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Chemicals Found In Cannabis May Aid The Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

December 31, 2009 by  

Chemicals found in cannabis may aid the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseaseCompounds found in cannabis may be useful as part of an effective treatment for certain inflammatory bowel diseases, a new study has found.

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two of the more prevalent bowel diseases, are caused by genetic and environmental factors such as diet, stress and bacterial imbalance.

Researchers found that two cannabis compounds—THC and cannabidol—can play an important role in normal bowel function as well as the immune system’s inflammatory response.

"The body produces its own cannabinoid molecules, called endocannabinoids, which we have shown increase the permeability of the epithelium during inflammation, implying that overproduction may be detrimental," said Karen Wright, author of the study.

"However, we were able to reverse this process using plant-derived cannabinoids, which appeared to allow the epithelial cells to form tighter bonds with each other and restore the membrane barrier," she added.

While THC is responsible for the "high" associated with using cannabis, cannabidol, which is also effective in restoring membrane integrity, does not have any psychoactive properties.

Meanwhile, independent research has indicated that cannabis may also be helpful in controlling symptoms associated with glaucoma and certain forms of cancer.

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  • Loy

    That cannabis helps aids in controlling or eliminating the effects of Krohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and other “irritable bowel” conditions is not news. This was known by the 19th century. It also eases the syptoms of eczema, seborrhei, psoriasis and other skin ailments, many of which are conected to central nervous system disorders or chemical imbalence. Cannabis’ effect on glaucoma are well founded and, along with treatment for nausia associated with cancer treatments, is the only other recognized theraputic use. This makes one wonder what part the big pharmacueticals have in influencing the regulation of this God given gift to mankink.

  • Time

    Lets be clear, its not a case of it MAY aid, its a proven fact it dose CURE the noted health issues in this post. Thats fact with out any political rhetoric or alleged moral HYPE.

    FACT: If you have skin cancer, Hemp oil will clear it up in less than 2 weeks, you will have ZERO skin cancer, no scars no lasers no Doctors, cost about $500.00 to get the hemp and reduction base.

    FACT: If you have a standard form of cancer Hemp oli will CURE you 100% in just about six months. That means you will not have any cancer cells left in your body. Cost about $3500.00.

    FACT: The cost would be a fraction of the noted if hemp were legal, you could in fact grow your own for FREE! So your total cost to 100% CURE your CNACER would be a few bucks for Grain Alcohol for your base reduction. Oh and no hair loss, you would still be able to eat and keep food down. How strange is that?

    FACT: If you have a gelatinous cnacer it helps but todate the studys are vague as to how much it will aid or cure. This form of cancer is very rare and is mostly found around nerve centers, the base of the skull and or nerve ganglia within the spine.

    FACT: Keep in mind that the very nature of Hemp / hemp oils, etc that being unlawful based on Federal laws that were enacted to allow ” HIGH PROFITS ” to land owners as well chemical companys to PROFIT on your suffering.
    FACT: This was all a political sham when these laws were passed, again I hit the point that the American people have been under a semi Communist government for well over one hundred years now.
    Law’s have taken your Freedoms away little by little, saddly with total out right lies 100% of the time.

    FACT: So by these very acts many persons who have been ( 100% CURED ) will not come forward and state their cases, why? They fear retaliation. Thats common sense people.

    My being LIVING Proof that Hemp OIL works to “CURE Cancer” I have NO FEAR, lock me up I don’t care, I will still TELL anyone that the CURE for CANCER is HEMP, and has been and has been known since time began. Let alone the countless other ailments inexpencive cure can aid you with.
    And guess what – it’s 99% painless. And the most important fact, is that it 100% CURES, anyone who dare step out side the BOX your all told to live in by LAWS that are at best TWISTED, more in line with PREVERTED, as well out right Malicious.
    The legal term for our governments behavior is “Depraved Indifference,” thats YOUR Government.
    FACT: If you went on trial for {Depraved Indifference} you would spend at least 20 years in prison if found guilty, yet the United States Congress, and the Senate do it daily. And it makes no difference what party they are all guilty.

    Can you say I lost my FREEDOM and can’t figure out why? “POLITICIANS.”

