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Cheney blasts Obama’s approach to terrorism investigations

March 17, 2009 by  

Cheney blasts Obama's approach to terrorism investigationsFormer vice president Dick Cheney said the new administration’s approach to the prosecution of the war on terrorism is exposing America to an attack.

Appearing on Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union Cheney defended key aspects of the Bush administration foreign and domestic counterterrorism policies, including some of the controversial interrogation techniques, stressing they helped to keep America safe after 9/11.

"I think that’s a great success story," he said, adding, "It was done legally. It was done in accordance with our constitutional practices and principles."

He also repeated that the fight against terrorism is a war, and the Obama administration’s insistence on treating it as a matter of law enforcement will likely shift its focus away from the real threats.

Shortly after taking office on January 20, President Obama signed an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and prohibit the use of torture.

Since then, four human and civil rights organizations have written a letter to the president demanding full access to the detainees at Guantanamo to review the conditions of confinement and make recommendations for revising U.S. policies.

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  • Billie

    If Dick Cheney thinks any part of the last eight years of this fascist government that we have had is a “great success story” then call me a “socialist” any day. Just because Cheney, the Republican Party, or Rush say something as fact (when it is a bold lie) well, unfortunately for you, more and more real thinking people are standing up and saying, “It just isn’t so, Joe.” Calling people “unpatriotic” for opposing the mess in Iraq and “whiners” for anything else they disagreed with of this administration, has desensitized us so now the names have become meaningless. This 3rd grade playground bullying approach could go on and on, like me calling Cheney here a “cry baby” – but I will restrain. (Alas, I got to call him a name, I planted the seed, and still present myself as “above” this stuff…a little trick I learned from the Republicans.

    • Craig

      Fascist government?
      We have seen more proposals from Barry O’s group of political thugs and criminal advisors threaten our personal liberties than any previous administration, Dem or Rep!
      If you think the previouos administration used “3rd grade bullying” tactics to deal with Enemy Combatants, Terorists and their sympathizers…….you need to open your eyes to see what is happening now.
      As far as “real thinking people standing up and saying it just isn’t so”…….your right. The silent majority in this country are waking up, and they are not liking what they are seeing, feeling and experiencing with our new “community organizer-in-chief.
      All Americans can be proud of the accomlishments made in Iraq, as painful as they have been to achieve. Dictatorship vs Democracy. I know which I prefer.
      I greatly appreciate the opportunity to call you a SOCIALIST, since I do believe that the previous eight years were successful. I employ 80 people. These people thrived during the Bush administration. They are suffering now, because President Bush was not permitted to address the sub-prime mess during his term in office. Wild Bill’s recklessness comming home to roost combined with Barry and his inept group of Frat Boys running things, we’re in for some hard times ahead.
      I hope you and your kind are proud., you Socialist. (Thanks, that feels great!).

      • Gail Jernigan

        I agree whole heartily!!

      • Gus


        I agree 100% with you!


        You are brain-washed by the liberal, mainstream media. If left unchecked, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama (Wonder boy messiah,) will ruin America! Socialism sucks, look at Cuba, Venezuela and the politicaly-correct nations of Europe that are all slowly submitting to the ‘ideology of hate’ in the form of Islam.

        Our ‘Chosen One’ leader is leading us to financial chaos, and capitulating to our enemies.

        Closing Gitmo
        Stopping trials
        Dropping charges against those behind 9/11
        Can no longer call them enemy combatants
        Can no longer call the war on terror a war on terror
        Agreeing to meet with leaders of countries who wish the U.S. harm and with
        no pre conditions on those meetings.
        Secretly ending the program that allows pilots to carry fire arms.

        Obama is doing everything that will hurt our country. It is like he is a trojan horse out to destroy America from within.


        • http://- dorothy

          Billie & Craig:
          Are brainwashed into thinking that socialism is great and the crooks in government now are going to give them everything free. Well I have new for them they will be paying and paying and there children and grandchildren will be paying. We are in a mess.

