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Campaign Against ‘ObamaCare’ Marks Signature Milestone

June 14, 2010 by  

Campaign against 'ObamaCare' marks signature milestoneRevere America has been on the road for several weeks, gathering signatures to help repeal the healthcare reform, and it has provided periodic updates on its successes.

The organization, which works to advance public policies rooted in freedom and free markets and is run by former New York governor George Pataki, launched the campaign in Boston on April 18.

Earlier this week, it announced that it has collected more than 125,000 signatures from Americans in all 50 states who want to overturn the reform passed by the Democrat-dominated Congress and signed into law by President Obama in late March.

"In March, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) proclaimed that Congress needed to pass ObamaCare so the American people could find out what was in the legislation," Pataki said.

He added that "the more people find out, the more they oppose the national takeover of healthcare. That’s why 63 percent of likely voters want the law repealed. And it’s why Revere America’s petition to repeal and replace ObamaCare has so quickly gained unprecedented traction in all 50 states."

The campaign’s goal is to collect 1 million signatures and deliver them to politicians in Washington, D.C.

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  • bargal

    It would be nice to repeal the democrat leadership as well as the Obama care bill and then we can vote the impostor out in 2012 if not before

    • jim

      IMPEACH NOW!!!!!!!!

      • Dennis

        First things first. Impeach now may sound like a good idea, but cannot be done with the current congress. Any change in the direction of the current administration must start with a change in the current congress. Without that we are just two more years of the same and a lessor change of making the needed changes in 2012.

      • CWM

        Jim, we can’t impeach with this Congress we have now, they are as Corrupt as their Commander and Thief, we need to bring Treason charges against all those in cahoots with the Islamic Implant that now sits in Our Oval Office

        • Mike In MI

          CWM – With the chicago con man in the White House it is, now and until he is ejected, to be called the OFFAL ORFICE. The real paradox of it is even though he was a community organizer he sure can’t seem to get his fecal matter in one heap.

      • Rhonda Miller

        Amen! Not next week, but Impeach today.

      • JeffH

        *Enough is enough. We’re calling for the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama. And if you agree, you can join us right now.

        How long must we wait… how long should we sit back and permit Barack Hussein Obama to rip apart the fabric of this country before we take action?
        Are you terrified at Barack Obama’s campaign to change our country into a third-world nation?

        Are you willing to sit back and watch Obama bulldoze our great nation?

        Are you willing to let him construct a totalitarian regime… fascism, socialism, Obamaism… take your pick?

        At the very least, fire a shot across the bow… a shot that will be heard around the world… and send Barack Hussein Obama a clear and unmistakable message that he does not have carte blanche to ruin the United States of America.

        As the late former President Ronald Reagan once said, “If not us, then who; if not now,

        then when.”

        • TIME

          Per your norm words of wisdom.

        • kate8

          JeffH, Bravo!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          As usual, I agree 100%!!! you always seem to find the correct quote for the problem at hand! Keep it up!!

        • Kim McGough

          Better hold on, look down the line, not too good, better wait until after the elections, then maybe, O-B-P-C in order, sure not much to choose from

        • http://naver samurai

          I’ve just signed and feel real good about it too!

      • Sylvia Rangel

        Yes, impeach him now.

        God Bless America

    • Nancy

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. You rock!

    • Sam

      Careful now. If we impeach Obama, we would get Biden and President. If we impeach Biden, we would get Pelosi.

      • CWM

        Sam , I believe if Obama is not Legal to Serve as President , and who Knows he may not even be a Citizen , Biden could not Serve as President, because he come in under Obamas Ticket, all under him would be removed, because they were not voted in, this would also take out HC and all Bills and other signing that crossed the Oval desk…

        • Mike In MI

          CWM -I think Obama would go but Biden and anybody who was voted in with all their papers – citizenship, registration to run for office, all the necessary official stuff – they would be legal and Constitutionally have the right to hold office in rank of succession down the line. I don’t know about the bills and legislation he signed. Congress did their required bribing, liar deals, shutting out opposition, being barely translucent, pork buyoffs and closed door caucuses with lobbyists, commies and labor leaders.For the most part Obumbler sat in the Offal Orfice and barked orders so no one could say his fingerprints were on the legislation – Nasty and Hoary did it all. So I suppose the new Prez would only have to make it a new “big f@&*($) deal by re-signing (hmm- maybe they should all be resigning.

