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CCRKBA warns about Seattle mayor’s gun agenda

June 26, 2009 by  

CCRKBA warns about Seattle mayor's gun agendaCitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) has expressed concerns about the election of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels as the new president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors due to his anti-gun stance.

Last year, Nickels held a widely televised press conference announcing his intention to pursue a ban on legally-carried firearms on city property.

Now, CCRKBA representatives worry he will use his new position to push an anti-gun agenda at a White House meeting planned later this summer.

"Greg Nickels knows he will find a sympathetic ear in the Oval Office for his illegal gun control scheme," says CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb.

"However, pushing an agenda to disarm law-abiding citizens is not the way to [eliminate violent crime]," he adds.

In the meantime, Seattle Weekly reports the mayor’s office has been vague on the ban proposal in recent months and speculates the seeming inaction may be due to a range of issues from his focus on the difficult economy to a looming lawsuit from the Second Amendment Foundation.

CCRKBA is a non-profit gun rights organizations dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the U.S.


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  • ES

    The Bottom Line

    The debate over gun control, for or against the private ownership of firearms can go on and on, but it boils down to this: When the government of the United States bans the possession and use of all privately owned firearms and proceeds to confiscate them; there are those who will give in to oppression submissively, and there are those who will resist until they are killed by the government.

    When these people are killed, they will be labeled as evil outlaws, but in reality they will be the last true defenders of freedom and civil rights. Those that remain; the national and state police forces, the unarmed peasants, and the true evil outlaws with firearms, will come to believe that only the dead have found the true peace that they all foolishly believed would come after this act of oppression.

    K. Jeter 1992

    • DaveH

      Right on ES!

      • Oath2Honor

        I agree! Most people who are ‘elite criminals’, do not make a habit of buying their guns through ‘legitimate means’, and are not on the ‘good citizen list’. Elite criminals do not, out of the goodness of their heart, get their guns registered like the rest of the good citizens in the USA. These individuals buy their guns from the ‘black market’ and they run their business under the radar. These gun control bills are absolutely ineffective and accomplish nothing, except maybe, leaving the citizens of our country defenseless against the criminal element. I will keep my guns. I will keep my money. Obama can keep his ‘change’. Thank You!

  • HS Thompson

    Lets just become Somalia or the Congo. Give everyone who can walk a gun and enjoy the security it brings them.

    The second amendment was written for an emerging country after a revolution. With a new Federal Republic that many founders were not comfortable with thus, a need to be armed in case the federal government was not a freedom loving democracy.

    Today the United States is the greatest democracy the world has ever seen, the most powerful nation in the world. You live in the land of opportunity, the government is not a problem – this ridiculous call to keep the “evil government” from taking handguns and automatic weapons out of circulation is paranoia at its worst. The criminals are not going to overtake the country if you don’t have a gun, they will if anarchy reigns, they will if the rule of law is weakened.

    American democracy works, you don’t have to fight to keep the government at bay, we have a proven, effective democracy. Participate, engage public officials (most are in for all the right reasons, meet some you will be surprised) get past the might is right, enjoy this great country.

    • John

      Or how about remove all the guns like Australia and watch our Crime skyrocket because of it. Your instances in Congo and Somalia are very different to the problems we have here and to me to be saterical, if they are not I appologize. Many of the people there are under the age of 18 who have guns. It is no wonder why they have problems. An inmature mind will produce inmature decisions. That is why we have laws here against driving under the age of 16, and voting at the age of 18, and drinking under the age of 21. To compare us to Congo and Somalia is crazy.

      I stated before in another blog, “All I have to say is if everyone was mandated to carry a gun no one would dare break a law and crime would decrease. It seems crazy, but if you knew that the old lady standing next to you was packing heat would you dare try to steal her purse? Or if you knew that everyone in a bank had a gun would you rob the bank? The idea that taking guns away from law abiding people some how reduces crime is a farce, the bad people still have them because they have contempt of law anyways.”

      As for the Second Amendment, this is what it reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      We all know that (and seem to forget) that the Constitution starts with “We the people…” The second amendment is actually two parts. The militia is to be regulated and necessary for a free and secure state. The second part is the people have a right to keep and bear arms. The way I read it these are completely different thoughts.

