Centuries-Old Viking Girl To Get Face


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Aug. 29 (UPI) — A girl who lived 1,200 years ago in a Viking settlement in Sweden is about to get a face, scientists say.

Researchers at Stockholm’s Historical Museum say reconstructing the face of a skeleton in the museum’s collection will allow visitors to meet a person from Sweden’s Viking Age.

The skeleton is of a 6-year-old girl who lived on an island in Lake Malaren, west of Stockholm, in a thriving market town.

Objects buried with her indicate she belonged to a wealthy family, researchers said.

Her skull will be scanned at a hospital to yield a three-dimensional image that will be used to create a plastic replica an artist will use to reconstruct the face.

The finished model will be a part of the museum’s permanent Viking exhibition, Stockholm News reported.

“We believe that the Birka-girl in this way will help us to remember that people lived here at that time in a completely different way than what objects can do,” museum project leader Li Kolker said.

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