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Cancer Patients are Victimized for More Profits for the Medical Mafia

February 16, 2009 by  

Cancer Patients are Victimized for More Profits for the Medical Mafia

Oncology has got to be the most damnable plot against cancer patients. The cash register rings for every new cancer patient. Insurance companies contribute to the pain, suffering and death.

The latest is a study to cut the course of chemotherapy down from six months to four months concentrating the six-month dose into four months. The stated reason is to get the patient off chemotherapy two months earlier and back to work. And you know what? It doubles the cost of the chemo program from $15,000 for six months treatment to $30,000 for the four-month treatment.

How could anybody fall for this “business deal” that’s sure to explode the toxicity of the patient’s weakness with a final blow to the immune system. Nothing is in it for the cancer patient but increased suffering and death.

Oncology and chemotherapy does a lot of mischief under the guise of treatment.

But since most cancer patients are in a so-called “oncology program,” there is something they need to know about cancer cells and chemotherapy.

Sugar is like fertilizer for cancer cells! The reason is that cancer cells have more than six times the insulin receptors on their cell surfaces and more than 10 times the insulin-like growth factor receptors as compared to normal cells.

This makes cancer cells more than 16 times hungrier for sugar. I hope you don’t give sugar of any kind to your loved ones with cancer.

Yet generations ago physicians discovered that simple intravenous push of insulin, given by physicians trained in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is one of the best things that can be done for a cancer patient on chemotherapy.

Here’s why: When insulin is given in a large quick dose to a sugar greedy cancer cell, it opens up all the floodgates in the cancer cell’s membranes. Because the insulin receptors have been turned on, the cell thinks it’s going to enjoy a gluttonous smorgasbord of sugar and woofs it down.

So the cancer cell is tricked by the insulin into receiving far more chemotherapy than normal. As a result, it works beautifully for people whose cancers have become resistant to chemotherapy.

Because cancer cells are growing and multiplying faster than normal cells, they attract more chemotherapy and especially more with the insulin push (IPT).

But chemotherapy does kill normal cells and many people die from the effects of the chemotherapy instead of the cancer. And chemo can cause other cancers years later.

So the point is that IPT makes chemo so much more effective that it allows the dose of chemotherapy to be cut tenfold.

Result: This allows for a safer dose and lowers the side effects and will certainly lower the risk of dying from chemotherapy. Even though this simple technique has saved many lives, it is mostly unknown and unstudied by the majority of oncologists.

Wouldn’t you guess that the reason is that insulin is cheap with low profitability and chemotherapy drugs are high priced and far more profitable. What a disgrace!

Now friends, this is simple biochemistry certainly known by medical orthodoxy but being covered up. If insurance companies and medicine weren’t part of the cancer industry scam, they would force IPT. God help us!

Since millions have cancer now and many will have it in the future, everybody needs to read the book, Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy, by Ross A. Houser, M.D., and his wife, Marion A. Houser, M.S., R.D., issued by Beulah Land Press.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Gary

    And they think politicians are crooked??!!

    • Vince


      I come from the other side of the equation and believe that my full protocol of Chemotherapy (1 month on and then 1 month off. Aggressive Radiation Treatment, which was actually double dosages that were started immediately. It required me to go for radiation treatment twice a day.

      Did the Doctor’s and the Hospital make money from my illness, of course, so what – they were trying to saved my life. I’m very grateful for their success as you can image. Especially since I was diagnosed July 29, 1996 with an Anaplastic Astrosytoma – Grade 3 Brain Cancer Tumor, look it up. It was not good news but here I am almost 13 years later telling you about my close call with death. My wife was told I had 6 – 18 months to live.

      I paid my deductibles and stop losses and lost all of my investments, but I’m here!


