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CAPS Outlines Pitfalls Of An Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

September 10, 2010 by  

CFPC outlines pitfalls of an amnesty for illegal immigrants Some proponents of immigration reform, especially on the liberal left, would like to grant amnesty to illegal aliens who fulfill certain criteria and pay back taxes. They claim that it would help the economy, but at least one organization disagrees with this assertion.

In a new report, entitled No Home for Amnesty in a Sustainable America, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), a non-profit organization, states that, historically, amnesty legislation ended up giving legal status to more people than what initial estimates suggested. For example, the 1986 amnesty program led to the naturalization of more than 3 million illegal immigrants, although authorities expected only about 1 million to be eligible.

The report further found that since 1986, six additional amnesties led nearly 6 million people to acquire legal status in the United States. Hence, the authors caution that this policy approach may end up attracting a new wave of illegal immigration, as foreigners will anticipate a future amnesty that will allow them to stay in the country.

"Amnesty legislation has not worked in the past, nor will it in the future, even if it is disguised under the rubric of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’," said Marilyn DeYoung, chairman of the board of CAPS.

She added that "America simply cannot grow on like this, and voters will have a hard time understanding how we can deter illegal behavior by rewarding illegal behavior."

CAPS researchers say that because of massive immigration, California has the lowest number of workers with a high school diploma in the nation.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19937402-ADNFCR

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  • dan az

    Its refreshing to see that not all people from california are for out right legalizing all of the 40 million illegals that they know of!If they knew they where here why didnt they do something then.Even the ones that where not from mexico that did get a green card where arrested for terrorism when they tried to blow up cars in high populated areas or who shot up the solders at fort hood and others that have failed but arent reported to the bias media.The amount of islamic terrorist that are still here that are training with their sleeper cell buddies will also be among the amnesty freedom that they will have from their bro in washington.With the high unemployment why would you give all the jobs to non americans before your own people?oh thats right everyone has the same rights that we shed our blood for and died for that makes since!

    • DLJ

      Thank you for your comments on illegal immigration. California is so over-run with illegals that one cannot stand in the grocery line and still believe it is the USA, even the clerk may be speaking Mexican. In many states, Mexicans may be needed for agriculture, but then move on to either welfare or other jobs like maintenance, Drs office, clerks, banks, construction, warehouses, meat cutters, you name it, they are taking those jobs, many cannot speak English. There are illegals from so many countries. In northern Washington state, there is a huge population of illegal Russians. A Dept. store in Burlington, WA is like a world tour, people working there from many nations with out fluency.

      • JoMama

        DLJ is right!!
        What makes you think that when they get tired of picking fruit they won’t want YOUR job??
        AND if they don’t get your job – THEY WILL BE SCREAMING DISCRIMINATION!!

        Because they can………………………….!!

        Think about this people!!!

      • Cher

        You’re right. Several employers in my area hire illegals to cut costs, good contruction & maint. jobs. The unemployed folks I know would love to have these jobs long term.

      • chick

        they are in every aspect of our lives.. I was a forman for a large construction company,and we had at least 120 people working for the company,that did’nt speak english.. talk about hard to train,try it when they don’t speak english,and don’t entend to learn.. say something to them,and here comes the legal problem’s.. hard as heck to get one fired for not doing their job.. working on a sports complex,and they don’t have a clue what they are doing… tell the company about how bad thing were, got layed off.. fancy that.. talked to a lawyer,, he laughed,,saying drop it, they will tie you up in cort for ever,, you wont get a thing.. LET’S GO AFTER BIG BUSINESS THAT HIRE THESE PEOPLE..

  • slickporsche

    The main reason we have all these problems, is because for years ever since the civil rights momement, the US government has more concern for minoritie,than the rest of us. Amnesty will come again, only this time we will be getting millions, and millions of illegals. In addition to this, the muslims have now reached a population level, where they are starting to make demands on America, and America is bending like never before. We WILL live to see Shiriah law here in America. WE have essentially lost our beloved republic. No one appears to have the stomach to do what is necessary to save it. Voting is a foolish joke on us and of course will not make the necessary changes. WE have become to soft and politically correct.