      It could be argued that the second amendment is only one thought, but if you read many of the other amendments (within the bill of rights) they often appear to what we would consider “run on sentences” in today’s language. Interestingly the first example of a period within a paragraph that is not at the end of the paragraph is actually found in amendment 12. The reason for this is unclear as I really have not sat down to study why they are written in this way. I suspect it was the current practice of the day.

      As for your American Democracy and Freedoms… That appears to be getting smaller and smaller day by day. You cannot have a government daily break the laws of the constitution and expect the country to succeed. We allow things such as forigners sue us in this country, which is clearly against the 11th Amendment. They write laws stating that there has to be 30 days before firing someone but can fire them on the spot when they want to. Our Government is becoming a joke, our rights and freedoms are becoming a joke on us.

      Your FREEDOM is going away, and “We the people” are allowing it to happen. You can call your representative and speak to their aid only to hear that they are getting “Overwhelming” opposition to a bill, ONLY to find out they voted FOR the bill, it happend to me. Your Freedoms are eroding away faster than sand on a beach.


      • Kevin

        “I Agree “John and as I listen to the Fabien Marxist president and the phony sec of state hellary oppose the the peoples right in Honduras “Voted” the President OUT!! but I thought Obama said we are A democracy for all the World..Hey I am a republic I do not believe in mob rule!!

        That is why we have a 2 party system that does work if we all email call and or right your congress and senate reps ..

        I ‘will be on the front lines I am a member of the Minutemen Org a member of the GOA and NRA and a Law abiding (CCW)citizen.. Who believes that as long as there is SIN in the world laws will all ways be disregarded..We all see the scam of this administration wake up sheepal and become sheepdogs!.

        Keep Informed,’ Be ready to fight,as we see in Iran but we have the Supreme law of God the Judea Christian Truth as this country’s foundation..

        The spirit of freedom lives on as Our Military Keeps The watch as we dominate against Socialist Communism. around the world.

        So, I ‘see either this Administration win or lose it will be from the Conservatives who saves this country from Anarchy’s.

        Yes as I look back at the times of our History and I belive in our founding Frontieersman who had faith and beliefs in a merciful God who gave us a tool our will it be toour demise a mystery babalon who will be the great eagle fall and whore from the evil vipers and bankers IMF Bildeberger group Roth child and the English Empire .. Again! Listen watch and hear the real whistle blowers of our time..a call to Arms..

        Quote Churchill said For Evil to Prevail is for Goodmen to watch and do nothing.

        I believe we are at the time of Salvation and the return of Our lord Jesus Christ

        KM, Nevada

        • Dickie

          Kevin, You are so right, About the two party thing, But it does not take A GENUIS to see that if pelosi,reid,muthar,& the famous ted kenndey, They will let all the illeagls in & make them all demon-craps, And then you have one party, Don”t say it will not happen look at how the goverment has ran us down because of their greed,& stealing, They laugh at us they know all we are are going to do is just complain,&say well there is nothing you can do, Where is the American spirit, Or are we not have enough crap thrown at us yet, While we are taxed to death,no jobs,people loseing their homes, She fly”s in a goverment jet costing us $65,000. per wk just for her & flamily,& puppets, And they will try to take our gun”s if we are stupid enough to let them, Then we will throwing rocks & sticks, Don”t forget these thugs pass bills & laws they are to damn stupid or sorry to read, They in there twisted minds belive we can not decied anything for oursleves, So we have let them get away with voteing for anything even without asking us what do we think about what ever it is, A lot of people do call or write their polt- butt most don”t,How in the hell do people keep putting these thugs back in over &over, My God what are people thinking peosi, has broke Calif, reid has never done anything but disagree own anything, &never has tryed to help come up with something, He must be just stupid, & ride for the money,PEOPLE DAMN LOOK AT THE PAST MY GOD:! Anything they say is good for us we get SCREWED EVERY TIME & they get richer, AND above the law, And if we are WEAK enough THEY WILL TRY TO TAKE YOUR! GUNS.Please WAKE UP AMERICA!!!.

