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Health Tips

Honey Can Help Heal Cuts And Burns

In ancient Egypt honey was used to help heal cuts and burns. Hippocrates used it on skin problems. Romans used it for cleansing wounds.

Now, centuries later, scientists are discovering that this prized bee product can be good modern medicine — especially as a dressing to prevent burns and wounds from becoming infected. One study published in the Cochrane Library showed that honey may promote faster healing of mild or moderate burns than regular dressings, and other studies have shown that honey can aid in healing wounds.

Can Big Pharma Produce A Pill That Does This?

You can make a potion from three natural ingredients that will help relax your restless legs, ease joint and muscle pain and aid your digestion. Big Pharma is yet to make a pill that can match it.

Mix a potion of apple cider vinegar, honey and water, and you’ll relax and sleep better. You can also throw away that purple pill that’s damaging your stomach.

Boost Your Immunity!

The study of the human immune system is critical to longevity. Longevity (aging with health) is directly related to quality of life.

American conventional medicine teaches and understands the anatomy of the immune system, but American doctors do not practice preventive medicine. They practice symptomology, i.e. they “doctor” symptoms after the patient is already sick.

The Road To Good Health

Healthcare in America is actually deathcare. It’s a big-dollar racket that fosters unnecessary pain, suffering and death.

Physicians are said to be practicing medicine. They’re always practicing and rarely getting it right. This is partly because of the chemical agents of death created by the pharmaceutical companies — and endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — which are always seeking a “cure” for the latest disease: seeking but never finding. Physicians are brainwashed by their pharmaceutical cartel-controlled medical schools and bought off by drug manufacturers.

The Benefits Of Natural Sea Salt

Natural sea salt is the elixir of life and fundamental to the biological processes.

  • It is a major component of blood plasma.
  • It carries nutrients into and out of the cells.
  • It helps the lining of the blood vessels to regulate blood pressure. (It is sugar that causes high blood pressure.)
  • It helps regulate the propagation of nerve impulses.
  • It helps the brain send communication signals to the muscles so the body moves and coordinates (sodium-potassium ion exchange).
  • Very importantly, sea salt alkalizes the pH of the body, which is very important for total health.
  • Adequate natural sea salt restricts the intake (desire) for fructose (sugar).

Vitamin D Benefits

Women with breast cancer are three times more likely to have low vitamin D levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, did your doctor tell you this?

In the United States, cancer is an industry and a very profitable one. Just think: If every U. S. citizen began taking a daily dose of 5,000 IUs per day of vitamin D3, a very large segment of the medical industry would be hurt, some anti-cancer drug manufacturers would have to close their doors, thousands of patents would become worthless and lucrative consulting contracts between industry and cancer researchers would dry up.

Homocysteine And Heart Disease

Dr. Kilmer S. McCully says in his book, The Heart Revolution, that B12 methylcobalamin vitamin B6 and methylfolate are absolute preventives for heart disease.
Now Dr. James Braly and Patrick Holford in their book, The H-factor Solution, say that homocysteine levels can be kept in safe parameters with B6, folate and B12 methylcobalamin. Homocysteine levels are a marker for heart disease.

Drop Those Unwanted Pounds With Energy-Dense Foods

Here’s some helpful advice for those of you looking to drop a few pounds — and keep them off — as warm weather approaches. A recent article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has some tips about balancing your calorie consumption.

Researchers indicate the importance of learning to determine the energy density of foods in order to eat more and stay fuller for longer on fewer calories. Energy density is defined as the calories divided by the weight of the food. Foods with low energy density tend to be those that are heavy, or dense, but not high in calories. These will keep you satisfied without the high calorie count.

Low Stomach Acid, The Great Paradox

The idea of too much stomach acid is a great paradox. Why? Because the symptoms of low stomach acid give a signal and symptom of high stomach acid or high acidity.

Millions of people take antacids because they believe they have too much stomach acid when, in fact, they need hydrochloric acid (more acid). This paradox was made to order for the drug houses, which have cashed in big time. There’s no telling how many varieties of antacids are on the market. What a hellacious profit market based on a total lie and fabrication!

Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Sleep Schedule

If you find yourself nodding off at the office or at home, you may be suffering from fatigue brought on by a lack of sleep. In the book The Insomnia Workbook, author Stephanie Silberman, Ph.D., suggests getting ample amounts of sleep — and not letting your daily stresses wreck your sleep schedule.

If you find yourself tossing and turning, Silberman recommends “thought stopping” or picturing a stop sign each time your mind starts to worry.


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