    Do any of you know what the United States CONSTITUTION is written on?

    Why is it its the MOST “GREEN” product we have ever had bar none.
    A few more facts; One acre of Hemp can produce as much paper as 10 acres of trees.
    Hemp is 100% renewable, it will not leach the soil its grown it, as a matter of fact it builds the soil.
    Hemp seeds have more protein, than BEEF pound per pound, far more than soy as well. Plus the oils in hemp are good for your skin, and you get that effect from eating the seeds alone.

    I am sure you all know who Mr. Ford was did you all know that in the 1938 he built a cars body out of hemp? Did you know that it could not be dented, it dose not rust, and its 100% Biodegradable.

    And thats just the TIP of the ICE BURG for what HEMP can do for you for the PLANET, and the world.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      But if you legalize it honey, you take the profit out of it for the government etc. I agree wholeheartidly. I have always said after living in Panama, legalize Mary Jane and prostitution. Even the Indians smoked Mary Jane in their Peace Pipes!!!. Why do you think they were so happy and peacefull.

      • coal miner


        I have being saying that for years,at last on this thread I got someone I can agree with.

        • coal miner


          Here are is what I like to see passed:

          Make prostitution legal:
          No restrictions on Guns:
          Elimination of seat belts laws( they are rediculous) wear them if youu want too.)
          Legalize Gambling:
          Legalize drugs:
          No restrictions on labor unions:
          Stop the war on cigarette companies:

  • s c

    Once again, if it works, and if it helps, USE IT. If it doesn’t work/help, AVOID IT.
    It’s so very refreshing to see more and more people turn away from ‘conventional medicine.’ Let those wizards treat themselves. Anybody wanna guess why MDs make such MISERABLE patients?
    Sadly, we have many people in Washington who are lined up to protect AND TAKE MONEY FROM the AMA/FDA/Big Pharma cabal, regardless of how many LIVES it costs.
    Is it clear by now what “CHOICE” really means and WHO controls its definition? Hmmmm? More food for thought, people.

  • Jim

    Anybody got a joint? My bowels hurt.

  • DaveH
  • scottportraits

    It’s an abomination that they continue to ignore this kind of discovery. The pharma-Giants just don’t want any competition or anyone jeopardizing their profits. They have the FDA in their pocket, and lobby alongside the tobacco, alcohol, prison guards’ union, police associations, and other sundry groups against decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis.

    Make it an election year issue every election.

    Support Medical Cannabis Access

    Support – Police Against Prohibition

    Support – MJ Lobby in Wash, DC

    Barack Obama; Jan. 21, 2004:
    “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws…we need to rethink how we’re operating in the drug war. Currently, we are not doing a good job.”

  • Steve P.

    TIME: Please post the research study to back up the words ”
    Proven FACT” that appears in your blog regarding Hemp Oil. I am just trying to get to the truth.

  • Pamela Shawver

    I have ulcerative colitis, Can I just take hemp oil for my condition? If so how much do I take.

    • Time

      Google the Rick Simpson story, for how to make your hemp oil. Ask your kids to get you some I use Grain Alcohol from the reduction, and really make sure you have a well vented area with no flames.

      I used this for killing Cancer 4 half a grain of rice per day then dropped back to 3 per day now I do none per day. But just once per week I have a full grain of rice size.

      Again I am 100% Cancer Free, it took me just about 6 months.

      Also {please check with your doctor} about reactions with any other drugs you may be taking.

    • Time

      Pamela, Also you may wish to look into the following just to add more fire power. Colostrum, and Acidophilus.

      Good luck, And Happy New Year

  • Doug

    TIME: I’m not arguing your “FACTS” as there is nothing to argue. As you presented them though they are merely your opinion. We all know about opinions don’t we. My point is if you want to present “FACTS” then you need to provide some supporting evidence if you want people to respect and support your position. That’s the FACT.

    • Time

      Doug, Its a “FACT” that I am alive I had progressed stage Three Cancer, For you that don’t understand that, { your dead but have not fallen down yet.}
      After less than six months on Hemp oil, I was 100% Cancer free. I also had some skin cancer’s on my face, its a “FACT” all gone in less than two weeks. My Doctor had no words, when I told him what I was doing all he had to say was GOOD LUCK, they can’t come out and tell you that your on the right path for obvious reasons.