          I am proud of my country and Bush & Cheney did their best to keep us safe and we did win the war in Iraq. Now lets see what you have to say about the war in Afganstan I thought you liberals do not want war, why are you sending 17,000 troops to Afganestan? If not to fight a war. You liberals unfortunately are very closed minded and love say nasty things about whomever disagrees with you, it’s time to growup.

        • Randy

          It has always been said that no country will ever destroy the U.S., but the only way the U.S. will fall, will be from within.

        • Pat Case


      • marie

        On my fox news blog last year, I warned the bloggers that we are doomed to a repeat of 9-11.
        The thug in Office said he was for the enemy before he over threw our government.

        • Gregory

          Dear Marie, Although I am probably at least as conservative as you, it is highly
          offensive and ignorant to call a person with an ivy-league education who never
          lived in an inner city or thug infested area until he was a professor at the University
          of Chicago a thug. It injects a clear racial prejudice into an otherwise valid statement. I am sorry if you think all blacks, or half-whites as is President Obama’s
          case, are thugs. I would hope that in the future you would not neutralize otherwise
          intelligent statements by resorting to the liberal tactic of attaching the person not the
          argument. Thank you for your consideration. Gregory

          P.S. Just because a person is a Christian conservative american who love the constitution doesn’t mean they are white.

        • Tom

          Up until I read your response, there was absolutely no indication of racial predjudice in these responses. I am conservstive and white and never associated any particular race with thuggery, do you think you have to be black to be a thug ? THAT IS RACIST by definition! And furthermore Obama is both black and white so I just dont see how race really enters into it. I am totally anti-Obama because of his inept policies, liberal political ideals and his horrible (and offensive to my values) track record as a politician. And furthermore, the level of education a person receives throughout there life does not define them, the way they live their lives does.

      • J. Miller

        I do agree with Chaney and the first responder; Our whole guard is down. We are all passengers and noone is driving the bus. Bush Admin. was serious about keeping us safe.

      • Ralph Mac

        Thank you sir, you have a way with words that I do not . I do NOT trust BO or any of his people. And he’s killing me and a lot of people we know . Yes sir I am holding on to my bible and gun. Again Thank you

      • Lukas

        The biggest threat to America is from within. Anyone who thinks the last 8 years was a success needs to pull their head out of their arse. Also, anyone who thinks Obama is going to make things better is also dillusional. Helping keep America safe after 911? WTF? 911 was a false flag operation implemented from within. You want to keep America safe? Imprision all the Bilderburg bastards and eliminate the Federal Reserve.

    • Gus

      You are a liberal idiot.

      • Jeremy

        Gus, you are a conservative IDIOT!!! : )

        • Gus


          I am a conservative that calls a duck a duck. I’m not illusionally in denial like the liberal mind set. I am proud of my political incorrectness. We are facing a grave threat from Islam. Obama and his liberal cohorts are implementing a policy that is pure folly. We cannot sit down with Islamofascist and expect honest dialog. Islam is like no other religion. The model for a muslim is the Propet Muhammad. The reality is that Osama bin Laden is atrue muslim- aholy man of the book who is following exactly the teaching of Islam as recorded in the Quran.

          When our government realizes this truth and activates true policies that will defeat Islam, then will win. However, Obama will be the Neville Chamberlain of our time, he will appease Islam, abandon Israel and the result will be catastrophic.

    • http://- dorothy

      Your not very well informed at all are you. You mean to say the crooks that are in
      the government now are not liers. I have news for you we will be lucky if we come
      out of the next fours years as americans and free. The liers are all in Congress and the Senate getting richer and richer and not paying their taxes.

    • kelly

      Billie is a moron but that being said lets see what will happen in the next four years. Funny thing about guys like billie they throw the fascist government word around dont have a clue about what they are talking about. Most of the time they have no argument to stand on . The funny thing is when one of there plans fail they say they didnt put enough money into it. So Billie with the big brain why dont you go down to cuba or your buddy Hugo chavez spend some time in those countries talk bad about the governments and leaders and you will find out what fascisim really is . My bet is your sorry ass has never even been out of the country . but then I ask myself why am even wasting my time talking with a retard like you

    • Cathy


      • Cathy


    • drz

      Since we are so safe, Obama should only need one body guard and let the secret service guys go home to their families. Pelosi should be able to turn her private jet travel in – that takes care of all the Cheney/Bush terrorism scare tactics. While we are at it – Obama shouldn’t need his blackberry or teleprompters – life is good!

