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Cannibal Attacks Continue

June 8, 2012 by  

Cannibal Attacks Continue
Media coverage of bite attacks is on the rise.

Those who claim we are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse have more evidence to place in their folder.

On June 2, Carl Jacquneaux, a 42-year-old in Lafayette Parish, La., bit Todd Credeur and removed “a large amount of flesh,” according to police reports. The report states: “The above named suspect began biting Mr. Credeur in the face, removing flesh the size of a quarter below the victim’s left eye.”

On Wednesday, Miami police were briefed about the trendy crime after a man threatened to eat two officers. “I’m going to eat you,” Brandon De Leon told officers after he was arrested. Reportedly, De Leon was fitted with a bite mask after he growled and attempted to bite an officer’s hand.

The use of bath salts is suspected in both cases.

On Tuesday, Lowpel Davis of New Haven, Conn., bit a store owner after being accused of shoplifting. According to police, Davis tore a piece of flesh from the store owner’s bicep and spit it in his face.

Also in the past week, gay porn actor Luke Magnotta made waves in international news for posting a video of himself killing and eating Chinese student Jun Lin.

The zombie scare began when Rudy Eugene, also known as the “Miami Zombie” and the “Causeway Cannibal,” chewed off 75 percent of a homeless man’s face.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Robert Smith

    Communications are far better now than ever before. Jack the Ripper became legend but how many others were there that weren’t heard about?

    The FACT is that there are lots of people on Earth. Almost as many as have ever lived before, thus more “history” is beign made today than ever before, and we hear about it more than ever before with the 24 hour news cycle repeating stuff time after time.

    It’s not that things are “worse,” but that we are hearing, hearing, and hearing about it.


    • Steve in AZ

      Several valid points, Rob, but no, things ARE worse.We do hear more about them, agreed. But definitely worse,sir.

    • Rocky Night

      Robert? What color is the sky in your world? It is getting worse here in America.

    • eddie47d

      This is for the most part a non issue. The man is mentally unstable and acting out some weird fantasy. These Jeffery Dahmer’s pop up every so many years and probably have throughout history. There are institutions for characters like him so get him the help he needs. On the subject of bath salts there are several communities trying to ban this synthetic drug. There are also those who refuse to ban anything even if it’s for the good of the community or the person misusing the product.

  • lyn

    According to Robert Smith’s opinion – That
    ” The FACT is that there are lots of people on Earth. Almost as many as have ever lived before, thus more “history” is beign made today than ever before, and we hear about it more than ever before with the 24 hour news cycle repeating stuff time after time.

    It’s not that things are “worse,” but that we are hearing, hearing, and hearing about it ”

    It’s appalling that some people take this view – it’s a blatant ho hum response to this horrific act. Talk about numb – we can’t get numb or else nothing matters. There is more violence today- it’s uglier and more brutal. Ask yourself why?
    Fear begets fear. Fear is the monster. Numb succumbs to it or falls prey to it.

  • lady kroft

    First, the goody-two-shoes whose vices are to stick their noses into other people’s business, take away from the teenagers the right to smoke a cigarette, a seemingly harmless vice by comparison, and took away all people’s right to smoke marijuana, and now instead teenagers and adults alike are turning to drugs which are far worse. With drugs, the entire family of the user is affected as is the public.
    Marijuana just mellows you; take that away and they concoct other drugs as meth and crack, angel dust, that don’t mellow you but instead makes you violent in many cases. Of course meth being illegal, the over-the-counter products that make meth are regulated and more difficult to get. Now they turn to bath salts? When that’s made illegal what will they turn to next?
    It’s human nature to rely on a vice…it helps them cope with life. Take away that vice they’ll find an other and an other and an other. People will do it….that’s it!! Case closed!!
    Now the officials that make the rules for the people that prohibits these vices, have drugs at their disposal, and use them without fear of prosecution. They’re exempt. BUT they make the rules for the rest of us.
    When you thought it couldn’t get any more ludicrous, an official has banned the size of a drink because as an official, he thinks you shouldn’t drink so much sugary drink. And as an official he’s doing this “because he can”. He proclaims that he’s not saying that you can’t drink your favorite drink, he’s just saying that you can’t buy it in 32oz., but instead you can buy 2 16oz drinks. Does this “logic” reduce the sugar intake ? And no toys in McDonalds’ Happy Meals. Michelle says you can’t eat fat in any amount while she and her pet monkey wolf down pizza, chili dogs, and hamburgers at public political rallys. Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa.
    WHAT’S NEXT?????

    • Cliffystones

      “Marijuana just mellows you”


      No, it’s a little more than that. The “drug” in Marijuana is a hallucinogenic. And depending on the individual, that mellowing effect can be as mild as taking the stress off of a bad day at work to the complete lack of enthusiasm for anything else life has to offer. And yes, I know this from intimate personal past experience.

