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Census Workers Marking GPS Coordinates of U.S. Homes

June 19, 2009 by  

Census Workers Marking GPS Coordinates of U.S. Homes

The United States Constitution calls for an enumeration (census) to be taken every 10 years to determine the number of representatives each state will send to Congress. The next one is set to begin on April 1, 2010.

But census workers are already on the streets of America, and they’re doing more than just seeking the number of people in each household. They’re tasked with marking the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of every house in America.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau website, “This GPS technology allows us to reduce the amount of time spent by census workers in locating addresses while increasing productivity. Most importantly, by adding a GPS coordinate to each housing unit, the Census Bureau is able to ensure that residents are counted in the right location. This is important as the data are used to apportion congressional representation and used to draw redistricting lines.”

But the idea of mapping GPS coordinates for every front door in America reeks of Big Brother intrusion. And it’s just a continuation of Big Brother Government’s efforts to compile more and more data on each individual.

Already the census goes far beyond its Constitutional charter of counting the population. Census forms ask intimate questions that are not the government’s business.

Information such as income, description of your property, whether you have running water, a shower or bathtub, type of heating system, the type of fees you have to pay in your community, rental or mortgage payment amounts, education level, whether you have insurance, whether you have a disability, how you get to work and much more is requested on some forms. All of it beyond the scope of what our Founders had in mind when they set up the enumeration.

All that information is great for pencil-pushing, snooping bureaucrats and newspaper editors writing statistical stories. But it’s much too much information for the government to have on its citizens.

Now comes the GPS coordinates as a further intrusion. As blogger Douglas V. Gibbs wrote on his American Daily Review, “GPS coordinates of your front door will make it easier for the government to monitor you. The U.S. Census Bureau is simply an excuse—a harmless-looking means of obtaining the front door coordinates. The creation of GPS coordinates for front doors has nothing to do with the Census, in all honesty, no matter how much the United States Government tries to convince you that it does.

“Why would the U.S. Government desire the exact location of your front door to be entered into their GPS data base when they already have the location of your home in the system?” Gibbs asked.

How’s this for a scenario? With the military stretched thin by fighting a two-front war, what’s going to happen in the case of a national emergency?

Gibbs posits that perhaps United Nations troops, many non-English speaking and certainly unfamiliar with U.S. communities, would use them to locate the neighborhoods they are required to police or the houses of people they are sent to take into custody.

Certainly foreign troops would be more willing than U.S. soldiers to quell an uprising of U.S. citizens fed up with an increasingly socialist/fascist government.

And who can forget the scenes of smart bombs and tomahawk missiles, guided by GPS coordinates, going through the windows and doors of buildings during the invasion of Iraq?

Who thinks this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the census into the Constitution?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robin from Indiana

    Big Brother just seems to get bigger and bigger!

    • Ricky

      I encourage everyone out there to visit the website –
      Perhaps then you will understand exactly who Big Brother is as well as Obama, and what their true agenda is. Stand up and fight for yourf freedom now while you’re still able.

      • Jeff T

        infowars: A great site for conspiracy theorists, and people who get their hard news from comedians or opinionated left-wingers. I notice the video about how 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound, yup, blame the USA for being attacked by a bunch of losers.

        If people want to protect their freedom, joining the lunatic fringe is not a recipe for success.

        • Valverde

          Why are you so quick to label these people as the lunatic fringe? It seems to me that many of these people have good reason to believe the way they do. Look at what has been done over the last 40 years or so. Slowly but surely our freedoms, and I am talking about real freedoms not license have been taken away. Our economy has been ruined and what used to cost a fraction of a days pay costs a lot more. I was watching a tv program today and they were talking about the Pontiac TransAm costing $3000 back when it first came out. I didn’t buy one because I didn’t need one with my family, but I could have afforded one. It would have been a stretch, but I could have done it. Could anyone buy a comparable car (if such a one existed) with todays wages? No, only the richer people could. I was decidedly middle class (and lower middle class at that) and I know that no one in that position could afford to buy a car like that which would cost $30,000 or more today. So, our economy is ruined. Also, when my first child came along, we had no insurance whatsoever and we paid for the whole hospital bill by ourselves, but 10 years later when we did have insurance (through the company I worked for), we struggled to pay for the bills for my third child. Who knows, maybe the conspiracy theorists aren’t theorists, my friend, so don’t be so quick to judge.

        • Jeff T

          Unfortunately, there are two issues that are not viewed as separate issues.

          Issue 1: The effect of some things going on that are taking away our freedoms.

          Issue 2: The people, events, philosophies that are causing Issue 1.

          I have no dispute with the FACT, and it is a fact, that our economy is a mess, that we are losing freedoms, and that the climate is changing. What I dispute is the reason these things are happening. And when people think that the attack of 9/11 was self-inflicted (as one article here alleges) or that Bush was responsible, or that Cheney was only after oil, or that someone put bombs in the twin towers, all this conspiracy theory and lunacy deflects attention away from the root cause of the problems we are seeing.

          Overpopulation can explain many of the problems, and reasons why we lose freedoms. Lack of religious foundations, nothing to “bind” our society together, a common belief in something bigger than ourselves or our government, loss of a common language, and promoting multi-culturalism, which sounds great, but when people cannot engage their neighbors in conversation because they don’t share a common language, this is a disaster.

          People lack science education, so they buy into Albert Gore’s Global Warming hype instead of focussing on the real science. And because a majority of scientists say they believe this, or that, the lack of knowledge about science leads people to believe that this is how science works. They don’t realize that science advances when theories are proposed, and TESTED with solid evidence, not majority votes. If the majority vote in science were the source of scientific knowledge, the earth would still be deemed flat, and the earth would be the center of the universe.

          I looked a few postings and articles on this site, and found it to be missing really important explanations of our problems, and found instead conspiracy theories.

          This is hardly the starting point to do something productive about our loss of freedom. Instead, focus on our tolerance for gangs in the street, our tolerance for the civil liberties union, a group that is case-by-case destroying the foundation of our freedoms, and our ability to defend our nation. We have lawyers, like John Edwards, winning personal injury lawsuits because he can convince relatively naive jurors with no knowledge of the science of medicine or law, into awarding “victims” large sums of money, most of which ends up on the pockets of the lawyers.

          Why do we keep avoiding the national vote on English as THE language of this country? Why do we encourage teenagers to have children by paying them welfare when they do, so they can setup shop in a place of their own, what happened to society when it said “unwed mothers, well, okay” or “The murdered must have had a bad childhood so it wasn’t his fault that he raped and murdered someone, he needs help.”

          We are losing our freedoms because we have lost our way as a nation and are trying to adopt utopian solutions to concrete problems, using money we don’t have, on programs that won’t work, and fooling voters into electing people with an empty resume and empty suit into which they can pour their own hopes and dreams, until they realize that our elected officials are there to get elected, to have big parties, and to have jobs for life, and the best retirement plans and health care plans, at YOUR expense.

          At this point, I don’t think we can recover as a nation. ACLU has too much power, attorneys are getting ridiculous jury awards, people have children they cannot afford, and we tolerate people who don’t speak our language, don’t adopt our culture (we’re supposed to adopt theirs), and an electorate too gullible and uneducated in the things that matter to be able to make a rational decision. So most voters cast their ballots for the guy that looks good, makes a good joke, or seems slick. Those are the same traits of a successful conman or ponzi scheme promoter.

          • mike

            This is so true!

        • Logan

          Jeff T,

          I have been associated with the intelligence community, sometimes at the highest level, for a quarter of a century. No Arabs were involved in 9/11 – not one. Not even the ones that think they were. 9/11 was an operation that was required by the United States primary creditors – the Rothschild family of London. Now you know where to start.


          • Troy

            Are you saying that Bush or the USA were the ones responsible for 9/11? I don’t know your credintials it could be fake for all I know,But if you are saying the USA was the cause of 9/11 You have some serious issues. Maybe you need to go for a cruise with Rosie you know the gay cruise and have a long chat with her. If that is not what your saying SORRY!!

          • JC

            All I’m going on is all the sensible questions asked about 9/11 vs. what is obviously faked. The government pretty much investigated itself and we all know how that works. It seems there are reasonable grounds to have an independent inquiry into events of that awful day. And not saying it is…but if it was…it wouldn’t be the first false flag operation operation run out of DC. Deception is no stranger to the workings of our politicians now is it?

        • Joe Hooker

          You’ve even bought the over population lie?
          Truth is, if every person on earth were packed together all in one place, side by side & front to back, we would barely fill up the county (that’s COUNTY not COUNTRY), I live in!
          Over population has NEVER been a problem, no matter what the clowns in governments tell us. Rather it’s waste & govt. corruption!
          Just the left over food thrown away at restaraunts, would feed the entire world’s swine population! While that’s just the tip of the iceburg!

          • Jane Doe

            Speaking of overpopulation (which I happen to believe that we do, indeed have)… Cannot you see it in TRAFFIC, LAND SHORTAGE, RIDICULOUS LINES IN STORES, EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS ‘standing room only’ IN THE DR’S OFFICES AND E.R.’S (which the E.R’s mostly overwhelmed by the MEXICANS), OVERWHELMED ‘HOLD TIMES’ WHEN CALLING A BUSINESS, NOT HAVING ANY PRIVACY WHATSOEVER WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC, THE LAKES, THE PARKS, PEOPLE ARE FREAKING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

          • Jane Doe

            Oh, and I forgot…. according to the “Elite’s” perfect population, the entire WORLD wouldn’t be over 500 MILLION. I think we have SEVERAL times more than that! Probably at least 1/3 of them MEXICAN or MUSLIM!

            It is no “Rocket Science” that if the population was greatly reduced that society would be a LOT easier to manage. And resources more plentiful! Not to mention the BREATHING room people would have. As it stands NOW, people cannot even manage to STAY ARMS LENGTH DISTANCE from one another. Out of darn right disrespect of invading one’s personal space I suppose.

            But since we DO have the OVER population problem, I am ALL FOR a “One Child” policy. Maybe TWO, TOPS! Any more than that should be greatly penalized or JAILED for adding to overpopulation burdens. And after that 2nd child is brought into this sorry world- the biological parents will BOTH be mandatory STERILIZED. This may sound extreme, but that’s the ONLY “mandated” Govt. control that I believe in. As I believe in as small a Govt. as possible. But the population issue MUST be dealt with… because MOST people arent going to just voluntarily sterilize themselves. (Especially minorities, Catholics, etc).

        • Launny

          I agree with everything you say, as far as it goes. I know that no one wants to believe their own government could be involved in killing its own citizens. However, its not like it hasn’t happened before. History is full of false flag incidents to create a situation, as the Hegelian Theory postulates, to be able to offer a solution the powers that be want to implement anyway. I don’t know who was involved in 9/11, but I do know that over 700 scientists and engineers know that those towers did not fall down by themselves and want a real investigation. Washington, whether it is Bush, Obama, or anyone, will give it to them or any of us. Why? Don’t tell me that it has already been done, as the first investigation is a fraud, condemned even by one of the investigators. I think we have to start with the premise that our government doesn’t believe they exist for the nation, but that the nation exists for them. I may not like the truth that I learn of, but I agree with Patrick Henry. Just give me the real truth anyway and I will deal with it.

        • Jeff T

          The replies to my post, including claims that scientists don’t believe the towers fell due to the reasons given by the designer, architects, etc., proves my point. And to blame the Rothschilds or some other group for inciting 19 people to hijaack aircraft is also ludicrous.

          It’s not about Arabs, it’s about Islam, the interpretation of their religious beliefs that incite hatred toward non-believers, infidels, etc., not some other force in the world.

          And yes, overpopulation is responsible for many problems, including deforestation, disease, hunger, unrest, mass murder, etc., and ultimately, if people believe humans are responsible fossil fuel burning (and burning forests, and raising animals that emit biogas, etc) then clearly fewer humans would mean less manmade pollution.

          But the responses to my post provide more evidence than argument that my original analysis of this site was accurate. It’s one thing to believe in events, it’s quite another to come up with foolish explanations of the kind I’ve read here.

          • JC

            The idea that you could accept “verbatim” what was presented as the “official” story is also ridiculous. There has been testimiony from eye witnesses that there was no plane wreckage in Pennsylvania. No bodies, nothing. Described as a garbage dump set on fire.
            Or how about the explosions in the basement of the towers “before” the planes hit? And why do we see only one piece of film of the Pentagon taken from one camera only, when there were hundreds of cameras in the vicinity? There’s no question that somebody is hiding something. And based on how open, honest and moral the government actually is…I have some suspicions.
            Oh and let’s not discount the sudden and ridiculous expansion of government… you know, into pretty much a Nazi state, for our own good, of course. I have a feeling that we won’t be truly secure until we are bound and gagged.

        • LAConfidential

          While what MAY happen may be defined as theory, events leading up to this point are not. History is filled with facts, dates, places, and names. Events have taken place that have been documented. These are called facts. You might want to change your terminology to conspiracy FACTS. Hopefully, the suspected outcome of the chain of FACTS will not leave you suffering the consequences, but don’t count out the boy scouts for ‘being prepared’.

        • Jeff T

          Suffering the consequences? Geez, now it’s getting really weird.

          How about the FACT that the architect of the buildings clearly described the limits of the construction technology of the towers. The entire support for the floors was provided by the external steel, to avoid using up floor space with the alternative “concrete with steel reinforcement” columns that support most “steel and concrete” buildings.

          The folks in the various fire departments in NYC also knew that steel softens in the heat, and many knew the structure would probably collapse, given the loss of some of the external support as it was taken out by the jumbo jet, coupled with the enormous quantity of jet fuel, and the fact that aluminum (also in the aircraft) burns VERY hot (another fact if you look this up).

          The problems I found on this site relate to an apparent lack of science knowlege, a willingness to believe that Bush, or Cheney, or CIA, or someone wanted to start a war, etc., or Rothschild, or some other world conspiracy group would arrange for 30 muslims to board aircraft and run them into various buildings they see as hitting the great satan.

          I have no idea who “LAConfidential” is, or who he/she thinks he is, but I don’t plan on calling conspiracy theories “facts” or the lack of science education, or building design knowledge, or lack of materials knowledge to justify tossing around ideas that amount to sheer nonsense, claiming it is factual. The only reason it appears to be “factual” is a reliance on the ignorance of those who read these “facts” and WANT to believe them, to help them explain what they don’t understand.

          Good luck with the conspiracy theories, and lack of solid knowledge, it is clearly having an impact on some, but not me.

          I’ve unchecked the “notify of follow-up comments” so if I don’t respond to yet another foolish post, it’s only because this is simply not worthy of any more time.

          • James W

            What about the core of the twin rowers and the angle cuts of the 4″ thick steel columns which need to be over 2300 degress instantly and can only be accomplished with Thermite or Thermate charges? They don’t tak about that in the investigation. Also, the fireball was reddish orange and went out almost right after the planes hit. Also, what about all the fireman and policeman who reported explosions just before the buildings went down and the squbbs you see going off as the towers fell. A pancake collapse would take almost 2 minutes and does not take into acount the collapse of the core with it’s 42 steel columns, whereas the Towers fell in about 10 seconds, impossible without a controlled demolition. The BBC did an excellent program on these facts from a non biased wiewpoint. It’s called 911 Mysteries. It just presents facts for everyones review. A healthy distrust of government is good as history shows power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
            As far as overpopulation, you don’t give The Lord enough credit for making a planet that can handle as many as 20 billion people. We make ourselves out to be much greater than we are and God much less than he is. We may have some effect on things but you will always see God’s creation overcoming those affects in a realtively short time. Look at the Exxon Valdeze accident, that area is pretty much completely recovered and, at one time Lake Erie was so polluted you could smell it from 5000 feet up. The only way man can completely devastate the planet is to blow up the nuclear arsenals of the world at one time and even then, the planet would recover, although it would take quite sometime, although the Bikini islands have recovered , but people still live there at their own risk only from eating the local fruits which still have high levels of plutonium from the soil.
            I agree with you on most of everything else you say, and we were a republic. We are now a democracy bordering on a Police State and dictatorship. Our apathy has brought us to this point, our lack of trust in God and doing our part as Born again believers in Christ in getting the Gospel out and changing hearts is moving us farther down the road to destruction as a nation. We don’t vote morals, we vote our pocketbooks or who has the best lines. When the righteuos rule, the people rejoice, when the wicked rule, the people mourn. We are getting what we deserve, and God will soon judge this nation as he has done all nations who turn from him throughout history. Our Founding Fathers fled from the very thing we have created. They would be greatly saddened to see what we have done with the gift they, with the help of the Lord, have given to us!

        • Eric Bischoff

          Jeff T
          Don’t be so scared. Have you no courage? Can’t you face the truth no matter how scarry it is. I know, they would never do that to us!

          There is now ample evidence, unfortunately who cares when it’s after the fact, but still evidence that the events that finally pushed the public to support going to war have all been manufactured and untruthful. Things like the Incubators for Gulf War 1, the Gulf of Tomkin incident, even Pearl Harbor. And that ‘s what they count on, no one will care when they find years later. But that is the pattern. And that is the playbook they are using. War is our biggest business, it trumps all others and it seems that’s all we know.

