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Cars, Mobile Phones Fair Game For Fed Spies

November 11, 2011 by  

Cars, Mobile Phones Fair Game For Fed Spies

Warrantless tracking of Americans by law enforcement officials has been a widely discussed topic this week.

On Tuesday, a Federal government lawyer pled the case of warrantless GPS tracking of Americans’ vehicles to the Supreme Court in the case of Antoine Jones, whose movements were electronically tracked for a month after police attached a GPS device to his vehicle. A drug conviction against the Washington, D.C., nightclub owner was later overturned by an appeal because the appeals court deemed a warrant necessary for such intrusive tracking.

According to SCOTUSblog, most of the Supreme Court justices appeared to view the idea as a considerable threat to Americans’ Constitutional right to privacy.

While the Supreme Court was discussing the issue, WIRED broke a story about a man in San Jose, Calif., who discovered a GPS tracking device tucked under his wheel well by police.

A Wall Street Journal report published on Wednesday also detailed instances of warrantless GPS tracking of cellular phones. The article said that State and Federal authorities use the technology to track thousands of unwitting Americans each year.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • 1911man

    Is this a suprise to anyone? The patriot act gives them the power to do whatever they want, look at your bank acct,track your movements read your email,even place you on a secret terrist watchlist.They don’t need a warrent, and they don’t have to provide any type of proof showing as to why they feel the need to do so.

    • Robert Smith

      911 points out: “They don’t need a warrent, and they don’t have to provide any type of proof showing as to why they feel the need to do so.”

      Thank you (not) George W. Bush for signing that one.


      • Buster the Anatolian

        Since you are so enamored of Bush signing the un-patriot act you can thank your hero obama for renewing and expanding it.

  • wandamurline

    Well, we already have warrantless searches and seizures at the airports on a daily basis. TSA can pull you from a line, grope you, seize your belongings all without probable cause, without a warrant, without mirandizing, and without your right to counsel….all rights given to a common criminal in this country every day. The Patriot Act needs to be taken out and burned.

    • Robert Smith

      wundamurline says: “Well, we already have warrantless searches and seizures at the airports on a daily basis.”

      Yup, we sure do.

      And if you don’t like it you can drive, take a train, take a bus, or I hear that right wing bandwagon has a few openings on it.


      • Americansurvivor

        Robert- you’re a blind idiot- I won’t be shocked when you drink the kool-aide…Yes, one can drive or take a bus over a plane to avoid the illigal searching.. You totally missed the point, the govt has been taking small steps to take away our freedoms and now their steps are getting larger and more frequent. Pop your head out!!!!

  • Rosco1776

    Welcome to the most intrusive, bloated, overbearing government in the history of the world! We need to go back to a constitutional sized government by the people.

    End the madness, vote Ron Paul in the primaries and in 2012 or BU$T !!

  • death to non believers

    mention to most citizens, that any agency can tap your phone calls, search your home, put a gps unit in your vehicle, follow you, without the need a warrent signed by a judge, they will argue it’s not true.
    not many citizens are aware of recent court rulings, giveing police carte blanch when it comes to observing and intruding on private citizens. they also dont know our supreme court ruled, a govt entity can take your private property and give it to another private citizen.

  • S Barringer

    quote: “they also dont know our supreme court ruled, a govt entity can take your private property and give it to another private citizen.”
    death to non believers,
    97% of the American people are like this. It’s always the 3% that notice. Waking the rest up has never happened–until too late.

    • fred

      In full agreement. So with the power of an untamed government unleashed
      against the people and the denial of our courts to us of God given rights reflected in The Bill Of Rights what is our solution when at almost every turn our wretched two party system fails us?

      Will all the dominoes fall and usher us into a new dark age where
      we will have to work our way out again by eliminating the tyrants
      in one way or another? This is a very perplexing question and one very few like to talk about. WHAT IS THE DESTINY OF AMERICA?

      • Wil

        Start thinking beyond two-party,vote third party.If enough people would do this,the major two would start seeing a threat to their cozy two-party monopoly,and start listening to the people again to find out why.

      • Robert Smith

        fred says: “we will have to work our way out again by eliminating the tyrants…”

        I beleve they tyrants are the top 1%.


        • Opal the Gem

          nope the tyrants are idiots like you who want ever bigger government with ever bigger control over our lives.


    Tyrants Get Out !!!!!!!!
    NOW !!!!!!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Sadly our whole country is slowly turning into a Police State!
    Police and courts are becoming more and more like Unions! Like Unions Ploice and Courts were started for good reasons, but some where along the way both became so powerful that are on the verge of being as bad as what they were formed to keep in check,just as Unions have done,they started out because they were needed ,then became so powerful that they became worst than the business they were trying to protect people from. If we don’t do something soon we will all end up with numbers tatooed on our wrists! Now days Police lie, make false police reports, swear to lies in court,cheat,steal,plant dope and other things on people so they can make an arrest,sell dope,offer to prostitue all in the name of law enforcement, and that makes law enforcement scary!

