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Center For Immigration Studies Reveals New Video, Announces Upcoming Event

August 30, 2010 by  

In its quest to document immigration violations — and the government’s apparent inability to control the incoming flow of people — along the United States-Mexican border, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has released a new video reportedly showing gaps in border security.

The center says that Gaming the Border: a Report from Cochise County, Arizona reveals how illegal aliens find ways to cross the porous border by walking around checkpoints set up on highways.

It also features the story of John Ladd, a local rancher, who talks about frequent sightings of not only illegal immigrants, but drug smugglers running across his property.

The video shows Brandon Judd, president of the union that represents non-supervisory Border Patrol agents in the Tucson area, complaining about the agency’s insufficient manpower resources.

In view of the ongoing and often heated debate about the best immigration policy, the CIS will host a panel on the subject on Sept. 1 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

It will include experts James G. Gimpel, professor of government at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Ruy Teixeira, senior fellow at the Century Foundation and the Center for American Progress, who will discuss issues such as proposed amnesty, loose enforcement and the growth of legal immigration.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19931828-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    America’s government – aka Uncle Scam – doesn’t have an inability problem. Uncle Scam has a severe case of incompetence. We have a government that picks and chooses which laws are enforced.
    It is time for Americans to do the same. It is up to us to make the Constitution work. And we can start by outsourcing politicians and their friends to foreign prisons. If America can outsource jobs, America can outsource politicians. Fair is fair, and it’s time that our “leaders” get exactly what they deserve. Think of all the money America can save by REVOKING retirement pensions that are illegitimate? And that includes many government ‘employees’ who are NOT elected.

    • dan az

      I agree lets start at the top and work our way down!

      • Al Sieber

        So dan, are UN troops headed our way?

        • Bob

          Al they are already here.

        • dan az

          bob is right they are here and they are 3 million strong or weak as I see it!

          • Christin

            Un troops in the US.
            Are they foreigners?
            Where are they exactly?.. on military bases??
            Are they already working for BO?

          • viktor leben

            Is this an invasion ?

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, I already knew they were in the U.S., I mean where we’re at, a friend of mine just came back from Georgia and seen a few unmarked military convoys on the move down south.

          • dan az

            Hey Al
            there moving on the 40 also but I heard they where in SC and florida the main head quarters are in colorado we have allot of russian helicopters flying over us and black helios too with out markings they apparently are setting up in belmont at the military base there where allot of barriers on their flat beds and troop carriers but all in all there still not much of a threat where I live the last thing they are going to do is put the wolves in with the sheep!

          • Bob

            That’s why they closed all those military bases back in the 90s.

      • Joe Myrick

        Here in Tomball Texas we are working from the bottom up. We started this program only 6 weeks ago and we are working to reveal to the public the illegal activities of the city councilmen, & the mayor. We have used our right to open records, and are sifting through them. We are submitting complaints to the Secretary of State, Voter Ethics Division. We are keeping constant surveillance of a day labor center that tax payers are funding, which is harboring illegal aliens. The current elected officials in higher office might not help us convict them of their crimes but,we believe that with documentation now elected officials that are later elected will take these to court, where these same will be convicted, and sentenced to prison. We are photographing the persons who come to pickup workers from the illegal day labor center, and processing complaints to the Texas Workforce commission, and the IRS. We will shut down this illegal center, and we may have to wait but, we will see these officials behind bars eventually. We have discovered that the aliens have a very organized network, in which to overtake the job market in the U.S. There are people placed in strategic positions, who are already here, as citizens, who are most likely members of the communist organization “LaRaza”. These people work diligently to secure them jobs. These organizations are the long arm of the drug traffickers. These day laborers are far more then just workers but, once they establish communications with supposed contractors who pick them up for work they establish their drug trafficking ring. It is very organized. And behind the scenes of this vast network awaits Islam, who is the mastermind of it all. The Muslim brotherhood is the Muslim Mafia, who intend on running the world by establishing the Nations of Islam which is in full force now via the CFR, and the NWO movement via the world council. Our current president who is a lying Muslim is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is sworn to oath that America must be destroyed to make way for Islam. Just try disprove it. Anyone !!! Help us by committing yourself to the same measure of effort in your area, otherwise the lawless willl reign supreme over us. You must know that Islam has an effort in works to committ atrocities like Adolf Hitler, and they have studied his failures so as not to fail in removing the White race, and the Israelite from existence.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Joe Myrick… You are amazing! You need to document everything you are doing and the results. Maybe others from other states could use the information to do the same thing! You are to be commended for having the initiative to do this. Stay safe and protect yourself and your family….

