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Caught In Another Lie

November 12, 2010 by  

Caught In Another Lie

To absolutely no one’s surprise, an inspector general concluded that the White House edited a drilling safety report in a way that made it falsely appear that scientists and experts supported the administration’s six-month ban on new deep-water drilling.

The Associated Press reported that the inspector general concluded the White House’s changes “resulted ‘in the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer reviewed.’ But it hadn’t been. Outside scientists were asked only to review new safety measures for offshore drilling.”

In other words, the Administration lied about the need to halt offshore drilling in order to push its “Green” agenda. The result has been crippling job losses along the Gulf coast and increasing oil prices — up about $7 a barrel since the spill and still climbing.

Barack Obama and his minions claim to be on the side of the “working people.” But oil workers apparently don’t count. Nor do those in the coal industry. Nor does anyone else, who must deal with a falling dollar and rising prices resulting from the Administration’s feckless energy policies.

But he’s all for the government subsidizing inefficient, ineffective and unproven Green jobs. And he apparently has no problem with the United States becoming increasingly dependent on foreign oil.

That the Administration lied to achieve its ends is no surprise. It’s not the first Administration to do that. But that so many on the Left would sit silently by while it destroys an industry and continues to cripple the U.S. economy is a surprise.

Apparently, when it comes to going Green, the Left believes the end justifies the means.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dan az

    What would you expect from one that likes to inspect the shine on foreign nationals shoes Im not surprised at all.Lies are now the truths that we must all swallow will some one please give this boy a job!

    • bruce d.

      Hllary Clinton opening stated that the idea is to appear to be going to center but keep the leftest agenda on track. Yes Obama does lie in order to redirect and con. It is the only way the full blown socialists who are 20% of the country can implement their policies. They count on people not being bright enough to understand what they are doing.

      • Vicki

        If Obama intentionally lies as you and the OP suggest then he can’t be a Christian and be true to his religion. But he CAN be a Muslim.

        • Tony

          Excellent reply Vicki!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          WHAT??? Nobummer a Muslim???? Surely you jest!!!! Why just the other day I heard him talk on the subject. It went like this.
          People say I am a muslim, I tell you this is true er a lie!
          I have always been a good musl er Christian.
          the sweetest sound there is is the call to er, ah, attendance in church, yeah that’s it, call to attendance.
          In conclusion, I say may Al er God be with you!! Allah Akbar, I mean Bless you all!!

        • Granny Mae


          Good one ! I have been saying that all along. I don’t know where he learned Christianity from but it sure wasn’t from the Bible or another Christian ! His religious talk has been so flawed from day one. I don’t think anyone really believes he is a christian ! Can’t be a christian and a Marxest or communist or socialist, but you can be a muslim and be any or all of those things ! Obama is a lie period. All his closest cohorts including Clinton, are liars too !

          • Christin

            Mae, Vicki, JoeH,

            BO is definately not a Bible believing Christian as I know it from his constant of “Collective Salvation”, believer in Liberation theology/ communism (Redistribute the wealth) which in itself is Godless, and his perfect koran/quron pronunciation of the words there in and an absolute lier to the Nth degree… however, I’m not so sure he is an Islamic Muslim either though he is definately PRO- Muslim, as he is gay or bisexual (not allowed in Islam or Christianity)& an adulterer, and he didn’t attend a mosque, but rather Rev Jerimiah Wright’s hateful Anti-American Black Liberation Theology for 20 years.

            I think we can not so quickly put him in one of the known religious boxes, I think maybe he is more along the lines of just plain Evil and Lost… floating around, hanging out where he feels comfortable and fits in with an adoring crowd.

          • Granny Mae


            I have heard this before that he was bisexual. How does everyone know this? Are you sure this is true? It is hard to believe ! But then most things connected to him are hard to believe !

    • Dave in SoCal


      Who else are you telling this too? We need to organize and get the truth out. Develop bumper sticker, put signs in your car windows. Teach your children. Tell everyone that the radicals in the Democratic and Republican party are trying to take our freedom by raising taxes and increasing regulations to a point this country will all be slaves. Tell the government to manage the budget like we would and give us our own money back so we can create jobs. DO IT NOW OR DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU ARE A SLAVE.