    • Robin from Indiana

      America is falling. It used to be the most powerful nation in the world with the greatest democracy. We are turning into a socialist country. I love my country. I hate seeing what it is turning into. I never liked guns, but I am seriously thinking of getting one and a conceal permit, too. And, I will learn how to use it. HS, you have to be living in lala land not to see what is happening right now. I wish I had more confidence in our administration. Since January I have seen very little that makes me think that all the changes that are being made are going to be in our best interest. I continue to lift up our elected officials in prayer. It’s the only thing that is going to save us at the rate we are going.

      • QueenieAZ

        I agree with the above blogs,not with the blind Johnson. That person doesnt know what is going on!This health reform is bs.I think it is a distraction to hide what is really happening.I belong to NRA, GOA & have had guns all my life, I am a72 year female, & will die fighting before I will give up any of my guns, or rights,knowingly.obama has sneaky ways of doing things,I didnt vote for him, & those that did are getting what they asked for.

        • Caroline from Calif.

          I agree with you. I am a 66 year old woman and I have a ccw and I also belong to the NRA and GOA. Obama hates this country and is trying to bring her to her knees. I also didn’t vote for Obama and I cannot stand to even see his face on television. I love this country and I have always been proud to be an american. My family came to this country in 1593 and fought in every war since, I will also die fighting, before I give up my guns. But, where do we go?

      • gene

        We need to talk to everyone we know and meet. Show the facts. Show how the left is destroying the country we love. Tell them plain out either they get involved or they become slaves. No rights, no property, no safety, no FREEDOM. I was hoping that we could take the government back in 2010 but we may have to do something before that as the left is making fraudulent votes there mainstay to winning illegal elections. I spent 35 years in Orange county Calif. The only conservative county in Calif. I watched as they registered illegals and several years back they found 6000 illegals registered to vote. The county is now 51% hispanic. They will not fight for higher wages, they take whatever there greedy boss gives them. But they live 20 to a house. I finally got out and moved to one of the few free states left. Alaska where they are 80% conservative. We have the capabilitie to be our own country and tell the leftie government where to stick it. I guarentee they will never take the guns away from the Alaskan people. We have a Governor who is a true American Patriot and consistently votes for the good of the people. We have many many military people here and they are on our side. I talk with them constantly at the gun range. They will not obey any unconstitutional order. God Bless the true American Patriots. Gene

      • George

        The United States of America used to be the most powerful nation on the face of the planet, but in the past 20 years or so, the democrats have been quietly eroding the foundation of our country with little deals like the ACLU, and ACORN just to name a few of them. The lead jackasses in charge, no need to name them have really stepped up to the plate after 2006 when Madam Pelosi became the speaker of the house. With Barack Obama in the White House, (I didn’t vote for him), this country has gone from a leader of the free world to a 4th world nation in a matter of months.
        With all of the “Stimulus Money” in circulation now, and of course the federal reserve and the denocratic congress just printing money like no tomorrow, we will soon be worse off than several African countries.
        The best thing to do is get that S.O.B. out of the White House, and don’t let any of the idiots in Congress get into the White House.
        As far as Seattle’s Mayor goes, let him outlaw guns in his city and watch the crime rate go through the damn roof like in NYC, and other cities, not like Kennesaw Ga, where if you do not have a felony record, and over the age of 21, you must have a gun to abide by city regulation.

    • ss_sid

      Ya right. Just look at what is happening. Government owned manufacturing, Banks, now pushing for national health control. Socialism ! ! ! ! ! Where does it say that I should work and pay for those who don’t. By the way GUNS DO NOT KILL, People do. Looks and sounds just like WWII Germany, only this time there won’t be an America to stop it. AMERICA WAS FOUNDED BY CONSERVATIVES ! ! ! ! GET A LIFE! ! ! ! AND STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE. Read the Constitution as it is. Don’t read your will into it.

      • QueenieAZ

        Caroline from CA.
        My ancestors came in 1635,& the navigator of the Mayflower was one.I had an ancestor in the Revolution, I belong to the DAR, besides the NRA,etc. Our families made this country…Now it seems to be in danger again.The states need a well regulated militia, like the 2nd admendment says.Too many people are running around in circles, but where & how to stop???I don`t know where to go???I have a CCW also.The gun laws seem to be lousening up, I am very curious about the reason for that.In AZ we can carry open without a permit….

