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Center For Individual Freedom Warns FCC Continues To Pursue Internet Regulations

May 12, 2010 by  

Center for Individual Freedom warns FCC continues to pursue internet regulations The controversy surrounding the attempts by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose Internet regulations has resurfaced after reports suggested its chairman is looking for a new way to do so after his first attempt was blocked by a court.

Last month, the United States District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the FCC had overstepped its jurisdiction when it attempted to impose net neutrality rules on Comcast, which had blocked its subscribers from using the file-sharing website BitTorrent.

Now, the Center for Individual Freedom (CIF) warns that Julius Genacowski is planning to seek to reclassify broadband services under New Deal-era "common carrier" laws created for early landline telephone technology, in an effort to continue to purse the government’s goal of regulating the Internet.

"The FCC should not attempt to apply archaic 1930s rules to 21st century technologies. This move will do nothing but stifle innovation, investment and growth within the broadband sector," said Timothy Lee, CIF’s vice president of Legal and Public Affairs.

The proposed "net neutrality" rules would prevent companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from restricting access to Internet content, applications and services offered by competitors such as Google, Skype and Facebook. The FCC counter critics’ claims by saying it is fighting for "free and open" Internet. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19765999-ADNFCR

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  • angel-wanna-be

    Thin skinned, can’t take the heat and running scared. This Administration will stop at nothing to squash opposition. The American people warned, that we were tired of the politics as usual, when the Healthcare bill was passed, even though the majority of the people did not want it. In toss the die fashion, Nancy Pelosi said, “the Bill will have to be passed in order to be able to read it”. Obama’s down right arrogance against the Tea Parties and simple American folk, who don’t agree with his agenda is causing An undeniable division in the Country. The Fairness Doctrine, the FCC, and the Government is taking over and regulating practically every aspect of our lives. They will come through the front door, the back door, or break a window, if need be to stop dissent. The American people have already spoken at the polls, NOVEMBER IS COMING!

    • Time

      I got wind of what these twisted buffoons are up to from a very strong source in the know – they are going to try and flip this to a utlity, (not unlike your electric bill or water) etc..

      Thus placing it in a differant format they can regulate it that way, its all these really bent malicious side steps these marxist in the present administration are doing that is most scary right now, – look for what you don’t see, thats where the real damage is.

      • angel-wanna-be

        I don’t doubt anything Time, after only a year in office, it’s quite obvious, power and control is all they’re after. I’m so damn sick of hearing this Administration say, “we’re doing this for the American people”, I could vomit”. Because as well know, they’re lying through greenbacked teeth!

      • Disgusted

        They just want to regulate it; tax it; control it and you! If they get their way your cost for this will be 3X what it is now. Too many people sitting on their butts not caring about what is going on – when this does happen all of a sudden they will be outraged – too little – too late. SAD!

        • Time

          The cost factor is not the main issue, its “the CONTROL of Information flow.” Sights like this one will be shut down.

          Now do you get it?

          • angel-wanna-be

            Time, Next they’ll be passi’ out duck tape to cover our mouths, the idiots!

          • angel-wanna-be

            Time, sorry fingers ‘taint workin’ today I meant, passin’ out duck tape.

          • Time


            Not to worrie, I make this post so fast as I am running like a chicken with out a head most times so I make a ton of mistakes.

            But my points of TRUTH are there soild, just as yours are.

          • Sidewinder

            I agree with you Time, its about Control, not Tax.

            But they won’t shut the sites down, they will use it for intel, on Americans, and they are probably doing that now, and require that you register personal information, in order to post your comments. That will make it easy for them to identify who is saying what.

            I imagine the end game is that all comments get logged into a data base, containing a file for everyone. If you have ever said anything stupid, or not chosen your words carefully, it could potentially be used against you, if you ever find yourself in trouble.