      “Ask people” you know I bet you will find someone who’s “LIVING PROOF” within your six steps of your circle.

      Google the Rick Simpson Story from there you will find countless other sights. They are all supported by Doctors, as well Scientist who have stepped out of the BOX to LEARN something new thats really old. As far as Hemp and other uses, such as for Paper, or food, LOOK into the Canadian Government’s new programs to grow it for such needs.

      When I found out I had cancer I started digging up every “FACT” I could find after less than 100 hours was starting the CURE. I do have an advantage that many don’t have I have a strong backround in science.

      I did not – RUN FROM THE CURE. I embraced it. Now I am 100% Cancer Free. I also know of at least twenty others I have now met who have also done the same thing.
      I also know of no less than thirty others that have used diet and H2 O2 35% Food Grade that has as well worked, but it takes a bit longer for the results.
      Saddly most folks wait until their doctors have drained them totaly with Chemo that by the way KILLS everything as in healty cells as well as Cancer cells. Where as Canaboids kill only Cancer cells. Thats FACT, not opinion. Anyone who has Cancer and needs help finding Hemp ask your kids they know where to get it, just make your oil and take it as noted.

      FACT I am ALIVE! I am 50 pounds less in weight now, I also have normal Cholesterol levels, I feel great, as a matter of fact I feel like I did when I was in my 20′s at near 60 that’s not bad. Can any of you say that?
      I have zero history of cancer in my family tree, and have always been very active and have always eaten well, I still look like I am in my early 40′s even as I approach the BIG 60.

      Now I am not saying you will not need to change your life, as you will.
      Diet is a KEY factor, NO Sugar, No fried foods, less beef. More Excerise, oh and you have to really stick to it, its not a case of when you feel like it.

      Thanks and have a Great New year.

  • DaveH

    If you think Drug laws are the way to go, read this:

    • DaveH
    • DaveH
    • Meteorlady

      So what was your point? These are all hard drugs. Instead of enforcing drug laws and giving third world countries and their corrupt dictators billions for a drug was, why not study why people need these drugs in the first place? As for your articles – these were all hard drugs. If you legalized Cannabis (which is classified as a herb) you would generate a lot of revenue for the states and make hardly a dent in user populations since everyone is doing it anyway. Big Pharma does not want to see this herb legalized nor do the drug runners because they would loose tons of revenue. Bottom line, I bet if you look at the campaigns against legalization you would find a lot of money pumped in by drug companies and drug runners. We are spending billions a year in this country keeping “criminals” in jails and prison for something that is probably less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. Read the warnings for the drugs that big Pharma puts out and the side affects are horrible. They actually put the cost of future law suites into the price of the drugs at the outset. If one or more people die or suffer a crippling condition as a result of a drug, then that drug should never have gone to market. Whose the criminals in our society – Pharma or the poor guys growing and selling Cannabis?

  • jim

    From the other Jim( it looks like there are 2 of us)Evrybody have a Happy New Year. If you bowels are acting up, we know how you’ll be ringing the year in.

  • Jon

    Cannabis has been around for ions, GOD created it, and if GOD don’t grow it, I don’t know it! Forty years ago I broke my left femur at the knee, multiple fracture & my right hip, multiple fracture, all from a bad motorcycle accident. It took the Dr’s 15 hrs to put me back together, I lost 5 pints of blood because they waited 3 days to operate because I had no health insurance. I was in a body cast from the neck down for a yr., the Dr’s told me I would never walk again, having been in an iron lung for polio for a year back in 1951, my response was, hide and watch. Twenty years later I went to give blood at a blood drive and was told I need to see a Dr ASAP because my liver enzymes were out of whack. Diagnosis – prognosis, hepatitis C, no method in place to check blood back in the late 60′s. Liver more than half scared, put on interferon therapy for a year, $25,000.00 treatment, but thank goodness I had great health insurance this time and a great Dr from India. The medicine was terrible and gut wrenching if I didn’t get to sleep before the side effects hit me. that’s why I always took the medicine just before going to bed, which consisted of a shot self administered every other day and 5 horse pills daily and a joint of cannibis before retiring and getting to sleep before my Hyde turned into Jekyll. Needless to say thank GOD for the cannabis plant, it was a GOD send and a miracle for me and I’m sure for many, many other people with bad side effects from chemo, meds, cancer, crohn’s, multiple sclerosis and lots of other diseases and medications. Should never ever have been outlawed, outlaw cigarettes and alcohol if you want to do society a favor. PS I’ve been virus free for going on ten years. Happy New Year and hopefully an awakening and new enlightenment on the many positive attributes of cannabis.

