Can the insurance industry be trusted with healthcare?


The insurance industry supports mandatory coverageThe lobbying group for the health insurance industry has said that the sector supports universal coverage and will work to improve access at reasonable cost.

However, critics have claimed that the plan would simply place control of healthcare in the hands of the firms – which some say have a history of placing profits above quality.

America’s Health Insurance Plans announced its plan at the National Press Club, describing a system in which all Americans would be required to purchase insurance. In return, the group said providers will stop denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

In addition, the lobbyists suggested that the insurance options are streamlined so that every person has a basic plan they can supplement with additional options if needed.

The plan also contains a proposal for a tax credit from the government to help make coverage more affordable, as well as ideas for cutting unnecessary treatments and incentives for raising the quality of care.

President-elect Barack Obama has said he will make healthcare a priority in the first couple of years of his presidency; however, he has said he opposes mandatory coverage.

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