            In order to do this, they must work hand in glove with the service providers. That right there is yet more proof of the Corporartist Regime’s existance. This directive will flow from Government to Provider, not Provider to Government, indicating to me, that we are staring at Corporartism, not Fascism.

            Understanding what system of government we have, will help us understand where to effectivly place our vote.

          • Sidewinder

            They are looking for Bathroom Bolsheviks, and Water Cooler Patroits.
            You are being stalked by an unseen hand.

      • WarriorH

        Ya but didn’t Barry warn us over the weekend that there is a lot of false information being spread about the internet? Ya know the kind you would get off your x-box, i-phone, i-pads, typewriter, abacus, blackboards?

        Yes, that’s it by golly, all information should be disseminated through the government. This way we’ll only receive the truth. It’s so simple why wasn’t that thought of before? Hmmmm.

        • Time

          You got it. Good now explain this to everyone you speak with, this the only way we can stopped this dead in its tracts.

          Anything else is 100% PURE Road Apples.

        • s c

          WarriorH, Obubba knows all about dishing out false information. It’s what he does best. If he said the sun will come up in the east, I’d be suspicious. He is NOT to be trusted.
          Ask a Vietnam combat veteran about the dangers in being in a situation where you can’t tell the difference between a ‘friend’ and an enemy. So far, we’ve only seen the Madison Avenue Obubba. When his real personality comes out, you won’t need a translator or a media hack to see him for who and what he is. He is THE ENEMY. Never turn your back on him or his ‘friends’ – unless you’re tired of being FREE.

          • WarriorH

            Such a lonely looking little boy, what happened to his sister?

          • JeffH

            s c, when the real Obama comes out look for a pitchfork in hand, a forked tail and two horns his numbscull!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            how right you are!! When you can’t tell your friend from your foe it gets a little nerve wracking!!! We had a mammasan that came on base to clean and such and they caught her paceing off the flight line getting the spacing between all of our choppers!!! she would cook for us clean, wash clothes and everything . Then they caught her. What a!!!

    • Radio UpNorth

      “which had blocked its subscribers from using the file-sharing website BitTorrent.”

      “rules would prevent companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from restricting access to Internet content, applications and services offered by competitors such as Google, Skype and Facebook.”

      Pretty amazing you see it okay for anyone else to censor what information you get through the Internet. That is leading to Orwellain control that will more completely spread selected propaganda by Corporate Fascist Socialists.

      Fights coming, girls. Good luck in your libertarian, gated, zombie communities.

      • JeffH

        Radio UpNorth, seems you might have a problem with the “Corporate International Socialist’s” running there businesses with out Papa Bears control. They own it, they can block anything they choose! Papa bear controls them, they can block anything they choose.
        Hmmm, whats wrong with that picture? I know if I don’t like my internet servic, I’ll cancel them and get a differant one…called choice…government gets involved, HMMMM, it’s called no choice.

        Sounds familiar, ya think…!

    • Johnny

      November; are we there yet

  • EltonJ

    Why regulate something that is meant to never be regulated? A public utility? The Internet is a privilege. Making it a public utility is like making T.V. a public utility.

    • Michelle

      But you have to wonder what is going on with TV also. Didn’t we just have to switch to digital TV. Yes they gave us all that jargon too. Now you get TV over cable, satellite or the digital black box. I only got TV by the old fashioned antenna and now I need a black box to get basically nothing. If you watch that black box – even when you have turned it off that box will turn on by itself. What is it doing? I’m about ready to remove the black box and only watch TV over the internet (for as long as that is around).

      • DD


        I too questioned exactly WHY the government was so concerned that we ALL have digital tv. Remember they extended the time frame because many rural folks had not participated in getting the black boxes. I did a little research and came up with the fact that they wanted to clear a band width (700 ?) and keep it only for “first responders”. I guess that was so they could possibly shut down ALL other bands in case of an emergency? (We know how they feel about a good crisis – especially one that they make up!) Hummm . . . would a good crisis be civil unrest?