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree! Let’s keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! We have too much to lose! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • clh

          Kudos to you Joe and those that are doing this. Please be safe in your endeavors. It has to start somewhere. These people that don’t give a damn about this country have got to go. The United States is in a crisis, thanks to those in office that don’t give a damn about the people they are supposed to be representing.
          Obama is the worst President to walk the face of the earth. His idiot cronies will have to pay the piper and should be banished to another country, I am sure a foreign prison of our choosing would be fitting.
          Now to convince the IDIOTS that elected him to begin with.

          • Christin

            Yes, another country… perhaps an island with beautiful blue waters lapping up on the shores. A place to rest and enjoy the evening sunsets, and the cool morning breezes, where they can be left of center if they so please, and no longer be annoyed by the chants of “USA, USA” and be told NO by us.

            Can you say GITMO?

        • Christin

          Wow, Joe M, that is great. I didn’t know they were an organized crime ring… good info and good know. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… it seems logical. I guess I’m not thinking below the surface like the bad guys. How did you guys know what to do? How did you know what to look for? If there is a person in your group who could put together a short list of how to begin and what to do … it would benefit the whole country. Are you finding the politicians guilty of other crimes besides illegal hiring? How do you find the time; are you all retired?

          I am just a little farther south of you. There are a LOT of illegals that I am told are picked up to do work in Houston. We suspected the son of our “lawn & landscape” was doing this as the crew that came for years no longer showed up, but different guys every week doing a poor job of maintaining our yard so we let them go and hired a nice guy who lives with his family and has another full time job.

          It isn’t always the person’s fault who hires as we don’t know who is legal and who isn’t.

          Maybe Conservatives or Tea Party groups need to go to city council meetings and LOOK at dee BOOKS!

        • viktor leben

          Be careful, don’t stick your neck out to far ! Them criminals are very smart !

        • dan az

          keep up the good work!

    • AZ Rifleman

      Why the hell don’t they put some folks on the panel who stand on the front line of this thing and have some first hand information that tells the true story of our border Wars and concerns instead of the same old blow hard bureaucrats offering uninformed and out of touch opinions based on the bias of some politicians “get me re-elected” retoric?

  • Kinetic1

    Hey all!
    JeffH would like you to go see this video on you tube. It’s called “Poster Child for liberal America” and talks about immigration.

    Jeff seemed to be having trouble finding the right place to post this, so I’m doing him a favor. Enjoy!

    • Jim H.

      If CIS can find these gaps in security and the illegals going through can find these gaps in security, out ‘security experts” had better catch up.

      • James

        Or what? This has been going on for years.

  • Bruce D.

    This just came in fro Patriot Update. It is almost like Obama has declared war against Americans.
    Barack Obama just invited the United Nations to join his ongoing fight against Arizona and dozens of other states attempting to enforce the immigration laws that he refuses to enforce.

    Unfortunately, you read that right. On August 20, the United States, for the first time ever, submitted a 29-page “Universal Periodic Review” (UPR) to the UN Human Rights Council, which outlines a laundry list of human rights abuses allegedly committed by the United States.

    • Christin

      Bruce, I kind of think BO declared war on Patriotic American citizens when he first came into office. Remember “the Homeland Security Booklet” that Janet Napalitano had (that accidentally or purposely came out )that stated that Americans who were Conservative such as Veterans, Pro-lifers, Against illegal immigration, … (can anyone complete the original list?) were TERRORISTs of America now.