      • Richard Pawley

        No argument here! However, while some Republicans will lie from time to time to save their own hides, and while there are a few decent and moral Democrats, the Marxists (socialists and communists who usually call themselves progressives) who have taken over the Democratic party believe it is their right, no their obligation, to lie or do whatever is necessary to create their elitist version of “a brave new world”. The ultimate fight is not between right and left but between right and wrong. If one does not have a standard except a sneaking feeling that one might be god, then anything is OK. Those who have the Word of God (the Bible) as a standard (as did all the founding fathers, though like today, not all followed it), one can at least see where one falls short. Even so we are told that God loves sinners. He only hates the sin because it will eventually destroy the sinner. Our problems are never going to be solved by “just” a smaller government, or a bigger one. They are only going to be solved when we return to the basic belief that man was created in God’s image and that He loves us and wants us to turn to Him for guidance and solutions. A few are doing this, even a few in our newly elected congress, but it has taken us a hundred years to get in this mess so don’t expect any solution is going to quickly change things. Inflation on a scale not seen before in this country is coming and there are those who want this so they can remake the USA according to their own beliefs as what is good for all. Those who will not due anything to prepare for what is coming will suffer far more than those who at least do what they can. Unfortunately many are stubborn and are convinced that if they just ignore a problem it will go away. This rarely happens so get ready for the most unbelievable next 36 months that any of us have ever lived. May God bless all who seek Him and who understand that He is bigger than any church or country or planet. The true God who created Heaven and Earth will never let you down though you may have to wait what seems an unreasonable length of time (think of the 40 years he molded Moses BEFORE He sent him to oppose the Pharaoh). Things are speeded up in our time so it is unlikely that we will have to wait as long as Moses but we also need to remember that nations that reject God have never maintained their greatness or their freedom. That never seems to change.

        • Christin

          That is how I see it, too, Richard.

          God and God alone is the answer.

          We must return to Him if our nation is to be saved from this fall from Grace.

          Those that deny God’s authority and position in their lives are creating a progressive utopia or evil kingdom on Earth for their master, Satan (the Father of Lies) who always copies God whose holy kingdom is in heaven.

          * * * * * * * * * *

          I taught sixth grade world social studies many years ago. I had a great textbook at first that taught the geography, the history, and then the present day postition of each country or region of people and civilizations.

          Then we had to adopt new textbooks and I was not on the history textbook committee and another teacher put in for the adoption of this lousy social studies book. I hated teaching from it, because it taught about the people and their struggles and then rise to power and their golden years and then… their fall… all of them fell, over and over again… and soon you could not remember one country and its peoples from the other because they all followed the same pattern to the end all through history.

          Will we too, follow that pattern, my friends?

          • Granny Mae


            I certainly hope not but I finished reading a book tonight that makes me wonder. Someone on the blog recommended it so strongly that I thought I would like to see what had made such a concerned impression on them ! The book is One Second After by William R. Forstchen. It is a fiction but one that can most likely happen given our enemies ! It is about an EMP attack and just what happens after! The story covers a year of aftermath and if you think about the whole situation It is a very likely senerio of what would happen. Especially if people don’t prepare ahead of time for a major disaster. I can see this kind of thing happening if our money collapses or we have a major attack or both ! I recommend that everyone read this book. Gives a person an idea of how to prepare and what to prepare ! You might be able to find it at the Library or do what I did and go through Amazon and get one of the cheap used copies ! Thanks to who ever it was that recommended this book. I am glad that I read it and feel as though I am better prepared in knowing what to expect. I think God gives us many warnings and it is up to us to listen. If we do we will fare much better but if we don’t we will suffer ! I’m not a fan of suffering so I pay attention.

        • Granny Mae


          We sure do agree on that ! Nicely put, now I hope all those reading your post listen !

      • Vicki

        Too late.

    • Granny Mae


      I see you repeat and repeat, and repeat ! Are you concerned with who comes first? Don’t be so annal !

      • Christin

        I noticed a lot of times a poster named “sc” was first to post a lot, too , as is Dan… guess these guys are just early risers!
        They have good comments so I enjoy there 2 cents.

      • Granny Mae


        Sorry for the smart ass remark ! It’s hard to tell intent sometimes especially when you can’t hear the tone of voice!!! I will try to listen closer next time ! I’m sorry to hear you lost your mom. I lost mine about twenty years ago but it still seems like yesterday. I miss her yet today. She would have smacked me for that remark if she had known I wrote it! I can hear her now, “I thought I raised you better than that !” Then my dad would have chimed in to back her up and I would feel like the idiot I do ! Sometimes old people just have pissy days if you know what I mean ! I guess that was one of mine ! I hope you will forgive me ! I will try to behave myself better from now on ! Mae is the name of my grandmother on my fathers side and that is why my mom gave me that name ! My dad just called me jug head !!! I guess sometimes that fits huh? LOL !