          Your facts are a little off. There are more scientists and experts raising unanswered questions which you would think would be important to know.

          Like who shorted the airlines’ stock. Why are we not allowed to know the answer to this? You would think that would be important.

          Or why can’t we see the radar tapes from that day.

          Did you ever wonder how it was possible to have a huge document like the UnPatriotic Act ready and distributed in such a short amount of time? So then who wrote it and when and why? It wa so big that no one read it before they voted on it and yet they were all pressured to vote for it. Or else be labeled as anti american. Well we all know how courageous our politicians are.

          Unfortunately the 911 report poses more questions thean it answers. And some of the answers are just ludicrous.

          Isn’t it amazing how they found hijackers passports intact very quickly so that they could identify them all the while you are all arguing how hot the fire was that melted steel and the airplane.

          I don’t know who you are following or reading but there are many experts who have gone on the record about the temperature of the fire from jet fuel and how it could never be hot enough to cause that kind of damage. But traces of another explosive found in many areas could.

          There are many, many documentaries which unfortunately are not allowed on the air or in theaters. Why is that? I thought we had free speech?

          Why would you destroy a crime scene by immediately selling the beams to the Chinese to be recycled? Why was that allowed and for what purpose?

          Many experienced commercial pilots of these airplanes claim that it would have been extremely difficult and more than likely impossible for inexperienced pilots to pull off those maneuvers.

          We could go on and on and we should tear it all apart, openly, publicly and on prime time.

          It is so easy to just shut down any discussion by quickly using the conspiracy theory nut job argument. How convenient.

          An open mind with logic and common sense paints a different picture.

          I am sorry but your claims of lack of solid knowledge and facts only proves one thing and that is your own ignorance on the subject.

        • MIKE

          Well I guess JEF. T is just another one who has been watching to much TV. 911 was caried out by the MILITARY Indusrial Complex,and defence contractors, its a false flag operation ,not to mention one of the bigest scams in our countrys history. Why dont you investigate for your self before you start going around calling people names like a child.Stop listening to the BS the media is trying to sell you. Time is running out,wake up now before its to late. The OBAMA DECEPTION is a great movie gogle it and watch for free.

        • Aman


          You posted your comment awhile ago but I want to give you something to think about. I’m sure that we can all agree that on that particular day our hearts went out to the victims and their families. Maybe you made a donation to a 911 foundation,(which by the way still keeps me wondering), but here’s the question. Why did the US government feel that it was necessary to give the suvivor’s of the victims one million dollars? And without any actual basis. That’s tax payer money by the way. And by the way, for those who accepted the funds they first had to sign a waiver agreeing not to hold the US Government accountable.Now ask yourself this; If the country was under attack and the enemy successfully launched the element of surprise, which they did, how is the US to be blammed? This is only for starters and to give you something to think about.

          • JC

            Interesting angle Aman. Hadn’t considered the “guilt factor”.

        • JEFFT


          So you think the US Government caused the attack, or was part of it because a bunch of people in government decided to give your tax money to victims?

          A waiver is quite standard when people get money for most everything. In order to have a “contract” there must be an exchange of values of some kind (called consideration, a fundamental and necessary part of any contract). The people get money, and in exchange for money they agree not to sue the government (and anyone can sue anyone else for anything).

          Not holding the government responsible could be not holding the government responsible for building construction codes, or police protection, or fire protection, or national defense against a bunch of Islamic lunatics from Saudi Arabia hijaacking aircraft and flying them in US air space.

          Instead of focussing on 9/11 goofy conspiracies, why not focus on the real events of today, in which this liberal/democrat controlled government is spending our way into oblivion, and taking away our freedoms, while all you people stroke yourselves about how the Bush Administration did this, or did that. People got all upset about monitoring phone calls between the USA and foreign countries known to aid or be the home base for terrorists, yet they say nothing as the Obama administration arranges to raise your taxes through high fuel costs, dictating what sort of light bulbs you can use in your home, etc. ad nauseum.

          The real Government Conspiracy is being run by the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the buffoons in charge of monitoring our banking system like Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd. There is the conspiracy that you 9/11 conspiracy theorists should really focus on.

          Pay attention to the real conspiracies, and stop worrying about made up BS put out there by those with Bush Derangement syndrome, a president, by the way, that warned about the banking problems in the first 3 months of his administration in 2001, and the democrats thwarted every effort to investigate Freddie Mac and Fannie May.

          The real conspiracy is what the Democrats are doing to the USA.

          • JC

            Considering how well informed and articulate you seem to be, I’m surprised you haven’t tied it all together yet.

        • Earlw

          As someone who has followed national/international geopolitics for at least the last 20 years, I can say in a large number of instances Alex Jones has been accurate. and no, I am not a conspiracy theorist. History is a great teacher, if you bother to learn it. anyone that thinks there aren’t a lot of devious plots afoot hasn’t been paying much attention. I’m not going to take you by the hand and explain it to you, find out for yourself….Try to debunk some things with provable facts. And by the way, is financed by the Annenberg foundation, and finds facts they like. ditto for Snopes…I’m 65 and an independent voter, so don’t even bother with the party crap!

      • Ginger Lymbery

        I certainly intend to as I am not going to answer most of their questions.
        All they need is my address, my name and how many people live in this

        • KayCee

          As far as I am concerned, they do not need your name. Just how many people live at a given residence–not even the address.

        • Joe Hooker

          I think they also have the authority to ask about your race (even though that’s not suppossed to matter any more).

          • JC

            If they ask about your race tell them you are a Jedi and only one being in your present form. Try wearing a wet towel and a bad wig while you do it. ;-) Nothing about your life is ANY of their business.

      • http://none Carl

        Hay Ricky, Despite the fact that big brother is now in Texas sipping
        beer, or what ever, give us a little more details about how to stand up and fight for your rights, other then lip service.

        • Launny

          One thing everybody can do is quit voting the status quo. There are no real differences between Republicans and Democrats. Vote the Constitution Party, or the Libertarian Party. Don’t automatically assume they can’t win.

      • mabel vassar

        Yes! You are right, Alex is the one to watch!

      • HoosierDONK

        heck lady are you crazy… inner city people are not going to agree with you, lower middle class are not going to agree with you, middle class is falling fast, we’re not going to pay attention to you. some upper middle class to upper class (movie stars etc) are not going to listen to you. lady ain’t that many people left. upper middle class conservative extremist and upper class conservative extremist. you have all the money. you control all the money and reckon the rest of us are tired of it.

    • Dee Dee

      Hi Robin;
      Here in Washington we are fighting Stormwater and we have no rain. 1.2 inches per month per year, but the Stormwater TAX is going to put buisness’s out.
      WE are fighting, and have a good group formed thru our Tea parties.
      Yes they are coming with Taxs from all directions. make sure you are knocking down the door of your Representatives. Please Fight for your rights.

      Dee Dee

      • Ginger Lymbery

        Cool. In East Texas, we are having a big TEA Party on July 4th. We need to work hard to change the face of Washington in the election of 2010.

        • Dee Red

          There are several teaparties in E Texas on the 4th. We need numbers, big numbers at all of them to let the naysayers know we aren’t going away. Fight for our constitution!

      • debra

        Hey DeeDee..guess what? In Greensboro NC they charge a fee every month on your water bill called rain water run off and it has to do with the size of your roof. Now how does the water dept. know the size of your roof? They got the info on the square footage from the city tax dept on file in the computers!!

    • HoosierDONK

      Sorry to Bob Livingston for crashing his comments section but I’m sorry I can’t read all this stuff with out saying something. it is america still right? i can be different?

      Robin when big brother wasn’t watching you people robbed the country. Come on the top level of society was passing around millions of dollars in individual bonuses.

      Corporations with these top level social players at the helm were taking in unbelievable amounts of profits. Other top level players were running schemes to rob the public. Top paid lobbyist bribed our elected officials helping to hold the status quo as long as possible so every thing possible could be skimmed off the top. All the while us hard working middle class people worked fifty, sixty hours a week just to make it from one paycheck to the next. I won’t even go into all the rest of the problems of a normal american these days.

      You know the more I think about it the more I realize how much I hate you people. I despise you. If this country goes the way the conservative christian wants it to go then twenty years from now our streets will be like that of Iran’s. I will be on the front line taking out my years of anger on you.

      That wasn’t to nasty was it? I have to always try and keep a lid on that white trash that burns inside me.

    • Carmen

      And we do nothing about it

  • Paul

    We the people ,ha ha ha ha ha ha , obaboo and cronies have destroyed this country YES its already gone, to get it back will be a major task,first and foremost there must be a uprising of people that will defend the consitution as written by the founders.

    • Art

      Americans are slow to react; unless they are being physically threatened. When we stand as one and speak as one–the situation can and will change. What is so discouraging, is the people we have elected to represent us ARE NOT DOING THAT. The president is dependent on Congress and the Senate to promote his desires. As,long as this country has a president of a different political party than the Senate and Congress–checks and balance keeps us on a even keel. What is happening in America is a run away train without brakes. The mistake was made November 4, 2008. It’s time to stand up and let those cronies in Washington understand who GAVE them that job to begin with.

      • http://none gary

        Right on. The big O is our largest enemy right now and we sit and do nothing like so many sheep going to slaughter. The muslims say He is muslim which I thought from the beginning. He is a plant. with the ultimate power to tale over everything. Don’t believe it? History will tell as written by the muslims. not U.S.

        • Joyce

          This is so rediculous blaming a president who has only had the office for
          6 months for what is happening. Theses problems started before the Big
          O as you call him. Our enemy is prejudice of people who are not the same
          color or religion or do not dance to our drum. Big O is biracial he is just as white
          as he is black. He is a person and a decent human being not much differant that
          you or me. The war started because George Buch ordered it. The economy
          went down the drain with the invasion of Iraq. When Bush entered office he
          blamed our finacial problems on the Clinton administration who by the way had a record of balancing the budget, which had not happened in several years.
          We became gravely in debt to China within two years of Bushes Presidency.
          President Obama is not Muslim but if he was so what? The United States does
          not have any pure breeds. We are a mixture of all races. My mother always said
          clean your own house before you try to clean another’s. I am not a religious person
          but I belive in “Treat others as we would like to be treated.” Love your neighbor
          as you love yourself. After reading all these comments I know which Party you
          belong to. I am an Independant and vote for the person and not the party.

          • Earlw

            HO Hum! Here we go with the bush-bashing again……Just a reminder, folks, This economic meltdown started back under the Clinton administration and with senator Phil Gramm, who was responsible for the repeal of the Glass-Steagal act Which outlawed Banks selling securities. The bush administration Just neglected by design or ignorance to do anything about it..Then there’s the issue of A corrupt Federal Reserve chairman by his own admission.

            There is plenty of blame to go around for both parties, noot to mention the American people for not being vigilant (lazy).

          • Jane Doe

            So speaketh the Liberal “Joyce”

        • Joe Hooker

          I doubt you’re right. The muslims have tried taking over the world before, but they’ve never been successful. The last time they tried, it took over 700 years to stop them, but they were stopped when the rest of the world finally had enough of their blood thirsty power grab.

        • http://none Smilee

          To Joyce’s replay:


          Thank you for your contribution, its refreshing to read here someone who can state what they want without being rude and making mean and many time inaccurate statements. Thanks again

        • B-Man

          I got news for ya Joyce , You are financially where you are because your way too stupid to have command of anything bigger than what you have now. Thank god your no politician. Stop going to Bush with all your reasons why the new Ass-Hole in office has it so rough. You need to pay attention. This is the worst transitional president this country has ever seen. Un emloyment was under 4% before this jerk took over. It’s pushing very hard at plus 9% now. Oh yeh! His election all by itself shut every investor off and the f—ing fagget Barney and his boys pulled the plug on realestate and killed this countries financial base. Yeh Bush knew about the up-coming possible collaps of the realestate market but if this dumb ass would have just left Investors alone and lifted the taxes on them they could have had a successful investigation of Freddie and Fanny and exposed all the crooked shit those guys have been up to and this country could have still been functioning and people would have been wor through this. Investors, you know, the guys that create ALL the work in this country that trickles down to all the middle class that has small businesses that hire millions of people to work in those companies that pay taxes? Well I got to speak to one of those guys who is in the top 5% income brackets and has thousands working for him and had 16 major projects on his books that would have employed 10 thousand people for the next 5-6 yrs. tell me that because of this guy, the consencis among my peers is consistant, that we are not going to do any of our projects as long as this Dick-tator is in office. I pay 81% of my gross income to taxes and we are done supporting everyone that does’nt want to work and wants a hand out. F/U osama fans. I hope you enjoy living under socialism. I know a thing or two about living under that kind of control. All of you dumb ass anointed one fans have no idea what you just unleashed. Don’t even try to justify this bully. His goal is to take you down untill you’re so deparate you will need him to run your life for you. Incase you did’nt know that’s what dick-tators do. They run every aspect of your life until you can’t dream anymore. You will never get ahead under socialism. Every one is broke and no one can help anyone else because they can hardly take care of themselves. Broke people can’t help broke people. (Or don’t you understand that?) I was able to help over 1000 people become finacially independent. Under this guy none of us will be able to be that productive. Margaret Thatcher said once, “If you teach some one how to make $5.00 on their own, They won’t need the government. Oh and buy the way for over 200 yrs we have never signed any contract with China to be in debt to them until this stupid Bitch Hillary who whent over their just a couple of months ago and for the first time ever in our history she signed our lives away and our federal land over to China if we don’t pay them back plus interest, they can come take our federal land and use it any way they want . What the hell is she doing making decisions like that without a vote from her employer— Us damn it. We didn’t tell her she could do that and no leader ever before her would have ever considered even thinking of signing on with a country as oppressive as China. This is the dumbest bunch of pricks i’ve ever seen running this country. You idiots voted them in and now we probably won’t have and America in another year. Thanks a bunch. Why the hell can’t you people do your homework before voting?

        • B-Man

          Hey Joyce, i got more for ya. Why the hell do you people bring up racialism. I don’t give a damn what color he is, but he must be a citizen of the U.S. A. and he is not qualified to be running our country. He runs around the world like an idiot begging terrorist leaders to forgive us , like you and me did something wrong. The last thing i remember i never deployed any soldiers of sent any missles in the air . Who does he think he is speaking for me to those terrorists? (like they give a shit.) He is weak, stupid and not my president. I also know for a fact, he has spent more than $ 1million covering up his fraudulent birth certificate and they also found his mothers original plane ticket from kenya to America dated two days after he was born. His own grandmother told officials and showed them the ticket. Thats why there are 8 lawsuits going on right now to have the documents brought out. Wow, why won’t he just show the documents? Because he would be removed from office. Hello? He sat for 20 yrs in that racial church having his head filled with garbage an then the first time his wife speaks she says for the first time in my life Im proud to be an American? What the hell was she doing for the first 40 yrs of her life? All his terrorist associations and bullies in Chicago, but Oh he is such a good speaker. That is not qualification for president. He has an agenda and it is not for this country, and all of his actions and lies prove it everyday. He said that he was going to remove taxes to the lower 40% the low income people would get anything they needed. So how’s that going? Where is all the free cars and homes and dental and jobs. Where are the jobs? The fact is the government can’t produce jobs because they don’t create the jobs. We do and we have for 200 yrs. But he has all but destroyed my 23 yr. old company with his tax the f——out of me. Wow what a plan. His agenda is to take this country away from you and me and our $ in the name of power. If his shitstimulas is working so well then why are people still loosing jobs everyday? ” Oh but when I sign the stimulis bill ther will be NO EARMARKS. I will take them out. Ther’s 9000 earmarks in that bill and one of them should stimulate the economy more than anything. $ 80million for a renovation remodel of the Smithsonian Institue. Now that’s going to rock this nation. Dumb ass f——–jerks. We’er trying to save our houses, 2 million out of work and rising, people are hungry and we want to remodel a musium. You idiots voted this crap in office and then you continue to defend him. Get the hell out of my face.

      • http://none gary

        Right on. The big O is our largest enemy right now and we sit and do nothing like so many sheep going to slaughter. The muslims say He is muslim which I thought from the beginning. He is a plant. with the ultimate power to take over everything. Don’t believe it? History will tell as written by the muslims. not U.S.

        • http://none gary

          The above person will have to wait to see where the Big O is taking this good old USA before she can GROW UP! and smell the dirty politics that are destroying our freedoms. Yes bush was off but the Obonination is the enemy of our country, big ugly enemy! Just you wait and see you liberal sweete

        • http://none gary

          Another thing you accuse me of being prejudice you could not be more wrong. His politics are marxist and marx was not black. He ran on change but we do not need Communism with a dictator in order for there to be change. He is already showing his dictator stripe and it has nothing to do with race color or creed. it is outright treachery a foot my dear liberal one. Wake up it may be too late already. He will destroy our country as we have known it. Already is doing it.

