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CDC Starts First Anti-Smoking Campaign

CDC Starts First Anti-Smoking Campaign
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is kicking off a new ad campaign that features former smokers discussing the health consequences of their habits.

ATLANTA (UPI) — The U.S. government will combat smoking addiction for the first time in a public-service campaign health officials say they hope will help people quit smoking.

The campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, scheduled to begin Monday, has a $54 million budget this year, The New York Times reported.

The U.S. tobacco industry spends at least that much in an average two days of promotional efforts, the newspaper said.

CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden told the newspaper that the TV and newspaper campaign will save lives and money.

“We estimate that this campaign will help about 50,000 smokers to quit smoking,” he said. “And that will translate not only into thousands who will not die from smoking, but it will pay for itself in a few years in reduced health costs.”

The ads are to show former smokers discussing the health consequences of their habits, the CDC said.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. spokesman David Howard told the Times he would not comment on the government’s campaign, not having seen it.

“We believe that adult tobacco consumers should be provided with accurate information about the risks associated with tobacco use,” he said.

R.J. Reynolds, the No. 2 U.S. tobacco company, is part of a group of tobacco makers suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration over rules that would require cigarette companies to put graphic warning labels over much of their packaging.

A Federal judge in Washington ruled two weeks ago the rules unConstitutionally violated the companies’ free-speech rights. The government is appealing.

Smoking is the No. 1 cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, killing more than 443,000 Americans each year, Federal estimates cited by the Times indicate.

More than 8 million Americans are afflicted with smoking-related disease.

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  • s c

    It makes no sense to pretend to help when helping is not a part of the intent. When cigarette makers started adding groups of chemicals to increase the shelf time of their products, it opened a door that may never be closed.
    If food manufacturers were allowed to spike food with similar groups of chemicals, it wouldn’t take long to see the food version of what has happened to cigarettes and cigarette smokers.
    In effect, MDs are like predators waiting for an unsuspecting prey to come to a community ‘watering hole.’ If you have bad habit ‘A,’ you can expect conditions and diseases that result from what is in cigarette tobacco. If you have bad habit ‘B,’ you can expect diseases and conditions that result from what is in food.
    Even clothes makers are doing to clothes what has happened to cigarettes and food. And we’re expected to wait for the FDA to step in and save us from ourselves? The government [in the form of the AMA, the FDA and Big Pharma] are our universal saviors? It won’t happen people.
    We’re being herded into state-sized holding pens. Whether we’re treated like sheep or cattle makes no difference.
    Our bad habits won’t save us. Our “helpers” won’t save us. No, the government won’t help us. Anybody who’s busy making tons of money (or votes) through our bad habits is a PREDATOR. Whether you say moo, baaah or do you deliver [?], we’re being HAD, people. And some of us think we’re “evolved.”

    • Average Joe

      You do know about the “Pink Slime” in hamburger and other ground meat products, right?
      And…the guberment just bought 7 million pounds of the stuff… be served up to our children and grand children…mm…mmmm good…….

      Be aware…and beware…they are poisoning us on so many levels.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I’m sure that when they tell smokers that it’s not safe, 50,000 of them will say “OH, I didn’t know that. I’ll quit right now.”. What a WASTE of money! This is how the idiots spend our money!

      • Puzant C. Torigian, R.Ph,D.Sc.

        Nancy, you are absolutely correct. The real kicker is that Nicotine in itself is NOT ADDICTIVE, it is the HABIT of smoking that has become addictive. Please see – on the market since 1966-clinically tested for safety. We have proven that All it takes to quit is a Commitment to quit—which only comes by when you decide that smoking IS very harmful. I personally quit in 1966, when BRAVO first came on the mrket as a commercial product. The Am. Lung Assoc is against it (Helps them raise their funding and incomes). .FDA has sent invetigators three times to our plant–no reports were turned in–When I asked why not–they said BRAVO is neither a food, drug or cosmetic and therefore out of their jurisdiction. The Dept. of Agriclture says–it is not a food. Millions have been spent on educating smokers to quit. But they all say it is an addiction that is hard to ovecome.
        Nicotine Gums and patches etc. are not intelligent means of giving up smoking–If using Gums or Patches of addictive drugs could be used to help addicts give up the addictive drugs–we would not have any of those addicts now, right? WRONG.
        I am now 89 years old, in relatively good health–stopped smoking when BRAVO was first produced commercially Lungs, heart, and I think Brain are functioning reasonably well.
        We have helped thousands quit wmoking, All you do is smoke BRAVO and you will smoke our way– out of the HABIT. Peruse the
        Puzant C. Torigianm, R.Ph,