  • Vigilant


    A well-written and compelling article.

    The sad political fact is that Obama has little interest in job creation in red states. He’s too busy cowtowing to the unions, teachers and those who would further his agenda of maximizing the number of people dependent upon government for their subsistence.

  • Anthony

    George Orwell is here … right under your noses.

    What’s that movie that came out awhile back? V
    (it has the guy from LOTR, wearing a mask constantly)

    Thats just Hollywood stating the reality we are about to go thru.

  • Bob

    I believe it is “SPOOKY DUDE”! George Soros has taken over the once proud and great Democatic party. All these lies are done by the Puppet Master, they are just mearly players.

    • munday tx

      Amen Mr. Bob, Amen

    • JeffH

      Bob & everyone else, start writing your Senators and Congress people and demand a Congressional investigation into George Soros and all of his “affiliates”(including the untouchable Rothschilds) and their attempt(with a lot of success)to subvert the USA as a leader and free nation. He pretty much controls our government anyway and literally controls the Democratic Party and probably most Republicans too.

      • Jana

        This is a very good idea. I am always writing my Congressmen, so we need to write to them about this also.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        already done earlier today!!! Will do it often, too!!

      • BOE

        To Jeff: He also controls the world`s economy. His plan along with Obama is ruin our financial system,create fuel and food shortages. And of course our cash will be useless. People google the Tides will see Soro`s, John Kerry and his wife give 8 million a year,and several other high ranking democrats in our congress are involved in bringing down our country. Then when we are hungry and unable to get to work….well ripe for a takeover. As George Soro`s stated ripe for a “one world government”. Spooky dude!

        • JeffH

          BOE, first thing it is SOROS…2nd, HE does not control the world’s economy, he’s in cahoots with the Rothschilds and “they” control the money…Soros is basically an front man or agent for them…they’re reported to be multi-trillionaires wheras Soros is a billionaire…Yes, he does manipulations in governments…and works to devalue monies for profit and he is definately a bad, bad and powerful man…

          Here’s something you might like to read.
          George Soros and the Rothschilds Connection

  • Clyde Veltmann

    It it was me or any other regular person, we would have been arrested for falsifying or tampering with a Government Document

    • http://none Mike

      Agreed Clyde. They have done it before though you dont have to look too hard. Fanny Mae Freddie Mac anyone ? Mike L.

  • Phillip in TX

    The Obama Administration lied? The only time they lie is when their lips are moving!

  • JimH

    The Obama administration lied. This is news because? (just another day)

  • Brenda

    The entire USA should wake up. I’ve read plenty of books, not the ones Glenn Beck said, but others who not agree with him, but let us know we are on a leftist agenda, and no matter what it will be their way. I can only say, people please wake up, buy unperishables as fast as you can. It will take a city, and then some to help others get through this or they will die of starvation, just like in Soviet Union, China, Germany, etc. Children, wake up, help your parents, and if they are liberal, that is alright if you see the light. We “little people” will be the ones to suffer, not the rich or elite. They have money, gold, etc. We have dollars that will not even be enough to feed birds! God have mercy on us for unless we confess our sins we are done. Turn to God. He is the only answer.

    • ValDM

      Some of us saw the light many years ago when we accepted Jesus as our personal savior. Doesn’t the Bible in Revelation state that “millions will starve”? It’s already happening. Politics this and politics that isn’t going to matter much. Get right with God, and He will give you what you need. But the Bible also states to “be prepared”. Prepare for World-wide civil war, the precursor of Aramgeddon. The new batch of electees are only giving false hope. Put your hope where it belongs: God. This doesn’t mean you should not keep yourself informed; being informed is part of being prepared.

      • marvin

        and a loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow full of money the book of revelations will wake you up all you can do is forstall the end not change it,we the tax payers can build mosque in other countrys but got to have seperation of church and state here

        • Sharon

          The ACLU and those stopping Christian Religion are Jewish organizations. Remember they are still the persons that were and are against Christ, the book refers to them as the synagoue of satin, which, is what they were chosen for. Those are now our banks, federal reserve and insurance companies. These dual citizens are also in appointed positions via Bush and Obama. They are destroying our Christian counrty.