        • http://none gary

          Now look Joe any thing like 700 years is total loss for every living american up to our great great grand children and beyond. You don’t really mean to tell me you think any thing would be left of your way of life by the time the BIG O gets done rapping the country do you. Not after four years even, but he plans to be the supreme ruler by then you know. The war is now buddy and don’t anybody forget that. Not a war of guns but of the will to join together to pray hard and that is my last word on the subject

      • C. K.

        Most of the people think he’s great!! They are oblivious as to what is happening. It will be waaay too late before they wake up – IF they ever do. I don’t have a lot of hope that the people will rise in force. They’ve been lulled to sleep – or just don’t give a hoot. As long as they can plop themselves down in front of Survivor or American Idol after a long day’s work – they’re happy. Most really could care less about political things. It’s the ostrich syndrome don’t chaknow!!!!

        • Monika

          I agree that we need to stand up. And we can do it in a very peaceful way – STOP PAYING FEDERAL TAXES. If we all unite and stop paying taxes, Washington will be paralized. But, we ALL have to do it at the same time.

          Other way is to take week off of unpaid vacation.

        • Mark

          The simple problem is that we have reached the tipping point where more than 50% of the voters do not pay taxes and have realized that they can have the government redistribute the wealth of those that do pay taxes to them, at no cost to them.

          As there is a limit to what you can extract from taxpayers before compliance plummets, what you do is print massive quantities of money to wipe out all the savings of taxpayers through hyper inflation…….. as taxpayers are the only ones with significant savings. As you wipe out the savings and self sufficiency of the taxpayers, you make many of them become dependent upon government and make it a matter of survival for the to join the ranks of the dependent class.

          Finally, to insure your permanent majority, you move to grant amnesty, citizenship and voter status to the 20 million illegal immigrants.

          Entreprenuership, self sufficiency and the American dream where hard work and ingenuity got one ahead, are dead.

          Bush sat passively by and watched it happening, the O is busy making it permanent.

          It’s every man for himself and will be from here on out. How to game the government to get ahead or keep wealth will become a popular subject for best selling books.

          The middle class is dead. Most will drop into a lower class. government dependent class. The very smartest and hardest working will either remain in or gain entry to the upper class. Reasonable inteligence and hard work will no longer cut it and I greatly resent that as I can no longer work hard at what I love and do well. I will now have to base all my efforts on tedious study of tax laws and financial outcomes of my choices of activity.

          We are all John Gault, now.

          Time to open the windows and scream “I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

      • Antonio

        you are so right, the train is moving and it will be hard to stop….. the Congress and the Senate, need to be split up so that one party do not have all the power. Remenber, we the Congress ,and Senate is vote on every two years…..

    • Dee Dee

      Paul What are you doing to help? Are you attending a Tea party near you, or an
      912 project?

      • Paul

        Due to my disability I cannot get to many things so within my circle of friends I advise them of the things being done that arent reported in the news and or are put in places like the 8th page way under an ad /example the apology to slave bill was hid like this that is getting voted on Today also giving some of my money to places supporting our rights under the consitution which maybe only a dollarr most of the times

        • Velcro

          Hail Obama!

        • Lovey

          Don’t you mean “HEIL BO”?!?!?

      • Mirac

        I am quite involved in trying to stop the madness. Go to, there you see exactly what the “regime” is trying to pull on the american people.Heres my observation; THE PRELUDE TO THE GUN BILL to take our guns would be to gather info on each house under the guise of the census, so it is easier to “quell an uprising of radical citizens” even if those citizens are fighting for the laws and rights this country was founded upon!And with this gun licensing, it also labels every citizen as armed and dangerous if you speak up against the con artists ruining this country today! Lot easier to send federal police and/or U N troops into your home under the guise of you are armed and dangerous! The only threat to this nation is the commitee organzer that is in office today, O-BUM! WAKE UP AMERICA!

        • Joe Hooker

          You may have a point.
          But, can you remember what happened when the British miltary came after privatly owned guns here in America?
          A bunch of farmers, shop keepers, preachers, & laborers took on the most powerfull military on earth, & drove the British army into the sea!
          Who says we can’t do it again!!!!!!!!

  • http://none concerned

    The government is moving from governing to controling all that American’s do. From the kind of lightbulb you can buy to the make of automobile you can drive.

    It is strange that the government demands the removal of regular lightbulbs from sale and now demands that one of the most dangerous products ever forced upon us replace them. The fluorescent lightbulb we are forced to buy is made in China and contains so much mercury that, if broken, require the removal by a hazardous chemical company. It is insane for government to promote Al Gore’s global warming to the extent that if I accidently break a bulb in my congressman’s office, I can be arrested for making a terrorist chemical attack on congressmen, and the entire building would have to be evacuated because of the danger of the very thing congress demands we now use. How stupid.

    • Dee Dee

      *Don’t us the floresent Light Bulbs, I don’t because they put out harmful Emissions No one is twisting* your arm, buy the bulbs you want.

      • http://???? Ann Marie

        I guess you don’t know that they plan on taking all incandescent bulbs off the market soon, which will force us into florescent.

        • jim

          No you can use candles. I do not think Al Gore has any stock in these.

        • Richard Pawley;

          They are not up to par with incandescent bulbs yet but I have a couple of screw-in light emitting diodes (LED) light bulbs in my home. They use only a fraction of electricity that the dangerous fluorescent light bulbs use and while not suitable for all purposes they will last far longer than the fluorescent. I have found that only the fluorescent bulbs made in the USA last as long as they are supposed to and I have used them (carefully) for about three years now. Since thousands of Chinese have been poisoned in their fluorescent factories I’m saving Chinese lives by buying American as well. The smart ones are taking Chlorella tablets to pull the mercury from fish, broken fluorescent bulbs, and amalgam teeth fillings out of their bodies. The LED bulbs I have came from Sam’s Club, are made in the USA, and are the most reasonable that I have found, far cheaper than the Chinese ones sold on eBay. They tend to be more like spotlights but if you can adapt to them they will certainly pay for themselves. With the energy tax that the administration is proposing electricity could go up from 100 to 250 per month more than we are currently paying over the next few years so doing all you can to reduce your consumption of power will save you money. Remember you cannot just throw the no longer working fluorescent bulbs away or you will be poisoning the land and water worse than DDT but Home Depot will accept them for recycling.

      • C. K.

        Some cities have demanded their citizens use ONLY these
        terrible bulbs. When I first heard the greenies going ga-ga over this new bulbs my first thought was, “So, what about all the mercury from them that ends up in all our landfills, then getting into our water supplies. I never heard anyone even bring up the topic until about a year later. And then it has been poo-pooed. Gimme a break!! You just can’t have it both ways……
        Don’t worry though – with all the new regs in the Climate Change Bill that Palosi plans to bring before the House next week; since we humans EXHALE Co2 – we will eventually be targeted for exection for destroying the planet by breathing. It would appear that this is what the greenies desire. Seems the world was a perfect and pristine place UNTIL MANKIND SHOWED UP…… ESPECIALLY THOSE DANGED WHITE EUROPEANS THAT SETTLED AMERICA!! BOY, DID THEY EVER SCREW THINGS UP!!!!!

        • Pat

          I always said the government would find a way to tax the air we breathe.

        • Lovey

          I thought the fight was against CARBON MONOXIDE? These folks need to check with some scientists; without carbon dioxide, no trees, no plants, no food….on and on…!!!

    • http://personallibertydigest Elaine

      I have been wondering if I was the only one questioning the fluorescent light bulb thing. What in the world is their agenda for forcing these dangerous, mercury filled bulbs on us? You can go to any store ( I have) examine every package of fluorscent light bulbs and somewhere in tiny print, I guarantee it, you will find “Made in China”. You may have to search for it – it is small and hard to find in some cases, but it is there. What could possibly be the reason for this mandate? It certainly is not to save electricity and to promote the “green” thing, because those promoting a greener, cleaner earth must know of the horrors and dangers of dumping these light bulbs in our landfills – and you know that is what is going to happen. How long will it be before all our drinking water is contaminated with mercury? Is that what they really want? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Then, I guess, with our new health care plans, mercury poisoning will not be covered. I cannot for the life of me, figure out the plan behind this. I’m all about saving energy and for saving our earth, but this is the stupidest thing that has come about in the middle of all this madness. Thank goodness for Home Depot for being the only one I know of that has volunteered to be a recycling center for these dangerous bulbs, but what are they going to ultimately do with them? And the government should have figured out how to dispose of them if they were going to force us to use them. All people are not going to be able to go to Home Depot to dispose of them especially the poor and the aged who may not even have a way to get to Home Depot. This whole thing is a disgrace and a fiasco. Certainly no thought was put into this matter before it was mandated. The government has not made enough information available to people concerning the accidental breakage of one of the bulbs either. Most people do not know that you have to be extremely careful of how you clean up a broken bulb, including donning protective clothing, wearing a mask, opening up your house, not touching it without gloves and picking up the broken pieces with duct tape or some similar product. Folks, we’ve been had – again! I’m afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg. What could be worse than mercury poisoning for all of us through our groundwater?

      • http://none gary

        This is just one of the devious parts of their plan to undermine the USA. All the other parts they talk about are as anti american as the terrorists could ever be, in fact we would be safer if we only had to worry about the terrorists. at least then we would be strong Americans. We are being conned by the worst con ever perpetrated against any one country. AS you can see, some of us are not buying it for one minute. USA USA USA.

      • Leith

        Sort of sounds like the same group that mandates these new lightbulbs made the change for digital Television. There is a lot of ones and zeros circling the earth and no place to get rid of your old analog Television sets.

  • C. K.

    This is 100% accurate!

    A census worker came to my door a few weeks ago with a GPS mapping device in hand.
    I answered the door. He asked if our basement was an apartment (it was before we bought it and still has a house number above the door). I told him no. He punched something into his handheld device. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just “mapping” the house on GPS. He didn’t ask any other questions before departing. I thought it strange…..

    This morning I come across this article…….

    • Dee Dee

      Yes they came to my home to with the devise, but did not ask any questioins. I thought that was funny. However, People move, and relocate so this will be an obsolete data in no time. The idea of not asking how many people live here or ages was part of the centuries old census. So there data is not complete.
      I think sometimes we Fear everything but FEAR itself

      • David

        The fear is that there is yet another tool to use against the people. A census is supposed to track people, not places. Therefore the funds to do this are misappropriated.

        They don’t really care who lives there. That will be filled in by the census. They want to know the front door location. That is the one they will kick in. A tough event to plan without a location.

        • Paul

          If they take or you fill out all the information will this affect your gun rights ,freedom of speech ,americans with disablities rights ,I wonder if i dont fill it out if they would use leverage on me because 1-i didnt vote there way
          2- im 100% against them
          to”” review”” my disability status

      • http://none Smilee

        They came to my house too. He told me the only reason he was there was to verify that there is actually a house at the address as there are addresses that do not have or no longer have houses and that was the only reason he was there. He said they where using GPS as it required no paperwork. He said the actual census would be next spring. they would mail the census form to this address and if it was not returned then they would send someone out to take a in person census. never asked for anything else including my name. Many of these response were answers to my questions but not all.

  • Stephen

    If one were to be familiar with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or have read “Behold a Pale Horse” written by the now silenced William Cooper, you’d be witnessing a proficy coming true. We will be a nation in bondage if we don’t stand for ourselves very quickly. I fear we desperately close to the point where diplomatic and peaceful resolutions are possible.

  • lisa

    This Is absolutely outrageous! When the census people come to my door I am going to ask if they work for acorn.Acorn is one of the biggest criminal and conspiracy groups ever associatted witht he govt. I am thinking of calling the police and telling them their is a criminal organization at my door. How many people want the mafia to know who they are and where they live? And why does the govt want to know if you have running water? What are they going to ask next? I ‘ll take a guess…dO YOU HAVE ANY GUNS? How many? This is serious people. Don’t answer their questions!!!!!!!!!!! When they ask I might just tell them No habla!!!!!! I don’t plan on sitting by any longer and watching it happen!!!!!

    • Viv From Kentucky

      Lisa, you are so right!
      Neither does the 58 year old grandmother from Arizona plan to stand by and let this go on any longer! Her now infamous “open letter to congress” is circulating throughout the internet and was read on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox this week. According to Glenn, the occupants of the White House will hear it also. I along with millions of others feel her letter will become the voice of all patriots in America. Even the Patriot Depot has published it on their website.
      “We The People” have had enough of Big Brother! If you haven’t read the letter go here, read it, and pass it to all freedom loving Americans you know.

      • s c

        RIGHT ON! The woman in Arizona nailed it. God bless her. Thank God, some people actually “get it.” Without a doubt, she has more than enough common sense to replace anyone in the White House or Congress.
        If those yahoos in DC had any backbone, they’d resign. If America had any practical way to get rid of them, this would be a new and better country in less than 24 hours.

        • Mark

          The PERFECT answer to the census is is simply to say “no habla” when they show up.

    • Les Nessman

      Did you see the ACORN CEO on Lou Dobbs last nite. She stated unequivocally that ACORN does not have a contract to work on the census on national TV. So if a census taker shows up at your door and identifies themself as tied to ACORN in any way, tell them to go scratch!!

    • JoAnne

      Well, here’s a story: They came down our street…a short deadend street that has mostly summer visitors..seasonal…plus some Mexican families who speak little English and then 3-4 white families who all live year round and know each other. The lady did not go to any houses except the 4 of us who know each other….and who, by the way, are opening members of a gun club, hunt, shoot and have guns!! We didn’t know what the person was doing….until we read it on the internet. She told me she was from the US Census. She did not show ID. I said, ” Oh I didn’t know it was time for the census”. She said NO…she she just need to get our address and put it in her ‘database’. She asked me if this was my address….and read it off. I asked if I legally had to tell her this and she said YES. I said well, why didn’t you just take it off our mail box….which has our house numbers on it in nice large letters. She says…OH…I have to come to the front door and talk to someone, then enter it into my ‘pocket computer’ here! Of course, we had no idea it was a GPS unit until later. Perhaps she didn’t know what it was either?? I was shocked when I read about it….and then, WHY didn’t we observe her knocking on the doors of our Mexican neighbors….and friends on both ends of our street sat and watched her going all the way down our street, without stopping at all the houses. Certainly makes it SEEM like they could be mostly interested in only certain addresses! Of course, we know we are eligible for Homeland Security’s Domestic Right Wing Terrorist classification on almost all their counts…..Christian, religious, gun toting, conservative, the ‘bumper stickers’….though we’ve removed them….who we voted for….and until last summer…even card carrying members of the Republican Party. So, we’re likely marked for sure….and they’ll need their GPS unit to get through our front door!

      • Joe Hooker

        Early in the days of Clinton’s presidency, the U.N officials held a meeting on “population control” in Cairo Egypt. At which they decided that something like 2/3s of the people in the world need to die in the next few decades to make more room for their agendas.
        Here in America there were two types of people slated for “elimination”! Poor Black city dwelling men; along with poor rural White men! Just because these 2 are the “least controlable” aspects of American society!
        So, don’t be surprised about the hispanic homes not being paid attention to.

    • Valverde

      When they ask if I have running water, I would be tempted to say, “Yes, just stand where you are and I will show you.” Then ask if they belong to ACORN and if they say yes, say “wait a second and I will help you grow.” then pee on them. There’s your running water. Hope you like it, because it has all kinds of nutrients that help ACORNs grow. I heard that squirrels such as Nobama, the Great(?) love ACORNs.

      Also, JoAnne, I can guarantee if they try to come through my front door with their little GPS unit after the census was over and done with, they just might meet up with a big .45.

    • Smilee


      Relax my dear, Acorn is not furnishing any census takers and no one will come to your house if you mail back the census papers and if you don’t mail them your census taker will not be a acorn employee

  • Jeannette

    Not long after we moved into our new home I heard a knock at the door. By the time I answered the door the individual was walking away. I asked what she was in need of and she stated that she was doing a census but she did not ask me any questions, write anything down. Just say thank you and left.

    If this is going to get a jump on the 2010 census which decides the number of state representatives, but also lets known the number of people who are working, disabled, unemployed and how many children there are in poverty and how many are not in poverty. Then they are not doing a very good job.

    I have lived in 3 states over the past 30 years and this is the same experience with the census that I have had every time.

    Thank you.

  • Frank

    So, what are we able to do about this?
    Is there something we can do to spoil their results?

  • Bluejacket

    You all ask “what can we do about it?” The upcoming election in 2010 is our opportunity to shift the balance of power in Government. Re-elect nobody! The only way to stop BO is to tie his hands and checkbook in Congress. Our American electorate are “sheep”! It’s time for us to do our homework before election. Stop listening to the liberal media, and make informed decisions. Our current state of economy and moral value is an example of putting blind trust in people who we know nothing about. Our schools are teaching PC crap. Our religious freedom is challenged daily and on the verge of deletion. Judges are legislating from the bench. Our borders are dangerously open. We have 12 million aliens who broke our laws and are filling our jails, and draining our social security system. The moral standards of our children are at an all time low.
    All of this, and our government is doing nothing about it. They are more concerned with “global warming”! It’s time to stand up! 2010 is just around the corner. Your vote is a very strong tool. USE IT!