    • http://AOL Timothy R Mathews

      The insurance companys need to get out of the health care business. It’s funny that in America we have the worst health care of ever smll 3rd world countrys, and we pay 100 times more then it’s worth. With what we are paying in to health care now, we could have the best health care of any country on this earth but, we don’t because CEO’s of HMO’s and PPO’s are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Health care for Profit is not working in America because that are to many greedy insurance comanys. There are two things in American that shouldn’t be for profit and that’s education and health care. We are paying for it any way, but we are not getting what we are paying for. The CEO of United Health care made $1.7 billion last year, the CEO of Kiser made $1.3billion last year, the CEO of Etna make $800million last year and that’s just 3 HMOs..4 billion dollors for CEOs in one year…No wonder we have the worst hearth care in the world…Profit first!

      • barbara kaana

        Educate yourself and stop believing in propaganda!! We have the best…absolute best…healthcare in the world, and no one is denied if they get up and go to the doc or the ER. If more people would give up cigarettes and lattes, and recreational drugs, they would afford their health insurance and health costs, too. This whole health care Hitler-like propaganda spiel is nothing but socialism and you should open your eyes and think with your brain.
        Everything is marketing by the media, including the presidential product. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making money. People like that scummy Trudeau are making millions on people who have become sheep, dumb, ignorant followers. Didn’t your mother tell you not to believe everything you hear? Shame on you…

  • SB Smith

    Big Pharma, the FDA and Oncology in bed together to Make More Money.
    Not such a big surprise anymore, but no less disgusting.

    They’re all a bunch of money whores……but I have seen evidence of a few oncologists who’d be interested in this cause they actually do care about their patients above all else.

    • barbara kaana

      Everyone’s in bed together. Do you know what will happen to this country if we nationalize health care? Do you know how many jobs will be lost? Do you know how much ancillary industry those pharmaceutical companies support? It is like any other industry. Do you want the Chinese to do it instead of us? Are you a socialist/communist? I am not. I love this country, freedom, ability to make money and live well, and I love capitalism. Yes, of course there are flaws and greed, but I would never want socialism. Do you realize our country was designed to avoid socialism? Do you know how immigrants come here to get out of socialism and communism? I personally, have lost everything I have ever worked for due to a child’s medical bills and the inability to make it back. Why can’t I make it back? jBecause I stupidly chose to move to Oregon, and got stuck here. If you want to know what true life is like in a socialistic society, move to Oregon. There are 2 classes and it is kept that way. It is more corrupt and a worse life experience than anyone can imagine, especially if you are educated and intelligent. Recently, Portland was designated the most unhappy city. Oregon did not like that, so you will see it disputed soon, but I can tell you, It is true and the state is also the most unhappy. Do not be fooled by propaganda. Use common sense at all times. Capitalism is still the best. It is just unfortunate that I, and perhaps you, have not a made and retained a fortune as some others have, but life is good in the U.S. anyway.

  • David J. Baldwin

    And dentists and oral surgeons are no better. I’m slated to get a dental implant, but first I have to get the area cleaned of the broken root when the molar was extracted. The oral surgeon gave me a prescription for CLEOCIN. I suggested that I take Colloidal Silver. He emailed back:

    I do not recommend colloidal silver as a substitute for antibiotics.
    Certainly, if you choose to take it you should let me know. You will be taking it at your own risk, and will have to accept a potentially significantly higher risk of infection from surgery.
    Dr Pitts

    So, do I go with something with known risks or with colloidal silver with virtually none. I wish I could find a NP oral surgeon!

    David B.

    • Regina1959

      David, I’ve just recently heard of colloidal silver. Yes, it is better for you but not recommended I ready by doctors, as it is very cheap and the pharmaceticals are pestering the doctors to push their medicines instead of something either natural or at a very reasonable price. You have to do your homework some times before you go to the doctor. Read up and let them know you have been doing your own research. I have had two doctors in the past tell me I need hormone injections. I felt fine I told them and then also told them I read up on the these injections and they were causing heart problems. Now it comes out that what I read was true, the studies show that having these injections indeed caused heart problems. I told them I was fine, and was taking vitamin E with lechithin daily, and then they stopped with their prescription pads. Seems that they did know about this simple daily routine but had to push the drugs because of “perks” they were getting from the drug companies.