      So you can be an illegal alien, pro sharia law-jihad-terrorist-muslim, pro-abortion, homosexual or other deviant behaviors, prisoner (who can vote), tax evader, lieing politician or non-representing representative scamming the system to milk it for all they can,
      radical left fring throwing things at Pelosi or Union thugs (hired) screaming protests, threatening and hitting people, and Communists (Marxists/ Socialist) killing America from without (SDS, Appollo Alliance, SEIU, ACORN, Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac, Weather Underground…), or destroying America from within by ruling as a (unelected) Appointed Czar, cabinet member or president.

      God’s People VS satan’s people

      I have seen some of these videos before in an e-mail and they are damning to the liers (in DC) who say the borders are secure and more has been done to fix the problem than ever before.

      Sorry folks, but I live in a border state and the FED or State has done little to enforce the LAW. Under Bush atleast fences were being built and he was providing FED funds to build border fences, BUT BO STOPPED the building of the Border Fences because he needs VOTES… stupid politics… stupid evil man and all that are playing the game with him.
      And don’t get into a stupid bush – obama word war with me; they all let us down. (BO being the worst!)

      Let’s face it guys, government CAN’T FIX Americas problems … they are incompetent and unwilling progressives (which means communists).

      It is up to YOU and ME. YOU and I have to step up to PRAY to GOD. Our relationship to God/Jesus is what satan (and the radical left) hates the most. Why?… because Prayer is Powerful! And God is Mighty! No one can beat Him.

      WE must also VOTE WISELY and clean house to STOP the spending, STOP the deficets, STOP gov ownership of privately owned companies (socialism), STOP gov threatening CEOs, Banks, Congress people and Conservative Americans. STOP the Bailouts of big business because certain gov officals have a stake ($$) in that company /bank, STOP obama care which is a TAX and reduction in health care, STOP Cap & TRADE which is a TAX to get the Elite more wealth, STOP NET NEUTRALITY which will contol the internet and the message, STOP the loss of the 1st and 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, less we can no longer speak the truth or protect our families from a tyrannical gov.

      YOU are RIGHT Bruce, they have declared war on the American citizens.

      • 45caliber

        They didn’t declare war on the American citizens. FDR and Congress did that about 1932/33. They declared war against the citizens as government representatives – and then as representatives of the citizens they promptly surrendered to the US Navy, the only military force the Constitution says should be in position all the time.

        That makes us prisoners-of-war and therefore anything they do as representatives of the Navy is okay.

        • Christin

          Okay, 45, we are rapidly becoming “Prisoners of War” in our own country.

      • Auntie Illegal

        STOP WITH THE PRAYING AND THE GOD STUFF. Anytime people drag their religion into ANYTHING it is a problem. How about taking personal responsibility as you want others to. Illegal Aliens do not belong in this country and neither do their anchor babies. Period. Because according to the illegal aliens their GOD guy wants them to drop as many little anchors as possible.

        Peoples’perception of god and all his wonders has caused wars, murders, child rapes, burning of ‘witches’, ignorance, and as I remember it the good ole boys would separate familes and sell off slaves before going home for chicken dinner after CHURCH.

        The plain truth is we have ‘leaders’ that are weak and will not do what needs to be done. FOLLOW OUR LAWS ON THESE CRIMINALS AND DEPORT THEM. People are afraid of the word DEPORTATION because of the Nazi deportation. THE DIFFERENCE IS THESE PEOPLE GET TO GO HOME

        • http://naver samurai

          Sorry, but all things are possible through God. What’s wrong with praying? You’ve made some good points, but they have been cancelled out because of you showing your atheism. Remember, our founding fathers were christian and instilled their beliefs in the Constitution and the building of this country. Though this is off of the subject of illegal immigration, but this point is not. How do you think God is telling them to have babies just to stay here? Have you spoken to the Almighty about this? They don’t do these things because of God, they do it because they know it is their ticket to stay here. They know about how the 14th Amendment covers this issue and guarantees their stay here. Don’t try to kick God out of our country and the discussion. Many people make decisions of how to vote, speak, treat others, etc., because of our faith in God and Jesus. If you don’t attack the Almighty, your postings become more believeable. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver sook young

            Gee, she really sounds like someone who needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Preferably, decaf!

          • Christin

            Thanks samurai, you made your points well.

