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Questions For Bob

How To Treat An Infected Wound

Dear Bob,

I am trying to avoid using antibiotics but need to use something on a wound that is getting infected. I have heard that bleach can be used on a wound, but I don’t know how much or how often. What do you recommend?


Don’t Sell Gold Stocks Now


We appreciate all the great advice over the years, and would hope you could shed some light on the best thing we could do in our situation. We are in our mid/late 40’s, only have small amount of money in retirement invested in gold stocks (no other stocks). I have read stories of significant amounts of gold being withdrawn from COMEX. We know the dollar is going to collapse, and stock market values in general are going down. We figure there is good chance our retirement in gold stocks won’t be there when it is our turn to retire, but when do we take it out? My husband thinks the time would be when the price of physical gold starts going up but I question the value of paper stocks, if inventory is truly low, may not go up alot more, even in fiat dollars. Does it decouple and how does that impact our timing?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Stephanie N.

Bartering With Gold And Silver

Dear Bob,

Could you cover some info in BLL (The Bob Livingston Letter, subscription required) on how a person would go about spending or using gold or silver if we were to buy any quantity of it in physical coins?

J. Palmer

Why Buy Precious Metals?

Dear Bob,

As a subscriber to your monthly letter (The Bob Livingston Letter, subscription required), I come to you with a question.

It seems that a lot of games are being played with the prices of precious metals. Such is frustrating for those holding same.

Okay, my question: Buying metals against a shaky dollar and inflation is one thing, but what about selling if there is a need? What does one get for his metals? Fiat currency? It seems like a loaded question to me. What are we really buying precious metals for?

I can see paying for some goods with metals, but there are more questions than answers on this.

Jack G.

Sketchy? You Got That Right!

Dear Mr. Livingston:

Could you give us the true low-down on “reverse mortgages?” They are flogged to death on TV, and seem sketchy. Thanks.


Tom M

The Revealing Spotlight Of Truth

Mr. Livingston

Just a quick note to say thank you and all your staff for the excellent work that all of you have done for liberty and privacy and our health!

Thank you all for shining the revealing spotlight of truth on the corruption that is occurring in all the aspects of our daily lives, from the government to our food supply!

“Watch ye: stand fast in the faith: quit ye like men, and be strong.” I Corinthians 16:13 (1599 Geneva Bible)


Greg H.

Why Pay Income Tax?

Dear Bob Livingston,

America has been deceived into paying the corrupt income tax since WWII. Why is it that so many American’s will tolerate this tax when there is no law that requires the tax from them? Some say that the 16th amendment in 1913 ended the un-constitutional apportionment rule on incomes of the several states. These people that say that are very much misinformed, because the US Supreme Court ruled on what income is and that it is a excise (indirect) tax from Federal corporate activity. The court also noted in its decision that no new power of taxation resulted in the 16th amendment, in fact, it did not repeal Article 1, section 2 section 9 of the Constitution. Then there is the IRS stating that American’s are liable for payment of federal income tax but the IRS has been unable to identify the provision of subtitle A of 26 U.S.C. where such liability exists for “anyone” being “made liable” for the tax. Subtitle C of 26 U.S.C. verifies the fact that only Federal employees may be subject to the employment tax and the income tax, see section 3401(c) where the “employee” subject to these taxes is a “federal” employee only. 4 U.S.C. 111 states that Federal employees are subject to income taxes. There is no one U.S.C. Title that states the non-federal private sector is subject to federal income tax. Then we have 4 U.S.C.72 which lets us know that, the Federal Government does not have jurisdiction over the 50 states concerning the income tax or any other tax of Title 26.

Why not do something for the American people starting today Bob? Your website could be the avenue to allowing the American people to know the truth. I’m sure you already know that the fiat money in our purses is worthless as compared to the silver certificates we used to have as our money. People are hurting Bob, and all of us that want true liberty from tyranny, must unite together and stop the tax on Americans’ income. If you fail to address my comment, it tells me that you’re not truly interested in liberty and justice for all. I have a friend in Federal prison for federal crimes he never committed in relation to the income tax. The Federal courts are all corrupt and injustice is the norm. Do I have you committed now to report on this issue Bob? Do we the people have someone we can count on to get the word out?

I see that your place on business is in Alabama. I am half Alabamian since my father was born in Delta, Alabama, Clay County, and me and the wife have 75 acres 10 miles South of Cheaha Park, as our place to get-a-way from the masses in Florida.

I do like your website and I encourage you to act on my request.

I have in my possession a letterhead from my congressman where he states that the current tax code does not state individual American’s liability for payment of federal taxes. This statement excludes all taxes of the Code on American citizens.

Of course in the next letter to me, he contradicted himself and said this : “First, let me be clear that citizens of America are liable for paying income tax”. Does this sound familiar coming from our elected officials in D.C.?

I await to hear from you Bob.

Alvis J.

Obama Spooks The Swiss

Dear Bob,

As you recommended some years ago, we went ahead and purchased Swiss annuities.

Yesterday, we received a notice from Switzerland that we have to fill out form “TD F 90-22.1″, “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts”. I was under the impression that since annuities were NOT bank accounts, this didn’t apply to us. And starting next month, the Swiss are redeeming our policies, since it’s been the five years we noted on our applications.

This is very disturbing to me. I don’t like our government’s intrusive behavior as it is, but the Swiss seem scared of Obama. Are we going to be in trouble because we haven’t reported this previously? (I don’t expect a definitive answer from you on that one.) But any advice or recommendations?

Secondly, we have some nightmarish stories about Children’s Services in this country; maybe it’s time to do another piece on them, because they have too much power and appear to be out of control.

Thanks! We always appreciate your newsletters.

Pamela G., R.N., B.A.

Get The Heck Out Of Dodge

Dear Bob,

In [the November] issue [of The Bob Livingston Letter] you recommended living outside the U.S but you didn’t give us a clue as to where would be a good place to live on a limited income??? I really get frustrated with this because this isn’t the first time you brought this up. Give us some clues please! If everything is going to hit the fan soon then please tell us WHERE??

Thank You,


Deposits Are Dangerous

Hello Mr. Livingston,

We’ve been reading your newsletter for quite some time now. I have a question. What do I do with $150,000 dollars in the bank? I believe everything you are saying is about to happen and we are worried about losing our hard earned retirement savings. Please advise.

Thank you and God Bless,



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