    • Dora

      I agree with you but keep HOPING and PRAYING that ore Americans will WAKE up before it is too late to save this country. They have NO GUTS in Washington anymore. They are afraid of being tabbed as a racist. The communist/socialist/marxist hide behind the word “liberal” and we need to EXPOSE them for what they are and vote them OUT. There are 89 members in the halls of Congress that belong to Socialist Democrats or to the Progressive Caucus which is a communist organization. I pulled these names from the Socialist Democrats of America several years ago before they hid the membership list from the public’s eyes. They are: Eni Faleomavaega, Ed Pastor, Lynn Woolsey, George Miller, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Pete Start, Henry Waxman, Xavier Becerra, Maxine Waters, Bob Filner, Diana DeGette, Eleanor Norton, Corrine Brown, Alcee Hastings, John Lewis, Neil Abercrombie, Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Luis Gutierrez, Danny Davis, John Olver, James McGovern, Barney Frank, John Tierney, Michael Capuano, Lynn Rivers, John Conyers, Jr., Bennie Thompson, Melvin Watt, Donald Payne, Jerrold Nadler, Major Owens, Nydia Velazquez, Charles Rangel, Maurice Hinchey, Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich, Sherrod Brown, Peter DeFazio, Chaka Fattah, William Coyne, Sheila Jackson Lee, Robert Scott, Bernie Sanders, James McDermott and Tammy Baldwin. I pulled the Progressive Caucus list just the other day and those added to that list are: Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison, Mazie Hirono, Donna Edwards, Alan Grayson, Ronald Burris, Tom Udall, Earl Blumenauer, Robert Brady, Andre Carson, Donna Christensen, Judy Chu, Yvette Clarke, William Clay, Emanuel Cleaver, Steve Cohen, Elijah Cummings, Rosa DeLauro, Sam Farr, Marcia Fudge, John Hall, Phil Hare, Michael Honda, Hank Johnson, Carolyn Kilpatrick, David Loebsack, Ben Lujan, Carolyn Maloney, Ed Markey, Gwen Moore, Jim Moran, Frank Pallone, Chellie Pingree, Jared Polis, Laura Richardson, Lucille Allard, Linda Sanchez, Jan Schakowsky, Jose Serrano, Louise Slaughter, and Peter Welch. I hope everybody reading this will copy those names and send them all over the United States and we can vote them OUT. If Americans don’t wake up and realize that the Democratic Party has been taken over by Socialist, Marxist and Communist we are not going to have a free country for very long for Obama is leading us into Socialism as fast as he can get us there.

    • Linda

      My God I hope you are wrong. I am voting again in November and if they let the fraud start I will be marching in the streets. I hope people will join me. This is where we draw the line in the sand. Cut bail or swim.

      • chick

        keep you’re powder dry

    • http://capsoutlinespitfallsofamnestyforillegalimmigrants tom gusich

      well i just wanted to u are correct ,our vote has proven to be baseless.The people voted in have not done a thing about our border.We are losing our country and the sheep dont have the stomach do stop this madness.Look at the unemployment in the country. Has anyone asked them selves why the government keeps giving 99 week unemployment benifits .another way to control the people.we are in deep trouble.

  • Cliffystones

    This article didn’t go where I thought it was. Another big reason why amnesty won’t work is this.

    Say these folks become legal. Now they are going to want th same rights, pay and benefits as legal Americans. How long before those employers (the real criminals here) simply give our new legal workers “the boot” and go out and smuggle in a new crop of illegals they can exploit?

    I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1970s. I’ve seen tis same viscous cycle going on for the past 30+ years. The only way to stop it once and for all is build the fence, deport the illegals and throw anybody else who attempts to hire them into prison. As for their businesses, let ‘em fail!

    • chick

      Man of man… would I drink to that

  • Mila

    Illegal immigrants must be deported back to their homes country. Then, those people can apply for visa. And they should wait in line like everybody else. Many Russians are very smart and intelligent; can’t come to US because of limit. Russians are hard working people.

  • Delaware Bob

    All I keep hearing is comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform. How about some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to get the illegal aliens out of this country?

    These people who want amnesty for these illegal aliens better think about chain migration if amnesty is ever granted. This INVASION of the 20 million illegal aliens and amnesty is giving our Country away. Do you really want a third world country? I DON’T!

    Get the illegal aliens out of this country and back to their own country where they belong with their families. NO AMNESTY! ENFORCE THE LAW!…AND GO ARIZONA!

    • Dora

      We are being INVADED and we have too many Socialist/Marxist and Communist in the halls of Congress (which I named them in an article above) to bring this country back into some common sense on immigration. WE take in 1.5 MILLION a year LEGALLY and when V. Fox was president a few years back, he said we had about 25 MILLION over here then and I am sure it is closer to 40 MILLION now. We must hammer the heck out of Washington and vote them OUT. However, ALIPAC says Obama has ordered an amnesty for them and he is bypassing our elected officials and giving them all amnesty. This is being a dictator and we must all object to it.

    • DLJ

      It is a concern that Arizona reelected John McCain while they are fighting illegal immigration so hard. John McCain co-authored the amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy, though it did fail. He took advantage of the Arizona border crisis situation to gain attention to maintain his senate seat. Though he has been bluntly asked where he stands nowadays on amnesty, he refuses to answer in interviews. It is obvious that he would again push for amnesty. Wake up Arizona and don’t be so naive.

  • slickporsche

    Russians cannot come to America, because they are White. You should keep up with what is happening.

    • eddie47d

      Russians may be hard working but they have also brought crime to America. Their being white has little to do with the issue. Mexicans also work hard and some of them bring crime to America. We are just too lazy to go after the criminal element and they make it hard on everyone,including other immigrants. No one likes Americans who commit crimes so why do we put up with immigrants who commit crimes.(that would include drug traffickers,criminal gangs, gun runners,loan sharks,rapists and a whole slew of offenses).

      • s c

        So HOW can you support a prez who WINKS at gangs, gun runners and rapists? Maybe you should focus on how to get amnesty for POLITICIANS who have no interest in getting rid of gangs, gun runners and rapists who are also ILLEGALS.
        The best example of a politician who gleefully winks at gangs, gun runners and rapists, in a nutshell, is Herr Obummer [YOUR PREZ].