  • Angelia

    Wouldn’t be an interesting experiment to “tag” all the official agencies with the same technology as they are using on us? We would know where they are at all times. I do believe that turn about is fair play. Would it be interesting to view their bank accounts? What about listening to their conversations? That could prove to be interesting. Imagine an official having an affair and then reporting the affair to the spouse with the taped conversation of the other party.

    How long would it take to make this intrusion into our lives against the law? PDQ!

  • http://personallibertydigest not fooled

    Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.IT must have put a smile on george soros face and the bilderburg group and the G20 traitors and george bush.To bad the power is in the hands of another traitor NOOBAMA.Oh wait the united nations puppet H clinton is in on it to.Oh wait the traitor eric holder to.God help us.

  • Buck

    The only hope left is to turn to GOD , Just at a time as a nation we are moving away from . This is no accident . Lord bless us with armiggedon .

  • Jay

    The war on terror and cybersecurity are excuses that have spurred huge investments into the surveillance industry, which has become a war on “liberty and privacy.”

    The Obama administration has moved forward with a Bush regime program to screen state computer traffic on private-sector networks, including those connecting people to the Internet, The Washington Post revealed July 3.

    That project, code-name “Einstein,” is related to the much-larger, ongoing and highly illegal National Security Agency (NSA) communications intercept program known as “Stellar Wind,” disclorure way back in 2005 by The New York Times. Einstein will be tied directly into giant NSA data bases fed by information streamed to the agency by the nation’s telecommunications providers.

    Stellar Wind includes several components, one of which is a massive data-mining project run by the agency. The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth.

    AT&T, in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the NSA will spearhead the aggressive new initiative by continuing to monitor the electronic communications of Americans, to detect malicious attacks launched against government web sites. Likely in part as a response to the Wikileaks fiasco which so embarrassed the US government.

    This contradicts the President’s Pledge, in which Obama said that the government will not continue Bush-era surveillance practices or include “monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic.”

    Named the “flagship of the system” in our surveillance state’s cyber defense arsenal, The Wall Street Journal reports that Einstein is “designed to protect the U.S. government’s computer networks from cyberspies.” According to the Journal, Einstein is being developed in three stages:
    Einstein 1: Monitors Internet traffic flowing in and out of federal civilian networks. Detects abnormalities that might be cyber attacks. Is unable to block attacks.

    Einstein 2: In addition to looking for abnormalities, detects viruses and other indicators of attacks based on signatures of known incidents, and alerts analysts immediately. Also can’t block attacks.

    Einstein 3: Still under development, Einstein 3 is based on technology developed for a National Security Agency program called Tutelage. It is supposed to detect and deflect security breaches. Its filtering technology can read the content of your email and other communications.

    As readers of Antifascist Calling have already known for some time, telecom grifters like AT&T are private-sector partners of the National Security Agency and continue to be a key players in the agency’s driftnet spying on Americans’ electronic communications.

    As long ago as 2006, the AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein revealed that AT&T’s Internet traffic that runs through fiber-optic cables was routinely provided to the NSA, including a complete copy of the Internet traffic that AT&T receives such as email, web browsing sessions and other communications sent by AT&T customers.

  • Kenneth Alexander

    What they are doing amounts little more than Anti-American, is criminal in nature and merits full prosecution, if not by the Justice Dept. than by the American people.

    Oh yeah, thats right, the Justice dept. operates under the pretence of “The People of the United States of Amerian, wonder who those people really are, those who work in the Government?

    But, its all our fault, we allowed them to do this by our own fear and coward attitudes, and it will get even intrusive as time goes by!!!

  • Michael Watson

    Why is it that Our Government is So Paranoid? Is it simply because that they don’t trust us? ****”Or that They Know that WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THEM DOWN?”**** (WE, *ARE Americans*, They, ‘Are Not!’)….

  • BrotherPatriot

    As a former Navy SEAL myself, here is what Jesse Ventura is saying right now and it’s tragic that such a man feels this way as I know where is he coming from.

    Though I still have great hope in America, I also am getting dissillusioned by what the puppets (our so called leaders) have been & are doing to this once great nation.

    I believe it’s coming, ladies & gentlemen. I really, really hate to say it…but the tree of Liberty must at times be watered by the blood of Patriots & Tyrants.

    If it were up to me I would remove the criminals in Washington today and replace them with Patriots of the military & those who have a proven record of obeying the Constitution of the United States as they serve We the People.

    You must attest all this to the control that is exerted by the banking elites & owners of our news media and the entertainment industry of Hollywood, etc. We will not be able to shake them free I think with just words.

    I fear that it will come down to more than that since they are illegally barring us judicial relief as they also control our Courts.

    God Bless America and those who still believe in what she is supposed to be.


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