      • Rhonda Miller

        Not if all the Idiots in the WH are going to be impeached with Obama. Not one of the Czars nor any of the other Democrats in the WH have done nothing except spend, spend, spend, and charging lots and lots of spending so the taxpayers will have to pay for all this spending. Obama is a Muslim and he hates the American people and that is the reason he is still trying to bankrupt the US and he will never try to get the jobs back that the American people have lost. Never expect anything from these Idiots.

      • Jeff

        SAM ,I’ll take my chances with Biden…he’s always a comedian and coulsn’t pass gas without the help of Congress.

  • Liberals Rule

    This should be replaced with Medicare for all… If we can’t have government healthcare for all then the V.A. and medicare must be repealed aswell…..

    • gary

      LIberals Rule we are trying to get ride of this money drain on our system,not add another sink hole for money. Who do you think will pay for it?? Liberals are tearing this country to pieces with foolish ideas. Even in Japan this liberal Democratic BUll shit is not working.

    • George E

      Sounds like a socialist idea to me.

    • http://naver samurai

      Yeaah, right you lib piece of trash. Is it fair for the average hard working American to work the first 6 months of the year to pay for welfare programs and handouts to foreign nationals? Sorry, but such things were never authorized by the constitution. It’s time we tell these people that America was built and preserved by people who refused to be called a “victim”, hand ups and not hand outs.

      • Rhonda Miller

        The American people are going to have to rise up and everyone of us need to go to the WH and fire everyone that is in the WH including some Republicans and throw them in jail. I wouldn’t doubt if there isn’t some embezzling going on with all the money these Idiots have ask for. The first Stimulus package did nothing and now he wants $50, Billion more to pay all these people in that have lost their jobs and it will be used for nothing that is of any importance.

        • Mike In MI

          Rhonda Miller-
          Better refigure that lost embezzling account. By now its more like $950 billion that’s totally unaccounted for. They just gave them everybody’s retirement money, pensions, 401(K)s, free change and piggybanks free and clear – “Don’t tell us what you did or do with it.” I guess they get to keep it, too. A sizeable percentage (about 28%, so that’s a liberal majority) say it’s alright with them. So, kiss your funds “good bye”. They’re going to make another swing through the country soon to pick up everything they missed the first time.

    • bbstacker

      Perfect Idea there “liberals fools”…
      Self-Reliance is all that is necessary to have Americans understand that their lives are intended to be within their own hands by the design of the Federal Republic. Government has obliterated the rights of Citizens to choose their own path and be responsible for that path, of their own accord and volition. You mention the VA, but have you served and suffered injuries while on active duty that the nation is responsible for treating/caring for as the employer? If no, then you have no grounds to argue are speak to that subject.

      The government cannot give to anyone anything that it first does not take from someone else!

    • John

      Sure Liberals rule alright. You’re nothing but a bunch of parasites leaching off those who work hard to provide for THEIR OWN families.
      You should be ashamed.

      If this socialist healthcare garbage is so great, then why isn’t it good enough for Congress and their families?

      Are you parasites that desperate?

      • Rustytruck

        Ya know John, these liberals you keep calling names are Americans also, unlike the guy in office making things miserable for all of us. This is just a defense for the ones who were fooled by Obama. They made a mistake by voting for him, all in hopes of fixing things. I can’t fault them for that. I just want them to open their eyes and see we are for this country’s best interest. If the liberals come back on board it will make us the strongest countrry in the world again. Reps,Dems,Conserv,libs,and all is what makes this country so great. Remember guys, together we will prevail, devided we fail!

    • Rustytruck

      Now you need to back up a little there Liberal, Vets and seniors have earned their medical coverage. Mostly by paying into it for the better part of their lives. Vets also put their life on the line for this country, I think they have paid enough. I have a VA doctor who told me the reason he works for the VA is because it’s his way of giving back to the country. At least he’s doing his part for our way of life here. Seniors did the same thing by working and paying into the medicare system so they had some kind of support. Now don’t you think people who have paid in deserve some paid back?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Liberals Rule,
      Have you ever seen the man in charge of V.A.?? his whole face was blown off and he is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. When you and others think this is the norm for defending your country and volenteer to go under fire and chance the same, then I will agree that V.A. health care should be repealed!!