    • Richard Pawley;

      Some good points here. Americans must get off their duff and get involved. Stop letting George do it and now Obama. The truth is they can only do what Congress allows them to do (except for the CZARS who answer only to the president). We pay more for health care than anyone on the planet but we are only 20th to 30th in various indices of health. So health care does need some reform but government run is not the best. The government is mostly responsible for the mess we are in. It is they who suppress the truth about inexpensive things that can keep you healthy and promote the most expensive that often don’t help in the long run. How come we are the only nation on earth that allows big drug companies to advertise (brainwash) on TV. Oh, yes, so does the island nation of New Zealand BUT NOT OTHER COUNTRY in the world….If you don’t like the idea of millions more illegals coming then find out how your representatives are voting and don’t re-elect them. In “The Last Days of The Late Great United States” I mention how Mexico has build a wall clear across their country to keep out illegal aliens. That’s their southern border! Over a million from Ecuador alone have crossed over through Mexico into the US and they believe that the USA is for them alone, not others from Central and South America. I also talk about the one million sex crimes committed by illegals and I don’t care what race or color criminals are. If you don’t like the idea of paying more for electricity then find out how your representatives vote and don’t re-elect them. It was Congress who rescinded the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 that was passed by in the 1930′s to prevent another Great Depression and it only took the banks a few years to bring about another collapse. This one has only just begun and as I said in 2006 it will make the 1930′s Depression look like a walk in the park. Wake up! Read, get informed, vote. We don’t have a lot of time left. Let you representatives know that they are not representing you. May God help us all, no one else is going to be able to do so. Even the president admits that we are broke but they keep printing money and spending. The biggest tax yet is coming. (Yes, it’s a hidden tax but it IS A TAX) It’s called inflation. The banks want it because they can pay off their debts (they can’t really but they think they can). Me, I like deflation. It means my dollars are worth more. I had a Steak filet dinner for $10 last week and I can’t remember when that quality has been that cheap. Write down this figure: 200% inflation because you will see it and quite likely more, not right away but it’s coming. God bless you. We are going to need all the blessings we can get.

  • Eileen Barayasarra

    They already have us on mapquest. I went out in the street and asked the man why he was taking pictures of every house on our street. He did not answer. I stood in the front yard glaring at him. I do not show up on the pictures. You can see between the houses just as though you were here. He easily erased me. Probably that is what the government plans to do with those of us who do not go along with their plans. Just wipe us off the map!

  • Karl Enoksen

    I am very impressed by the way you Americans have started to address the Socialist Obama regime soon after it started. I UK, the English have allowed their country to be demolished by the Scottish MP’s under Blair and Brown and are now just starting to catch on.
    I wish you all the best with your TEA Parties and hope you are a success as you cannot allow this Obama incompetence and corruption to go for a second term.
    Obama talks good but is useless as your leader.

  • Teardrops

    People, we all need to flood our reps offices with phone calls, emails, faxes or anyother way you know of to let them all know they will be put out of office if they dont do something about all these sorry bills that BO is trying to push thru congress to pass into law. We, the people, have to let congress know how we want them to vote on these horrendous bills he is letting his background people write up and get passed so that we are being slowly bled to death.
    NO to the pedophile bill, NO to the cap and trade bill, NO to the amnesty bill, NO tothe health bill, and on and on. Just great big NO’s to these lawmakers and let them know they will not have a Washington D.C. address any longer if they vote for these absurd
    things Obama is trying to pass into law.
    People, we HAVE to rise up and let them know what we all want them to vote on or its back home for you buddy. Dont be afraid to use your pc to send them emails, not just one, keep a steady stream going to them. I used to get stock answers from the different ones, but now get “answers” from the man himself. And I get the newsletters sent out by several senators from different states other than my own. Get this and you get an email address to send your complaints to. Learn how to do this, it is easy and working together, we may get some good bills passed up there.

  • Bobby Norwood

    So many dumb idiots in this country.They voted a Socialistic, Communist Dictator in the White house, and in 4 months has basically bank rupted the US OF A. THIS JERK ISN’T HONORING THE US CONSTITUTION IN ANYWAY. WHY AREN’T PEOPLE MORE UP IN ARMS ABOUT THIS??? GUESS THEY’RE REALLY STUPID . A VERY SAD DAY IN OUR HISTORY .

    • http://none Smilee

      Bobby Norwood

      How does it feel to live in a country were the majority of the voters (your friends and friendly neighbors) are “…dumb idiots…” and “…really stupid…”? does it make you feel lonesome? Have you even ever read the US Constitution? If the Country is basically bankrupt it was already bankrupt when he took office. If there is a really stupid one here I wonder who the really stupid one really is.

  • Eileen Barayasarra

    I saw a quote once and I do not remember where. “IF YOU TOLERATE IT TODAY, YOU WILL EMBRACE IT TOMORROW.” Very true! A lady I know came to the USA right after WWII from The Netherlands. When she left, her relatives all attended church regularly, behaved as Christians, dressed modestly, led ordinary and good lives. She went back for a visit last year. Now she is eighty years old and was not prepared for the CHANGES (that word!) that have taken places in Europe. A group of her sisters and their daughters, grandchildren and great-grands were in her sister’s living room. The TV was on with children playing in the floor in front of it. She was horrified to see two nude people having a perverted form of sex on TV. She got in front of it, spred her skirt to cover it, shouted for someone to turn off the set because the children were watching. The entire room full of people laughed at her! “It is NORMAL!” they said- – just something people DO! They made fun of her, said she had quaint, puritanical American values. Even her own elderly sisters joined in the laughter and teasing! They have all EMBRACED it and there is no turning back. It has become NORMAL to them. I can only hope it never becomes NORMAL to my innocent grandchildren here in the USA.

    • FarRightWinger

      Looks like European countries too tired to fight back the judeo-zionist trash. Most of these trash however, come from HOLLYWOOD, the #1 trashcan!

  • Dave

    Guys–anyone with your address can find your GPS coordinates within a few feet right now using google maps: That was implemented with commercially available technology.

    Paranoia like this article only hurts the conservative cause. Let’s get a grip!

    • http://msn Drew


      It is not paranoia if it is real!!! What has happened to our economy is real. The rush to pass as many bills as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible is real. Being overly taxed and then our government squandering that money is real. The fact that our country is becoming economically and morally bankrupt is real. Yours, is exactly the thought process that got us to where we are right now. Don’t be afraid!!! That is what Big Brother wants is for all to be afraid, and then they can come in and rescue us and pass more laws so that we can be secure, all the while slipping the knife into our collective backs. Don’t be afraid to be called paranoid, don’t be afraid to labeled for standining up for what is right and righteous. It is our country and our JOBS to protect it. Hold on to the core values that our founding fathers gave and that is the heart of our Constitution. We need to make our elected representatives accountabe for protecting our Constitution and holding them accountable when they don’t. These are not times of paranoia. These are very uncertain times and times that our country could be changed forever, from which we could never recover.

      • Smilee


        Dave was only talking about GPS, you went off on a tangent proving you are paranoid about these uncertain times and our country needs to be changed from what we have experienced over the last thirty years and it will be for the better at least not worse, It takes some time to get back on track, wait and see. Where is you optimism?? There is always hope if you do not succumb to your paranoia.

        • David

          Answering Smilee/answering Drew:
          What is essentially slave labor has been used to undercut our jobs. Many fail to make that connection. I am not exactly sure how to adapt or deal with it myself, but expecting Americans to ‘be aware’ of it enough to undercut themselves creates confusion. The founding fathers used tariffs, and the ‘free’ market should be for FREE people.
          I would also note that while our privacy has been eroded for some time, your home is generic, your front door is specific. If nothing else, this nationwide snoop is meant to intimidate. Or do you think they are just that clueless about our reaction to them?

  • Ed

    GPS coordinates in the database will make it much simpler to design ethnic majority districts.

  • nobody

    Forreign troops of any kind on American soil , will kick in my swearing of aliegence..This would be WAR against me & my Country ..

  • Nick

    Two days ago a rather non-descript van parked in front of my home. In fact right off the front door. I approached the vehicle and the middle eastern looking fellow was quite startled and was inputting info into his GPS. He started to take off and I asked what he was doing. He had an foreign accent and said he had to enter info for a home he was looking for. Never thought much about it until reading this alert. HMMM!

  • Audrey

    Lisa, I’m with you! Ask if Acorn and if they are, I’ll tell them to go to “Hell.” I already wrote the president (not that he got it cause I’m sure he tells them to throw away all the negative letters) that I would not complete anything for the Census if Acorn was involved. I just don’t care anymore – they can throw me in jail if they want – it won’t do them any good cause I’m not cooperating. I’m a 65 year old woman who is disgusted as “Hell” and I’m protesting!!!

    • Donna

      I’m with you, and besides, what I hear about jails these days, doesn’t sound too bad. A place to live, food to eat, cable tv, recreation facilities. S**t, that’s more than I have right now.

    • Donna Marshall

      Right on, Audrey. First of all, I don’t answer my door. If I see a strange vehicle or
      van on my street, people taking photos or writing down/entering info. I call the Constables. We have a ‘no solicitation’ rule in our subdivision so they don’t need to be here. And, I am not answering their questions either. If I get a form in the mail, I will shred it. Without my signature there is no way they can prove I received it. I agree with most everyone on here. It is time true Americans stand up for our rights before it is too late. By the way, I just turned 66.

      Donna M.

  • Jerry

    America has a spiritual problem.

    • beck

      *yes i agree. we have left God out of everything. In addition to writing our state representatives we need to pray to God about all of our concerns. He is still in control of this world.

  • Carson

    The good old U.S.A. is almost at the point of no return, if the loyal, patriotic, true red blooded Americans don’t stand up and be heard NOW we will all be silenced FOREVER!!!!! What would your father, his father and his before him say to us as we sit idly by and let it all slip through our fingers. We as Americans have inherited from our ancestors the best country in the world, we all enjoy the freedom and the rights passed on to us from the previous generations, don’t we want to do the same for the next generation? If not, we can all continue down the same path and as sure as i’m sitting here writting this and you’re reading it, this will come to pass! Our liberty and our Bill of rights, the Constitution all are in serious danger of being eroded to the point
    where once they’re gone they’re gone. The government rarely gives back once it takes. At this point i personally don’t see much hope in our country ever recovering from the assault that it has been subjected to. People are too complacent, well one day when it’s all over and done with these same people will question WHAT HAPPENED? There will be stories passed down of once upon a time there was a
    counrty where people were free and had liberty and the right for the pursuit of happiness etc… but the people gave up their “country” without a fight and now here we are. It’s coming!!!!! Be prepared!!!! Thomas Jefforson said that people that give up their liberties for the sake of security deserve neither.

    • azcIII

      “Those who would sacrifice Essential Liberty, for a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither.” Benjamin Franklin, 1759 I believe. The rest is spot on.

  • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

    The best thing to do is start aborting (since abortion is legal and assassination isn’t) elected officials that violate their oath of office or vote against issues guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. This was the MAIN purpose of the Second Ammendment of the Bill of Rights {A well regulated militia (a citizen army that does not have to take orders from the President/Governor/Mayor…) being necessary to the security of a FREE State, the right of the people to keep and BEAR (carry on their person) arms SHALL NOT be infringed (Violated through legislation or miscarriage of law). Wake up you A55HOLES, the truth is about to break down your doors.

    • Jed

      Art – you are on to something! To abort means to terminate prematurely.What we need to do is to prematurely terminate the terms of those of our elected officials who do not support and defend the Constitution of the United States (and of the states wherein they serve as officeholders), which they all took a solemn oath (or affirmation) to do. If they have violated their oaths of office, they are not fit for office and should not be allowed to continue in office. There are plenty of Americans that ARE fit for office and would uphold their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the U. S. and of their respective states. Winning an election entitles a candidate to the high privilege and honor of serving their fellow countrymen. Their service is a privilege, not a right, a privilege conditioned on their oaths to support and defend the Constitution(s). They are our servants and not our rulers! When they violate their oaths they break trust with their constituents, who are their fellow citizens and employers. Why should we wait for their elective terms of office to expire before removing them from office when their service was conditioned on their obedience to their oaths of office, which obedience was expected by the voters? So how do we implement this? Impeachment is often appropriate but generally too cumbersome. Recall elections are a better method but are only available in a handful of states and not at the federal level. We must yell and scream and write and fax and e-mail and DEMAND THEIR REMOVAL FROM OFFICE of any officeholders that violate their oaths of office. If enough of us concentrate on any given officeholder that has betrayed his or her office, we may be able to force their removal or at least weaken their support so that their RE-ELECTION prospects are jeopardized. We need to do more – more often – more forcefully – to petition our government for a redress of grievances, as guaranteed in our First Amendment, so that we do not have to employ our G-d-given and Second Amendment guaranteed right to bear arms in defense of our freedoms against our own government as a last resort!

      • azcIII

        I wonder if their violation of their Oaths of Office could be interpreted and legally pursued as a breach of contract?

        • Valverde

          No, but they are in breach of their oath of office which states they will defend the Constitution of the United States, so help them God. Of course, this bunch of weeps doesn’t believe the Constitution is anything but a bunch of suggestions like the 10 Commandments. If we really got a Supreme Court that was willing to defend the Constitution, we could be rid of all the weeps in an eyeblink, including Nobama, the Great(?), who thinks the Constitution is for minorities to run all over everybody else because they deserve it.
          You know, the more I get on these blogs, the more I realize we are just about in for a huge uprising, and it’s not going to be pleasant for anyone, minority or majority.

      • David

        I disagree with the notion of prematurely terminating the office holders as most would understand it. You may well find the media labeling you a domestic terrorist, and There is a group that I am a part of called “We the People”. It formed some time ago. I became involved as a plaintiff against my state to force them to use paper ballots. Programmable vote counting machines can be scammed without a trace.
        In our nationwide effort, all states except New York were dismissed for lack of Jurisdiction. New York is preparing for a jury trial now.

        By way of ‘backup’, We the people has also organized a new Continental Congress, on the order of the first one over 200 years ago. This is NOT a constitutional convention. We DO NOT want to tamper with the constitution, we want it enforced.

        There are other “We the People” groups springing up now, I know of one associated with the 912 project for instance. To find this one you might want to google the phrase ‘paper ballots’ or ‘continental congress’ along with it.

  • Bob Millner

    I am a self-employed accountant and most of my clients are angry about the direction of our country. Keep up the fight people! Attend the tea parties, send e-mails, call your congressmen. Don’t let up! Let your voices be heard and your presence be seen. Don’t buy liberal newspapers or magazines. Don’t listen to liberal news stations. Don’t donate to their causes. We can hurt them by withholding our dollars. The liberal newspapers are gradually going bankrupt and so are the media. The less people read or listen to them, the less money they make from advertising, subscribtions, etc. Engage liberals with facts and logic, but never get angry with them. Their viewpoints are usually just based on emotions; what feels good. Talk up the conservative points of view and hopefully change one person at a time. Make a list of your conservative points of view as questionaire with a yes or no answer ie Do you believe in our Constitution? Do you believe judges should be appointed based on their belief of our Constitution as written? Do you believe in the right of citizens to bear arms as provided in the 2nd Amendment? etc. Ask you liberal friends to answer the questions. I bet many will answer conservatively and now you can engage them in useful conversations. Use this especially with younger persons to offset the liberal brainwashing they have been receiving in our schools and colleges. Get them to thinking. Set down and read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence so you can talk about it intelligently. You probably haven’t actually read it since you were in school. Stay informed. We will take our Country back.

  • http://aol j f caruso


    • David

      A biometric chip with your credit card imbedded under your skin is already a reality for some. While it sounds weird, most will want one eventually. This is because it cannot be lost or stolen. The more it is used, the more essential it will become.
      The bad part is that it can track you wherever you go, without you being aware. If all commerce is done this way, it will become essential that you have one.
      If you are too politically incorrect, they can simply have your chip turned off, and your only way to survive would be in their concentration camp or…
      My question would be, how do we safeguard against that kind of tyranny?

  • Ricky

    I encourage everyone out there to visit the website –
    Perhaps then you will understand exactly who Big Brother is as well as Obama, and what their true agenda is. Stand up and fight for yourf freedom now while you’re still able.

  • kent

    so What? It is happening. Telling everyone about it is great. Tell us how to stop it. That is what we all need to know

  • Frank

    I didnt have time to read every reply, but an interesting thing I found was on Google maps in front of my house was a perfect spherical picture that I could look in every direction perfectly and actually zoom out a little. Very neat, but very scary! I checked other locations and found the same, but not everywhere, that kinda spooked me.

  • Marcus Fieger

    What scares me is the administration wants to build a national police force as large as the Army and as well armed…HMMMM

    • Nick

      I think I saw an example of the civilian militia on TV all weekend. Do you think BHO got the idea from the Mullahs in Iran?