  • DDC

    It gives you gas so you can run faster, and them cannibals cant catch you then. Be careful if a turd is pushing it. It gets real slippery, and they will slide down, and hurt themselves.

  • Joseph Blazewicz

    If they come out with a legalize drug with the (Cannabis)ingredient in it, I’ll go for clinical trials if and when its offered.

  • Merl

    Although I consider myself a conservative, I think that pot and prostitution should be legalized. Legalizing pot and prostitution will take the enormus profits for organized crime out of pot and prostitution; and allow government to control, regulate, and standardize these businesses. As a result, pot will have purity and potency standards; prostitutes will have health regulations, standards, and codes of ethics and behavior; and any violence aganist prostitutes will be prosecuted.
    Many people are going to do what they really want to do, whatever.
    However, we can tell our children; and rightly so, that abuse of MJ and other drugs will ferment their brains, ruin their bodies, make them overweight, kill their motivation, drive, ambition, desires, passions, credibility, respectibility, wealth, normality; and possibly doom them to incarceration, and resultant low paying jobs and low status for the rest of their lives. These very real dangers are enough to stop most intelligent and rational children and adults who value their health, abilities, and control over their lives. Knowing these dangers was enough to permanently scare me away from drugs. MJ and other drugs should ideally be used only to cure chronic diseases. And for recreational use, only in moderation; because overuse of anything beoomes toxic. Alcohol was legalized over much protest. And the government can develop programs to discourage users from overuse by listing the many perils of addiction. Addiction can be avoided and cured by rationality, therapy, and rehabbing. We can only be free when we allow the rational and practical within us to prevail. By knowing the dangers, and observing the laws of common sense and self preservation throughout our lives, we have a better chance of safeguarding our personal power by remaining in control and addiction free.

    • chuck b


      legalizing dummy dust is not the answer. if some ingredient of mj is a cure for some disease, thats fine. you don’t have to legalize pot in order to make medicine. pot use in this nation is out of hand and legalizing it is not going to stop the harm it is doing. the schools started using the term drug abuse years ago, they didn’t warn kids not to use it they just said “don’t abuse it” that’s like telling a bank robber not to take too much money. if people want to use these drugs and know the danger, then let them put up a bond to guarantee they will not use taxpayer money for their cure when they overdose or over use these drugs i’m for that, don’t fall for this medical or recreational baloney!!

  • Ivan

    I have used cannabis several times.I must admit it is trial and error finding a phenotype that works best, kinda like the pain meds I was prescribed. I suffer Migraine Headache attacks that leave me sweating , vomiting and sometimes whimpering wishing the Lord would take me home. I have doubled the dosage of hydrocodone prescribed by pain clinic for my back it helps but not as good as Cannabis. My Dr told me I should not do that as it is given for my back injury. I have took Advil 2-3 tabs 3-4x daily for yrs and tylenol til I feel it in my right side alot of the times when taken this is why I returned to a Dr for help. As long as you do not cough when using it you will feel great releif from Migraine in 20 minutes just do not DO NOT use it like the kids in College movies because the coughing will make you wretch with pain and you will relax but not feel better or maximize therapeutic value of the herbs. I use another strain higher in CBD 2 hrs before sleep and I awake rested unlike the over counter or prescription sleep pills which made me drousy mid day at work. I recommend it whole heartedly to many ailments trial by error just like my doc does with all pills we try. Remmember there are different strains that have different effects so be patient when you decide to get natural releif God Bless America. A happier healthier patient.

  • Acidophilus Pearls

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