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CBO Figures Cast Doubt On Budget Compromise

April 15, 2011 by  

CBO figures cast doubt on budget compromiseAs lawmakers prepared to vote on the Federal budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, new data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has raised some doubts regarding the bill's immediate impact on the national deficit.

According to an analysis by, the proposed $38 billion cuts would reduce direct spending this year by approximately $352 million, compared to the FY2010 rates. This information may irk conservative lawmakers who have already argued that the compromise failed to meet the GOP's campaign pledge to cut $100 billion.

However, the CBO figures take into account an increase in Pentagon appropriations. If non-military spending is cast aside, the rest of the government's budget will be $42 billion less than the level when John Boehner (R-Ohio) became Speaker of the House.

The deal passed in the House Thursday afternoon and was supposed to go before the Senate later in the evening. If a deal was not reached by midnight, the government would shut down.

A total of 28 House Republicans voted against the stopgap bill on April 9 that kept the government funded for an extra week. Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) voted against the continuing measure and said he planned to vote against the final package, claiming that the budget is built on "phantom savings," according to FOX News.

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  • TIME

    Oh but really, how could this be?
    You mean to tell me that the Spearker of the house is really NO DIFFERANT than old Nancy? Me ~ o my ~ o, well call me late for dinner!

    People this gaggel of freaks have to go, there were only 28 that got the point, whats that tell you? Only the NEW ONES have a clue what YOU want!

    REPLACE THEM old nasty dipper bound sob’s!
    As in “don’t re elect” them.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, “an expensive suit, a hair cut, and dippie tude babby kisser will never make for a leader.”

    Leaders sometimes have LONG hair, or wear blue jeans and even have beards, well damm I just can’t fathom that will fly in the DC belt way where they have a dress code and yet SCREW YOU over daily!

    People stop electing the OLD TIME BELT WAY FREAKS FREAKS. And for GOD sake stop falling for the MEDIA HYPE! USE your own thinking powers!

    • Paul

      I couldn’t agree more! Well said.

    • Bob from SoCal

      We need to stop falling for the Left, Right paradigm that has been fed to us our entire lives. The old career politicians left and right are like ticks on the American Hound Dog. They are going to suck the poor dog dry, until it drops dead. And like most parasites they don’t give a dam about the host. The old timers are all in the pockets of the fat cat banker elite. All the freshmen that just entered the arena haven’t been bribed or threatened yet. I just hope that they have the integrity to stand their ground and uphold the the principles of our Constitution and to keep us a free people. Because if something is not done soon, our freedom will be gone.

      • Lostwages

        Watch it, Bob, you’re starting to sound like Alex Jones! HA! But I do agree with you!

    • EddieW

      Not only that, using smoke and mirrors they saved 38 Billion…WTF is that??? If I had 200 cigarettes, and gave you the last couple drags on the one I was smoking, that’s 38 billion!!! Boener Betrayed Us!!

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      Time: This would be a good thing but when are the States going to put teeth into their voter registration to stop illegal voting? The only reason the biggest scumbag of them all, Harry Reid, is back for another term is because he stole an election in Nevada by rigging the voting machines and the illegal vote. The polls noted he was losing by as many as six percentage points among the voters and he won?

      I don’t know if you are aware that during the last Presidential election, there were instances of voters voting as many as seven times in one state and included felons whose vote should not have counted. Which party did this? It wasn’t the Republican Party. I previously voted for both parties as an Independent but the last two years have proven you cannot trust the Democrats to be honest in the election process.

      The only reason the new representatives in Congress are doing well is because of the large number elected. Otherwise, they would have had their legs cut out from under them very quickly. Individually, they can be held out of committees and rendered ineffective but as a group can make the old hats in Congress squirm.

      It is my hope all the Socialist Democrats get voted out or reduced to numbers where their agenda to move this country toward Socialism is denied. That also includes the current administration and the cabinet which is primarily Socialist (progressive) Democrats.

    • James

      Time, I agree. When in doubt vote ‘em out!

  • sean murrey

    They better quit lying to us.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Unfortunately Mr. Huelskamp is exactly correct, even though I wouldn’t call them ‘Phantom Savings’, I would call them ‘Imaginary Savings’, only in the mind of Speaker Boehner and the RINOs, for Obama and the Democrats know the truth, and boy did the Republicans get snookered on this one.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    What it is time for is term limits! That way they go regardless!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only problem with that, is if they are very pro constitution and very much for the people and not themselves, we lose them automatically and they could get replaced by somebody not so!!!!