          • JanB

            I would like to see your proof of that. Not interested in your opinion.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I would as well!!!

          • Chief Castro

            Sorry Sharon but your comments are clearly antisemitic and if you are truly a christian you have to know, and believe Jesus was a Jew for a reason.

          • Granny Mae


            You are anti-semetic for sure ! I sure don’t know where you got such ideas but they are way off ! Jesus was a jew and his last actions alive on this earth were to celebrate a Jewish holiday, Passover ! That man was a jew and the jews are the apple of his eye. By his grace we have been adopted into the fold, praise God ! You have been taught a lot of hate and mis-information !

          • Allan Halbert

            Fortunately, not all Jews are members of the ACLU, and not all people named Sharon are anti-Semitic.

    • Christin

      I believe that it is g soros “spooky guy” ( Open Society and other groups Bilderburg, Rothschild, illuminati, Fabian Society) and the traitorous progressives’ (socialists, communists, facists…) intent is to hyperinflate the dollar so as to not have to pay back so much on our debt to China and Russia, to devalue the dollar to collapse America, to hike prices of food and other things (clothes, oil, energy…) so high that the average person / middle class will not be able to buy anything. For a time we will try to live off our preparedness stash and live off the land. The Entitlement group will be taken care of somewhat by their Government Master with free food and other necessities and luxuries housing, tv, cable… so long as they act like good obedient servants and go to work. The real wealthy millionaires and billionaires will have enough to buy what they need for a while. And those in the Political Elitist Ruling Class will get what ever they want and need from the system. They will live like gods. Essentially, I believe they will starve us (God’s children), the American Constitutional Conservative Middle Class citizen, out. Hopefully the rapture will happen first… but I believe people will take the Mark of the Beast (666 on forehead) or the micro chip in the arm to buy and sell food or any other product for sale then. At that point if you want to eat you can chose to take the Mark (becoming satan’s chld) or go under ground and try to survive. It is their wish to rid themselves of us, the patriotic American, who stands in the way of their evil kingdom, the NWO, on Earth. Our kingdom is in heaven with our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.
      We will be okay, we have God. No matter how we die, we will be in heaven with Jesus… and we will live for all eternity with Him.

  • rob

    Folks the AGENDA! is to do whatever causes huge price rises on consumer goods/fuels. Then step in when the dollar collapses, take over and make America a socialist state subject to a world government. Pretty plain to me. PRAY FOR AMERICA, and lets all turn to The Lord while we can.

  • denisintn

    obama didn’t hesitate to shut down the oil industry in the gulf, killing 40,000 jobs in one fail swope. it’s what he does. he probably destroyed 80,000 jobs when he took over the auto industry. the fact that middle class workers are thrown into poverty is worth it for him to further his socialist agenda.
    obama’s present claims for adding sixty thousand jobs during his 3,000 person, multimillion dollar asian tour will, judging from his and biden’s job gain claims, amount to l,000 jobs of one year duration.

    • Dale Weaver

      The Politician are quick to tell us how many jobs they created, but what they fail to tell us is that these jobs are in the public sector at our expense nor do they tell us how many jobs are lost during. The Government reported once that it created 600,000 jobs and the Media reported that that over a million jobs lost during the same period what this amounts to is for every job created in the public sector there TWO jobs lost in the private sector we can not let this continue we need to shut Washington down and get rid of the dead beats. We need to put a VACONCY sign on the forheads of a lot of polititions they have demonstrated time and time again that there is a vast void between their ears

  • Tom from Idaho

    Yes, and in the meantime, “The Anointed One” claims that the “rich” (BTW, a $250K annual income is not considered rich these days), need to be taxed more to help cover the deficit. He wants to make any tax cuts (to anyone) temporary. None of these ideas are job creatiing or in any way a solution to a bad economy. The only way to cure the disease is to attack the problem – - massive gov’t. spending, and I mean across the board (Obamacare, if we still have any real constitutional scholars on the Supreme Court, should be declared illegal under The Law of the Land). The only exception to this is military, as it is the only constitutionaly mandated entity – - to protect the people of this country from all enemies, foreighn and domestic.

  • Steve

    How much do these politicans think they can rape us before there is some kind of revolution?….Raise taxes,impose cap and trade, take away our tax deductions and then devalue the dollar…all of us especially the low income people Obummer is supposed to be all for are all going to become a lot poorer very soon….