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Everybody had better take a good look at what things are like in Mexico right now, cause that is what this country is going to look like in as little as 15 years if they grant amnesty to 24 – 30 million mexican illegals!!! This is our country and WE should be telling our government whether we want amnesty or not bt a vote of the people!!! This is one time where a simple majority rules as we are not talking of infringing on any citizens rights!!! Look up barrios, hovels, and tin cities as that is what we have to look forward to!!!

          • J. Murphy

            Joe H.

            Your comments are correct. WE, all U.S citizens must make it clear to Congress/Senators that we don’t want illegals here in America. We want them rounded up & sent home. We should also close our borders to all countries as far as visas for work or school for at least the next 10 years. Ariz. has the right idea & our so-called Government has no right to stop Ariz. from taking the initiative to stop illegals.

            We are not stomping on someone’s rights asking for I.D. of any kind. Most of us show I.D in multiple forms for everyday activities, be it banks, stores, school, DMV, etc… If we get stopped by the police, we have to prove Insurance & DL for the state we live in. So asking a hispanic to prove his status in the U.S. is not violating anything.

            Demand that this issue be put on the ballot. Make our government give us more control of what is passed & what is not passed. It should be up to us anyway since our representatives have their own agenda & not our best interest at heart.

            Keep Sharia Laws out of every state. Force that issue in every state. Show our government we are taking our country back & they can kiss our A$$.

            Start flooding the emails to federal judges stating how irresponsible & unpatriotic they’re being by stopping any attorney from getting subpoenas to oust Obama & get all information on him. So many things would change if they would let us prove Obama is not legally our President. Ask them why they won’t allow this????

            Get every one of them to understand WE WON’T TAKE THIS ANY LONGER.

            God Bless America

          • Al Sieber

            You got that right Joe H, I don’t like this illegal situation forced down our throats, most of these people are illiterate in their own country.

          • s c

            JoeH, I know. When illegals learn that they were used as pawns by people in Washington who deserve to spend 4 seconds in front of a firing squad, it will be too late. This open border insanity is being orchestrated by puppet masters who own our “leaders” body and soul.
            One of the options they can use is an instant race war. That will put people like Jesse Jackson in a most interesting position. He has let himself think that blacks “own” the race card. When it’s time for illegals to assert their “new” superiority, Jesse will have to find another country.
            Jesse forgot to execute Plan A, which amounts to watching one’s back 24/7 (keep your enemies close, and keep your friends closer). His ‘friends’ will do to him what Hitler did to the SA. And if he has any plans to appeal to the ACLU or those who used him like cheap toilet paper, he’ll find that there are MANY varieties of friends in politics, and that NONE of them can be trusted.
            Be careful what you wish for Jesse. The train of turnabout and ‘social justice’ is coming, and it’s headed your way.

    • DLJ

      There are thousands of illegal Russians in northern Washington state. They also take American jobs.

  • patrick

    Just ask my son, who lives in California, what he says about illegal mexicans? Ask him why Cali is billions of dollars in debt? Why is the majority of Calif. population now over 50% mexican? Come on folks it is real simple. Illegal mexicans and over payments of Gov’t employee benefits!!! This equals = Bankrupcy!!! This is the direction our current Adminstration ( OBAMMY BOY and his band of crooked czars) has our great country headed in. What a joke he and his group are and it is a daily circus watching this criminal and impeachable daily crap, that ” We the People ” are allowing to continue. Yes We Can… Big Change is Coming soon!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    The best work program for unemployed, out of work, skilled labor, is put a bounty on illegals. $1000 a head on adults, if young are underage, $250 a peice, if a mass round up at least 10 adults price climbs to $1150 a head. Business is sold at auction next month. Business owners and staff a year of ditch duty and a fine. Taxes start going into coffers and people are busy. Brown, you are going down, what ever country you are from illegals , get out!

    • chick

      the company’s that hire them,are the one’s that should have a bounty on their company’s…..asset’s

  • Patty Harris

    I have lived in CA for forty seven years. Its the pits but we are getting older & our family lives here. So I guess we will stay.
    Only thing that is nice – weather is perfect.

    • DLJ

      Yes California weather is perfect. I too lived there for around 47 years, in Napa Valley. I no longer live there. The north part of the county is so full of illegal Mexicans, I cannot make a guess at the number. One cannot go to the grocery store and believe it is still the USA, they are in the grocery line before, behind, and the clerk is also chattering in Mexican. They are in the parks sleeping on the benches, behind churches sleeping on the ground or whatever is there, outside the grocery store talking on cell phones to each other across the parking lot, in the retail stores chattering in Mexican on cell phones. It is not possible to take a walk in a park at some times during the day and feel safe.

      • Cher

        Agreed and ICE has made it clear they will not persue any (known) illegal unless they are involved in a felony! It’s the catch and release program!! See
        ICE is looking for citizen input on their policies before 9/30/10; write/email them!