      • kate8

        Michelle, the digital switchover was to free up broadband for things like RFID. They want us all tagged, one way or another.

        We all knew there was something big with this one. The info is out there, if you take the time to look.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        So unplug it when you are not watching it!!!

    • WarriorH


      Stop giving them ideas!

    • s c

      EltonJ, we have the American version of Nazis taking up space in Washington. This bunch doesn’t have what it takes to control us with weapons (that comes later). Look at them as closet Nazis. That makes it easier to know how to deal with them.
      By the way, Queen Pelosi’s recent move to ‘put the arm’ on the Pope is a prime example of what a Nazi would do. It’s her way of demanding that our
      constitutional rights be “curbed.”

    • s c

      Never underestimate the will of a corrupt government to enslave its citizens, EltonJ. It makes no difference if that government is socialist, communist or fascist, its ultimate aim is absolute control of all its citizens.
      America has elements of all three types. This confuses people who are used to having labels on everything. All we need to know is whether or not a government protects (or gives a damn) about the Constitution.
      This ‘government’ is trying to combine elements of EVERY failed and corrupt government that ever existed. What does that tell you about those who support it? And what does it tell you about what we have to do to stay free?

  • J.M.R.

    well we will to keep up the fight to stop the scum in D.C.from ruining the internet. like everything else they touch turns to shi_ we know he doesn’t like to hear the truth thats hes a tried and true scum bag from ill.

  • Dale

    Barry is a Hugo Chauvez wannabe . . . even the dumbest leftist should be able to figure that out today . . . hows that hopey/changey stuff workin out??? How long will it be till the handout crowd is burnin and lootin like their “workers of the world unite” brothers in Greece???

  • gary kindy

    people if you really want change then check out gooohdotcom as it is our only chance to keep our country by changing back to the constitution and real patriots.

    • Sidewinder

      Looks like a good, or Goooh, idea. Will check it out in more detail later…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      While I agree with GOOOH in principle, I wonder about the benefit of getting rid of people that have been voting the way you want them to. I, so far, have a congressman that has voted mostly the way I, as a conservative, want him to. Why would I want to get rid of him?

  • s c

    This a free speech matter, so it didn’t take long for the fuhrer’s camp-followers to show up and try to tell us why we can’t have free speech. Apparently, free speech is only for ‘superior beings’ who know what to do with it. Frankly, if
    anyone thinks this herd of closet Nazis is superior in ANY way (other than being closet dictators), they’re prime psycho ward candidates.
    OK, progressives, start howling. Your ‘god’ is false, and MOST people know it. Just because he can manipulate dead voters doesn’t make him a god – let alone someone who serves a productive purpose in American politics.

  • Shar

    Didya catch FRONTLINE WORLD last nite? (Misspellings intended)
    Guess who owns a BIG CHUNK of the Amazon Forests??? GM
    Cap & Trade will make them big $$$$.Who owns GM??The Fed/Central Bank
    Who is in “bed” w/the Fed/Central Bank?? (This one is easy)
    Paulson, Emmanuel, Geithner, Summer, Bernanke, B.O., all from
    GOLDMAN SACHS!! Connect the dots Americans. It is all about $$$$.
    They can’t get any more $$ from mortgages but they can run the table on their derivatives, shorts, swaps, etc. Let’s see – they get practically free $$ at the discount window, lend it to Greece (IMF), bet that Greece will fail, make a bundle!! This is all about control and $$. The FED and Central Banks have our $$$$ (Audit the Fed did not pass), B.O. and Pelosi (over the fence, under the fence, parachute in, Pelosi) took over NOT OUR HEALTH CARE BUT the $$$ associated with it!, M.O. is pushing anti-obesity – (when didn’t she work for the processed food people? Tree-something or else – YES, YES, YES) BUT now Walmart is not UNIONIZED IS IT? So she must speak out for the UNIONS against the biggest retailor of processed foods to help the UNIONS. Connect the dots – it is all connected and it is all about $$$ wrapped in an orange, apple, banana from M.O. She has done so much good in this country under the guise of helping others (patient dumping in Chicago), now the obesity push Move On.