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks Christin. It’s good to get compliments. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot!

        • Granny Mae

          Auntie Illegal,

          Well you had that partly right ! About people being afraid of the word ! They should be and so should you ! In the beginning was the Word, and the Wotd was God and the Word was with God ! Nothing said about deportation ! Are you a witch ?

      • dan az

        wow now thats a mouth full!well done!

    • viktor leben

      Just when I was going to vote Democrat the Prez has to pull this stunt ! What a snitch ! He couldn’t keep our “disagreements” in the family, he had to go to the UN and tell on us !

      You people in Arizona, I don’t know what to say ! Prez Obama sure doesn’t like you . What’s John McCain going to do about it ?

      • dan az

        with a name like viktor leben how can anyone take you seriously commie!

        • dan az

          sorry didnt catch the sarcasism

  • mickey

    What do you expect when obama goes to the UN to protest AZ law? We are on our own people. Even surveillance systems can be used to come into our homes (4th admendment) before any warrant exists. Our states need to secede from the union before the UN comes in to police us.

    • Bob

      40 years ago the JBS was out getting petitions to throw the UN out of the US. People laughed in our faces. I’ll bet they’re not laughing today. If anyone asks me to sign a petition today I’ll tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

      • viktor leben


        The UN was just suppose to be a gathering where nations could work out their problems peacefully … What happen ?

        The UN needs to be moved to Iraq – the sooner the better !

  • J.M.R.

    everyone has a good points and yes you can’t stop things if you don’t try. this dick-tater of the U.S.A. doesn’t want to stop the scum thats coming into our great country.

    • 45caliber

      Maybe he expects them to be his ready army to put down the rest of us.

  • winperk

    Barack Hussein Obama II, Has only one goal in my opinion. And that is to bankeupt this country and and to save it by establishing Communism in its place.
    He has already established himself as a dictator an destroyer of the Constitution.

  • Fay

    Is there any way We can just secede from Washington DC and leave them cold. If Every State would say We secede from Wa dc not from the United States maybe then People would wake up and oust ob. We have to do something I have signed petitions donated money when possible and still nothing seems to be happening except ob ruling us right down the drain. Is There any meetings we can attend that says we want to withdraw from the wa. dc?? ob wants to separate us and that way can get his way. I have written senators and reps and gov. something has to be done. HELP maybe a few retired generals or something can give us some clues and help. now before to late ob said there would be something planned for oct. before the now. elections please don’t forget that he never said what.

    • 45caliber

      I wish! But they made sure that ability went away during/end of the Civil War. Even Texas can’t claim its freedom although many think it can. (Sam Houston and friends sold us out.)

      • viktor leben

        There’s one way out…

        You states who want to secede … don’t secede until the Federal Government asks you !

        What you have to do is

        1) Get as much $$ from the Federal governemnt (dole) as you can …. make sure you get at least 3x more than you pay in taxes …

        2) Have most of your business done under the table !

        3) Just be a DRAIN on the federal gov’t, cry and complain how you are being victimized…

        4) Just complain about everything !!!!

        Become a WHINER state that has loose enforcement of the Federal Income Tax … and make that loose enforcement look like it’s from neglect and incompetence… one is smart enough to collect the ferderal taxes ! Y’know what I mean ?

        They will drop your state like a bad habit ….

        • Christin

          Wishful thinking, viktor, and irresponsible. They will hold on to the failing state(s) so they can drain the rest of the states of their capital and redistribute it to make everyone’s life miserable and short… hoping for a domino effect… well there’s your hope.

      • dan az

        Hows that?

    • Granny Mae


      You can vote out every long term incombant in your area and send them e-mails as to what you are going to do and why ! They didn’t believe us in the beginning but I see now where a lot of them are running scared ! Even changing their platforms and saying they are now for all the things they were against before. I say TOO BAD and TOO LATE ! We have one here in my state that keeps sending me e-mails about all the things he claims he has done good for our state but he forgets that he previously told me he didn’t personally believe in abortion but he believed in a womans right to choose !!!!! Boy that was the first thing that set me off. I told him that with that kind of thinking he could hold himself responsible for the deaths of millions of inocent babies and also for a woman making a choice to commit murder while she is under duress and falsly givin the go ahead that it was all right by people like him ! It will be a cold day before he gets my vote !

