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Candidates Attempt To Be Paul; Media Try To Make Him Disappear

November 11, 2011 by  

Candidates Attempt To Be Paul; Media Try To Make Him Disappear

If there was any question that candidates in the 2012 GOP Presidential primary field are attempting to co-opt the message of Ron Paul — the man who has been largely ignored by mainstream media despite growing support — Rick Perry answered it during  the Wednesday CNBC “Your Money, Your Vote” debate.

Perry’s notion that he wanted to cut three Federal agencies sounded like it was cut from the pages of Paul’s “Plan To Restore America” in which the Congressman from Texas calls for the elimination of not three, but five Federal bureaucracies. There was only one problem with Perry’s attempt: he couldn’t remember which three agencies he disliked.

“And I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone,” Perry said. “Commerce, education and the — what’s the third one there? Let’s see. OK. Commerce, education and the…”

The baffled candidate looked toward Paul, the man whose ideas he was trying to emulate, for help.

“The EPA,” Mitt Romney chimed in.

But it wasn’t the Environmental Protection Agency, as Perry revealed nearly 15 minutes later after searching his notes, “By the way, it was the Department of Energy I was talking about.”

Another novel attempt to be Paul came from former Federal Reserve board member Herman Cain, who called for sound currency.

“A dollar must be a dollar when we wake up in the morning, just like 60 minutes is in an hour, a dollar must be a dollar,” he said.

Unfortunately, Cain offered viewers little information about how he, as President, would ensure that the dollar was sound beyond his repetitive mentions of the 9-9-9 tax plan.

The CNBC moderators attempted to bait Paul into appearing to be anti-education by playing a series of video clips showing college students decrying the massive increase in college expense and student loan debt in recent years. They then asked him how eliminating government involvement in education could possibly help the situation.

“I think you proved [with the video] that the policy of student loans is a total failure, I mean a trillion dollars of debt, and it’s going to be dumped on the taxpayer,” he said.

When asked how students could possibly pay for college if student loans were eliminated, Paul gave an answer that received heavy applause.

“The way you pay for cell phones and computers,” he said. “You have the marketplace there, there’s competition — quality goes up, price goes down. Can you imagine what it’d been like if the Department of Homeland Security were in charge of finding one person, or one company to make cell phones? It’d been a total disaster. So, when the government gets involved in the delivery of any service, whether it’s education, medical care or housing, they cause higher prices, lower quality, create bubbles and they give us this mess that we’re in.”

Paul led by a heavy margin in the post-debate poll on, but the poll was removed. The news organization said it removed the poll because it didn’t reflect the views of its audience, according to This is the second time that CNBC has removed a poll from its website because Paul was leading. The first time occurred in October, when the candidate took a 75 percent lead in a post-debate poll.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Isn’t it interesting how two candidates [Romney and Perry] don’t know the difference between the EPA and the Department of Energy? It could be a simple case of brain fart jitters, but it sure doesn’t look or sound good.
    As for Paul, he knew before he threw his hat into the ring that a hostile, prejudiced media was part of the process. Add to that a hostile GOP, and it would seem to answer certain, key questions.
    The heart of the issue deals with WHO is pushing the other candidates (pre-election ‘favorites’). History and common sense tell me that anybody who is a ready-made GOP sweetheart is someone I would never consider.

    • Andrew

      Pauls just too far out there on too many issues. With that whiny voice of his he could never win.

      • bob wire

        I will admit that Paul is not gifted with a great speaking voice but it is connect to a strong mind and wise eyes. His vision of the past and present are solid at a bull nose Chevy, not fast but certain.

        You can question his ability to lead.

        You can question his vision for the future and what he sees as Americas place in it.

        Palin is the awful voice of politics that can peel paint and is connected to tape recorded that plays back everything that she has ever heard.

      • marylin

        Everyone can’t have a voice like John Wayne. If he doesn’t win, we will have many more problems with a voice….Ours will be lost.

        • eddie47d

          Several have criticized Obama’s stutter or hesitation when speaking so Paul will also take heat for his lackluster speaking ability. I do like Paul and his message needs to be herd yet Ralph Nader supporters had the same complaint that he wasn’t getting enough attention. The Huntington News.Net says the candidates polls were manipulated by overzealous Ron Paul supporters which skewed the results.They also say the Oct. poll was hacked by Paul supporters and had to be thrown out.

          • STEVE


          • eddie47d

            Who is THEIR front runner and what purpose would it serve to deliberately disagree with Ron Paul?

          • meteorlady

            Eddie – “their front runner” is Romney – has been from the start. The GOP promised him in 2008 that if he stepped aside for McCain they would support him this election cycle.

          • Ted Posey

            Eddie, you asked,”Who is their choice for front runner?” I assume you meant CNBC or maybe the media in general. It’s perfectly obvious to me that they ALWAYS prefer the most liberal, least conservative Republican candidate just in case the Republicans win. That was obvious during the 2008 primary campaign. They gave McCain at least twice as much coverage and with much less sarcasm than the others. I did not know a single Republican who wanted him.

          • Dale

            There is a lot of people that is out to desroy Ron Paul because there are afraid that he is going to put an end to all the freebees that the Democrats are handing out at the expence of the people that are not to sorry to work for a living. RON PAUL IS ABSOLUTLY THE BEST CANDIDATE OUT THERE IN EATHER PARTY. DO SOME REASERCH ON ALL OF THE CANIDIDATES BEFORE YOU START MAKING COMMENTS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Rick Perry over stepped his Constitutional boundry when by exutive order mandated that all 11 & 12 year old girls get that cancer vaccine, which as of the last report there were over 300,000 who had diverse efects and a few hundred deaths, write him and ask him what went at that Builderberger confrence he attended. Mitt Romney is a new world order puppet, busness as usual, Newt Gingrich check out his Congressional record. Or go to They have everything about Gingrich on that site. Have a good life

        • Capitalist at Birth

          What are you going to do when he does not win? He cannot get the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party. I suggest you stop your wishfull thinking and find a candidate that is closer to Paul and begin supporting them. If you do not, you are wasting your time and breath.

          • Jim Valkenburg

            Who’da thunk there would ever be democracy? Who would have believed that freedom in Amercia would be on the verge of disappearing? Who would have ever dreamed that fascist multinational, one-world corporate conglomeration would ever usurp the ability of the people to rule themselves?
            The impossible is impossible only as long a people refuse to accept the idea that alternatives are possible.

          • Justin Rogers

            RE: “He cannot get the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party”

            How do you figure? Got anything to back that up with? Or are you just spouting off what you’ve heard from Fox, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media?

            I personally think that the media and others are hiding something and that Dr. Paul has an excellent chance to win the GOP nomination; in connection, I am only emboldened by the attempts to marginalize him. After all, why do they bother to spend so much time attacking him if he doesn’t pose a legitimate threat?

            Not that it really matters. He represents my views better than anyone and secured my support 20 years ago. I will sleep just fine after the elections, knowing I did the right thing. Romney? Perry? Cain? Obama? Could care less which one of them might get it if Paul doesn’t. They are all establishment posers.

          • Joe H.

            Very well said and I agree 150%!! Ron Paul is the only man worth time to vote for!!! run Andrew Napolitano as his running mate and it will be perfect!!

          • DaveH

            Why do you keep repeating that same tired mantra, Capitalist at Birth?
            Of course Ron Paul can win. The straw polls from crowds that have actually listened to his ideas prove that:

            What I think we have here, folks, is a guy who thinks if he repeats something often enough it will come true. Sorry, Capitalist, that only works with Ignorant people. You need to go to dailykos or some similar website to spread your propaganda.

          • JoeH.

            I think CAB is trying to convince HIMSELF that R. Paul can’t win the nomination. He’s gonna feel damn foolish when he DOES!!!

      • JohnB

        @Andrew, Paul is not able to lead and with a whiny voice?!? Amusing to say the least especially after we had George Bush for 8 years!!! Obama may be smoother than Paul but as is abundantly clear to everyone now, there is no substance. If you want the country to continue down the road to ruin that the country is on now, you are more than welcome to vote for any of the other candidates. Personally, I prefer freedom and liberty and the possibility to keep what I earn. For that, there is only Ron Paul!

        • Lynda

          JohnB: RON PAUL 2012… END THE FED…. BRING THE TROOPS HOME! :-)

          • Betty Jo

            Paul is a true blue conservative. He is for real and not a fake. His record proves it. I am praying for him to win. God is in control. If you want freedom and liberty vote for Paul!

          • Brian

            John B, Linda, Betty Jo – Bravo!

          • Brian

            Sorry Lynda for mis-spelling your name!

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Ron Paul is not a conservative. He is a Libertarian. He cannot win the nomination nor the general election. Your continued support only dilutes the support of viable real candidates that have a greater chance to defeat Romney. If you continue in your wasteful activity of supporting Paul you will insure Romney the nomination. What will you do then?

          • RWS

            Capitalist at Birth, Ron Paul is the definition of conservative. He believes in the constitutional restraint of government. Whatever definition you believe to be conservative must be off if you don’t see it in Ron Paul.

          • JeffH

            Capitalist, you’re so full of it your eyes are brown. Because he is a Libertarian doesn’t exclude him from being a conservative.

            Paul has been described as conservative, Constitutionalist, and libertarian. He has been nicknamed “Dr. No”, representing both his medical degree and his insistence that he will “never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution”.

            One scoring method published in the American Journal of Political Science found Paul the most conservative of all 3,320 members of Congress from 1937 to 2002.

            Paul endorses constitutional rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms, and habeas corpus for political detainees. He opposes the Patriot Act, federal use of torture, presidential autonomy, a national identification card, warrantless domestic surveillance, and the draft. Citing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, Paul advocates states’ rights to decide how to regulate social matters not cited directly by the Constitution. Paul terms himself “strongly pro-life”, “an unshakable foe of abortion”.

          • Joe H.

            Just who would YOU run??? Cain the fed member? Romney the archetec of
            a-bummer care? Perry, the innoculation pusher? I know, Gingrich!! The most morally BANKRUPT of them all!!! Right?? Get real!!

          • DaveH

            Ron Paul is a True Conservative, Capitalist. He has proved it for 30 years. The people you consider Conservative are Neoconservatives.
            I’m beginning to think, as much effort as you put into dissing Paul, that you aren’t a Capitalist but instead a Crony Capitalist.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, BINGO – those were my thoughts also.

      • http://yahoo Lenny M

        Spoken just like the media wants you to say it. They put out the idea and reenforce it, people start to say it and suddenly they believe it. Don’t be fooled! Think for yourself, don’t be brain washed.

        • Susan

          Ron Paul belongs to NO CORPORATE LOBBY…and therefore, he is “not for sale”. (Must drive Corporate Anything bonkers.) He does, however, belong to the PEOPLE’S LOBBY, and he is committed to restoring our Govt to its Constitutional form and the Freedoms and Liberty guaranteed All Americans. As for the Media Manipulation I have witnessed? Seems to me that we no longer have a “Free Press”, and I’d have never believed it could happen except for the Unbridled FED GOVT under which we now live. And it will be a cold day down South before Corporate MEDIA dictates my VOTE! (I am extremely worried about how we will ever verify the results at the Ballot Box.
          Any suggestions?)

          • meteorlady

            Validating the ballot box is an issue. Last election, in Houston, a watchdog group counted votes from one precinct in which 6,500 people lived and found that 22,251 votes were cast. Same with Dallas, they found 65,000 people that they could not verify had driver’s licenses.

            And I read somewhere – someone must know about this – that a company that manufactures electronic voting machines is partially owned by Soros?

          • Sherry

            voter fraud or rigged ballot boxes have been the problem for years
            Read the book. There is a web site called
            Tons of good info on it.

          • DaveH

            Computerized voting would save the day. But so many people have been brainwashed against such a thing that implementing such a thing is going to be very difficult. And the Political Class of course would rather not have such a robust system.
            Anyway, here’s roughly how we could implement such a thing:
            We could have two databases for each election. One database would store the ‘voter information’ (Identification, address, polling place, etc.). And the other database would store the ‘votes cast’ with a unique alphanumeric ID which would be given to each voter at the polling place. The polling place would also be stored on this database to identify problem polling places. Only the voter would know his alphanumeric ID so secrecy would be preserved. And the voter would be given a printout to verify how he/she voted.
            The database would be accessible by the public. Anyone or any organization could check the ‘voter information’ database to see if any illegal voters cast votes. The votes in the ‘votes cast’ database could be easily tallied by anyone to see if votes were counted correctly and that the number of votes matched the number of voters in the ‘voter information’ database. Also, an individual voter would be able to check his alphanumeric ID to see that his votes are in the database correctly, and if not, he/she could notify the proper authorities or the proper news media. The ‘votes’ database could be corrected periodically to account for any corrections that were made by citizens claiming their votes were not entered correctly, or votes discovered to be made by dead people, convicts, etc.
            It would be virtually impossible for officials to alter the databases without being detected since thousands or even millions of people would be checking it to make sure their votes were entered correctly.

      • fred


        Congratulations for expressing the kinds of views (hollow) that
        helped us to get into the mess we are now in. You seem to have no substance to you as do so many uninformed voters looking for irrelevant personal traits like a John Wayne voice. Just listen to Dr. Paul and FEEL his passion for his cause of limited government and the return
        to the American people of sane and small government respecting and protecting our freedoms.
        This coupled to his unrelenting advancement of a sound monetary system
        makes him THE CLEAR CHOICE and probably our last chance before we dwindle into the melting pot of one world despotic government governed
        by tyrants who have already exposed their greedy and power hungry
        Our founders predicted this day of reckoning where we would help cause our own fall if we weren’t vigilant and become a nation mostly
        of takers on the dole denying the Divine Command to govern our own lives by adopting correct principles. We have become instead a nation of “What’s in it for me” people by allowing our government to take
        care of almost every problem we have.
        Thank God there is still left a fairly sizable number who really care
        but who now need a proven leader to help reteach the rest of us how we can again be blessed by throwing off the yoke of bandage currently
        around our collective necks.
        Sooner or later justice in the overall scheme of things will prevail but most likely not before terrible devastation, anarchy and bloodshed. This seems to be the order of things and the ultimate fate
        of any nation not willing to live righteously with the view toward
        living The Golden Rule of treating each other with a greater kindness
        and civility.

        • Marty S.

          Well spoken fred.

      • Susan

        Andrew, please review Congressman Paul’s Platform and his Voting Record.

        When I was no longer a child, I put away “childish things”…to paraphrase the old saying. And indeed, I am no longer attracted to Flash and Splash. When I see/listen to Ron Paul, I see a man of integrity and a commitment to Principle – which has been lacking for so very long. And I find that quality ‘handsome’…

      • meteorlady

        See that’s the problem with American voters. They can’t understand what’s going on. Just like you – you believe that Paul is too far out there. How so? Name one thing that he’s “out there” on that doesn’t make sense to you. As for the voice, he doesn’t employ media people like the others who have voice coaches, speech coaches, make-up artists and advisers on clothing. He’s the real deal which it seems, the American people want, but don’t recognize it when it’s in front of them.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          This past Sunday on Fox News Sunday, in an interview with Chris Wallace, Paul was asked what he would do to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Not only has he previously suggested removing all of the sanctions, he answered that he would offer them friendship. Has not Obama already tried that approach. If you do not think that that is “Out There”, I would like to know what you think is!!!!