  • Lostwages

    And if we only spend money on Tuesday night when it’s light out! And if you don’t count what were spending this year, we made $1.52.95! What a bunch of Bull! Anybody ever see the “Music Man”? Yep! We’ve really got trouble, right here in River City! Yep, we’ve got a whole pool full of “fools”! This budget debate is a great example of how the Dems and the Repubs are all working together to give us the shaft! The whole thing is just a song and dance, pony show put on for our “off to see the wizard” life style! Until enough people wake up and start putting pressure on their representatives, we can look forward to this kind of actions by our unresponsive government. “Have a nice day!”

    • James

      Lostwages, What does $1.52.95 mean?

  • Lostwages

    I see all these great comments here, so how many of you called or wrote to your reps. and told them to vote “no” for this budget? Or how about asking them “Why are we still in Libya?” Or “Why aren’t you impeaching Obama? Or “We need to audit the Fed.!” Or ? So, if anyone of you bothered, send me a “reply”, I’d really like to see how many of you are following through. Thanks! and yes, I wrote two emails to my reps. yesterday before the vote was taken on the budget.

    • Bert Cundle

      AUDIT the GOVERNMENT… “NON-Political… Even the truth would be useless!” We only have 2 Parties ( That would make them UNITE!)

      • TIME


        Don’t take this the wrong way my friend, but we have not had a two party system now for well over 45 years.
        We have a “ONE Party system” that just placated the Voters with smiles and kiss’s and the same speaches over and over and over and over again.

        My friend Pete wrote a song back in the 1971 called;” We wound get Fooled again.”
        But you know what, every election from Johnson to now we have been fooled again and again.

        So anyone have any ideas how to rid ourselfs of the POWERS that be and will not go away? Lets give it a try.

        The only thing I can say for sure is is they claim CHANGE, ask what that means and HOW will they produce such change, as in you want to see a bloody plan, not words, words are worthless.

        • Bob from SoCal

          Hello Time,
          We can make a good start of it, by getting rid of the Federal Reserve.

          • Bert Cundle

            We are supposed to be $ debt $0 in reserve…

      • Lostwages

        I really didn’t care what you asked your rep. to do. All I was asking is if you bothered to write or call your rep. and give him your opinion! So, did you?

        • TIME

          Mr Lost,

          Perhaps you don’t quite grasp many of my post, I speak with my Congress and Senate persons in person weekly? DO YOU?
          So again let me say this so your dead clear on this point.
          I not only spoken with, emailed, Faxed, Phoned I have also given testimony to congress.
          So do I speak with my Congress persons, and perhaps even your’s.
          I hope that answers your question.

          • Lostwages

            That’s great! But if you take note of the boxes around the comments, I was asking Bert. I will admit, you are right, I don’t grasp your post, and I quote “not words, words are worthless.”, maybe this is why I misunderstood you. Thanks for the reply, It’s great to know others are trying to make a difference!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have emailed, phoned and Written all my reps, even the pres! I have a congressman that knows me by sight and first name, do you?? I have gone to all their town hall meetings, and I have a list of over 500 contacts I have made to them over the last ten years! I really got going during Bush’s Amnesty, or should I say SCAMNESTY try!! I know of a few others here that have been in contact as well!!

        • James

          I have contacted my reps, to the point I am now on the phone “town hall meetings” that they have. Not that I feel it dose any good, I just do not think our reps care what we think!!!!!

          • Lostwages

            Hi James says, It’s good that you’re staying with it! I get feeling the same way sometimes, so I pick up the phone and call my congress persons office. I normally call right after a major vote I had written in about so I can ask how they voted. I figure if I call to see how they voted, they know I’m looking to hold them accountable and it makes me feel better, like maybe we do count! Thanks for your comment! Hang in there, keep the pressure on them!

          • James

            I am not the ‘James’ that wrote this. I’m the ‘James’ that quotes the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. I have written to my congressmen (and other congressmen) on a regular basis for decades.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If it was you that put up the post about the BC on the other thread, you didn’t put the site we can go to to see it!! you describe the document well, but we can’t follow your post if the site isn’t posted!!!! PLEASE POST THE ADDRESS!!!!!

    • Bob from SoCal

      I send my representatives my opinion on the issues almost on a weekly basis. I’m sure most of these other good people do what they can, with the time they have to contribute out of their busy lives.

      • Lostwages

        Thanks Bob and I’m hoping to find just that here. I think everyone here is trying to solve the problems we face. Most are better at it than me! I just thought it interesting to see what my question would bring. Thanks again!

      • James

        Bob from SoCal, You only have ONE Representative.

    • Tom S

      As usual, didn’t do any good, did it. I wrote mine and got a standard B.S. answer in return that had nothing to do with the subject!

      • Lostwages

        Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply! I know how you feel, I wrote to one senator with a question about the Supreme Court, months later I got an email, thanking me for supporting her stand on the fight over the Bush tax cuts! Man, was I upset! But, don’t stop! Keep writing! The more of us that keep flooding them with letters, the more they know we are paying attention! Thanks Again!

