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Questions For Bob

Pay Off Mortgage Or Buy Gold?

Dear Bob,

Should I pay off my mortgage or buy more gold? I am certain gold will be confiscated at some point and I don’t know how to keep it away from government.


Ken A.

Obama Re-Election Would Spell Doom

Dear Bob,

My largest asset and largest source of income is working interest ownership of oils production. The producing wells are in America (Texas), therefore it is not possible to take my money and move it out of the country. Thankfully inflation will not be a problem. Please comment on the possibility that I might lose! all or part of my asset to seizure, outrageous taxes or other methods.

Daniel L.

I’m Glad I Found You Bob Livingston

Cannot tell you how much I enjoy receiving your newsletters. Your no nonsense, cut to the truth approach about wall street, the housing market, the job market, all the failed bailouts etc. is exactly what I always sensed but never heard it from mainstream media, the right, the left, Fox news. I am one of the 13 million plus that lost jobs between 2006-2008, had to reinvent myself to pay the bills. I am very much a patriotic American, served in the US Navy for five years, mostly aboard US nuclear submarines, worked as a communications officer abroad for the CIA from 1981-1988, worked as a transportation broker in third party logistics companies from 1992-2008. I was pretty much out of work until September 2011, and now work full time as a security officer in northern California. I have changed from a democrat in the 70′s and early 80′s, Republican in 80′s to 2008 and today I am a declared independent searching for the real truths about why we have fallen to where we a! re today and where are we headed in the future? Our priorities seem to have really changed from when I grew up in the 60′s and 70′s. Seems today prisons get more attention than the schools, jobs are becoming such a hard commodity that kids drop out of school in droves all over the country. The housing market is in the toilet, social security is going to be bankrupt in the not so far ahead future and all our politicians only care about saving their own face and protecting their own assets. Anyway, thank you for your letters and in a few weeks I plan to buy your book because I want to find out the real truth about what happened between 2006-2008 that really changed our society. Thank You and God Bless you Bob Livingston!!!

Don Mason

Signs To Watch For

Dear Bob,

I am an enthusiastic reader of your information. But I am left with frustration. Thanks to you, I have an adequate supply of essentials including food, vitamins, gold and silver. I am 77 years old. I live alone and practice full time. I am blessed with excellent health.

I have four desperately important questions:

  1. Can I feel “safe” with my retirement funds in bank holdings with Merrill Lynch? I am not comfortable with European currencies, even Swiss, because of the turmoil in Europe. The thought of government confiscation of my funds or having my money become worthless is terrifying.
  2. What I need is a sign of the approaching doom. I know of nothing to watch except the banks closing their doors. What businesses will be able to function?
  3. I have family with their homes “under water” and unable to re-finance without enormous up-front funds. Is there any temporary safe haven to save their homes?
  4. How will we pay bills? Especially big mortgage and insurance payments.

Bob , I am simply asking for some signs to watch for to help me sleep better and not wake up in terror.

I need a good word from the Master (YOU) before I invest in your CD- Seminar packages. Thank you for your wonderful Christian philosophy.


Jean Alice Lord, D. C.

Government Hinders Economic Recovery

Hello there,

I read your letter (The Bob Livingston Letter™) every month and have a question about some of the conclusions you have come to in December. I know that the Fed is increasing money, which causes inflation. But I just read a book by Harry Dent and he makes a great case for deflation a la Japan style. His work is based on demographics, and, he says, we are entering a “winter season” in the economy. Per Mr. Dent, this happens about every 80 years or so. That the Fed, no matter how hard they try, cannot outdo the baby boomers who are saving rather than spending now. Japan has tried desperately to stimulate its economy (which is about 12 years older than ours) and it hasn’t worked. What is your view of this?


Don’t Waste Your Time

Dear Bob,

Q: Does it do any good for us to write our Congressman about an issue?

A: I cringe when I read “write your congressman.” I think of Dracula being in charge of the blood bank. With very few exceptions, the “elected” politicians are completely amoral. They have a completely different mindset from the people they are supposed to represent. They have absolutely no concept of right or wrong.

Ron Paul For President


I am a regular reader of The Bob Livingston Letter™ and I was wondering if you have endorsed Ron Paul yet and if not why?


Jack Seckel

An Alternative To The Dollar

Dear Bob,

I read an on article on the devaluation of the dollar (The Bob Livingston Letter, September 2011) in which you mention alternatives to the dollar. You mention the Swiss franc annuity. Can you elaborate as to how it works and how one would go about to obtain this type of annuity?



Buy Swiss Francs

Dear Bob,

Mr. Lee Bellinger states the following in his fall 2011 Precious Metals Quarterly report: “In August, the Swiss had thrown their franc under the bus. They promised to print it in “unlimited” quantities, if necessary, to maintain Peg between the franc and the euro. Thus the Swiss franc, one of the best and most trusted currency safe havens, was demoted and sent to assume its place in the long line of crumbling fiat currencies.”

What are your thoughts on this? Since I have a Swiss Annuity this is quite disturbing to me.


August Berti


Shield Your Electronics

Dear Bob,

Will an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) occurrence affect everything with electrical wiring? I have a new metal roof and two barns with lightning rods with 6 foot solid copper rods for grounding. Would an EMP destroy this? Will my automobiles that have computers be worthless after an EMP? Could I take the batteries out of my 1980 and 1987 vehicles and transfer them?



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