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Chamber Of Commerce Pushes Hard For Free Trade Agreements

December 2, 2009 by  

Chamber of Commerce pushes hard for free trade agreements Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobby group in the country, urged the Obama administration to advance three free trade agreements that have been pending since the president took office earlier this year, Reuters reports.

The organization said that trade agreements with Panama, South Korea and Colombia, which were all negotiated by former President George W. Bush’s administration, have been left on the table for the past year.

John Murphy, the chamber’s vice president of international affairs, said that failing to move forward on these agreements would put approximately 500,000 jobs at risk, the news source reports.

President Obama has planned a job creation forum for next week that the chamber hopes will lead to more trade talks and the possibility of getting agreements in front of Congress.

"We are absolutely convinced that on all three of the trade agreements, the votes would be there. We just need to have the chance to hold that vote," Murphy said.

The president recently visited Seoul and reopened trade talks with South Korea President Lee Myung-bak.

The sticking point on a possible agreement continues to be the auto industry’s demand for wider access to the South Korean marketplace, but Presidents Obama and Myung-bak both agreed to continue talks.

South Korea signed an agreement with the European Union last month that would make 99 percent of commerce duty-free in the next five years, leaving the U.S. at risk of losing market share, reports.

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  • James

    Our first President, George Washington, said: “Trade with all nations, entangling aliances with none.” However, back then ‘trade’ meant swapping something you have for something you don’t have – like the pilgrims swapped hoes and rakes for food, with the Indians. Our first president never meant for ‘trade’ to dissolve our national borders. Allowing foreign nations to simply sell their wares here was never intended. For trade with China forces Americans to compete with China’s slave labor, for their own market – we’ve seen where that leads. We are now dependent on foreigners for some of the necessities of life, that’s insane. There is absolutely no reason to buy from foreigners what we can produce here, by our own labor.

    • s c

      James, you know what you’re talking about. It will become even more apparent in the next 3 years that we’re stuck with a prez who is happy to deal with ACORN or anyone who is anti-free trade (it smacks of freedom), but you can forget anything that helps the American people.
      Comrade obama thinks we can spend our way into prosperity and safety. He thinks common sense is just a word, and it can be countered with pc ‘ideals’ (like decimating seniors, the middle class and small businesses) so we can have ‘progress.’
      The Russians and the Chinese have warned us not to go down the socialism path. We’re stuck with a war that comrade obama screamed was unjust and immoral (but now it’s “swell). We’re still losing jobs, and we have herds of cretins in congress who refuse to learn the difference between real health care and a government monopoly.
      HOW do we outsource these pretenders? Beyond that, how do we keep others like them from getting elected and re-elected? America can’t afford more Orwellian ‘best-and-brightest’ clones.

      • April

        AMEN to SC and James! The best answer so far is what John Adams said, “REBELLION TO TYRANTS IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD”.

    • Joe H.

      you speak the truth, unvarnished truth. Take ACORN if as all these leftys say they are innocent of all wrong doings then why did they dump all kinds of records right before a government inspection in Fla.? Too bad for them a P.I. dumpster dove and found them and has copied all and sent them to a prosecutor!!! Somebody gonna’cut down some mighty oaks that grew from ACORNS!!!!

      • April

        AMEN Joe H.!

    • Pau Revere

      You are Right About IMORTS But the Isralie Lobbys have undermind the intension when it States the treasury Department earns its Income foram Impost Expost Customs and Duties There is never to be a tax on Exports so Ameiacans can sell their products and not have the added cost by Government to make it un afordable to the importer anD was to protect america from sweat labor Nation selling their goods to America and Closing down our FCTORIES AS HAS BEEN DONE bY THE ZIONIST JEW LOBBY WITH CHINA KOREA INDONICIA etc. NAFTA, GATE,WORD TRADE AGREEMENT ARE ALL ANTI AMERICAN A UN AMERICAK AND A COMMUNIT CONTROL OF THE WORLD AND VIOLATION OF THE U.S.CONSTITUTION. EVEN WHEN IN 1913 BY THIS JEWISH lOBBY PASSED THE 19TH aMENDMENT THAT TAXED OUR PRODUCTS ON LABOR BEFOR THEY WERE EXPORTED DESTROYING ONE MORE PROABITION IN THE COSTITUTIONnOT TAX ON EXPORT

      • Joe H.

        Gee Pau,
        aren’t you gonna’ add the masons? The leadership of this country and secondhand the people are the ones that did this to this country! the foreign countries couldn’t do this crap without the help of the people in charge here and the stupidity of the people standing around and letting them!!!

