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Can Wasserman Schultz’s Nose Get Any Bigger?

September 10, 2012 by  

Can Wasserman Schultz’s Nose Get Any Bigger?
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) was caught in a flat-out lie.

Just when you thought the nose of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) couldn’t get any bigger, it has. Following Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s speech, Democrats enjoyed comparing the Wisconsin Representative to Pinocchio. But if anyone’s nose is growing this election, it’s Wasserman Schultz’s.

On Sept. 4, Wasserman Schultz told a group of Jews that Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, said Republican policies are dangerous to Israel.

“I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel,” Wasserman Schultz informed the Jewish Democrats. Her comment was caught on tape.

Oren insists he never said such a thing.

“I categorically deny that I ever characterized Republican policies as harmful to Israel. Bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for Israel, and we have great friends on both sides of the aisle,” Oren said.

To make matters more complicated, Wasserman Schultz says she never said what Oren said he never said.

In an interview with FoxNews, Wasserman Schultz was asked about the incident. She clearly lied, blaming the confusion on the “deliberately” deceptive conservative media.

“I didn’t say he said that. And unfortunately, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper. It’s not surprising they would deliberately misquote me.”


Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Warrior

    Debrorah is just axelrod with the potato head mustache placed a little bit lower. Amazing how so many people get through life without performing one useful act.

  • Flashy

    “Bipartisan support is a paramount national interest for Israel …” <—- Israeli Ambassador

    OK….so how is the gridlock perpetrated by the GOP, how is the unrestrained criticism and veiled negative statements about Pres. Obama and Israeli relations not dangerous ? In his foreign policy trip where Romney angered the Brits, then undid forty years of US diplomatic stance, Romney showed he hasn't a clue. With the GOP criticizing foreign policy dealing with Iran, with Israel, with the ME yet offering up no other alternate paths other than shoving more money to our military (which the Pentagon doesn't want!) and causing even more tension and increasing the odds of war.

    How are the GOP policies and attacks not dangerous to Israel?

    • Warrior

      Just think of military spending as another gubmint “make work” program similiar to tax accountants, tax attorneys and public edumacation and you’ll discover there are all sorts of useless activities our gubmint promotes for our “well being”. Well, gotta go now and support the public sector and all these great gubmint programs.

    • Butch

      As usual the resident communist/socialist bootlicking sympathizer has NOTHING to say about this liberal skank lying multiple times. The DNC didn’t even want to put “God” or “Israel” in their platform, not like they’d actually live up to the platform anyway. They have no loyalty to Israel, its well documented how much Obumma hates Israel. Flash in the pan, get yr head outta that stinky hole of yrs and stop lying. The Democrats and Republicans have BOTH betrayed the American people and you bending over backwards to defend a usurper, liar and fraud doesn’t help anything. Israel should have our diplomatic support but not our military and not our money.

    • Ted Crawford

      The facts seem to make it perfectly clear, to any but a blinded partisan, how Mr. Obama feels about Israel!
      March 2010- Obama refuses Netanyahu the normal “Red Carpet’ treatment always extended to visiting dignataries, especially our allies! He leaves him sitting in an anti-room for hours, and then doesn’t invite him to the State Dinner in the evening
      November 2011- Mr. Obama agrees with SOCIALIST President Sarkozy that “Netanyahu is a Lair” reminds one of his other open-mic talk with yet another SOCIALIST President Medvedev- ” After I’m re-elected I’ll be much more “FLEXABLE” ”
      June 2012- Mr. Obama freezes Israel out of the International Counter-Terror Conference Like he said himself ” Should things turn ugly, I’ll always side with islam”

      • JUKEBOX

        Wasserman’s full support of Obama should turn the stomach of any “REAL” Jewish woman or man.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Yes, Wasserman-Schultz lied about what she said/not said. It may be that Oren did say that and is covering his rear end by denying it or that he is telling the truth that he did not say those things. One thing we do know is that the Republican campaign for the Presidency this year is not going to be dictated by facts – as was stated by a top Romney campaign official.

    • rodney burke

      We can’t really expect her to tell the truth, Barry doesn’t, mentally ill people don’t know what truth is. These lies she keeps getting caught in are going to COST Barry of course who is the chief liar. We have a lot of sick people in Govt who need to be in Bellvue, not in the WH

    • Butch

      Well, the fact that she’s lying about even saying it is pretty damning evidence when its clearly her whine caught on tape. But lying is nothing to her. She lies as easy as she breathes.

