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Questions For Bob

Shield Your Electronics

Dear Bob,

Will an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) occurrence affect everything with electrical wiring? I have a new metal roof and two barns with lightning rods with 6 foot solid copper rods for grounding. Would an EMP destroy this? Will my automobiles that have computers be worthless after an EMP? Could I take the batteries out of my 1980 and 1987 vehicles and transfer them?


Vote For Ron Paul

Dear Bob,

I received an email in support of Newt Gingrich. So am I understanding you correctly that you are a supporter of Newt over Romney?

Please explain why you feel that way?


Blaming The Banking System

Dear Bob:

I have a question. I enjoy reading your newsletter and agree with much of what you say about the economy and so forth. You say you’re ultra conservative, which I consider myself the same. In the last column I read of yours (October 2011 BLL) you talked about the upcoming fire storm caused by quantitative easing. Your quote:

‘Quantitative easing’ is a cover and codename for currency debasement and destruction. For you, my dear middle class American, this ‘quantitative easing’ is an involuntary transfer of wealth from you, the taxpayers, to a narrow financial elite. It is by far the largest looting in the history of the world.

Oh, it is not difficult to understand. It is just ruination via the printing press. History is full of it. The people who perpetuate this crime against all holders of the ‘trusted’ dollar are faceless. They seldom pay for their crimes.

The Federal Reserve is supporting the corrupt banking system and the political rot euphemistically called democracy?

I understand the problem with printing money and all but you nearly sound the same as the OWS protesters. What is the difference between your anger at the Banking System and the protesters anger? How can both opposite mind sets blame the Banking System, but one side align with Obama and you with Conservatives?

Who are the Financial Elite? Are these the same as the 1% the OWS speaks out against and also the same that Obama wants to raise taxes against? Or are the Financial Elite some other group, politicians, Socialist and Communists who normally garner all the wealth while claiming to hate the rich. I’ve been basically supporting this 1% against Obama and the OWS , thinking that this 1% is the wealth builders and job creators, rather than crooks and thieves. Who is right?


Buy From A Trusted Dealer


Just finished reading your book, “Surviving a Global Financial Crisis and Currency Collapse.”

Absolutely great information much of which I read before elsewhere.

One question comes to mind in your comments on buying gold bullion. You never mentioned “salted gold” and how prevalent it is in the open market?

Curious about your response.

Clayton L. Egeness

Keep Your Own Coins

Dear Bob,

I just read the October (Bob Livingston) Letter™ and you have been mentioning about taking personal possession of any Gold or Silver that I own. I own some Eagles and some Gold but I called where they are stored and they said if I take delivery I would have to pay tax on the amount. Now how is that any different than buying 10 Silver Eagles and having them delivered to my home? I don’t pay any tax on them. Is there a maximum dollar amount I can withdraw without having to pay tax?

Thanks I enjoy your letters very much


Buying Colloidal Silver

Dear Bob,

In the September issue of The Bob Livingston Letter you talked about the benefits of colloidal silver to treat infections. How can I obtain it?

Lois Schnapp

A Safe Investment?

Dear Bob,

I live about 60 minutes from the Canadian border and have opened an account in Canada in Canadian dollars. While they may not be as good as Swiss francs, will the Canadian dollar be an acceptable way to shelter wealth from a collapsing U.S. dollar?



Stick To Gold And Silver

Dear Bob,

I would like to know if I am doing the right thing by investing in three precious metals at the same time, or should I just concentrate on one of them?

Trevor Simmonds

Problems, Problems, Problems

Dear Bob,

In 1929 when the Great Depression started –gold was backing the U.S. money currency BUT we still had a DEPRESSION. When Nixon took us off the GOLD standard it was many years before we got to this point WITHOUT Gold. It seems to me that whether a currency is backed or NOT backed with gold is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether CORRUPTION and not STICKING to a BUDGET is the reason for our money problems – hence the FREE markets without GOVERNMENT intervention. My understanding is that a FREE market would NOT let excesses get out of hand and bring everything back to the norm.

In your August issue you blame government agencies that are there to protect the common worker, as being useless. I disagree to a point as long as those agencies DO THERE JOBS as INTENDED without BRIBERIES or CORRUPTION. Any Government agencies that ACCEPTS Taxpayer money is there to WORK for us—right??

ANY Form of GOVERNMENT that is CONTROLLED by CORRUPTION is bound to FAIL sooner or later. As you know Governments (should) WORK for the PEOPLE.

In your opinion – how long has the U.S. been bankrupt – I’m thinking as far back as 1970.

Also, I think that Social Security is a GOOD thing – just ask anyone who lives on JUST Social Security. And, if the Government would have left it as just Social Security and NOT Added Medicare or Medicaid, and if they would have left their GREEDY hands off Social Security and NOT BORROWING from it and NOT paying it back, we would not even have a problem with SS today.

Any Response would be appreciated.


What Will Happen With A Reverse Mortgage?

Dear Bob,

I have a reverse mortgage. What will happen with these if everything falls apart?




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