    • chick

      I worked there for seven year’s, and you are right,, the only thing good there is the temp>>>>

  • Gene

    And as for the anchor babies there is a simple solution. there are some who want to alter the 14th amendment. there is no need to do this as SCOTUS in a landmark decision for the first (and only)time Explained the 13th and 14th amendments. I find that most americans have never heard of this decision. Liberals hate this decision as it explains that only the decendents of the former slaves are 14th amendment citizens. the decision is” slaughterhousr cases,83 US 16 wall 36 36 (1872).”… In 1869 the Louisiana legislature passed legislation concerning the regulation of slaughter houses. the law was challenged By workers claiming that they were protected by the 14th amendment. the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled in favor of the slaughter house law. the workers took the case to SCOTUS and SCOTUS affirmed the Louisiana Supreme court. (against the workers saying that they were not 14th amendment citizens.) The basic premis for this decision was a SCOTUS decision that declared that the Newly freed slaves until the time of their release were merely property. (not human beings)” SCOTUS Dread Scott v. Sanford” (a judge at the time said that the newly freed slaves were”alien’s in the land of their birth” and as such they needed rights of some kind… Now because the Dread Scott decision had ruled that slaves were not included in the main body of the Constitution and thet the SLAVES AND THEIR DESCENDANT’S COULD NEVER BE INCLUDED IN THE MAIN BODY OF THE CONSTITUTION,it was decided that the slaves and their descendant’s would be made Federal Citizens (similar to those that live in Washington D.C. and the Federal Territories like Guam)so the 14th amendment was written making the newly freed slaves and their descendant’s wards of the Federal Govt for time indefinate… Now what does the decision say: here is a few excerpts from the decision. “page 83 US 37 2. second paragraph Such power is not forbidden by the 13th article of amendment and by the first section of the 14th examination of the history of the causes which led to the adoption of those amendments and of the amendments themselves demonstrates that the main purpose of all the three last amendments (13th 14th 15th)was the freedom of the African race,the security and perpetuation of that freedom, and their protection from the oppressions of the white men who had formally held them in slavery.” …”Page 83 US 37 3. paragraph three The first clause of the 14th article was primarely intended to confer citizenship on the negro race, and secondly to give definitions of citizenship of the United States (14th amendment citizen) and citizenship of the States,(the 50 States) and it recognizes the distinction between citizenship of a State and citizenship of the United States by those definitions.” (it was said at the time that this decision created two classes of citizens, the first covered by the main body of the Constitution and the second wards of the Fed. Govt.or 14th amendment citizens)…Now to the part of the decision that explains who the 14th amend does not include. …”.Page 83 Us 73 The first observation we have to make on this clause is that it puts at rest both the questions which we stated to have been the subject of differences of opinion. it declares that persons may be citizens of the United States without reguard to their citizenship of a particular state, and it overturnes the Dread Scott decision by making all persons born within the United Ststes and subject to it’s jurisdiction(Fed. Govt.)citizens of the United States.(14th amendment citizens) that it’s main purpose was to establish the citizenship of the negro can admit of no doubt. the phrase ” subject to its jurisdiction” WAS INTENDED TO EXCLUDE FROM ITS OPERATION CHILDREN OF MINISTERS, CONSULS, AND CITIZENS OR SUBJECTS OF FOREIGN STATES BORN WITHIN THE UNITED STATES,” …Well there you have it. only the descendant’s of the former slaves are 14th amendment citizens and foreign citizens born within the US are not confered citizenship by the 14th amendment.

  • s c

    Many years ago, I surrendered to the FACT that America has so many weak-minded, double-minded retards that it will take at least a national, financial disaster to properly ‘educate’ them. We’re almost “there,” folks. For those who are too damned dumb to figure it out, politicians specialize in “creating” problems while they go through the motions of ‘solving’ problems. That gives them instant JOB SECURITY, credibility and electibility. Criminals should have it so easy!
    Illegal immigration is only one of these “created” problems, but it’s also a first-class BITCH of a problem. It must be solved NOW. ‘Waiting’ will make it WORSE. Screw every excuse that politicians give us. SOLVE IT NOW.
    If America is stupid enough to wait, a race war will be but the tip of that damned iceberg. SOLVE THE PROBLEM NOW. ANY politician who has a delaying song-and-dance or a predictable quick fix will make it worse. SOLVE THE PROBLEM NOW. The reward is FREEDOM. The penalty is SLAVERY. CHOOSE, America!

    • D R

      SC; It is so sad that you are so right.
      I spend a lot of time with people of many walks of life, mostly baby boomer age. I figure about half of these people have Baclaureate or equivalent degrees, and about 80% of all of those people read and comprehend at about the 3rd grade level – if they even canstill read.
      God Bless America, ’cause we sure are going to need it.

