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You Sound Off!

The Only ‘Real Man’

Commenting on Sarah On Their Minds,
Ethan Clarke says:
November 14, 2013 at 10:45 a.m.
In all likelyhood, Sarah Palin is the only “Real Man” running for anything.


Commenting on You Can’t Pray That Here,
TML says:
November 15, 2013 at 10:56 a.m.
I expect the SCOTUS will rule appropriately. The text is clear and simple, that a ‘separation of church and state’ in the Bill of Rights only involves a barrier for the Federal government in creating laws that ‘respect’, or favor, any single religion and thus serves as a barrier against an established theocracy. While at the same time, prayer in any sphere of government buildings or gatherings (even public schools) falls squarely under the freedom of religion clause, and cannot – even logically – be considered “endorsement of religion”. Even atheists understand that (whether they care or not is another matter, such as the fools who espouse Freedom ‘from’ Religion).


Commenting on GAO Finds TSA Profiling To Be Ineffective, Costly, Wasteful,
Warrior says:
November 15, 2013 at 7:11 a.m.
I could have taught this course for less than $1,000.00.

Has a beard? – Check

Name is Abdul? – Check

Wears bedsheets? – Check

Bought a one-way ticket? – Check

Is not a US Citizen? – Check, Check and Check!

There, you are trained and BTW, your union dues are $95.00/month. Am I forgetting anything?


Be Very Afraid

Commenting on Culture Of Fear: NSA Document Advises Officials To Bring Up 9/11 Whenever Possible,
Wellarmed says,
November 1, 2013, 1:28, p.m.

It sounds like building #7 was the tipping point for many of you. I know it was for me as well. Same with the FBI having the previous terrorist suspect in their custody (Boston Bombing) and not keeping tabs on him after letting him go. Russian Intel I am certain rarely works with the US government, so when they extended them an olive branch they should have grabbed it tightly.

I believe that 9/11 was much like Pearl Harbor in the sense that the red flags were flying spectacularly before hand, but the attacks were allowed to proceed in order to accomplish certain objectives. Many of which I believe they (The Federal Government) have met or exceeded.

The reason I go back to the Pearl Harbor attack is the parallels between then and 9/11. In the instance of Pearl Harbor the justification to let the attack proceed was twofold. 1 was to get the US people up in arms over a foreign enemy attack (nearly all states lost men, so the pain inflicted was universal), and 2 was not to let the Japanese Government know that the US Signal Intelligence Corp had broken their code.

Keeping information such as this hidden for eternity is incredibly difficult, as a small minority of Americans generally do not tend to let these things rest if things smell fishy. Now that the vast majority of WW2 vets and their family members are dying off in significant numbers, do not be shocked to see more data regarding these events begin to appear in the public sphere.

History always repeats itself, and if the American People can be conned once then surely they can be conned again. Think for a moment that if those in power during the attack on Pearl Harbor KNEW that this attack was imminent and let it proceed; then does anyone think that there would be any limitations on what the US government would do to incite war. Please remember folks that it was not only dragging the US into war, but also forcing the American People to surrender many of their God Given rights for the cause, much like what we are seeing now.

I doubt that Clapper will ever loose one day of his pension let alone viewing the world from behind bars for lying to the American People under oath. The NSA spying on the American People does need to stop, and one hell of a lot persons who know they are violating US Citizens Rights to privacy need to be brought before a jury of their peers.


Obamacare Is Control

Commenting on Obamacare’s Mandate Of Death And Destruction,
CJeanne says:
October 15, 2013, 2:47 a.m.
As a long term healthcare provider, I agree that there were problems in American healthcare — but it was the best healthcare in the world! What needed to happen was resolution of " pre-existing conditions" which could have easily been addressed, insurance across state lines would have created much more competition for healthcare, and medical law suits should have been addressed.

If congress had been willing to work with healthcare providers to allow us to roll these improvements out and implement a more patient focused system — problems could have been resolved while still keeping the best healthcare in the world!

The other huge impact on healthcare has been the huge increase in Medicaid, which goes along with the huge increase in entitlements overall under the obama administration. States should have been allowed to more directly impact that than the federal government continuing to promote the nanny state. Then focus could on wellness rather than treating illnesses — and being proactive in overall wellness.

obamacare is control, rationing, depopulating the US, and increased tax income for the federal government.


Federal Shutdown And Public Education

Commenting on The Criminal Regime Wants You To Feel Government Shutdown Pain,
ltbl123 says:
October 4, 2013, 11:39 a.m.
This horrible unbearable shut down encompasses about 15% of the government services. 85% is still being funded. The shutdown will not last very long because the media spin will continue to blame the Republicans day and night for the shut down. A few Republicans will stand fast but those who are afraid the labels will stick will cave. Too bad because if the shut down lasted the majority of the citizens would discover that very few of us would miss the 15% of unfunded services at all.

Commenting on Teaching The Test: The Coming Common Core Disaster,
Old Wolf says:
October 4, 2013, 11: 41 a.m.
There was a reason federal control was not to be in education, and by and large, it was to prevent the federal government from gaining control of the youth through that ‘education’ and indoctrination. It’s sad, and fifty years would have been unthinkable how many of them are mere zombies, giving up rights in the pursuit of ‘security’ which they will never receive… because the more they give up, the more the government can manipulate to keep them lost, scared, and helpless.

‘Being A Republican Doesn’t Mean Squat’

Commenting on Republican Do-Nothings Are Terrified Of Ted Cruz,
antiliberal00 says:
September 27, 2013, 6:20 a.m.
Coburn and the rest of his progressive scum have sold out the very people that put him in office. He is more worried about his own pocketbook and benefits that he is about upholding his oath of office. That applies to %99 of congress.Coburn is no closer to being a conservative than Obama is.

