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Commenter’s Corner

Dictators For Obama

With friends like these… What do Russia’s near dictator Vladimir Putin, Cuba’s actual dictator Raul Castro and Venezuela’s almost dictator Hugo Chavez have in common? All of them have indicated that they want to see Barack Obama win his re-election bid. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any of these endorsements in an Obama campaign ad this year, do you?

More For Less

This puts it in a nutshell. From a recent column by Ann Coulter: “Since Obama has been president, everything you own — your home, pension, savings accounts, weekly paychecks — are all worth less. Meanwhile, everything you need — gas, food and anything else that requires fuel to be transported to you — costs more.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

Commenter’s Corner

Commenting on Experts Say Global Warming Creates Ice,
Algore’s Folly says:
October 12, 2012 at 8:59 am
One need not look further than Algore’s embrace of global warming as a “fact.” This is the imbecile who attributed Obozo’s laughable, dismal performance at the first Romney debate to Denver’s altitude. But then again, Algore invented the internet, so he says. Democrats need to learn that they are just to stupid to lie and get away with it.

Commenting on Condescending Biden, Collected Ryan And A Continuing Horse Race,
paladin says:
October 12, 2012 at 8:51 am
Biden stole the show! I’m a 20 year, registered Independent and I believe that Biden did indeed steal the show…but for all the wrong reasons! I think he thought he was successfully thwarting Ryan’s comments by being interruptive, laughing, smirking, being smug, rude, and even rolling his eyes, etc., but he was actually making a circus of the debate, and a first class fool of himself! He distracted attention away from important answers from Ryan, which I wanted to hear, and it was obvious that the moderator was working against Mr. Ryan as well last night. At one point, Biden was actually laughing while Ryan was talking about the attack on the Libyan embassy. How is this a laughing matter, Mr Vice-President! You, Sir, are a buffoon… and your behavior was a disgrace and a bad example to children who are raised NOT TO INTERRUPT! You and your amateur boss have lost my vote!

Commenters Corner 2012-10-01

Commenting on City In Kansas Overturns Ban, Allows Open Carry,
Wyatt says:
September 28, 2012 at 8:25 am
I would venture to say that, politeness will or has already increased and the crime rate has or will drop. Especially muggings and armed robbery. An armed society is a safe and polite society.

Commenting on PETA Wants To Advertise In School Lunchrooms,
carrottop says:
September 28, 2012 at 8:17 am
Yesterday, in America, 8.9 million pounds of innocent vegetables were ripped out of their comfortable bed of nourishing soil, only to be dismembered, cut up, ripped apart, boiled, fried and grilled by ravenous vegans. This senseless act of violence against innocent vegetables and fruits is being repeated in countries all over the world and it must be stopped. I suggest we start by indoctrination of our youth by placing ads on trays and on the walls of our school to teach our children that this senseless slaughter must be stopped immediately.

Commenter’s Corner 2012-09-17

Commenting on Can America Survive Mideast War?,
Michael J. says:
September 14, 2012 at 6:26 am
Dear Mr. Rolley,

You came closest to the mark when you said:

“Does the Nation simply like playing God with the Mideast and reaping the rewards of oil control and continual busywork for the military industrial complex? Surely, the best and the brightest in American foreign policy know well that Arab people will likely never accept Western culture and values and will continue to revolt against them in horrific ways.”

The un-abashed truth would be more like:

Does The Rothschild Dynasty simply like playing God with the Mideast and reaping the rewards of oil control and continual busywork for the military industrial complex? Surely, the elite who are hell bent on world domination know well that the recently removed Arab dictators would never have accepted Agenda 21 and the loss of sovereignty to one world rulers. Now having achieved their removal, phase two involves starting a war to depopulate the region which is also amongst the Agenda 21 wish list.

The Mideast survivors of such a culling will grow accustomed to incremental losses of freedom and liberty in exchange for security and sustainability as have we.