  • Joan Neel

    Please keep up the drive to reverse this horrible healthcare plan that will bankrupt our country, as well as ruin our current healthcare system. Get the illegals out of our country and off welfare, S.S. and healthcare, as well as STOP paying illegals to come to the U.S.A. to have babies and be paid $1,800.00 a month for that child …. no wonder we are facing bankruptcy in our country.

    • Karen

      I agree. Get them illegals out of our country. Tired of paying higher taxes just to pay their FREE health care so they have more babies, FREE Food Stamps, FREE day Care, and FREE welfare. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and having taking more taxes out of my paycheck to help them lived in a FREE Country. Elderly people needed more then Illegal aliens.. More seniors are being denied from medicare and medicaid. They are the ones that contribute all these yrs and being denied for certain care, while the illegals are able to get their FREE health care and not contribute anything. Does that sound fair? The Answer is NO. No wonder this country is going broke. Who in the world developed this system. I say, bunch of idiots that doesnt what they are doing. USA is turning into Mexico.

  • gary

    THere is not enough of you getting active to make a difference and save this country. I hope they can get much more than 1 million signatures as it will take all of that and more.

  • s c

    To a severely unbalanced mind (progressives in particular), bankrupt is just a word. To those of us who live in the real world, bankrupt is much more than a word.
    Pelooney is as unbalanced and bankrupt as anyone can be. How is it possible that anyone in a leadership position could imply OR say that we have to pass a piece of crap legislation so we can find out what’s in the damned thing? That is so STUPID and IRRRESPONSIBLE that it doesn’t qualify as childish. IT IS RETARDED!
    Progressives may see mental deprivation as a sign of leadership, but what that sickness does is to insure that America will pay a heavy price to RID itself of those who belong behind bars or in another country. In her case, she also belongs on a mental ward. Let people like Soros foot the bill. He can afford it. America can’t afford her or any of her worthless ‘friends.’
    Stop the insanity, America. Flush progressivism and ALL progressives, and SAVE America. It’s them or us.

  • Alice Obukhova

    Where do I sign?

    • WD39

      Me too. It shouldn’t take too much to get 1 million signatures. Where do I go?

  • George E

    Here’s where you go to sign Revere America’s petition:

    • http://naver samurai

      I’ve just signed it and I feel a lot better! No retreat! No surrender!

    • Airangel

      Thanks George,

      I just signed and copied link and emailed to all of my friends. I am for reform but not forcing citizens to buy something or be treated like a criminal and be fined or go to jail…plus big companies are finding out it’s cheaper to pay the fines than insure their employees which many of them do currently. Many people that pay $50-$100 for medical insurance would end up paying $1,000 if they lost their company sponsored coverage because companies doing the math say it’s cheaper to pay the fines vs. insure their employees as it saves them billions according to Catepillar, John Deere, Verizon, AT&T, Aol. With all the taxes I already pay, I can not afford $1,000 if it came to that. I would have to go to jail as I simply could not afford it.

      I am a middle class, hard working American Citizen barely staying afloat. Hopefully big companies will have more integrity than to do that but with all the taxes they are being hit with, they will cut where they can for profits.

      • val

        Do you have auto insurance?. Its the law. The government forces you to purchase it, or else, right?. So whats your beef with health insurance?. Think before you parrot others that parrot others. There is a reason for a government that is more responsive to the needs of society than it was during medieval times because society has evolved and so has the purpose of government. To do otherwise would defeat the purpose of its being. Having said that, I know it won’t change your mind anymore than trying to convince the flat earth society that the world is round.

        • kate8

          Val, this argument has been refuted so many times it’s painful to have to do it again.

          Auto insurance is left to the states. You do not have to drive. If you do not choose to own a car, you do not have to buy auto insurance.

          There is only one way to leave your body, so as long as you have it, you are forced to buy health insurance, whether you use it or not. There are many people who choose NOT to use orthodox medicine, but it does not matter. You still have to buy insurance.

          Eventually, medical exams will be mandatory, as well as medication.

          Government intrusion stops at my skin.

        • Ted Crawford

          Val; Auto insurance is a state mandate, not a federal one. Hugh,Hugh difference!!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If I choose not to drive, I don’t have to purchase auto insurance and in most cities you can do this! As said above Huge difference!!!