          • libertytrain

            He elaborated quite a bit more than what you are saying. That was not the end of his comment….

          • JeffH

            Exactly libertytrain. Here is Paul’s exact words and you tell me if he is wrong in his approach and how his explanation compare to the Cold War soviet outcome? I said it before…leave Iran alone…walk softly but carry a big stick.

            Chris Wallace: Let’s turn to Iran, because there is growing fear(key word – FEAR) around the world. There’s going to be a new IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog report this next week, that the country is getting closer to a “nuclear breakout”, as it’s called, where it would have all the elements, all the skills, to assemble a nuclear weapon. Would President Paul do anything to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?

            Ron Paul: Only by changing foreign policy and treating them differently. But the one thing that I’d caution against is some type of an overreaction. And if what you say is true – but they have been saying that for 10 years or so, so it may or may not be true, they haven’t proven it. But you’re saying they have various items and they might someday put a weapon together. See, the worst thing that could be is an overreaction and go to war over this. And this week our international relations committee passed a very, very strong sanctions bill against Iran, which means that even if any other country, even if an ally does any trading with Iran, we’re going to punish them. So when you put on strong sanctions, those are acts of war, because we did that in Iraq for 10 years and little kids died, they couldn’t get medicines and food, it led to war. So I would say, treat them differently and it would be less threatening.

            Chris Wallace: When you say treat them differently …

            Ron Paul: Don’t put sanctions on them.

            Chris Wallace: So how are we going to persuade them not to pursue a nuclear weapon?

            Ron Paul: Well, maybe offering friendship to them. I mean, didn’t we talk to the Soviets, didn’t we talk to the Chinese? They had thousands of these weapons, and we worked our way through the Cold War. I was in the military during the 1960s, and it was dangerous then, but we didn’t think, “We have to attack the Soviets”. They had capabilities, the Iranians aren’t even capable of making enough gasoline for themselves. For them to be a threat to us or to anybody in the region, I think it’s just blown out of proportion, people are anxious to use violence against the Iranians. I think it would undermine our security, I think it would be very destructive to Israel, because this is going to blow that place up. It is not like a changeover of government in Egypt or someplace like that, which is always a negative because they’re reacting to our foreign policy.

          • libertytrain

            JeffH I watched that interview the other day and liked him even more and realized at that moment that people are not listening, not hearing, or just go for the “choice” partial snippets on the Internet. Thanks!!!!

          • DaveH

            What do we have to fear from Iran, Capitalist? Do you really think they would dare to unleash a nuclear weapon on another country when the US and Russia and many other countries have thousands of nuclear weapons just waiting for an excuse to use them?
            So far, only the United States has ever actually used a nuclear weapon against another country. And we have thousands of them. How hypocritical it must seem to outsiders that we would try to claim that other countries can’t possess weaponry that our country possesses in great quantity.
            Ron Paul would bring some sensibility back to International Relations. It would be about time.

      • TML

        “With that whiny voice of his he could never win.”

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t chose a presidential candidate to support based on how he sounds. And frankly, your comment makes you look like a fool.

        • libertytrain

          Yes it sure does make him/her look foolish.

        • DaveH

          True, but unfortunately a very large block of voters base their votes on superficial traits instead of issues.

      • Libertarian58

        How can you be so shallow? RP is not an “actor” trying to win a popularity contest. All of his positions are and always have been consistent and firmly grounded in the Constitution and the original intent of our founders. The bought-and-paid-for media must ignore him because that’s all they CAN do. There are no skeletons in his closet. I will vote for RP even if I have to write him in because a vote for ANYONE ELSE is wasted on ‘Government as usual’. But, I guess you’re profiting from ‘Government as usual’.

      • Richard Einstein

        You are such a total moron.. you know nothing about Ron Paul except what the lamestream media has brainwashed into your pea sized brain… Ron Paul is not out there on anything.. he is strictly a constitutionalist which is what we need instead of the criminals we now have.

        I guess common sense does not register with brainwashed morons.

      • edbonet

        This is NOT a beauty contest or an artist career. Ron Paul is a true
        candidate that speaks the truth and does not stumbles like the rest of those jerks. This goverment is corrupt. DON’T YOU GET IT. Wake up and smell what you’re shoving!! God, people are blind and need to wake up out of this nightmare.

      • DaveH

        Name an issue, Andrew, where Ron Paul is too far out there. Give me a chance to set you straight.

      • Curtis

        get a brain then!Just listen to his message not just the sound of his voice (typical dumbed down american)

    • Bobb

      Where do you get the idea that Romney doesn’t know the difference between the EPA and the Department of Energy?

      • Lost in Paradise

        Bobb I think that comment was meant to point out that Romney has his speachs planned ahead of time coinciding with what he thinks the audience would like to hear. However I think he may need a teleprompter, because he forgot his line of pure Bull. LMAO

      • Mushin









        And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever.

        Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 18, 1781

        “The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.”
        John Adams

        “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”
        John Adams

        “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
        Samuel Adams



        “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance.”

        – Cicero , 55 BC

        So, evidently we’ve learned nothing in the past 2,066 years.


        • http://N/A Wayne

          Great quotes!!! Strangely, we study the Bible and trust every word but our own constitution and historical comments, just over 200 years old, are ignored. I write in my book, “The Overviewer” of how the right-brain (emotional) thinking masses have taken over the world leaving the left-brain (rational) thinkers an uphill battle to regain sanity and balance. The Baby Boomers have far more to do with our demise than most people realize. Our country was great for the first 180 years because our children were brought up more restrictively than permissively. When the Boomers got to college age (around 1965), their totally permissive (read spoiled) rearing became very evident (not all but the great majority) and each generation after that followed suit to this day. Their no-character, no-conscience me first(and second)demeaners have destroyed the great USA that once was. Maybe I will take another look at Ron Paul.

          • http://n/a George

            I like the way you think, Wayne. Where can I get a copy of your book, The Overviewer?

          • http://n/a Wayne
          • Susan

            And looking back at this comments today…what a great exchange of ideas this has been! And your book DOES sound interesting, Wayne… appreciate the link!

        • 1911man

          Mushin, all i can say is BRAVO.

        • Capitalist at Birth


          • Bruce

            CAB, with your emotional concern about someone using upper case lettering, “WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS TYPE IN UPPER CASE? IT IS IRRATAING TO SAY THE LEAST AND DIFFICULT TO READ. KNOCK IT OFF, PLEASE.”, you are showing that you are, indeed, one of those who share the idea that your concerns are greater than the rest. Why don’t you promote the notion of personal liberty? Got a problem? Deal with it! “Do as I say, …” You may try to get beyond the emotional and try to understand what’s being said / written!

        • Average Joe

          “So, evidently we’ve learned nothing in the past 2,066 years

          Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
          Douglas Adams

          The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
          Robert A. Heinlein

          Since I prefer the latter in Heinlein’s quote and I have been a supporter of a certain candidate for almost 2 decades ( some of us actually research the candidates before we vote), I will be casting my vote for……

          RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

    • wandamurline

      Just three departments…just five departments….we need about 20-25 departments removed from this government. Give me a little time and I can add about twenty more to Paul’s five. If we get back to the Constitution, there will be only a few in the federal government because that is all they have the authority under the Constitution to have.

      • Average Joe

        I am quite sure that Dr. Paul already has that same list, but it would be impossible to eliminate them all in one fell swoop as it would be devestating to the nation and economy. Remember, we did not get to this point overnight (it’s been brewing for over 150 years, think… Lincoln) and it will take time to get back to where we should be. Five agencies is a good start, but I am sure there will be plenty more gutted before Dr. Paul is finished….The key is, we must get him elected…or nothing will be eliminated…except maybe us….


        • TML

          “(it’s been brewing for over 150 years, think… Lincoln)”

          Glad to see so many people nowadays actually getting that truth.

        • DaveH

          I believe that the short term pain of eliminating whole agencies would be quickly overcome because, without all the regulatory meddling that those agencies create in the Marketplace, business would boom. A very large component of the weak economy is due to costly regulatory hurdles.
          Also, whenever Government spends money, it must come from the private sector where that money would almost surely be spent much more productively. So the cost savings (both direct and indirect) from eliminating those agencies would be huge.

    • Lynda

      Rick Perry can’t form a justifiable platform on his own because he’s survived in Texas on his mere “good looks.” Since most of the other candidates, except Newt Gingrich & Ron Paul, are younger than him, Rick Perry has fallen flat, and at several other candidates are much better looking than him (if that’s all you use to pick a candidate), including Hunstman, Romney. Rick Perry so much reminds me of Michael McDonald’s character “Stewie” on the old Mad TV show, jumping around saying, “Look what I can do!!” and “I don’t wanna say it!”: .

      There is only ONE Ron Paul, the only true conservative in the Republican race now. I just hope that he can work a litle magic in some of the establishment’s brains and they see that if they try to run Romney, Gingrich or Perry against Obama, they might as well run NO ONE!!!!


      • meteorlady

        Perry has not survived in Texas ON HIS GOOD LOOKS. Give us some credit for having some brains. Perry has survived because the Democrats they run – like Bill White (Mr. Sanctuary City) – are so liberal as to be sickening. Perry has not created jobs here – a favorable business climate has been created by our state legislature and we have oil and gas reserves. Perry is manufactured but he does not do great damage so we keep him until someone better comes along. Last election Kay Bailey Hutchinson ran against him. She is a Washington DC insider and didn’t give up her senate job like she claimed she would to run. No one was fooled by her bid and she will probably loose the next senate election if someone better comes along.

        • Susan

          AND Gov Perr had a Tea Party-supported GOP Opponent, a former County GOP Chair, a registered nurse, a good woman, bright, lovely, truly Conservative with her head on straight. But I believe it would be accurate to say someone in a prominent national “Broadcasting position” did a ‘hatchet’ job on her. (Checking my recollection, a Texas reporter had an article on the debate between her and Perry and Hutchison…and the reporter was very impressed with Medina and UNIMPRESSED with the Guv.) Medina is still active with the Tea Party, but I don’t think she much ‘cottoned” to being drop-kicked. Is what happens when you don’t have some big ole boys behind you…too bad for all of us…

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Once again, Ron Paul is not a conservative he is a Libertarian with a capital L.

        • ChristyK

          Ron Paul is a constitutionalist 1st, last, and everywhere in between. He has moral character, logic, and principle. That is what is important. Labels don’t matter.

        • Average Joe

          Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
          Robert A. Heinlein

        • TML

          Labels are dangerous when you throw them around like that. Anyone can be ‘conservative’ about anything. I think here you’re probably confusing the difference between Constitutional Conservative and Religious Conservative. Paul is definitely a Constitutional Conservative because he believes in strict adherance to the Consitution even when it might clash with his own personal morality… but he is also a Libertarian because he believes in individual liberty. Careful slinging those labels, friend… we’re all human… use that label.

        • PATRIOT 101

          Ain’t it great that Ron Paul wants to bring all those Libertarain voters over to the Republican Party? If Republicans loose the (general) election it will be because they turned the Libertarians away from the “Big Tent”. I guess only gays, abortionists, socaialists are let in (welcome) in the new “Big Republican Tent”!

        • Joe H.

          So, let’s say you are right, just who the hell do you think is any BETTER?? don’t just spread BS, back it up with a little substance!!! you can’t though, as there is NO ONE BETTER!!!

          • Joe H.


        • DaveH

          You’re getting boring, Capitalist, with your repetitive mantra.
          Libertarians are True Conservatives, not to be confused with your False Conservatives who are really Neoconservatives.
          We understand Freedom and why it works for all but the Politically Connected people (the true 1%). Crony Capitalists (I think you are one) prefer greasing the correct Political palms over the vagaries of pleasing consumers in Free Markets. With Free Markets, no business person is assured of survival because at any time some upstart competitor can steal away their business.

  • dan

    I like Ron Paul and have promoted him but he has some weaknesses
    that are over looked by true conservatives. Note the following
    quote regarding paul on marriage:

    What is remotely Conservative about Ron Paul’s support of an Anything Goes world in Marriage?

    In a free society,…. all voluntary and consensual agreements would be recognized. ….But look at where we are today, constantly fighting over the definition and legality of marriage……..I’d like to settle the debate by turning it into a First Amendment issue: the right of free speech. Everyone can have his or her own definition of what marriage means, and if an agreement or contract is reached by the participants, it will qualify as a civil contract if desired.

    - Ron Paul, Marriage – “Liberty Defined”

    This and others views he has on things moral are troubling. I know
    his personal views are good, but if perversion can be a civil
    contract, what happens if i refuse to give out that contract or
    to honor it or to entertain it?

    His libertarianism goes to far and times and he needs to adjust that
    with sound, godly thinking.

    Read more on him and others like that at, a truly
    conservative newspaper

    • bob wire

      Hm, dan, you seem to imply Paul is not Godly enough for your personal taste.

      My thinking is, RP does not wish to micro manage, people or nations of people like a overbearing father but treat people and representatives of nation like grownups.

      Your God matters are “your” God matters and not to be confused with national interest.

    • Rosco1776

      You can’t legislate morality! You can’t force your morals on other people, it doesn’t work. The best you can do is lead by example. We have laws against drugs but the people that want to do drugs are going to do them no matter what. If it doesn’t hurt anyone else by allowing gays or whoever to marry then what’s the problem? How is it the state’s right to decide who can and can’t get married anyway?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “You can’t legislate morality!’

        While it is true you cannot legislate morality! If you carry that statement to its logical extreem ending you would have to eliminate all laws against murder, theft, assualt, bribery, etc. etc. etc.. So, while you can debate the what the limits should be on “morality legislation” you cannot eliminate it or you will have anarchy.

        • meteorlady

          Wrong – moral legislation has nothing to do with laws that bar someone from hurting another person. If I don’t like abortion, it does not hurt my neighbor who has another opinion on the matter. Likewise if I like the word “God”, it does not mean that I should demand other like it too. I don’t like Homosexuality, but see no reason to stop others from approving of it if that’s their belief.

          Murder, child abuse, rape are all laws that are put on the books because they cause damage and hurt to others.

        • ScruddlyJr

          Buster, you are obviously overlooking the fundamental premise that gay marriage is victimless and consensual, while the crimes you list all cause injury. When you followed this to its “logical conclusion” you apparently jumped the tracks.

      • MNIce

        You cannot legislate morality (a property of personal character), but the state can, and must, legislate moral behavior for the public good. Example: suppose we had a total libertarian ethic regarding the traverse of a busy highway intersection. It is not hard to imagine the ensuing chaos. We would have long lines waiting at the intersection as people slowed to avoid getting slammed; there would be frequent collisions, and some of these perhaps would result in brawls between angry drivers. So, in the interest of protecting the rights of everyone to travel, we turn over some authority to traffic engineers to erect stop signs and traffic signals, and empower law enforcement officials to fine those who do not obey these controls. The moral principle behind the legislation is that people should yield to each other as it is appropriate. “Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another …” Romans 12:10. And the beneficial result is that overall everyone travels more quickly and more safely.

