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Celestial Anger Over Gays, Obama, Romney, ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Blamed For Sandy

November 5, 2012 by  

Celestial Anger Over Gays, Obama, Romney, ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Blamed For Sandy

As New York City and much of the United States’ eastern seaboard continues to pick up the pieces left behind by Superstorm Sandy, interesting theories (not related to debatable climate change) continue to crop up about the storm’s origins.

God, albeit different religious versions of The Almighty, is a popular target of blame with a handful of Christians and Muslims alike; and His reasons, by their reckoning, are political.

First, radical evangelical preacher John McTernan said that the hurricane was a direct result of lagging American support for Israel, gay sex and President Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s political views.

McTernan writes in a recent article:

Hurricane Sandy is hitting 21 years to the day of the Perfect Storm of October 30, 1991. I write about this in my book as America Has Done to Israel. This was the day that President George Bush Sr. initiated the Madrid Peace Process to divide the land of Israel, including Jerusalem. America has been under God’s judgment since this event. Both of these hurricanes were cause by freakish weather patterns that came together to create.

Twenty-one years breaks down to 7 x 3, which is a significant number with God. Three is perfection as the Godhead is three in one while seven is perfection.

It appears that God gave America 21 years to repent of interfering with His prophetic plan for Israel; however, it has gotten worse under all the presidents and especially Obama. Obama is 100 percent behind the Muslim Brotherhood which has vowed to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem. Both candidates are pro-homosexual and are behind the homosexual agenda. America is under political judgment and the church does not know it!

Muslim clerics on the other side of the planet in Egypt also believe that God has unleashed punishment on the United States in the form of Hurricane Sandy, but for reasons different from — some directly contradictory to — McTernan’s. They think it is because of the mocking of the Prophet Muhammad in the childish film upon which the Obama Administration attempted to blame the terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

“Some people wonder about the hurricane in America and its causes,” Egyptian hardline cleric Wagdi Ghoneim tweeted twice this week in the aftermath of the storm.

“In my opinion, it is revenge from God for the beloved prophet,” he added.

Following the cleric’s tweet, Muslim commenters doubled down.

“God, shake the earth under their feet,” read one comment.

“We ask God to destroy the U.N. building for its injustice, corruption, tyranny … with Sandy,” read another.

Meanwhile, according to The Associated Press, Iranian leaders have been mum on linking Sandy to God. The news agency writes in an article: “In Iran, prominent clerics often avoid drawing parallels between natural disasters and divine intervention because their own country has faced devastating earthquakes, such as one in 2003 that killed 26,000 when it hit the ancient city of Bam.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • eddie47d

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. That fits McTernan to a T. ( Mc Turd) would be more appropriate for such an evil scuzzball. He did say the same things during Hurricane Katrina and Isaac so maybe he should get out of the pulpit and become a weatherman.I wonder what God thinks about these preachers who make ridiculous predictions in His name? There are other preachers who have made the same predictions such as Buster Wilson of the American Family Association who proclaimed that gays caused Hurricane Isaac. Pat Robertson said if a meteor ever hit earth it would be homosexuals who caused that “wrath to come down on the USA”. These “men of God” all consider themselves Christian Conservatives and are the pied pipers of insanity.

    • old hillbilly

      Out come the homos with “love & tenderness” again. The word is abomination, not marriage or love. It fits in with what’s happening in America and elsewhere. For some, the issue is destroying freedom by breaking down morality, individuality, work ethics, and Constitutional freedom to gain control the country’s population & wealth. It’s a age old plan to impose tyranny! Of course, God and free will of man & good vs. evil is at the core of it. There’s lots of historical information left by our predecessors… way back to the beginning. Lots of latitude, but light a fire & be consumed. If you believe you may prepare & try to correct things. If you don’t & you’re mad at the world because you have AIDS & rotting at both ends, one might say you reap what you sow.

      For the homo-side of civilization, if we demand a definition of the defining acts of homo-sity, we might be able to find our way to a better life. How can anyone say plugging one end of the digestive tract into the other is “wholesome”, clean, healthy, productive, and welcome in our school systems! Perversity is eventually not knowing which end to wipe.

      • Robert Smith

        “The word is abomination”

        Really? Eaten any cheeseburgers lately? Any blended fabrics? How many mouthy kids have you killed?

        Such a cafeteria christian to use the bible for hate. Sheesh…


      • phideaux

        Well RS at least he has a basis, whether right or wrong, for his so called hate. You on the other hand hate for the sake of hating with no basis for it other than your inbred prejudice.

      • old hillbilly

        Sorry about the sp. – try “Obama-nation”.