    • George

      Another kool-aid drinker that listens to the brainwashing of the extreme liberal side of the democrat party

  • Bob Livingston

    It is certainly high risk to believe Dick Cheney. The Bush Administration did away with Habeas Corpus which was reinstated by the Supreme Court. This abomination told us that Dick Cheney and the Bush people would do anything.

    I think most people would agee that Obama’s order closing Guantanamo Detention Camp and prohibiting use of torture was more toward human liberty than Cheney and Company.

    • Vernon

      I will believe Cheney any day before I believe or trust the Obama thugs!

      • Gabi

        I’m with you!



    • http://- dorothy

      Oh really you do not know what you are talking about.

    • Salmon

      They are trying to farm them out to other countries. I bet it won’t be fruitful for those dumb enough to take them in. Otherwise, we will see them walking all over America if they close Gitmo!

  • http://url Mary

    If Bush still in office, or if McCain had won, we would not have the mess that we have right now. They both sincerely loved their country, more than themselves. We are now being threatened by Socialism/communism. Other countries recognize that we have a cowardly congress, as well as a president.

    • Jeremy

      So far from the truth. This started while Bush was in office.

      • Gus

        Not true it started under Carter.

        • Salmon

          You could probably put this all the way back to 1913, where the Congressmorons signed the money and economy over to the private bankers/Federal Reserve.

  • Chuck

    Id rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than ride in a car with Ted Kennedy

    • Gabi

      Can I go with you for the hunting? Maybe we catch “Princess” Polosi’s airplane!

    • Jeremy

      Don’t forget your face armor!

      • Gus

        Mabe you should go hunting with Chaney.

      • Gus

        Excuse me, Cheney.

        • Jeremy

          I am sure I am a better shot than Cheney.

    • Chuck

      You libs still don’t get it – and probably never will and that’s ok – after all you are all mentally challenged and I was taught never make fun of someone else’ s handicap’s.-
      I’d rather have a face shield hunting with Dick Cheney than 6 feet under with lib Ted Kennedy who buys off everyone.

      AS THE SAYING GOES – You don’t know what you had until its gone!!!!!!


  • Rick

    Billie your undying support of B, Hussein is amazing. I pray that all of the items B. Hussein promises are thrown out with the likes of your true friends Dodd, Reid, Pelosi, and Barney. The country is stronger than they think we will not let them get away with it. Maybe they will get the message on April 15th when the TEA”D off send them greetings.

  • Eddie Kemp

    Why We Were Attacked on 9/11
    Dick Chaney’s visit to CNN should show those who continue to pretend that Muslim Terrorist are nothing but nice, little, sweet “Man Made Disasters” exactly why we got attacked on 9/11. Thanks Mr. Vice President, but as you can see from reading some of these comments, that you were just wasting your time trying to inform people that did not know President Obama’s middle name was Hussein when they voted for him. Mr. Vice President you were trying to convince members of Code Pink and Liberal Democrats like John McCain and “Linsey” Graham, and Republicans like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, the “Back Stabbers”, who work accross the Isle to destroy our country economically and to make sure Osama bin Laden has no problem attacking America again. Thanks for trying Mr. Vice President, but you and our former President just didn’t understand, that Liberals do not read the Koran, Q’ran, or whatever the correct spelling is, and don’t realize how religious our enemies really are. They think they are HYPOCRITES just like Americans……..WRONG!!!!!

  • J. Miller

    I can see what a disaster our country is headed for now. Hope all you libs are happy with your new “changer”. At least he’s bringing out all the crooks to the front.

    • Jeremy

      Very Happy!!!!