        Dr. Paul says the definition of marriage is not a federal issue. If we did not have people attempting to pervert marriage laws in some states with the intent of using the “full faith and credit” clause of the US Constitution to bully other states into accepting their immoral agenda, that would ideally hold true. But this denies the other states their full faith and credit, and sets up a conflict between them which then is a federal issue.

        The whole issue of marriage laws is not merely a matter of tradition which can be safely discarded. Marriage and family law regulates the very core of our societal framework. Sexual mores exist for a number of sound reasons, not least of which is public health. One has only to consider the devastation wrought by HIV infections in Africa – villages where 90% of the adults are dead or dying from AIDS, and numerous younger children also, who were born to infected mothers. This is a direct result of commonplace adultery and fornication.

        What happens if we abandon traditional marriage and leave the question wide open, as in the hypothetical uncontrolled intersection? We have rampant STD in the population, we have endemic psychological hang-ups from numerous relationships made and broken, we have children who are not raised with both a mother and father, often growing up only marginally competent to take care of themselves at best if they are not lawless, and having many problems forming permanent relationships as adults, we have a high incidence of domestic violence and family breakup – oh, wait, we have all these problems now wherever marriage laws have been superseded by “consenting adult” statutes.

        By contrast, where marriage between one man and one woman is honored, there is no question of the parentage of the children. By having the instruction and example of two parents who complement each other, not merely physically, but mentally and psychologically, the children best learn how to take care of themselves and others and so become responsible citizens. When the state reinforces the moral principle of lifelong monogamous commitment, it combats the temptation to walk out on the difficulties that inevitably arise between people close to each other.

        But what about so-called homosexual marriages or “civil unions”? These are not primarily the complementary relationships between a male and female where the two give themselves to each other so their different strengths enable them to form a whole stronger than either of them separately, with the possibility of parenthood for good measure. No, these relationships are primarily about personal gratification and fulfillment of a particular unnatural desire. My personal observation is that these relationships are far more likely to explode than any other, and if children (whether adoptive or otherwise conceived) are involved, they suffer considerable collateral damage.

        Since society, through the state, is left to pick up the pieces and suffers the consequences of sexual activities outside of marriage, the state has the right to regulate or prohibit such activity.

        Nevertheless, as Dr. Paul rightly points out, this is not a responsibility of the federal government. I would add, “so long as states don’t cause problems for each other with excessive differences from the norm.” For why should the increased health care demands caused by California’s libertine behavior be permitted to drive up health care costs for the rest of the nation? Or why should a state which prohibits homosexual behavior as detrimental to the moral, physical and fiscal well-being of society be required to honor another state’s “homosexual unions”?

        • meteorlady

          Great post, thanks.

        • Joe H.

          While i agree with most all of what you say, to say that a marriage between a man and a woman guarantees the identity of parentage is nothing short of idealistic. One only has to watch the number of ads on TV for DNA sampling to identify parentage to see that. While a man and a woman might be tied together by marriage, it in no way guarantees that they will remain faithful to each other. If it did, hucksters like springer and povich would not have a show!!!

    • dan

      I’m the other dan….You misrepresent his position in that he believes
      it is not for the government to decide,ie:it’s not a Constitutional issue but a States issue.I often have found myself in disagreement until I’m able to study and hear Dr. Pauls complete line of reasoning,but fortunately, with the internet, you can just Google it,:). Study more
      and react less…you’ll learn to appreciate the solidity of his convictions and his absolute consistency over the last 30 years,or so.
      I was for Ron in ’89 and I still am.

    • JohnB

      @Dan, So if I understand your comment about Ron Paul and his view on marriage and consensual agreements, one can be free but “conservatives” should be able to impose their view of what is marriage and consensual agreements on everyone else?!?

      What you find troubling is really the inconsistency of your thoughts on liberty and freedom. If you really believe in freedom and liberty, you have to respect and expect that it will be used for things that you might find displeasing but as long as it doesn’t harm you and your property, you should respect their choice. Otherwise, how are you different from any other republican or democrat who want to use government to impose their view of how everyone should live their life???

      • Karolyn


      • olinda moore

        I thin every body is so confuse with the GOPs,and really i like Sarah Palin she is the only one to bring this country back,please Sarah get in the race we all help you,am volunter……..

      • Maryland Freestater

        @JohnB: True dat, amigo! I think some of the people here (not to mention nationally) don’t understand that Ron Paul is NOT a conservative but a libertarian and a staunch one at that. Might be a bad analogy, but the best short way to explain libertarianism is laissez-faire on social issues, conservative on financial issues.

        People on both sides of the Rep/Dem aisle need to change: Republicans need to stop acting like ‘kinder, gentler’ democrats and Democrats need to learn self control and desist in treasonous behavior (I’ve read convincing articles about the Dem. Party having become pretty much CPUSA (US Communist party).

        In a weird way the 2 parties are also mirror-images of each other. They both seem to be hell-bent on cultural purity enforcement controls according to their mores. They both tend (especially liberals) to be overly emotional and incapable of logic. That’s another point where Libertarianism kicks butt – Libertarians tend to THINK rather than REACT. Driving the economy into ruin unnecessarily to satisfy entitlementalists seems a pretty illogical thing to do. Libertarians would introduce common sense to financial dealings in this country given the chance – but doing so rubs both the Reps and the Dems wrong. One can say here that Libertarians care more about the American people than the bipartisans do because both parties are leading the US to the precipice in many different ways.

        As Mr. Spock would say, “That is not logical.”

        So, Ron Paul is a RINO, just NOT one of ‘those’ RINOs, and I hope people can see thru the media sleight-of-hand when they report about him.

        • ChristyK

          Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist, not a Libertarian. There is a difference. He obeys the Constitution (the supreme law of the land) always. The federal government doesn’t have the right (without a consitutional amendment) to regulate drugs, marraige, commenrce, food, drugs, etc. That does not mean that the states don’t have the right and even the responsibility to regulate. Many of the regulations actually cause more negaitve consequences than they solve.

          For example Ron Paul wants to eliminate the drug wars. This was tried for prohibition. At that time they understood that the Federal government didn’t have the authority to regulate the consumption of alcohol even if excessive drinking does cause real problems. They amended the constitution to prohibit drinking alcohol. Unfortunately the people who had problems with alcohol still found a way to drink. Crime, including murder, increased dramatically to the point that there were many innocent victims. Quickly they realized that the cure was worse than the disease and repealed the constitutional amendment. (In case you are wondering, I hate drugs. I had no drugs with the birth of my kids. The strongest pain killer I use is ibuprofen. I think anyone doing drugs is an idiot.)

          Unfortunately most of the unconstitutional activities of the federal government have similar bad side-effects. If they are limited to the states, they can be tried in one state. If there are bad side-effects, it only effects that state and can be easily repealed at the demand of the people. Different states can try different things. Other states can learn from the successes and failures of the different states. A really bad regulation only effects one state, instead of the whole country. People can easily vote with their feet. This is what our founders intended and what Ron Paul supports.

        • Joe H.

          Maryland Freestater,
          So I will give you the same dare I gave above. NAME ONE PERSON BETTER SUITED TO BE PRESIDENT!

      • Average Joe

        The issue of marriage should not be a state or federal issue…period. The contract of marriage is a pact between two people and their creator, it is not a contract between the people and their government. The government has no business whatsoever being involved in such matters… it is a contract with God (or what ever you wish to call your creator)and not with man.

        Ron paul is completely correct in his beliefs that it isn’t an issue for government, but at least if it is a state issue, you can choose to move from that state if you don’t like their brand of laws (any laws, not just marriage). When the federal government gets involved, then it applies to the entie nation…and no matter where you go (short of leaving the country) you have no place to go to escape the tyranny that is government.
        Please pull collective heads from collective backsides and start doing a bit of critical thinking…..the way so many of you think…it’s no wonder we are where we are in this downward spiral.

        The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
        Robert A. Heinlein

        I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
        Robert A. Heinlein


        • Joe H.

          THE DREAMTEAM!!!!

    • Lost in Paradise

      Well I think you are looking for perfection, and I for one would be very happy with Paul for president. I do believe he would at least listen to the people.

      I would also like to wish you well, with, In that Nazi run concentration camp.Their Gestapo will shut down your paper and that will be all she wrote. I assume you are talking about Eau Claire, WI and not Michigan. THe Gop and the conservatives cannot and will not survive in that sh– hole. I had to leave and live in a third world country to have any feedom. If I would have stayed, I would have started shooting.

      Please talk positive to everyone you meet about Ron Paul, as he is the only honest one of the bunch. Most of what he talks about would be a real positive for America. You can go after the marraige thing after we start returning to the Constitutional Government I think most would like to have. With any of the other candidates, it will be the same ole. Are you not tired of the same ole??

    • Alex Frazier

      Dan, how much godly legislation would you like him to apply, being a United States House of Representatives member, and subsequently part of Congress, who “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”?

      To an atheist, marriage doesn’t necessarily have the same morality issues as it does to a Christian. Are you suggesting that Ron Paul should hinder the atheist from the free practice of religion, being non-religion in this case, and that he should legislate according to Christian morality and establish a law in respect of a religion?

      Personally, I don’t like same-sex marriage. I feel, from a Christian perspective, that it is an abomination. But this is not the United States of the Holy See, it is the United States of America, and everyone has the right to be free, to pursue happiness as they see fit, and to live their life without the interference of others.

      If you don’t agree with that, then maybe you should do a little soul searching, because you apparently don’t believe in freedom.

      • JeffH

        Alex, amen to that!

    • Frank

      Sorry big guy, you just don’t get it. Having the government controlling the institution of marriage is neither godly nor conservative. I think Ron Paul serves as one of the better examples of being a Christian than most I’ve met. I suggest that you really give thought to the principles of conservatism and clearly define the limits of government in your mind and then get back to us. We could a very constructive and interesting conversation about the nature of conservatism.

      I can say that 99% of the GOP are not conservatives nor are they anything like the GOP party of the early 20th century – sadly the GOP has been infiltrated by the ideas of the socialists and so-called progressives.

      Ron Paul, however, is very much in line with traditional GOP thinking.

    • meteorlady

      Name me one single reason the FEDERAL government should be involved in legislating morals? Name me one single reason that the states should not be able to pass their own laws based on the views of the people living there?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      At one time the Libertarian Party, including when Paul ran on the ticket for President in 1988, supported open borders. That, to me is bad idea, and why I left the Libertarian Party in 1986.

    • Mark Dabney

      Here is what you are missing that RP deems too much of a landmine issue that he steps clear of. For most of our history marriage was run by the church – marriages, births & deaths were recorded in the family Bible. When a couple applies for a “marriage license” they unwittingly “agree” that the fruit of their union [children] become wards of the state. Were they ever TOLD about this? NO! because under Uniform Commercial Code [read that COLOR OF LAW] all that is required is to not dispute the validity of the adhesion contract.

      The constitution recognized the right to enter into contract – and if those turd burglars want to draft a contract – I could object and dissent – but honestly those rump rangers are going to do what they are going to do. The only thing I could potentially succeed in doing is to encourage them to put in a divorce proceeding because insofar as heterosexual marriages have been sabotaged to be unstable – homosexual relationships are notoriously far, far worse.

      Likewise when RP talks about allowing people to opt out of SSI – he does NOT bring up the insidious adhesion contract that has us all under the jurisdiction that goes with being in the territories of the District of Columbia where the constraints of the constitution are merely a matter of window dressing than an issue of substance. There is a reason he no more addresses this than he addresses how repudiation of the falsely asserted “constitutional amendments” numbered 16 & 17 when he calls for their repeal – BECAUSE IT IS NOT SAFE TO DO SO!

      If you think that “gay” marriage is the real issue – the issue is how conventional “marriage” has been insidiously converted into a commercial venture that is used to maintain our neoFeudal system in increasing servitude to a bureaucratic nightmare. When you pay a “fee” for exercising what you thought were your “rights” – did you know the term “fee” stems from the word “feudal” where the peasants paid for the use of property that was leased to them? such as your car, your home, your guns – need I go on?

    • DaveH

      We have all those partnerships now, they just aren’t encumbered with legal contracts. The same thing goes for sexual encounters. You can have all the sex you want without legal repercussions, but somehow if someone charges money for it, it becomes illegal. Go Figure.
      If some man wants to marry another man, how does that affect you? I realize that it may offend your sensibilities, but then religious dictators offend my sensibilities. If we pass laws to protect people against being offended, there would be no end to the number of laws, because Everybody has their own pet peeves.
      I certainly don’t want the Government to be involved in that decision (gay marriage). People should be Free to Contract voluntarily with one another with no Interference from Government, except possibly to enforce the terms of the voluntary contract.

  • Don

    Ron Paul is a brillant and extremely moral person. I find his position on marriage to be totally consistant with limited government, freedom of religion, and personal liberty and responsibility.

    Unfortunately his voice and speaking style will turn off a lot of voters who will just never take the time to think through what he is saying. I wish him well.

    • Lost in Paradise

      If you mean that Ron Paul will not tell people lies and fairy tales to appeal to the small minds then I agree. I find him real easy to understand, because he talks like the common man, and not some effing lawyer.

      • Mark Dabney

        do you mean:


        We should not talk about those clocksucking members of the British Accrediation Registry that way – they might take offense at how their having the Title of Nobility of “Esquire” is in violation of the original 13th amendment!

    • JeffH

      Don, well stated! It’s truly sad that this is how some people will judge a candidate…not by his political record or his actions but by the sound of his voice, his age or the fact that as a “libertarian”(OOH! they’re crazy) that believes the answer to America’s political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this country above all others; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America’s founders.”

      Ron Paul 2012

  • johnd

    Ron Paul is the only candidate presenting solutions that might get us out of our predicament. The other candidates want to tweak the system toward conservatism but in general it’s business as usual. It’s too late for that. We need drastic measures.
    If it’s not Paul then it should be Obama. The revolution won’t be far behind and America will sink or swim through her patriots.

    • bob wire

      I concur with your feeling about Ron Paul the only one offering change, ~ but if he can put it off. The revolution that you suggest is coming will arrive much sooner.

      To do the things Ron Paul suggest, will displaced some well heeled up Americans. This changing roster at the Federal Feed Trough will be met with resistance. You can count on opposition rising up from seemingly the strangest of places.

      • dan

        I think that NOW is the time…when the dollar finally augers into the ground and we’re all equally poor/screwed then the blue blooded Gop(er’s) and Rhinos (goodness, that would be us libertarians,lol’s)
        will have an equal opportunity to build on the ashes that the Dems
        have left us. Ignore MSM…their power is only imaginary.

        • bob wire

          Hmm, you were doing okay dan, until to started with the blame game and what Television station to Not watch.

          Watch them all, listen to all, read all and don’t fall prey to overt political bias and propaganda.

        • Lost in Paradise

          Dan you are right on about the media especially, and Bob Wire just has not got the drift yet. THe media does have the power, and in the past I have watched as the media controls the vote, and can and has started several recessions. It also appears that all the media is biased towards socialism/communism.