  • M T Webster

    It’s even worse than what you hear. Have you ever wondered what happens to people that give themselves up or are caught by ICE? They are in jail and are allowed to present their cases. They even haven “seminars” on what their rights are. They go to a court, and a judge rules, sets bail and then, they disappear into the fabric of our country. Who gets the “bail money”? The attorneys working for these people get their monies, as well. The immigrants themselves turn into “legal slaves” sanctioned and promoted by our weak government. Corporations win, attorneys win, government wins – people lose. I am immigrant, married to a US Marine and Proud to be an American. I came to this country because my husband sponsored me and simply because I love it. My father, and grandfather had worked for the United Fruit Company in a “banana republic” and I had learned to love and admire the people from here. I went to school, submitted my application to become a citizen twice and have lived the American dream = hard work and satisfaction in what I did. We are now a people subjugated by the powerful with an ideology totally opposed to what the founding fathers envisioned for us. Yes, it is time to take our country back.
    I agree with most of the comments, I just wanted to give you another view of the people that come here and become a pawn in this game. Secure the border by whatever means possible. Something needs to be done about the immigrants already here. Yes, make them pay fines for breaking the law = x$ per year per person, then have them all fill out the paperwork to be here legally,then go to back of the line. Do you know the US government gets approximately $800 per application submitted? Gee, I could go on, but I know you are busy, so we really have a lot to do.

  • eddie47d

    People of the world will always have children and they will always try to go where the jobs are. That will never change, whether they go to a big city,work on rural farmland or to another country. That’s one of the main reasons I’m for population control(birth to death ratio). So CAPS makes a good point on where does it all end. America or any other country for that matter can’t be the go to nation. Problems must be solve within each country. The environment of our nation can sustain only so much. I don’t want to be like China(over population madness or forced abortions)I also don’t want to be like Russia (pollution and environmental degrdation everywhere). Nobody likes controls but everyone loves common sense. Control the border and tighten the rules on newcomers. I know some of you will argue this point but most legal and illegal immigrants are productive and are a necessary part of Americas work force.I say line up the paper work and give them a path to citizenship. Those who are illegal and NOT working send them back and get in line.Make it clear that it will be harder for them to get back in and they will have to get behind those who have been waiting with legal papers. Tell Mexico or any country that our gates are closing. That also goes for American corporations who hire illegals. American workers first and then maybe a slow trickle of needed workers. We as a nation can be tough but fair on this issue.

  • WB

    Here is something that should be of great interest for you to pass around. I didn’t know of this until it was pointed out to me.

    Back during The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work..

    Harry Truman deported over two million Illegal’s after WWII to create jobs for returning veterans.

    Note this was well before the information gathering means we have today. If they could manage it why can’t we? A look at subsequent liberal amnesty programs will show the decline of quality of life in the United States.

    And then again in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican Nationals! The program was called ‘Operation Wetback’. It was done so WWII and Korean Veterans would have a better chance at jobs. It took 2 Years, but they deported them!

    • http://msn Kerri

      But didn’t you hear Obama say that we couldn’t do that? As in it is impossible? Do you know how many volenteers the gov. would have? It wouldn’t cost us a penny! Just say the word and they would have a quick round up and it would be done. Can’t afford to build the fence all the way across the U.S. Mex. border? No worries. Just say the word and the gov. would have millions of volenteers, it would be up in a month. Done. WHAT THE HELL DOES HE MEAN YOU CAN’T DO THAT? LITTLE MIND CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE. DETERMINED PEOPLE CAN RULE THE WORLD.

      • J. Murphy


        I couldn’t help but laugh at what you wrote. Not at you. Please. I just thought it was directly to the point & well put, especially about “small minds”. How true. I have a whole list of what Obama is hiding, some documents that have been found by private investigators, etc.. If anyone would like to check it all out, you’re more than welcome to email me.

        In subject line” Obama list” email:

        God Bless America

      • Don in Ohio

        I say put a $10,000.00 bounty on illegals, dead or alive and the problem would be solved in a few weeks!!
        Heck, for that kind of money, they would be turning each other in…

    • Cher

      To serve the politically correct we’d have to call a mass deportation as in the past, Operation Free Ride Home!

  • chuck b


    an illegal is a potential vote for a liberal politician. so you won’t see many getting shipped out of the country.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Pay a fine and pay back taxes. Are you kidding me. First of all you have to prove income to collect taxes. How is the gov. going to prove income for illegals being paid under the table with cash. Also, people who make poverty wages don’t pay taxes anyway. So, there goes your tax money. Then if they make poverty wages where are they going to get the money to pay fines? There goes your fine money.
    Don’t know why this is even an issue. Being in the U.S. illegally is illegal. Enforce the law, jail and deportation…. as in period.

    • JoMama

      And if our country can’t afford to send them back to their country of origin – send them back on their OWN dime. THAT right there will save the federal government some money.

    • Don in Ohio

      Kerri, you said: First of all you have to prove income to collect taxes.
      This is true for our current insane income tax, however there is a better way. It’s called the FAIR tax (don’t confuse with FLAT tax). The FAIR tax is a well thought out proposal to REPLACE all Federal taxes (and maybe state taxes) with a sales/consumption tax. This tax would be collected on purchases and thus everyone would pay the same. Drug dealers, prostitutes, illegals and others that don’t pay anything now because their income is under the table, ie, cash.