        It has nothing to do with hating anyone. It’s a big world! Open your eyes. Knew several who walked on the dark side & their demons took their life in a rather horrible way – otherwise very good people who were productive, respected, & had many friends. Mutual friendship & respect is a two way street that eliminates progressive obsessions with hate. Demons (the devil if you will) are real. I hate what they do to people who get sucked into it. Perhaps you get high watching someone die, I don’t!

        Marriage is and has been a sacred institution from time one. Free people, likewise can live with who-ever they want & sell or give their possessions to anyone they want, & pretty much do whatever they want. So, what is it about marriage that progressive aggressive “queers” hate so much that they obsessively have to desecrate it? There is a world of difference between the acts and the consequences. I guess tattooing “dung diver” on your forehead would forewarn unsuspecting “friends”, but that would take away from the excitement of living dangerously. Because that won’t work in our Sodom or Gomorrah, millions of adults & babies will continue dying a horrible death.

      • old hillbilly

        RSvp ps
        It’s like fishing for carp. Toss a little dung on the bank & they’ll jump out of the mud to get it – don’t need a hook

      • old hillbilly

        Dear Robert,
        Compassion also goes out to you. If your anointed one gets elected, Shariah law is on the agenda. That means, in the future, getting stoned will change from a drug induced trance to the real thing. Your aluminum hat won’t help. They go for the real thing. Very bad for homos & the uppity progressive intellectual females who will be transformed into two eyes peeping through a king-size sheet. Instead of sweet young things crossing legs in front of the camera, they’ll be on their knees in the back room waiting for their bearded master. Old hags like ms Barbie will be in the cellar with a broom & mop – Halloween forever!

        Of course, if you’re homogenized, it’s off to the rock & bone pile you go & with a little nitro added to your home, possessions, & family if you’re disrespectful to your new moon god on the way. It works very well, there are no non-believers & no disputes about it. Eliminating the problem eliminates discord – thus when you’re gone, the argument is over.

        You won’t need petro, a food warmer, a huggie blanket, or a lawn mower – your camel will take care of it all – camels eat grass, are warm when snuggled to, tote you to the mosque & back, pass all the fuel you’ll need & you can warm your weenie over flaming camel dung. Plan on being on your knees facing the east a lot & kissing E-mom’s ring or butt when you want something new. I’m sure you will vote many times for complete change with Obummer & may your eyes light up if that be it.

        I’m voting against BO & his caravan. I love America, the Constitution, & being free. I hate fighting, but hate kissing butt & tyranny so much more, that kicking butt would bring great pleasure just to see this great nation shine again!

      • sam1966

        SSDD, eh Rob?

        “The fool has said there is no God within his own heart.”

        Psalms 14:1

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot. This leaves Rob out of the picture.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why do you have your own particular groups that you hate, and they all seem to be anyone who opposes O and his minions and their ideology?

  • RobinPC

    Well eddie47d, you surely have an opinion, based upon your opinions and not on the opinions of the One that created you in your mothers womb. People like you enjoy mocking God Almighty and His Word, and all I can say is go ahead and have your fun. You are only one heart beat or one breath away from meeting this God that you deny. All of the things you listed in your hate letter are actually in fact things God hates. But then since you do not believe or hold His ideals as real, just go head and have your fun. Those of us that know different, read letters like yours and tremble, praying that God does not turn loose His wrath upon those in your direct location. Insanity, these men are insane, well then I plead guilty and hope that you are not around me when the wrath strikes.

    • eddie47d

      I didn’t mock God but mocked those preachers who use God for their own personal agenda. Obviously you have a comprehension problem. I go to church every Sunday and have been Born Again (1975) so you love grandstanding without knowing. That makes you a lover of self instead of the truth.

    • JON

      If youhad ACTUALLY read what he wrote, you would have seen he was talking about flawed humans and not God. Flawed and imperfect. Like all of us. Including you.

    • Robert Smith

      Robin claims: “People like you enjoy mocking God Almighty and His Word, ”

      Nope. Just the knuckle head who abuse it as a book to hit folks over the head and hate with, rather than see the guidelines for love.

      IOW, as I see it much of the bible is about love, not hate.


    • sam1966

      Well said Robin.

      “A patriot must be a religious man.”

      Thomas Jefferson

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot. This leaves JON, Rob, and ed-duh out of the picture.

  • cerebus23

    Good to see religions can agree on one thing, demonizing and spinning your opponents misfortune into personal gain is good.

    And using god to justify your own greed, ignorance, racisism, sexism, especially when we have things like he who is without sin, and judge not lest yea be judged, and the story of the eye of a needle and a camel, the son of god, or one of the prophets, repeatedly warns of judging others and being accepting of others you may disagree with.

    People have been using god to justify murder far far too often throughout history, you would think by now maybe we would have moved past all that.

    Send each and every one of these fanatics and bigots a copy of the human genome project and a few educational dvds of human history human evolution and genetics and try to explain that your just literally killing your brothers and sisters. How can you justify one group as beneath the other if we all are so bonded by common ancestry?