    • Smilee

      Where did you come up with this BS?? What fiction, you do have quite the imagination.

  • Brad

    We dont need anymore politicians,we need a leader.everyone has to cut back,but have heard no calls for cuts in govt pay.These people are overpaid for taking away your freedom.We should all stop paying taxes,let them try locking up 60-70 million people.or we could become detainess and get a house on the beach in Bermuda and open a restaurant too!With Cali on the brink and being the 8th largest economy in the world,O has said “there is no more money in the treasury” yet is pursuing a trillion dollar doomed to fail healthcare plan? The liberal media ignores it all(as usual).when Chavez said he was to the right of O,no alarm bells went off anywhere????

  • Eric Bischoff

    I find that although some of the posts on this site are important ideas worth discussing, most of the answers are either childish, mean, ill-informed, not well thought out, paranoid, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, intolerant, close-minded, narrow-minded, moronic or all of the above.

    The picture you paint as a group is looking like “mean, ill-informed, losers”.

    Keep this up and things will get worst. You certainly do not demonstrate the ability to bring about any improvements. I suggest you look-up every single one of these adjectives and that you repent or atone because these are not worthy qualities.

    At this stage, the best thing you could do for the world is shut-up, listen read and learn. Then maybe you’ll have something worthwhile to say and just maybe you’ll be ready to inspire others.

    Trust me you won’t be able to shoot your way out of this one.

    • Ricky

      Eric, the picture I see being painted is one of being concerned, disgruntled, and in some case even afraid. Certainly not “mean or ill-informed”. And most definitely not “Losers”! Unfortunately too many people are just like you. Your M.O. is simply “Shut up, ignore it, and maybe it will go away”. Are you familiar with the words “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”? Or “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”? I though not. The next time you pull your head out of the sand, look around. Smell the coffee. Read the writing on the wall. Educate yourself. aAnd most importantly… “lean not on your own understanding”. In the mean time I will be looking up every single one of these adjectives you refer to!

      • Eric Bischoff

        if you spend some time looking through all of the comments on this site, which I do, and you still believe that this group is not mean, ill-informed and losers then you are just as blind as they are.

        My head is well above the sand and above the water and I am one who has been reading and sounding the alarm about government, foreign policy the military industrial complex, the drug industrial complex, the food industrial complex for the last 40 years when most of you thought I was crazy and kept telling me America love it or leave it. I love it enough thank you, otherwise, knowing about all of the stupidity that goes on, I would have left a long time ago.

        I think it’s hypocritical of a lot of you to now want to do something about the government while only blaming the current administration when I am sure most of you voted the Bush administration in. This mess didn’t happen overnight and we all have a part in it.

        Sorry but I don’t read any meaningful answers that will make any difference here, just diatribe and drivel. And I am looking for answers!

        • Ricky

          Well Eric, I do see a couple of things that you and I agree on. This mess is certainly not the fault of the current administration. They’re just accelerating things. This road has been in the process of being paved for many decades now. One cannot truly point their fingers at the right, left or anywhere in between for this mess and claim that it’s “all their fault”. There are Ponds and there are Kings on this chess board which we call the world. We like sheep are being led astray, like lambs to the slaughter. Mr. Obama is nothing more than on of the king’s ponds. With that said, I truly do respect your input and opinion.

        • Jerry

          Eric Bischoff Reply:

          June 19th, 2009 at 12:46 pm

          if you spend some time looking through all of the comments on this site, which I do, and you still believe that this group is not mean, ill-informed and losers then you are just as blind as they are.

          I think it’s hypocritical of a lot of you to now want to do something about the government while only blaming the current administration when I am sure most of you voted the Bush administration in. This mess didn’t happen overnight and we all have a part in it.

          Sorry but I don’t read any meaningful answers that will make any difference here, just diatribe and drivel. And I am looking for answers!

          Oh great wise kind well informed winner, please tell us what to do. Your comments are the most meaningless thoughts on this board. Your head is so far out of the sand your living in a fantasy world. Your a screwball.


    • DaveH

      What is the point of calling people names because they don’t agree with you? It certainly won’t make them want to listen to you, even if you do come up with valid ideas. Name calling is just a banal attempt to manipulate people and it doesn’t work on most people, it only pisses them off.
      It has been my experience that people who stoop to name-calling do so because they don’t have valid information with which to debate on a factual basis.

      • Eric Bischoff

        I did not call anyone any names. I merely described the behaviors on this site and a final description of the group as a whole. The group’s behavior, which includes plenty of name calling, is what you should be worried about. I have brought plenty of valid points to this site only to have them answered with asinine remarks. It gets very old to deal with childish behavior in these times.

        • DaveH

          I don’t doubt that, but it doesn’t help to join them. Ill-informed, losers, blind, and childish qualify as name calling in my book. You have some valid points in your messages, but all that name-calling turns me off. I know that I may be a little idealistic but I would love it if people could calmly express their viewpoints on this blog without trying to silence those that have different viewpoints.
          I certainly don’t have all the answers but I do know all of our information comes from other human beings and the fact that they get their viewpoints or information printed does not make them true or correct. So all we can do is listen to what others have to say and make our best judgement from that. When people are silenced by ridicule then we miss out on their points of view which sometimes may contain bits of wisdom which we have not previously considered.

  • Wally Whitehurst

    The geographic coordinates of all addresses are already known, or easily obtainable by the Government, since satellite photography used for mapping the planet determines coordinates for all locations.

    In view of this I can see no justification for collecting coordinates except for newly constructed buildings addresses that may not be shown on non-current satellite images.

  • Charlie

    The above article aludes to using UN forces in America. That won’t be necessary!! GOOGLE – H.R.1388 Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.. This is amendments to National & Community Service Act of 1990.. It changes the name to “National Civilian Community Corps”. HR 1388 Subtitle E, section 1503 Eligible Participants – 250,000 by 2012, between age 18-24, 50 percent disadvantaged youths. This is your new police force to use the GPS to “take into custody” or to take our guns. “Because our military is stretched too thin” is the EXACT wording Obama used to sell this idea to congress and it has passed!! Now we will have 125,000 minimum center-city gangbanger dope heads as our National Security!!!!! I feel sooooooo much safer now! Remember this, “no ones Life, Liberty, or Property is safe while congress is in session”. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Thompson

    Keep your semi-auto, HIGH POWERED weapons in good working order. Looks like we might need them. Forget pistols. Go get some “foot pounds of energy”. Like deer rifles have. The fact that I can still buy rifle ammo easily, tells me that folks are UNDER ARMED. 9mm ain’t gonna get it done with kevlared troops!! NO accuracy and NO foot-lbs.

  • s c

    GPS is only one topic included here, so I’d like to add my perspective. If Queen Pelosi has plans for saving Mother Earth, I’d like to suggest that a simple way to lessen the impact of politicians elevating carbon dioxide levels is to levy a $5 million tax (per head) on everyone in Congress and the White House.
    Most of Americ’s hot air [aka carbon dioxide] comes from Washington, so go after the source. There is no practical difference between what comes out of a politician’s mouth and bovine flatulence, so they must be forced to pay – and pay NOW.
    Tax the problem-creators NOW. Give them a reason to talk less and do more.
    Mother Earth must be protected at all costs. Make the guilty PAY for their sins!

  • Roger

    “Bring it on!” The biggest problem with this census issue hovers around the fact that the ACORN members who are the foot soldiers for this Chicago Thug Administration are criminals themselves!

  • Tom Hough

    In addition to invading our privacy, they are wasing our money. They could do it using Google maps.

  • Jeanetta

    It really annoys me to hear that there’s no outrage in America for all the things the gov’mt is doing. We’ve got plenty of outrage but aside from signing petitions, going to Tea Parties, phoning our reps and senators, what can be done?? THEY DON’T LISTEN TO US! Very few of us can afford take the time off work to travel to Washingto to protest in person, so what do we do?? C’mon, some of you creative thinkers. Help us out! In my state we have two Democrat Senators who vote in lockstep and are on the WRONG SIDE of every issue. I write them (email) weekly, and get the canned responses. “We share your concern, blah, blah. blah.” They already have their minds made up how they’re going to vote. Screw the people. That’s how Washington looks at us too. They look at us like children and they are telling us what’s good for us.

    My concern re: the census stuff is what are they going to do to us when we refuse to answer their invasive questions? They may not arrest us all, but they can issue a hefty fine, and if we refuse to pay, turn us over for collections and wreck our credit. This could ruin hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people. Then what? They’ll have us right where they want us. Beholden to them for every move we make and morsel we eat.

    • Valverde

      Yup, and they already have huge fenced areas out west in the boonies and for what reason no one will say. Can you say concentration camps? I knew you could.

    • Valverde

      Here’s the problem: 58.7% of the people voted for the weep commie in 2008. Why? Only answer I can come up with is either too stupid or don’t care. I think a lot of it was “don’t care”. A lot of people I know didn’t vote in 2008 because they wouldn’t vote for Nobama, the Great(?) and wouldn’t vote for McCain. This means they did not vote for or against anyone in the Congress or Senate either. That translates into stupid to me. I had to hold my nose to vote for McCain, but at least he wasn’t pro-death like the Nobama, the Great(?), which was a pretty good reason not to vote for the Nobama. the Great(?) Anybody who thinks that killing babies is a good idea has much more than a loose screw somewhere.

    • Deerefly

      Dear Jeanetta ( & others) :

      Ever hear “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” ??? and, “What goes around comes around” ???

      So, GPS all the banksters, government pricks, illegal alien sanctuaries, and safe houses that you know of and mark them for wipe-out. They need GPS and other costly toys ( that won’t work once the batteries are dead and the grid is shut down) , but all you’ll need are 2 gallons of gas and a match!

      So, grow your own food in a victory garden, in your backyard orchard, in window boxes, in your bay windows, in your hydroponics system – and when the supermarket shelves are bare you’ve got yours but they may be wondering why their “leaders” sold them out .

      So, own and practice with a large caliber semi-automatic rifle , which is exactly what they are telling you THEY are afraid of! Buy 1,000 rounds of armor piercing ammo, and be prepared to take the weapons, uniforms and ammo off any street thug, foreign soldier, or hired mercenary they send after you. What could be better than them having paid for your weapons from then on? Get what you need off their cold and dead bodies. They weren’t going to take prisoners so why should you?

      So, put in a wood stove and lay in firewood, kindling , candles, matches and prepare for the times that make those living in their all-electric McMansions shiver. ( Have you ever watched the movie , “RED DAWN” ? Watch, think, learn, prepare! )

      So, join your local Neighborhood Watch Group, or form a new one, and have everyone in that Group use the same caliber ammo. Watch each other’s backs so , If anyone messes with anyone at any GPS address, they’ll be poking into a hornets’ nest . (Meet every neighbor too, and make friends. If someone living nearby no habla inglesa or looks like a middle eastern muslim terrorist sheethead, note that and pay attention! )

      So, form a “Citizens’ Grand Jury”, and be willing to invest your time to hear complaints, investigate frauds, and do what the government is failing to do. Start by indicting every public servant who’s in breach of his/her oath of office. That’s their one and only warning!

      So, join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps or one of the other BorderWatch groups. If illegal aliens ( law breakers) are discovered, take them into custody and call ICE ( You do own several sets of handcuffs, correct?)

      So, the financial industry wants you depending on them for “credit” ? They place more federal reserve note debt tokens in circulation so you/we go collectively deeper into debt to them? Bullshit! Get out of banks and banking! Obtain and use real money, or barter. Pay off any debt you owe to a flesh and blood person, relatives first, yourself next ( have you borrowed from your own life insurance?) , and then let the banksters pay off China and all the rest – they issued the bills and notes, correct? It’s THEIR debt, so its them that pay or go bankrupt. Demand the IRS and GAO audit the Fed, and charge the fed, all its members, and all its employees, and let them pay it or lose their assets, right down to the lowest clerk and secretary.

      Understand? We’re NOT dependent on government , or banks , or corporations – they are dependent on US! Any time We The People join hands and hearts and turn off THEIR lights they are done, finished, out of gas, out of luxuries, out of office, and out of work.

      Understand? CONSUMER POWER means buying is an option and it can be turned off. Selectively turned off, any corporation can be shut down! If they cannot sell their inventory, their lenders and factors shut them down.

      Understand ? Cash checks instead of depositing them. An empty bank cannot lend frauds or charge usury on nothing.

      Understand? When there is no confidence , because CONMEN are in control, and investors and entrepreneurs won’t risk a dime under such circumstances, then the system will collapse from its own greed and corruption, and those who were abusing it the most will suffer the worst in the collapse. Either they straighten out and fly right, and restore confidence, or they can wait while we watch all the DVDs we want to see for the 5th time, and become experts at electronic war games, and go fishing for meat , hunting for birds and deer meat, and stalking the wild asparagus.

      People won’t work for less any more than they’ll work for nothing . And, unlike Europeans or Africans or Chinese, Americans won’t be herded like sheep. When wolves come to the door, Americans kill wolves, skin ‘em, and make parkas out of the hides. So, be prepared to do just that ! And don’t be conned by fear. No reason to fear some little pissant boogyman ! We outnumber them 1,000 to one!

      • Jeanetta

        Yea verily!! Thanks so much. My husband and I are actually taking some of the steps you suggested. You sound a lot like Ted Nugent (one of my favorite human beings). I’m so thrilled to read the posts here. I agree – There are definitely more of us than there are of them!

      • Mark


        Especially “cash checks instead of depositing them”. Don’t let the socialists use YOUR money, or keep track of what you do with it.

        Pay bills with USPS money orders that you buy for cash.

        These guys do not want a cash economy, yet that is what they are making us resort to. The sooner the better.

  • connie pate

    I want email address”s of all the government idots in dc!!

    • Cynthia

      Google “contacting the congress”….It’s up to date
      good luck

  • Eauboy

    The cattle have been marked. Now they can be selectively culled for harvest.

  • charles killebrew

    I will tell you exactly why Obama wants your house located by GPS. When they come to take your weapons and you refuse they can take you out from miles away. No witnesses. This president is a maniac who is destroying our country.

    • Joe

      Census workers checking addresses the year before a census occurs before every census. The census works with addresses, not individuals. I have heard for decades than census data would be used to round up dissidents. When you have evidence that census data have been used for political or military purposes, then scream about it.
      Obama is not a maniac, not a Muslim, not a Communist. He is not planning to take your guns. There are plenty of real problems to worry about–most ignored, created, or worsened by the incompetent Bushies. McCain would have driven the country further into the ground. His administration would have been no better than his terrible campaign.

  • Lauri in SC

    I never thought I would see a communist America and Bam here it is. Obama is determined to turn us into a third world country. Who does Obama answer to? What right does Obama and Acorn have to the census? Obama promised lower taxes for 95% of Americans? Yet he wants to tax the farmers who own cows???? Tax us through the roof with cap and trade? 25% federal tax, tax soda and chocolate? He wants to put us all on a grid and monitor our energy use. Just who does he think he is? Why the Czars? To increase his power and bypass the Constitution? Now an info commercial to spread propaganda about his health care! No opposing views allowed!
    When are conservatives both Republican and Democrat going to rise up and say no? Where is that birth certificate? Why is Obama afraid to present it?

    • Jeff T

      Of course we all know that Czar derives from “Ceasar” the supreme leader of the Roman Empire, so here we are creating lots of “supreme leaders” of various “government empires” and yet Obama’s approval rating is still over 50%. Young americans, students, teachers, hollywood actors, and many others seem to want a dictatorial form of government, so they vote in an arrogant self-centered president (or better, Supreme Czar) and then complain that he’s telling them what to drive, what to eat, what kind of health care they can get, and how much of their future income will be taken to pay for all these programs. Folks, we are losing our freedoms to the democrat rulers who take no responsibility for putting us into this financial mess with their laws promoting loans to people who can’t afford repayments, and laws to force more fuel economy out of a gallon of fuel, and failing to promote nuclear power plants or more drilling for oil.

      How can anyone expect a positive outcome from all the government intervention in our lives and in the economy? Every other attempt at centralized control has failed, what makes people think that Obama and his left-wing Czars can do better?

      • MIKE

        Its a NEW WORLD ORDER , Wake Upppppppppppppppp .

    • http://yahoo sharon s.

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU GUYS. I don’t understand how the people in this country could vote this man in for president. I don’t know what this country is coming to when people can vote a man to be president when he associates with terrorists and goes to a church where hatred of the United States is the sermon and his mentor and friend writes books spewing hatred for Americans. People wake up!!!!!! This man is destroying the United States. He wants total control over everything. I don’t think it’s the governments job to tell us what doctor,medicine,what tests,what kind of car we can drive,what kind of food we can eat,etc. This does not sound like the free America that i have grown up in. I also would like to see the birth certificate because i also believe that he is not a citizen.

    • Jeanetta

      Cause they don’t have birth certificates in the outback of Kenya.

