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Commenter’s Corner

Really, Michelle?!?

Commenting on White House Releases Propagandist Video Of Michelle Obama Doing Something Great In China,
Stuart Buncher says:
March 28, 2014
She went to China to educate them about education. That is funny. The Chinese students coming to this country have higher IQs than most of our school age children. Children in a ghetto school never can show how smart they are which is unfortunate as there are a lot of Thomas Sowell and Dr. Ben Carsons out there who will never bloom.

Debt Devalues Currency

Commenting on Do Currency Cultists Really believe The Dollar Is Invincible?,
Jim B says:
March 11, 2014
I’ve used this analogy before, it’s not original, I picked it up from somewhere but basically this is how it goes; In the early 60′s you could by a new Buick for around 2 thousand dollars, or 30 oz. of gold. Today you can also buy a new Buick for 30 oz. of gold, but the 2 thousand dollars used to buy the Buick in the 60′s wouldn’t pay for the tax and registration costs today. So what has devalued the fiat currency so drastically in as little as a half century? Does a government debt of 18 Trillion dollars, with 120 plus Trillion dollar obligations of future payments have something to do with it? In the last days (a decade or so) of Rome, the Emperor, Senate, and whomever else of influence attempted to literally cut their coin currency in half and through full faith and credit of the Roman government try to establish the belief that the currency was worth the same amount of monies as when it was a full size coin. It is time to realize that the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is simply a machine used to continually cut the currency in half by producing more fiat currency a.k.a. money printing i.e. the Printing Press! Essentially, in a half century we have multiplied the money supply 20 time or so to keep up with the debt of the government, who in turn adds more taxes, regulation costs and fees to collect more and more money to feed their out of control debt spending addictions. The most recent and largest of these government scams is Obamacare, huge regulations, huge tax penalties and fees for the government. The government debt is expected to grow nearly 5 trillion dollars in just five years from this latest U.S. swindle. Note, the 5 Trillion is a doubling of the CBO’s estimate of 2.5 Trillion. I have done this because we all know, and history proves, that the CBO is always off by half when it comes to debt estimating.

Livingston Speaks The Truth

Commenting on A Once Free Nation,
Stuart Shepherd says:
February 25, 2014
“The central purpose of Liberty Digest is to raise awareness of the people.” I think I might be Mr Livingstons’/Liberty digests’ biggest “fan.” In fact, I would label the effect this column has had on me in reading it for over 2 years now regularly is “ANTI- gradualism,” or a gradualism of its own in moving toward clear, unpropagandized and conditioned thinking. At first, when I read his columns, they seemed “extremist” and even paranoid or histrionic. Nevertheless, I was drawn to them, probably by the strength of truth primarily, but definitely also by Mr Livingston’s MASTERY of not only tying up the truth into cohesive “bundles,” but interweaving threads of the overall truth(s) he writes about into every column that states those truths from a different perspective or in the context of reporting current events. This has had the effect of GRADUALLY sewing the threads and then re-inforcing the threads into an extremely strong fabric in my psyche. At a minimum, it has set me “free” (“and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”) of any misconceptions. What seemed somewhat “histrionic” 2 and a half years ago I now know quite surely to be the extremely scary and true reality of our perilous condition in America. I don’t believe that there is going to be a George Washington to ride in, cross the Deleware, and save us from tyrrancy. Reagan was the closest we are going to get and the Reagan revolution is definitely over!

Time To Refresh The Tree Of Liberty


Commenting on Obamacare Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction,
Vigilant says:
February 14, 2014

“Now the regime has announced that under penalty of perjury, business owners will be required to attest on their tax forms that they are not shedding employees in order to skirt the law.”

Alarm bells should be ringing throughout the hallowed halls of Congress, but I expect that a tornado wouldn’t even rouse the traitors in the House and Senate from their comas.

This tax provision is as anti-Constitution as hate crime laws. Activist judges will now pontificate on what an employer was THINKING when he laid off employees.

George Orwell from the grave is saying, “I told you so.”



Commenting on How To Stop More Republican Betrayals,
ThomasThePaine says:
February 14, 2014

Wake up: There are no Democrats or Republicans in Washington DC: Only millionaires living it up by oppressing us.