  • Sheila Salomonh

    This is an interested topic. I do agree that some health practitioner goes beyond what it should be admissible to them because health system for some individuals have become a business and are placing human nature on the side, but this is happening because we are allowing it we are not taking care of our self enough and unfortunately if we don’t care about us none will do it for us, they will treat us the same way we treat us, if we show them that we care, they will treat us well and care for us, and in addition the only way we could be protected is having a healthy life knowing your body and having good communication with your professional physician. This is a very complicated and specialized matter and even scientist can’t predict the end or outcome 100%, human body and reactions to treatments is constantly changing and every individual have their natural immunity system that differs from others, so what it maybe successful for me, maybe not for you. I am not justifying it, I do not agree at all with unsuccesfull exessive treatment and fees, but this is the reality.

  • Sandra C

    Does the insulin push philosophy work when applied to oral chemotherapy in leukemia (CML)?

    • Bob Livingston

      Sandra, I have not read any studies on the oral chemotherapy insulin push but my guess would be that it would be no different. Bob.

  • Nancy

    What does this preference for expensive treatment to do with insurance companies? I thought they would want the cost to be cut as much as possible.

    • Bob Livingston

      Nancy, what you are saying is very logical and should be true but medical orthodoxy is all about money and insurance companies are very heavy in the mix. They would do nothing to promote the insulin push.

      They don’t calculate their cost when they are promoting the system. Bob.

    • Joe

      A chiropractor told me that when insurance companies started covering chiropractic care a rep from an insurance company spoke to him about accepting insurance. At the time the Dr. was charging $3 per visit. The insurance rep said that the Dr. would have to charge $5 for insured patients. The reason was that the insurance company made its profit as a percentage of the charges.

      Insurance companies want higher prices so they can raise premiums.

  • Phyllis

    Where can you find a physician that does this type of treatment?

    • Bob Livingston

      Phyllis, I would Google it in on the internet to start with and you might follow that up by contacting the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Phone 888-439-6891.

      Another one is American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at (866) 538-2267.

      Another source would be International College of Integrated Medicine Phone (866) 464-5226

      Best of luck. Bob.

  • Archie

    I think Medical treatment costs are often based on legal costs of lawsuits. BC BS a few years ago asked people to report over billing. When a friend of mine reported a $70. double billing, He was told the costs to attorneys to recover one of the over charges, would be in excess of $800. When a woman had shoulder Surgery last year, she had a pimple on the back of her neck. A nurse saw it, slipped on gloves popped it, wiped the area with a disenfectant wipe,and put on a bandaid. Insurance was billed $277. and change for minor surgery and sterile dressings.

  • Shirley Pennington

    Wouldn’t oxidation of the body be a much better solution to curing cancer along with the prevention of cancer as a virus, which cancer is, cannot survive in an oxidated state?

  • james selby

    It is my belief that the medical field has been able to cure cancer for many years, why do they not cure cancer simple follow the money

  • Willy Zumker

    When I had biopsy for prostate cancer the urologist called me with the results. i had a few days for an appointment with him. i went on the internet to see what information was available. I was astounded to see all the sites that information and treatments. At one of the universities I found a diet to combat cancer. I looked it over and decided that it was a doable diet. #1 No SUGAR. No refined carbohydrates, no hydrogenated fats. no GMO foods No red meat, no dairy. Eat fish or chicken, and low sugar fruit and eat vegetables. Plus some others I can’t recall just now. Another university site described the available treatments. I printed out the treatment lists and took them with me when I went to my appointment. I asked the Doctor about each of the treatments. He explained the pluses and minuses. I refused to have an operation. He told me that my physical condition and my age I can do “watch full waiting” and get a PSA test every three months. I told him that I was going on the diet. “OH I can give you a diet” told me after we got done. He does not do the operation on the Prostate. The diet worked for me. I had other things happening to my health and had to abandon the diet. I selected to have radioactive seed implants. I am free of cancer.


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