  • Tracy Andersen

    I’m always afraid that with the partisanship I see displayed in these comments that when it comes time to vote, too many of us will vote for a third party or write in their favorite, thereby weakening the thrust to depose Obama.

    We need to work for unity in finding the best (however imperfect he [or she] may appear) and supporting them for office. This applies to the state and local level, too.

    Vigorous efforts and unity are the key. We need to do it, together.

    • bob wire

      It’s called politics Tracy and of course you are right, it’s about the end game play. The road is never a straight one.

      Sometimes, it wise to just stop and allow others to pass you by.

      Sometimes it’s wise to back up.

      Anything can happen between now and next November that could change things.

      Look at Cain today, He’s has been saved by a macho little boy raper from Penn State and all but dropped off the radar screen as a predator with and strong appetite for leggy blonds looking for employment opportunities and quick to offer them a job sucking on his Johnson.

      There are people that would vote for Cain rather then Obama purely by virtue of party association. Being most welling to accepted Cain explanation that for every woman that comes forward claiming sexual harassment there is 5 million that didn’t.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Gee Bob,what is a socialist/communist donk like yourself, doing here again?????

        • bob wire

          Well “Lost” ~ I might expect as much coming from you as I am here to shine light in dark places and exposes the evil thoughts and actions of stanch zealotry and political dogma with your special blended mix of theology.

          You don’t like my light in you eyes, I understand your protest and all your feeble attempts to debase me.

          Current events are not an, ‘all or nothing’ situation as you present them “LOST”, regardless of your programing or what you elect to think or pontificate as you mimic words spoken by “political entertainers” with no skin in the game.

          I get the “drift” ~ very well. Thank You. I’m ignoring you, “when I can”.

          In your zeal to make “corrections”, I am not willing to allow you to burn “our house” down and will be forever your most worthy opposition.

          • Joe H.

            Cain may have dropped off YOUR radar because of Penn State, but not being myopic, I can watch more than one person at a time. I have a feeling that BOTH will turn out bad and I intend to watch to be able to tell as many as I can if the utcome is less than stellar for cain!! I went through a presidency with one PERVERT already and I don’t mean to sit idly by and watch it unfold AGAIN!! i will let ALL I CAN know if it is true!!

        • bob wire

          Joe, I speak in terms of “National News Cycles” It’s much like the ocean tides, it’s timely, it’s constant, it ebbs and flows. ~~ If you miss it, you missed it! and will never recover it. Having to wait until tomorrow.

          Cain’s predicament has missed several news cycles as a feature story that would have inflicted him great harm. The breaking Penn State Pedophile cover up story was Cains salvation,it took some pressure off and bought him time to get his lies straight and shore up some defense.

          New media is rapid, fast pace business, but like everyone else they tend to scale down for the weekend. ~ Politicians know this and attempt to slip things through that are unflattering or unpopular late Friday evening at the very end of the business day Joe, in hopes of slipping something under the medias watchful eye, as some elect to take off early on Fridays. This is refereed to as the end of one News cycle.

          Joe, You sometimes address me as if I am a small man with limited vision,~ please don’t. Cain is very much on my radar today and he will stay there even after he steps down. A lot of people stay on my radar watch Joe. I like them or have them classified as an eminent threat or predator.

          • libertytrain

            I don’t think all the press about clinton sexual misconducts caused him any election problems and he did have plenty of coverage but for some unknown reason it wasn’t considered a real issue by the voters. So he got a pass. I never could figure out what people or saw in him when he was running or later. Always gave me the creeps.

    • DaveH

      Voting for the lesser of two evils is what got us where we are now, Tracy. As long as people think that way, we have no possibility of re-achieving the greatness that at one time defined this country.
      If we want our Freedom and Prosperity back, then we need to vote for somebody who understands the solutions. Ron Paul is that somebody. None of the others (exception Gary Johnson) understand (or care) what it takes to get our Freedom back.
      Since Lincoln’s Presidency, the Federal Government has been heavily involved in picking winners and losers in the Marketplace. It works for the Politicians, and it works for their Crony Capitalists, both of whom work together in a symbiotic relationship to feather each others nests at the expense of the rest of us (including market entrepreneurs who do business the old fashioned way — Pleasing Consumers).
      Leaders have a natural inclination to grow their power and they have many tools available to accomplish that including Empire Building and buying votes with the Welfare State.
      We the people need to wake up to that reality and vote to get our Freedom back. It isn’t going to happen by accepting Mediocre Candidates.
      RON PAUL 2012!

  • Aniko

    Bob Livingston’s pages contain the fringe who sees Ron Paul as the Savior. He is NOT! Not that he doesn’t have good ideas, but they seem to be unilateral: ELIMINATE THE FED! THAT’S all I get form his message. Yes, it is a good idea, but you have myriads of other problems for which his solutions are far from being realistic, like being “friendly” towards Iran will dissuade them from wanting to attack the West! That view is what Obama had, before he became familiar with reality. I doubt that Ron Paul EVER would be able to face our international role realistically.

    • Cawmun Cents

      But ask yourself this question:

      Would Ron Paul work better than the”pretty faces”candidates,which are being pushed on us now?


    • donthecanuck


      Your inability to comprehend that ecnonomic matters are the source of most all of the other problems you speak of, is typical in people who do not realize that international issues are not as important as national issues. A strong economy and a free society is what made America great. The rest is secondary.

      Ron Paul does not profess to want to be friendly with IRAN, but he also does not profess to want to kill IRAN. He wants trade with other countries, not wars.

      You need to understand that this guy abides by the constitution. Unless you think it is outdated, then you should have no problem with most of his views. WEhat people find “out there” today is actually strongly affixed to the reality of the constitution. What is “out there” is wars that serve little benefit to the people, and spending that serves even less. the FED is one of the largest contributors to the mess, and RP is correct in his views on that. Freedom crerates opportunity, which in turn creates wealth. the formula, when it was adhered to, made the U.S” the best country in the world to do business, raise kids, make money.

      RP represents that with the most clear message of all the candidates. Of course, too many people have learned that they would rather count on Gov’t to wipe their asses than to take their own responsibilities. Thus, people weak of character and resolve will opt for gov’t taking care of them. And in due time, you will end up with what? Well………you can figure it out, I am pretty sure. Just look at Europe, specifically Greece, and if that does not awaken your patriotism and willingness to fight for what you once had, then look at ÉItaly, or Portugal, or Spain…..and ultimately…………given enough time, we may even see the return of communism, as the powers that be sculpt their population into the sheep they need to achieve their goals.

      Indeed, Aniko, more thought needs to be given to the very profound message behind RP’s candidacy………..but that thought process is not reserved for all, and that is the nature of civilisation. As long as people only skim the surface of any message, they will never understand the depth of thought that goes into it.

      Americans still live in the era of believing that if a candidate states that “education should not be regulated by the federal gov’t”…….then they believe that the candidate said “I don’t want to have educated kids in America”. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it is that erroneous thought process is what got you where you are, and unless a more profound and indepth discussion is undertaken on all issues, the electorate will remain “dumb-downed” enough to vote without true knowledge or understanding of any candidate’s real message.

      Superficial discussions, superficial choices, give you what? Well, superficial gov’ts and superficial candidates. Simple formula, simple result.

      Give things more thought and go to the depth needed to find the truth, as opposed to simply taking for granted what the media tells you and as a people, you will find greatness again. Knowledge is power. Money is only purchasing power.

      I am certainly happy that there are young people today who understand the message of RP for what it really is. These are the people, when RP passes, that will continue to carry the torch for individual freedoms, liberty and free markets, which are all things that made America great, once, a long time ago. Perhaps as they grow and hold that message dear and close to their hearts, they can lead you back into that greatness, despite all the statism and socialism. Perhaps they will find a way to educate the masses, slowly but surely, as the masses are slowly edged towards socialism, fascism and communism that will surely be the ultimate end game if this current condition is allowed to continue. Perhaps once all your freedoms are gone, you will realize how valuable they were.

      One thing is for sure. Anyone who has truly tasted freedom and liberty and been responsible for themselves will fight to maintain that basic right until death, and I personally believe that there are more than just a few who still beleive it. No state or gov’t can live my life better than I can myself.

      Good luck to America in finding its way back to where ti should be.


      • Dan

        Well said donthecanuck, well said. I agree completely.

      • http://jedtskifishingbythez Michael

        Well said. If Dr. Paul does not represent our country as president after the 2012 elections I believe there is going to be an increased level in citizen resistance that may emulate Egypt’s ongoing rebellion. And our military is behind Dr. Paul and the citizens of the USA-not Obama-not senseless wars benefiting the Central Banks. In my 60+ years of existence I have never seen the extent and continual and ongoing destruction of our personal rights, freedoms and liberties being daily trampled on by our Federal Government and legislators. Believe me when I say that there is a large number of people ready, willing and able to do what ever is necessary to take back our country. Peacefully I hope-any other way would bring our country down.

      • dan

        Agreed!…(the other Dan..not the elder or the younger)

      • Precious

        Wow, well said. Thank you for this insightful commentary. I totally agree with what you said. I’ve been following RP for some time now and I think he is the best candidate so far.

      • JeffH

        donthecanuck, HEAR HEAR! :) Well said.

    • eddie47d

      Look up Ron Paul in ON The Issues where there is reams of information on him. Get to know him for he is much more than End the Fed.

    • BH

      We cannot eliminate the existence of U235, any more than we can outlaw gravity. At this point, Iran does not have nuclear capability. There are no easy answers. But their are some clearly wrong ones. Answering Iranian belligerence with belligerence is counter productive, which seems to be the approach of all of the other candidates. A unilateral US invasion now, followed by occupying them forever, is another really bad idea, but seems to be everyone’s implied solution. Invading any country simply because they have made strong anti-US statements is a violation of international law and would justify invasion of virtually any country at any time by any other country.

      The solution to the Iranian nuclear problem has to be led by those local to the situation. Israel has an (apparent) active program of eliminating key Iranian nuclear scientists. Russia is only aligned with Iran because of our heavy-handed presence in the region; it is not in their best interest for any Islamic nation to have the bomb. It is pure hubris on our part to think that the US can, should, and must act unilaterally in the Middle East.

      Dr. Paul’s perspective, unlike those of the other candidates, is a calm, deliberative one. It is not being “soft” to oppose America’s global empire-building. Our road to empire is precisely what other countries went through, including currency debasement, and history tells us it will ultimately end in national failure if we continue down this road.

      • Joe H.

        i don’t think Iran will be a threat much longer. If they DO obtain nuke weapon capability, then I sincerely believe that Isreal will take them out. I don’t think they have a choice. Iran wants them out of the picture, future wise!!

        • DaveH

          I wouldn’t pretend to know what’s best for Israel, but I have never been able to get past the reality that a Preemptive Strike is really just a Euphemism for being the Aggressor.

        • Joe H.

          Be that as it may, in this case, I believe to my soul that it is a question of survival! Iran wants them obliterated!! If they do achieve the bomb, I have no doubt what so ever they WILL use it against Isreal!!

          • DaveH

            That is Israel’s problem, not ours.
            For all we know, Israel is the problem.
            Think about this, Joe. What is the first thing people try to do if they very much dislike somebody? They try to convince their friends to dislike them also. And vice versa if they really like somebody.
            Governments are just many people grouped together, but the behavior is basically the same. How do we know that our Leaders aren’t just taking sides and propagandizing the rest of us to be on their side?
            Read this, Joe, and think about it:

          • DaveH

            Here is another example:

            Our Leaders just can’t seem to keep their hands out of other countries’ business.

          • JoeH.

            first, i didn’t say it was our problem. I said it was THEIR problem. Second, reading the biography of the first sites author, it reads like a hollywood superstars background. To me, accepting what he says as gospel would be like accepting what Oprah says as gospel. Third and lastly the second site looks kind of self(read iran) serving and therefore i would suspect some if not the majority of it to be one sided.

          • DaveH

            Here’s another:

            And the false flag events on joe crubaugh’s site can be found in many other places.

          • DaveH
          • DaveH

            If you’ve got some time, this book by a dedicated World War II Historian backs up FDR’s conspiracy:

            Try some acetone to remove those super-glued blinders.

          • DaveH

            What gets me is how the Leaders keep on Growing Government ever larger in the face of irrefutable evidence that Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution. Yet, the people just keep swallowing the BS that the Politicians are trying their best to help our economy. Please. They are out for themselves. That’s the major attraction to the job — self-interest.

            Another possible false flag event:

    • Lost in Paradise

      Aniko I truly think you are wrong about Paul and his international policy. He is very correct about Iran, and of course if Russia, and China would stop supplying Iran with what they need to make a bomb, it would not even be an issue.

      However, with a president like Paul if we did go into Iran, it would be like a bug in the kitchen being squashed. WE would not go there with our hands tied, we would go there to kick ass and win. That is the difference with Paul.

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul wouldn’t mess with Iran unless they attacked our country first.

    • STEVE


      • Joe H.

        Technically they have been supplying AQ with arms against us!

        • DaveH

          It’s almost impossible for them not to, since we have our nosy noses in everybody else’s business. We’re campaigning in countries far away from home. Why shouldn’t Iran be able to do the same right next door to themselves?
          Mind you, I consider Islamics to be pushy controlling people, but then, so are most of our Leaders.

    • Alex Frazier

      Aniko, What you have to understand is that everything from welfare to war is driven by the money machine. The Federal Reserve is a banking system. It’s sole purpose is to make money, no different than any other bank. Banks make money through loans. Loans generate interest.

      There can be no greater crisis to a national banking system than a government that doesn’t borrow.

      So to encourage borrowing, propaganda, bribery, and who knows what else, are employed to push nations to go to war, to finance every want of the human condition, and to essentially bankrupt themselves. It is bad business to allow a government to stop borrowing. It is bad business to allow a government to get its debt paid off. The Bank of the United States made a fortune off the backs of the tax payers, and our current Federal Reserve is doing the same thing.

      It is GOOD business to keep the government on the hook. And the government is under pressure because all the Federal Reserve would have to do to instantly send our country into a full blown depression is raise the interest rates. They could raise them today, there would be a market hemmorage over the course of the next week. Then there would be poverty.

      If you doubt that, please read up on Andrew Jackson and his fight against the second Bank of the United States. That’s exactly what Nicholas Biddle did when Jackson fought to revoke their charter. Biddle called in all loans, raised interest rates, and basically choked business to deliberately cause financial and economic panic.

      In our current situation, we are in debt up to our eyeballs. And every problem we have can be traced back to the Federal Reserve or government intervention, or both.
      We have unemployment, for example, which is due in great part to companies leaving the United States, which is the result of heavy taxation on businesses, which is due to the need to service debt. If we didn’t have elastic currency, we wouldn’t have the debt, the government wouldn’t need to raise taxes, the businesses would have stayed, we would have a strong manufacturing industry, a strong export, increased natural revenue, and general prosperity.
      Virtually every problem we are dealing with right now can be traced back to the Federal Reserve and government intervention.