    Anyone wants to use god as a excuse to demonize another, or to use god to justify murder, is a fraud and liar. Lest i have sever doubts anyone has heard from the big guy in a long long time and he sure as hell is not calling up these morons that clam to have some special insight into his thinking and motives.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Libertarian Athiests or Christians,Conservatives or Republicans of Jewish or Christian persuasion don’t seem to have a problem announcing their religious pedigrees. You on the other hand collect bits and pieces of all religions and pretend that you are super pious because you blanket condemn not unlike McTernan and the Moslem “clerics”.

    • Robert Smith

      From cerebus: “Lest i have sever doubts anyone has heard from the big guy in a long long time and he sure as hell is not calling up these morons that clam to have some special insight into his thinking and motives.”

      God was musing that he wanted to take a vacation. His angels suggested he go to Earth. God responded, “No, I went there a couple of thousand years ago and they are still talking about it.”


  • TPM

    McTernan sounds like a whack job. But I guess his premise is no worse than blaming it on global warming. Hey folks, it’s the weather and it is, by nature, somewhat unpredictable.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      McTernan does’nt know anymore than anyone else why God would do something and neither do the Moslem “clerics”. They are of the same power grabbing, manipulative mindset. They need people to control and people to worship them.

  • Cliffystones

    Kudos to the Muslim who wants the UN building demolished. One thing we can agree on!

    • Andy

      I don’t actually want it destroyed. It is a really nice building in an equally nice part of NYC. I just want all those spies, who put themselves off as UN delegates, to vacate our country and take their brand of world government to Europe where they, the nations of Europe, are more in tune with this one world order thing. Take the UN out of America and America out of the UN!

  • Daveh234

    It seems that some wear their faith on their sleeves and condemn others for not following their ideology. That is hypocritical and not based on anything but ignorance.
    So the religious feel the storms have more to do with the wrath of God than anything scientific evidence can explain.
    So is there a more concentrated population of gays or blasphemers in the northeast than other areas of the country? Did God pinpoint that area and left the Florida gay population exempt? Or san Francisco…oh wait …they have a lot of earthquakes so God did his deeds there already.

  • Steve E

    I think God has his hand in everything, but there is no way to determine why God does things. There have been many other disasters that have happen that were much worse than Sandy, and we don’t know the reason why, except to say that it is the behavior of nature. As the phrase goes; “Only God knows”.

  • John Q. Mahon

    Little funny story about God and what he (or she, or it) knows and doesn’t know. I was communications officer on a destroyer (in charge of the signal bridge, among other things. Our commodore (commander of a squadron of four ships) had a special signal flag made, just white with lots of question marks, exclamation marks and every other odd mark sewn on. He told his ship’s captains, “If I raise this flag, under your call number, it means “What the Hell are you doing?” One of our destroyers after a particularly clumsy reorienting of the screen, got that flag raised for her. She was equal to the task, sending up in return the interrogative flag over the church pennant (normally flown when church services were being held on board} When we critiqued the exercise the commodore naturally asked, “What the h— does that mean.” The captain said easily, “that answers your question, sir. It means “God only knows.”
    If I had a signal bridge now, I think I would two-block that very appropriate signal.

  • ChuckS

    I would have thought that the muslims would have said it was because of homosexuality and pornography. A lot of muslims probably don’t like pornography from the west coming into their countries via internet, satellite, etc. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, homosexuals and anyone with a satellite dish might get executed.

    God gave dominion of the Earth to Adam and Eve. When they sinned, they lost at least some of the dominion to the devil, who only wants to kill, steal, and destroy. Everybody is subject to bad things, because of Adam and Eve’s sin , and also our own sins. However, people and nations can get more or fewer bad things, depending on their obedience to God. When we disobey God, we move away from his protection and more into the devil’s territory.

    Asking God for help can help. God told Abraham that if there were 10 just people in Sodom and Gomorrah, he would spare them.

    • Larry K.

      i am so sick of these tv stations showing all these homosexual shows and the four letter word they use in every sentence. we need to boycot all these shows and their sponsors they are nothing but trash.

      • Karolyn

        You don’t have to watch – simple!

      • Robert Smith

        Claimed: “i am so sick of these tv stations showing all these homosexual shows ”

        Really? What shows are “gay?”

        There are gay actors, Raymond Burr as Perry Mason comes to mind.
        There are gay talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres comes to mind.
        There are gay news casters, Anderson Cooper
        There are gay sports figures… Oh just go to:

        BTW, the channel changer is most likely a remote in your paw. Learn to use it and quit trying to censor what the rest of us want to watch. I’m not advocating that nut show “700 Club” be taken off. I simply don’t watch. It’s that simple.