        • barbm

          most of our reps have local meetings where you can go there and ask the hard questions. you just need to go to their web sites for the date, time, and place. it’s fun to see them squirm!! i call gonzalez, cornyn, and hutchison’s offices almost daily over one thing or another. calling gonzalez is a waste of time, but i have to try. if it isn’t a concern to hispanics – legal or illegal – he doesn’t really care. hutch is not running again, so i hope we can find a great new freshman to take her place. cornyn is mouthing the words, but he’s still voting rino most of the time. and besides, he’s one of the ones who caused the problem, so it’s too little, too late. he won’t get my vote unless there is no decent alternative.

          • Lostwages

            Thanks barbm, nice to hear you’re sticking to your guns! Town Hall Meeting are a great way to make contact! Congressman McClintock does phone meetings, kinda like calling in to a radio talk show, so its kinda fun too! Thanks Again!

  • Bert Cundle

    Who: borrowed the money that put us in such debt? Why: did they go beyond the BUDGET? Mayby the reported debts “REALY ARN’T OURS”!!!

    • Lostwages

      And that’s why we need to audit the Federal Reserve!

    • James

      Bert Cundle, The federal government borrows money by selling U.S. Treasury Bonds. They do that when their spending exceeds the revenue they have in hand. These Bonds are purchased by Americans, who hold about 42.2% of them. The Social Security Trust Fund holds 17.9%, the U.S. Civil Service Retirement Fund 6.0%, the U.S. Military Retirement Fund 2.1%. The rest are owned by foreign nations. The current National Debt is $14.2 trillion, thus Americans hold 42.2% of that debt and the S.S. Trust Fund owns 17.9% of it. Keep in mind Treasury Bonds are debts the federal government owes to the bond holders. They are not assets as some congressmen are saying. Just recently federal law was changed to require 401k retirement plans to include 20, 65 or 80% of these bonds, depending on which plan is adopted.

  • wademayatte

    when election time comes we will get rid of all but the freshmen

    • Lostwages

      That will take 4 to 6 years, do we really want to wait that long? With the way things are going, by that time we’ll be lucky to have the right to vote anymore!

  • Pat natale

    According To the third paragraph of this article … With it’s triple negative .. “non military” ..”cast out” … “rest of”
    The CBO is saying we cut military spending by 42b. Is that true?

  • jopa

    Lostwages;Calling, writing or e-mailing your Representatives is a total waste of time.You have to go or send someone to Washington with a pocket full of cash to contribute to their re-election campaign.Once they are in office you no longer matter.Topics like impeach, and birther also just make you sound silly and nobody will take you seriously.

    • Lostwages

      Well, that’s one opinion and from what I read, didn’t write or call.
      Thank you for your reply!

      • Thamera

        Good reminder Lostwages. I think if more people would become ACTIVELY involved then we would begin to experience “real” change. It never ceases to amaze me how so few people even know what is going on in D.C. Jay Leno’s “Man on The Street” is case in point.

        • Lostwages

          Hi Thamera, Thank you for “getting” what I am trying to put across. I’m not trying to upset anyone, I’m just trying to get people to take action on their words by seeing that a lot of us do write our reps. Everyone here has good ideas, or good input. We are sharing our thoughts looking for answers, so it’s all good! Thanks again!

        • TIME


          I spoke with Jay a few years back, unlike what many think, he profiles people, thus you see what he gets straight up with nothing added and very few that get the questions correct.
          So somethings the truth is a hard pill, but we mask these truths with a good laugh to make our selfs feel better, how sad is that.

          And BTW your dead on with your post.


    The problem here is that our representative government is run by entrenched RINO’s and libs(now communist) who have no intention of representing you, the voting public or the tax payers. We have but one shot of making this government perform a political enema and clease it’s ruptured bowels, the need for conservatives/independents who are believers in the Constitution and are morally, ethically and personally responsible for their actions and bound by oath to serve the public in their elected office honorably….Learn the hell how to vote and be responsible for what you do.

  • http://com i41

    CBO could not give a clear cost anything since the beltways dinks don’t give correct figures and never have for decades. It is just likeany government agency, including the State Dept. Their lipps are twitching they are lying. This closed door s–t has to stop, andI don’t care what perty it is. When the jug earted bastard when in the close door meeting with queer soft spoken union lap b–ch Weid, American people were realy going to get screwed.

  • jopa

    Time: Ah Oh Hmm forget it you are probably too busy talking to Letterman now.

  • Hamman

    They been there long enough to know how the land lays. They do what betters them, not us. Next election out they go or we will be down the tube. See no other way to fix this big problem other than get them OUT! Then keep on the new members hot and heavy and not let up for the next four years. If they don’t do what we want, then out they go!


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