        • Pau Revere

          Joe H
          My Eye Sight is Failing and I did not see the Changes that are made by my Computer
          When we were Given This Free Christian Republic By the Framers Who Gave their Lives and Fortunes, We were Warned That is was for a Bible Reading and a Moral People.We were Warned by the Framers and were Orders to Bind Down these (word removed) Hands DOWN by the Chains of the Constitution.If you get the Courage then read the U.S.Constitution,the Federlist Paperds, and the Ant Federlist papers and pay attention to the 14TH and The 16 amendment
          You will then Understand that Your 1913 Jewish Lobby Striped away all your Rights,and proabitions of Government when You Singed up,With a Birth Certificate,Then A Socilal Security Card, or was Born on a militay base ,or one of the U.S Territorys,Samoa Porto Rico, Virgin Island, Panama, Canal ETC.Not One the 50 States of the union Republic.
          No Matter if you Were A Christian,Ateiest or Ateaist Jew.You Were No Longer an American Citizen ,But Now Are a citiZen Of the United States.You waved all Your Rights, For Privileges and Imunities Read the 14Th Amendmet Again You pay Tax on Food For Your Heart to Beat and Pay Tax to Flush Your Toilet and when You Die after Giving the $2,000,000.00 two Million Dollars OR MORE They Will Give your Suvivers 250.00 for A Buerial Marker to Show Where the Deceved Idiot FOOL is Buried.
          Free trade means you have access to sell and Buy in all market of the World. it doed not mean You as an Anti American Jews can get slaves in other nations to produce a product cheap and export it to your country and not pay customs on that product. if You do so,you loos your markets and will not sell your products to other Nations because you ALLREADY have a 50% Israilie Tax imposed on all you products befor you ship it our to other nations people who would like to buy your products That is the Cause for the shut down your all our Factories and you will be out of a Job as is and has happend. All induced by the WZO ,World Jewish Congress American Jewish Congresand Israilie Lobby
          Study Woodrwo Wilson Volker Felix Warberg Louis Branise Roosevelts Bushes Clintons and Now Barrack Hueisan Sortoros Oboma The World Trade Center With Lsrry Silverstine, David Axelrod, Rhamm Emanuel,His Whole Cabninet and Asossiations since 1975 Hillery Clinton,The Death Of Vince Foster,Jannet Reno Randy Weaver at Rubby Ridge Branch Dividians at Waco Texas And You might becam an american and demand All trade Agreements be desolve and Stop Being a Law Breake as All American Are Includin Every Corupt Judge and Atterney and All ledislators.ALL HAVE Sined NO Not ONE, and All Hav Fallen Short of the Glory God As had intended For You and This Once Free Christian Republic.and be the Light of the world
          You have Gone The Way of The Anti American AntiGod Jew Who only has the Love of other peoples Money, Life, and Property and has come to steal Kill and Destroy.Useing a Lying Barrack Sortoros Oboma Baby Killer by Abortions,and the military to kill their Enemys to carry out your Nations destruction

          • Joe H.

            First, I am not Jewish, far from it!! Second my family tree goes clear back to the founding of this country. Third I have had more family shed blood for this country than I care to think of. Fourth your anti- Semitic tripe has no place in the conversation of true patriots!

          • eyeswideopen

            Joe, well said.

  • DaveH

    “Free Trade” with government commissions to oversee is an oxymoron.
    As James said, we “compete with China’s slave labor”. They are indeed presenting themselves as slaves to the American consumer (don’t think James meant it that way). And that is a good thing.
    Our problem isn’t the competition with countries whose citizens are willing to work for slave wages. Our problem is our bloated Government whose regulations stifle our productivity and ingenuity. And every worker who is employed by the Government is one less producer in our society. We will not see the light of a good economy by increasing the size of government. We can blame other countries all we want, but the fault lies right here in the good old USA. We have become a nation of spoiled adults who think the country owes us a good life. It doesn’t. And those who do strive to be productive are forced to pay for those who aren’t.
    We will stay on the downward spiral until people wake up to the fact that we have become our own worst enemies by allowing Government to intrude into every corner of our lives.

    • Joe H.

      Amen brother! Your last sentence says it all. WE are to blame for the problems in this country because of who we elect!!!

  • Paul Revere

    as is Said 100s of times in the old testiment and the New”Be not deceived” You were Orderd Not to be Deceived There are two law breakers the Decever and rhe Deceived,the Deceiver because of their Cunningness(Propaganda,Lobbys and Media) Like the Bible said in Genisis They Eve and then Adam were both were Deceived by the Deceiver.They BOTH are Guilty, but the Most Dangerous of the TWO is the Deceived because they believ in the Deception and continues spreading the Deception.and is willing to go to war or murder for the Deceiver and beleives they have done good and will do it over again.They also take bribes and change god laws
    Any American who Joins the Military and fire on any one that has not fired on him with No Declaration of War and the Goal of making it a part of your nation is an assasin for hire.Or else you must give it back to Rngland Mexico Native indians Spain and France and the Hawhian Ilands
    Ever law that Made this Free Nation has been Change along with yhe Excise,customs and duties for imports all changed bgy the same people who bring you to their wars Yes The Congress ,Courtd Legilators are responcible for the loss of this Nation and Because They First Changed what we use for money Federal reserve notes thsat were given them the power to elect more of the same, then Changed Your Morals ,Your Money ,Your Laws, and NOW even your Sex
    The last American War America Fought was a False Flag War conspired by the Same people who Lost Control of the income they received frome the English Crown and were forced to kill their Brothers for the wrong Reason and we Both Lost. Usding Conscripted (Draft)Military Slaves,to kill so caled slave holders .Since Then these Same Deceived Decendents were used to do the same in all the other wars since controlled by the same people inEuorpe Japan Korea Veitnan and now the Middle East
    You gave up your Life our natural resorces made no new lands allowed them to loan you their credit (never any money) and make you pay the interest on that debit that you can never pay off.And next 30,000plus the one over there will do the same
    Merry Christmas or will it be Buy and Sell Kill and be killed for Santa Clause

  • Joe H.

    Did anybody take a good look at the picture at the top of this thread? It looks like O-man is thinking uh oh they’re gonna’ catch on to me!!!!

  • James

    With 12 to 13 million Americans now unemployed (with the number still growing) there is absolutely no reason why we should import thousands of everyday items from foreigners. We should manufacture them here and put Americans back to work. And by Americans I mean citizens of the United States, not illegal aliens.


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