    • Vicki

      Steve writes:
      “How much do these politicans think they can rape us before there is some kind of revolution?”

      Been raping us for almost 100 years. That would be why they think the can. Taxes have been as high as 94% in the recent (~50 years) past but no revolution. Cause the tax was sold as a “soak the rich” but no one noticed (No internet then) that there were deductions for those “rich” folk.

      The reason Obama keeps using 250k figure for “rich” is cause Congress makes a little less (~175k) and thus have room for raises

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts and his radical domestic terrorists would lie about oil, no way! Just another day with the national Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party and their purple lipped maxist muslim moron praticing their MO. The though if the pipeline from Baker MT. to the gulf for delivery of Baaken-Williston Basin feilds, we would be out from under China hand. It would ruin the democrat parties money man Soros’s plan to ruin the USA. Of course we shouldn’t be shocked Soros has been running the democrat for decades.

  • Mike from Houston

    They say the moratorium has been lifted. How many permits have been issued so far? How many rigs are back in operation as of today?

    • Christin

      Mike from Houston,

      We are neighbors…

      I believe so far only lip service has been paid by BHO to the lifting of the oil ban. There was some new REGULATIONS that the WH was going to put into effect, but even Dem (What’s her name?) from LA, said I’d like to know just what these new stipulations are going to be for Gulf oil drilling… so that lets me know that so far it is just talk.

      The used rigs are probably long gone… rented out to PETROBRA in Brazil with our $2 billion taxpayer dollars given away by BHO and one for Cuba with China’s help. G. Soros has “interest” in PETROBRA. If anyone has new news on the Gulf oil drilling going back to work please post.

      This administration had NO RIGHT to shut down ALL privately owned oil companies drilling in the Gulf because of ONE sabotaged new technology floating oil rig… even the LA Judge ruled so. obama has killed an entire oil drilling industry by not acting on the leak soon enough and banning Gulf oil drilling with his oil moratorium. But that was his goal… foreign oil independance and redisrtibution of American wealth to the Middle East… not a bad way to take a country down, bravo obama, you win gnashing your teeth and suffering in hades.

      • Granny Mae


        A-Men !

  • eddie47d

    Yes the Gulf was shut down for safety and clean up reasons and he didn’t need any other legitimate reason. Twisting the facts either way won’t change that concern. Green jobs are dong just fine in my State. Maybe some of the other States need alittle backbone in dealing with it. Obama didn’t cause the lose of jobs in the Gulf region it was BP.When private industries screw up society looses.This isn’t BP’s first disaster so greater precautions should have been taken by them.That in turn lead to the less than 6 months moratorium. So the shrimp industry,tourist industry and other oil workers suffered greatly because of the carelessness of BP.

    • independant thinker

      Obama saw the chance to “screw the pooch” and took it. If his reason for shutting down the rigs was BP’s record as you imply only
      BP rigs needed to be shut down the others could remain in operation. As far as cleanup, The rigs being in operation would make no difference one way or the other.

      • Granny Mae


        You are so right! This is one more sorry move by Obama and lame excuses made for him by people that are not dirrectly effected, but they will be !

    • ndude…

      $950,000.00 to OBAMA’S 2008 Campaign from BP

      $3,500,000.00 to 2008 Democrat campaign from BP.

      Beyond Pretroleum…BP’s slogan for the last couple years.

      You only get to the truth when you question and research all 3 sides of the story…your side…their side…and the truth.

      Will you jump out a window because they tell you grass is softer than concrete.

      Think with your brain, not your heart.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        nah BP = Black Pelican!!!

    • JanB

      Eddie, you are off on a rabbit trail. Did you read the article? It is about how Obama “edited a drilling safety report in a way that made it falsely appear that scientists and experts supported the administration’s six-month ban on new deep-water drilling.”

      It has nothing to do with BP. Read for comprehension.

      • eddie47d

        Gotta love those twisted comparisons. Just another degrading story by Bob to entice you little devils.

    • Dan az

      So Eddieeeeeeee
      still no work?
      eddie47d says:
      November 12, 2010 at 1:26 pm

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        don’t waiste your time counting. You know if he gets backed into a corner, he’s just gonna say he’s laid off from the oil rigs !!

        • eddie47d

          I’d be surprised if anyone ever hired you.Your loose lips would sink a company and nobody wants to hire a vicious little mud slinger like you. Do you even have a thought process or are you living on hot air? You are just another bitter foolish troll.