      And what is Paul’s message? Smaller government, less oversight, and end the Fed.

      Take tariffs as another example. People across the nation right now are screaming for them. “Tax the imports from China,” they say.
      I say, “Are you all really that stupid?”
      In the first place, WE pay the tariff, not China. They just raise their price to accommodate it.
      In the second place, tariffs support the doctrine of wealth by scarcity. Let the crops be dear that the agriculturalist may find plenty.

      In short, less is more. Due to the natural market forces of supply and demand, articifical interference creates the circumstances for decreased supply and increased demand. Grow less corn and there will be less available. The demand is increased due to the shortage, and this causes the price to go up. If you allow the farmers to grow all they can, the corn supply will be plentiful. Everyone will have more available than they can use. Competition will ensue due to all the farmers trying to sell their crop so it doesn’t spoil. The result is that the people can buy more corn for less money.

      Wouldn’t that cause unemployment? Some would say so. The logic follows that if everyone has plenty, and the price falls dramatically, then the revenue from the supply will be lower, causing a volutary loss of labor since lower revenue means lower wages, which means that people, relative to the cost of living, won’t be able to afford to pay their bills on the reduction in wages.
      But what is not considered is that if all trade were equally free, then the prices on all products would fall, causing the prices on services to fall, which means there would be a general fall in the cost of living across the board. In which case, lower wages would adequate since it costs less to live.
      But that gets into the concept of sticky prices and sticky wages. That’s a lesson for another time.

      Getting back to government intervention, the foundation of a tariff is a defiance of free trade. It’s the people crying out, “How dare you offer us a product for a lower price. Charge us more! We can’t live with plenty!”
      The idea grows from the concept, let’s say, of an orange industry in Michigan. Growing oranges in a climate that doesn’t support plentiful orange growth is going to naturally yield higher production costs and a subsequent higher retail cost. But suddenly, oranges from Florida become available. Suppose now that the home-grown oranges in Michigan cost $5.00 each, but the newly available Florida oranges, even after the import costs, are $1.00 each.
      The Michigan orange producers immediately cry to the government, “We can’t possibly compete with these Florida oranges. They are so low in cost that we would lose money competing with them. We are doomed to go out of business. Therefore, put a tariff on the oranges imported from Florida so that they will cost as much as our home-grown oranges. This will ensure that we stay in business, and that our workers will not lose their jobs.”
      Congress buys it. They pass the tariff. Now everyone gets to pay $5.00 for an orange. The Michigan orange industry is saved. Jobs are saved. Hurray!
      But what you’ve actually lost is tremendous. Had the consumers been able to buy the oranges at $1.00, the Michigan orange industry might have gone under. Surely. But each purchaser of an orange would have saved $4.00 per orange that they would then spend on other consumables. So the same number of oranges would have been bought, and other industries would have benefitted from the excess capital. That would have caused growth in those industries, which would have meant an increase in employment in other areas that would have absorbed the displaced workforce in the Michigan orange industry. The people would also have more to show for their money. Instead of spending $5.00 on an orange, they can now spend $5.00 on an orange and a book, enriching the book industry. Or $5.00 on an orange and a pack of cigarettes, enriching the tobacco industry.
      All the tariff does is rob the citizen of real wealth while enriching a failing industry.
      Instead of fighting for survival in the orange industry, maybe Michigan, in an instance like this, ought to pursue other industries that are native to their resources and save money on oranges.

      In the case of the China ordeal, why in the world should we stay in the flatware industry and produce flatware that has to be sold for $20.00 a set when we can buy flatware from China for $5.00 a set? Because it’ll put people out of business? Because it would cause unemployment?
      Perhaps if we stopped trying to make flatware when someone else can do it cheaper, we might be able to concentrate our efforts on something China can’t produce, since it is busy making cheap flatware. That will give us an export, create employment, and give everyone more for their money.

      But we wouldn’t want that, would we?

      So understand … reducing the government, eliminating government oversight, cutting taxes, and ending the Federal Reserve … this is the road to prosperity.

      Anyone who thinks otherwise simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      Ron Paul is the only viable candidate. You can bank on that.

      • Joe H.

        I want to see those Michigan orange groves!!!!!

        • Alex Frazier

          If they exist, there’s not much to see, I’m sure. And I’m equally sure that they are subsidized if they do exist, because they wouldn’t produce squat worth of oranges.

      • johnd

        How does your scenario play out when it comes to national defense? I’ve heard that many of the elements needed by the troops are produced by foreign production. Even our aircraft is dependant on parts made somewhere else. It seems some trade needs strict control.

        • Joe H.

          I agree. NOTHING connected to national defense should be foreign made!! It makes it too easy for them to attack us and choke off our supplies!

    • Susan

      Please go to his website and simply read his platform.

    • Mark Dabney

      Here is what you fail to understand – Iran is among the few remaining nations that does NOT have a private central bank controlled by the Rothschild Plutocracy [the American branch is the Rockefellers] Libya was on the list – see Susan Lindauer’s site, Iraq & Afghanistan were on the list before 9/11. As for the 25,000 Iranian Jews that are peacefully coexisting with their Muslim friends & neighbors – perhaps some of them work at Iran’s Nuclear POWER plant [note POWER =/= WEAPONS - while "Israel" has hundreds of state of the art nuclear "devices" and delivery systems - is not a signatory to NPT - smell that? duplicity, hypocrisy - a stench in YHWH's nostrils!]

      The sober fact of the matter is that the Satanic Zionists have deliberately ignored Anti-Zionist Jews in their controlled media. The Anti-Zionist Jews have met with Ahmadinijhad – exchanged gifts and had cordial dialog with him – MUSLIMS DO >>>>NOT<<<< HAVE A PROBLEM WITH JEWS – THEY HAVE A REAL AND LEGITIMATE BEEF WITH MILITANT ZIONISTS AND THOSE THAT CONDONE THEIR WAR CRIMES. "But it's not 'terrism' when WE do it!" Its not "terrism" when it involves high tech weapons – or raping detainees SUSPECTED of "terrism" with broken bottles.

      Muslims understand that the vast majority of American are oblivious to what Satanic Zionists have done – they are disgusted at the abject lack of accountability – as am I.

      If you give blind credance to what the Synagogue of Satan [Rev. 2:9 & 3:9]is selling you – then you are right where the Devil wants you. Please come to your senses!

      • JoeH.

        Mark Dabney,
        do you believe the halocaust happened?? Im a dinnerjacket denys it profusely!!! Says t never happened. He has said he wants to see Israel removed from the map. does that sound like living peacefully??

    • DaveH

      That’s all, Aniko? Hardly. Here for instance is Dr. Paul’s plan for restoring America:

      And it has much more substance than any of the other main candidates are offering. They offer emotion and stroking our Propagandized Sensibilities. Ron Paul offers real down-to-earth solutions.

  • donthecanuck

    I’m amazed, as an observer, to see that there are people who actually place importance upon the tone of a voice, or the stature of a man……as opposed to his message, his passion for the country and people, and his understanding of the issues, his personal integrity, his stability in personal and public life, his immense love of people and the constitution.

    Sometimes, we foreigners wonder whether the it is not this very limited and superficial choice/view/opinion that has given rise to insignificance in the public service that now represents America. As Americans seem to choose their hollywood stars based on looks, it seems like many of them also apply the same parameters in choosing their leaders.

    I guess that then allows us to state that “You get what you deserve”…………including public servants who believe that Guam can capsize (Johnson), and others who believe that legislation is best passed first, and read later (Pelosi).

    We certainly hope that our friends to the south will wake up and change the “5 monkeys” (look it up) sooner than later, and take back their country.

    Good luck to you all.

    • Cawmun Cents

      No need to wonder….just watch television for an hour or so.
      You can easily see why America wants a pretty face in the White House.

      Doesnt hatter if they ruin the nation as long as they look good doing it.I am surprised that they dont run a singer or a dancer for president.You know that a person who looks good on broadway will steal an election,right?

      Meanwhile,back at Reality Ranch….the republican candidates were busy at the hoedown…..


    • bob wire

      Me too Don and thanks for your concerns. We are working on it. It takes time. This evangelical far right seems to fall prey to title, labels and posers ‘consistently’. They support candidates willing to say anything, make any promise to get their votes while maintaining status quo. . We cannot change them,leaving us to only offset them with votes and better candidates.

      We are a greatly diverse nation, more so then ever. It takes time.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Donthecanuck, you speek volumes of truth. The problem is how to change the mindset of all these ignorant “hill billies”,that make up the majority of America.

      • bob wire

        I suppose one could simply move, Why live in Arizona if you don’t like sand, sun and the rugged indigenous people like Mexicans, much like our friend Dan the Man?

        And then too, what are you all worked up about? or what gives you the right to determine what best for everyone? Were you born that way of just grew into being an a$$hole or came by it naturally?

        • Joe H.

          i don’t mind the Mexicans at all, grew up with them, as long as they are LEGAL!!! If they come here through the front door, I will welcome them here with open arms. If, however, they chose to come here through the back door illegally, then I would be very happy to help boot them uncerimoniously back across the border!! If that makes me an azzhole, then so be it!!!

    • libertytrain

      You are correct. It is amazing and incredibly scary that so many are so unbelievably shallow. They get what they deserve with that attitude.

  • dan

    Romney, Perry, Gingrich….scare the hell out of me. Not because of their political affiliations, but rather thier lack of knowledge or understanding of the REAL WORLD. I wonder after hearing their comments and Ideas if they are from this planet. I cannot(do not) imagine what they would do to this Country if elected.
    Ron Paul may not have the presence the others have, but he sure seems to understand most of the issues facing our country and has consistantly maintained his proposed solutions. Which of the other Candidates (from any of the parties)can you say that and hold a straight face?

  • Cathy

    I’m a democrat who would vote for Ron Paul over President Obama. I also noticed that on one of the political polls (Gallup) a while back did not even have Mr. Paul’s name included. I’m tired of the way the mass media tries to shove certain candidates down our throats, nor should we should vote for whoever raises the most money, because face it, we know where this money is coming from! I am angry with the do nothing government we have right now. I am one of the millions of Americans who just recently lost there job directly to outsourcing, an American company sending jobs to China for cheap labor (I wouldn’t be surprised if they received tax breaks and stimulus money).Maybe if Mr. Paul has some skeletons in his closet or starts flubbing at the debates, maybe he will get more media attention, come up in the polls, and raise more money. Pretty sad.

  • NamNavyVet

    Mr Paul is the only one that has the guts to call out the 2 biggest problems with America; The corrupt Fed and our imperialistic non stop wars. They are costing us lives and trillions in lost tax revenue and inflation for everyone. There’s no way the media and the elite world bankers would allow such a person to change their game of control. If by chance he was elected, it would be a JFK, RFK or MLK assination all over again. Good luck Ron.

    • Betty Jo

      I certainly agree! Our allegiance to Israel has cost millions if not billions of dollars. Let the mid-east alone. Let them fight their own wars and sacrifice their own soldiers not ours. This has been going on since World War I! Wake up before it is too late. We need troops on the borders not overseas! Give me liberty or give me death!
      We should put liberty above security and government control.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Betty are you just ranting, or are you really willing to die for liberty? If so, you are a true Patriot. In my mind anyway.

        • bob wire

          That’s the test? ~ A suicide bomber must rate highly in you eyes if we are accept you at your word “LOST”. I seriously question if we can do that. Maybe you need go back and discuss it with Rush?

      • Cathy

        I agree with Ron Paul’s stance on getting our troops out of foreign countries and quit sticking our noses in other peoples business. How would we like China or Russia coming over here with their troops and do to us what we do around the world in the name of protecting their interest? I just heard that they are opening a base in Australia when we are 15 trillion dollars in debt? Why? A local company where I live that has military contracts is owned by a Canadian company (Mustang Survival), how many foreign companies and investors are profiting off these wars? Our troops are literally risking their lives for Saudi Arabia and the big oil companies, who are the only ones who want us in the Middle East! We need to bring our troops home, protect our own borders, and rebuild our own nation, and stop passing free trade “job give-away” treaties. Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate that addresses these issues!

      • Cathy

        I think people should watch this Ron Paul video:

        • bob wire

          That was good Cathy, very good ! but oh so late.

  • http://yahoo don

    cn is justpart of the membershipin the big elitist group in this country that runs everything. they took the polls of so ron paul would not pick up momentem. if it was romney perry or cain coverage would be huge.keep up what you are doing and the election will be your ron paul

  • http://What'swiththewebsite?? Richard Stanley

    CNBC is pathetic when it comes to being neutral! NOT!! Ron Paul for President of The United States of America …. and while I’m at it: IN GOD I TRUST!

    • Joe H.

      Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!!

  • Gene

    dan…get a grip…who the hell really cares? so two people decide to become a partnership why are you so threatened by that?
    it is the way things are. I mean even without sexuality sometimes two people become partners. they do everything together. why shouldnt they be able to be recognied as partners in life? because you are a bigoted neanderthal?
    what makes your opinion matter?
    You are ignorant of real world dynamics
    i think YOU should be marginalized for being a moron…have a good day

    • dan

      goodness…I know you meant this for dan (the younger) but sexuality
      is one thing and unbridled lust is another …else we would all be behaving like “sex crazed poodles”.The human dynamics ,as you point out, are that one needn’t be of either sexual persuasion to abuse power
      or to game a system….and just where in the Constitution does it refer to marraige ? dan (the elder)

    • Lost in Paradise

      Gene some where along the line you have not noticed how far down our country has slid since we started to give up on GOD. You need to really think about that for a while.

  • dan

    Chin up,Cathy…some of us are keeping our powder dry by not participating in the O’s pyrrhic victory and getting out of the market and dollar while the gettin’s good. We will rebuild…after we straighten out this mess or the Good Lord comes. dan the elder

  • William L Collins

    It’s funny that Romney and Perry are trying take Ron Pauls stand as there campain slogan and say thats there way too. Ron Paul has stood firm from day one and has not flip floped back and forth like Romney, Perry and Caine. all the new’s media has been prejudice aganst Ron Paul from day one I never thought I would ever live where the new’s would be told who they need to back and not put out any new’s on peoples chouse all Vets, Vetreans,Veterans Groups, AARP, NRA,and the people too needs to back Ron Paul and our freedoms if Ron Paul droped out i would vote for Caine even tho all the bad news they brought out Ron Paul my maine chouse Cain the rest not worth it

    • dan

      It’s a sign of educational progress and emotional maturity when you can convert your opponent to your position when it’s based on the truth. I can respect a man that can learn….perhaps Perry could make a good
      strong VP…although any combination with Ron in it will do.
      dan (the elder)

      • Alex Frazier

        Funny you should say that, because I’ve recently been thinking to myself that there’s something about Perry under the surface that might work if he’s willing to grow up a little bit, so to speak. If he would commit to being honest and forthcoming … I can forgive all sorts of blunders if someone can at least be straight with me.

        • Joe H.

          don’t forget if he was to get elected along with R. Paul, if anything were to happen to Paul HE would become president. If you wouldn’t vote for someone for president then why the hell would you vote for them for VP??? Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

          • Alex Frazier

            Fair enough.