      • Gus


        Like Micheal Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disorder!”

        • Jeremy

          Your party is in a the crapper. Jindal Palin 2012! I can’t wait to see that.

  • Jeremy

    Bush created the mess we are in!!!

    • Ditto Head

      Jeremy….Ignorance is bliss eh’

      • Jeremy

        sense the ignorant one left Jan. 20th I have been in bliss.

        • Ditto Head

          All I can say is STOP drinking the kool-aid.

  • Sue Reid

    Dear Bill
    As a Canadian I know just how important the United States is to us. With a population under 30 million in an area larger than Russia you can imagine that you-our big brother- are are safeguard. Mr. Obama inspires no confidence up here. I am fearful that you have elected a “kid” to mind the candy store and the “cookie monsters” are about to break in.
    We already have a form of European Socialism and though our present Conservative government is trying to fight it – it’s pretty well entrenched now. Your wish for a welfare state we already have, along with the taxes to prove it. I hope you like Obama’s socialized medical system. Being treated like a piece of meat on a factory line is great fun. I just love not being able to either find or choose a doctor or my treatment – takes all that nasty worry out of decision making.
    And Multiculturalism – Bill you’ll rave about it unless of course you happen to be born in the country, speak English only and your one of those “crazy” Christians – you know the ones I mean? the ones who actually practice their faith of tolerance, inclusion, love and understanding – they gott’a go.
    And a fascist government ? Bill you should live here in Ontario if you want to see it first hand. But don’t smoke in your car and for heaven sakes don’t spank your kid and be prepared to cook or do your laundry when the government says you can and keep your house at 65 in the day and 62 degrees at night – and heck what does it matter when it’s 30 below – we’re tough – we’re igloo dweller – at least that’s what our province’s Liberal government here thinks are.
    But Bill don’t worry our imaginary energy shortage will soon be solved – the windmills are on their way. And the Liberals have already mandated that they’ll put them where ever they choose. Taxpayer money is meant to be spent on unproven science, fixing imaginary problems with unreliable technology- after all – what would the “great unwashed” taxpayer know about how to use his own money. Obama would be proud. He should have stayed in Canada longer than 6 hours he allotted us. We could have shown him how to ruin your country in half the time he’s taking.

    Ya Bill, you’d feel right at home here. You could register for a hunting rifle so the thugs in Toronto couldn’t get hold of it and use it to commit violent crimes. OOPS sorry I forgot they use Uzis and assault weapons not hunting rifles. Oh well the billion and a half dollars spent on forcing law abiding citizens to register or disarm was worth it. At least we now know for a fact that gun registry does not deter crime. Brilliant- Nobel Prize stuff. Worthy of a great President.
    And what about those nasty farmers. Plowing up the land, stinking up the countryside. Down with them I say. They produce food too efficiently, too safely and too cost effectively. This will never do. But Bill the answer is right under Obama’s nose. Communal style Mega-Barns run by big corporate donors. Easier to collect taxes, keeps all the “bull” in one place and heck if a disease hits it’s so much easier to kill 50,000 livestock in one barn. Besides those pesky little family farms – well those people are just too darn independent – too free. Not good for the “Party” line – off with their heads – send their sons to the unemployment line.

    Bill you’d be so welcome here in Canada. But don’t try coming here if all you can afford is an old car. We signed on to KYOTO. Our poor are forced to remove their old cars or pay a fine of $250 the first year and $450 the second year. Co2- you know. They’re ruining the poor world or the world for the poor – not sure there.
    At any rate these old cars just can’t be tolerated. It’s our contribution to the world. Besides poor people who can only afford to patch up their cars to get to work well they should walk – they are after all the problem and it’s good for their health – keeps them out of the Emergency Rooms.

    Please come to Canada Bill. You’ll be safe here. We’re not a target yet ’cause we don’t make waves. We run “hit” TV shows on our government run CBC television which glorifies single motherhood, celebrates every debauchery known to man and feeds us silly little sit-coms to help us better understand the terrorist next door.