  • Gene

    M T Webster When you say fill out the paper work to make them legal and then go to the back of the line, do you mean that their paperwork goes to the back of the line, or that the illegal leaves the country and goes to the back of the line. because if the illegal gets to stay, then that is just a cover up for amnesty. as you know there are thousands of people waiting in their home country, as prescribed by imigration law, to be allowed to enter the US legally. it would be a travesty of justice for a criminal to get the reward of entering the country before any of those that are waiting in accordance to law. …NO AMNESTY OF ANY KIND. I DONT CARE HOW THEY TRY TO DISQUISE IT.

  • S Rubicon

    Amnesty or pathway to citizenship is just another ruse to legalize millions of illegal aliens who have committed crimes in America. Many say the initial crime of illegally entering America is a small & insignificant crime so we should let it go. The problem with that logic is, once in America illegally, that same criminal goes on to commit multiple additional and much more serious crimes. Identity theft in America is our fastest growing crime. Wanna bet a large percentage of those seeking &/or using a false or stolen identity are, illegal aliens?
    Add to this forged & stolen birth certificates (to get drivers licenses, & more), forged & stolen passports, & so many more documents. This is why so many terrorists can get into America and move around easily. Do you know that almost all, if not all, of the 9-11 hijacker terrorists were in America, illegally. Overstayed VISA’s crossed into America illegally, etc.
    If amnesty or pathway is granted, whether by congress or an even more despicable means of executive order of the president, I think it should be obvious to all citizens that our elite are really trying to undermine & eliminate the whole concept of America itself. The global concept with the inept & corrupt UN running global government or governance (one in the same really), will come to be. Now think about just how much the UN has screwed up. Just recently, UN peacekeepers (sic) did not notice that well over 250 African women were being gang raped by local thugs, whom the peacekeepers were supposed to protect the people from.
    Only enforcement, a secure porous southern border, prosecution of employers of illegals, deportation of illegals caught, along with their families if not here legally, an end to birthright citizenship (which I still say is not constitutional only a precedent some judge granted at one time or another), and an attitude that before we allow aliens into America, we make sure Americans are at work who want to or can. Plus, we must have a system that says, after we do this fix, if you come in illegally, you spend real time in real prison & are told at deportation you are never welcomed back. Ever!
    Either we have laws or we do not. If not, then I want a new government that represents the one our founders gave us!

    • J. Murphy

      S. Rubicon,

      You’re exactly right. The U.S. needs to pull out of the UN. It’s become non-effective as peacemakers & upholding laws for nearly every county. They make laws, sanctions, whatever, then forget about them. I think they just like all the BS. Makes them feel empowered.

      We need to enforce our immigration laws already into effect. If any state asked for volunteers to help with the efforts to deport illegals & to build a wall along our entire border, the volunteer list would be more than 100 miles long.

      Also, anchor babies are not legal citizens. A child born in the U.S. must have parents who are U.S. citizens to be a citizen. Just being born here does not make one a citizen. It’s in our Amendments. Tho it seems our government forgot to read this & understand it.

      God Bless America

  • Gene

    Read my earlier post Sep 10 12:12 PM. I show that the Supreme court ruled in 1872 that the 14th amendment does not apply to the children of illegal aliens born in the United States. Liberals hate this ruling as it also exposes that the vast majority of americans are not 14th amendment citizens. to this day liberals are trying to figure a way to get the decision overturned. in fact they were terrified that during the recent Supreme Court case on the 2nd amendment that someone would expose this decision. … let me prove my point: one of the top complaints today of americans is the public debt. section 4 of the 14th amendment says that the validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. if we are truly all 14th amendment citizens the liberals would be all over this. however they say nothing; in fear that someone will apply the Supreme Court slaughter house decisions of 1872. …and by the way one of the rules of Supreme Court constitutional interpretation is that the closer a decision is chronologically to the date of ratification of the Constitution the more weight it carries.

  • http://capsoutlinespitfallsofamnestyforillegalimmigrants tom gusich

    its sad that most people in our great country dont know our constitution and the sheeple will be lead to the slaughter.when will we wake to the fact our government was this to is all part of their plan .u most hook up with and for groups i u want to survive this madness .

  • hundabuxt

    We’ve allowed our government to become rulers rather than servers. The way it is right now they’ll do what the damn well please and dress it up to look like they’re doing the will of the people. The conservatives in America have been asleep too long, albeit finally awakened. Lets hope its not too late. The radical left, the cancer within our society bent on social engineering designed to remake our country in their image, will not relinquish power easially. Those with their hands out for our money, the ACORN types, and the purveyors of hate for income, such as the dirt bags Sharpton and Jessie Jackson just to name two, have it good and will raise the stakes to preserve their gains. We have gangs taking over neighborhoods, muslums taking over entire towns, just two examples of what Orkin should be called in to control….if you get my drift.