            I didn’t intend to vote for Perry, but Paul. I’m just saying that Perry has SOME qualities, even if he isn’t yet presidential material at present.

  • steve in AZ

    Fellow patriots.

    You all make some good points, as does the article. I was disappointed that Dr. Paul once again did not have a venue to speak in detail about his plan to restore America. So much so that I failed to realize what he accomplished, until last night when I had a few moments to reflect.

    Did any of you realize just how important that debate was? As a typical underemployed member of the workforce, of course I don’t have time to see all the so-called news of the MSM, but I think it was in the subject debate for the first time, that I heard Dr. Paul say “END THE FED”. In my mind, this is tantamount to a declaration of war on the shadow government. I believe they heard that declaration loud and clear night before last.

    Yes, many times I’ve heard him ask to AUDIT the FED and he’s been working to that end for years, with little help from his congressional “colleagues”. At many of his rallies I have seen signs and heard shouts of “END THE FED”. But I don’t believe I have ever heard Dr. Paul actually say those words before – and in a national debate.

    He has come out. We (who understand the reasons for the actions he advocates) have understood his true purpose for wanting to audit the fed, and accepted it as a necessary step in ending the fed to such an extent that we seem to hear “end the fed” when “audit the fed” is said.

    I think this was a gigantic step. I support him with my entire being. Those who don’t, labor under faulty premises regarding the mandates of the Constitution and it’s underlying principles, or, simply want what they cannot have without the presence of a tooth fairy.

    Anyone else think this is Dr. Paul’s declaration of war on the International Banking Cartel? Or has he said “END the FED” before and I just missed it? Your thoughts please.

    BTW – his most recent moneybomb started at midnight – when Veteran’s Day began. PLEASE

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

    “Extremism in the cause of liberty is no vice.”

    • dan

      I think Dr.Paul approaches the FED just like he deals with the GOP…
      by himself,he can do nothing…but by building alliances and adhering to common principals we just might accomplish what we need. He has stated
      that we should ‘nationalize’ the FED under the purview of Congress…
      because,as you no doubt are aware the FED is not a part of government but is privately owned and operated for a profit.

      • Susan

        Yes… the Federal Reserve is indeed that Private Bank about which Jefferson warned us.

  • Noah Ack

    Paul is sthe real deal and his inability to gain the attention of the American people is in direct proportion to how dumbed down this nation has become and how useless the main stream press is to seek out the truth. Who gives a crap about Paul’s speaking voice as it sure sounds clear and intelligible to me especially because of the thoughts it conveys.
    Compared to our present potentate, who might be challenged to even take a dump without teleprompter direction, Paul’s ability to think on his feet without prompter shows me he has core convictions that he believes in and not like Perry’s phony convictions that he cannot even remember. I have dreamed about the ending of the DOE for years now and if Perry really was convinced that they should be ended he could not possibly forget their name. No core convictions Perry apparently wants us to know about.

  • roy in kansas

    here’s what it boils down to-
    do we want another 4 years of obumble or someone like him? do we want to put up with graft, corruption, dishonesty, and greed from our elected officials?

    or do we want our freedom AND OUR COUNTRY back?

    my vote is ONLY going to ron paul…..

  • dan

    Why aren’t we beating up the press for their lack of true reporting? Why can we spend all day bashing the candidates without any energies going toward some of the other manipulators ins this country.
    Just sayin.
    The other Dan (not the elder or the younger)

    • dan

      Talking to MSM is like talking to your wifey,lol’s. It’s just easier to get along if go along . Thank God for the interweb….
      We’ve quit buying the MSM’s hard copy/newspapers but we haven’t overcome the dumbing down of our educational system .”Never have so many known what isn’t so” . Thomas Paine must have felt the same way about his pamphlets that so few could read…which is why they were read from the pulpits.Common sense is NOT common.

  • bill

    I believe Ron Paul speaks the truth,and truth does not fear scrutiny.

  • Ted

    The Party wont let Paul win the nomination because he would do the job right,and the party thats in the news now the republicans will not be on the news all the time like they are now and they love the attention their getting,and will let Obama win again for that reason.Letting people think their for the people when they are for the fight only.

    • CJM

      While it is true the repubs won’t give Paul the nomination, it he did happen to be on the ballot and win, the EC would most likely put obummer back in the Oval Office—-they have done this 7 times in the past, with the most recent in the Gore/Bush election (Gore won the popular vote, but the electoral college gave the winning ticket to Bush). So, between the repubs and the EC, we may wind up with a no-brainer in the White House—and I would be sick to my stomach if it turns out to be either obummer, romney, or even perry.

      • Joe H.

        not that I like Bush, but let’s not forget the courts backed up that decision as well!

  • Brian

    Someone said at the beginning of this thread that Ron Paul does not have a good speaking voice…PEOPLE! Get real! Do you want a president that has his values in order or do you want a president with a good speaking voice? Ron Paul is the only conservative running out of the Republican ranks with the possible exception of Herman Cain(and given that he worked for the Fed I’m not sure whether he is really conservative – not withstanding the allegations of sexual harassment). Do we want someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk? With that said I fail to see how Ron Paul will change the House and Senate to his way of seeing things(which means they can’t spend so much money) or get the judiciary to not legislate from the bench BUT I’m willing to try…What else can we do? THAT is the guestion…

    • CJM

      Brian:: How does being a CONSULTANT for the Federal Reserve Bank make Cain less worthy of the Presidency? Get a grip…..sure Paul is a great candidate, but so is Cain.

      • Brian

        CJM – Do you KNOW that the fact that Cain was a Fed consultant does not make him part of the big government process? Do you KNOW that there is no truth to the allegations of sexual harassment? Frankly, and it didn’t come out on my post, but I have reservations about Paul also – the fact that he has been a member of the federal government for a long time…BUT, he does say all the right things and his voting record is pretty good! I think Cain is a good candidate and I, like you, think it is almost completely a ‘media thing’ regarding the allegations of sexual harassment BUT he was a member of the federal government like Paul…

        • r.p.

          Brian: Cain was never a member of the Federal Government, although he ran for the Presidency once. He held the position of “Chair” of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve, which is not a part of the Federal Government. The name is misleading as it was intentionally meant to be when it was established.

        • Joe H.

          ” His voting record is pretty good”?!?!?!? constitutionally speaking, his record is impecable!!! Also, he has never said he was going to vote one way and ended up voting another!! He doesn’t lie!! Can Cain say THAT????

      • Susan

        CJM – he was not a “Consultant”, although that ‘sounds’ much better to you, I suppose. When I researched him when he initially came on the scene, he had indeed served as the CHAIR of the Kansas City Reserve. Does that represent a red flag to me? YES, it does…only because that means he is indeed part of the corrupt banking cartel, which fits in with the One World Bank and the NWO agenda.

    • CJM

      There is no foundation for the harrassment allegations against Cain; why continue to promote dirty gossip? Unless there is proof (and there is NONE), leave the issue out.

      • r.p.

        Has Cain provided any proof that he isn’t guilty. The presumption of innocence goes both ways. All these women share the same physical characteristics, which is, from my understanding, the mark of a sexual predator. There maybe one or even two of these women who are not sincere. But I believe there is some truth to these accusations. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash.

      • bob wire

        “There is no foundation for the harassment allegations against Cain;”

        So the NRA gave each woman $45000.00 dollars a piece and told them to just go away and shut to f-ck up because they were mean, nasty and naughty women that enjoyed picking on tall dark and hansoms men like Cain?

        Is that what you are attempting to tell us?

  • CJM

    Almost all of the polls I have seen reflect the fact that both romney and perry are trailing way behind Cain and Paul, yet the media constantly claims that romney is the ‘front-runner’ among the 9 candidates. The only polls that have any showing of obummer in the lead are those sent out by the libs and socialist dems (democrats cannot deny they are socialists any longer–they are!), and those polls are few and far between. It is clear that the GOP/RNC are behind the loser romney–who isn’t worth a flying flip. Wanna bet that if the RNC names romney as their chosen candidate (in spite of what the people want) and perry is his veep? What a rotten disaster–that’s as nasty as having obummer in the Oval Office another 4 years.

    • meteorlady

      Maybe it’s time to start a writing campaign to the GOP and cut off donations…. remember though that the GOP brings in mega bucks from corporations and special interests so it’s going to be hard to get Dr. Paul in there unless we bombard them with letters and email.

    • Joe H.

      Actually, Fox reported a three way tie, between Paul, romney and cain today.

  • dan

    The GOP doesn’t quite get that Ron Paul is the moderating force OF the TeaParty…the rest of us are not anywhere as willing play nice.
    He’s the Jimminy Cricket that they’d best be listening to…or there will be a price to pay. dan (the elder and cranky)

  • Naomi

    Of course Ron Paul expected a hostile media. Most Republican candidates did. However, not posting their own poll results twice goes above and beyond hostile. Withholding information because it doesn’t fit their agenda is the norm, but, these were their own debates and their own polls! You do not have to agree with everything that Mr. Paul says, but, you should be able to admit that he is one of the more intelligent candidates and his answers never waiver. He is consistent and right on so many issues. It’s just wrong for him to be completely ignored while we have to hear about 9-9-9 nonstop and stupid unfounded he said she said sexual harassment allegations!

    • meteorlady

      Correct – I have studied 999 and can’t find anything redeeming about it except that it’s fair I suppose. I have a degree in Economics and it just doesn’t make sense when you start adding up the numbers.

      To get this economy going again, we need jobs so people have money again to buy my products. To give the people more money we need lower tax rates and less government to support.

      What is scary is the size of our national DEBT. It’s the 5000 lb elephant in the room that no one in government will talk about. We are some $14.7 TRILLION in debt and climbing. If we freeze all spending levels, stop any new programs or departments, and keep the same revenue stream – by the year 2021 we will be paying $1.4 TRILLION in interest to service the debt. By 2046 all we will be able to do is pay the interest on the debt, no more government, no more US.

      If we don’t get someone willing to cut big we are doomed as a nation and will look like Mexico before 2021.

      • bob wire

        That is more or less what they seem to want meteorlady, to make the USA like Mexico. Mexico is Republic and Mexico’s ruling class lives quite well actually. As good as or better then here in the US.

        Even the middle class lives in gated domiciles for the most part, by necessisita. Thick walls,fences,gates and industrial grade doors are common place in Mexico, nothing like Japan with her walls made of paper and cloth.

        What Mexico has done is allow her people to market and eat cheaply by not interfering into small markets.

        It’s hot in Mexico much of the year and while many (30%)might have ac thou they rarely use them, as the cost being high to operate them.

        I speak of this for a reason, people tend to cook outdoors, or really heat the casa up making it unfit to stay in.

        One lady might cook enough to to sell and make a humble living. On every city block there will be several cooking street vendors. It is cheap, it is fresh and mostly finger food. I’ve never got sick, just don’t drink the water or anything raw that been washed.

        It’s too hot to cook indoors so people eat out. It has became a part of Mexican culture. Beggars beg, 7 year olds sell gum, 12 year old shine shoes, 14 years old wash cars with just two buckets of water and towel, to earn their daily food. Of couse this is the bottom of the social culture. We could discuss the subcultures one by one but I don’t think it necessary to risk offending delicate ears.

        If you go to the beach, the vendors are there, selling donkey rides, windshield wiper blades, ice cold beer, AK 47′s, pretty Senoritas for hire, raw oysters, they will shuck them as long as you eat, corn on the cob roasted on a fire in a car rim, fish, shrimp, chickens, puppy’s, goat cheese, on and on.

        You name it, they can sell it and you can buy it. ~ That is their benefits for being free. Free to go and do , work, sell and eat.

        And this is where the far right is attempt to go with all this talk of privatization and personal freedom.

        Now, ~ as to how are we to get from where we are today with all these laws that restrict business and personal freedom to few laws and a lot of personal freedom without so serious whiplash ~ beats me?

        I would like to see some understanding for both myself and others on such matters.

        Are we willing to allow street vendor to provide the bulk of our most basic meals? Small children used to street vendor candy and gum? The girls on the porch roof of the cantina or standing in door openings to make cat calls and give out “come hither” looks? Or maybe an open air butcher shop?

        How much less government and more personal freedom are we willing to settle for? It is hard to find a perfect balance. I want to believe that we are engaged in a constant battle in search of this balance.

        But there are matters that really do concern me more the all of this small stuff like eating and feeding,~ like this Russell of Arizona that was voted out of office a few days ago. A Tea Party kind of guy, a major player in Arizona’s politics and their privatized prison system while he was sitting in a position to where he could make anyone that he wishes a criminal. Does that little setup sound right to you? It doesn’t to me. I see a serious conflict of interest.

        Conflict of Interest ~ you know like VP and CEO Dick Chaney ~

        I think it would be unwise to allow such matter to continue or go without address ~ wherever we find them.

        There is a price to pay for freedom and it’s paid in many ways, by many people and more importantly it is often paid forward. The ones that pay the dearest price are not the current benefactor.

        Today is veterans day, a day we set aside to pay homage and offer our respect and honor to those who fell and those who lived to tell how they fell so we might have and enjoy freedom.

        To all brother Veterans living and dead, I thanks you and I think of you tonight.

  • Curtis Schroeder

    Say what you want about Mr. Paul, but he is telling us the mess we are in, how we got there and the solution of how to fix it, it will not be easy as there forces in this country who will not allow it to be heard. Our govt is supposed to be working for us, not the other way around. Our govt has sold thier souls to a higher bidder and are self serving themselves, and have no backbone to stand up for what is right for our country. Why not vote for Mr. Paul and see if he can make a difference, we have voted for the statuis quo for years and it seems to get worse, what can it hurt, lets give it a try, and see what happens.

  • Kathy

    The more the press tries to ignore Ron Paul, the more I am convinced he is the one the establishment does not want and the more convicted I am to support him. He is the only one with personal and political integrity. No wonder the mainstream hates him. Vote for Ron Paul if you want to restore America.

  • Susan

    This is as good an exchange of ideas on a thread as I’ve ever seen. I believe I will wear my “Reclaiming America” shirt today, as I plan to be out briefly. The rest of the text reads:
    Reclaiming ***Our Constitution ***Our Liberties ***Our Sovereignty ***The Rule of Law.

    And without a doubt, you know the Candidate I support; my Conscience demands it of me.

  • BoboH

    Hey, folks. Some good thoughts by many of you. Let’s not be surprised by the media’s stance towards Ron Paul. It’s pretty simple. The heads of all mainstream media, including major reporter personalities such as Tom Brokaw, Sam Donaldson, Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Paula Zahn, Brian Williams, George Stephanopolous, etc., are all members of the Council On Foreign Relations and are in league with David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton. Investigate the membership and history of the CFR and most everything that you see happening will no longer surprise you. The CFR was formed by the same people that formed the Federal Reserve and this goes back to the early 20′s (the Fed 1911). Ron Paul has called for an audit of the Fed, actually so we can abolish it. How do you think the CFR members and puppets are going to feel about that? The media will do everything to totally ignore him and, when they can’t, they will invalidate and lie about him. The Fed and CFR are cornerstones of the Globalist New World Order seeking to take down the USA. Also, realize that Romney and Gingrich are CFR and Perry is part of Bilderberg. Also, it is the media that has implanted the false idea of “Ron Paul can’t win.” Ron Paul scares the crap out of them because he can expose them.