He either supports people like Cruz and Mike Lee or he is a declared enemy of conservatism. Being a republican now days doesn’t mean squat as the vast majority are pushing us for a one world government.

I wonder what they have been promised for their treachery?


Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Commenting on Is This Obama’s Dumbest Mistake Yet?,
Carlucci says:
September 13, 2013, 10:12 a.m.
How do we even know that Syria has chemical weapons? I thought the UN never found them in Iraq. A Catholic nun in Syria just came out and said it is all a hoax. Isn’t all of this really about a plan the Bush administration (#41) created to invade the Middle East countries to de-stablize them and take over? I could have sworn that Bob Livingston wrote about this same thing this week or last week. We’ve been lied to so many times by the district of criminals and the lame stream media hacks, I really don’t believe anything they say and haven’t for years. Ultimately these lies and hoaxes are revealed down the road, but they keep using the same bag of tricks because they have worked before so many times. Wake up, America -! And check this latest news out about more tricks Fedzilla wants to pull on the American people: http://www.senateconservatives…

Obamacare And World War III

Commenting on The Obamacare Bait And Switch,
Bill says:
August 30, 20139:58 a.m.
Good article, Bob
The new health care system is not designed to benefit anyone and it will be up to us to manage our own health. The old health care system was great if you broke a bone or needed an operation but after that, it is just drugs for symptoms with no one trying to find the cause unless it involved the drugs they are pushing
The key is what you preach, and that is prevention. In China, the acupuncturist came to your house when you were well and treated you. If you became sick, they felt they did not do their job right and would come back and fix you for free
We have wonderful therapies that are un-patentable so, therefore, they are not promoted. It also takes work for you to investigate what to do. I have always appreciated your advice and I practice many things that you teach
I want to be like Dr Paul Bragg, who passed away at 96, while he was surfing.

Commenting on Obama Trying To Purposely Start World War III?,
scott miller says:
August 29, 2013 4:20 p.m.
The iraq war did not work out because GWB1 told the iraq people to rise up and left them high and dry to be slaughtered.
One in a long list of broken promises in the middle east, And it was a shock that people over there did not see us as liberators? color me suprised.
Our government on one hand props up tyrants and dictators, one the other hand we quietly push for human rights free elections, and on the third hand we cannot decide if the will of the people or the will of tyrants works out better for us. One the fourth hand anything we say to anyone in the middle east rings about as hollow as a rotted log.
Years of meddling in the middle east has cause nothing but distrust and anger at us. Years of backing monsters has turned many of the common people against us.

The Democrats Created A ‘Glasnost’

Commenting on Why Ted Cruz Shouldn’t Be President,
Sam says:
August 16, 2013, 7:35 a.m.
On Obama’s birth certificate it says that his father was born in Kenya when in fact, Kenya wasn’t under that name yet, not until December of 1964. Obama was born in August of 1963. What the democrats did to obama in order to get him elected was to create a "glasnost", or a persona of the perfect guy. It’s all a lie. Obama is here to subvert America and get rid of our Constitution. Morsi threw out the Egyptian constitution as soon as he got into office. He then started acting like a dictator after promising democracy. You can see how the Muslim Brotherhood works to gain power. The communists did the same thing. Hitler did the same thing. They get power with one lie after another. Obama has done so many bad things yet the congress does nothing. He should be arrested by our military and charged with treason for the things he has done.

Eminent Domain And The IRS Commissioners Health Plan

Commenting on City Ponders Eminent Domain To Justify Mass Buy Of Underwater Home Mortgages,
Vigilant says:
Aug. 2, 2013, 8:19 a.m.
Here’s another one for the Supreme Court, and it doesn’t bode well for the Constitution. Kelo vs. New London, Connecticut already resulted in a raping of the Fifth Amendment regarding seizures of property by the government. In that case, the activist judges on the left succeeded in finding for the city when it wanted to condemn local, privately owned property purely for the reason to allow a developer to build new residences.

Might as well get used to the death of private property, the protection of which is ostensibly the primary mission of government. The existence of property taxes points out that we don’t own property any more, the government does. As long as we pay "rent" on that property, it won’t be seized from us.


Commenting on Watch: IRS Commissioner Says He Doesn’t Want To Switch To An Obamacare Health Plan,
Bill says:
Aug. 2, 2013, 9:18 a.m.
Obamacare was sold to us under the pretense of insuring the poor and people with pre-existing conditions. That could have been accomplished very easily by creating a program in Medicare and making people qualify.

But nooo…. They had to reinvent the wheel. It’s like building the Queen Mary to sail to Catalina.

And now, the same people that created and voted for obamacare are applying for exemptions. That is a good sign of how effective this system will be when the creators won’t participate.


You Sound Off!

Commenting on Obama Should Blame Bush, Thank Whistle-Blowers And Keep Up the Bad Work,
cruzin77 says:
June 12, 2013, 7:20 am
I suspect Senator Obama is mad as h*ll at President Obama over this.

Commenting on Warning Obama’s Secret Police Know You Are Reading This,
just_reality says:
June 12, 10:02 am
As the NSA monitors this website and all your posts, I am sure they are having a good laugh about what they are reading. That’s it, just keep chasing all your communist, Muslim, Obama boogeymen. Just keep up the republican and democrat artificial divisions because those are the things we have created to keep you schmucks from ever becoming organized and strong enough for us worry about. And our network "news" service is doing such a great job at keeping you all diverted and shortening your attention spans. You little people are so entertaining and you get those cute little faces when you get mad.

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