          • val

            To Kate. Ted, and Joe:

            You are right. You don’t have to own a car, nor drive, nor to have a drivers license, which is all fine if you are retired, or live from some sort of government assistance, but, in most parts of this United States if you have to work for a living you need to have transportation, an automobile, and a drivers license, and INSURANCE, otherwise the government, yes, state government is ‘government’ will punish you for not having insurance. So, you can call it whatever you want, but government, no matter what, its still government. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I live outside Cleveland Ohio and there are thousands of people in cleveland that go to work on the bus every day. This goes on in cities around the country in every state of the union!! Most prefer this as they don’t have to pay high parking costs. There are also people that live in the city that prefer riding bikes all over the city in summer!!

        • http://none Tiko98


          There is a difference in our STATES telling us we need auto insurance because it is a luxury item and if I do not have a car I do not have to BUY auto insurance so therefore I will not get a fine or jail sentence if I do not buy car ins. Totally different from the new health ins. law. Furthermore car ins. is STATE not FEDERAL ins. Actually is not state it is required by the states to own a car and drive it on the road.

          I can not believe that people like you do not see the writting on the wall of this present government. It wants to own everything it can get its hands on, so they can controll your entire life. I do not want them controlling my life as it is my life and not that of a government to control. They will be taxing us to death to get this control. Look at what is going on in Greece, Spain and Portugal because of over taxing and spending they are lossing public sevices and jobs all over including in their school systems. That is comming our way if we do not stop it soon. Of course the media is not reporting this to us.

    • Jim H.

      Thanks George, Got my signature. Get the word out, the only way this won’t get a million signatures is potential signers don’t know of it.

  • Robert Morrow

    yes repel the Obama care. Any bill passed which requires bribery, blackmail, threats to pass is wrong. But, like Pelosi reason to pass the bill, is we have to pass the bill to know what is in it. Now that is something for anyone to state. We talk and complain about Afghanistan corruption when they have learned from our Government Official Elected or appointed. Then too our FDA, EPA, FCC and FTC is totally corrupt, just follow the money trail. Like insider trading, look to your own Senator or Representative for they only take care of them self first.

  • Judy

    Why not condense your long petition with bullet whereas for easy reading?

  • cleo thurston.

    we MUST get this present administration out of office, they are not retarded, they are so far down in the sewer, and so far from careing what is right, or wrong. if ever we in america, prayed, we best be on our knees,IF we have not waited too long. may god help us obama ran for that office for one reason ony, to destroy our america, isnt that waht muslims do best?????. god have mercy on us.

  • cfkedz

    We need to do what ever it takes to repeal the health care law.
    This president is destroying our country!

  • Joe’s Grandma

    Thanks, George E. I just signed the petition. I’m going to send the website to everyone I know. And for Judy, petitions have certain requirements, and a long-standing format that is required. I know, because I had to do the same for Board Meeting petitions for years. Each separate item has to have a “Whereas” clause. If that’s not easy enough for you, I’m sorry, but nothing worth doing is easy, gal. Just read slowly and sign! Okay?

  • jopa

    Now that the more educated Americans see what the Healthcare bill is all about ther is not much enthusiasm to have it repealed.THEY THINK IT’S GREAT.Also I should mention the teaparty kinda looks like it’s coming to an end. Thirty nine percent approval down from fifty.Seemed to be some good ideas for awhile now there is too much craziness and division.

    • Allan

      You’re absolutely right! Americans want Obamacare repealed. Tea Party influence is growing. And key Democrats’ like Congressman Bob Etheridge, who assaulted a student yesterday, are experiencing mental health problems.

  • http://gmail i41

    When the USA puts a bounty on illegals and liberal socialist democrats, make sure neutor all of them, if they stay, so they don’t reproduce. Libs and wet backs, if they head out to Mexicofornia peacefully, the USA will not use a knife, and they all need to cross bred, you knowe two – make a +.

  • jim

    IMPEACH ole barry NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Fred

    One important point that seems to slip into the cracks is the unions such as SEIU. There are more union members in the public work force than there is in the private sector. I Have never understood the logic. If both the States and the Federal Goverment right the labor laws you would think they are the ones that would fllow them. So why do the public workers have need of a union t0 protect their jobs? Public workers on the average make more for the same job in the private sector. And we as hard working citizens pay for it. They have better retirement benifits and we pay for it. Unions in the public sector should be banned. Unions serve no purpose other than to re-elect corrupt public officials. Its an endless cycle that needs to be stopped.

    • Allan

      The reason they like the union is because it guarantees them more pay and benefits without actually having to deserve them.