  • Earl

    I can tell all the Posters one thing that will work to stop illegals coming across the border, although I am not personally advocating it. In some circles it has been discussed that placing snipers at discrete intervals might employ real fear of death as a means of stopping border crossing. Word would travel quickly to Mexico.

    No doubt an international incident would follow. The obvious point would be that the time has come to put up or shut up. The Government isn’t looking for solutions or it would have found one by now.

    The simple statements of the organizations like Mecha or la raza or Movemiento estudiantil de aztlan that they are going to re-take the south west quadrant of America for Mexico (supposedly stolen from them) Which was purchased by America Is, by definition, an act of war, whether by Government or not. Mr. Obama is duty bound to uphold his oath of office and defend it!!

    It would seem as though a refusal would constitute dereliction of duty. I know as former military, that is punishable under the UCMJ, and, after all, He IS the COMMANDER-IN CHIEF. WOULD THAT NOT BE AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE? Clinton was Impeached for LESS!

    i REST MY CASE………

    • Denise

      The only problem with impeaching Obama is that we would then have Biden as President, and Pelosi as Vice!!

      • Bob

        Denise Pelosi would not be VP. The vp would be picked by the new president.

      • 45caliber

        Actually if Biden took over as President, he would be able to appoint someone as Vice if he wanted to do it. But until he did, Pelousy would be the next in line if he was to suddenly vacate the office. I really think I’d want my own guards if that happened, if I was him.

        • Bob

          Biden is an avowed Zionist who is frothing at the mouth to attack Iran with Nukes.

      • http://naver samurai

        OMG! Please, let’s try not going down that road.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, Earl, it would be a court-martial offense with the guilty sentence to be death for derolection of duty.

    • Auntie Illegal

      Loved your first paragraph

    • viktor leben

      A better way is declare your state a “sanctuary state” – but only if the illegal immigrants get ID’s.

      Make a seperate tax table for state taxes — charge illegal immigrants a 15% state income tax plus whatever a citizen of the state charges ……plus a whole bunch of other hidden fees ! Use your imagination !

      That will stop them from coming to your state ! They will demand ICE deports them !

  • Marilyn

    Amnesty my arzz! That leaves the border wide open for the millions to come. How can we possibly take care of them? We cannot take care of ourselves without the BIG GOVERNMENT that is destined to wreck the United States. It may be time for Impeachment but not only Obama. His cronies go with him. All of his ‘yes’ people like Pelosie, Reid, Holder, Biden and the Democratic and some Repulican Congress. This progressiveness has gone on way too long. It has reached outlandish proportions. Americans do not live like this. Nothing has been done to help the jobless. Oh, yes, extended unemployment. BS. We need to get Americans back to work. We DO NEED businesses to provide those jobs. Not everyone knows how to dig a ditch!!!!! Build a bridge!!!! Now, the hand cuffs are put on businesses with proposed higher taxes and no help whatsoever! What the hell is going on?

    No to Amnesty! No to tax increases to pay Obama’s stupid money printing machine!! No to halting all off shore drilling!!! NO to a mosque near ground zero that only smacks American people in the head.

    Which reminds me. Many southern states are complaining that they have no income. What happened to all the money BP said they would give the United States to help the fishing industry- pay for the oil disaster in the Gulf? Where is that money? Obama sitting on it? Or did he give it to Brazil?

    It amazes me that the Katrina victims still are at odds on what to do. There was an enormous flood in TN and Nashville and surrounding cities were way under water. Take a look at that area now. They put their heads together and took charge. I know a Nurse who had to use a boat to get to the hospital to help others! The people in TN know how to take care of their own!!!!

    • Granny Mae

      Marilyn I agree with you. We need to impeach OB but lets wait till these elections are over first then we will have more help in government and maybe Nasty Pelousy will have lost her re-election along with Reide and some of the others ! We have to make this work for us not against us !