      • Smilee

        They do have them in Hawaii through and his is recorded there but you people refuse to accept that despite the fact that all the lawsuits filed have been dismissed as being frivolous without merit and no evidence

  • http://none Deb

    Somebody mentioned Czars earlier. There are what 14 now? The only one they they answer to is the president, right? If I understand this correctly, that would make BO a "CZAR" not the president of The United States of America. Am I right?

  • Gordon Lindsay

    I couldn’t disagree more. What are you afraid of? Should you do anything wrong, you can bet the government, local or otherwise, know where you live anyway.

    I am old but understand the the beauty of the electronic age and all of the benefits that we derive from it.

    • Valverde

      Gordon, the problem is whose definition of “anything wrong” do they use. The Nobama, the Great (?) and company have a very different idea of “anything wrong” than you, and you wouldn’t like it if they used it, which I fully believe they intend to do. “Anything wrong” to them means “disagree with me or my policies”. Kinda puts us in harm’s way, doesn’t it?

      • Gordon Lindsay

        You miss the point.

        ‘Anything wrong’ is not the debate. The government, whether local or other, knows where you live.

        Using GPS coordinates will provide a more accurate census.

        But, I didn’t realize that many in this discussion group were so far right and can’t get over the fact that they lost the election and we now have a president who is going to take us out of the doldrums that the previous deregulators put us in. I played the game my whole life (50 voting years) and have lost all.

        Let us try a new strategy. And enough with the hate.

        Aye, only for a crystal ball, eh?

        • Valverde

          Oh, but that is the debate, because when the local government knows where you live, their definition of who is right and who is wrong very much comes into play. If they don’t like you, you don’t be you, to paraphrase a knucklehead from back in the 17th Century and it isn’t about who lost the election or who won, but the present invention of government has no good in its heart. Tell me if this isn’t hate: A baby lives through a botched abortion and instead of helping the baby live (which is well within the possibility of modern science) our so-called President says it should be left to die and it was, and on a shelf in a closet in the abortuary. That is the kind of regime you will be giving yourself over to. If he doesn’t like you (for whatever reason) he will get you and things are well on the way to that point. This isn’t hate, man, it’s looking at reality and I, for one, don’t like it one bit. Now if that’s hate, then so be it. I am looking at the crystal ball and I don’t like what I see. I’ve been voting waaay longer than you have, and the last 20 years have been worse than any I have lived through and that is the only way I know of to judge the present is by the past. I know my history. I was an History major and graduated summa cum laude, so I don’t believe I am ignorant of what is going on, but it is getting worse. All one has to do is look around oneself. Back in the ’50s what you say one could rely on because the government wasn’t out to get us and now it is. That is what has people on this site so upset. They are seeing something coming that they don’t like. For another take on this, since when has it been okay for the government to take over a private industry. Never, in this country’s history, but the Obama the Great(?) has done it and guess who came out with all the goodies? The UAW, that’s who, and guess how much they contributed to the Dims (and the Obama, the Great(?)’s coffers? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000,000. The people who had put up the money for GM and Chrysler got screwed with about 10% on the dollar that they had loaned these companies, trying to bail them out, and the Obama, the Great(?) steps in and says, “No, it’s not yours it’s theirs.” Something is wrong here and these two instances aren’t the only ones. There is not enough space in this column to detail the stuff he has already done, but I don’t know if you would get the point. You see, it is the point. Government isn’t your friend. Never has been, never will be, and if we don’t watch them like hawks, they will get us. That is why people on this site are afraid, including this person. You should be as well.

    • HoosierDONK

      thanks for that link ricky never heard of him before. he’s about as nutty as rush and bill.

  • Joann Cooper

    Bobby Norwood, Right on!!!!!

  • Paul

    What would happen if all of us filled out the form wrong?

  • Anne

    Bob, Have you heard of the American Community Survey through the Census Bureau? I just went through the coercion process of answering the survey despite the fact that these questions were intrusive and none of the government’s business.

    I was told that this survey replaces the Census “long form” so that everyone will only have to fill out the “short form” every 10 years. The survey is sent out to a couple of million ADDRESSES each year beginning in 2005 (I think that’s the year I read). I believe that 10% of the addresses in the US will be covered each 10 years.

    The info in the survey informs the addressee that the survey is mailed to an ADDRESS not a PERSON. BUT!!! If a person fails to return the completed survey, the person could be fined or imprisoned!!! Several copies of the survey were sent to me because I wanted to answer EVERY QUESTION with NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS but I wasn’t sure if I could do that. Now I know that YES, I could have answered that way in addition to filling my name out as ANONYMOUS FEMALE!


    BIG BROTHER IS HERE (and has been since at least 1981) AND IS DOING WELL!

  • Jeff T

    All the folks who were concerned that phone calls between US and countries in the middle east (not actually monitored conversations, just statistical analysis looking for unusually high number of calls) were so concerned about losing our privacy, or violations of our constitutional rights, etc., ad nauseum.

    Now we have a complete takeover of all the money collected in taxes, and money that has yet to be collected in taxes, and businesses, and bailouts with taxpayer money and now intrusive personal questions put into the census data along with GPS (so you can be uniquely identified) and we’re not hearing about Obama destroying the constitution, or violating your rights to privacy, and where is the Civil Liberties Union?

    Can anyone say “double standard” ??

  • Margaret Abernathy

    Let’s regroup and think things through thoroughly — something the government hasn’t been doing. Let’s start not by complaining what is wrong but by acknowledging the problem and working together to resolve the situation. We need to unite to achieve results.

  • Anne

    Let’s get everything straight here people.


    Obama was introduced to the Bilderbergs (one of dozens of names these people use to keep everyone confused) in July of 2008 as it became known that he was going to be the Democratic nominee for President, just as Clinton was in 1992. McCain is an “oldtimer” in this group as are all of the Bushes.

    The Who’s Who of Neocons reads like the Social Register of Every Western Nation. If you want real change, WE THE PEOPLE will have to find a way to keep people like this out of our government! While swearing to uphold the US Constitution, these neocons create a crisis, wait for us to demand a solution which, of course, they already have and, of course, further abbrogation our rights are required.

    So, stop pointing the finger at Obama like he is different from Dubya. They are different sides of the same coin. A coin designed to deprive Americans (and everyone not a Neocon) of our freedoms. The neocons tell us that we MUST give up some freedoms so that people around the world will be able to get some freedoms. What a line of CRAP that is!?! Did I miss the memo that stated that there were only so many freedoms to go around? Or is this just more political poison trying to convince Americans that not everyone deserves to be free? Or as free as we are?

    I didn’t know that I was born (1951) into a fascist state (albeit a newly forming one). I didn’t know that the CIA was formed using Nazi Germany SS officers and Gestapo officials secreted out of Germany until about 2002. Or that the Soviet Union did the same thing for the KGB. So who really won WWII? As the world becomes more and more a police state, we need to be asking this question and many, many more, instead of pointing our fingers at the puppets while ignoring the puppetmasters.

    • mike

      Interesting theory, but will it hold water? Unless there
      is hard evidence, and I mean HARD. You haven’t a
      chance at anything.

      • HoosierDONK

        hey mikey, you want some hard evidence take a look at Iran today. same shit we will face in twenty years if we’re still around. once you guys replace the total constituion with your christian conservative values we will have the same thing as iran but christian instead of islam. same shit no matter how you mix the water bud.

        darn mikey your gonna end up being one of those loser basiji sorta people. i wouldn’t expect the american people to be as nice as the iranian’s.. i don’t see us doing the peaceful thing, we’re much to greedy of a people for being nice and peaceful. our lower/middle class will burn your cities and steal all they can from your businesses. you remember the aftermath of katrina don’t you? anarchy my friend.

        as a child going to church i would have never dreamed of all the killing our god can do? i believe jesus christ to be the son of god. i believe in the one living god. but i will say right here and now to you and God, if you, God or anyone you have anything to do with is involved in killing people i’m not interested in serving. i choose hell over watching my brothers and sisters die in the name of God. god knows my heart, my fate is in his hands. mikey, your fate will be in the hands of someone like me. i hate basiji… maybe you better start praying now to your God and try and convince him your not the one who needs to be killed. sure as hell he’ll have you killed if he’s not happy with you.

    • Ricky

      I like your style Anne! But I wonder just how many people actually know about the Bilderbergs. Obviously not enough! Also, I cannot help but wonder how many people in this string even know who Alex Jones is.

    • MIKE

      ANNE is spot on the money,you need to listen to what she is saying,its the truth.

  • marica

    Don’t listen. Don’t watch NBC CBS or ABC. Keep your tv on 24/7 to FOX weather you’re home or not. Run them out of business. Don’t listen to Obamas infomercials…he can blab on infinitely and noone will be listening…

    • mike

      Wow, how much commission are you getting
      from Fox NEWS these days? You’d have to be an idiot
      if you didn’t. Hmmm, I guess I answered my own question.

      • Lee


        According to most of the post on this site, I would turn the tables on the “idiot” comment here. Maybe you better wake up and start paying attention to what is really going on here.

  • marica

    P.S. Don’t watch letterman or buy products that support him. And ofcourse don’t buy antthing GE.

  • Margaret

    The media is so obamatized that all newspaper reporters and television stations have to obey the leader’s marching orders or they will be fired. I am not being paid to mention FOX news but Glen Beck certainly gives us both sides of the coins and asks us to make up our own minds. We are not being brain-washed as the other news reporters and stations are trying to do. Obama is an excellent orator; I will give him credit for that.
    We must wake up and see what is happening or it will be too late. Both parties have manipulated the people; from the schools to reporting to just plain expecting us, the people, to be qualible (sp)to what it is they want us to think.
    I for one want to have government working to protect us and let the states run the rest. Bigger government, bigger spending, by both parties, has gotten us into this mess. We can no long be told to jump and we reply “how high”.

    • Smilee

      Didn’t you know that coin has tails on both sides, in other words not a real coin so you end up with only half the story. So many fooled by him.

  • Loren

    My mom has already been visited TWICE by two different census counters, the latter to check the accuracy of the first. And the “official” census supposedly hasn’t even begun. What a great use of taxpayer money!!!

  • Paula

    Many good points shared. I too have said if we need to change our light bulbs, then give us a local recycling center to dispose of them. Batteries too, where are we to take them in each city? The schools have been going down hill for more than 40 years since my children began going to school. Then too as parents we must realize that our children will not get all they need at school we must do the rest at home! Why can’t we have a chart for criminals sentencing? Seems that in one county or state the time is short and in another moderatly longer. Crimes against children should be the maximum and probably life without parole. Tired of our leaders from the city, county and state, government in same lording over us instead of doing the job we hired them to do.

  • Sandra TX

    People……we have to inform ourselves. The way to cripple this government is to take
    the money away. We need constitutional conventions in 2/3 of the states to dismantle the 16th amendment….the IRS !! Only by taking away the money will we be able to get any kind of control going forward. But that will be only the 1st step. If you remember, the 1st of June, 134 BILLION of our treasuries was intercepted in Italy being carried by Japanese. So, the underlying goal of this fascist movement is to collapse the dollar / US Government so they can then take over. That is why they are overwhelming us with every kind of change possible. By meeting together in our TEA Parties, we can then begin selecting people who are informed and plan the actions that would be most productive. It can’t just be a “rally” carrying signs and protesting. WE MUST GET OUR HEADS TOGETHER AND USE OUR VARIOUS TALENTS TO FORM A PLAN OF ACTION. Contacting people we know that have
    legal knowledge and are TRUSTWORTHY is going to be the challenge. The difficulty is screening people’s intentions. There has to be a method such as this to gather in the patriots !! Let us begin the marshaling of minds/souls/resources !!!

    • Lee

      You should come to Dallas, Southfork Ranch, see our website we are going to have one huge July 4th event with some great speakers, so, spread the word and come on down!

      We’ll make some noise here.

  • Garry B

    It was discussed on Rush today about utilizing “Civil Disobedience” to protest the extended form of the Census. Refuse to give any information other than how many people live at the address, no more, no less.
    Be aware, this is a civil crime though, and you may be fined. On the other hand, it is unlikely any punishment will come if enough people do the same thing.
    I would use the 4th amendment to the constitution as an excuse. Obtaining personal information could be construed to be illegal search and seizure. It makes as much sense as calling an abortion “right to privacy”.

  • Underw8

    How stupid have we gotten? Foreign powers are saying we are fools to back Obama, and STILL over 50% are behind him?
    I can understand Kennedy, Kerry, et al — they are always against it before they are for it. But as for the rest of the US?
    Surely we cannot be that stupid!
    When Obama printed more currency, worldwide, he reduced the value of our present currency. Soon, it will be worthless, and we will be “third world.”
    Are WE going to allow this to take place by failing to vote him and Joe Biden out of office the next election — if they last that long?
    PROUD father of an American Soldier

    • http://none Carl

      I must have missed something here. All the news I have seen from all sources
      indicate foreign countries are overjoyed to have Obama instead of Bush as
      United states President.
      How proud will you be if your son/ daughter soldier comes home in a box?
      Will you Blame Obama for starting this war of choice?

      • Sandi

        Yeah, Carl. He bows to Saudi Kings, talks bad about Israel, kisses butt to the Muslims and calls America arrogant! That’s a real good President for them.

  • Valverde

    Foreign troops might have fewer qualms about killing Americans in the event of a civil uprising, but I woud have no qualms about using my .45 on them either, so I guess turn about is fair play.

  • Billy D

    One can easily produce one’s own type of bulbs, believe me!
    You can even use the old base and a vacuum seal pump and seal them. The tungsten can be bought or reproduced easier than one would think. C’mon, let us not be pawns here!

  • Billy D

    ALSO, don’t forget what we were brought up on,
    “Better Dead than Red”!

  • B Bone

    I worked this initial canvass, by the U S Census Buresu, in preparation for the 2010
    enumeration. The job consisted of: 1. Establishment of living Quarters. 2. Obtaining
    a valid USPS mail address including Zip code. 3. Map spot that living quarters on
    a map from the 2000 census; which, was installed in a Hand Held Computer. Many
    times my map spoting coincided with the map spot that had been made bya marker on the hard copy of the 2000 census. It all seemed very benign to me…with the object- ive being to provide a means to mail by USPS the questionaire to all Living Quarters
    and, if this occurs…only those that do not respond will need to be visited to obtain their information. However,
    The mischief might be planned for later. There was a report
    that one of the main reasons Senator Gregg Judd changed his mind re taking the Sec
    of Commerce position, after, he accepted. His public reason was to much difference in the policy concepts and objectives. As the Census Bureau is under the Commerce
    Secretary, and, President Obama, again, reportedly, took it out and put the twin nation citizen, Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, in charge of the census.

  • Byron

    Everybody, do some research on Woodrow Wilson, and see the comparison with Obama. He is a leftist (progressive).Obama was schooled on this way of thinking.The Obama administration is nothing more than a fascist governmental system permitting no opposition or criticism. We have people who are scared to say or do anything, we have people who believe Obama is the way to believe (stupidity) , we have a mainstream media (government run) who thinks Obama is the second coming of Christ. We have holly wood who traditionally are leftist communist —(by the way do some research on Sen. Joe MCcarthy come to find out he was right) another victim of liberal tactics of hiding the truth by destroying him with lies. There is two things that we need to watch for in these events that are unfolding before our eyes, witch will be the evidence. When we see our only voice (conservative talk radio and Fox television news, witch is our 1st amendment taken away, and our 2nd amendment witch is not for squirrel or duck hunting, but for protection against governmental tyranny taken away) THEN WE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH IS ON OUR DOORSTEPS. I am 57 years old, and i have honestly indulged in this freedom we have here in America, and i have enjoyed every second of it. Some of you can blame George W. Bush, but under this administration, I SURE DO MISS GEORGE W.BUSH. Give me liberty, or give me death. Byron

  • harvey

    how ;when you keep sending the same representavies back to washingtontime after time do you expect to keep them honest . there are still honest people in america vote someone else in .the problem here is the kennedys-myrthas-bidens-mccainsmost are liberals from the northeast states . you cannot take god out of our country like they are allowing to happen and expect our country to stand.why not try diffrentpeople cant be any worse than what we have. before you jump for being a right wing extremist iam an american .dont belong to no party .i reasearch and vote for who i think is the most honest we can join me and lets send new people to washington in 2010 if they dont work out we can change again .al it requires is for us to get off our butts and go vote. come on lets do it . lets take our country away from them and give it back to our children harvey

    • HoosierDONK

      man i’m sorry harvey but you guys just don’t have any body to offer up. give me some names of who you think should run for president next time around? you got nobody stepping up.