  • http://gmail i41

    The “revs” Greasy Al and Pimp Jesse are 2 of Rev. Peaceful King back ground mouths. I find some of the revised history on that pediod is rather interesting. Remembering some of what my grandparents and family talked about durning those days, has more facts to it than what we were told in later years in school and what was “fact”. vI hope I can be around when my grandkids go to schol just to see the history books with the big meltdown of the early 2007-2012. hundrabuxt, the 60-70′s drug heads are at the helm and hopefull Nov will derail these radical domestic terrorist drug induced thugs. The PC crap of letting muslims run over us and our standrads, the gang thuggery is all back to the feel meely don’t hurt the no minded trouble makers, just talk and giver them understanding, is what is destroyng America. I have the same understanding for drug sellers and gang leaders, as I do for livestock theives and killers, shoot on the spot, end of repeat offenders. Just like when Bonnie and Clyde bought the big one, they were shot dead with out talking and Bull shipping rights, first shot was into them, same goes for thugs and any puke muslims like tyhe Panthers. They know the rules! Same goes for the jug eared marxist muslim moron and his socialist democrats, teasonous and should be held to hirer standrads, like 5 sories off the pavement!

  • June

    For the posters who want illegals to return to their own countries and apply correctly, what makes you think that once they’ve broken the law they’ll ever obey any of our laws? This new breed has no respect for us, our laws, or our borders. Do NOT encourage these illegals to return. In fact, we need a 10-year moratorium on ALL immigration until we can straighten out this mess that our country has become.

  • Ronnie

    We must not grant amnesty to illegal aliens, law breakers. They enter without visas or overstay. So they have to be deported. We Americans do not support amnesty for illegal aliens. The politicians don’t run this country. Americans do. Therefore, the politicians have to do what Americans want. NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. JUST ENFORCE CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAWS AND ILLEGALS WILL LEAVE.

  • chuck b

    if the republicans get back into power and replace a few of their rino’s , the american people should again march on washington and demand they remove these illegals, black, yellow or brown whatever their color and shut down our borders and further immigration for at least 10 years. the polticians will not do this on their own. the democrats use the illegal vote far more than the repubs and its destroying our republic. take a look at california they now have a 51% latino majority, los angeles used to be one of the most clean and beautiful cities in the world, no more. every large city in this country is turning into a ghetto. we should not allow more people to come in than our infrastructure can handle, either that or lets divide the country. we should demand the borders to be closed immediately and put troops on the border to enforce it and shoot to kill anyone smuggling drugs across the border. the drug smugglers are not the only ones making money, i’ll bet you can find a lot of our politicians involved, that’s one of the reasons only token action is taken. this goes all the way to the white house, the clintons are big drug users and you can be assured barry is smoking that dummy dust.

  • dubsak20

    Its time to file a petition of Redress to our American Government.Its so blatantly obvious they have no concern for the American Public.
    Why?Look who we have for replacements for our politicians.Here in California.Govenor Jerry Brown. Failure Bought off by big union.Meg Witman.Liar.Flip Flopper.Spends 200 million for 300,000 a year job.That of itself is insane!AZ John Mc Cain.What the heck,He’s a P.O.S.See its the same ole crap that we as voters will never ever change.
    As for Amnesty forget it period.Mass Deportation.It was implemented after the Great Depression and again after WWII.Both where to free up Jobs for Unemployed American workers
    Im am sad to say that Los Angeles will probably burn for the Foriegn nationals will steal rape and murder everything on there way out of this Country.But thats our fault for letting our perverted form of government to facilitate this invasion.
    We dont know we are being Invaded,until we try to stop it.

  • Al Sieber

    So what’s with the illegal alien riots going on in L.A. now? has anyone seen that new movie “Machete” about the illegals killing us?

  • Letti

    I have defended, for many years, the illegal alien who comes to work and keeps his nose out of trouble. He pays his taxes and overall, is an honest citizen; I was once an illegal who opted for legalization and subsequently became a US citizen by choise. This illsgal alien only takes the jobs Americans don’t want, yours truly included. Most jobs for domestic help, gardeners, hotel housekeepers, dishwashers, etc, are never filled by American because our government can supply income sitting at home just because they have kids under 18!

    All illegal aliens are NOT in the same plate. I am however, against the illegal alien who comes to milk my government and just sits in his governmen-rented home because he/she has US citizen-born children under 18. These same US citizen children qualify this illegal alien parent for a welfare check, food stamps and Medi-Cal. In most instances, the illegal alien parent is working under another name and still receiving benefits from our government. When did we start giving benefits to illegal aliens just because they had US citizen children? I wonder, would President Calderon support a gringa who got pregnant by antother gringo but chose to stay in Mexico? I doubt it! And is not only the illegal alien in the US milking our government, but many are in Mexico, crossing the border to milk us!
    There are aliens who have a laser visa which allows them to cross the border at will, are comming to get free medical care in our clinics and hospitals! I know of one woman who spent over 10 days in the Intersive Care Unit in San Diego, and she lives in Tijuana! That’s the illegal alien I don’t want in our country! If they come to milk my tax dollars or come to brake the law, by all means get rid of those!

    When we use everify and implement it into our workforce, trust me, the illegal alien problem will disappear! Even the ones who only come to work and keep out of trouble will immediately go elsewhere if they cannot support themselves and our government closes the door to Public Assistance.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If they want to work those professions here, then let them come here L E G A L L Y!!!! No exceptions!!!!!