  • Steve

    This is the message I take from the Bible. We are in a constant state of war for our sole. It started before we got here and we are personally charged with taking sides.
    One might ask why? The answer is this world is a testing place and there must be opposites in the test in order for it to be a good test simulation.
    Through all our trials, that spirit which controls your body when you leave this world will either propel your eternal sole to your determent or elevate you forever. God has simply given us a guide book to instruct us as to which side of the war we should be on. Every one gets to make there own choice in the matter and is therefore accountable for that choice.
    It also appears that this land is choice above all others on the earth. The providence of God has truly been upon it. Our founders were inspired to give us great independence and personal freedoms and set us as a beacon of hope to the rest of the world.
    At least one other time in the Bible when the forces and influence of evil became so strong as to interfere with the possibility of clear personal choice as the norm, God simply swept the earth clean and started over. Is it beginning to happen here? I think the answer is clearly yes. Make no mistake about it. This election is about your personal freedom and liberty to make choice and the elimination of those rights.
    No matter what happens tomorrow, I truly hope it is love for your neighbors that dominates your life when you leave this trial existence.

    • Robert Smith

      This said by the American Talibahn: “This is the message I take from the Bible.”

      So? In America one can participate in any, or no, religion.

      Personally, I have no interest in your brutal god.


      • Steve

        Rob, “This said by the American Talibahn:” Maybe you not me. Yes, that is right you can do just what you want in America. That is what freedom is all about and you do have a choice. Just know that there is accountability for what you do in this universe. That may be a factor you will wish you paid more attention to at some time in your existance. Don’t take me wrong here I am not your judge. You may end up judging yourself, I hope in the end your life purpose is fullfilled. Just saying!

      • ChuckS

        Christianity gave us our freedom. From the puritans who gave us town meetings to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, half of which were bible school graduates, to the constitution, which was largely formed from ideas in the Bible. Our founding Fathers wanted this to be a Christian nation, but respecting the freedom God gives us to choose Him or not. I think it’s like, say, Yankee Stadium, which is strongly pro-Yankee, but welcomes anti-Yankee people.

        Also many great scientists were Christians.

  • St. James

    God looked down on the Earth, there is none good, not one. Gods tears fall like rain, Repent therefore and live,God is love, quick to forgive. It is because we murder our own children that his wrath is increasing. We kill, we pay and we throw away God special gift, children.

    • Robert Smith

      Or, switch over to E for Girls Next Door.

      It’s America. One can do that if they want.


  • General “Bull” Shipper

    My GOD did NOT cause this terrible storm, only good things come from him. These terrible things happen because of what happened many years ago in the garden of Eden.
    Gos does not punish people like this. In times past he said this is what will happen if you do a certain thing, people did them anyway and received the punishment promised, so they brought it on themselves.

    • Steve

      Yep, he told them the same thing he telling us. Repent! and come unto me with full purpose of heart. They didn’t do it and well its all there. Good luck.

  • Charles

    Oh but is not thy god strong enough to know the course of his actions? Or is he too bound by the unreadable threads of fate? Heaven or hell, is that not the world that you make, to be reborn into it again and again, reaping and sharing that which you sew. Further more the true creator meddles not in its creation, even if not a perfect god, it has, at least, already seen all the futures of all the possibilities and still wonders how its own existance came about. One moreobservation, these disasters are not as bad as those that have been and will yet be, with or without any god’s interference.

    • Steve

      Certainly, he knows the course of his actions, and he knows what you need to perfect you and what I need to perfect me and really wants us to do so. He indeed loves us and experience is being provided for us to learn from each day. I am not so sure about being able to come back and do it again and again. I don’t find that in the Book except as it relates to this life walk.
      How do you teach your children? You tell them the consequence of an action and let them make a choice. If they make the wrong one you tell them how to make a better one and it goes on forever. You never quit loving and teaching them. Your heart is sad when they do make wrong choices. When it gets bad enough you have to distance your other children from them or the whole flock becomes corrupt. When they do good you reward them openly. I think we get one shot at it while we are here in the learning mode as it were. Don’t take that to mean one event in this life. I mean one shot at this existence we share now. It may have come down to the decision time for man. You are right about one thing, what is coming will be much worse in the time to come.

  • Chris

    The late great prophet Edgar Cayce said “the soul experiences male, female, and both”…..what do you think he meant by “both”? I am no where near gay, but until one’s soul experiences gay, that soul should not mock gay people because they truly do not know what a gay person goes through……… the saying goes “until you walk a mile in one’s shoes”. Whether it is right or wrong in “anyone’s” eyes (OR the 50 million versions of the Bible), in the end it is up to God to judge. Bottom line is, if one believes God makes souls, then one has to accept that soul for what it is………love one another and.treat others the way you would want to be treated………and just live right……….that’s all you have to do in life.


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