  • Independent Thinker

    The problem with America is that the EXTREME left wing has taken over the dem. party, under the guise of kind-hearted do-gooders, and the ignorant in this country support them, while the so-called repub. try to be just like them. The Heritage Foundation has an article on VISTA, one of these groups of radicals from the 70′s. Guess what they are doing today? Running ACORN and holding cabinet positions in the Obama admin. Mark Levin stated on his show last night that under the Reagan admin., he was tasked to go through all of their records and others just like them. He took away all of their gov’t funding, because they were trying to use our gov’t against us, in a “counter-revolution.” Carter gave these people millions, and they are back stronger than ever today. That’s why Obama set aside millions for ACORN and Americorp. Please go to for the link to one of the articles from the Heritage Foundation. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I think the H. F. is one of the most trusted sources of info. out there. I also agree that we need new people in Washington. I am also not affiliated with a specific party, but I do agree with conservatives on many issues and I think this “big tent” idea from the Rhinos is a bunch of crap. I am attracted to their stand on the ISSUES and believe most people would be, too. Forget the idea of attracting segmented groups like “latinos and gays.” It’s time to start attracting the AMERICAN vote.

  • Allenbc

    I am a conservative patriot,I love all Americans (US citizens) no matter what color, I
    have served my country in several capacities. I also find fault with all lawyer/politicians
    who have corrupted themselves and betrayed America and betrayed their oath of
    office. Any entity that is a detriment to the “US Constitution and the Bill of Rights” is
    an enemy of the people of these United States of America !!! If you are not willing to
    fight for her YOU will LOSE her. How far are you willing to go to save our country ??

    • HoosierDONK

      i am a liberal patriot nice to meet you. i don’t really care to much for american’s these days. i started work at fifteen years old and i paid my taxes for thirty five years of hard labor. yea i don’t like them lawyers or politicians either, i don’t think very much of the insurance companies either. isn’t that nice, we are almost alike.

      i’m thinking maybe america won’t be making it as long as the roman empire was able to. we got a long ways to go to top that one. whether you realize it at this time or not you are going to lose this country one way or another. i’m afraid mankind is just so dumb i don’t see us making it much past 2015. we’ll definitely be starving by 2020. at this time it would be more wise for you to spend your time preparing yourself for survival. sorry to pop your bubble, but you knew things were bad didn’t you?

    • Jane Doe

      Then it is PAINFULLY EVIDENT that Obuma, Congress (especially Nazi Nancy), the Progressives, the Far Left Liberals, the Marxists, and ALL THOSE PATHETIC PEOPLE the title of “UnAmerican” or “Haters of America.” Because they clearly do NOT believe in the Constitution! They should be DEPORTED to their ideal utopia SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST nation such as China…they would obviously be quite happy there. But it has NO PLACE in America!

      • Jane Doe

        My above comment was meant for “Allenbc”

  • Toni Gayles

    I am homeless and live in my car. How will I be counted?

    • HoosierDONK

      if i get the job i’ll make sure i get you counted.

  • Carol



    • Carol


    • HoosierDONK

      how you gonna pull off gettin rid of obama right now? honey you are so far right your fixin to fall out of the tree. straighten up, get ahold of yourself.

      are you a christian? i reckon your not christian cause you sure wouldn’t be scared of anything if you was christian. honey find the lord, follow his path and you won’t have to live with that scared feeling. good luck, i’ll pray for you.

      • Carol

        I am a Christian but and I know God is there for all of us but he had better step in very soon to protect all of us because we are gettng into more and more trouble.

        We won’t be able to get rid of him for now but his health is going down more and more everyday just by looking at him. His skin looks plastic just as my father’s did just before he had his stroke. If this man doesn’t stop smoking as he does he is going to go the same road that my father did. He stopped smoking when he had his stroke at fourty-five and died at fivety-five. I am telling you he is going to go that road very soon.
        My name is not “honey” and I wish you would not call me that at all and that is a fact.
        I know Our Father is out there because if he weren’t I couldn’t have gone through the hell I went through all by myself when I was twelve years old all the way through until I was twenty-one so I know he is there.

  • rlmach2

    As regarding to the Census 2010, recent administration has made several changes to valid U.S. law which were not approved by the Congress and therefore are not legally “sound”:
    - Census must be organized by U.S.. Department of Commerce and not by an ACORN – a private organization with the connections to US Government;
    - A purpose of Census is to count the number of US residents to the certain date, which primarily served to get a number of lected representatives to US Congress;
    - Our lawmakers set the number of representatives to 435 – it does not correspond to intention of still valid Census law.
    If you want more information about this issue, go to

    • HoosierDONK

      is that where i go to get one of them obama jobs? acorn? do you have to take a test? i bet they drug test. man, i dunno my brother says i can drink this stuff for two weeks and then i can pass the test. do they have email?

    • Smilee

      Where did you get this BS, It is being done by the Department of Commerce

  • Byron


    • HoosierDONK

      i’ll only say this once Byron :) If we gave you and yours control of this country twenty five years from now we will be doing the same thing iran is doing today. only it won’t be Islam mixed with government it will be Christianity mixed with government. if the world can’t see that then i reckon i better start spewin this shit around. pardon the language.

    • Smilee

      Wow, what twisted fiction

      • Smilee

        This was in reply to Byron

        Smilee Reply:
        July 1st, 2009 at 8:12 pm

        Wow, what twisted fiction

        • Byron

          Twisted fiction? Either you were born and raised in a village of liberal idiots, are you are not aware of just what liberalisim is (cause and effect) are you drink the cool aid in mass quantity.

    • HS Thompson

      If you had ever done any research you would know it is Karl Marx with a K not a C. You should try Machiavelli, Adam Smith and maybe a bit of Joseph Campbell to put some perspective on it.

      Your fundamentalist view is the same as the other narrow minded extremists all over the world. The world is not cast in some narrow religious parameters, open your mind and see your own desease. Fundamentalism gets people flying planes into buildings.

      • Byron

        (Carl Marx) Your fascist liberal comment is the equivalent to fundamentalisim.Typical lib, dodge the facts and logic by pointing out a misspell ,or resort to labeling. HEY HS THOMPSON YOU CANT EVEN SPELL THE NAME OF THE DISEASE YOU ARE SUFFERING WITH. ?DESEASE?

    • MIKE

      Nope, the main problem with this country is the FEDERAL RESERVE and has been since 1913. Remember that it is a private system that makes is own laws and ansers to nobody. The UNITED STATES is no longer a country it is a corperation ,it has a president ,vice president who works for the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX and the big banksters.These are the ones who are destroing our country for there own selfish purpose.All the people who have highjacked WASHINTON are just doing what they are told.

    • Jane Doe

      All those things should be ABOLISHED and have NO place in a Republic! Especially “Politically Correct” (as it covers a MULTITUDE of issues wrong with this nation)!

      We should make a motion to FOREVER BAN “POLITICALLY CORRECT”! It is RIDICULOUS and TOTALLY UNAMERICAN that we:

      Tolerate other’s bogus religions (Muslim/ Jehad comes to mind)
      Appease the ‘minorities’ and their little useless histories and rearrange entire HISTORY books over them!

      Take Christianity out of schools, history books and most likely the CONSTITUTION soon!

      Tolerate terrorists!
      Tolerate immigration, much LESS give immigrants Citizenship!
      Have to watch every single word, as it might ‘offend’ somebody (usually a freakin’ LIBERAL)

      Tolerate HC reform
      Tolerate the coming of a National I.D.
      ETC ETC ETC ETC… it is something NEW AND INTRUSIVE EVERY SINGLE DAY! Obuma must be jealous of China & wants to model THIS nation after them!

  • Mr. Ed

    If every one who wants to know what they can do will just visit this web site:
    They have good, sound ideas on how to reign in our so-called government. They do not promote violence, but they do promote the constitution and returning it back to it’s original state as written by our founding fathers.
    These people are not a bunch of gun toting radicals. Most are retired or active military, and level headed law enforcement (the kind who don’t have the word “sheeple” in their vocabulary). Professors, doctors, business owners, and even everyday common folk like most of the people here.
    Read the posts, look into their idealisms. Go in with an open mind and leave the same way. You may find that these people know whats going on and have the answer your looking for.

  • Howard

    To Joyce:

    Where have you been? Obama is the problem, not Bush……. Please, wake up out of that liberal fog…..

    • HoosierDONK

      i’ll say this, if bush were still in office we would be in iran right now :) nuclear threat would have ended from there, then we could turn our attention to Korea

  • Howard

    Byron- You are dead on regarding the problem– LIBERALS…. They are the cancer of America. They are so stupid to the problem, they will awaken one day and blame George again…..

  • Howard

    The census takers, and probably ACORN team are now setting GPS in on every home and business in America. They want to know who we are, where we are, and where they can come for us whenever the U.N. “peace keepers” come to U.S. to take up the battle. Problem is they cannot speak English….. Some one needs to tell them to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC and redo the program…

    • HoosierDONK

      just don’t give up that right to bear arms, you seen what’s happened in iran.

      • Eric Bischoff

        I suppose you think that, because you have the right to bear arms, the fascist police won’t shoot you and they won’t turn the national guard on you. That would be a first. They shot people in Ohio, they shot people in Seattle and they shot people during Katrina.

  • HoosierDONK

    hey, is this one of those places where i can get me one of them obama government jobs? i can take a census. where do i sign up?

  • http://none Dale

    The short story is follow the money on every story. Gore made tons of money off the theory of global warming (notice it is theory not fact). Recent reports show a cooling trent the past 8-years even though carbon levels continued to increase.
    Politicians continue to make lots of money during the economic downturn. Their pensions are guaranteed and backed by taxpayer dollars, no drop in IRA value here.
    I’m not saying some jobs are not necessary, but Government workers don’t pay any taxes or pay anything into social security. The deductions from their pay just ruduces the amount they take from the tax pot. Nearly half the people in the US are dependant on Government money, including social security yet nealy half of the people on social security are x-government and never actually paid in one dime.

    More government means more debt, and less tax revenue.

  • Betty

    We all talk about the sistuation in America, but no action is shown, everyone in Washington should be voted out of office from the Pres. elected to the last senate and representive . They think you do not understand what is going on and I believe some of the people are so blind with hate (the liberals) that they actually think this president will save them and give them any and everything they need or want, boy are they in for a surprise, all we will get out of this administration is a socialist country and Obama wants to be a dictator along with the speaker of the house.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Actually Betty,
      I think that the Congress and the Senate are the real problem. They are the ones working for special interest groups. I did not vote for the president but there really isn’t much not to like about him. He inherited a disaster and I think that if he was left alone to give us the radical solutions that are needed in this dire situation, he might be able to save us from ourselves. He certainly is smart enough. I don’t think he stole the election, and I am pretty much convinced that the Bush/Rove machine did steal 2 elections and got away with it. Where was the outrage then? Instead of making fun of Iran, we should look at our own apapthy. They may turn out to be a better democracy than us. At least they are taking to the streets. The problem is that Americans do not know what they don’t know. Most have never traveled outside this country and the majority believe everything they see and hear on Fox. The congress and the senate are just a bad representation of ourselves. As long as we allow them to exist, as they have for decades, nothing will ever get fixed and we will continue to fall in this downward spiral. There are too many bad laws, too much corruption, too many special interests, and too many politicians only looking to stay in power instead of doing the right thing. We all have a part in this mess as we are also the ones demanding that OUR politicians bring home the bacon for our communities. Who do you think all these earmarks are for? We profess to love capitalism and the free market system but we operate with one subsidy after another. This is hypocritical. The rest of your comments about socialism and dictatorship are misplaced. Bush should have been called the dictator and the only socialism in this country, and we should be proud of it, is medicare and social security and the army. I think we should be proud of that. A lot of our grand parents (and soon many parents) are living only because of social security. What we have been living under for too many years now is fascism. I will take a socialist democracy system like sweden over a fascist system any day. Time to wake up.

  • Byron

    Hello: THE SPEWING SHIT MAN Don’t just say it once, say it again so everybody will realize how out of touch touch you really are.It seems you are afraid of christianity mixed with government, whats the matter? there might a little morals involved? I would rather it that way other than an anti freedom, fascist regime that we are under now.It’s apparent you don’t really know what freedom really is. Just like all libs they are not responsible for their downfalls in life, they have to blame someone. Libs cannot handle the truth or logic. They resort to name calling.So please (SPEW SOME MORE OF YOUR SHIT) because that is all it is, and all it will ever be is SHIT.

    • Smilee

      It is the constitution that prohibits government involvement in religion, that is all religions and it does not single out Christianity. Christianity is of no danger but those people that use it to promote their own agenda under what they perceive is Christianity which too often is in opposition to real Christianity is what is the real danger and I believe this is the reason the founding fathers saw fit to prohibit it.

  • Mr. Ed

    I notice a lot of finger pointing in this comment section. Every one should turn that finger around and point to themselves. We created this mess and our children are going to have to deal with it. Unless we deal with it now.
    We all knew Bush cheated on his first election with the recount of votes, but no one cared because we all knew Al Gore was an idiot voice box for Tipper and her twisted views on what was right for Americans. Then the 911 Cheney orchestrated mass-murder and subsequent quick removal of the evidence. Then suddenly we have a military base in Cuba (I had thought Cuba was out of bounds) where we can torture people. Not only prisoners of war, but Americans who are labeled “terrorists” because they don’t go along quietly with the grand scheme of things to come that as #49 Anne said the “Bilderbergs” have things mapped out.
    What? Who?
    They are the “backers” that Hillary introduced Barack to in 2008. I had read a story in the online local newspaper, page 8, bottom, single paragraph. I told my roommate about it and tried to stumble it but it never appeared. I tried to find it again, found the page but not the story.
    After that Obama was a shoe in. They made sure it was close but they made sure that their pick for president would be one most folks wouldn’t question at first. All the Republicans that were yelling were just dismissed as being upset because their choice didn’t win. Lucky for every one else they didn’t stop yelling and the evidence started piling up. The only problem is that every one is sitting on their collective thumbs waiting for some one else to do something. Sure people go online and rant & rave in these comment sections, and then some start belittling others for their views. Then the flaming starts and folks just go on to another topic, not wanting to wade through the b.s.
    It’s time we all start to do something. Find your local militia, the neighborhood 2nd amendment preservation group, the constitutional rights organization. Go down to the local V.F.W. and listen to what they have to say about the whole situation. Then act. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk, be seen as well as heard.
    You might end up in jail or shot, but they can’t get every body. That is what our forefathers believed in. That is what made our country great.
    I step off my soap box now and go back to cleaning my rifle and making sure my sword is razor sharp in case I run out of ammo. Things will get bloody, but don’t let a little blood scare you. Just wash it off at the end of the day, smile and keep on stepping, knowing that you are right.
    God helps those that help themselves.

  • H S Thompson

    Small misinformed minds spewing conspiracy and paranoia.

    You live in the greatest democracy in the world with the greatest opportunities and you are conviced the the government is all one global conspiracy. In a democracy majority rules, simple, people vote the majority takes government. If you don’t like it then America is not the place for you.

    The FED the Brandengurg group, the Rothchilds, fiat currency etc, etc, all global conspiracy elements – delusional fantasy. Oh don’t take my gun away because then the government will enslave me, idiotic.

    Moronic drivel. You people really need to get out from under the tin foil caps and get on medication you are laughable.

    • Mr. Ed

      Crawl back under your rock troll.

    • Mr. Ed

      As far as medication goes; Are you talking about the ones that the FDA pencils through where the side effects are most often worse than the condition these drugs are supposed to cure?
      Meanwhile their bank accounts just keep growing and growing.

    • DaveH

      Just keep your head in the sand, maybe all the bad stuff will go away. However, it didn’t work in Russia, Germany, China, Iran, Zimbabwe, etc. But maybe it will work here. By the way, name calling is just a form of manipulation performed by people who have no valid logical arguments and don’t understand that it isn’t effective against intelligent people.

      • John


        I am in business with people all over the world. I understand how things work and why we are in the situation that we are in. I have had the opportunity to meet with the heads of multibillion dollar corporations and some regional government leaders in the US and some European Countries. They are not part of your global conspiracy; they are good people that want to contribute to society. Most people in public life get in for all the right reasons, go meet some of them, I think you will agree.

        Comparing the US today to Russia – I am assuming you are referring to 1917 but perhaps Stalin’s era or the depths of the cold war or Putin today, Germany I guess you think that the Hyperinflation was a result of economic mismanagement not the treaty of Versailles or the complete bankruptcy following the first world war. China of the 1940′s?? I guess. Iran and Zimbabwe – I mean if you think there are parallels between the largest most powerful economy in the world, the nation with the Global currency and the majority of the Petro-dollars. Then you really don’t have a clue. It is like saying that a mouse and an Elephant are the same because they are both mammals.

        My head is not in the sand at all. I in fact understand what is going on and find ways to prosper, my business’ are doing quite well and I employ about 30 people. This is what America has always been good at, finding opportunities and going after them.

        The US has made lots of mistakes. The erosion of the economic base that was really started with Reagan and then driven by Bush junior is a problem. They took the US debt from about a trillion at the start of Reagan’s presidency to about 11 trillion after Bush with the whole world getting pulled down thanks to eased regulations that allowed banks to leverage positions up to 30 times (previously 10times). Thanks to the derivative disaster that unleashed 600 trillion in unsecured securities on an annual world economy of about 55 trillion shattered the financial system. Thanks to 500 billion a year current account deficit from 2000 to 2008 Obama had nothing to do with this, extinguishing the fire took an explosion of debt because as things failed a vortex of debt (600 trillion) threatened to bring down the system – the threat is past.