  • Danny Lee from Orlando

    This lie had to be fabricated because George Soros saw an opportunity in the Gulf oil spill. He told our foreign born Muslim puppet president to send billions of our tax money to Brazil for oil exploration. Guess who is a major stock holder in the Brazilian Oil company? A six month moratorium would be just enough time to get those oil rigs working for guess who? So not only are 80,000 of American jobs gone but he double whammed us Americans big time on this scam. The quicker we can prove BHO is not a natural born citizen the quicker we can impeach him and resend all that he has done to ruin our country.

    • JeffH

      Danny Lee, the plan in the gulf came down from Soros’ bosses.
      Let’s see…Rothschilds control Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs owned 40% of BP?s stock; to be exact 6,025,387 shares. By close of the market on March 31, 2010 Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP stock. On the 31 of March BP’s stock had an open price of $56.69 and a closing price of $57.07. Various web articles and blogs claim that Goldman Sachs made 250 million dollars by selling this stock three weeks prior to the sinking of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. By multiplying the amount of stock sold and the average of the daily price this would be true. Selling the stock prior to the catastrophic accident leaves many wondering whether this was all by luck or if Goldman Sachs was in a position to know that it was a safe bet to sell the stock before the oil rig blew up.

      Ironically, Tony Hayward disposed of 223,288 his shares on March 17, again, prior to the blow up.

      Peter Sutherland is chairman of BP plc. He is also chairman of Goldman Sachs International. He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008. He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation.

      What’s a few lives(11?)and damage to the eco-system where profit is concerned…collateral damage I guess?

      • Dan az

        thanks for the facts!Thats what is needed here, way to go!

      • Christin

        Great post JeffH,

        All devistation points back to……. george soros (and his Open Society with its many soros-funded poisonous tenticals).

        Americans need to kick this guy out of precious country before we become the fifth country he has collapsed and currency he has devalued.

        • Granny Mae


          I’m afraid he can do his bidding from anywhere in the world. He doesn’t have to be here ! I have felt in my heart from the beginning that this was not an accident! I believe it was deliberate ! Now with this infor. I am more sure of it. Sad to think that there are people out there that would stoop to murdering innocent people just to make money and play with peoples lives. This guy is sick ! As far as impeaching Obama we already have enough to do that but we have to wait for our majority in congress. If they don’t impeach this guy I will not vote for any of them next time ! It will be all new all over again !

  • http://none goldeagle

    Why is anybody surprised at what Obamamama does or his leftist cronies? The government is in the business of lying. Go back to the Agen Orange debacle, where they denied that our troops were sprayed with dioxin, yet I met a man who was experienced it and when he came home, he and his wife had a son, who has never been well. What about the coverup in the first Gulf activity? Some of our men got into something that was (I believe) nuclear and it was denied until later.
    I could go on and on but the result would be the same—LIES, LIES.

  • ndude…

    Greenest country in the World…Spain…unemployment rate, over 20%…When Green technology becomes affordable AND viable, than all societies will embrace it. What creates the energy to charge electric cars? Why does Green Industries need 10 times the subsidies of Oil/Gas Industries? It’s not viable, yet.

    Patience is a virtue, or did you run and jump before you crawled?

    • Granny Mae

      This green crap has been around for ever. Patients my friend is no friend at times. These green cars are a joke. They don’t go as far or as fast and what do they do to recharge them? Why they use electricity provided by your local power company which is supplied by gas, coal or oil ! Oh that’s real green Huh! Bah humbug !

  • jopa

    The actual lie is the above story.There were no lay-offs on the six exploratory wells in the gulf.The crews were used for much nneeded maintenance and the price for petroleum products is up because of cut-backs and the complete shutdown of a refinery in New Jersey.This site is getting like Faux Not News

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear jopa,
      According to a report in The Christian Science Monitor there were about 20,000 blue collar workers who lost their jobs due to the moratorium. The number of white collar workers—lawyers, accountants and engineers—who lost their jobs is even greater, but not as easily verified. Gas prices typically drop in the fall, yet because of reduced domestic production due to the moratorium and other Obama Administration policies that have restricted domestic production, the inventory of petroleum is down. This, combined with a weakening dollar due to the policies of Bernanke, is driving up the price of oil which is resulting in the rise in gas prices. To deny this is to deny basic economics.
      Best wishes,

      • Dan az

        Bob Livingston
        thanks for the facts again!I would like to ask you if you would do a piece on why diesel cost more then gas.Starting when everyone started buying diesel trucks that got much better fuel mileage,the price here today is 3.60 and going up.Its like when they took out the lead in gas and charged us more for it when it was always added to start with.Thanks for the site!!!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That is what I always count on from you. If someone challenges your news stories, you beat them down where they belong with good old truth and facts!!! Keep up the good fight, sir!!