      • joe1cr

        Especially to the elderly people in Florida as she lies to them prey upon their fears.

  • eddie47d

    More importantly Republican policies and Israeli policies are becoming more dangerous to America’s security and our own right to self determination. Enough of this he said she said Israel wags their tail and the USA automatically falls under their spell. Yes yes we do it with Arab countries too where we can be bought and sold to the highest bidder. These allegiances are costing us dearly and the hole becomes deeper and deeper. Yet the Israeli’s have been lobbying in the USA much longer and have our Congress persons and Presidents by the balls.Since the Republicans do make this a major issue of their party then they are helping Israel call the shots and keeping this a hot button issue. Israel has stated they definitely want war with Iran and Romney has definitely has said he will follow Israel’s lead then we are no longer a sovereign nation but a patsy of Israel. They own us lock stock and barrel so we might as well put Israeli flags on our sleeves instead of the Chinese one.

    • Vigilant

      “Israel has stated they definitely want war with Iran…”

      eddie, I officially challenge you to make good on that false statement. That someone will take the measures necessary to protect their very existence is not the same as saying they “want” war.

      Try not to pontificate so loudly about slanted news on the PLD site if you’re going to misrepresent the truth yourself.

      • JeffH

        Vig, I’m sure you’re aware that what eddie considers to be truth is in fact only his opinion.

      • Vigilant

        Yes, Jeff, I’m totally aware of that, but it’s fun to call him on it sometimes. (:-)

      • eddie47d

        Jeff knows where he can stick it for lying about others so much. It’s been reported several times that Israel wants war with Iran and they have said they will conduct a preemptive strike themselves. Apparently you two guys don’t look at other sources or just refuse to believe what you hear. Since a preemptive war would automatically drag us into that conflict I see your loyalties are also suspect and your love for further wars is obvious.




    • Liberterian

      The fact is that whatever the case may be, we should not belly up and start another political war to suit anyones fancy or political desire. Our economy is sputtering and another costly unpaid war is not what we need to re-establish ourself and our economy. Isn’t two unpaid wars enough, aren/t we reeling from a bad economy why should we make more rich corporations richer and Cheney fatter. We as conservatives believe in self determination and self survival, let it be. I couldn’t care less what democrats and republicans belly wash about, pointing fingers for political gain. When the war comes home it is our duty to stand up tall and fight, unlike warhawks like Cheney that sat the Vietnam war out for better things to do. The fact is that in the end Obama and Romney are two sides of the same mold and will become president on day one only to live up to the demands of Washington politics. From the fine footprints of health care, Romney the father of Romneycare and Obama, follower of Romney care, gave birth to Obamacare. Thing about the many things they hold in common. Israel is a pawn in everyone’s game. Only soliders in the field have an idea of what political wars mean when they see their friends die, the only brothers and sisters they will ever know. They die for each other not nations, causes and lies.

  • Richard Walker

    Why don’t all you liberal idiots that think Obama and his Klingons are so great go live in Zimbabwe or North Korea, since that will be the end result of where he is taking us. I don’t like Romney so much, but I like Obama not at all. I didn’t volunteer to go fight communism in Viet Nam only to have them rule in the White House 40 years later.

    • Flashy

      Well all those ‘liberal idiots’ didn’t give the deficits we have, didn’t crash the economy, didn’t oversee a 30 year policy involving the most massive transfer of wealth in the history of mankind as the wealthy took it all. Didn’t use social strife as an instrument of politics and gave us war after war and left the Middle Class holding the bag to pay for them.. And those “liberal idiots” as you call them aren’t the ones proposing the Middle Class take it on the chin to bail us out and let the wealthy skate on their special welfare programs.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Yes, what Flashy said.

      • momo

        According to flashman, the Democrats weren’t involved in the last 30 years of history.

      • Butch

        Flash in the pan, you must be DWS because you lie just as fast as she can. You deny any Democrat culpability but they repealed Glass Steagall, they are the ones pushing the welfare state, they re the ones w/ a FRAUD in the WH who vowed to end the wars but has actually engaged in more bankrupting wars, they are the ones pushing bailouts then giving money to unions, they are the ones who FORCED ObummaCare on the American people. Just ST-FU or bring some facts to the table.

      • Ted Crawford

        During the last thirty years:
        Democrats control the House for TWENTY of those Years
        The Senate for SIXTEEN of those years
        Both Houses for FOURTEEN of those years
        Republicans control:
        House TEN of those years
        Senate for FOURTEEN of those years
        Both Houses for TWELVE of those years
        If we are talking about a thirty year record….well it seems that the Democrats have the upper hand in the control department!

