point however. I always listen carefully when Mr. Cheney talks. He is quite intelligent and I believe conservative at heart. However I can never believe Obama and his henchmen will give up very easily on him not having a second term and then maybe a third and so on. I love to read history and watch the many historical documentaries that are available. It amazes me how similar Obama and his actions are so reminicent of actions of past dictators. People may say that is absurd but watch him and his “government” carefully in the next six months. He seems to be saying the “law is what I say it is.” He is going around the congress completely. Outside of the form of government we “used to have”, there are only two political forces at work at this time. One is “national socialism” and the other is “international socialism.” We used to call national socialism Nazism or Facism. We used to call international socialism, communism. However, what the extreme left in this country seems to be striving for is International Socialism while what used to be “Communist China” is now the larget proponent of “National Socialism.” It is a strange world indeed. Keep up the faith, eventually Howard was able to design in freedom as he pleased and the “modocracy” was put in it’s place.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Neil DIxon… Great post! He can be likened to many past dictators. You have to be blind not to see that!

      • who cares

        You know very little of the U.S.A. since you claim to know history. Every country on this earth is in one form or an other a socialist country whether in china, russia, germany even cuba. U.S. is combination little of everything facist, communist, most of all under the the G.O.P republican they have gave corporations tax breaks that made the U.S. a dictatorship the extreme right typically the merging of state and business leadership. wacth out the fog is rolling in from the right.

    • who cares

      Come on now He could of came from Mars or maybe a chicken what you think??

  • jopa

    Cheney has been under heavy sedation for too long.He claims Obama just started using drones and in fact he has been using them since his first day in office.The way the American public is finally realizing the benefits of the Health Care bill, Obamas support for the autoworkers and their suppliers, the economic upswing I believe Obama will serve two terms and the public would actually hope for more when his eight years are up.His poll numbers are much higher than even Reagans at this point in his presidency.

    • Vigilant

      jopa, go back to school and learn how to read. Cheney never said Obama just started using drones. He said he just “learned about the value of strict anti-terrorism measures, such as Predator drone strikes…”

      You’re entitled to your own opinions (half-baked as they are), but not your own facts.

  • eddie47d

    What! Dick Cheney had a heart? Will the doctors be able to find it this time. He never should have been elected Vice-President and so close to the Presidency at that.

  • Aix Sponsa

    Blogs have 2 problems:

    1: The more the trolls attack and spew rhetoric and divisivness, the better ratings the blogs receive.

    2: The more the trolls attack and spew rhetoric and divisivness, the less rational discussion occurs.

    Rational people are either preaching to the choir, or spitting into the wind.


    Barry the uncredentialed, the man no one knows is a manipulator and is a devious and devisive a man since last century’s Hitler. His questionable slow witted battle to confront the barbarians of islam has driven this country into a pitched battle to protect it’s own Constitution and preserve it heritage and traditions.

    When Barry speaks, which is to often but many times to late, he oftimes insults the nation as a whole by intentionally misspeaking our history and misstating the purpose of our founding documents. When he goes abroad, on our tax dollar, he tells all how the U.S. has failed, neglected or colonialized for malicious purpose and he travels in grand style as he and his missus bask in the glory of the flag that represents mankinds hope. Barry is is as insidious as a rattle snake and twice as sneaky, his medicine show ways of “hide the pea” as he shuffles the cups that hide the prize are as fine a medicine show act of detraction as any who belong to the KGB, non transparency is a understatement when describing this man who no one knows.

  • chuckb

    if barry was white he would be a ex-president, this man is a fraud being perpetuated by the democratic party. i do believe the only reason he is sitting in the oval office is like the website furnished by howard roark says. the blacks would revolt if this man is removed from office. it makes no difference to them, he’s black.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    BO should serve several terms; in Levenworth.

  • http://deleted Claire

    It will be a cold day in hell if I ever trust Cheney. Whenever I hear the name “Cheney” I think Haliburton. This man is no better than Obama.

  • http://com i41

    Claire, you sound just like another registered communist democrat senator, the 1972 democrat presidental canidate George McGovern. He claimed Cheney didn’t know much, had a attitude when stating facts,
    durning the Veitnam War, and Commie George would crawl to Hanoi,if he had to. The Nazi Soros Socialist Party has always embraced the marxist/communist mantra and wants to destroy thee USA. As for the Hallaburton crap, any time any of my friends have worked or are working for the company, they commentted and praised Hallaburton
    on the safety and high pay. Hallaburton wigs out liberials and socialists, just like mentioning Palin. Appently socialist embrace tax cheats in the Soros Socialist Party that don’t have to abide by tax laws or any laws, and don’t have to pay normal fines and get prison time. Now we know where Soros Socialists and marxist muslim morons slubs get there mental bearings.

    • Vigilant

      Successful business ventures like Halliburton and Walmart are always the targets of the hate-the-rich left.

    • http://deleted Claire

      i41–You know damn good and well I am not for the Democratic/Liberal party. I don’t have much respect for a lot of politicians, left OR right. If I don’t like Cheney, I don’t like him, simple as that. And McGovern was worthless. If this makes me a Liberal then so be it. And don’t even think about comparing me to a Commie–you know better than that.

      • libertytrain

        Claire – I sometimes think people don’t remember who they are “talking” with. His post was confusing to me – attacking you of all people – I am not a fan of Haliburton either -

        • http://deleted Claire

          libertytrain–I read all the posts, and I am of the belief that hate has consumed a lot of people–to the point they attack anyone that even has a hint of Democrat or Republican leanings. I don’t approve of either party, in fact, I think both parties have been the downfall of the United States of America.

          • libertytrain

            Agreed. It’s a shame.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Vigilant: “Hate the rich left?” I want all businesses in the USA to succeed. Walmart? Sure, go to Walmart and buy all the “Made in China” items you want. I prefer not to. I remember years ago nearly all their merchandise was made in the USA.
    Haliburton? They don’t exactly have a squeaky clean image.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – I do find it interesting that Walmart is trying to be the First Lady’s new best friend. On the other hand if they do clean up their products then perhaps some things about them may encourage me to shop there – but I don’t do grocery shopping or really any shopping at Walmart.

      • http://deleted Claire

        libertytrain–I haven’t watched much TV this week–so what is going on with Walmart and Michelle Obama? I hadn’t heard anything. I knew Hillary was on their board or something like that a few years ago. I rarely go to Walmart. It irks me that all their merchandise comes from China.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Let’s hope Cheney is right, and that voters will wise up next year. Of course, the GOP must do its part as well. It MUST find a bold outspoken conservative who can defeat BHO next year. It CANNOT afford to repeat its errors from 2008, e.g., picking a weak Republi-crat like John McLame, whom most of us reluctantly voted for just as a vote against ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’!! Given how critical this 2012 election is, if you want to draft me, I WILL RUN!! I have no experience in public office, but if you’ve read my comments on this site, you’ll know that I do have common sense. I’ll stand up and say “NO” to political correctness, leftwing unions, environmentalist wacko Marxists, anti-gun anti-2nd Amendment fascists and all other leftwing statists. And I’ll say “YES” to constitutional limited government, responsibility, liberty and prosperity. Think about it – what good is experience if it lacks common sense?? Hmmmmmm??!! We know politicians like Nasty Pelosi, Dirty Harry Reid, Chucky Shmucky Schumer, JD Rockefeller, et al, may have years of experience, but what good is it if their policies are detrimental to America and its economy?? As for BHO, it’s not his lack of experience that’s bad. It’s his anti-American philosophy!! We cannot afford a 2nd term of ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’!!


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