  • Save America Susie

    BO did SAY he wanted to “Fundamentally Change America”. None of the Dems were listening. Some have actually said: “Well, how do you know it will be bad for America?” Unbelievable! BO has UNBELIEVABLE lack of vision! So do his followers & yes men.

    You don’t have to wait for a truck to hit you to see that your in BIG TROUBLE when you see it rolling fast towards you a short distance away.

    “What country can preserve its Liberties, if its rulers are not WARNED from time to time that their people preserve the Spirit of Resistance?”
    –Pres. Thomas Jefferson

  • mehoward

    This was a bill that was produced behind closed doors by unscrupulous people who have no love
    for America. All they want is total control over you and me. If they were concerned about
    the poor people who have no insurance they would find out why these poor people have no insurance
    maybe some don’t want it, maybe some will not work to get it, maybe some are here illegally
    (illegal-unlawful) they have no rights, so what people that are left who are physically unable
    to work or who have diseases that it would cost them too much to get insurance, I say help them
    but don,t change our whole way of getting insurance. This is another example of the government under Obama trying to take control of you and me. God bless America and all that believe in him
    and please forgive us of our many sins.Amen mehpensacola,fl

  • Jim K.

    Congratulation to Gov. G. Pataki for Revere America to repeal ObamaCare before this change ruins our Healthcare system. Passage by Marxism – Socialist Muslim Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and socialist congress members is the worst bill rammed through in the most unscrupulous method ever. Corruption in Washington has never been so blatant without concern for the American citizens. It is time for all great Americans to stand-up and vote these socialist corrupt members out of Congress this November. Please advise contact for who/where we can sign up for Revere America in Arizona.


    I am doing everything in my power to take back our country. STAY involved . . . at the local, state and national levels! Support conservative candidates!

    • truesoy


      What is it with women and their irrational support for extreme conservatism?. The many civil rights you enjoy as a woman you owed to the liberals, wheather republican or democrat, it was liberals that fought for those rights. Even your right to vote was a liberal idea. Had the conservatives had their way it wouldn’t have happened. And now, for whatever reason, you use that vote against the same principles that made it possible. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

  • jr bob

    people for a person{i use the word loosely in polosi,s case} in congress representing the people and says that you have to pass it to find out what is in it, is a failure to do due dilligence and fullfill her oath of office and do her duty to uphold the constitution. which in her words says she is unfit for office and needs to be impeached out of office or voted out of office. and her hand maiden Boxer same thing. and everyone who voted for it needs the same thing.

  • E.L.L

    gary @ 7:01am…it isn’t working North of your border either unless you have enough money and support to come South or go East!

    As for having medical care, if you can find a doctor available you most likely cannot trust euthansia might not be done without needing to be legal and no matter the age.

    Medical diagnosis/treatment is denied if not enough income from the right sources. More and more basic medical needs are not covered and private extended benefits have to be paid to private insurers while the gov’t. controls when and whether you get the treatment or surgery needed.

    This is costing people their lives often and they cannot go to another province…each are different and autonomous.

    As for patient choices and second opinions…

  • http://Google O Barton

    Forget impeach. It’s time to demand treason trial.

    We have all known that there is no legit birth certificate, but now the records clerk from Hawaii declares that there is no birth certificate, we should get rid of Obama, Biden, the cabinet, the czars & all of their constitution shredding employes via treason hearings

  • Jerome

    I’ve read all the comments about the waste of money under our social programs.
    Amazingly, nobody comments about the real waste which is our War Department and the ourageous defense budget which is bleeding the country dry!
    The social programs, Medicare,Obamacare, Social Security are small potatoes beside the huge expenditures of trillions of dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the cost of 800 military bases around the world and the tremendous waste in the military budget.
    Isn’t it time we started to make some noise about the real problems instead of worrying about where Obama was born?

    • Airangel

      I think we need to know if Obama is legal because that NULL and VOIDS everything he’s done. Only an American citizen can be President

    • Allan

      The social programs are small potatoes?

      Congressional Budget Office breakdown of the 2008 federal budget:

      54% Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
      20% defense
      18% non-defense related discretionary spending
      8% interest on the national debt.