  • WhoItBe

    What!! Obama lied. What is this report talking about!!

    Please, did he open his mouth? Yes, lies. Apparently his whole life from his birth to his book are lies, to now, another lie.

    Don’t care what party you are, just begin writing your congress people and ask them to vote to hold a complete truth seeking investigation as to who this person that got a lot of America to vote for him.

    Also ask them to tighten our voting rights by either presenting a certified copy of one’s birth certificate, or immigration documents to citizenship. Voter fraud is rampant, he has done nothing but teach the world that honesty goes being lying.

  • marvin

    come on now, you people don,t think a harvard grad would lie, less see half of el cid obama,s staff are harvard teacher or graduate,s, one of the most liberal if not the liberales instituts in the world, and we know liberals would never tell a lie they may tell it fourty differant ways but out and out lie an,t no way, and we all know that want a be king O B A M A would not twist or distort the facts,if that bunch of imbecile,s starting with obama told me it was dark out side i would go out side and check but who am i to judge anyone that hates all white people and is a citizen of the WORLD like biden said obama has more brains in his head then then most people trouble is he don,t use them

  • Charie

    @ndude. You’re correct in that Obama was the largest recipient of BP’s campaign money, ever, but your amounts are ludicrous. I got this total from a couple of websites. Apparently you forgot about McCain/Feingold which doesn’t allow large corporate donations but allows Political Action Committees to spend unlimited amounts.

    President Barack Obama $77,051 from BP.

    Remember that demon of corporate money, the last President? He received $43,000 from BP.

    I think you should remember your advice about looking at least at 3 sides of an issue!

    If you’re asking, these figures com from “Mother Jones” hardly a bastion of Right Wingnuts!


    This entire administration is built upon a foundation of lies and deciet and has a great deal to lose by being openly investigated or having to become transparent. These are the most treacherous people this country has ever had to hold the reins of government and they live in absolute fear of exposure.

  • Raggs

    I dont think anyone ever had a doubt about the lies from the obamanation regime… I wonder where was Al gore during this?

    • JeffH

      Raggs, Gore was probably crying about his CCX investment losses.

  • Ronald Johnston

    What do you expect from a terrorist? george soros bought the office of President of the United States and is going to topple our government if we don’t wake up and stop him. obama does everything soros commands.

  • Mutantone

    impeachment of all the socialistic communist in congress, there are far to many openly socialistic representatives there now, The Obamaommunist are only out to ruin this nation as seen by their lies and allowing China so many perks, like the planned Oil drilling here that the administration seems fine with. Their blatant disregard of the Constitution and the laws of the land. That alone should be grounds enough to remove them all.

  • vicki

    Someone in the government lied? Why is that news? They even lied about the missile launch off the west coast of California on Monday. What is so clearly a missile we are supposed to believe to be an airplane.

    • Granny Mae


      I agree. I lived for 30 years across the river from Kennedy Space center and I watched every launch and I know a missle contrail when I see one. I also lived in the flight zone for Orlando International Air port so I have seen many, many jet contrails. A jet passenger plane that was not ! I guess we are all fools !

  • j.McConnell

    Johnny Carson

    Lie Detector Politlcian

  • Rick Shea

    Why is anyone surprised that the liar in chief would be involved in any type of misleading reports? What I would like to know is: Why are
    the American people sending billions of dollars for offshore driling
    in Brazil and other South American countries while we enjoy a moratorium on off shore drilling in the U.S.? Makes a lot of sense,
    doesn’t it?

  • eddie47d

    The Brazil Oil Co’s are paying us back so that will put money in our treasury.So far(knock on wood) they haven’t had any major spills off of Brazil. So maybe they are a better bet. BP has been costing our treasury money so it makes sense to go with the winner. If BP straightens up maybe they will be allowed back in the game. Actually they are back in the game but kinda on probation.

    • Granny Mae

      Lending this money to Brazil is like lending it to the U.S. ! That money was already in our treasury so we didn’t need to lend it to anyone. If they pay us back that is good for them but the only thing we stand to gain from that deal is getting our original money back ! Nothing else ! Stupid Move !