        There will be inflation, there will be dollar devaluation but the conspiracy spouted on this site, and the fear of hyper-inflation is a joke. The US will certainly not be the economic leader that it was, but that is not such a bad thing. More markets to sell to, more opportunities to grow, more nations elevated out of poverty – it all leads to a more stable world in the long run.

        Don’t be such a chicken little. We live in the greatest country in the world, there are dangers, but also opportunities everywhere, this is the best time that anyone has ever lived in. Lose the fear and get after the opportunities. The sky is not falling, we are not at the gates of hell and governments are not evil conspirators bent on taking away your freedoms.

        • DaveH

          The road to hell is paved with good intentions (I am not religious, by the way, but I think the phrase has meaning for anyone). By the way, you are still using your manipulative name-calling.
          Interesting that you seem to blame all that money creation on the Republicans (I am Libertarian) when in fact it takes no effort at all to discover that the Democrats are the big spenders (look at the congressional records).
          Democrats also love lots of regulations which is an economy killer. Big companies don’t mind all the regulations because they can hire expensive lawyers to deal with it, but small companies don’t have the resources to do that. The small companies are hobbled by them, thus less competition and weaker economies. I am a bit surprised if you own a small company that you still champion democrats.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Actually HS Thompson
      the Fed is not laughable. Who in their right mind once they understand how the system works would ever allow the Fed to exist and then to even today expand their powers, like they aren’t responsible for this mess in the first place.! Yeah, blame the poor people who took out mortgages for homes they could not afford. You think that’s what took down the world’s economy? Dream on.

      You think fiat currency is laughable. You work today. They print money while you sleep. You get up the next day and the dollar you made yesterday is only worth 80 cents. Then they get you to believe that your house is worth more, but only because it takes more dollars to buy it now, and they get you to borrow even more worthless dollars to spend on chinese junk until the whole system crashes.

      But some people made out with millions. Are you one of them? I’d doubt it or you wouldn’t be hanging out in this site.

      Using the conspiracy theory argument only works against you.

      • John

        See my response to DaveH

    • Average Joe

      H S Thompson, I always love to hear from people like you , uneducated and singleminded. People like you love to tell us all about conspiracy theorists. But you come in and shoot your mouth off without offering a shred of evidence to support your claims. Try doing a little research and come back when you actually have some facts and sources to re-inforce your claims.By the way reciting one report or one article is not considered proof of anything (a little cross referencing might be in order), or would that be too much to ask?It is too easy to come to a message board and call people names and try to undermine them without backing up your claims (that is the way people eho have no intelligence do things). Do us all a small favor, tomorrow morning, get up and pour yourself another box of stupid, on you…it looks good!Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one….stop talking out of yours!

      Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.
      William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806)

      A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.
      The average age of the world’s great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage.
      Alexander Tytler (1747–1813)
      (On the fall of Athenian republic)

      • Hs Thompson

        You respond like you have something to say and then say nothing, typical of the vacuous ill informed morons in this blog. I am not here to educate the simpleminded. I am simply stating that the paranoid delusions of the simple minded are idiotic.

        The only positive is that weaklings talk big and do nothing. All the hate speak is mouse squeeks, cowards rarely stand up.

        “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Churchill

  • Mr. Ed

    My apology for the last two comments. Totally off the subject at hand.

    Have fun with Google Earth and update your house g.p.s. and change the longitude and latitude by a few degrees. Let them think you live in the sewer half way down the block.

    just kidding;)

    • 13th Gen. American

      no your not :)

  • Pete Burlington

    Wake up, AMERICA before it is too late. Thomas Jefferson said, “That government is best which governs least.” I wonder if the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST prick obama even read American history? Wait he is not an AMERICAN so why would he have read anything.

    Wake Up, and spread the word that AMERICA IS GREAT. And tell that bitch Bow wow boxer from Calf. You earn respect.

    • Jane Doe

      :) :0 You mean “Nazi Nancy”?

  • D Lewis

    As for the GPS mapping of your home: A friend of mine was GPS’d before he knew what they were doing. He stated: they ask you to verify the address and they ask you if you are person living in the home, and then they GPS the house.
    So – you have to actually answer the door, you have to verify the number and street address, and you have to verify that you actually live in the home. They can GPS all they want, but it doesn’t mean anything until they do the verification.
    As far as I’m concerned, I will not verify anything to anyone who shows up at my door. They will get a door shut very politely, but very firmly in their face, and I will answer 1 question on the census – how many people live in the house. Other than that, they can kiss my axx.

    • Smilee

      I was working in my front yard when he stopped by, never asked my name or if I lived there or anything else. When I asked what I could help him with he only said he was there because of next years census and he a was census worked hired by the government and his only purpose for being there was to verify there was a house on the address and recorded its location by GPS so that next year they can mail out a census form to the address and if they do not get it back in the mail only then will they send out a census worker. He told me other than checking to see if a house is on the address he was not looking for any information and gave me a brochure giving the same information. I watched him go up and down the block he did not knock on any doors, only left the brochure saying he had been there and why, one other neighbor was also in his yard and he talked to him but he never knocked on any doors. Suppose your friend was pulling your leg???

    • Jane Doe

      :) I totally agree! Some da#mn body came to MY door the other day- didnt recognize the car OR person. Needless to say, I didnt answer. I have a ‘NO SOLICITING OF ANY KIND…DONT EVEN BOTHER KNOCKING’ sign on my door. They knocked anyhow, so I guess it was nosey Census. I am going to put a sign out that says “FOR CENSUS: 2 PEOPLE HERE.” They dont NEED anymore information. I HIGHLY value my privacy and go out of my WAY to avoid solicitors, sales people, and generally ANYBODY.

  • Hank

    Madoff just got sentenced for his fleesing of some investors…What is the difference what he did and what this adminstration is doing to the whole country (taxpayors) and nobody in governmemnt is being held accountable.. What is right for Madoff should be done to this adminstration as well.. Let those that spend our money give it back yea HA HA enough is enough throw them out….

    • Jane Doe

      I agree, Hank. THIS Congress seems to be ABOVE THE LAW! They must have given themselves self-immunity to the Constitution! I think we should come together and find a way to have them ALL kicked out, WHY wait until November?! By THEN, there will have been historical amounts of dictating, liberty-robbing Legislation put into place!

      THEY should be subject to the same laws that WE are. And because they are in contempt of the law, they should all be IMPRISONED with MAXIMUM SENTENCES!!! WHY cant we just FIRE the unlawful Far Left Progressives like Nazi Nancy & Reid at least? Oh, and ALL THAT VOTED YES FOR HC REFORM!!!!

  • Average Joe

    Hs Thompson,
    Again sir where are your facts? You still haven’t said anything intelligent, nor have you presented any facts to back up your claims aginst any of those “conspiracy theories”. You have however shown that you are 1) too lazy to do any research.2) have absolutely nothing to say. 3) truly are blind and ignorant of the world around you. 4) hate anyone that does not agree with “your” point of view. 5) did not actually read my post, as I have made absolutely no comment that could possibly be considered a conspiracy theory. My only comments were concerning your lack of intelligence and lack of research to support you claims (fact). Don’t bother responding, the last response has shown that you still have nothing worth saying, at least not to anyone with any intelligence. Some people actually have open minds, you are not one of them. Have another box of stupid.
    BTW since you like quoting Churchill, could you possibly be in the wrong country?England has Kings and Queens ….America does not! America is a Republic not a democracy, although because of ignorant and apathetic people like yourself, we are fast becomming a socialist nation (or should I say a Facist nation?). Thanks for nothing.

    Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.
    William Pitt the Younger (1759–1806)

  • Josephine

    I wish the government was tracking illegals as well as they are tracking the American people through social security numbers, driver license numbers and now GPS!! Please Note!! Everything that most illegals do not have!! WAKE UP AMERICA–are you the walking dead????

  • Troy Pittman

    I feel our country is and has been becoming communistic for years. Bush had more of a right to to some of the things he did I feel for our protection. The democratic Government now is just wanting all the personal information on everyone. People wanted change well now they have a so called President in office that is going to strip our rights down to hilter ERA. A lot of people say that is bull but just keep watching him. He struts around like he is a king with his little swagger walk knowing he is screwing America. There are provisions that can get him thrown out if there is proof he is out to do harm to Americans. Some don’t think he is out to dispose of older Americans,look at welfare,Social securityetc. He is it taking away more and more coverage and it that people will die because he is stealing our medical help away and making it harder for Americans to get life saving procedures.He now is taking more of our personal rights and privacies away and not for war and looking for people here to harm us in our own Country but because he is arogant and thinks he has ehe right to do so. The more people that let him and his right taking away democrats get away with it and accept it like our younger generations the more this country will become Communistic. This man has absolutly no knowledge of how to run this country, he just got lucky because of several reasons. Now not only the one that voted for him but the ones smart enough not are going to pay. I am not a young man nor that old but I know when our Country is in trouble. It is being run by a man that was lucky and has no knowledge of how to run a Country except like maybe Hitler. Watch and see what he does and is doing and saying he is not as we watch our older Americans die because of his policies and our rights go straight down Hitlers path. MAYBE he does know what he is doing!!!!!

  • James O’Halloran

    maybe its time you take a vacation

  • Ronald D Johnston

    Why do we have to furnish our intrusive government with all this personal information when obama would not furnish an original birth certificate, college records etc. For all we know, he may have been a foreign exchange student. Thinking about the college records, that speaks well for the colleges if he was a foreigner, doesn’t it?

    • Jane Doe

      I heard that hes paying obscene amounts of money to keep his birth certificate private! (I was thinking more like Antichrist, but according to Revelations people will worship him. Cause ‘he’ will have all the answers to world issues). So that debunks THAT rumor!

      He should be FORCED to present birth certificate, or be impeached. No wait, he should be imPeached ANYHOW since he CLEARLY is not concerned with the fate or improving of this nation! Instead, he and COngress are purposely COLLAPSING the economy and putting all this Legislatin into place for the New World Order to emerge!

      • Jane Doe

        I meant to say, “that debunks THAT rumor that OBUMA could be the 666.” Cause he CLEARLY doesnt have the ‘answers’ to general world issues- nor do people WORSHIP him nowadays. But they will the Antichrist

  • Jane Doe

    (JOYCE WROTE:) “President Obama is not Muslim but if he was so what? The United States does not have any pure breeds. We are a mixture of all races…”

    This is the PROBLEM!! If we didnt have so freakin’ many IMMIGRANTS, we might HAVE half a chance!!!!!!!!!!! They’re OVERWHELMING our already overpopulation… and bringing in their personal religions to THUS FURTHER ADD TO OUR ALREADY ‘MELTING POT’!!! This nation was founded on CHRISTIANITY!!! Not Muslim, not Jehad, not Buddah, not ANY of those “EXCUSE- FOR” religions!

    And Obuma should NOT ONLY be FORCED to surrender a birth certificate, but we should NOT allow persons of other religions being President here in CHRISTIAN U.S.A! AMEN!!!


    (imo), Citizens need to pay MORE attention to THIS issue, and the potential TOTAL loss of OUR CITIZEN freedoms – - than the issue of the offended ILLEGAL immigrants rights…..Sorry folks but if your ILLEGAL you should have NO rights in the State and Nation you invade !!!

    And the comment in the above article on the presidency and ones religious beliefs sounds too exclusive until you picture having a Muslim president one day……of course we may already have one NOW but he’s denying that it is his current practicing religion…..
    though he does embrace other Muslims into the WH (in a big way, I might ad)…

  • Debra

    You say our government isn’t out to hurt us? You are such a joke! How can you say that people who are in the White House,our Congress, our Senators, are not out to hurt us when they continually make choices that will cause so much damage. It’s true that people do make mistakes and are short-sighted, and that is only human, but being Hilary Clinton or President of the United States, drastic mistakes shouldn’t happen which cause hardships, sorrow, or ill will to the people of a whole nation. More people need to gain better knowledge about the people they vote for. Someone wanted poor people to have homes, so they gave the poor people loans for houses that they could not afford to pay for and it broke the banks. Someone wanted to feel sorry for poor Mexican’s, so they let them come in to the country for a better way of life. Then, when the poor souls got here, somebody decided that every poor soul and illegal immigrant needed to have health care benefits, which made every state go broke. And so now our government wants to burden every working individual in the U.S. to force them to pay for a health insurance plan that they cannot afford, and if they cannot afford to pay it, then they will be hauled in cattle cars to the slaughter while nothing will be done to those on welfare and don’t belong here. What kind of government forces its own poor citizens to pay for things they absolutely cannot afford? Maybe people on the east coast are doing pretty good financially, but most of the U.S. elsewhere aren’t doing so good, thanks to all our industry going overseas to other countries. I’m sorry, Hilary, but you have your head so far up your b..t it isn’t funny. Most people in this country cannot come up with the dough to buy health insurance. It’s a burden for them just buying vehicle insurance. Most people cannot afford to go to a doctor. Many Americans proved they cannot afford to keep their homes, so what makes you think they can afford more taxes and health care insurance? Maybe you aren’t aware but there is a job shortage going on right now, and those who have jobs have all had their wages and hours cut. You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. It’s all the fault of our government for what is happening to us right now. And there are no jobs because you have let so many foreigners in to bleed our system and cause all Americans hardship. You have made sure our borders are open with the sole purpose to do damage to our citizens, to fill your own pockets, to get a vote, to break every commandment our God has given you. Someone wants terrorists to come into our country. You have turned your head and let it happen. Come judgement day you will be condemned for this. You won’t be safe just because you are sitting in a mansion in Washington D.C or Up State New York. You have purposely let killers come on to our soil. They are not just at our front door, you have let them in. You won’t be protected any more than all the rest of the people. You really need to decide right now which side you are on. You are either on the side of the White-hating, American-hating, Christian-hating side, or your on the good side, the side that belongs to the real people here in our country who know what our forefathers wanted this country to be when they came here to start this great nation, and who are the heartbeat of this nation. You can’t afford to be Democrat or Republican or Liberal or anything else right now other than to be united on one common ground, and I am telling you that you need to be united right now or it will be too late. You have permitted too many souls to come on to our shores who hate all Americans. They do not care about color, race, or religion. They just hate because they have been conditioned to do so. Even though they come to our country to live and raise their children, they will never be loyal to our country or our laws. You have disgraced the American people because you turn your head on so many issues, how can you even call yourself and American? Pretty soon we will consider you to be one of them. Anyhow, it won’t matter. You will be wishing you had concentrated more on honesty, true values, and who you should be protecting, instead of worrying about your pocket book, and your so-called social climbing status because of your job, etc. You think you will be famous and will go down in the history books. But you won’t be famous because of what position you hold, you will only be known as a back-stabber. You want to take away good citizens rights to defend themselves at a time when they really need to start defending themselves. We have so many Mexican terrorists and Mexican Mofia in our communities, and we are tired of being murdered, raped, and seeing whole families executed just because someone is being initiated. Women in our towns cannot go to work or take the garbage out to the back of their store without getting hit on the head, raped, and left for dead – all from Mexicans in our area in Montana. Yes, that is right. The problem reaches all states, not just Arizona. Our politicians should be just as patriotic as our soldiers when it comes to defending our citizens, but instead you all turn your heads. And because you turn your heads for money and favors, the people in this nation want and need the right to defend themselves against these criminals that you have permitted into this country. The police force is not capable of handling the problem, and most police just cower and bow to the Mexican Mofia’s in certain towns because the police know they will be killed. The Mexican people are telling all whites they will take over Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Texas. If they cannot take over one state and are ran out, they will just move over to the next state, and so on, it will be never ending because you won’t do anything about it. You give Mexican illegal’s more rights than you give law abiding good citizens. That makes this a third world country. And so we do need to own, and carry arms for self defense. You want to take away our rights and feedoms in every way, and it’s wrong. It is especially wrong for you to think that Americans should be stopped from wanting to remain a free people, and the only way we can remain to be free is to be able to fight for our rights. The Federal government needs to stay out of our state and personal affairs. If it’s not going to be there for it’s own citizens to protect them, then it should stay out of the way and let our people defend themselves on their own. No more charges against anyone for killing in self defense. Terrorists will always be able to find guns and weapons of mass destruction. And so the people should be able to defend themselves, whether you like it or not. Our government doesn’t want to cause harm? Doesn’t want to protect? Doesn’t want to have a free people in a free society? If every man and woman carried a gun, we wouldn’t have crime, wouldn’t have people in jails, wouldn’t have women or children molested, wouldn’t have terrorists or Mexican rebels in our communities, and we wouldn’t have hostile work environments when we go to work every day. We also wouldn’t have corrupt politicians or fake birth certificates on people running for president. Just think, every one would be more willing to be pleasant and be on good terms with others and our nation would be restored. Maybe the old code of honor would be restored and men with honor could be found once again.

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