Commenter's Corner

Commenting on Agenda 21 And Executive Orders,
s c says:
August 30, 2012 at 11:21 am
What matters is the FACT that the current prez wants to rule by FIAT. Whenever he can do it, he bypasses Kongress and the Supreme Court — AND the Amerikan people. He has a bad case of Nero worship. He thinks he’s a Caesar. In effect, he is a 21st century tyrant.
In his ‘mind,’ HE comes first. Anything that happens to make Amerika better or safer is an utter FLUKE.
He belongs in Shekawger or some other city of social rejects. Anybody who HATES freedom is an extreme liability, and must be looked at in the same way that you’d view Stalin or Mao. HOW can Amerika have so many brain-addled twits who refuse to understand?

Commenter's Corner – August 20, 2012

Commenting on 3 Reasons Why America Will Crumble,
Patriot1776 says:
August 17, 2012 at 7:40 am
So we give up? Do we allow all of those who fought and died, giving their all to provide us with the freedoms that we have enjoyed to have sacrificed in vain? It isn’t that the republic that our forefathers had the insight to build that has failed. It appears to be apathy and pure laziness that have allowed the decline of this great nation. Our forefathers and each and every patriot that has willingly put their life at risk to stand for the principles embodied in our Constitution deserve better than to have their efforts relegated to the annals of history. Our children and grandchildren deserve to be left a better America than what we are presently providing. It is sad to think that we can look at what this country was, know what it could be, and not be willing to put forth the effort to make it great once again.

America was built by strong men and women and quickly grew to be the strongest nation in the world, leading in industrialization, education, technology, military strength, economic power, every measure. Now, we face extinction due simply to the lack of willingness to get up off the couch and stand for what is right.


Commenting on Message To Obama: You Owe Us!

Commenting on Message To Obama: You Owe Us!,
Howard Roark says:
August 02, 2012 at 10:07 am

To save the Nation we must concentrate on wealth producing jobs. (not all jobs produce wealth)Real wealth is created in three basic ways. 1. Farming (includes agriculture and aqua culture) 2. Mining (incluides oil abd natural gas) and 3. Manufacturing.

The miner gets paid and buys a house (wealth producing) gets a haircut (not wealth producing) etc. You see trickle down economics has been working well throughout the history of man.

Lets look at Nevada. we have all three wealth producing activities here. the State produces enough real wealth so that our citizens can live our lives, plus pay all of our various taxes. (city, county, state and federal) Now lets look at the federal Govt. All around the country you have Military bases.military shipyards, depos etc. these activities do not produce wealth. they are in fact liabilities. Now lets look at the District of Columbia (ten miles square) their major product is Politicians and Government workers, both liabilities. They could make money by charging to see the various monuments. (monuments they would not have if the States did not srnd the money to build them

Governments do not produce wealth. they never have and they never will. Governments consume wealth. How many times have you heard one of the clowns from the Fed. Govt. say how the Fed. Govt is going to help someone. The truth is that they can not even help themselves say nothing about helping someone else. the truth is that Government can not help anyone because they do not have anything. the only way the Govt can help a citizen is to steal the mony from another citizen.

If the States stopped sending money to the Federal Government the Fed. Govt. would dry up and blow away.The States can exist without the Fed. Govt. but the Fed Govt. can not exist without the States.


Commenting on My Conscience Speaks

Commenting on My Conscience Speaks,
Patriot1776 says:
July 13, 2012 at 7:38 am
The question is whether “We The People” are willing to take our responsibilities and stand for the freedoms and the unalienable rights that our Creator bestowed on us. What are we leaving for our children and our children’s children? Will we leave them with the freedoms and blessings that our Founding Fathers left for us, or will we leave them with some socialistic/communistic government dependency state? Do we deserve this republic? Many of our ancestors fought and died to stop the spread of communism and to allow other societies to have a chance at enjoying the God given rights that we have. Now we must choose whether to stand with our ancestors and protect those rights, or lay down and allow big government to take away our rights and our freedoms and doom our posterity to a life of government servitude. It’s our time America!

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