  • SMSF

    I don’t understand why the illegals must pay “back taxes”?
    Given the article in this weeks Washington Post, most of our White House staff, elected officials and government employees continue to draw their wages while owing more than 1 billion dollars, I think it said, in back taxes.
    Hey, if the people who get paychecks from weee taxpayers are derilict in their indebtedness to the IRS, why should the people that get Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Security and free educations have to pay back taxes. I would say they are just following the lead of their “future leaders”….welcome to the US of A.
    A country is only as good as it’s leaders, so see, we are not so special after all, apparently? At least, that is the opinion our leaders have based on their actions. As weee taxpayers, one knows that actions always speak louder than words.
    Thanks to the Post for putting all the numbers in one place. Most of us who work for a living don’t have the time to run all this information down. We are working to keep from being run over with our tax burdens and their new debt creation.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If you want to feel bad for these freebee grabbers,then do so with YOUR money. Leave mine alone!!!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Not only does the average illegal have no primary eduation, they will never be a productive member of our society, because with the amount of children they have they will always be exempt from paying any state or federal income taxes, while they continue to drain the system with welfare, food stamps, and Section 8 housing. I think the days of amnesty should be over with. If we want to give them amnesty, they can go back home and apply for a visa, like my family did (who were not illegals) 110 years ago. They waited 11 years to come here. Also, the quota system should be reinstituted (clintoon got rid of it), so that people from all over the globe will have the same opportunity to come here, and so that America will not have more people from one country as immigrants, then from another. If this was done, a citizen of Mexico, as an example, would have to wait 7,000 years to get their visa request approved. WAKE UP, AMERICA. WHAT ARE WE, MORONS? NO MORE AMNESTY, FOR ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING! DEPORT ALL CRIMINALS! It’s cheaper then having them in our jails or on our streets! Change the 3-strikes-you’re out ruling, to include illegal immigration as a violation. The penalty would be death!

  • Bob L

    The United States of America, it’s unfortunate distinction in the world community is its’ utter failure to control, deport all illegal aliens, who have committed criminal trespass into a sovereign nation. America was a fine Republic, it CAN be so again, each aspiring congressional and senate hopeful should be brought to task, asked point blank whether they support mass deportations and walling off the southern borders. Do Not take extenuating difficulties, conditions,or I’ll try, for an answer. Tell the people whom you elect what they will HAVE to do. God Bless you, America. This from a Canadian who wishes the very best for our southern neighbour. Bob Lusby.

  • Bob L

    “Anchor babies”, “guest workers”, “undocumented visitors.” I don’t believe I’ve heard anything so much into the land of fantasy since I first read the fables of the Brothers Grimm. And grim it certainly is. The countrys’social services systems are at the point of collapse right now, some are already screaming for more federal assistance. Can you imagine the chaos, the breakdowns, the riots, if the illegal trespassers are given amnesty? If you aren’t here legally, leave now, the people of America are just a tiny tad teed off. gracias.

  • Daniel

    The other day i was in a restaurant and heard to guys speaking English. No big deal. I was standing their waiting for my food. One of them looked my way and made eye contact with meand suddenly switched to speaking Spanish. Why, I thought to myself, did they feel the need to keep secret what they where saying. Did they assume that i couldn’t speak Spanish because of the color of my skin? Little did they know, I have spoken Spanish all my life. Offended it this, having dealt with this same scenario multiple times before, I spoke up. I made direct eye contact with one of the guys and asked him why he switched tio Spanish. He said, “This is a free country”. I said, “Right, and i am also free to speak my mind as well”. I pressed the issue as to why he switched. He said it was because he was Mexican and “this is what we do”. I responded, “Ah but you are American first and then Mexican. You are an American Mexican”. He became very irate at this point and raised his voice an d said, “I’, Mexican, f@*# Americans”. At this point half the restaraunt was watching. I responded to him “so are you here illegally then? “I got papers,” he said. I asked him how he got those papers and he said, “from the offices”. See his confusion I informed him that you don’t just get PAPERS from an office, you have to become a citizen through citizenship classes or have a legal status to be in this country. So if you are here illegally, then you are breaking our laws and you need to go back to your country. He responded with, ” I don’t give a sh#* about you f*ck$%G white people, We are gonna take over this country, just wait and see”. At this point the manager of the restaurant came out and asked my to stop making racial comments. I informed her that i wasn’t make racial comments, just merely having a discussion about citizenship (or the lack thereof). She said she heard the whole conversation and agreed with me but felt the need to say something in defense of that guy. She walked over to the two guys, how at this point had moved to another location, and asked them to keep their voices down. With that, they both started to curse at the manager in Spanish and assert their rights to be in this country (although illegally). They then where escorted out of the building by three other male employees.

    Here is the problem I see with this whole senario. This manager felt the need to defend this illegal alliens. The illegal aliens felt emboldend to speak out loud of their illegal precense. Not one person in the whole rastaraunt spoke up in defense of the United states.

    This is the problem. too many people for too long have taken a back seat this problem and have since became brainwashed by our media into thinking that these illegal aliens need defending. If more Americans voiced their outrage, as I did, in public places, employers would feel less comfortable hiring these illegals and they would know that they are not welcome. Our politicians wouldn’t cater to them because they know that they wouldn’t get our vote. Maybe then they would go back to their own country.


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