      • WickedPickle

        I agree, but I’ll go one step farther. Nicotine is not addictive, tars and nicotine are the natural ingredients of cigarettes/cigars.. We are being poisoned by the chemical additives that are included in the cigarettes, and who allows these chemicals to be added? Why, the federal government of course.. If the feds would simply regulate these chemical additions, make them illegal with extreme fines and penalties followed by criminal punishment for those cigarette companies who do not abide by the new laws, then within 2 to 3 years more than 50% of the nations smokers would quit (no patches, gum needed) within five years even more percentage until it gets to the point of no profit then we would truly be smoke free because the companies would close that particular branch of their mega-corporate livelihood. Then all the feds would have to concentrate on would be imports and we all know how this could be controlled. Please people, stop blaming smokers for your dissatisfaction, blame the fed g’ment who keeps allowing the tobacco industry to use chemicals in order to profit both the companies and the feds. It’s a double standard for uncle sam.. A political manipulation to draw in votes while a tax wind fall on every pack.. Who do you think they really adhere to? Further, because the federal g’ment does not believe in down sizing, what’s to be taxed to make up for that multi-billion dollar a year tax income once we’re smoke free? Think about that.

  • Witsend

    It should be hard to believe that the CDC wants to show graphic pictures of smoking outcomes, while pictures of a baby in the womb and the later pics of the baby after an abortion is taboo. Unfortunately, it is not hard to believe!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      As during Prohibition, smokers will create more jobs for the enforcers of the new morality.

  • Ted Crawford

    This money would be far better spent, and the Public far better served by using this money, although small by the standards of this egregious administration, on the preventitive efforts of non self inflicted diseases.
    Anecdotally, this is the same Federal Government that promoted smoking, as a calming tool, to Soldiers in the 30s and 40s giving them away and were still providing them to us in the 60s, in the ” C” rats and SP packs!

  • TIME

    Can you hear that chipping sound, ( listen,) there it is – chip chip – chip – chipp chip -
    Thats the very sound of whats left of your FREEDOMS going down the toilet, — and to whom may that be?
    To Special interest groups, or persons who feel that they are in some way Superior to you aka GOD like.

    Anyone ever ask why it is that you should be controlled like a toy on a string?
    Is it really for your own good?
    Is it really for the good of everyone?
    Or is it really for the control over your life, your actions, or what makes you happy?

    Should we all have a Volt?
    Should we all work for credit to buy just what you need?
    Should we all wear the same style cloths? How about hair styles?
    How about what shoes you should wear?
    Where you can eat, or what you can eat?
    Who you can talk with or whom you can’t talk with?
    Where you can live. or even if you can live?

    Hey I don’t like smoking nor do I like being around smokers, but I have the option of walking away, thats called “Choice and Freedom.”
    Even though I may not like smoking, there is someone else who may. And thats their prerogative – to me thats what life is all about, perhaps others feel thats not what personal liberty is all about.

    So for these people I ask only one question – who died and made you GOD?

    Peace and Love, May God forgive you that feel you are GODS.

  • Ellen

    Let’s look at the numbers to decide if this is foolish. Over 44 million people smoke, yet they only hope to get 50,000 to stop. They have a budget of $54 million to stop those 50,000 people. That looks like waste to me. Has our government learned nothing from Prohibition? People are going to do what they want regardless of what the government thinks. Raising the taxes has not stopped people from smoking. They simply need to allow health insurers to charge a premium for smokers to help cover their costs. Life insurers already charge a premium for smokers. This solves the problem. Smoking has already been eliminated in public buildings, which is beneficial to all non-smokers. If the health insurance premiums are adjusted for smokers, we’ve done all we can. People then choose if they wish to smoke or not.


    Another anti smoking campaign? The government still wants the tax revenue and the chance to inflict more loss of freedom with their anti public agenda, so this must be another public BJ and a way to blow smoke up your rear ends.