    Bill there’s so much for you to experience here. Come to Canada. Live your Socialist dream. You speak French don’t you ? The Party requires it.

    Your friend

  • Craig

    Billie and Bob, your both idiots, “human liberty”, and what happens when they free those terrorist into our country and they kill more of our people, where is “their” human liberty now that the terrorist have killed them. Wake up you dummycrats soon there will be 1) No freedom of speech (taking away conservative talk radio and TV. 2) No Right to bear arms (that way the people can’t revolt) 3) No freedom of Religion (Hate-crimes bill, Christians will no longer be able to preach the Gospel because it will be a crime to call homosexuality what it really is “A SIN”. When the government controls everything—they control you and when the economy gets so bad you will get a mark (The Mark of the Beast) and only those with that mark will be able to buy or sell. Read the Book of Revelations, it outlines the path this country is taking. Mr Obama, who is a muslim and an illegal himself is driving the country on a crash-course to bankruptcy. He’s not an illegal you say? Then why doesn’t the little chicken-squatter prove it. He can’t prove he is legal so he’s hoping over time people will say ” just forget it” and then he’s golden. Mr Obama is so 1)anti-God 2)anti-democracy 3)anti-any freedoms 4) anti our constitution 5) anti-American it’s enough to turn one’s stomach.

  • Ralph Mac

    Bush started this mess — all you need to do is look at J Carter the very worse pres. this country has ever had and BO is doing his best to top that— As real americans we need to stand and take charge or it’s down the crapper we go
    God Bless The USA ( Ret. USN )

    • Jeremy

      Bush is by far the worse Pres. we have seen in resent years!

      • Gus

        Jimmy Carter was our worst Pres. History will show that Obama will be worst.

        • Jeremy

          Bush is the worse. People Hate him.

  • Craig

    Jeremy your right but the dummycrats where in control of congress, and they stopped Bush dead in his tracks. Please liberals–stop talking thru your –sholes and carry on intelligent comments

    • Jeremy

      Intelligent like “shoot down Polosi’s Jet”? Or “YOU COULD NOT BE FROM THIS PLANT” ? real intelligent…

  • Joanie Sampedro

    Cheney, the Prince of Darkness…..and deceit is just not credible.He is even mad at Bush for not pardoning Scooter Libby(one of the good old boys)who took the “fall” for them.Let
    him disappear,back into his bunker,and write a book about how
    wonderful he was as the V.P. It can be called Revisionist History…..or making up stuff to polish my legacy….ya think?!?!

    • Jeremy

      I do think! good to hear ya.

  • M Burns

    Cheney is correct on this one. Hugging a terrorist accomplishes nothing. You cannot appease terrorists. They have zero regard for human life so trying to reason with them is futile.
    A simple show of humanitarianism is viewed as weakness by the barbarians who call themselves terrorists.
    No quarter for terrorists and again Cheney is right !

  • Craig Rits.