    • Oath2Honor

      Article IV-Section 4 of The Constitution, states, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.” You talk so much about Democracy, but you forget that we are guaranteed ‘a Republican form of government’ and the right to protect ourselves, including our families, from invasion by owning and carrying arms in order to do it. Not every single citizen of the USA is rolling in the money and able to subscribe to a security company to do it for them or living in a walled-gated secured community. Must be nice!

    • guiseppi

      HS, It seems that Obama is clearly in favor of rediculous gun control although his campaign promise was for reasonable legislation. There are several things going on with gun legislation for and against guns and the anti-gun people who want to disarm the country ie (the Brady bunch) and maybe few pacifist organizations seem to be going to the extreme to reccommend laws to disarm the country. The NRA is in the middle of this dogfight because if many of these laws are passed the law abiding citizen who wants to hunt wild game or target shoot are having their rights trampled on. Also if a law abiding person wants to receive the training and obtain a concealed gun carry permit to protect his home or family from criminals or dangerous intruders why should that be so hard to digest. It’s not paranoia, its the real world today. To suggest that the police would be adequate to respond to an emergency is clearly an irresponsible way to stay prepared for adversity unless you choose to hope for the best. The police can’t be everywhere and do everything. The good citizens of this country are required from time to time to provide help to law enforcment when appropriate to stop criminal activity. The NRA has been an honorable organization, which promotes responsibility and safety with firearms and strict adherence to the laws of the land. The NRA has been painted as a bad actor for opposing gun control because the legislation always clearly violates the 2nd amendment and oversteps the bounds of law abiding citizens. Criminals are not going to be stopped from acquiring guns on the black market and there are millions of them that available from foreign countries. Why not write your Congress people to increase penalties for illegal use of a gun in the commission of a felony and crack down severly on drug dealers where the gun problem has its roots. OH by the way spend more stimulus money to rehab drug addicts to eliminate the 85% recidisizm rate which is also a big factor in illegal activities conducted with a firearm. Maybe better gang control for the 37, 000 gang members who have invaded our country from South America would also get us back to the days when it was safe to sleep with a window open. God gave us a brain to solve these problems, so I think we need to consider what our options are.

    • LKD

      Dear HS Thompson,
      If you trust the US Government and think we don’t need guns, there’s a way to change that: It’s called a Constitutional Convention. If the 2nd amendment is an anachronism as you claim, we won’t have a problem voting it into oblivion. If that happens, I’ll be glad to sell my guns to the government for their fair value and abide by the constitution. Otherwise, STFU and move to Australia.

    • http://ccrkba Brien

      I can’t believe how gullible you are. Obama has us on the way to total government control. Cap and Trade alone will dictate everything in you life. The reason the founding fathers wanted an armed public is to keep big government from being too corrupt. Which is what they are. Listen to them talk. They are all professional politicians. Most have never worked in the private sector. Wake up, read George Orwells’ “1984″. That’s where we are headed.

    • Gregory

      As far as being the land of the free.That comes with a very dear price. We need to learn how far our freedom should go.

      If we are to be allowed to bear arms(or not)we have to have laws that are not giving undo rights to those who would take them away from those of us who wish to carry a gun for the right reason(or not). Some countries do not allow the populace to carry guns. The do not have the problems we have because,first they have democratic principals and they believe in protecting the people.

      In other words if you do the crime,you do the time. And often times it can be a one size fits all(death). I believe however that has changed in many places because of the possibility that the person may have wrongly convicted.So now you get life. Also you
      do not have a prison where you have an exercise yard or a color tv. When your in
      prison,you are in prison.

      Now if you are going to allow the freedom to bear arms then it has to be coupled with a law that will cover the misuse of that right.. When a gun is used in crime then the right no longer applies. We have a right to bear arms,but there is nothing that states that we can not set standards on that right. It needs to happen but in such a way as not to step on the toes of those who wish to follow the right to the letter of the law.

      • Gregory

        In addition to what I said once in prison you loss the right to vote in any election til you are out of prison. Now that might not be a bad idea.