      • Ted Crawford

        Thanks Allen. Isn’t it interesting that our government spends nearly three time the money on areas not enumerated to them by the Constitution, than they do on the one that is! By the Constitution, defence is,or should be, their primary function!!!
        Isn’t it very telling that the progressives would have us weaken our defences, while increasing our entitlements? Clear followers of comrades Cloward and Piven!!

  • owldog

    The present health care bill stinks because health insurance companies will still have the government subsidy program by the proverbial balls without a public option.

  • owldog

    Socialist Countries like Sweden, Germany, and Denmark etc. don’t tax the middle class much more than we do, when you count both Federal and State Taxes and Fees, but we spend all our money on the military and wars – and our country is a magnet for world’s wealthy who don’t contribute to our general welfare, security, and infrasture, but still use it to build their empires.

    • Ted Crawford

      Not a student of economics, I see owldog. Who, I wonder, do you think creates the private sector jobs in this country? When was the last time you,or anyone you know, worked for a person on welfare? The poor can’t help the poor, and they certainly can’t provide any jobs!!

  • Thurman Marcum


    No ones needs it.

  • Linda

    If the (God Forbid) we lost a president there are certain people in succesion to take over. But if in the case of an American President being proved to be an alien and not legally in office the whole administration should go. Plus any people in that party of same sho should have made sure the president was elligable to serve. Then throw them in jsil too. We would deserve new elections. A person could be taken and put in like down in that south american country till we had an election for a new pewsident. My worry is that would our armed services and police force peotect us. Would other countries come in and try to put said president back in power???



    • truesoy

      Are you conservatives on the pipe?., please, give it up before it kills the rest of your brain. Really.

      • http://naver samurai

        Why? You’ve already killed yours with that liberal crack. Follow your own advice and get off your bong!

        • truesoy

          I don’t know what is it you have against liberals, or why. If anything you should be thankful to liberalism commitment to the protection of liberty and civil rights and the preservation of those rights in our constitution. While the right on the other hand, under the cover of fake constitutional slogans, chips away at those rights. And if you all conservatives feel so strongly against liberals, then maybe Iran or North Korea is your kind of place. They are very conservative, and I hear they persecute liberals.

          • http://naver samurai

            Maybe you should look at the current administration to see who is shredding the constitution. This president is doing all he can to destroy the 1st, 2nd, and 10th amendments. The U.N. sponsored Small Arms Ban is an example. There is also “Osama”care a violation of the 10th amendment, cap and trade, lying his backside off, won’t prove he is a citizen of the U.S. (Also required by the Constitution), and has left us much more vulnerable to attack. If this man is so good to you, then tell me why he had to lie about being a christian during the election? Is it because people wouldn’t have voted for a muslim? If you libs would post facts and tell the sources you are using, it would go a long way to your credibility. Libs, credible facts? Don’t think so…. For God and country!

  • Craig

    Actually all we really have to do is to get a good solid majority in the House which holds the purse strings, then they can simply refuse to fund a lot of the Obama trash including the Health Care and just let it sink for lack of funds. Hopefully in due time we can get all of the rotten thieving Democrats and liberals out of Washington before they totally destroy the country! Boy, whoever said that the enemy within is the most dangerous really hit the bullseye! Yes November is going to be the biggie as there won’t really be another chance to get this nation turned around and back on track!

    • Ted Crawford

      While I understand your feelings, Craig, and disagree with them often on policy, I believe that any sound, democratic, governing body, can and should give due consideration to many of their ideas. The progressives, on the other hand, offer nothing of value! while they are mostly repersented in the democrat party there are many who hid behind an “R”! I give you olympia snow and California arnold for just two examples! These people must be removed and never again allowed with in sight of a leadership position!!!

    • GregS

      Craig, I agree that after November there won’t be another chance to get this country turned around. However, I truly believe that ObummerCare must be repealed ASAP, because if it isn’t done BEFORE 2012, it NEVER will be. It will be too late after that, and we will be stuck with one HUGE entitlement that will NEVER go away. Thus, we need solid veto-proof majorities in BOTH houses of Congress after November to override a veto that Obummer would put on any attempt to repeal it.

  • Millicent

    I still say, to oust all the idiots in the WH and send them into outer space. Then get rid of the UN as they don’t do anything either and they are collecting large paychecks for doing “squat”.