    To all who blame Bush here some number for you: Bush was elected in 2000 with an evenly divided Senate; VP Cheney was the tie-breaker. That June, Sen Jim Jeffords switched from being a Republican to an Independent and Democrats took control of the Senate In 2002 Bush gained a majority in the Senate with 51 Rep and 48 Dem. In 2004 Bush was re-elected but lost the Senate: 49 Dem., 48 Rep., and 2 independents, Joe Lieberman and Jim Jeffords whom both of them vote with Democrats. House stats: 2001- 221 Rep 212 Dem 2003- 229 Rep 205 Dem 2005 229 Rep 204 Dem 2007- 199 Rep 235 Dem Just four years did Bush have control of Congress. Rep. and Dem. split the power with each having complete control four years, which makes a lot of difference. Additionally Dem. knew all along the Fl Rep. Congressman Folley was making sexual advances to pages via the internet. Folley was their ace in the hole which they sprang on the public in the final week before the 2006 election. Nancy Pelosi inflamed voters to a fevered pitch over the antics of Folley and promised the people of the USA that if they voted the Democrats back into power there would be an ethical Congress. The people did—she didn’t. We (conservatives and moderates from both parties) are still waiting for a return of the ethics that (Nancy promised) that continue to slide over the edge. In 2006 some of America’s most decent Congressmen (Rep., and Dem) lost their seats because of the unethical way the Democrats took the 2006 US Congressional election. Footnote: A majority of Republicans like to be able to look themselves in the mirror after the election; something that doesn’t mean squat to a majority of Democrats. Was Bush perfect? No. Was Clinton perfect? No Was Bush senior perfect? No Was Carter, Nixon, Ford, Kennedy, Eisenhower( He was close: type “operation wetback” into your search bar and find something very interesting) Truman, No, No, No there is no president that was president, but at least none of them tried to take away Freedom of Speech(getting talk radio and TV hosts off the airwaves) take away our Right to Bear Arms (by doing this the people can’t revolt) taking away Freedom of Religion (hate-crimes bill, will not allow preachers to preace the Word of God because it will be a crime for a preacher to homosexuality a sin and some who performs abortions a murderer) Concerning Mr Cheney, I believe he is right on his first statement, THERE ARE people out there that want to see this Nation hurt or destroyed and they will stop at nothing to find ways of inflicting damage on this country. I’m sorry but extremist muslims can’t be trusted, ans whether or not 9-11 was staged or not IT HAPPENED and can happen again and we should not let our guard down for one second. We should not be playing “nicey-nicey” with the terrorist, that’s like playing with nitro-gl. it can off any minute. We need to be on top of this, secure our borders and protect the people of THIS country, every other country has secure borders, why are we one of the few who doesn’t secure it’s borders. By not securing our borders we are asking for trouble. A majority of civil liberty groups complain that by us listening to terror chatter is an infringement of their rights, sorry but some-one chatting about plotting to kill Americans on our own soil have no rights just like the majority of “detainees” at Gitmo have no rights, the majority of them are criminals and criminal are afforded no rights, they lost them when they became criminals and now there are Human Right and Civil Liberty groups that want to interview the “detainees” about conditions there? oh brother, there will be no true statements coming from those people, they will say anything to make us look bad and our government will believe them over it’s people. What has happen here people? Our country used to be the greatest country in the world, we bend over backwards to help other countries (financially and with medical aid, food aid military aid and they still spit in our face, burn our flag in their streets, attack our citizens here and abroad and today it was released that we gave “eminent domain” to China if down the road we can’t pay back our deficit loan to them?, “EMINENT DOMAIN” to CHINA, which means if we default on our deficit payment to them they can come here and put a value on property here and take it? If we default on a 4 trillion dollar payment they could take a lot. Does our government hate it’s people that much? I think the people of this country and I don’t care if your Democrat, Republican, Independent, conservative, moderate, wear your underwear inside out, we need to come togather, unite for a cause and the cause should be to take back our country. Our government is off it’s nut and WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up and say with one voice NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, YOU WILL NOT TAX US TO DEATH TO PAY FOR YOUR PORK, YOU WILL NOT SPEND BILLIONS ON WORTHLESS PROGRAMS, YOU WILL NOT TAX US TO BAIL-OUT STUPID-MINDED BUSINESSES, THEY GOT THEMSELVES INTO THE MESS, THEY CAN GET THEMSELVES OUT OF THE MESS AND DO IT WITHOUT MY MONEY, IF YOU CAN’T THEN GO EITHER CHAPTER 11 OR CHAPTER 13, AND STOP TAKING THE MONEY I EARNED AND PUT INTO SOCIAL SECURITY AND GIVING IT TO THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO DESERVE NOTHING BECAUSE THEY ARE “LAW-BREAKERS” AND LAW-BREAKER NEED TO GO TO JAIL, NOT GIVEN AMNESTY. Thank-you. Jeremy, I owe you an apology for my comments on the 20th at 4:52.