        • gene

          Anyone who has commited a felony has lost the right to vote forever unless he gets the conviction removed after 5 years of obeying the law. If you disarm the people they have no protection from criminals or the Government. The U.S. Government is out of control, the left is evil and they want a dictatorship not a republic. Every country in history that took the guns away either became a dictatorship or the crime rate went up over 35%. The police cant protect you. The courts are completly out of control. Judges constantly make rulings in violation of the law. There is no justice unless you can afford a high priced attorney. Most Judges and Attorneys are crooks, bigger crooks then the people they send to prison. I watched a Judge in Orange Calif. give probation to 2 repeat criminals for possesion of marijuana then send a young girl to prison for 2 years for her first offense of possesion of marijuana with no other criminal record. I hired her an attorney to apeal and she got off after 8 months of fighting in court to overturn his ruling. Number one this was a misdemeanor possesion charge limited to 1 year in jail. Apeal courts seldom overturn a lower courts ruling. It took her almost 5 years to pay me for the Attorney but she did and I respect her for that. I also chewed her up one side and down the other for messing with drugs. She learned and went on with her life. If I had not helped her she may have ended up a career criminal by being put in prison with career criminals. I could tell many stories of crooked Judges especially in California. One other note, most states now have brandishing a firearm as a felony. You pull your gun to stop a crime and you go to jail. Even if you have a carry permit you must inform any one when you enter there home that you are carrying. Any business can stop there employees from carrying even with a permit, but dont have to supply armed guards for the protection of there employees or customers. A business owner can post no guns allowed and you are breaking the law if you enter there business even with a carry permit. In California you cant have a gun with in 1 mile of a school. Insanity is running this country. The top English Professors say that by the second Ammedment all gun laws are unconstitutional. God help us. Gene

    • James

      HS Thompson, Article V of the U.S. Constitution states: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…” A Democracy is a government which is empowered to enact whatever law the majority of people want. No such government is mentioned in the Constitution. A Republican government is limited to the powers that were extended to it by the Founders. Article I, Section 8 enumerates these powers, and any federal law that goes beyond those powers would be unconstitutional.

    • James

      HS Thompson, Article 4, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution, reads: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” A Democracy is a form of government that is empowered to enact whatever law the most people want. Such a government is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. A Republican form of government is limited to those powers that were delegated to it by the Founders. These limited powers are enumerated in Article I, Section 8, and beyond that the federal government has no power.

    • Ranchman

      Wow, I can’t even believe that someone can be so gullible as this and using your interpretation of religion to back up your foolishness. “Right wing religious folks..?” Man, ok Obama. Yeah, I WILL cling to my religion and guns, thank you very much. And yes, the gov’t of today IS tyrannical, without the slightest care for my well being. I truly believe with all my hart that people like you have no concept of Patriotism whatsoever, so please refrain from your use of the word. We neither ask for nor require your help in any way. We are perfectly content to advance the cause of Liberty without you, sir. Just stay out of our way, and maybe, through your inaction and ignorance, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of our hard work of regaining Constitutional Governance. We will not be swayed, we will never waver, and we will be victorious in the end.

  • cr747

    I have been a Life Member of the National Rifle Association since 1974, and very proud of it. If all the people that is interested in our 2nd amendment rights would join the NRA and support what it stands for, we wouldn't have to worry about the government wanting to do away with the 2nd amendment. We would vote all the ones that are against us in Washington out of office, and put the ones in their places that are for our country and the 2nd amendment in office, then all of this bull about taking our firearms away would be history. No more wasting our tax dollars on crap that don't amount to a hill of beans, I'm sure there would be other waste on our tax money such as Obama wanting to pass smoking laws in which he is a smoker, ((but slips around so his family don't see him)) to come up. The government is always going to find something to waste tax dollars on, but that is the government for you.

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    I say if they want our firearms let them try to take them.


    It’s time to ask Nickel’s if the people of Iran who wanted to be heard had had guns on their side what might of happened, the fight was pretty one sided and it resulted in more violent suppression because the tyrants that rule by gun had all the guns and the citizens had none.

    People like Nickels need to grow up.

    • John

      I suggested that we take some C5A’s and accidentally unload some rifles and guns off the back of the aircraft into the streets…


      • John

        I guess I should add that would probably come back to haunt us as they would probably be used against us.

        • gene

          Most of the Irainian people like the U.S.A. and want there freedom. There are 2 iranian brothers in Orange Calif. They are the nicest people you will ever meet. When they came to the U.S. with there 3rd brother the INS found a mistake on the 3rd brothers application and deported him. He was executed by the government when he got off the plane in Iran. We need to help the Iranian people any way we can. God Bless the U.S.A. Gene

  • James Corbin

    How come my viewpoint isn’t shown?