    • WarriorH

      Come on – Greece was Bush’s fault. isn’t it obvious? Oh, did you happen to see all the good little dems voted against the Vitter Bill to audit the Fed. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

      • Anthony

        Had to read your post twice – to make sure you were kidding….(?)

        SHAR… does get it. This is one poster who has done their homework. Hands down, the best post of the whole bunch. I do wanna go check out whether the comment about GM and the Amazon Rain Forest is accurate (no linky posted). But, it does line up the stars with how the FED is on this side of the Planet buying everything up, so no regular citizens can step onto the property and enjoy. Look who owns all of our National Parks. I’ll have to go back and look (again) but I did read that the power behind the FED is also buying up all the fresh water lakes all over this side of the Planet.

        Like we’ve grown up with – always follow the money!

        • Anthony

          Bottled water is one of the fastest growing and least regulated industries in the world today. The combination of increasing demand and shrinking supply has attracted the interest of global corporations who have begun to sell water for a profit. The bottled water industry has been touted by the World Bank as a potential trillion-dollar industry. Water has become the ‘Blue Gold’ of the 21st century. The implications of this ever-expanding market are immense and include diminishing water supplies, un-ethical marketing strategies, environmental destruction and profiteering.

          The World is running out of fresh water. By the year 2025 there will be 2.6 billion more people on Earth than there are today. As many as two-thirds of those people will be living in conditions of serious water shortage and one third will be living with absolute water scarcity. Demand for water will exceed availability by 56 percent.

          Now, it’s up to you. You can think what you want. But, I’m seriously looking at buying ECOLOBLUE. I’m middle age. How old are you?

          • Anthony

            Hint: WORLD BANK is the Owner of The Federal Reserve – The Rothschilds

          • JeffH


          • Sidewinder

            Good Post.
            I myself am sitting on top of a gigantic aquifer, and its tapped with a well too. This aquifer is also tapped by the local water co. I got more water than I could ever use, and its ground water, not surface water.

  • http://gmail i41

    Check out Wal-Mart’s board of directors, and go back several year back. Hiilary was on its board, had several Clinton crooks on the board, one that lost over 300,000 dollars that still isn’tt account for by the GAO. She even rose to the head. I quit Wal-Mart as they kept making bad decisions and kept cutting the bonuses to workers. I asked for a check on their questional write offs, but last year heard nothing from Holder’s legal clowns. Big corps that democrat socialist liberals complain about are run by the democrats themselves.Shar, thanks for the info, try and catch a sewer sipping democrats to defend their confermation of these crooks. they caim they weren’t there to vote, or they were sick, or didn’t know. Same goes for Rino rrepublicans, or as we refer to the frat boy democrat lites.

  • Bekka

    Listen up my friends, watch the DVD, Shadow Government……..the big G (google) is a friend, hand-in-hand with the other big G (gov’t)……use another search engine, like Ask. Use anything else, but the Gooooooo. Also, I have Verzion as my ISP……..certain emails I send are determined to be spam, so they block me from sending my emails. Very frustrating. I don’t know what their criteria is, but I’m switching to DSL Extreme as soon as my one year contract expires.

    • JeffH

      Bekka, I picked it up on Amazon a few weeks back, very enlightening to say the least. It was a double pack with “Fall of the Republic”…an even better watch, but fits right in with Shadow Govt.

      I never use Google…to intrusive…

  • Beverly

    I was watching Cspan this morning. They were had their camera on the front of the White House. Around the openings to the doors there are huge screens, what is up with that?

  • Beverly

    I was watching Cspan this morning. They had their camera on the front of the White House. Around the openings to the doors there are huge screens, what is up with that?


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