  • Jacob

    Awwww poor Dick Cheney. I feel so sorry for you. You security system really worked so well back on 9/11 when you and GW were in the white house( at least when you weren’t playing golf or duck hunting) You protected our WTC so wonderfully from terrorists. I really think Obama should use you as a model if he wants to see the prudential building in Boston go the same way as the WTC in NYC. However, I think Obama has slightly higher goals in protecting the USA than you and GW did. Duck hunting and golf don’t really protect our citizens and as a vegetarian I feel a little sorry for all those ‘ducks’ you see and have the urge to shoot. I’m not sure they all really qualify as ducks. And remember if you see someone ducking your bullets that doesn’t put them in the duck family. Keep playing your games like nintendo. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. But I think Obama has a slightly more effective approach that will keep more of our skyscrapers standing, and probably accomplish much more as well. He is dealing with the real world. Not nintendo games.

    • Dee

      Jacob ….. YOU need to ‘shut up & sit down’ …. Cheney is right about ‘terrorism’ and these radical groups … Were you not aware that ‘Mr. Obama’ stopped the program that protects ‘American Flyers’ with trained pilots that can carry guns? Boy, I’m sure the ‘terrorists’ know that they can now hijack any plane slam it into any building in America, without fear of being killed first … So, get your head ‘surgically’ removed from your rear-end and ‘wake up’ … WE stayed safe for 6 years after 9-11 … and I, for one, want to continue to feel safe .. Under the ‘Obama’ administration, everything is going to ‘hell and back’ in a handbasket.. YOU Democrats have elected the most ‘INEXPERIENCED’ person for the most IMPORTANT job in our Country … a ‘Community Organizer’ and 143 days experience?? …Give us a break!! You voted for ‘Change’, and ‘change’ is what we’re getting .. BAD change!! God help our Country!!

      While the country is ‘outraged’ over the AIG bailouts and bonuses, the Treasury is printing more money to bail out “Obama’ from his spending spree that everyone will be paying for, for decades … Pretty soon your money will be worth $.10 cents .. you’ll have ‘socialis’ at it’s finest .. and I bet you ‘Dems’ will be following Obama like ‘sheep to the slaughter’ … So, you’d better tune into FOX and start listening to what other’s smarter than you are saying ….

      • Jacob

        Hey Dee,
        I was sitting down when I wrote that letter I posted feelin’ sorry for poor dick cheney, and my mouth was shut too. The same as I write this letter feelin’ sorry for you. You think guns are going to solve everything? How many guns did your hero Reagan use to stop the cold war? Don’t forget Russia had nuclear arms and weapons were stored in Cuba like the ones that now they’re sending to Venezuela. The more money we put into weapons, the more wars we’ll fight. Did finishing WW1 solve any problems? NO we had WW2. Did the cleansing of WW2 solve any problems? No most of Europe is still antisemitic and Israel has been fighting islamic terrorists for 61 years now, and these terrorists want to wipe it off the face of the earth with another war like WW2, and most of Europe would like to see them succeed. Maybe this will lead to WW3 that will bring the end to humanity in 2012. Your guns are just wwwwonderrrrrrrfuuuuuullllllll solutions. those policemen in NYC in 1997 shot some innocent fellow in the head 41 times for they thought he was someone scary and when he went to get his wallet they thought he was reaching for a gun, Now did shooting that innocent fellow 41 times in the head make NYC a safer place to live? NO….4 years later we had 9/11. So what good did all their weapons do? Now Reagan at least ended the cold war before we got invaded. Dick Cheney and GW decided to wait till we lost the WTC before doing anything besides golf and duck hunting. GW would rather be reading stories to kids in kindergarden and elementary school than preventing 9/11. WW1 lead to WW2. We used guns in Vietnam war and lost. We are using guns in Afghanistan and losing. We are using guns in Iraq, and I’m not convinced that peace is going to last there. I think we’ve lost there too. The islamic terrorsits still hate the USA and hate infidels and hate israel. If you want to spend money on wars we’ll just have more wars. We need someone with a brain like Obama to find a better solution than more wars. And what happened to GW’s missile defense system for the USA? Now with our last democrat in the white house we saved up a surplus. After 8 years of Republicans in the white house we have debts of $56 trillion last I heard. So why are you complaining that Obama hasn’t cut down on the spending yet? he’s following the republican policy for a while to show you what you were doing before. Then when you say how horrible Obama”s method is(well I guess then you’re saying the republican approach is horrible, for he’s copying GW’s method to make fun of you all) . So when you admit the republican method doesnt work well then he’ll try the democratic idea. I assume that since U don’t like his making the debts go up you’d rather be paying higher taxes to help the country? You can always send donations if you want. You don’t have to send it in the form of taxes. They’ll gladly take your money classified in any category. And if you don’t want to pay taxes and don’t want our debts to go up and want more money spent on wars, are you proposing that those who work in Congress, the white house, and for all gov’t jobs should just be doing it for free? Please tell me what YOU want. I’m sure you want to zero taxes and everything you ask for at no cost. Go back to your nintendo games!