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    If we give up our firearms we will have to throw rocks at the army tanks. And the next big tv show will be—— socialist cops——-

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    Of all the people in elected office 90% must be dunked in tar and rolled in feathers. And given a royal booting.

  • Greg Danneels

    I am a NRA Life M ember, I have signed up 3 new members this year @ $25
    each and extended one for an additional yearfor $25. Sure it cost a bit but
    it was worth every penny. If every member just reached into their pockets to sign up just one new member look at what we would have. If the OBAMA MACHINE can
    get away with confiscating our firearms, believe me, they will.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      At some point in time there needs to be more than just political pressure.

    • cr747

      GREG, that’s what it is going to take for us to keep signing up new members. I have signed up a few myself. Another club I am proud to be a life member to that helps the NRA is American Hunter, might want to check into it if you enjoy hunting.



    • http://no Brian Rawls

      sometimes there must be more than just political pressure.

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    There is not enough people with guts in america. Why not just say no come take our guns from us. lets cast our votes in this manner. how many local police officers do you all think will bear arms against all of you? ask each other what are you all willing to do about it. how far are you willing to go to stop these wicked freedom hating people?

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    Is there anyone out there that is willing to go the distance with these people. It is better to die free than to live like a slave.

  • http://no Brian Rawls

    That may sound radical but our founding fathers thought this same way. They had families as well but they took their rifles from over their fire places and left their families behind. They knew that if they didnt do anything their families would suffer. What would each of them tell their kids when they asked them why they were slaves? Sorry kids I was too chicken S* to do anything about it. What are you all going to tell your kids.

  • http://personellibertyalerts franklin schneider

    yes we must support the nra to the fullest.and tell all to join.

  • http://firstliberty alan

    I have arthritis, but not in my trigger finger.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      I think this country is going to give up all its rights. There is not enough people that will take a stand. I really believe that all of you will be slaves in the end.

      • HS Thompson

        You are a delusional paranoid with fantasies of persecution. You live in a fantasy where even though you are in the greatest nation the world has ever seen with more freedom and opportunity thst you need to resort to the force of arms against your perceived enemies.

        You are exactly the reason that we need more restrictions on guns. Your views are not patriotic, they are signs of mental illness, and you should seek professional help.

        America, love it or leave it – traitors try to destroy this great nation and your views are treasonous.

        • http://no Brian Rawls

          The constitution does not read. —– more gun control—— I guess you are willing to give up your liberty. Not everyone is willing to do that. Its people like me who have fought every war for freedom while nobody else had the guts! You think its treasonous, I find it to be far from it. It was said by one of our founding fathers that the gov should fear the people. Not the people the gov.

  • http://firstliberty alan

    Brian, i and i’m sure many others respect you’re opinion, however; you can’t speak for everyone.I’m sure there is a lot of Americans who will NOT be enslaved without a fight.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      I stand corrected. I just cant for the life of me understand how everyone is in such a mad dash to give up their liberty.

  • http://firstliberty alan

    Brian, they are blind or have been brainwashed. Maybe stupid or have no sense.

  • Al rebel

    Thomas Jefferson put out this warning way back when this country was first born “The people should not fear the government,but the government needs to be afraid of the people” It is rapidly becoming apparent that the government has run over the people and the worst is yet to come.You have total idiots in congress that have life long positions and a large majority of them could care less for the people they represent.Many of them would like nothing better then to ravish the constitution and take away your firearms,unless of course unless they need you to go out and defend them from wars they have gotten us into,then they will glady give you a weapon and allow you to die for them.We now have in the white house one of the worst anti gun presidents we have ever had and he is not to be trusted.Also remember,that people that are allowed to own weapons are free men,people that are not trusted by their government to bear arms are subjects.Its that simple…make your choice

  • http://firstliberty alan

    I have an idea! Pass an amendment thru congress [if we can get it done] that no lawyer can ever hold public office. That in itself would clean out congress. As CHRIST said in the temple when he got mad.Woe to you lawyers who rob from the poor and needy. He is coming soon and i can’t hardly wait. What a great time to be alive?