The Tree of Liberty Need Refreshing. . . May 16, 2014 The American Spring: Be There!



Tea Party Supporters Are Patriots


Commenting on As Tea Party Becomes More Viable, Democrats And GOP Establishment Plan Attacks,
Force Recon says:
Jan. 22, 2014
Being a Tea Party supporter member, you must know that we are patriotic
Americans. We peacefully assemble. We petition our government. We exercise our right to free speech and we don’t understand why the socialist
liberal government tries to stop us. We aren’t here as serfs or vassals.
We’re not begging our lords for mercy. We are born free American citizens and
we’re telling our socialist liberal government that they’ve forgotten their
place. It’s not their responsibility to look out for our well being monitor our speech and run our lives. It’s not their right to assert their agenda. The post that they occupy exists to preserve American liberty. They’ve sworn to perform that duty and have failed !!!

Libertas inaestimabilis res est

Celer, Silens, Mortalis




Commenting on Conservative? You Must Be Racist, Extremist,
Conservative Voice says:
Jan. 24, 2014
We don’t like the President because he’s BLACK?

No Mr President, we don’t like you because you’re a Marxist Socialist, who has set this great nation down a path to that end, and there are a GROWING number of us that KNOW it is a fundamentally flawed goal, and destined to destroy our great nation…

Nice try though… I guess you use the “race” card where ever and when ever you are accused of screwing things up, because it HAS to be that we disapprove of you because you’re black… NOT because your actions are misguided? Right?

Give me a break !!

I think the race card is used WAY too often these days, and almost exclusively now for political benefit… or to diffuse a legitimate criticism… Like the boy who cried wolf… at some point, when used in this way, the race card becomes meaningless, and ignored.




An Irrational Fear

Commenting on How Did The Maryland Transportation Police Know An Unarmed Man From Florida Was a Concealed Carry Gun Owner Before They Pulled Him Over?,
TBJWebmaster says:
January 17, 2014
Seems to me as if the wife should be taken to the range several times a week until she loses that irrational fear of an inanimate object.

Commenting on America Is Plunging Into Kafka’s Nightmare,
10-Nov-1775 says:
January 14, 2014
The central committee is succeeding in transforming a great Nation into a mere country,, where they pit people against each other with their rhetoric.
Instead of promoting and honoring ability and achievement, they look up to the guy with the nicest sneakers. It IS a ruse {thanks KennyLLC}, and a distraction for their agenda. What strikes me is that Nixon got impeached for trying to cover up Watergate, when some GOP operatives were spying on the DNC in Washington. But fast forward, and the dems, under obama, are spying on EVERYBODY, and that is just fine according to the media, which, if you remember, is the institution that brought to light the Watergate affair. Now they are complicit with the central regime to give them cover and make excuses for this illegal surveillance of the public.


Commenter’s Corner

Commenting on Constitutional Law Professor Offers Glimpse Into Progressive Mind-Set: White People Are The Problem,
Chocopot says:
January 3, 2014, 8:40 a.m.
This is precisely what I was thinking. It is pathetic enough that someone with a mind as warped and detached from reality as this person is walking around free, outside of a rubber room, but that she is teaching our children is truly frightening. One need not wonder why this country is sinking fast when we find that this creature is certified and permitted to teach.

Commenting on Is This The End Of The Phony Recovery?,
Jim B says:
January 3, 2014, 7:52 a.m.
Millions upon millions will lose their life line that the government has made them dependent on. Sure some will get off their arcses and get a job, but far too many are registered Serfs, they will not survive. The opportunity to teach a man to fish are over, scavenging then rioting soon follows. History is full of government failures, people uprisings, and empires crumbling, the difference today is the speed in which it will happen, technology assures us of that. As our onion starts to be peeled back an ugly decaying core will be exposed. The dollar holds about 5 cents of its value when compared to the 1960′s (30 ounces of gold buys you a new Buick in the 1960′s (approx. 2,500 to 3,000 dollars), and today 30 ounces of gold will still by you the best Buick on the market, however you’ll need another 30,000 dollars to buy that same Buick). The perceived value of the currency is everything, but with the Trillions of fiat money printed by our Government (you can compare this with Rome’s cutting their coins in quarters and saying the value of each quartered coin is the same) will result in the same dome as fallen upon Rome. It’s ironic how this same Government scenario play’s out over and over again in our history, but here we go again!