    • Susan

      SO glad you posted about the CFR, BoboH. Was reminded of its INFLUENCE when I recently heard an old recording from the 90′s… Immediately researched and was SHOCKED at what I learned. (By the way, I first heard this man interviewed on Talk Radio in 1980…was so powerful that I pulled onto the shoulder and took notes. Ran across them a few years ago, and no, not a hoarder. Made an indelible impression on me, and I’ve been witness to its coming to pass.) This man, called the ‘most dangerous talk show host alive’ by prez clinton, knew his time was short. And he was indeed killed by Arizona Deputies in Nov 2001 just outside his home.

      • r.p.

        Did I miss something? Please tell me who was this man.

        • JeffH

          Bill Cooper – “Shortly after the{Oklahoma City}bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building Rush Limbaugh read a “White House memo” on the air during his broadcast which named William Cooper, “…the most dangerous radio host in America”. Mr. Cooper considers William Clinton’s pronouncement the greatest compliment that he has ever received.

          William Cooper’s FBI file, promulgated by the investigation required by his security clearances while in military service, was one of those unlawfully in possession of the White House in what has become known as, “Filegate”. Shortly after this discovery President Clinton ordered all federal agencies to begin investigation, persecution, and prosecution of Mr. Cooper to shut him up.

          Since the US government could not seem to get the job done of killing Cooper, they found a willing ally to get the job done with the Apache County sheriff.

          • r.p.

            Thanks Jeff for jogging my memory. I remember him now. Once again you’ve come through with “information & resource”. Just want to let you know I appreciate it.

          • Susan

            I had MISSED your post JeffH! This is whom I heard on the radio in 1980! And I have a recording made by him in the 90′s which is “Illuminating” to say the least!

  • meteorlady

    At this time in our country, if it’s not Dr Ron Paul’s time were are doomed. There is no one running that will save us from economic collapse except Dr. Paul. There is no one running that will reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government and give states back their rights. There is no one running that is more passionate about the Constitution and about this country being great again.

  • JeffH

    Where’s Ron Paul? The GOP has done everything they can to ignore him too!

    Kudlow: There were three winners in the CNBC debate: Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

    • JeffH


      It is a shame that a chosen few can control the life and death of our military men and women with nothing more than the lust for power under the guise of politically motivated rhetoric about democracy and freedom, greed and the simple stroke of a pen to keep us in a perpetual state of war.

      Veterans Day Montage – American Anthem
      Norah Jones – Tribute to my late father who served in Vietnam and to all who’ve served in the U.S. Military… Past and Present

      • Susan

        JeffH In honor and tribute to all who have served to protect us (including your father), I stand in silence and with the utmost respect.

      • r.p.

        JeffH: another good post. Just wanted to tell you that Nora participated with Willie Nelson in a “Farm Aid” concert recently and she performed this tribute. VERY GOOD. The rapport between her and Willie was amazing. Almost brought a tear to my eye…Actually, it did.

        • JeffH

          r.p.,I saw Willie quite a few times in the 70′s…Even saw John Madden, Stabler, and a few other Oakland Raiders come out on stage to sing Amazing Grace with Willie & Family. Farm Aid has been such a huge success over the years, thanks to Willie and all of his friends.

  • Brian

    Naomi, Curtis Shroeder, Kathy, Susan, BoboH, meteorlady – you are all CORRECT! If not Ron Paul, then this country will go the way all the other ‘leaders’ of world went…DOWN…

    • Joe H.

      like I have said before, Ron Paul, if not now when? When we no longer have a chioce??

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I suggest all fo the Paul followers get a grip. He will never get the nomination. The best alternative is Newt Gingrich. Take a look at his ideas at Maybe you will cease and desist in your excercise in futility.

    • JeffH

      Capitalist, whatever your motive is, and there surely is a motive, your constant effort to derail the Paul supporters is fruitless.

      Your’s is clearly an excercise in futility!

      • Susan

        Thank you for replying to him, JeffH. I think he does not know that we have done our research, and we are committed, and we are not down on our knees to be ‘servile’ to such as the order he just barked, as though he’s affiliated with Big Brother! Actually gave me a laugh, and for some reason, I needed that just now!

      • Joe H.

        I was born in 1950 and will soon be 61 years old. If we elect gingrich, we will have elected the the most morally BANKRUPT president in my lifetime!!!

        • bob wire

          That’s for certain Joe. Anyone that might think otherwise has failed miserably in keeping an accounting of what Newt has done and been engaged in over the course of the last 20 years. How he manages to void attracting flies today is a miraculous achievement of modern soap. While Cain is the only one beyond the effect of any soap.

    • Susan

      Hey Capitalist… Do you know anything about Bohemian Grove? Or those who attend those ‘gatherings’? Would it worry you just a little were you to know that Newt has attended? Easy enough to research, if you choose… Or don’t. Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a ‘care’ one way or another.

    • Average Joe

      If it weren’t such a serious matter, it would be almost funny…listening to everyone complaining that this candidate did this…or that candidate did that ( as if the things that they complain about are something new….they aren’t).
      Then, when anyone points out that there is one candidate out of the whole batch ( both sides)….who has never done any of these things, who has always been honest, forthright and a defender of the Constitution….someone who has stood up for smaller, less intrusive government, sound currency and personal freedoms…….everyone goes wild … calling the man everything except…a viable candidate.
      Why is that?
      It is obvious to me ( as it should be to everyone else) that what we have been doing….ISN”T WORKING…..and maybe…just maybe,
      it’s time to take a new approach to the way this nation is beng run. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to stop electing “business as usual” “mainstream” candidates….who continue to run our nation into the ground while ignoring the will of the people and the rule of law. If we were to elect Dr. Ron Paul, could he really be any worse than what we’ve had over the last 40+ years (both sides)? If we were to elect him and he doesn’t make changes that positively affect our nation….can we not vote him out in another 4 years?

      Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over…and expecting to get a different result.
      Isn’t it time that we stopped the insanity?
      While I am not asking anyone to vote for any particular candidate, I will ask that you spend more time actually looking into all of the candidates’ backgrounds ( voting records, campaign finances…who they’ve made deals with etc.). learn everything you can about the candidates (not the MSM talking heads versions…do the research yourselves), so that on election day….you can make an informed decision about who you want to represent you in government….
      Remember, what they do is a direct reflection on us…..if they do foolish things….it makes us look like we elected foolish people….which means we look like fools for electing them in the first place.
      I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of the insanity and will be casting my vote for Ron Paul.
      You can say that I am wasting my vote….well , I guess that’s OK….it is after all…MY….vote……it doesn’t belong to any party or candidate….it belongs to me …to cast as my conscience
      I hope eveyone makes informed decisions concerning our future as a

      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived
      and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
      John F. Kennedy

      • JeffH

        Average Joe, I’m with ya… :)

      • Susan

        Oh, I so appreciate your good post…

      • Mark Dabney

        Well said – I would encourage people that actually THINK to examine the divergence between what >a certain someone< ACTUALLY says – and what the pundits CLAIM that he said [that he actually did NOT] and then wonder WHY?

        In 2008 I looked at a warmonger that joked about bombing Iran – who had graduated from the Naval Acadamy in the top 99.5% [read that as in actually saying the bottom 0.5%] – who was a REVERSE ACE that almost sank the USS Forrestal – which gives rise to the question: Was McCain actually shot down by the VC – or a fellow naval aviator that wanted revenge? As an unindicted co-conspirator in the Keating 5 could I vote for McCain knowing that a vastly greater economic disaster was looming than the S&L crisis? Ron Paul encouraged people to vote 3rd party as a dissent from the establishment whoredom – and I wound up writing in Chuck Baldwin as I could not vote for CIA operative BARR.


        • Average Joe

          ” USS Forrestal ”

          Now there’s a name I haven’t seen in years. I was stationed in Athens, Greece back in !974-1975, working in the Fleet Support Offices and the USS Forrestal was one of the main boats that we both supplied and got our supplies from. Back in those days, we used to call it the USS Forrest Fire….because there wasn’t a day that went by that it didn’t have at least two fires on board…..ah the memories…heh.

    • TML

      Why do you think he won’t get the nomination?

      (try to give an intelligent response)

      • bob wire

        hmm? may I attempt to make sense and explain why I don’t think Ron Paul will be nominated for the 1st chair position.

        1. Many, far too many GOP votes get their understanding of current event solely via television and enjoy all that Fox News has to offer. They rarely stray from Fox.

        2.Fox is not promoting RP.

        3.RP’s visions and plans for America interferes with “Business as Usual” and adversely affects entrenched GOP power.

        4. RP is not in anybody pocket, beholding to few and considered a loose canon.

        5.The GOP takes Ron Paul as a serious man and that he will attempt to do what he says he will do.

        6.DNC voters are excluded from the process.

        7.The American people prefer flare and charm over sound judgment and solid character. They will buy a car that looks like it will do 5oo mph parked and be willing to pay way to much before driving it.

        8.Until Fox covers Ron Paul or Rush supports Paul, the rest of the media will be luke warm towards Paul, leaving Paul to allow attrition to whittle the field down until someone blinks or runs out of money.

        I hope that I am wrong. As a democrat, he has my serious consideration as a viable option if “O” can’t get past this stonewall the GOP has constructed.

        Somewhere, sometime soon, as a country, we must break-out and get things moving again. This impasse cannot be permitted to continue.

        • Susan

          Well, there are legions of Voters who have indeed awakened, bob wire. What has happened to me, personally, is that I now question erverything my Govt reports/enacts, and I realize that I canNOT trust Corporate Media to report the FACTS. And in fact, I KNOW that I’ve observed Media Manipulation.

          AND I am NOT alone.

          • Joe H.

            Proud to stand right there with you!! Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

    • Tucci78

      Mercantilist-at-Birth, just why the hell are you so worried about those of us who support Dr. Paul?

      You keep yammering “He will never get the nomination” like it’s some kind of hopeful incantation.

      Look, doofus, if you really think that Ron Paul can’t get the Red Faction presidential nomination, what’s all your futile whacking-off about? Just leave those of us who favor the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution (and therefore the policy proposals of “Dr. No”) to speak and write and campaign as we please, any you just fribble off.

      Jeez, one old obstetrician scares you that much?

      • Joe H.

        Of course he does!!! ron Paul will slowly but very surely turn off the government spiggot!!!

        • Average Joe

          Joe H.,

          Absolutely…five agencies at a time …until they are gone by way of the dinosaur.

          RON PAUL / ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!!!!
          (As if there was another real choice)

          • Tucci78

            My “other choice” involves Judge Napolitano becoming U.S. Supreme Court Justice Napolitano. Pending that appointment, how about U.S. Attorney General Napolitano?

            There are other candidates for the Veep slot.

          • JoeH.

            Name them! especially the ones that Dr. Paul would be willing to take on. don’t forget, in case some azzhole gets crazy, these candidates have to be good candidates for PRESIDENT!!! If you wouldn’t vote for them as president, then do NOT vote for them as VP!!

          • Tucci78

            Candidates for the Veep slot instead of Judge Napolitano?

            Gary Johnson (New Mexico) for one. Jesse Ventura (Minnesota) for another. Wouldn’t mind economists Thomas Sowell (North Carolina/California) or Walter Williams (Pennsylvania/Virginia) if we’re going to go for “non-politicians.”

            I wouldn’t mind seeing attorney Peter W. Huber and scholar Walter K. Olsen taking slots in Dr. Paul’s first presidential administration, either.

          • JoeH.

            I salute you! you seem to have come up with some viable considerations unlike some of the empty headed “nay sayers” here against Napolitano and R. Paul. I thank you for some interesting reading in the next few days. The only one I would reject is Jesse Ventura. Before you take my head off, please consider, I don’t think he is ready to be president if anything would happen to R. Paul. i honestly believe HE would tell you the very same thing. I think the world of R. Paul and intend to vote for him even if I have to write him in, but with his stance on the fed, I fear for his life.

          • Average Joe
    • Average Joe

      Capitalist at Birth,

      Wasn’t it you who…a couple of weeks back(+-) who said that you agreed with Ron Paul on 90% of his policies, but that you disaggreed with his foriegn policy? Are you now telling us that you would rather vote for someone that you disagree with 90%, but you like their foreign policy …so therefore they will get your vote? While you may be a “Capitalist at Birth”, I would like to know how many times you were “dropped on your head at birth”? Your you reasoning (or lack thereof) eludes me…as I am sure it does others here…care to ellaborate? Before you deny that you said it, I will remind you that I am quite capable of finding that post and exposing you as a liar ( as I have a folder for PLD and save all articles for at least 3 months for reference)..
      The reason that I remember the post, is because it is one of those comments that when you read it…you just shake your head and go…WTF is this guy thinking?

  • TML

    I love Ron Paul’s responses…

    Serious question… can anyone tell me how or why the “media” is the ones to give and control these debates? Seems to me they should not be the ones asking the questions or directing the flow of the debate, and should ONLY be COVERING the debate. Why is it not members of congress or an oversight commitee? Why fu*king news reporters are the ones to do this is beyond me.

    I’ve had formal debates on many many occasions and these so-called prsidential debates are a joke.

    • Tucci78

      Given that most of the “media” are commercial (for-profit) providers of entertainment, the principle reason why they’re broadcasting the exchanges among the Republican Party’s presidential contenders is simply to “grab eyeballs” for their advertisers.

      It’s their cameras, their sound stages, their microphones, and their broadcast time. They “give and control these debates” for the perfectly understandable reason that they have property rights in the products in which they invest their resources.

      They’re caught up in something of a dilemma. Being uniformly biased toward the left-”Liberal” desire for government-as-Santa-Claus, they want desperately to shut down and shut off Ron Paul as completely as they can.

      Heck, they’d kill him (and I mean that literally) if they thought they could get away with it.

      But they can’t deny that Ron Paul has both popularity and staying power. They can’t “spin” him out of existence, and – especially in the presence of the Internet – they can no longer ignore him.

      • Susan

        I think that you have expressed a concern, Tucci78, about RP’s safety – were he to continue to gain/hold his support base. He’s messing with the big boys…the power players. And he’s taken on some big Agencies; some folks won’t even be aware of the power they wield…

      • Average Joe

        “Heck, they’d kill him (and I mean that literally) if they thought they could get away with it.”

        They won’t attempt that before the elction, because if they were to, Rand Paul would most likely Take up his fathers mantle…..and they would risk a Rand Paul win….on the sympathy vote alone….and they know it.
        If elected to office, I would suggest that Ron Paul hire Jessie (the Body)Ventura as his personal body guard. Former Ex- Seals make formidable adversaries against would be assassins.


        • Tucci78

          Former Governor Ventura would serve more usefully as Vice President, don’tcha think?

          Why waste him as a mere “bodyguard”?