    • Doc Sarvis

      President Obama has plenty of faults as we all do (if you think about it honestly). He also has plenty of good points (as most of us do). He has one of the most difficult jobs in the world made even more difficult with the economic and geo-political challenges handed to him when he took office. He has helped our country make incremental progress on most of these fronts; not as much as he wants or as much as all of us want. It would be a mistake to return to the Bush policies both economically and militarily. That would be a Romney Presidency since he has many of the same advisors (neo-cons) that Bush had. At least President Obama acknowledges the sacrifices of our military men and women and their familes, unlike Romney.

      • macawma

        Dear Lord, please help Flashy and Doc to get their blinders off and the plugs out of their ears which cause them selective audio perception. Amen.

      • Vigilant

        Simple Sarvis says, ” It would be a mistake to return to the Bush policies both economically and militarily.”

        The problem, oh ignorant one, is that Obama CONTINUED “the Bush policies both economically and militarily,” and put them on steriods.

        If you can’t see that, then you are as blind as a bat.

      • momo

        Doc Sarvis says: “President Obama has plenty of faults”

        Something we can all agree on.

    • eddie47d

      Richard Walker the USA is nothing like North Korea or Zimbabwe and not even remotely close.So if you think the USA is now such a terrible nation then pack your bags and head off to your favorite Utopia.

      • Shaana

        If you think the US isn’t headed in that direction, you need better schooling. What happened to teaching people HOW to think instead of WHAT to think? Because if you look back into our own history as a nation, we fought a “government” that was trying to force us to pay taxes without giving us an option. “No taxation without representation” ring a bell? And yet Obama keeps implementing taxes without listening to the people. I’d say that’s “no representation” wouldn’t you?
        Have you read any books about how communism starts? How tyranny government takes control? Look around and compare notes.

      • Mikey

        Actually, it would be nice if the socialists would quit trying to change our Republic into their idea of a utopia. The more socialist we get, the more power is taken from the people, and given to the government. If you follow that to it’s ultimate conclusion, we will be much more like North Korea. So I say to all of you leftists, YOU move out. Move to Sweden, a socialist country where it actually appears to work. (Don’t move to Greece or Spain, it’s not working so well there.) And leave the United States to be the free, CAPITALIST country it was intended to be for those of us who support freedom. Quit trying to change a Cadillac into a Volkswagen. If you want a Volkswagen, get a Volkswagen.

      • Vigilant

        Excellent analogy, Mikey.

        If the Eurosocialist tyranny is what the Dems want (and it is), then the prospect of our Constitutional Republic turning into a banana republic is in the offing.

        I lived in Europe for 19 years, until 2006. Believe me, it sucks. Tyranny of the unions, multiculturalism run amuck, exceptionally poor health care, welfare fraud, black (under the table cash) economy to frustrate the tax collectors, chronically high unemployment and anemic growth rates are just the tip of the iceberg.

        Eddie and Co. want us to pay $10.00 a gallon of gas, just like they do in Europe to support their socialist economies. It’s bad enough here in the US, where 30-50 cents is tacked onto every gallon of gasoline for Federal, state and local taxes.

        Unless the tide Is turned, and Obama (“your energy costs will skyrocket”) is not the one to do it, what we see in Greece now will be coming to your theater soon.

      • momo

        eddie47d says: “So if you think the USA is now such a terrible nation then pack your bags and head off to your favorite Utopia.”

        That’s what you libtards need to do, and take Obama with you.

      • eddie47d

        I happen to love America MOMO something you seem to be void of and your mocking of another commenter’s makes it obvious. ” That Democrats weren’t involved in anything in the last 30 years”. As if the Republicans admit to anything at all. Okay Repubtard? ( Your words)

  • joanio57

    How do you know when Wasserman Schultz is lying? Her mouth is open.

    • momo

      Her lips are moving.

  • jopa

    The whole Retardican conventions theme was built up on an edited version of a speech done by the President that amounted to a lie.Once the convention started it was three days of BS that they claimed nobody would fact check and now they can’t get their feet out of their mouths.They really think the American public is so stupid they can say anything and get away with it.They claim they will save Medicare and Social Security is one of their biggest lies.Just Google Reagan and Greenspan and you will see where the trillions went and how out of the Social Security trust fund.The leaders of the Republican party are just for the millionaires,big oil, the banks and Wall Street.If you think they are for you you should have a mental evaluation done.