      • eddie47d

        Are you sure about that? I know our Government can be dumb but certainly they have enough sense to charge interest and make a profit. The same thing China is doing to us, so our government better think of more ways to make money or the debt will only grow.

        • JeffH

          eddie, think about what you just said – “I know our Government can be dumb but certainly they have enough sense to charge interest and make a profit.”

          What is the deficit? Nuff said!

          • eddie47d

            There is never enough said when you are involved.

  • charles

    Things that I think are worth noting:
    Why are we drilling in water so deep that technology has no answer if things go wrong? Answer : Enviro whackos Solution Drill where we can correct mistakes in days not months.
    Who funds the Democratic Party? Answer: The Public
    Unions and Mr Soros.

    And why is anyone surprised that the Pres and the White House Staff Lies?Answer: They have their Marxist agenda/marching orders from the “Puppet Master” who is hell bent on destroying the United States.

  • charles

    For all you people out there that think Freedom is Free, Wake up. we are under attack from without and within. See the agenda for what it is, Marxism/socialisn.Wakeup before it becomes necessary to pick up a weapon and stand a post.We are the richest nation on earth and can afford to take care of our citizens in need but not for handouts for the wverythings free crowd.

  • chuckb

    eddie, your liberal mind amazes me. who do you think has their money in the brazilian oil exploration? no other then “george soros!” and why do we put bp on probation? it was barry’s administration who failed to oversea the safety requirements on that bp rig and i think barry and company had something to do with that rig blowing up.
    we don’t need brazilian oil, we have more oil right here in this country than brazil ever will. maybe if you liberals could stop the greed on the futures market, gas would be cheap again. we have more gas in storage than ever before, but, thanks to the traders and oil companies they will keep the crisis up and make everyone think we have a shortage, it makes for greed and profit on the market. ever wonder why soros invested his money in brazilian oil?

    • eddie47d

      Ever think why the Koch brothers invest so much of their money into the Canadian Tar Sands? More crises makers??That seems to be your point!

      • JeffH

        eddie, keep defending Soros. The Koch bros make their money in the oil industry…they’re also major players in Alberta’s oil sands…so? That’s what they do!
        They spend 10′s of millions exposing the “climate change” hoax which just infuriates one of your favorite organizations…Greenpeace.

        • eddie47d

          Soros is also in the oil business and yes there is climate change. We don’t need to know your Parties talking points which is more lying and denying.

  • http://com i41

    Why isn’t anyone going after the scientists and the book trained idoit experts? The dems and Onumnutts wants every one to go to college, more worthless trained socialists morons who are going yto create facts, just like the chocolate pistol gripped jug eared marxist moron. Just what USA needs. It takes so little energy to produce diesel, nobody will comment in the beltway or energy circles because it is the money maker for refineries. That is the reason EU runs usually all diesel powered cars and equipment. Ford got stimulas money to build diesel motors for England and other Eu countries. The Ford model Tarus and Mercury models make 50+ mph, verus our 28 on gas here. Where is the brains of the colleges and beltway loons, it is all the way up their rears in fetid gas.

  • chuckb

    if we took crude off the commodities market, crisis over!

  • The Insurgent

    Good job!

  • Raindancer

    The Jews that are responsible for so much mischief which is as polite as term as I can muster are not really Jews. They are converts that come from the same part of the world as the moneychangers in the temple who Jesus accused of worshiping Satan. One of their most ingrained traits is their unparalleled dishonesty and the worship of betrayal in all human dealings coupled with a parasitic ability to take on the characteristics of the host that they inhabit or identify with. They are called Khazars and they converted to Judaism as a matter of convenience when they still were inhabitants of the Russian lands around the Black Sea. They started the Russian revolution and 3 French revolutions and they were known as the Bolsheviks when they were chased from their native land because they had a tendency to really piss people off. In most cases it was Christians . Karl Marx was one of them. They’re still money changers as well. They were so ornery that they were chased out of both Russia and Europe and have been bringing the authentic Jewish people who have been tainted by their actions untold misery and suffering for hundreds of years. They have been oppressing the descendants of Jesus in Palestine also and they have been trying to stop the second coming of Christ. It seems just like King Herod did. Thus all of the targeting of children and pregnant Mothers and Palestinians who some scientists believe have many distant cousins of Jesus in their ranks.

  • Austin Hoops

    Thx for information.


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