      I agree with the Libertarian point of view on the decriminalization of Marijuana. But the effects of this or any mind-altering drugs need to be fully stated. Sure we have drunks driving and screw up their and their loved ones lives now.. But add to that more “stoners” doing the same because it’s suddenly legal, and I doubt anyone could argue the would would be a better place.

      • dufas magnet

        If you’ve had ‘personal’ experience with marijuana, you would NOT call it a drug.. It is a natural HERB with effects that we experience while ingesting it.. No one derives it nor adds to it like chemically induced products (unless their idiots and then it’s no longer considered marijuana but what was added to it).. And I have to disagree, it affects others in two ways if they go beyond the usual effects.. (1) they are addictive personalities who aren’t satisfied with just pot alone or/and (2) when their caught (for whatever criminal act) they use pot as the catalyst in why they committed the crime thus hoping for leniency which in most cases they receive .. You can’t believe these people and you can’t believe science when they use ten to a hundred times the potency on lab rats.. You can only go by the average smoker who say’s it’s no more than an enjoyment and these tokers will absolutely NOT go out driving while under the influence.. I will however, agree that it shouldn’t be any more than decriminalized because there are idiots who WILL do some dangerous stunts in order to show off and these knuckle heads need a few days in jail, a fine large enough to make them think twice the next time AND to give back to the community in mandatory service.. Pot is not dangerous, people are dangerous and they will use any trick to cover up their predator nature.

      • Heather

        I dabble in marijuana and have never hallucinated…I’ve never known anyone who has smoked to hallucinate. You’ve taken something on top of that if you’re seeing things.


        TELL ‘EM ‘BOUT IT, “Heather.”


    • Maryland Freestater

      One thing about the ‘sugary drinks’ stupidity is that High-fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is NOT a sugar. In case I didn’t get that across, IT IS NOT A SUGAR!!!!! HFCS is produced when corn syrup, with a fructose level of 12%, is chemically treated and the ‘sugar’ content magically increases to 50%. 2 reason it’s not really a sugar: 1) the molecular structure of this substance is no longer fructose: 2) the chemicals used to make the conversion remain in the HFCS. Neither is digestible to humans (they’re actually toxic to mammals), and HFCS does retain all the BAD characteristics of ordinary sugars.

      This is ONE substance that it should be illegal to use in food production for any mammal.

      It was VERY disingenuous of Blumberg (sic) to show sodas with sugar cubes in front of each soda in his press statement re these drinks. It’s doubtful that ANY of the sodas there had even a sugar cube of real sugar…HFCS is just as much a problem as GMO vegetables, perhaps worse because this is a factor in the diabetes explosion here in the US.

      If one must consume ‘sugar’, try ‘turbinado’ or organic sugar. These are a helluva lot healthier for people than HFCS garbage (or artificial sweeteners).

      • Robert Smith

        Politics take priority over health and common sense. Much of the produced sugar comes from Cuba and we don’t buy stuff from Cuba. Had we continued to trade with Castro after the revolution he would not have had to turn to Russia for life support for his economy. But the Republican Right Wing went along with the Batista criminals who Castro tossed out and basically picked the side that hurt America the most.

        BTW, “Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico is sweetened with sugar, while the U.S. version is (almost) always made with high-fructose corn syrup.” That’s from:

        I bought mine at Costco.


  • buckhunter

    See what Mike Tyson started, he loves man ears

    • Robert Smith

      You can watch him on the pay per chew network.


      • JON

        Funny AND clever comment! ‘pay per chew network’ :-D

  • Steve E

    More people want to be like Hannibal Lector.

    • Robert Smith

      Adds a whole new dementia to “eat your honney.”


  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    I was Thinking of just that,buckhunter,while reading the comments on this web-site!!!People that do that hose kind of( strange and weird) things are no doubt,warped out on drugs ,and grossly perverted .Hey “Steve”,you could be right.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Sure hoping it’s just bath salts.

    God Bless guyz…

    • dufas magnet

      Well, it’s not all bath salts (if even that).. What it actually is, is fanatics intent upon proving zombies exist by emulating them.. Some are brain drained (in their mind) while others are media addicts.. Like those who continually confess to heinous crimes that they couldn’t have committed.. Are they zombie like? Well, their not normal in our definition of the word so it’s open to debate. Do I believe zombie’s exist? just observe the political arena for that confirmation but I will never believe someone will rise from the grave unless they had just been declared dead by someone other than a doctor and without having been autopsied.

  • jones

    The planet Jupiter is sitting directly inline with the evil demon star Algol, on the midheaven angle which is responsible for violence, beheadings, cutting off of feet and hands, strangulations, drownings, head & neck injuries, as it is in heaven it is on earth.

    • G

      Hes kook kook for coco puffs. That is the craziest thing I have ever read. By the way Heaven is not on Jupiter. Geez. G.


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