  • american50

    Politicians love you people, keep your eye of the prize.


    Subject: The Pied Piper


    There was a Pied Piper who said,

    We live in the greatest country in the world. Help me change it!
    *And the people said, Change is good!

    Then he said, We are going to tax the rich fat-cats,*And the people said Sock it to them!

    and redistribute their wealth.
    *And the people said, Show me the money!

    And then he said, Redistribution of wealth is good for everybody
    *And Joe the plumber said, are you kidding me?

    And Joe's personal records were hacked and publicized.
    *And one lone reporter asked, Isn't that Marxist policy?

    And she was banished from the kingdom!
    Then someone asked, With no foreign relations experience, how will you deal with radical terrorists?

    And the Pied Piper said, Simple. I'll sit down and talk with them and show them how nice we really are and they'll forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!

    Then the Pied Piper said, I'll give 95% of you lower taxes.
    *And one, lone voice said, But 40% of us don't pay ANY taxes.

    So the Pied Piper said, Then I'll give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!
    *And the people said, Show me the money!

    Then the Pied Piper said, I'll tax your Capital Gains when you sell your homes!
    *And the people yawned and the slumping housing market collapsed.

    And he said, I'll mandate employer- funded health care for EVERY worker and raise the minimum wage.
    *And the people said, Give me some of that!

    Then he said, I'll penalize employers who ship jobs overseas.
    *And the people said, Where's my rebate check?

    Then the Pied Piper actually said,I'll bankrupt the coal industry and electricity rates will skyrocket!
    *And the people said, Coal is dirty, coal is evil, no more coal! But we don't care for that part about higher electric rates.

    So the Pied Piper said, Not to worry. If your rebate isn't enough to cover your expenses, we'll bail you out. Just sign up with ACORN and your troubles are over! Then he said, Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted. Let's grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches, free medical care,bilingualsigns and guaranteed housing.
    *And the people said, Ole`! Bravo! And they made him King!

    And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers. Others simply gave up and went out of business and the economy slowed even further.Then the Pied Piper said, I am the Messiah and I'm here to save you! We'll just print more money so everyone will have enough!But our foreign trading partners said, Wait a minute. Your dollar isn't worth what it was. You'll have to pay more.
    *And the people said, Wait a minute. That's not fair!

    And the world said, Neither are these other, idiotic programs you've embraced. You've become a Socialist state and a second-rate power. Now you'll play by our rules!
    *And the people said, What have we done?

    But it was too late.
    If you think this is a fairy tale, open your eyes and ears. It's happening RIGHT NOW!
    Did you know the president's name is really an acronym

    One Big Astounding Mistake America

  • John

    Could someone in the media please ask this president to tell the American People exactly what specific acts he has taken to make AMERICA a Safer, not neccesarily Better, place? Although safer would, of course, be better. Can he demonstrate his actions empirically? It should be an easy answer to frame: Sir, what specific acts have you taken to make AMERICA a Safer place? Who knows, there might be some very interesting follow ups to this question? Please someone, ask!?!

  • Salmon

    Arguing with a left winger is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After awhile you realize it is futile, because the pig loves it!


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