  • http://gmail i41

    If owlpuppy and jerome, if you would take a ride on 55 gal. barrels of gas with Omoron and his thugish terrorist administration, in to outer space, with sticks of lite dynamite for fuses, the USA would be a better place. Nobody would have to try and explain the reason our military, and self dependancy is so important to the USA”s survival. The idea, EU taxes on the middle class is close to our USA’s middle classes, show just how damn stupid and uneducated liberal socialist democraps are and how the socialist government are totally broke. If dems love that style of government, and thrills them, then get the hell out of here. All taxpayers are getting yired of your lazy rumps sitting around and being afraid to do a damn thing but hold your grubby paws out for more gimees.

  • GregS

    This petition will be worthless if we can’t get veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress in November. There needs to be enough votes to override Obummer’s veto of any attempted repeal of ObummerCare. If the jerks that are there now couldn’t even read the the bill that they passed, they certainly won’t bother to read a petition to repeal it! In fact, they’ll just ignore it!

  • http://none Denis

    Hold on folks, President Joe Biden & Vice Pres. Nancy Polosi (inconceivable) Let’s be a little realistic. I hate BO as much as anyone. So vote the bum out in 2012.
    Hopefuly we can vote Reid out in November,along with other liberal candiates.
    Impeachment is a little strong,unless he broke the law.
    My idea!! Send OBAMA back to Kenya. Biden to Saturday Night Live,and Polosi to Sammoa (the tuna Queen)

    Maybe, we should start thing Term Limits. Denis

  • truesoy

    Are you conservatives on the pipe?., please, give it up before it kills the rest of your brain. Really!

    • http://naver samurai

      You should get off of the kool aid, because it seems to have already killed yours!

      • GregS

        I agree! He/she put the SAME comment on this page TWICE. Apparently he/she couldn’t think of anything else to say. What a twit!

        • http://naver samurai

          Definately not twice as good!

          • truesoy

            Samurai, your ‘facts’ don’t mirror reality. This why: the assault against the constitution was perpetrated by the Bush administration, and not under the current Obama administration. This came about with the enactment of the PATRIOT ACT, which was intended to protect us by taking away such constitutional rights as the 4th. Now, if you take the time to study our constitution you will see that when you lose the fourth you will forfeit the first and the second amendment as well, this last one, second amendment, that is so cherished by the ‘right’ did not even raise a red flag in your collective consciousness. Samurai, no matter what our political leaning is, either conservative or liberal, we must accept the reality that wheather we lose those rights to friend or foe the consequences are the same: you lose some of your freedom, permanently.
            Obviously no government will do this without ‘justification’. And it is always the same excuse,that is ‘necessary’ to protect the country from the enemy. This is the same road traveled by people in countries with dictatorships. The irony here is that conservatives not only failed to see the danger there, but supported it. And now they (you) accused the present administration of doing what they (you) supported in the previous one. Free people shouldn’t have to forfeit their constitutional rights in order to protect them. The patriot act is on line, you can read it.
            Thank You

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Name one thing that Odumber has changed that Bush started! I don’t mean expanded on, I mean ended!!!

          • Smilee

            Gee except for joey’s silly statement it seems in the last seven days no one here could come up with any words to dispute your post. Thanks for a great post that left them speechless

  • Grover Syck

    The unethical attack on the health care law is disgusting.
    The only problem with the health care bill is it did not go far enough

    The best bill would have been a SINGLE PAYER, GOVERNMENT RUN SYSTEM.

    Put the effort to destroy the advances we have mad in the trash, and join the effort to strengthen the law.

  • truesoy

    Lets take one issue at a time. We were discussing the shredding of the bill of rights by the previous administration while you and those like you stood by in silence except for ‘cheerleading’ the event. Now my question to you all still remains unanswered, and that is, why, why are you making an issue now after the fact and not then?, and then wrongfully blaming the present administration. Joe, give us a logical and truthful answer and we’ll move to the next issue of your choice.

  • Smilee

    From this article:

    “Earlier this week, it announced that it has collected more than 125,000 signatures from Americans in all 50 states who want to overturn the reform passed by the Democrat-dominated Congress and signed into law by President Obama in late March.”


    Well, this sure sounds like a dead issue, he claims 63% want to repeal it and then can only get 125,000 signatures (far less than 1% of the voters) in about two months time from all 50 states. Something is fishy here or the truth is very few really want to repeal it after all as his efforts clearly prove. Nothing for the posters to brag about here!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  • John Pickett

    MAOBAMA IMPEACH HIM NOW!!! That’s a white cracker talkin!


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