  • clh

    Just think of the 15 million jobs that would open up if illegals were deported. Just think of all the money would be saved on taking care of the illegals in prison, those on welfare, those going to hospitals and ALREADY getting free medical, the list goes on and on of the benefits from the illegals getting the hell out of this country.

    • 45caliber

      And the easiest way to solve the problem is to make it clear that the jobs go only to American citizens.

      • Granny Mae

        I agree but they will have to raise their wages! The illegals get along by everyone shacking up together and living off food stamps and wic, etc. Americans don’t do that and they will have to get paid a living wage so they can pay their way !

  • marvin

    on cspan today some dirt bag in odumbo bunch of know it all said it is not illegal to be in this country illegally and when a caller called him on it he then said it is not criminal to be here illegally,is there one person on here that can point out the differance in illegal and criminal if i as a american citizen were to get on land that is not mine it is trespassing there for it is illegal or criminal , i want to know were in the hell did obama find this great bunch of over educated morons

    • 45caliber

      You are a criminal if you are AMERICAN and do something illegal. Not if you are an illegal alien. In fact, in most criminal cases where an illegal is caught, he is turned over to the INS and released. Recently in Houston (last Monday, I think) there was an article in the Houston Chronicle about the INS simply turning loose (here in the US) many of the illegals picked up for more minor criminal acts that would land any of us in jail.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        In this country you are criminal if you are American, PERIOD!!!!

      • dan az

        I saw that one too!let them try it in arizona!

  • Average Joe

    My solution to the problem

    See this works! ;)

    • Jim H.

      Joe, We could just post a sign on the Mexican, U.S. border that says WELCOME TO CANADA. They would think they went to far and they would turn around and go back.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Jim H,
        that’s so stupid it would only work on the progressive politicians!!!

      • Average Joe

        Just tryin to lighten up the mood a little…however, you are both correct…maybe we could kill two birds with one stone….we can hope right?….lol

      • Granny Mae

        Jim H.

        Love the humor ! It might work on some of the idiots ! LOL !

  • 45caliber

    It is easy to show gaps in the border security. All you have to do is walk to any portion of our border and point.

  • Auntie Illegal

    We should do what they do, shoot first and bury the bodies in the desert. What is the problem

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      who; our bueracrats or the illegals ?

      • dan az

        dose it matter?

    • viktor leben

      God Bless You Auntie Illegal !

  • Dexter60

    If the ‘government’ bestows amnesty by any means the ‘government’ will not have amnesty itself by any means. Slow and deliberated change by te consent of the governed will have been wiped out in that single stroke and that will be followed quickly by its purgative consequences.
    As had been said, to the barbarians of old: Molôn Labé!

  • http://none Molly B


    • viktor leben

      Molly B,

      Just don’t shoot the wrong person !

  • http://gmail i41

    Molly B, there will not be any repeat fence crawlers, and the socialist democrat party will not have as many ACORN asses wait to be voters. Why are the spotters that are in country not being shot and stopped before getting so far in to the USA? Must be Onumnutts and the muslim UN freeksdon’t want any profiling done or restriction on illegals.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Nope, they just don’t want to lose their supply line!!!

    • viktor leben


      Because the majority of Americans don’t care about you border states and your problems !

      The majority want you to clean up this illegal alien mess ! That’s OK for them, as long as they don’t have to do it ! Then the politicians want the Latino vote …

      Why not just give the illegal aliens a bus ticket to California ? Declare yourself a sanctuary state to illegals under one condition, they got to hop a bus out of the State within 72 hours of arrival.

      It’s called the “Mexican Jumping Bean ” solution .. you can have sanctuary for a maximum of 72 hours, our social workers will buy you a bus ticket (and 20$ taco bell gift certificate) if you leave now !

      If you choose to stay (illegals) then off to the prison road gang and hard labor !1

      • dan az

        good one but lets take the buses to them and give them a free ride to calif. our deserts cant handle much more trash so big signs this way to freedom take a tour to calif. were all is free then send the bill to the mexican prez. I’ll bet arny will come out shooting!

        • Bob

          Hasta La Vista Baby. Arnie is only tough in the movies. And now the steroids are wearing off.


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