  • James Corbin

    Speaking of gun control—– The people that shouldn’t have guns ( in the first place )
    Will be the only ones with them. I think Obama wants to disarm our country and the military also. If we ever needed a strong military it is at this time. Has any one heard Obama is trying to have one world bank? If so, you people that read the bible know what this means.

  • James Corbin

    Brian, Your thoughts are so right.

  • gene

    If you hear hundreds of gun shots from Anchorage Alaska you will know they came to get my guns and I gave them all the bullets first. Gene

  • gene

    Congress and obumer are not paying any attention to the polls or the emails faxes and phone calls. That is why they are traitors. We The People run this country not them. There is a movement right now forming a Continental Congress to meet near the end of the year to make the Constitution as clear as can be made. Ammendments will be made to clearly explain our God given rights and put the Government back in its place. See The 8 traitorous republican rhinos who voted for cap and trade will never get reelected. Spector will not be reelected and Pelosi and ried will not get reelected but it may be too late to save the country from a revolution as this election was fixed and most people know it. God Bless us all. Gene

  • gene

    There is a movement in Illinois to get obumer disbarred as was his wife. He lied on his application to the bar. His wife was disbarred after only 4 years as an attorney.

  • AZgrandpa

    I agree with everybody about owning weapons. I belong to NRA,Life member of GOA,also life member in North American hunting club. If.. they want my weapon they can have it blade first. I am 81 yrs. old, My wife & I target practice all the time.long guns &pistol. She is a sharpshooter, I hold my own with her ( at times } but we enjoy it. We shoot all kinds of weapons . We gave all of our kids weapons of their own. and taught safety and respondability, will close for now,I read all comments posted. AZ.grandpa &greatgrandpa.

  • s c

    People like the Seattle mayor are the true ‘gun nuts.’ In their twisted view of reality, they cater to the whims of criminals [open tent syndrome]. They ignore the rights of victims. They see armed citizens as a criminal class.
    They have sold their souls for a handful of silver-plated, pc praise. In the 18th century, they would have supported the British. They are legends in their defective, devolving minds. They must be watched 24/7. When these back-stabbers decide to end the 2nd
    Amendment, they will expect brainwashed law enforcement officials to do their bidding. They will cower in the shadows, hoping that patriotic citizens can’t find them.
    On that day, these human weasels will face the wrath of constitutional justice.

    • http://no Brian Rawls

      I wonder how many brain washed police there will be. Oh i mean the updated new and improved SS.

  • James Corbin

    Rosia—– You speak the truth!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Thank you Gene! you said it all

  • James Corbin

    Gene, I too am an american! But where do we go from here? Obama and his left winger are ruiniing our country.

  • HS Thompson

    You don’t need guns to protect yourself. We live in a modern society with a strong rule of law and generally law abiding citizens. The misinformation that is thrown around about Australia, Canada Great Britian, Japan is a NRA propaganda gun restrictions do not raise crime levels. I have lived in Canada and Australia and they are safe societies with far fewer guns especially assault rifles and hand guns.

    Life carries risk every day, you can get killed in a car accident, we don’t all need to drive tanks for protection. You can break your neck falling down the stairs; we don’t use ramps with heavy padding to protect ourselves. Sure there is a risk that some crazy is going to assault or attack us, the chance is one in a million I am not afraid I chose to live my life without packing around a weapon for the one in a million risk.

    The ongoing fear of communism and socialism is just plain funny. Answer me this, as technology continues to advance and computers and robotics replace millions of jobs should we not adjust our business models to account for the lack of jobs? If goods and services can be provided with half the labour, how do you see prosperity being created for the general population. Economic models will need to adjust or we will have a concentration of wealth at the top and poverty for the majority, a sure formula for social unrest. The world is changing fast, looking to the past and remaining rigid are just ways to assure the decline of America.

    You right wing religious folks should note the Jesus did not carry a weapon, did not suggest that we arm ourselves to protect ourselves. Discussion and compromise, generosity and selflessness, living together without fear, that is the path.

    To all the government haters, treason is not patriotism, respect the system and work and participate. The comments that politicians are evil, corrupt, liars is just plain ignorant. Go meet some of them, I have and find most are good people serving their nation.


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