  • http://none Charlie

    Well,,,how about that ? another amateur liar in so called government , by name and appearance , could this be another case of the Jews picking on a German???
    On the other hand may be just a distraction for THE REAL BIG LIE anniversary Sept’ 11,
    talk about a lie,,,,that one has not had a Criminal investigation yet, has it???

  • Charley

    Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz has got to be the ugliest woman in Congress, (with the exception of Sheila Jackson Lee!)

    • Flashy

      Charley…you need glasses. I knew TPers had bad taste and questionable morls…but i didn’t know it extended to blindness…

      • JeffH

        Falsy, speaking of blind(allegiance), can you see the forest yet?

      • Vigilant

        Jeff, it’s difficult for him to see the forest when he’s mired at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of the whale excrement.

      • eddie47d

        Wassermann Schultz and even Michelle Obama are not ugly women so Flashy rests his case against three mindless trolls on the right. This is only more proof how low Conservatives can go in attacking other personalities. “No war on women”….. too many times to count!

      • phideaux

        Wassermann Schultz might be good looking if she didn’t always look like she had just eaten a chicken $hit sandwich.

    • Vigilant

      Charley, let us not forget Pelosi, Billary, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Madeline Albright, Janet Reno and others who attended the Helen Thomas School of Beauty.

  • Rick

    She is living proof that some indians did get very drunk and humped the buffaloes, or that Ernest Borgnine did have a love child with Bette Midler

    • Doc Sarvis

      Your lust for her is unhealthy.

      • Vigilant

        And your idea of lust is misbegotten.

  • jopa

    Sounds like Charley and Rick are coming out of the closet and are going to vote for Mitt.He’s a real cutie hey boys.The best candidate should be a person that has the right intentions from within their heart and minds,Obama 2012.

    • Mikey

      Yep, Obama has the best of intentions. All narcissists do (for themselves, of course).

    • momo

      The only job Obama is worried about is his own.

    • eddie47d

      The only job Romney worries about is his own.

  • thom c.

    for libs “the end justifies the means” … the end is to maintain POWER! .. lie, cheat, etc. are all justifiable because their cause is so “moral” … libs make me laugh because they define= hypocrisy!!!!!

    • Doc Sarvis

      You just described Bush’s justification for invading Iraq.

    • eddie47d

      Next on the list is Iran and yes Conservatives believe “that the end justifies the means”

  • http://na Mike in NE

    Flushly, jopa; what exactly do you get from coming to a site like this, and post what you do. Tell me, I would really like to know.

    • Flashy

      Mike…to expose the many lies, the false claims, and to bring you the truth. Also for laughs reading some of the wild outlandish insane comments.

      • Mikey

        Fleshy, not you, nor Dorc Jarvis, nor any of the other trolls that visit here regularly will change the minds of those of us who believe in liberty over big government. Sure, there are lies told on both sides. Unlike you libs, we are smart enough to read between the lines. The “facts” you use to combat freedom have been spoon fed to you by the powers that be. You are suckers. Perhaps one day you’ll see the “forest for the trees”.

      • eddie47d

        Are you really Mikey? Will you be singing Onward Christian Soldiers as you invade Iran. Will God approve of these deliberate attempts to provoke more wars. Not necessarily so do some soul searching (thinking) on that one.

      • Flashy


        I have read very few people on this site espousing liberty. Most espouse serfdom of the Middle Class and denigration of the individual to be beholden to the American Taliban, the Corporate Interests and an aristocracy of wealthy elites.

      • Mikey

        To your point, I do not support the military industrial machine that both parties cater to. I more closely align with the Libertarian view that we need to mind our own business and stay out countries we are not welcomed in. But, “the powers that be” support these intrusions for financial gain (mostly oil production) and manipulate both parties. And, I don’t believe I’ve ever sung “Onward Christian Soldiers”, I’m not that religious.
        And the part Flashy isn’t getting is that the “corporate elite” he refers to is in bed with big government. Open your eyes guys, divide and conquer is the theme of the “one world” elite, telling the lies both sides want to hear.

  • john

    Her nose is not only gettin longer but her race is gonna be questioned if it gets any browner . . . along with her loose Fro

  • Palin16

    I caught part of Bawney Fwank’s speech at the DNC. His teeth are still nowhere to be found. Needless to say, he mentioned nothing about the housing crisis that he helped bring on, but made sure we had to hear about his “marriage” to his husband.

  • Bob

    She is one of “Obamas stupid liars.” Enough said.


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