          But by all means ask him to take on the additional role of supervising presidential security. Unlike a lot of politicians, I’d trust Gov. Ventura to do that job effectively in addition to the other tasks of the vice presidency.

          • Average Joe

            Actually no I don’t… and neither does Jesse. I don’t remember where I heard him say it, but he once stated that he would love to be head of Ron Paul’s Security team.

    • Susan

      Very good question, TML… I actually betrayed my pledge to myself to never again listen to O’Reilly, but I DID listen – learning of his ‘interviews’ with the candidate and the poll to follow. And I sat there, listening to a bad stream, and missing time I’d have preferred to be with MY AboveAverage Joe… and noted that he did what my mother described as “talking just to hear his own head rattle” – taking up Ron Paul’s time when he was on. But I stayed, and I voted for Congressman Paul – once. And then, that despicable man invalidated the poll because the poll was “slammed”, because Ron Paul won, and O’Reilly had ways of telling that. THEN, for a VALID poll, why did he not have those safeguards in place as OTHER pollsters do?!

      And THEN, I SAW and COPIED the poll results from Nov 9th…and it was REMOVED by them (CNBC?)… Dr Paul won by a VERY large margin. (Is on my regular email, or I’d try to copy it here.)

      BUT bottom line: Ron Paul belongs to NO CORPORATE LOBBY, and therefore, he is NOT for Sale. Corporate Anything must really hate that.

  • Linda

    We must attack the MEDIA! Show them that we do not want biased news. If they can’t report the truth, we will stop supporting them. There is no real investigative reporting, they all repeat the same news and run it into the ground.

    • Average Joe

      I hade my cable TV removed already ;)

      I did it once before and left it off for about 5 years that time.
      I got tired of all of the media propaganda…if they aren’t trying to sell me something that I don’t want or need, they out and out lie to try and make me believe that I do need it or that I am somehow not smart enough to make my own judgements.
      Screw the MSMJ…right in their wallets….BOYCOTT!!!

      • bob wire

        Good for you Joe! You made a sound decision in cutting the damn thing off! More Americans need to do the same. Inside of 5 days you will feel much better about life in general.

        With this back to back Cain’s serial groping and straight face lying to Penn State University faculty casting a blind eye to a sick old Pedophilia for 9 long stinking years, I am sickened by the whole lot!

        Once again, I’m boycotting the whole mess as well. Why ruin a good day, a good moment listen to trash?

        There is just too much good in the world to focus so long and so hard on filth ~ and the TV hammers and Hammers and Hammers it! Al Sharpston and so many others I finds as insufferable as I do Ben Crystal.

        It’s good that we can pull the plug on the crap. All People would be wise to limit their exposure. Once you heard something twice, it should be enough.

        • Susan

          bob wire… on an alternative website last night, the Penn State SICK news to which I’d really paid little attn… I don’t know what is happening to our Country.

        • Average Joe

          Actually, I felt better the moment that I told them to turn it off…not one single regret. Besides, the only channel worth watching (not saying much here) was the SYFY channel…at least I knew without a doubt that it was all… fiction. And what’s up with all of these “NON” Reality shows? I can’t believe that people are stupid enough to watch these scripted shows and actually believe that it is “reality”…..only in America….

          • JoeH.

            Average joe,
            If you haven’t seen them, may I suggest “Sons of Guns” and “American Arms”? Two very good shows I try not to miss!

          • Average Joe

            I’ll have to download them to watch…if they are available…since I no longer have a TV feed.

      • Susan

        I suppose I could do that – since my TV is seldom on except for special programming, the early eve Fox Biz shows..and Sirrius radio. But would seem I was really disconnected from the world…

        • Average Joe


          Actually, the withdrawl is less severe than one might think…anything available on the boobtube is available here…W/O the BS attatched. You actually get to choose what you here and read…rather than listening to the 15 second soundbites that the MSM considers news. Want real news from the MSM…cut them off in the money department for a couple of months and they will get the message that we aren;t buying the truck loads of BS anymore….hurt them in the only place that they understand…their wallets. Think about the 180 degree turnarounds mad by both the banks and Netflix recently….people left them in droves over their “New Fees” and look how fast they changed their tunes. Ah, the power of the purse…gotta love it….it’s the only language that they truly understand.

    • Susan

      BUT Linda, what floats their boat?! I don’t listen to ANY of the major news networks anymore, except for Fox Biz late aft, early evening. And Cavuto’s had Cain on, and Cain is being interviewed on radio right now… I’m sick of their treating us as though we were all Dullards.

  • Brian

    I’d suggest you all read about how the elections have been rigged since 1912 at headed by JP Morgan & Company. It was discovered that the nominees are actually picked before the primary campaigns ever begin. Primaries, like general elections, are simply “show piece” events designed to make the working class —who still think they pick the candidates who will get nominated— and that, by chance, they elect the nominee who wins. The outcome of every presidential election is predetermined as best it can be before the first vote is ever cast. Long before the votes are cast, political strategists have put every combination of candidates together to gauge how they will fare in the voting booths —and whether the “anointed” candidate will need third party support to achieve victory. The “Money Mafia” control everything. If you had control over all the money in the world, would you care who wrote laws!?!

    • Susan

      OH Brian… I knew it, I knew it, I knew this was bound to go back to that. (Actually posted on this thread earlier today re the CFR.) I first heard about the ‘Power Elites’ on a talk radio show in 1980… was so powerful that I pulled onto the shoulder and took notes. Ran across them a few years ago, and no, not a hoarder. Made an indelible impression on me, and I’ve been witness to much coming to pass. Simply by fate, recently was directed to/heard an old recording from the 90′s by the man I’d heard interviewed in 1980… This man, called the ‘most dangerous talk show host alive’ by prez clinton, knew his time was short. And he was indeed killed by Arizona Deputies in Nov 2001 just outside his home. When someone has never been introduced to this and are unaware of the plan, is very difficult to just start sharing… ALthough an A/C specialist was here in my home, and as he left, I mentioned what I’d been listening to…just a dab, and he finished my sentence for me…has the man’s book (whom I’d heard on the radio)…gave me HIS dog-earred copy of the “Citizens Rule Book”. A young man…knowledgeable and articulate…and an unabashed Ron Paul Supporter. (I so seldom cry…and when he left, I wept.)

      Can We the People defeat the Global Elite of the World, Brian?

      • Average Joe


        “The Citizen’s Rule Book”

        Jury nullification is something that I have been preaching (to anyone that will listen) for well over 20 years. Many people do not know or understand the power of one lone jury member. One single person can completely nullify any law that they deem to be Un-Constituional, thereby giving the people back the power of self governance….and giving the government a black eye in the proccess. One single Juror has more power than even the POTUS and congress combined…by simply saying, “Not Guilty”.
        Anyone that has not read the “Citizen’s Rule Book” should do so immediately. If you want your country back..this is one of the easiest and most effective tools available to us.

        This is a PDF of the Book and can be downloaded…please do so and read it ….Knowledge IS Power.

  • Buck

    I still like Bachmann first , even though she is having a tough time , but on my second choice I am vacillating between Ron Paul and Herman Cain . Newt is looking better but I still have a trust issue .

    • Susan

      Please do your research re Congressman Paul…his platform and his voting reccord.. I do not believe you will ever have a problem with a trust issue with Dr. Paul. He belongs to no Corporate Lobby, and therefore, he’s not for sale. He does belong, however, to the PEOPLE’S LOBBY…

  • steve in AZ

    ANY publicity is good publicity. This seems like a great idea to me. I’ve never received one of these bills, but some others will be receiving some in the near future.

    It’s illegal to deface dollars and coins – at least if they are legal tender – but according to the Constitution, aren’t our dollars and coins supposed to be silver and gold based?

    I guess one man’s “defacation” (lol) is another man’s political message!!

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • Susan

      And thanks for your reminder, steven in AZ!

    • Susan

      And they just HAD to add an insult right there at the end… Aren’t you kewt, Fox…

  • steve in AZ
    • Susan

      Well, I’m sure they have tenure, but it sounds as though these two professors should be put out to pasture…OR better yet, be required to read Dr. Paul’s books and pass his tests before they step in the classroom ever again!

      • Average Joe

        remember, these schools recieve government funding (handouts) and must toe the government line on what may be taught in these schools…or they lose the funding. I have a friend who is attending college to become a paralegal. I was looking at some of his books and you would not believe some of the outright lies that are printed in these books. Of course he swears by them…I mean after all he is there for an education and the books wouldn’t stretch the truth…let alone outright lie…right? I have reminded him that all educational books must be approved by the goverment before being allowed in the classroom…but of course the government has nothing to hide…right?
        Our children are being duped into toeing the line and being dumbed down…by design.

        Believe none of what you hear…and only half of what you think you see is my motto.

  • Realist

    Time to get off the pot folks! Money Bomb time!
    Support Dr. Paul all you can. Have faith that he will
    save this country from the tyrants.

    • JeffH

      Did it this morning!

    • Susan

      DID IT – again! And I do really like the fact that the PEOPLE are financing his campaign… NO CORPORATE LOBBY

    • Average Joe

      This is my forth. :)

    • bob wire

      So you all have sent Ron Paul money?
      I hope that’s what you are saying.

      • Average Joe

        That is precisely what we are saying….we support Ron Paul in every way possible.

  • Richard Einstein






    • Susan

      What a good post, Richard… I DO have a little problem reaching to the “representative government” notion… I wish this thread would never end, and we could talk about this later.

      PERSONALLIBERTY.COM… please keep this thread open for a very long time. Has been the best I’ve seen in a very long time…and maybe forever!

      • Average Joe

        Actually, Mr. Livingston keeps these on file and can be reviewed and commented on for a very long time. I occassionally go back and read things from a year or more back….just to see how attitudes and thinking has changed for many of the people that frequent here.

    • Mark Dabney

      would you mind laying off the all caps please?

  • Dan

    In past years, Ron Paul appeared to be the extreme head job.
    He’s still extreme, wanting to use a meat cleaver approach where a filet blade is needed.
    But in this current GOP candidates’ MOB, he’s the only consistent factor.
    Cain is owned by the Koch Brothers — “I am the other Koch Brother, with a different father.” How long before former female employees from the pizza shop hold press conferences?
    Perry7 — Can you imagine that intellect controlling a nuclear arsenal? He makes DubYah look good!!
    Bachman — Remember when she was the 2012 Palin?
    Barry Goldwater was a poker friend, lousy poker player, super human being, ineffective senator and as a candidate allowed himself to be manqaged by the likes of Pat Buchanan. His candidacy died during his acceptance speech with Buchanan’s “extremism in the defense of liberty” statement. he American people don’t like extremism. Which is why Ron Paul has no hope for election. Had Paul started talking about trimming the fat from every part of government, from D.C. to the smallest City Halls, he would have been president eight years ago.
    Instead he began “lopping off entire departments” he does not like.

    • r.p.

      Dan: Keep in mind that our country was founded by extremists. They were labeled extremists by the European Media, and labeled terrorists by the British media. We have a long history of extremism. If the Constitution is extreme, then yes, Ron Paul is extreme.

  • James T.

    Ron Paul is just too far down in the polls To become The rep.parties main Canadate.Unless somthing unexpected happens to the front runners,I belive he won’t stand a chance.What a Canidate does in his,or,her private life is their own Dam business,and no one elses .If some one has been married two or three times what the hell would that matter to anbody.with Cain,where there had been laws Broken,that is a differant matter altogether.Theres some people out there thats been married more times than that.I would love to vote for some one like Ron Paul,But I would Just Be wasting my vote (that is my own Opinion after all its still a free counrty Please no rude comments ,or name calling,You may not like some of my opinions,But rest assured,I may not like yours either.

  • Bill wright

    I agree with what you stated about Ron Paul.I agree too,that there are some people who simply can not carry on a message without showing how desrespectful they really are by name calling and making immature remarks. EDitors Should take note.

  • john

    It’s not the voice,but the message that counts. If you belive that your vote means any thing,well good luck with that. Some people just don’t get it.
    This is war, a struggle for our personal freedoms.The time for talk will soon be over.
    If you listen and hear his message you would understand that there is no magic wand to fix this grate nations problems, it will take alot of hard work from all of us.It will take sacrifice and YES! maybe blood shed.
    Thats the price of FREEDOM that many have piad for with the sheding of there own blood. Are you ready? lets hope so. LOCK N LOAD.

  • James T.

    You’ve made a good point John.I might as well not votted last Election the way Obama and his “crew” was fiiling the ballott boxes up with Illegal votes.But i still haven’t decided yet who i will support.Nobody in their right mind would really want a civil war in this country,i hate to think of how many people would die.As far as working hard I’ve always done that,And I ‘ve lived without support from the goverment.(Of course I’ve always paid taxes ).And as far as Votting goes,I do feel it I hope to soon find out in 2012,when the good people of this nation votes Obama and his “crew out of Washington!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    The control of the opinion-molding media is nearly monolithic. All of the controlled media — television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures speak with a single voice, each reinforcing the other.
    Despite the appearance of variety, there is no real dissent, no alternative source of facts or ideas accessible to the great mass of people which might allow them to form opinions at odds with those of the media masters.

    • bob wire

      Well? Yes to a large degree you are absolutely correct Jay. For the “most part” or to say 90 to 95% of “news”copy is regurgitated news. Reported over and over and over.

      But let us not forget or undervalue the importance of “investigative reporting” and how it serve free men and women for a greater good.

      In this fever to demonize news media let us not fall prey to overkill like the federal government so often seem to do.

      These men and women are dedicated and not driven by greed or lust but by purpose, willing to risk life and limb in pursuit of the truth.

      Let us temper our anger and judgment with sound thinking and offer credit and respect where it is found due and warranted.

  • Delfin J Beltran, MD

    The problem created by the secularists is the PoliticalCorrect corruption by materializing the concept of “Value” with the concepts ‘money’ thus destroying the need for humility and recognizing the imperfections man in an existance that they do not understand.

    • bob wire

      What!???? mmm? “secularist”? I’ve try a ladder and I’ve tried a shovel and still I failed to reach the position that you speak from. Wherever you are at, I’m quite certain I’ve never been there.

      Darn if I understand it.~ But I will share with you the submitted Texas A&M winners definition of the term “Political Correctness”

      “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  • Nigel Gray

    Ron Paul is clearly the best future for USA. I am writing from New Zealand and can say a man of this stature would be well respected here. At the moment Obama is laughing stock here, and it is obvious Obama is violating the constitution all over the place. The fact media do not give much credit to Ron Paul is only because most mainstream media is owned by vested interests who feel threatened by Ron Paul. But an election is all about what the people want, not manipulation and one-sided behavior. At least if there is any human decency left.

  • James T.

    MY eyes are open,Are yours???? But polls are like some people in Office,they’re not to be trusted.

  • James T

    Remember All you Boys and Girls out there ,tune in next week at this same bat time to this same Bat channel.

  • jopa

    Some of you are beginning to send money for Pauls campaign.That is exactly how Obama got into office. It wasn’t corporate America, big oil, or the banks, but rather millions of small donations from the good people of America, mostly in the amount of twenty to fifty dollars that put our President in office.The people have spoken before with their contributions.


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