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Questions For Bob

Don’t Pay ‘Outrageous’ Prices

Dear Bob,

I called National Bullion and Currency Depository on Jan 11th to order some of the $5 gold eagles. Jason White took my order. He informed me that they were sold out but I could get the $10 gold eagle for the same price per oz which was $840 for each of the $10 coins. I then put an order in for 6 of the 1/2 oz coins for a total of $5040 + $20.00 S & H. I received my order today, but they must have gotten something screwed up.

What I received was:

Qty Description Amount
1 2004 $10 gold eagle proof 70 1225.00
1 2006 $25 gold eagle MS 70 2056.00
2 $25 gold eagle – bullion 1680.00
Shipping and handling 20.00
TOTAL $4981.00

I don’t buy numismatic coins but even if I did, their prices are outrageous. I could buy a 2006 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle MS-70 PCGS (First Strike) from APEMX for $999.90. I will call Jason tomorrow to cancel the order. I expect them to arrange to have Fed Ex, UPS or USPS pick this order up from my house and give me full credit of the $4981.00. I would be willing to keep the two, 1/2 oz bullion coins for $840 each and pay the $20.00 S&H. Or what would you suggest? I definitely don’t want the numismatic coins.

L.J. M.

How Can I Get An ID?

Dear Bob,

I need to know what steps a person could take to sue/force the hand of a state government agency that is not allowing me to obtain identification. This has been keeping me from job interviews, working, renewing/applying professional licenses, renting/buying a home, traveling, banking/using credit/investing, regaining my drivers license and entering buildings/locations that require identification. I’ve been suffering through this identity issue for well over two years now. No lawyer has been helpful in telling me where to start. Most lawyers say I have to get arrested without identification first to even have a possible case. Getting arrested is something I’m not willing to do to resolve this problem. I don’t want that to happen. As things are now I can be taken into custody every time a officer asks me for ID. With the way things are headed in our country, I am in a lot of danger due to various legislation passed or sitting in wait to be signed in to law. There are too many laws that affect my ability to function/live my life so I go nowhere these days and do nothing. If I can’t furnish an ID; merely saying who I am and giving my address along with my SSN might not satisfy their expectation of proof of identity every time there is a encounter. This could mean me going to jail every time I’m asked for proof of identification. It’s getting to the point that I really can’t live a normal life.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Dear Bob,

What gold coins should I buy to make sure I’m not getting ripped off?


Richard Z.

Beware Taking On Debt

Dear Bob,

I am at a financial CROSSROAD and am going “nuts” trying to figure out what the best way to go may be.

I have a second mortgage on my home of approx. $44,000 and (at the same time) I have a total of about $43,000 (spread across 3 different investments: Merrill Edge, Charles Schwab, and an IRA at Chase Morgan). Do I cash everything in and pay the second mortgage, …… or just leave everything where it is?

Another idea I had was to purchase any type of 2-bdrm sound structure with a little bit of land (no matter how little)… “down South”… maybe in North Carolina or Tennessee. The prices down there seem to be EXTREMELY low these days. Why? In case the country SPLITS, I see the South becoming its own country… again! And… it looks like most of the conservatives may just be in the South. I don’t like the heat down there, but I definitely do not want to end being surrounded by communist liberals….no matter how mild the weather may be.

I REALLY hope I won’t get “….sorry, but I cannot give you financial advise”… back. I’m just an old woman, by myself trying desperately to get somewhat ready for the upcoming disaster (financial, social, and every other way one can think of). One would have to be blind not to see (and feel) that something terrible is coming.

I TRULY hope you can give me some direction on this. The above is ALL I have in the world and don’t want to do the wrong thing, especially “now”.


Mrs. S. Winberry

Calm A Cough

Dear Bob,

How much coconut water and for how long to get rid of a chronic cough? My wife has drank several bottles with no results.

Mr. Bales

Fight Mandatory Vaccination

Dear Bob Livingston,

Today, my daughter, a Medical Technology Instructor for I.U. Health, was advised shots for the “Flu” are to be mandatory, and a condition for continued employment. She (and I) are in complete and vociferous disagreement with this high-handed policy, feeling we still live in America….

I am asking you to forward me some information regarding the complications from the vaccine, the expected vs REAL results. I feel your sources will be far better than my feeble efforts, and info obtain from the Internet/Big Pharma sources are, to say the least: Suspect. This data will be used to combat the local Medicrats.

I do hope you can find a few moments to help a couple of AMERICANS…

Kenneth D.

A Logical Prediction

Dear Bob,

On Page 5 of your October newsletter (The Bob Livingston Letter) you said that devaluation would take place over the weekend. How do you know this, and how will the government get around the FDIC with banks and how will they get around our Constitutional rights?


Jerry K.

Looming Price Explosion

Dear Bob,

What will have to happen to make the price of gold and silver skyrocket? You had stated in the (October issue of The Bob Livingston Letter) newsletter it was being repressed right now. Also when do you feel this will take place?

Anne E.

A Fine Coin

Dear Bob,

What is your opinion of the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin?

Gary R.

Curing Anything

Dear Mr. Livingston,

You mentioned “neuropathy” on page eight of the September 2012 issue (of The Bob Livingston Letter™) and I am hoping that you can provide a bit more information on how you were able to cure your neuropathy in a future issue. I have one set of Dr. Fuhrman’s DVDs and I’ll order the “Forks Over Knives” this week. For years, I have been optimizing the factors of exercise, rest and nutrition but my neuropathy (The VA claims that is from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam) continues.

I attend the Money Show in Orlando every February and have enjoyed an interesting pitch from the Caye Bank in Belize. Do you know anything about the bank or Belize as a safe haven?


William M.


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