  • FreedomFighter

    I have a better purpose for the CDC

    1. Find out what is causeing a 3 to 5000% increase in cancer
    2. Find out what is causeing the mind blowing increase in autisum
    3. Find out why we have Bio-Weapons dev in under rated facilities.
    4. Find out why we are putting floride and 1000s of other chemicals in drinking water
    5. Find out WTF chem-trails are doing to us, spraying us like roaches.
    6. Find out why Monsanto an others bio crops are causeing sterization and cancer

    …on an on

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    Leave me alone
    It’s none of your business what I do with or in my life. My habits are my business, not your’s.
    How about I raise a stink about how you spend your money and how you allow by your inaction UN-born defenseless babies to be murdered, killed even slaughterer, and you protest my smoking habit. You need a double dose of reality in your life.
    Clean up your own back yard before you complain about mine!

  • Brooklyn Jo Ann

    I will stop smoking when I want, this sebelius and her crew should stay off the hard drugs, I know, I am sober and clean for 23 years and I know when someone is using, all in the white house cannot even look at you and when obummer runs around the country, that is what we call a runner, cannot sit still with too much coke in you

  • ph

    this will be about as successful as the never ending war on drugs is..
    proabition doesn’t work,not even in China…

  • JimH

    Smokers pay alot of taxes that I don’t. If we get everyone to quit they will tax something else. It may be something I use.
    Leave the tax paying smokers alone.
    Smoker’s- Thanks for bearing the brunt of taxes. Have a drink with that smoke too.

  • FWO21

    ph says:
    March 16, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    this will be about as successful as the never ending war on drugs is..
    proabition doesn’t work,not even in China…

    Well, the “War on Terror” isn’t working either. It will never end and there will always be people who hate people.

  • 2¢ worth…

    I’m really surprised that no one praised this attempt at taking yet more freedoms from us. There are still uncouth puffers who go about smoking where they will, but they are a dying breed.. Most honor others’ feelings and will not go beyond the law that’s now established yet the feds want them to also stop smoking in their own home (while continually holding out their hands for the taxes that are paid on them). I could write volumes concerning the hipocracy of our leaders’ tactics in destroying our freedoms but instead I would rather thank the posters on this forum for their enlightened beliefs regarding freedoms. I think we’re all getting a belly full of being regulated (with whatever) for our own good. We need to flush all the turds from the white house crapper.

  • Freeme

    CDC is not only a big waste but a big joke. If BIG BRO was concerned for people’s safety, they would STOP THE AEROSOL SPRAYING FOR WEATHER MODIFICATION and bug spraying pesticides that is making everyone SICK, not to mention the deathes and destruction it is causing everywhere.
    It is killing animals, bees, bats, trees, ruining soils,and…Bill Gates fave….’paring down the population’ world wide.

  • RightGunner

    I am a reformed smoker who built up to two-packs-a-day by the third year of my four year enlistment in the Air Force. I was able to stop because my body rebelled and finally made me feel so bad I tried quitting. I did start to feel better and was able to continue on the wagon because I could tell the difference in my body. I stopped 55 years ago and never smoked again but I was “luckier” then many other habitual smokers.

    So I had a lot of interest when Bill Clinton began his crusade against cigarettes, although he indicated a cigar now and then was OK. (Of course cigars can be multitasking, with smoking only one of the tasks.) Clinton’s crusade against cigarettes was almost religious-like and highly visible. I came to laud the lack of smoke in restaurants and stores, however I soon realized the whole anti-smoking crusade was a cover to his administrations deep devotion to drug use. His administrations drug use was so bad, many could never get a security clearance.

    And look at us today, almost smoke free, but with drug use rampant. The government claims it can keep us safer by keeping guns away from the public, but they can’t even keep drugs out of the Kindergarten. While I was glad for the war on drugs while my children were growing up, what we recognize today, again, is that prohibition does not work. Consequently we need a path to ending the so-called drug war.

    Here are some things up for consideration on what that path might be. First eliminate all socialistic decrees from the Federal Government, so that no health care person or facility is required to take care of drug users who get in trouble, (with drugs including alcohol). Drug users who can afford it can hire private medical help while families, friends, religious organizations are all free to voluntarily help. But otherwise derelict drug user’s will have a government place of last resort that takes them off the street and away from any of their addictive substances, cold turkey. In addition any that break the law remaining after eliminating prohibition, will end up the same way. Mental of physical incapacitation from usage of chemicals is not an excuse for breaking the law.

    If there are some addictive drugs that are somehow determined to be so addictive that once taken a person cannot live without them, then these may be prohibited, with an automatic death penalty of any one knowingly possessing such drugs.

    This crudely described path, or some other addressing the same problems, could be used for the start of a journey and of course any journey begins with the first step.


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