Commenter’s Corner

Commenting on Duck Commander Ignites A Revolution,
speedle24 says:
December 26, 2013 at 7:11 a.m.
Congrats Wayne Allyn Root, you have hit the nail on the head. This Duck deal has given everyone (even those who have been sleep walking through two democrat administrations) a wake up call about exactly what is going on in this country. We have been on the verge of turning into the Progressive Statist cultural control version of Nazi Germany’s Gestapo. The Statists have been successfully brainwashing the public into a culture that is completely intolerant of any thought processes other than their own version of the way things should be.Imagine someone who was cryogenically frozen in 1965 and thawed out in 2013. What would their reaction be to the culture of political correctness? It would be literally unbelievable to them.that is notion of inclusiveness and tolerance would have come full circle to the point that the terms were a caricature of the their very definition.I think this is the beginning of the end of this sort of eastern media and hollywood driven social “bullying”. As I said, even people who haven’t been paying attention are starting to do so now as a result of the incredible stupidity of the corporate leadership of Cracker Barrel and knee jerk liberal mismanagement of the entire episode by A&E. If I didn’t know better I would think it was a purposeful conspiracy by these two entities to get the attention of the public and bring the country back to its senses. But we know better than that.

Commenter’s Corner

Commenting on The ‘National Debt’ is Smoke And Mirrors!,
1baronrichsnot1 says:
December 9, 2013
Our money, as bob livingston points out is debt! Take a buck out of your wallet, it says federal reserve note! A note is a debt! Not an asset, the note is used to collect taxes from! Print a buck, pay 26% on average income tax, spend it and pay 8% average sales tax, 36 cents federal on energy, every transaction nets the federal gov’t at least 41% taxes, lots of transactions, eh? Now lets print 17trillion of them, the paper last for about a year in the economy, you can say income on that buck is 40% of a 14 trillion economy. The income goes up with acceleration of the money supply, so the more bucks in circulation,(inflation) plus the faster it moves through the economy= more and more income, FROM FIAT CURRENCY! Printed by the federal reserve bank, not a federal institution, but private bankers collecting interest on money they created as debt. “The note”! The reason Bob says that it is the same as hitler’s money supply system is that the Rothchilds, (Red Shield) were named Baer was hired to be their central bank in germany, bankrupted wymar and germany, and changed their name to Rothchild ( the name of the bank)to disquise the scam and the fact that Woodrow Wilson sold out America and allowed a private bank called the “fed” handle congress affairs of controlling the currency in 1913! These central banks even printed the money to buy their stock in the banks! Woodrow spent the rest of his life trying to undo this damage! Now commonly called the money changers! Our debt to them is running about 490 billion a year! All other countries who have this system(called the debt monetary society) is just that, a monetary system that runs on debt! Get one of those bucks, and you have recieved a promissary note that they will cash it at the “window” for, you guessed it, another promissary bankers note! Print money, collect the taxes which are the free money we supply gov’t. Wayne Veale needed some history I guess.

The Mob Rules

Commenting on Thanks To Reid, The Senate Is Now A Mob,
Vigilant says:
November 28, 2013 at 7:11 a.m.
Excellent analysis, Mr. Livingston.

"[The filibuster] encourages moderation and consensus. It gives voice to the minority, so that cooler heads may prevail. It also separates us from the House of Representatives—where the majority rules. And it is very much in keeping with the spirit of the government established by the Framers of our Constitution: Limited Government… Separation of Powers… Checks and Balances. … [T]he filibuster is a critical tool in keeping the majority in check."

As Senate Minority Leader in 2005, Harry Reid "got it." What a hypocrite.


Commenting on Thanks To Reid, The Senate Is Now A Mob,
Stuart Shepherd says:
November 28, 2013 at 7:20 a.m.
I am constantly amazed at how knowledgeable and brilliant Mr. Livingston is in his analyses. I know he has been "doing this" for a while now, but apparently he’s been right all along. I’m going to ignore the very sad reality of what he wrote about on this thanksgiving Day and just say that, in my opinion, Mr. Livingston is a national treasure.

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